Doubles: Drinking Games for 2

4.6 (4.7K)
105.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Prodigal Creative LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doubles: Drinking Games for 2

4.57 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
3 years ago, davidbuck1
Great Writing
I went into this thinking it would be some cheap fun but the questions and categories in this game are actually fun and well written for the most part, had a great time playing. Now I’m waiting on the group version
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3 years ago, Ric the young man
Good and almost great
This was a blast for my girlfriend and I! We played over zoom because we’re a long distance couple. A few areas for improvement: -It would be nice to have the option to purchase the full game on the main menu, rather than having to finish a round first. -Rules should have a time limit or should tell you when they’re no longer in effect. For example, if I have to refer to myself in the third person, when can I stop? -We bought the whole game and ran into duplicates pretty quickly. Add more content! We loved our night of Doubles and will play again frequently if we can count on a lot of variety. Thanks for the awesome app!
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11 months ago, CraziDoll
Love it
Ended upgrading for $3.99 which is an amazing price and I love that it’s two-player. Finally a fun game to play with my partner that I don’t have to pay a monthly subscription for.
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3 years ago, autogenerated
Nothing will ruin the mood faster than waiting on ads in between spins.
Seems cool, even purchased some categories, but ads after purchasing? Nothing kills the game faster than spinning and waiting through ads for the next spin. Offer an option to get rid of them.
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3 years ago, Niciscool
What I’ve been looking for for so long!
What I’ve been looking for for so long!
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2 years ago, kiley bartusek
More options
I wish there was more questions and options. It gets boring after 3 games with the same person.
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2 years ago, Shannon024
Not worth it
Got this for fun. Most of the questions repeat and are not fun. Tried the couple one, but kept getting random from the categories. Some were just stupid questions. Do not waste your money on this. You could come up with more creative questions on your own.
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4 years ago, ember1017
Promising, needs work
Solid game, has a lot of content. Audio needs work, the spin sound can't be turned off and if I'm using my phone to play music at the same time it gets paused at every spin
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4 years ago, Torizoo
Paid a dollar to be interrogated about sex life
Thought it would be fun/funny to buy the “sexy couple” game pack (not the “full game”). It’s not sexy at all, it’s just asking uncomfortable questions OR telling you to drink. The pack by itself was only ~30 questions. We thought $3.99 would unlock ALL of the categories, not all of the “sexy couple” prompts.
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4 years ago, Sam Torres
My girlfriend and I played this game! We are having an amazing time! Bless the person who invented this game.
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4 years ago, Bibbadassboy
Love it!
My girl and I love playing this game! Bored and drinking it is the move! Just hope new questions, statements, etc.
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4 years ago, NewJaxFL
Yooo bruh
Don’t be making thing complicated with these couples questions. Alright to the review, needs more players and please don’t turn off the music every spin. Tight game, y’all doing some work.
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4 years ago, alexis aka luis
My review
My review is that this game is so good I’m peeing myself atm.
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4 years ago, riverrat854
More questions
The game needs a bigger variety of questions, too many repeats for three categories.
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4 years ago, mc luckblock
Ok at best
For it not being free why would you proactively say it’s free if you have to pay for the couple. That one should at least be free then pay for everything else
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2 years ago, ThankYou1352738
Pauses Music
It’s a fine app, but it completely stalls all audio playing whilst it’s open. It’s a drinking game, who doesn’t drink and have some tunes on? Would be awesome if this was able to be fixed.
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6 years ago, Mggifethvdyjvdt35787
Fun but wish you could add more players
Fun but wish you could add more players
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5 months ago, Stephe111
Too many adds Pay for all
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4 years ago, JustNick33
Good game, disabling sound would be great
Need feature to disable sound
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1 year ago, Mannydfkru
Drunk aff
Manny and his girlfriend love this game
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4 years ago, SelenaBus
Such a fun game!!! Download it.
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2 years ago, RH took my money
Y’all told me to take a shot and be angry about it so I am. Fun app tho. 10/10.
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3 years ago, peteblakephoto
Learn spelling
You're is not the same as Your
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6 months ago, Kaaaayley
2 many ads we already paid
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4 years ago, mmmnnn122334567
Not worth it
This app is stupid don’t get it. Totally not worth it.
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2 months ago, urhsgakaka
took my money
i spent money on the game and i didn’t even get the full game this app is trash bru
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3 years ago, Gunderstruck76
Of raunchy enough
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4 years ago, Banz 539
Poo 2
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3 years ago, Cofner
Are you KIDDING me?????
Like what. Imagine
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1 year ago, amsgidbyby
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3 years ago, AmAizad
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8 months ago, akt_91
No music for a drinking game?
The app blocks you from listening to Spotify while you’re playing. Kind of stupid to think I’m going to play a drinking game in silence…sucks cause some of the categories are actually fun. Will be searching for a similar app that doesn’t block you from playing music lol
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