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User Reviews for DoublePane

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9 years ago, trevthewebdev
Perfect Keyboard Window Managemenr
I have used about 4 different window managers and this one is exactly what I wanted. Default keys for moving windows around are perfect and don’t conflict with the other 150+ other keybindings I have. If you ever do presentations and don’t mirror your screen (as you shouldn’t) then doublepane can make you look like you know what you’re doing by snapping windows quickly instead of dragging them into view.
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9 years ago, Joshua Fairchild
Awesome App
I’ve owned this little guy for over 4 years and it’s by far the most used app i have. I install it on every Mac I use daily from the 2-3 work Macs to the 4 at home, this little guy has become an intergral part of my day. It becomes so natural that when I work on other peoples Macs I forget they dont have it and have to do it the manual way, which is a pain. For the price it’s worth it and you’ll what it accomplishs for you.
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8 years ago, AviGreen
Simple, effective, and extremely useful
I have been using DoublePane for a couple of years and have to agree with the other reviewers. It takes two minutes to get used to the keyboard shortcuts, and afterwards, you reap the rewards everyday. I install it on every Mac I work with. Really helps with multiple screens as well.
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9 years ago, Paul Eccles
Great app, glad I paid for it
Yeah if you have an iMac or larger-screened Mac and you quickly want to snap windows left, right or maximise instantly, like Windows, well this does a super job. I love it, works perfectly on latest Yosemite, runs completely in background, 0 annoyance.
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1 year ago, Dylanbfor
Still my favorite app for Mac
Five years after purchasing, still works fantastically. My favorite window management tool. When I get a new Mac, I forget it's not a native feature of MacOS, that's how smooth it is.
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3 years ago, aednichols
A thing of beauty
I have been using these shortcuts on Windows since Vista and it's nice to finally get them on Mac with a simple app. Tried a few others that were very bloated.
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9 years ago, sandbox32
It gets the job done, but it’s not very pretty
DoublePane works and I use its keyboard shortcuts every day. They claim “full Yosemite support” but they still do not have a retina icon 2+ years after the first retina Mac was released. It’s not like other apps where there might be dozens or hundreds of icons to redraw — these guys only have the menubar icon.
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4 years ago, scstraus
Does exactly what's needed without problems.
I'm so used to this utility by now that it just feels like part of the OS.
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9 years ago, Jonathan Bentley
Incredibly useful. Adds simple functionality that is otherwise cumbersome to emulate in OSX.
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13 years ago, ecthroi
first impressions
Just downloaded this (free for July 4th, thanks for the promo!) and my first impressions are that it is going to be perfect for my use. I've tried Divvy and a few other resizing programs, but none of them are quite as simple, and therefore useful, for my needs. I've had my MacBook Pro for about a year now, and i've gotten accustomed to using keyboard shortcuts whenever i can; Double Pane does a good job implementing very simple and intuitive shortcuts. Again, these are just first impressions, so i can't comment on reliability/etc, but i do like this program from all i can tell about it!
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9 years ago, tylerlovesapples
It works very well except the bottom edge always has 4 pixles of unused room which really irks me.
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3 years ago, cssommerfeld
stopped working w/ new update
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12 years ago, @Mike_Arnesen
I Could Not Live Without DoublePane
Not even kidding. I use two monitors at work (sometimes three) and I use DoublePane to shoot windows between montiors. I'll often split a montior in half by snapping one window to each half and do that on all my monitors so I have 6 programs viewable in front of me. If I didn't have DoublePane, I'd have to use the terrible OSX functionality to resize windows and I would probalby go insane. I'd lose my job, have no means to feed myself or pay my mortage, and then I'd die. So, now you understand. I literally couldn't live without DoublePane. Amazing app. You can't be productive without it. Get it now.
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11 years ago, brianpartridge
A must buy!
I use this app so much, that I'm lost on any computer that doesn't have it. The hotkeys have become so natural to my daily computer usage, that I just expect them to work on every Mac I use. I can find no fault with this app, and the developer is a mensh. He's very responsive and a while back he even worked to fix a bug that ocurred in my wacky multi-monitor setup. The only thing I wish that could be added is a frequency graph of how often I use each of the hotkeys, like Alfred's usage graph. I think it would be funny to see how much I use it and when.
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13 years ago, jorkbrah
An effective app, but I dislike the menu bar item
I find the app useful as it fills the need for using keyboard shortcuts to reposition windows. However, I don't like having to have the menu bar icon up there as I try to keep my menu bar as minimal as possible. Using Menu meters, skype, adium, drop box, and the different wifi, volume, battery, time, and spotlight icons already takes up 1/3 of my menu bar, so every additional icon is a pain. I suggest to the developer to add the feature of Alfred that hides the menu bar icon and either add a key shortcut to bring up the preferences, or just launch the app.
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13 years ago, W1ll14m
Simple, stable, and powerful
DoublePane is simple, so you need only remember a few keystrokes, and very stable. Most window positioning I do is just comparing two documents side by side, or taking notes on another document, so the two panes are perfect and plenty powerful. The restore feature is what makes it essential for me. Just one more shortcut and your window is back to the size it was in before you moved it with the app. All in all, a full featured but straightforward app.
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13 years ago, celticafro
Does what it's supposed to do flawlessly.
This app is really tough to fault because of it's cost. There's no real features with the exception of being able to customize the command key sequence. And that part works flawlessly. There are a few applications (such as game creation suite Unity3D) that do not appear to listen to the DoublePane commands. In that case, fullscreening still must be accomplished with the mouse/trackpad, but most of the applications you will use on a daily basis will not run into any problems utilizing this fantastic app.
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13 years ago, Matt in Forest, VA
Great App
I recently switched from a Windows 7 PC to a Mac. While I enjoy nearly all the features on the Mac compared to the PC, I really missed the feature of Windows 7 where I could snap windows side by side on my large monitor. This inexpensive app does just that. At $0.99, this is a steal for those who wish to work with multiple windows of equal size without having to move and resize all the time.
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13 years ago, Diesel7633
Good but...
It does the minimum of what I was expecting it to do. The shortcuts are great however having universal access settings turned on is wierd (but don't know the technical reasons) but not a big deal at all. I was hoping for 2 additional shortcuts to emulate the Win7 Snap feature. Can you make it so Control + Option + Down Arrow unsnaps the window and sizes it back to its original size. It would also be nice if dragging it to the edges causes it to snap as well. Overall good start.
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12 years ago, mochuelin
Simple but powerfull
DoublePane provides a simple and easy way to reposition windows around the left and right borders of the screen. The recently added multiple display support was the only missing part, now I can conveniently reposition my windows with a single key-stroke. I would love to see that same abbility for placing windows up and down the screen but is great as it is. A must try, you won't be dissapointed...
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12 years ago, Kotor14
Extremely Useful
This is one of my favorite apps. Despite its basic feature and simplicity, I have found this app useful any time I use my mac. Having a iMac this app allows me to view two full size windows perfectly aligned with just 3 clicks. Without it I'd need a second monitor a I would need to spend time resizing windows bit by bit. Love this app.
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13 years ago, That's a fax
Looking for Aero Snap-like features (i.e., snap windows left or right, or expand to full screen) on OS X with keybindings? This is your app. Quick, simple keystrokes make window management a snap. Maybe most important: because window actions are controlled by keyboard and not mouse, this app works perfectly with multiple monitors. Love it!
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11 years ago, foebone
Little overpriced and an annoying bug.
I think that $4.99 is a little high, I've heard people paying $2.99 which I think is totally fair. But I didn't make it so I can't price it :) Also there is a VERY annoying bug where coming out of full screen I have to resize one of the windows again or it will slightly overlap the other one. This is the reason for the 3-stars, if this bug gets fixed i'd go for 5 stars, the price shouldn't matter in the rating. repro - take two windows - size one on right, one on left focus on one of the windows and make it fullscreen (i used keyboard shortcut) now set it back to split screen results - one screen is made smaller, and it's overlapping the other screen. expected - for the screen to be setup the same as you had it before going to fullscreen.
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13 years ago, mystro2b
doesn't resize app screen windows
Very cool app but it won't resize windows in an application so you can see all of the window evenly to the edge of your screen. If you are in a browser window or finder window, it resizes them perfectly when you move one left and the other right. Very helpful! Check out the help page if you are unsure of the keyboard shortcuts.
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10 years ago, coleylogan
Highly recommended
I've been using this app since 2011, at least - whenever it was still $2. It is simple, natural easy to customize, and perfect for multitasking. I have constantly promoted this app to my friends and colleagues and will continue to do so. Thank you for making my life easier!
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13 years ago, Apphole
5 STARS+++++++ I was waiting for this. Great job!!!
When I heard about the Mac App store this is exactly what I was hoping to find!! Love it. THANKS FOR THE APP!! I can't believe someone would complain about the price. This is easily worth twice the price. SIMPLE & EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE what more could you want? Thanks again. I use this multiple times a day!!
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12 years ago, christieleighb
Thank you SO much! I've been trying to find something that would allow me to do this for what feels like forever!! I often need to view websites and word documents simultaneously for research and other functions, this is PERFECT! Works so easily and seamlessly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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13 years ago, Ricky Romero
This guy gets it
The whole point of a window management app is to reduce complexity. Most window managers do exactly the opposite of that and give you way too many options. This app gives you four easy-to-remember keystrokes for the most common things you'd want to do with a window. Works brilliantly; great work!
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13 years ago, jordanscales
Simple to use, and I don't even know it's there
Great application, works just like I need it to. I don't bother keeping the icon on my menu bar, so I don't even know it's there! I just use the function keys to snap left, right, the whole screen, and restore. Works fantastic!
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13 years ago, Tom114
Excellent app
Does exactly what it needs too, without anything uneccesary. Options to customize Keyboard shortcuts, remove from menubar, start at login all make an unintrusive, optimal app. Nothing but praise. My only regret is getting it for free on the 4th of July, this developer deserves to get paid for such a brilliant app!
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13 years ago, LeeZilla
If you fancy yourself a keyboard ninja, this is a must
There are competitors, to be sure, but they cost more and do the same thing. This app is fast and feels "built in", like it was a shipped feature from Apple. If you consider yourself a keyboard junky, this is the only solution you need or want. Period.
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13 years ago, SCG615
Great App for multitasking, what a steal at the current price!!!
Great app for multitasking. The ability to of the app to auto resize each window to view them side by side makes multitasking great on the Mac again. Similar to Windows 7 snap. What a steal for the current price!!! keep up the great work!!!
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12 years ago, Taenick
Coming from windows 7 this really helped me adjust to a mac. I really liked that snap functionality on windows 7 and this product is a good replacement. Its nice to be able to organize my windows with just a quick click of some keyboard keys.
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10 years ago, JET__BLACK
Honestly, this will save you so much time and frustration. I’m so glad I purchased this app. I have multiple screens and browsers open constantly, and this is the answer to all of my problems. Never have to bother with resizing my windows to fit just right. Love it!
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13 years ago, AntennaGuy
Wonderful new hot keys! The left/right are great, but the maximize is awesome! Exactly what I've always thought the "+" window toolbar should be doing in the first place, or at least have a max button. But, this is a great add-on until Apple makes it built-in. Thanks!
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12 years ago, Chris M. Long
Works as advertised
If you want FEATURITIS, look elsewhere. I bought this because it does one thing and it does it perfectly. I've never had the slightest problem with it, it's lightning fast, and stays out of the way, visually (no icons). I can't recommend this utility enough.
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13 years ago, superstring
Simple - Works - Great!
Something that Mac OSX should have built in... Very simple and easy to use and definitely useful. Not sure how it compares to the other similar (and more expensive) apps, but this one does what I was hoping it would do.
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12 years ago, spacecow10
Too simple for what I needed.
I wanted to quickly manage windows on dual monitors using the keyboard. This app got me 50% of the way, but Moom let me add shortcuts to switch windows between monitors and create custom window sizing and movement shortcuts. If you need something really simple, this app is great. Otherwise take a look at Moom.
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10 years ago, kerbyh
I’ve wanted this feature for so long.
This is the one feature I’ve always missed after coming home from working on a PC at work. It works exactly as you expect it to. Instant purchase for me. Thanks for making this!
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13 years ago, Sam423543534
great alternative to more expensive apps
Very simple program, but does exactly what I need when compared to the $7 or $14 apps. Might upgrade in the future if I decide I need other features. Great job with the app though!
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12 years ago, TheRealSix
Multi-display works great
I just bought this so I can't say I have tried an awful lot, but seems to work perfectly, even with my 2 displays. Makes the transition from Windows a Snap- haha
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10 years ago, SHRIMPS86
It does what’s it’s supposed to do
A very simple app that keeps your windows in a static position side by side and does it very well. And you only need to click a button to revert back to the way they were before. No more resizing windows.
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10 years ago, grant940
simply amazing
Does exactly what it says it does. And what it does turns out to be even more useful than I expected. I tried it with lots of apps (currently with Lion, updating to 10.9 soon), and everything worked better than I hoped. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO NOT HAVING THIS.
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12 years ago, gladystomusic
Top Notch app with no flaws
I got this app back when it was still free. It's a breeze to use with no need for any silly configurations, no bulky, intrusive icons. I haven't had any problems with it ever. Great for all of us multitaskers. I truely can't recomend it enough.
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13 years ago, nicnick123
More Window Snapping!!
This app is great for organizing windows, but it would be nice to increase support for more windows to be snapped into place (kinda of like a grid). At least up to four, that would be nice. Even so, this app is great!!!
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11 years ago, MrFranklePop
Best window splitter app out there!
The app remembers the original window sizes even after resizing a split window (e.g. manually resizing a split window so that it covers 60% of the screen as opposed to 50%)! Absolutely love this app and would recommend it to everyone!
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13 years ago, michaellevesque
One Thing Well
This App does one thing well move windows. Left and right, fill the screen and restore are the functions nothing else. Great App for the price!
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13 years ago, __Aaron__
Works to a degree
When I tried to snap my app store window to the right side, half of the window was off screen. It didn't actually resize the window, just moved it. Same thing when I tried to snap it to the left. It resized firefox no problem but not the app store.
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13 years ago, SSzyszka
Simple, fast.
Simple. Fast. Exactly what I was looking for. If you're looking for lots of features, bloat and complexity, this is not for you. If you're looking for a frictionless utility, buy this.
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13 years ago, Wii Will Rock You
Good, Some Minor Gripes
Works well and does what it says it does, though Lion support could be better (eg, it shouldn't resize fullscreen apps). Also, it doesn't take open drawers into consideration when resizing. That said, I am still happy with the app, and think that $3 is a very fair price.
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