DoubleDown Classic Slots

4.6 (221.6K)
202.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Double Down Interactive LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for DoubleDown Classic Slots

4.61 out of 5
221.6K Ratings
6 years ago, lind linda
Lots of fun
I am having a wonderful time this slots reminds me of Atlantic City casinos slots to bad it only for fun I did thing they was no other app slot game that can match house of fun slots apps house of fun is number one top app in the world when it con to playing it on your laptop cellphones home computer the only little mistake the company who owe house of fun game is when you first open up the app to play the game the bet and play pot is very very small and it takes a long time to get to the next lever but fuse what I ask them to open up all the game getting to the next lever is not fun to me slots games is not a challenge games it’s slots people who gambles just want that rush like they playing in a real casino any way they open up all the slots machines with in house of fun app
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5 years ago, Delliead
Tedious but Fun
I’ve been playing this game for awhile and it takes patience. Several times I started to complain about the inconsistency in scoring; i.e., one minute a roll counted, but in a few rolls, it didn’t. The bonus coins for consecutive games in a row leaves a lot to be desired. I have 192 days in a row for the second time. You keep thinking that the free coins are going to increase as your days in a row increase. Wrong! I truly enjoy this game, but it could be so much more fun with a few adjustments. Wrote the review sometime ago, and things have not changed. Just completed bonus rewards for 251 days in a row with the last 4 days rolling 8,000 x 2 as the bonus, although the message is keep your streak alive to increase your daily bonus.
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3 years ago, B.orleans
No new updates no new slots☹️
Oh well, no new updates since 8 months ago. No new slots since I don’t know when. This is definitely not a classic Las Vegas casino experience . Only 2 ⭐️ ⭐️ rating because it’s the same slots over and over again. It not like you have tons of slots to choose from like the casinos do or like other casino apps where you don’t mind because you would have a lot to choose from. As much as I hate to drop the app, I might have to do so. It’s not worth having if there are no new slots to play. I gave my thoughts and suggestions in my last post on new slots and that’s all I can do. When you get some new slots then I will boost your ratings higher. Shame on IGT for allowing this!!!😟
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5 years ago, Ali's cat
Best Game Customer Support I’ve Experienced
This game provides an entertaining experience with a wide variety of slot designs & gaming chances. As well; in the rare occasion that an error may occur, the customer service/tech support is prompt and courteous in both identifying the reported issue and providing requisite compensation if required. I have had issues with other games in the past and the tech support was so inept that I quit playing even though I had made a sizable “investment” in both time and money. Errors in gaming occur. How those errors are handled by the support team make or break the commitment of the user (aka “us”). Kudos to this team. 5 stars to both the gaming experience & the customer support team.
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3 years ago, Marshi21
Great games/too tight
I think you have a great selection of popular casino games but the playing is too tight. I can win and then go over 100 spins and not win a thing and it takes all that you won back plus what you had. This isn’t just once but almost every time it lets me win good. Frustrating so I stay away for a few days and just collect bonuses. Needs to be a little more realistic. Still keeping you at 3 stars as you are still stingy with coins. Won’t buy anymore until the coin deals are better and you let someone win once in awhile before taking my $ in under 10 minutes. Game selection is top notch! You have the best games out there but you need to fix the other issues. Good luck!
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5 years ago, SoCalKing1904
Everything about this app and every in app purchase casino game on the App store is a thieving racket. Not one is worth a single penny. They are designed to last a player 10 minutes or less. The whole thing is a giant scam. After over a year of experimenting with over 8 different casino games playing everyday I can tell you this is all a lie. Try to increase your bet and your coins will be gone even quicker. Buy coins and increase your winnings then stop playing and when you return all your luck will be removed and coins taken by the bots programmed into the game play to remove all your previous coins so you will purchase more. Horrible scam and Apple should be ashamed to allow such disgraceful developers to prey on everyone interested in attempting to entertain ourselves with our devices that they encourage us to use as apart of our daily lives. Hell has a place waiting for the whole lot of these thieves. STAY AWAY
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4 years ago, Al62513
Somewhat Fun
The app does have good graphics and does have a “real casino and real slots” feel to it, however these slots are tighter than the Vegas strip on a Saturday night. You play those “fun” games with bonuses and you pretty much never get a bonus. It’ll get you close to a bonus like 10 times before giving you a bonus and by that time you likely already ran out of play money. If you increase your bet it’ll just vacuum up your play money and never give you any big wins that really sustain your bankroll. It’s fun, yet frustrating at the extremely low odds (much lower than Vegas) of hitting bonuses, or winning anything significant.
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3 years ago, Sammiejomitchell
1). Very much like real slots. 2) It has the “Haywire” feature for free spins. 3)the double and triple diamonds appear regularly. 4) I like that with the many play lines, on most spins you get at least part of your bet back. 5) really like the ability to stop the spin at the time I chose. 6) it seems more like a real game, in that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Other free games that just dole out wins get boring to me. 7) it also has “cherries” that pay for just one on a pay line. 8) it does not interrupt for advertisements! 9) it will also play offline. For me, this is the best free slot I’ve found.
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6 years ago, ppppppppppopppoppppp
Thank you Double Down Classics
I have had a few questions and issues since I started playing this app, but nothing could compare to the extra special care and attention these people have shown me! I have enjoyed this game for several months, this time and it has been really fun and I cannot express the way they have made me feel like one of their own! I can’t thank you enough for your support, hard work, and exceptional speed with any issue I have had! I give them 5 stars, but it’s not enough! Thank y’all for being you!
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5 years ago, ( Salty22 )
I love playing the slots !!
This app is good, I haven’t deleted it ( yet I gave it 3 stars at this time because I like it but yet it gets boring after awhile. You do hit — but what you bet you never get that amount or larger. I would say out of 10 games you probably would hit 6 times but it’s all small hits. And that’s how all your coins go fast to zero. I not saying you don’t hit big because you do I just wish this casino game was more exciting and the amount you bet would hit more So you don’t go broke so soon. I’ll keep this game a little bit long and I hope to come back and raise the 3 stars to 5 and give a better review Like I said the game is good I just think it could be better 😃
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11 months ago, BKomaha
New favorite slots app
Love this app. I got this because a handful of my favorite old school slot games were on here, along with the actual look and feel of the real casino games. There are so many of us that prefer old school 3 and 5 reel slots in real life but also just messing around with app slots. I hope that updates continue to roll out new IGT slots with time. If we were able to get new and old school pinball this app would absolutely blow up. I also am partial to double diamond red hot 21 and top dollar.
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4 years ago, Smiles4880
Fun, but read on....
I do must admit they have some halfway decent slots, but they are quite stingy on their “Hourly Bonus” (Not exactly sure how they get away with calling it that) giving it only every 3 hours!!! Makes no sense to me!!! However, you can get a few extra credits from their site daily on Facebook. I think it’s an app that is out for money rather than focused on your entertainment. Graphics are fair, slots are repetitive, but if you’re bored, hey! They give you some free credits (I wouldn’t waste your money) download it and see if you like it, you may think more of it than I... I got spoiled to a certain app for slots... so I may be biased! Always judge for yourself!
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7 years ago, Charymar
Fun to play/Great customer service
Like the older slot machine graphics. Allows you to play a while. Doesn't take all your credits too quickly. Not a total pushover either... You will whittle your credits down eventually, but you will get a bunch of playtime in doing so. However I got a new phone and had issues getting back up and running again after switching over. Robert responded and fixed my issue in 24 hours. Very helpful. All businesses should be this responsive!!! KUDOS!!! 👍👍👍
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3 years ago, CactiSam
Games are great, software not so much
Have been playing for three years, putting up with periodic reconnects, which didn’t usually take away my progress. Six days ago, my account dropped and I had to reconnect as a guest. Bonus went from 250k/day to 10/k, starting all over and costing me millions of points over the next 24 days till I got back to 250. In six days, with the new account, I got up to 23 million, but instead of adding the last 9 million to my total, it kicked me to a new account with only 6 million and a daily bonus starting over at 10k. The games are good. The enjoyment of playing is not, when you can’t trust the site. Going to look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Tired of the freeeeeezing
Total ripoff
Don’t buy credits on this app go to fb page and get the free ones games have major glitches the 5 time slots never gives you double fives the triple stars never lands on a double triple combination total rip off if you increase your bet while playing it stops paying actually worse than any slot I’ve played in Vegas can’t stress enough what rip off this game is if I could give zero stars Recently had surgery and was stuck on bed rest decided to download this again playing only free credits I’ve played every single slot they offer and while occasionally I would win six figures in credits the same problems still exist too many of the slots never payout and this is the reason I will NEVER buy credits
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5 years ago, CSC5102
Love this game
I love playing this game. But they don’t give enough free credits. They want you to play! All the other games give you enough free credits or bonuses to keep you going! If this game wants to continue to be one of every one’s favorite games, then they need to let you win more bonuses or give out more credits. The cost is to much to pay for no more credits that you get. So, come on Classic Slots, give your players more free credits or loosen up the slots to be able to win more bonuses.
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4 years ago, triple, double girl
Daily Bonus
I love playing the games, but never have enough credits. Ur hits are so far apart and your daily bonus credits are very poor in comparison to other games. I have been playing for over one year and only got one descent bonus credits. And 15,000 credits every 3 hours needs to be re-evaluated. Hopefully these comments will help you change a few things Thank you Day 2 nothing has changed I played for two hours, over 400 spins and got 3 blue 7’s 3 times white 7’s twice no doubles or triples to connect with anything that pays. No ther same color 7’s. WHAT A BUMMER I REALLY LIKE THE GAME BUT IT IS BECOMING NOT FUN ANYMORE ITS NOT FUN TO CONSTANTLY LOSE.
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4 years ago, pbh40
My 86 yo mom lives with me and enjoyed playing these games so much. However, in the last 6-8 months she has spent a small fortune for tokens in order to play. When she would buy tokens before the last 6-9 months she could play on them for at least two to three weeks. Since March they just take them within an hour or two of buying them, and she’s not betting the higher amounts. It’s pathetic. She’s done! I told her we would find another AP that does not rip her off.
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3 years ago, Dclark7
Free chips
This app was really good until they stopped the free chips! Now you have to wait 3 hours for a measly 4,500 chips when it says HOURLY! Meaning it should be given every hour. Apart from that the free chips on Facebook was a good way to get enough chips to get interested and make you want to buy more. Now I just would rather go to another casino app that have those options available. Double Casino really screwed the pooch on that one! No thanks! I’ll take my money to another app instead of waiting hours on a small 4,500 that I would lose in less than 5 minutes. That’s just insane!
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3 years ago, flolovesjay
I love all the different games and being able to bet from 500 and up. Nice variety fun way to pass time and so addicting. The extra credits are also a nice incentive. Maybe ya’ll can think of something to provide customers with once they run outta credits, which is very rare but sometimes I have to quit playing if I don’t have 500. However $$ kicks in after every hour.
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2 months ago, took for time
Typical slow casino payout to get you to buy tokens
Please people it’s just a Video game don’t spend you money on these things. It designed to pay off your bet and to make It Seem like your winning when your losing. It know in the business as death buy thousand cuts. They pay below the bet but after you lose a certain percentage they give you a larger payout only to reduce that amount and the bet percentage as you play eventually taking your coins and your money. Don’t fall for the scam.. play till your out go play another till they do same. Then go play another. Don’t be taken by these Chinese
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2 years ago, DJ DaD
Loads of Fun
The collection of slots that this app offers is an incredibly nostalgic return to the glory days of casinos in the 90s and early 2000s. Extremely fun and addictive to play, but unfortunately, the fact that they give you hourly bonuses every three hours that last all of three spins makes it impossible to play this game without purchasing. With hardly any giveaways or free coins to speak of, the cost of coin purchases adds up quickly. Other than that it is a very very fun app.
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6 years ago, Cotton Tag
Real Casino give better odds of winning
You know if this game would not be so hard up for letting a player win every once in awhile or daily bonus be more of a pay out than the bare minimum each day, just so the player will have to buy more credits this game would be great. Dont get me wrong I love the graffics and slot choices, but it get so aggravating that as son as you start playing this game you have to exit within 3 mins unless you BUY more chips. As bad i hate to say it if you looking for somewhere spend more then 5 mins playing DONT choose this game
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3 years ago, mamakay1
What is going on here ?????
I am giving 5 stars because yes I love the game however please please let me know if I am the only person playing that only gets free chips every 3 hours and 97% of the time it’s for only 10,000 well the bet is a minimum of 2000 so I only get 5 spins I will be the first one to buy coins but not with no wins and when I do they are so small so please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to ty
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6 years ago, Wouldabeenbroke
High limit, yes, reasonable payback win rates not so much
Due to a new game malfunction was able to accumulate 108 Billion credits. It would have cost approximately $75,000 to purchase that number of credits. Playing them off on max bet in high limit ($10M a spin) didn’t take long enough. The biggest win I was able to get was 2.8 Billion. Mostly just lose lose lose. Go to a real casino if you are going to commit $ forto this site. It is not gambling here. You will lose huge amounts of real money. Otherwise, enjoy playing for free on the miserable amount of free coins. Oh, the device which I played off the 108 B on is frozen at level 332. Free hourly credits... 52,500 credits. Paltry as the payback percentages.
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8 months ago, I’maLoser2023
This app is fun to play but its frustrating I’ve bought my share of points and this app lets you win then it makes you lose ! I starting counting I can spin up 40 or more times at 10,000 and not win one time ! I have to say I’ll miss this app I loved playing it but when I buy points give me some time to play with my purchase. It’s almost an instant loss. Sad but true.
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3 years ago, Pantless Nerd
Apply Fort Knox Feautures
Love this app, I’m on day 310 streak (level 155). As other people have commented, I feel like the game doesn’t incentivize you enough to keep the daily streaks / continued playing. Applying the daily fortunes and maybe the 15-minute bonus that Fort Knox would be a good starting point. Further, I don’t see them running promotions on chip purchases anymore. A part of me feels like this was a learning experiment and they are now focusing their attention on the other two variations. Some people love this game, so please modernize it. Thanks! P.S. Adding the cross-device support would be greatly beneficial. I would love if my progress followed my Apple account, rather than a specific device since it could break and all progress would be lost.
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6 years ago, Pynetix
Expect to pay to play
I am on a 31 day streak of playing the game and receiving my daily bonus. With that being said I have never received a daily bonus higher then 12,500 with a multiplier of 2. 25,000 isn’t enough 500 dollar bets to get a big enough losing streak going to start hitting a winning streak. The slots are great. They give me that classic Vegas feel and the game it self looks very good. But everyday when I wake up and spin that bonus wheel and prizes like 100,000 and multipliers of X100 go by and it just lands on a 10,000 X2. It’s very frustrating. So if you don’t get lucky in 50 bets on a low denomination. Expect to pay to play.
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4 years ago, Done being disappointed
This game is BORING just like the other Double Down game and so predictable. I kept track of all my spins and I could tell before a spin what I was going to get and I could tell you spins that keep coming up to make you get excited like two double downs but the third is always empty so you get nothing. You did yourself harm by giving me free ones every day and those also I could tell you what I was getting each time as I was going to purchase coins till I played and realized your games are a scam. I hope other people will keep track like I did and they will realize how crooked this game is.
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7 years ago, Franaz
The graphics are beautiful however...
These 5 🌟 reviews cant be real or they are not by true casino players familiar with the enormous amount of player friendly casinos available. I’ve only played twice. Usually when playing a new slot game they tease you with more win than loss, you get to play a little! Not here! This casino appears to be a HUGE money sucker. I played several machines, wins are minimal in amount and most spins are no win at all. Big wins I’ve only hit twice and they were definitely not what I consider a big win. There are no free spin wins on any machines and no tournaments. Has a long way to go before I would spend a dime here! I usually do. All other casinos offer a new player special, This Casino does not. The $25k given to try, due to the HIGH minimums, 500, was gone in minutes. Ya didn’t grab me! There are so many other casinos that offer far more, and aren’t so greedy and tight. When and if experience improves will change rating. For now I give Casino a HUGE 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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1 year ago, Tinker wolf
Low jackpot payouts
It’s hard to get jackpots so you lose your free coins fast that way you need to purchase more if you want to continue to play the game. Or you can wait hour to get a small amount or wait the next day to spin the machine to get more. If you were able to get better payout to play longer this would be a better app.
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5 years ago, MikeyDM2
After the latest update, the maximum bet changes without you changing the bet. I lost 20 million coins in one spin when I was betting only 1000 coins. That’s $80! I complained to customer service. They said be careful and always check your bet. If you spin often like I do, it’s easy to miss. It happened again, 20 million coins. I feel this is a SCAM. I wrote to customer service. They blamed me. I’ve played this game for months without a problem. Then when I decide to buy a large amount of coins during a sale, the game conveniently bets almost all of my coins without my permission. Who would knowingly bet $80!! Try a different slot game. This one is a scam.
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2 years ago, Jr $crub
Terrible Payout
The games are fun to play. But the payout are really tight. Plus the welcome coins is such a small amount. I just downloaded this game and blew right through the 55,000 coins you get to start with. Then they give you 100,000 low coin bonus and blew through that also. It’s the same with the other two apps they created. Small amount of coins to start with, and payout is very tight. How do you expect us to build our bank of coins to keep playing the game for a long time. You should try playing your own game then rate and review your game so you can see the flaws in the app for yourself
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7 years ago, CLOROX AND FAMILY
Outstanding most of the time.
Finally, I love the variety. Need to ADD more “free spins and/or “bonuses” within each machine choice in addition to only receiving a “bonus” within a certain amount of time that passes. This will keep you wanting to play more!! Cold Creek is not a new game. And, yes, you definitely need to add new and newer games to keep your fans interested and wanting to continue playing. Food for Thought!!!!
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2 years ago, moneybagsempry
Keep your money
I really like the games here ,( old school) but you can’t win !! Sure you hit a few times , but when you do it will take it back before you hit again This app is very hard to come out a winner!!! I have been playing this ( off & on ) for about 7 years now . Can’t afford to play this one , you never win !!
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7 years ago, PJ73
Good but not great!
I really like this game but I wish it had five times and ten times pay slots, as well as other classic titles. Plus the machines could stand to be a bit more loose, I went through 300,000 chips in about 10 minutes betting 10,000 a spin. Plus the bonus chips you get need to be more!That being said its a good game but there is always room for improvement.
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2 months ago, 1glenn59
So done with this site!!! Plenty more to choose from.
I deleted this app 2 years ago because the payouts were so bad. I like the classic slots so I decided to give it another try. Well you can judge for yourself when I tell you I started playing 5 times pay, single line. I had just over 5 million coins and was betting 5K per spin. It took me all the way down to 0 without ever giving a single 5 times win of even so much as a cherry. That’s 1,000 spins without even one 5 times win! Pretty sure not even real slots have ever had anything that bad. Hahahahaha what a joke!
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5 years ago, 2014Nana
Great App but.....
What a great selection of slots, fun, enticing, but literally have tried for over a couple of weeks to maintain a balance to play and can’t pull it off on any slot. I don’t invest in games, so clearly won’t be able to enjoy this app any further. To bad y’all don’t pay somewhat better to keep people playing. I don’t expect rags to riches pay off’s, but it would be nice to maintain a small amount of wins. Good luck playing to everyone, some really cool slots. Hope your luck is better than mine was
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3 months ago, Tony Perez
Bug in the game
This is a very interesting and enjoyable game,, however after the two latest updates from Apple, the game has a bug, it opens to a black screen upon which you have to close your iPad and then open up again. After which it runs fine
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5 years ago, Chuckie019
Worst Game
I was a loyal player.. Had a continuous streak of collecting the nightly bonus for 500 days. I would collect the pitiful daily gifts on the Facebook page. I would always say thanks for the gift until one day last week when I was unable to collect said gift. I made a comment to the fact that the link was working. I was told to contact the support team. My answer was NOT, because been there done that to no avail. Well guess what I was blocked from making anymore comments to the site. I play the games to relax not to get frustrated!!! THIS GAME IS NOT ENJOYABLE!!! Play DoubleU Casino they have better daily gifts!
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5 years ago, Raginrosie
Classic Slots
If your a slot machine purist, this is all you need. Other casinos have all those 1000 line games and throw in some classic slots. Boy do they get it wrong! There is no longer fee to their slots. This is without a doubt the most exiting, enthralling and mesmerizing of all the slots out there. Every slot game here will satisfy what slots are really all about! I play everyday. But guys, give me the handle!
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4 years ago, maximus bettslotivus
Classic 3 reels are just like the real ones. Well, at least the 2 I got to play 5-7 spins on were. No chance to play much of anything else with little to no starting balance or even adds to watch for the chance to procure more coins. I’ll be deleting this app within hours of downloading it unfortunately. Potential is there but it’s just another fishing expedition trolling for information all dressed up like a casino with pretty lights and exciting noises that you can barley even take in before you’re outta $. Thanks for wasting my time 👍.
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2 years ago, No Win jj
Lack of Playing Time
I have not seen a spin in 3-4 days. Most wins are small. I bet minimums. Done in minutes and then have to wait 3 hours for a whopping 7.5k points which is 3 spins at maximum. Getting very bored not being able to play as often as I want to. If no improvement will move on from this app.
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4 years ago, captain In SD
Just another “give us your money”
So , If you have an issue with this game , and report it to the site / company running it , they are very quick to reply with the standard B.S. email “ we appreciate your concern , and are looking into it ...” which , of course , nothing gets fixed, no credits returned . The App Store quality control for Trustworthy apps is seriously lacking
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4 years ago, Rmsatp
I would give it five stars but it has a bug that drives me nuts. It constantly freezes and sometimes will not even open. It also during one of these freezes took away all my credits. The games are good but would be better without the bugs.
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3 years ago, DP Swagger
Great App. I enjoy playing the same games I would at the casinos. The games also pay like the slots at the casinos. Most of us would admit a good day at the casino is leaving with some money in your pockets. A great day is leaving with more money in your pockets. This app plays it the same way with good fun and being very realistic.
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7 years ago, Chrisb1182
Fun to play! However...
I love the ‘777’ slot machines and always search them out while at the casinos. So when I found this game I had to have it!! It’s fun to play and of course even better when you win. However... I wish they brought in a few more variations. After the initial excitement wore off I really only found myself playing 2or3 of the games on a consistent basis. I don’t seem to win on this app as much as other apps so don’t play it as much as I’d like. You have to wait 3hours for the time bonus (with exception to the daily bonus which gets bigger every day until day 5, then it reset). Wish there was more ways to get free coins faster than the 3hour time bonus and daily bonus.
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6 years ago, Mrs dwj
Mrs. Dee
Love the graphics on the games and it does carry a lot of the games you see in the casinos. I am now on day 98 for the daily spin and I am lucky if I can hit 12,000 it’s usually times 2 on any given day. Loosen them up more on the daily spins I get disappointed every time I get my daily spend and I’m just about ready to just stick with the other Double Down app. The games are fun but who wants to spend money on a game that won’t even keep you playing long.
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7 years ago, Cash-In!
Awesome Fun
Great sounds and great wins most of the time...most of the time it's eaten up my purchases! The real games at the casino are more friendly but am excited to see the gold and silver sevens online and the tamale red and yellow sevens one too. These are my favorite and continue to be. I just wish I would win more often. And, be careful I accidentally touched max and lost nearly all of my hard earned winnings-twice!!!
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4 years ago, matt Hart 64
Limited fun
This app has some good games. What is the purpose of giving out free coins, when 90 % of the time you can’t win a single game before they run out? I like to play for free, and I get that apps cost money. But if you always lose when playing for free, one might think it would be the same when paying money? I’ve visited this app often, had some fun, but always wind up dissatisfied again. What would it hurt to let players live a fantasy and win a bit with thier Daly bonus? Or do the writers think that not winning a single spin out of 16,000 coins is exciting?
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