DOWN Hookup & Date: Dating App

4.3 (71.7K)
155.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Down App, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for DOWN Hookup & Date: Dating App

4.29 out of 5
71.7K Ratings
4 months ago, mtbgang
DOWN dating app, formerly known as Bang with Friends, is a casual dating platform that aims to facilitate connections between individuals interested in more short-term or casual relationships. It allows users to anonymously express their interest in others by "down" (for casual) or "date" (for something more serious). Reviews of the app vary widely depending on individual experiences. Some users appreciate its simplicity and straightforward approach to casual dating, while others may have concerns about privacy, safety, or the quality of matches. It's always a good idea to read recent user reviews and consider your own preferences and priorities before deciding if the app is right for you.
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2 years ago, Firefighter3550
Scam! Stay away! Just hear me out.
This app is nothing but a scam, don’t believe the fake reviews. After 2 separate tries I’ve come to this conclusion. Right off the bat you’re baited in to paying for a membership that pretty much gives the false impression that you’ll get more matches and “VIP treatment”. I paid and my my was that stupid. The “VIP chat girls” are clearly chat bots or paid chat agents. They use the same lines, they never change, they’re always available and none of their chats make sense (easy to trip them up when you go outside of the script/robot like conversation). After having the app for two years I have never ever had a match even when paying for VIP. Is it that I’m repulsive? No, I have no issues on any other platform and get at least one match. Not here. I’m pretty sure they use peoples pictures from the internet and create fake profiles. This app should be shut down and banned from the App Store immediately. Don’t waste your money or give any info to these people. If it’s too good to be true…it usually is. Tinder, Bumble or one of the other top apps are best for dating or looking for hookups. Stay away from “Down” cause the only thing going down will be the balance in your bank account from being scanned.
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1 year ago, C_Rating
Negative Stars
I get bored and check out what dating “resources” that are available and what they have to offer single people. “DOWN” is laughably terrible. Downloading this app, let alone paying for anything this app is a complete waste. You are given the option of “Date”, “Message” and “Hookup”. Unless you or the recipient is paying for the app that function is useless. Also, if you are not dumping money into the subscription, you will find that you are very limited to the amount of people you can select “Date” or “Hookup”😂 I wasn’t going to invest much time in a bit per real person ratio, however through continuous scrolling of other “users” I would stumble upon repeat accounts with different names etc. After putting forth some money to see what the paid services provided I began receiving many “messages”. I can only describe these people as either Bots/Fake accounts or (in the utmost respects) very desperate people or possibly someone running a scam game🤷🏻‍♂️ At the end of this brief experience I can only attest to the short amount of time I gave this a look over. Maybe others might have the “success” they’re searching for, I am merely pointing out the scam potential. Thank you and good luck out there.
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3 years ago, SlavePupLatch
Don’t log into FB
I am not 100% sure it was this specific app that hijacked my FB account but i am about 97% sure. Just after signing in using my password immediately it said my password was incorrect and after several attempts to login with what i knew was the correct password I tried the “forgot password “ option and after I enter my E-mail address it said I didn’t exist! Thank goodness I always use a secondary browser for my apps that want me to log in via FB as i don’t trust FB and I don’t know these apps well enough to judge them but they certainly haven’t earned my trust. I went onto my FB app and some how this app was able to change and erase my password, my primary e-mail address, my backup e-mail, and my 2 step verification method so i got no e-mail, text, or even notifications via messenger. This is too faulty a way to verify anything from an app i will certainly never try this app again or any other app requiring my log in via FB to verify age or Identity. Don’t we get enough malware already? Why make more? I spent the entire day trying to get back into my FB account and was finally successful but I waisted a good work day.
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12 months ago, dhsuajsjjs
Mixed bag.
The idea of the app is actually great, even without the premium subscription. The snap match feature is actually a really cool idea and the rest of the app is what you’d expect from a dating app and it works fine. There’s only one problem and it’s the fact that it’s a GHOST TOWN. I bought the one week boost looking to ramp up the action. Maybe the visitors tab is bugged and it doesn’t actually show all of your visitors, I’m not sure. But I kid you not I didn’t get a SINGLE visitor in the week with the boost. I’m a humble guy, I don’t expect a match with everyone but man no visitors is sketchy. I’ve also never received one response from a snap match chat request out of the 40 or 50 I’ve probably done. I’ve probably matched with approximately 1 in 50 of the people I’ve given the hookup or date option on just for none of them to ever respond. So once again, I think the app structure is really great but the lack of responses for how many people are shown on there is really suspicious and frustrating.
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4 weeks ago, cheezey427209
Fair for now
I’ve been using this app for a few days from a man’s perspective I honestly think this app is much more fair then other dating apps when it comes too price. I like the layout, design and function. All around seems very well made. I only gave it 3 stars for now based on the other reviews talking about scammers/bots. Now I can tell there’s very real people on here. I know how scammers talk ive talked to a lot sadly lol and I haven’t come across a single one yet or anyone asking for money on this app. I saw someone say “paid agents” in a review and that’s the only possible way I could believe that this app could be a lie. Personally I don’t think I’ve talked to paid agents the past few days but I could be very ignorant but that’s a lot of time and energy to keep someone on an app. I’m supposed to be meeting with someone in my area this week. It doesn’t have to go well but if they’re real I’ll give this app 5 stars if not then unfortunately it’ll be a 1 star.
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2 years ago, Aaron89821573
Is this a dating app?
I’m not sure what exactly this app is supposed to do, but it doesn’t seem to be for dating. It doesn’t allow for any way to contact other profiles beyond half a dozen prewritten “flirts” which although they’re pretty amusing, they’re also pretty offensive. There is a screen for “chat” but I never could figure out how to send a message to someone, despite having a paid account. I sent a large number of the questionable “flirts” but never had any indication that people received them and had no responses. The feature for quick dating that bounces around geographically seemed pretty interesting, but I have no interest in being connected with people thousands of miles away from me. I’m not going to hop a flight from texas to New York in hopes of getting laid. There should be some ability to narrow down the geographical area to something smaller than the entire country. I’m generally dissatisfied with the app and I am most definitely am not satisfied with the value I got out of my initial investment of something like $35.
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2 years ago, J-in-KC
Loaded with fakes
A lot of the profiles are probably fake. I can't prove it, but the pictures look like some bot stole 5 random pictures from an Instagram account and made a profile. I saw pictures of pets, kids by themselves, landscapes, memes, food, the same pic with different filters, and other things no real person would choose to put on a dating app. I saw at least two profiles that were just pictures of a couple at their wedding. Even if some of the profiles were real, there is no way to set a distance (or any other preference really) so half the profiles were an hour+ away from me. I'm not going to make a day trip just to hookup with some chick. Overall, the app is terrible, even if some of the people were real. It has some auto-crop function that cuts the edges off every photo, so you only saw part of the person in many photos. This happened with the photos I uploaded. If you aren't dead center in the pic something is going to be cropped out. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this dumpster fire of an app.
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5 months ago, cnewmanii
Empty and Full of Scammers
Well for starters, you can’t even access any of the features without straight up paying for the service, red flag number 1. The UI is clunky and weird to figure out, you tap through the photos then your only two options are to “Date” or “Hookup”, There is no “pass” option so you have to swipe to skip to the next person which is immensely confusing. Not to mention the app itself can’t keep up with the taps and swipes happen and will often glitch out and show the last 4 people again or just crash. There’s this weird “Snap Match” feature that is supposed to connect you with people randomly across the globe and tells you how many people are online, but it’s just another immense time waster because none of the matches actually do anything. Visitors and message will just show a notification randomly but nothing will actually be there. Oh and if you do get a match, the notification will appear in messages then just simply not disappear… no matter if there’s an opened message or not. Also don’t get me started on the “Delight” feature. What even is the point of it? Random people to talk to that aren’t even there? They just upload a message and expect you to respond? And they NEVER change, it’s always the same message and the same users. I do not recommend wasting your time and money on this app, so don’t worry I did it for you so you don’t have to! Device: iPhone 14 Pro; Ver. 17.1.2 Location: WV
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12 months ago, jbiv16
Hope you have gas money
For all the things Down offers, a distance filter is not one of them. Should you find yourself in a place like my hometown (right smack in the middle of the Midwest) not many people have caught on to Down just yet. This means the majority of your matches are over 100 miles away. Some of the people Down shows you are over 200 miles away. So, if you’re really hard up for some action and driving for 9 friggin hours doesn’t bother you, knock yourself out. Otherwise keep beating the drum for a filter that you’re confident the other party is close by. That’s the other thing. Down only has 5 filters which is a joke. 2 of those filters are New York and Los Angeles. So Down gives off the impression of a freshman project that’s great in effort but severely lacks in performance. Oh I almost forgot. There is hardly anybody on this app so you’re paying for nothing. Using the laughable 3 filters they have you may get 1-2 people to choose from in a day. Word of advice, just stick to Tinder
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8 months ago, ssdffgghhhjbbjjjjnbuu
yeah a lot of issues
the messages are never right they are blank then some just pop up an erase everything you just wrote. but really who knows because how would i know if something missing cause i didn't write it an how do i know if they are getting mine same thing happening to them happening to me the key aspect of the app is crap almost feels like someone tried to put that algorithm in there so the app generates it's on Messages to where eventually you have to pay more money to send a message it's pretty sad it needs to be local for everyone each region I don't know why it would show so many over in California and New York and I will never go there for a hook up It shows everyone but the locals I would need to make a profile across the world to be able to see you who lives in my town what's up with that I like the concept of the app and the idea y'all need to use whatever that sniffles app is using for this app that would be awesome I pretty much like everything else
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2 years ago, Ramon Soto
Another poor dating app
This dating app is like the rest is all about how much money they can get from you with the minimum they can offer. I paid for VIP and now the app wants $4.99 to “boost” and all I see are women in their 30s and no complete profiles. No women around me and no way to set up the app for me to only get women in my area. 🤦‍♂️ I keep finding more crap in this app and so it gives me no choice but to come back here and add to this review. I tried sending one (1) message to a girl and right away the app asked me for $2.99 and because I don't want to keep paying more and more and have no results, the app won’t allow me to keep chatting. Also; what’s up with women posing with men? Are those men; husbands, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, what? 🙄🤦‍♂️ Most of those profiles seem to be so fake that I’m wondering if this is just a rip-off from “Down” to just get money from people, that is my perception of course. I am closing my account and requesting a refund and deleting this app.
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10 months ago, stupid nickname 14679
I don’t think the developers understand what local means
I live around Detroit, so I would expect to see a lot of people in SE Michigan when I choose to view locals. Instead, I get the occasional local and a ton of people from Grand Rapids, Columbus, Pennsylvania and Ontario. I get it, some people may be traveling, but there is no way I should see more people from Central Ohio than Wayne county. I don’t consider a four hour (one way) trip local and I should NOT have to check the map every time I see someone I want to contact. Additional information. Oddly enough the day after the developers responded to my review I was able to see a number of profiles from Detroit (there were none from surrounding cities, just specifically from Detroit). All of these new profiles consisted of a single picture without a write up, and none of them responded to inquiries. These new “Detroit” profiles dried up quickly and have not returned. I wonder if I’ll get a bunch more after this review.
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12 months ago, dallasbanta
This half is garbage if I can give it less than one star I would when you’re searching for women on the free registration there’s a crap load of them locally close by within 60 miles but as soon as you pay for it, then all of a sudden are three and four hours away also you can’t see if they’re online when the last time it was they were online and there isn’t even a section to see if your messages were sent so you’re just sitting here sending messages hoping they got sent. This app is crap and if I can report it to Apple or the Better Business Bureau. Also, like to know that when I was using it for free, there was so many girls locally within an hour drive soon as I paid for it, though there was none close by the closest ones were three and four hours away “ and if you want to contact customer support or service support however you wanna call it. Good luck cause I respond to you like a week later.”
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4 years ago, After_shocks
Total Scam, dont waste your time or money
Got on the app and could only see a few profiles before the app is locked with trying to shove the purchase down your throat. Read a bunch of negative reviews and also where the developer states that there is a decline button and there only a “not now” link but takes you to the same place and you can’t proceed anywhere else. What a crock. Apple should do a better job of screening apps before approving junk like this. For real. There are people that just want to hook up, and there’s nothing wrong with that but there are people that are looking for something long term, from the reviews I’ve read you won’t find either on this junk of an app, do yourself a favor and don’t even download it, if enough people stay away from crap like this, maybe they’ll take it down. Garbage. Also I had to give one star rating because they don’t offer negative zero.
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3 weeks ago, N3WK1D95
Fake profiles no interactions
Now I’m a pretty okay looking guy. And I even bought the VIP for 3months. Nothing. Kind of disappointed really. Even the verified profiles are fake as well. No one reaches out even when I reach out or match with someone nothing. I’m not a creep either I say hey how are you to everyone just a like normal human. Idk I feel played out of 40$ more than anything lol. Plus match with ppl be far away and most aren’t even local or real. I feel like they should also have a tab for STRICTLY ACTIVE ONLINE ppl and another for VIP ppl active online. Inactive profile for over a year and not verified should automatically be hidden or should be able to be filtered out. That would a great update. It’s not a smooth way to communicate. It’s more of a guessing game lol. Wish I could get my money back.
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8 months ago, Dtp777
Another bottom of the barrel dating app
Not once but twice the match did not go through with two different girls who were clearly in my “liked you” section. The name, age, location all matched and even with the blurry filter you could tell it was the exact same profile. There was no “you matched!” - the only thing that happened was the profile disappeared from the “liked you” section but no match - very dishonest behavior from this app. The only good thing about this app is there actually seems to be a decent amount of real profiles but what good is that if you don’t actually get to match with them despite liking each other. This further serves as a reminder that top tier dating apps like Tinder and Hinge are popular for good reason. I would much rather pay for a subscription on those than give a cent to these low level mediocre apps like Down. Trash.
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1 year ago, DOWNisNotLegit
The “Down” dating/hookup app should be taken down
THIS APP IS DEFINITELY RUN BY SCAMMERS OR PAYING SCAMMERS AND SHOULD BE TAKEN DOWN!!!! This is NOT A LEGITIMATE APP!!!! There is so many things wrong with this app. As soon as I signed up using Apple email the Down App immediately used my face scan without asking. Nobody from their support team helps because I’m sure it’s run by scammers. The only time they respond is when someone gave them a one star review and they’ll lie and say they’re working on it, we’re sorry you feel this way, etc. and also in the App Store comments, which is anybody with five stars. Also when I first used it they only showed 3 pics ON ALL FILTERS and that’s it. Lastly, just like everyone else that gave them a one star, which are actual people. They will lie and say they will do something about it, just to seem legitimate! Edit - You guys gave me the most A.I. generated response I have ever received. Gth
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6 months ago, JohnsDopamine
The Free “Nearby” Tab
I’m not sure about you, but typically when you want to browse through profiles belonging to people that should be nearby, you also expect their town location to be nothing further than 60 miles for example, yet 90% of the profiles I see belong to people who live 4x as far, and would take at minimum 3 hour drive to up to even 8 hours. I know what kind of app this is, this isn’t even mainly for dating though, so don’t even try to convince me that any drive just for that is worth it. Fix your nearby tab, it’s the only tab free users have access too anyway, and set the distance to 60 miles jesus. Other than that, it seems like it’s the most convenient way of searching for what you seek but like come on, I hate finally coming across promising profiles just to see on the last slide that they’re located somewhere over 4 hours out!
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6 months ago, H2_IV_EZ
Messaging needs to be fixed
I’ve noticed(which took a while to notice because of the issue) that messages take weeks to months to get delivered, everyone I’ve matched with sometimes shows a notification that they sent me a message but no message was there, so I’d message them. No response. It’s been like that for about a year now, I even got the premium subscription for a month to see if it would fix the issue, and no it didn’t. Anyways there’s been a couple of people who’s message finally came in about a month after the initial match. After this has happened like 4-5 times, I realized what was happening.(that’s when I tried the subscription but still noticing the issue) please fix this.
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2 years ago, JeerzogHre
I have gotten many dates since I joined up and that was better odds since the other ones gave me weekly turn out rate for my dates I try to go out on. The rates were good and there was more than one hook up I found on the other sites and they fit me a lot better than what seemed like just random guesses for me. I could change my settings well compared to the other sites. It seemed pretty much the same to me though like it was just the same to me. I thought it was a great design for on the go use finding matches as I go and don't have time to find a date in the real world in face to face time with others.
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3 years ago, K9 Birddog
FAKE APP with FAKE Reviews do not purchase
I can’t even say for sure that this app is real or has a single real female on it. Looks at the 5 star reviews most are the same exact wording with different names of the user who submitted the review. I found 3 reviews that used the same exact wording in the review. That is not a coincidence that is someone (obviously an idiot) who copied and paste the same review but under different names. The “real” women that respond are all scammers from India or Africa and find a local address that they pretend to live at. One gave me the address to city hall haha. It’s laughable and I got this app for security research purposes and found it to be one scam after another all originating from India or Africa. People be smart and don’t send someone a Xbox gift card so their child can play videos games while you get “down” . This app should be removed from the App Store.
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1 year ago, SlayBells
Fake profiles
Edit: after using about 10 hours and swiping 1000 times I can say this. This app is pretty much a scam. I have seen about 5% of the names Brianna or Autumn. About 5% of the pictures have the Red, white, blue striped filter. About 40%!! Are of Babies! About 40% are blurry photos, completed missing their face, with only one photo and no bio. The verification system is garbage because I’m pretty sure it’s all bots. The 8 matches I got don’t even respond. Only got one real conversation. I’m getting a refund... this is false advertisement. So i just did the 3 months for $30 and in the first hour found 8 profiles with the name Autumn and 7 different profiles with different iterations of the name Brianna.... talked to one that replied in snapmatch and she gave me her snapchat and in 10 min wants me to pay for videos. This is EXACTLY what I thought it was and I’m going to get a refund.
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3 years ago, Brain83
This is indeed a scam. $20 to see unlimited poorly uploaded photos and fake profiles. I matched with a woman who ended up blocking me for mo reason on her mobile number. Ok? I researched the number I was communicating with and it appears to belong to a 66-year-old man. Gross. I surmise there are a bunch of men on here trying to solicit photos from other men under the cloak of posing as a woman. Not only do many people have photos of kids on here, which is very disturbing, I don’t believe they are real. The photos are all pixelated from being poor quality to begin with. Most likely they were stolen or lifted from other places. No one matches, no one writes back, no one has a bio or updated profile. This is a legitimate scam. I’m demanding my money back or perhaps there’s enough here for a class action lawsuit. You can see reviews that are duplicates of one another on here.
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2 months ago, Nikkibell0
App will not delete your account
Werid enough I have tried deleting my account at least 10x. I have been messaged by the team that it will be deleted within 30 days but if I log back in it will be recreated. the real question is why is it being recreated if I want it gone. I hope by the end of February it is deleted but seriously DOWN team delete my account. I find it unfair that I am now ghosted from the Algorithm so I’m not even shown anymore when I wanted both of them deleted. Edit it still wasn’t deleted guys. I have emailed back and they never emailed me back or responded back by my message. Don’t download the app. You will be kick out of the algorithm or worst not be able to delete your account. They want to keep those dead accounts on their apps to make it appear as if people are active on there
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2 years ago, JhongleyLaan
this thing works
I am so glad I joined Down date. I reside in a rural area and is hard to meet someone. I spent much time online here, i met Aleksandra in a couple of months, the longer we did chat almost daily and the aplication did its purpose more than well. I have to add the aplication has many many options and items I couldn't believe it. AlekSandra and I will be married this springtime and we are happy, matched really well so it works well. My recommendation is to stay patient look and investigate each woman with the tools offered to members! It works. It takes time. Aplication works!!
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4 years ago, Sacorya Leele
Back on the market
Spent about a week on this app back in April 2019 before going on my first date. The interactions felt much more organic than on other dating apps and it was much easier to start a meaningful conversation and find common ground with matches. People are much more focused on really getting to know each other here rather than looking for a short-term fling. I can happily report that the person I went on my first date from here on is now my boyfriend of nearly one year. I never expected it to work out the way it did but I’m extremely grateful for this app and it leading me to the person of my dreams.
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1 year ago, goredsox2197
Good Overall; Needs Improvement
So I never write reviews for anything, but this app has a lot of promise. I like the fact that u can pick date or hookup when u like someone. However, when u go to look at the ppl who liked u, there’s no way to just remove someone from the list if ur not interested. Or if there is, it’s confusing and not very clear. I also don’t think there’s a way to block ppl, which would be useful. I’ve swiped ppl up or down by accident, and there’s no way to undo it as far as I can tell. There is a way to unmatch ppl but only after the match has been made. It just seems like the app is inconsistent.
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3 months ago, chatOGdadE!
Where are all the sexy ppl
Ok I finally met someone off here so rating went up due to that but I’m just hoping that you guys keep this app going and relevant bcuz it’s good but lots of room for improvement and if your hiring lmk I will assist your team into launching some different ideas in order to improve and attract more ppl to subscriptions! There is some major things that if over/underlooked for any much more longer i intuitively feel like I will not continue my subscription as well as if that happens I presume majority will also slowly but surely fade into the wind cruising other dating apps
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6 years ago, kingofchodes
Bad... just bad
I downloaded this app about a week ago, and I moved myself around to any city near me to see who it would pick up. I only saw 20-30 people, and some of them were in far away states that have cities the same name as cities close to me. There is no way to specify which one you want. And now, they won’t even let me do that without paying a $20 monthly subscription, which I obviously won’t do. Also, before all this crap, it would at least let me look in the browse section for free. Not anymore. It says to do a 7 day free trial and then subscription, but if you click on it, there’s no mention of a trial, just the subscription. There’s also no way to say you aren’t interested in their trial/subscription. Overall, just downright appalling how someone spent their time and money developing such a pathetic app
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9 months ago, Dave_2201_
Great idea but may not be used a lot in your area
Okay this is great paid or not but all the users are from NY and LA I would say 90% are from one of the two states. I mean there is literally a NY tab and LA tab in app to find people in those two states. So if you live elsewhere good luck, it is definitely possible to find literally exactly what you want which is awesome but the app isn't popular enough yet. Also allow within certain mile radius’s because theres users that arent just from NY and LA, this would make things so much easier, partly because you wont even know what state they are from it just lists the city which becomes useless for those not in the two states.
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10 months ago, Cerberusc24
Only been using it a couple of days
I've gotten a few matches but they're way too far. App definitely needs a distance setting. Also if there's a way to impliment distance but strictly within a specific state that would be great. No other app has that option and I always get recommended people from out of state. I'm not going to travel long distance for a hookup. On that same note, snap match is cool but I keep getting people from across the planet and it's really just wasting my time. Narrow the people that come up to within a certain distance of where I am. The point is to hookup. I'm not going to do that with somebody in the Philippines or Bangladesh
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2 years ago, Raychelv22
Not realistic
I get the idea but your literally having people choose if they want to Screw or Date based solely off in most cases - 1 pic. I mean this shouldn’t be choosing people from around the world for that. it’s not realistic to think your average person is going to date someone across the world from them where there’s nothing to go off of other than physical attraction. This should be more for like a pen pal type of thing in my opinion. Don’t really like the snap part of this. And I didn’t and don’t find the app easy to use or understand. It’s super random. You have no idea what’s going on 1/2 the time. There’s like 0 info about anyone. Idk. Not a good app in my opinion. Not at all. I do like the game “would you rather” could go with less sex questions. Should maybe consider going a completely diff route. Redo it and make it for like school age kids to talk to people in other countries and learn about those countries. That’s an example of what I can see the “idea” of this being good for. Nothing sexual tho.
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2 years ago, MarhertyDogo
Great stuff
What an App! Many thanks to the creators of this little gem. I had tried the others and found them tiring, mindless conversation going no where. Then I downloaded Down app. Although I didn't have any success for a few months I kept it on there anyway. Living in a small town is harder with the app as less people however I one day 2 years ago made a match! We went on a date and haven't looked back since. We are due to be married in July this year and had a baby! Thanks Down app!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, JetkinsiiiAremy
for millions of years humanity's choice of partner was dictated by your actual physical location and social circle but now we have Down app. the effort that must have been required to manually arrange a relationship or sexual arrangement in person (rather than just doing it on your phone) is literally unfathomable to me. I simply can't believe how lucky I am to belong to the first ever generation to be exposed to hundreds of eligible females at the touch of a button. swiping my way towards joint hypermobility syndrome in each of my thumbs. cannot get enough
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3 years ago, GoolazaOrt
worth do download
To be honest, I installed this app because my buddy told me that it's entertaining to swipe around and have a potential to meet somebody who's interested in you. Of course not every match is going to be a winner. Just like when you meet new people in person. But, all I really want to say is that I couldn't thank the developers enough for creating something that actually brought me and someone I may have never met, together. All in all, the app is worth a download, you have nothing to lose
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2 years ago, DieHardMcClane
Worked perfect until visual update
I used to have great success using this app and I used to meet people all the time from it and about a month ago they did an update and now the app is completely broken and I never match with anyone at all. It’s not me I’ve been using this app for a year and it worked perfectly fine hooked up with dozens of girls but now ever since the last update people do not match anymore at all. Fix the app Update: thanks for your concern developer, but your app is completely broken. I used to talk to at least 10 girls a week. I’ve met probably five girls, telling me that I’m wrong or that I am having problem using your app is ridiculous. You broke it, now fix it, especially because I pay actual money
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7 months ago, Tony-Toe
Surprisingly Impressed
The DOWN team has broken away from the standard swipe left protocol, truly creating a fun and inspired experience. Signing up was a breeze and immediately upon completion I was greeted by several members of the DOWNSphere, some of which have progressed nicely😉. In a rather unheard of turn of events, I’ve actually been contacted by Support a couple of times just to make sure that my experience was tiptop. So quit wasting time reading my review and “Get up, It’s time to Get Down”
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4 months ago, BONECRUSHER99298
Definitely a scam
Downloaded the app looking for hookups in the area. Most of the users are not verified and only have 1-2 pictures that are terrible quality. I paid for the subscription bc the app claimed it was 66% off for the first 24 hours and I was charged full price so I immediately got a refund (tysm to Apple support). During my time I’ve had 2 matches and we matched quickly since it showed they viewed my profile and neither of them ever responded. In summary, the app is constantly showing the subscription pop up. Most of the users seem fake. Finally, I consider myself to be a presentable person. I’d even say I wanted to hook up with women who were clearly 350+ lbs and are way below my league and I still didn’t get a match back.
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3 years ago, Icogreen
Don't waste your time or money
Everything about this app screams fake! I've been premium for a few weeks now and despite getting plenty of matches on other dating apps, I've only matched with two people on this app, both of whom appear to be fake. Neither has said anything at all, not one word. Every time I don't use the app for a few days the app sends me "new singles" and offers to boost my profile for a fee. It's a scam all the way around, and I'm guessing that most of these profiles aren't even real. Giant waste of time and money! Also suspect is the fact that after I left a bad review, I stopped getting any new singles at all in the app, despite it telling me every day that there are new singles available. Nothing about this app is real.
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2 months ago, The Dirtiest Hippy
It has promise, but some fixes needed
The app has a fairly smooth user interface, and pretty straightforward with how to operate. There’s a couple of pretty glaring issues that keep this app from being awesome. 1. Match rate and member engagement is LOWWWWWW. I have swiped 200 some odd times, and had 4 total matches, and one of those is a bot. I have had TWO unique engagements with my profile. There just aren’t a lot of profiles on here, and those that are are either inactive, or (surprisingly rarely) bots. 2. Most of the features that are advertised aren’t actually available. There is no way to search by recently active or by new profile, and the only distance filter offered is a very ambiguous “nearby.” This app can be extremely awesome with a serious marketing push and some fine tuning on the filtering and searches available. I think they are being as ambiguous as possible because their user count is dreadfully low. I hope they get it figured out soon!
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2 years ago, cherrychi14
Currently/recently online feature
It would be extremely helpful if there were a feature on this app to communicate with people that are currently online within a selected mile radius to make it easier to actually connect and communicate with people. This would make the app way more successful, because people would have a way higher likelihood of actually connecting and hopefully meeting with other people in person. I work in data analytics and in my experience apps that allow that feature have a way higher likelihood of actually meeting people.
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2 years ago, F@hrenhenit
Very Lame
Not as expected. There is no use even after paying for 3 month’s subscription just the most lame option Snap match got enabled. Why would you keep matching, instead just show online and if interested let User go click on it. Date or Down no use, no response and another most horrible is Flirt. Using Flirt will also reduce the chance of knowing each other because of so direct messages as not all like at first place reading those, my thoughts. Enable to chat freely, hope it will be useful for Users. Age range is not working as well. Update.. such a gimmick app.. XERO REPONSE. Looks like all fake profile and you are just making money for no reason with subscriptions.. Total junk app
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2 years ago, WhatWasIDoing
Am I really that ugly?
Since there are similar reviews to mine I will keep this relatively short… This app HAS to be a scam. Over the span of approximately three months I have liked/flirted with 100 different accounts and not a single one has liked me back. Now I know we all can’t be the next Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds, but there’s no reason to receive ZERO likes after sending 100 likes. I purchased the subscription in hopes of connecting with people in my area faster and more often yet still have nothing to show for it. Another problem is that most of the profiles have terribly pixelated and blurry pictures with filters. Almost as if the pictures were ripped off social media posts and put on the app to boost user numbers. The most frustrating part is that this app is a PHENOMENAL idea. It (in theory) cuts to the chase and connects people who are just lookin to have some fun, but is unable to provide that service due to its shadiness. I am without a doubt going to try my hardest to get a refund on my 3 month subscription since this app is clearly a trap.
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3 days ago, Mmmggg0
The accounts are fake
I cant prove it but I believe the DEVELOPER creates fake accounts on their own platform. The reason I think this is because there APPEAR to be many attractive girls on this platform, but only like 15 visitors have EVER viewed my profile in a month of using this app. That means the girls’ accounts are NOT swiping. They are not even SEEING my profile because they are not real people. If they were real people, they would be swiping, and more would see my account. I purchased the paid membership, which allows me to send messages to them without matching first. I have sent DOZENS of messages and received 1 reply stating “hi”, and then she stopped responding. Meanwhile I’ve already hooked up with 3 people from Tinder.
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2 years ago, JuradshawBlia
I just said I do yesterday to my husband that I met, yes on this app. I meet the best man of my life and I can't thank this app enough. He and I both just wanted to try something new and bam we instantly kicked it off and now he's my best friend and I can't image my life without me. I was so nervous getting this app at first and was a scared. Who knew it would be the best thing I ever did in my life? I want to thank this app over and over. As I'm writing this I lay down on my husbands chest while he sleep. Because of Down app.
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1 year ago, pagefold
A scammy cash grab
There are no real profiles on this app. It’s pretty obvious that it’s just gone through people’s Facebook accounts and just propagated through friends lists to build a fake user base. You can’t do anything without paying, and it’s constantly nickel-and-diming you to do anything. Example, you already have a premium membership, but you still have to buy “unblurs” to see any of the fake accounts that have “interacted” with you. Oh, and even after you’ve seen them, you have to use unblurs again if you wanted to see that profile again. It’s not a legitimate app or business model and should be avoided and removed from the App Store. Giving one star because negative stars aren’t allowed.
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2 years ago, LeahDarbro6
love this
I met my partner through Down app and we have been together for over 1years! I am an introvert and struggled to meet people irl. We had no mutual friends and were from two different areas. I am sure that without this app we wouldn't have met. There is no guarantee that this app will bring you love but it worked for me. I think if you just be yourself, try to have fun, and don't take it too seriously, you're sure to meet some nice people. A positive attitude goes a Iong way! Love this app!
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5 months ago, Twisted Stitcher
My experience as a woman
I’m using the free version of the app. Been in for one day so far. Wow. The number and range of men responding to my profile is overwhelming. I wish there was a way to quickly swipe left on the “likes” to clear them out. In one day there are so many and a lot are out of my distance or age range and would be easy to eliminate without looking further into it if I could just knock the card to the left or something. In fact, I can’t find any way to get rid of the likes except to match them and then unmatch in the chat window. Definitely a waste of time.
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2 years ago, Ryedmoore
This App is a scam
To keep this review short: This app is a watered down version of Tinder. You only see 10 photos every 24hrs, and your only options are to swipe up (Date), down (Down or DTF), or skip a person entirely. That wouldn’t be horrible if the app actually worked. Instead, every time you open it, it’s forces you to go through three steps saying you don’t want to pay from a premium version. The majority of the profiles on there are fake/bots. **And lastly and most importantly, even if you do match up with a person (real), neither of you can talk unless one has paid. Your messages won’t be delivered. Verified this with a friend, finally matching two separate accounts. Don’t waste your time.
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