doxo Bill Pay and Reminders

3.9 (661)
19.9 MB
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Current version
doxo, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for doxo Bill Pay and Reminders

3.95 out of 5
661 Ratings
9 years ago, Andrew Synergy
Very well done
This app was well designed. I also love the online. My only complaint is that you cannot easily print a hard copy of all your information-passwords, etc. I also wish there was a way to have other users be able to login but not be able to make changes, Even better, would be to give people permissions to view information—this would make it easy for family members to share info. I would love if they would add some of the components of Aboutone—like health history, etc.
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8 years ago, Jelore.1990
Crash much?!
I don't like to waste my time, so it takes something special to get me to write a review. And it's usually positive. Until it's about my experience with this app. It seemed good, it downloaded nice and fast and loaded without an issue. It has you create an account with them and then you confirm it via your email address. Then you can begin setting things up. It lets you choose from a list of popular providers in your area (such as cablevision, Verizon, direct TV etc). It does not tell you what exactly you're selecting for. Be it Internet, cable, credit cards, bank etc. yes some of these are obvious but NOT all of them are. You can have a chase bank account and not a credit and vice versa. That's strike one. For me the second strike is the crashing and then the third is the app telling you that you've timed out after MAYBE 3 minutes of activity claiming you're not active. All while you are progressing through the screens? C'mon you've gotta be kidding right? *Deep sigh* and try agin to only be booted out even faster and then even faster on the last try you give it. That's where I am now and that's the story behind my poor review and one star. Wishing everyone else who gives it a shot; some much needed luck.
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2 years ago, Kuriaeiren
I never and I mean never write app reviews but this is the worst app I have ever tried to use. I only keep trying to use it because it is the only means of online pay for k e of my utilities. Every month when I try to go on the app it will not load and says there is an error. I even got the phone number for doxo from my utility company and told them of this. They told me they had never had a complaint of this before and it “worked fine for everyone else.” I’m not a computer scientist by any means but I am well versed in technology and this is a major bug they simply tried to pretend doesn’t exist. I have come to discover that if I wait until mid day eastern time US that it finally works but I work during the day and sometimes have trouble accessing it during the timeframe that it actually works. This is beyond frustrating but even more so to be made to feel like I’m some simpleton that just doesn’t know how to work a computer application.
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1 year ago, Dentite
One of the worst UX ive experienced in years
Wow the UX is terrible here. It took be 4 tries to link a bank. Then when I try to link a credit card as a bill I end up in an endless loop. The menus are awful. After I select a credit card as a bill the option disappears to add more. On top of that I’ve never actually had a chance to actually LINK that bill since there’s no way to advance the screen to actually finish linking. Ps if you are using safari in private mode you will never be able to finish linking your bank account. There’s no indoor this just an endless log in cycle. Close private safari go back to normal safari to be able to finish that part. If the app experience is this bad I cannot trust this company to make payments on my behalf , and no chance I’m paying them 5.99 for. A “plus” version of this crap.
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2 years ago, Skywatcher007
NEVER use this app!!
I will NEVER again use this app to pay a bill. Our payments to our water bill got sent to the wrong place. We didn’t know it until we found out our water was SHUT OFF at the of the day when our ACTUAL water department closed. I got in touch with the people who ended up receiving the check and they said we were not the only customers who had that happened. Our checks went to another water department in a city about an hour away. They said between the two water departments the customers payments got sent to the wrong water department to where they didn’t live when they paid through the app. One water department said they don’t want on the doxo app anymore but doxo won’t remove them. I called doxo and was told someone higher up would return my call. Still NO CALL. So BEWARE!!!
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3 years ago, Dj Gravity X
Not as advertised and potential fraud
This is a third party platform that is not affiliated with any institution you plan on paying. As such, your payments will have fees applied by Doxo even when most of your normal institutions do not if you paid them directly. Some institutions may never receive your payments as they do not recognize Doxo as a valid payment renderer causing your to have to pay your intended institution directly anyway and fight a losing battle with Doxo to get your payment through them back. Also many of your payments will not be rendered to your desired institution timely, despite advertising as otherwise. This could lead to you receiving additional late notices and calls for late payments and added late fees as well as potential placement with a collections agency or late payment notifications to the credit bureaus resulting in negative marks on your credit that will not go away for 5+ years hampering your ability to get lower interest rates on credit cards and loans, reduce your max limits, or flat out preventing the ability to get one at all. DO NOT USE DOXO or any other third party payer. Avoid this app and its website and pay your institutions directly. Refer to the company’s statements for the proper payment website. REPEAT.... DO NOT USE DOXO!
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2 years ago, jaydenskye1
I am not a fan. how much is due??
I began using this site because my garbage service company switched to it for paying the bill. I dislike this app/website because when I pull up a bill to pay it’ll come up with the date its due, the company it’s going to and box that says “ amount to pay” where you input what you’re paying…yet NO WHERE does it tell me how much is due. Not on the email, not on the website, nowhere. It’s the most bizarre thing. I’m not sure if my account specifically is glitching but this has caused me a lot of trouble in the past week. I am a tech savvy person so believe me when I say I looked everywhere it could’ve been.
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4 years ago, Panamakelley
Easy to use.
Since I have started using this system to pay my bills, I have found no issues other than when I am traveling outside my home region. I can select payment method, when the payment is to be made and the amount to pay with just a few clicks. If you are a busy person this system notifies you that you have a bill due and then notifies you when the payment has occurred gives me piece of mind knowing the bill has been paid. I highly recommend it!
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3 years ago, Yoyo_304
Use it monthly
I like Doxo. I really like that I can schedule a payment to come out of my bank account on a certain day and it’s FREE of charge to do. You can set monthly reminders if you have a particular due date, the app alerts you when a bill is ready, and you can see the progress of your payment.
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6 years ago, BartonAve
Deleting my data - I regret trusting Doxo
Long time fan of this app now surprised to learn that the company has decided they will just DELETE all my account information and notes from the past nearly FOUR years because they want to change to a bill paying service only. MEANWHILE, they provided NO notice of this deletion from the mobile app whatsoever. And the email sent regarding the deletion from the website talks about email imports and the end of the old “look”. Nothing about DELETION OF DATA. Huge disappointment that a company would launch itself as a digital filing cabinet, encourage users to upload photos and documents for YEARS, only to suddenly shred all our digital files without our consent. Disgusting, deceptive, theft of data. Terms of service and privacy policy still state that our data belongs to us. So why’d you shred it? And why are you refusing to give any option to retrieve it beyond manual copy/paste? Horrific company that used to be pretty awesome. User beware.
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3 years ago, ChefBDD2
It’s so expensive
The app itself is not bad at all. It reminds you of when you need to pay your bills. You can link just about any bill to the app. Making payments are extremely easy, and then you see how much money it charges you to pay your bills. By the time you’re finished you end up paying about 20$ if not a little more. Depending on how many bills you pay with the app. Not sure if I’ll keep it. I’ll run to the post office real quick for 20 or more dollars coming out monthly.
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6 months ago, Signman1968
No amount
The best part of a bill pay app should be convenience, this app is not that. It knows that I have a bill due and it even knows the exact amount in my bank account but it doesn’t know the amount due for the bill. It has happened a couple of times now that I have been out of town when I have a bill due but because I don’t know the amount due without the bill in front of me, I can’t pay my bill. Unfortunately it is the only option for one of my accounts.
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4 years ago, crouse32
Paying to make payments
I just find it absolutely ridiculous that I have to pay $3/month to submit a payment for a 0% interest loan... it’s going to be just about $100 of fees basically tacked on to the cost of the loan in the end... thats absurd to me, especially in the 21st century where everything is digitalized... why must I pay a middle man service for something that should be much more streamlined As far as the app goes, I don’t like that you have to manually punch in the cost of the bill, again, something like that should be automated with the technology we have today
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5 years ago, niceinwv
Click it and forget it
DOXO is user friendly and makes bill payment a no brainer. The account information is simple to input and the notices are timely and seamless. The fact is once your information is available it is simply “Click it and forget it”. You payments are transmitted on time and accurate.
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2 years ago, Soul2soul22
I paid, but they didn’t pay my bill
With inflation up 5% these days, every penny counts. I made my TXTag payment through DoXo but they didn’t forward it to TXTag so I was out money and had to pay this bill with TXTag. Nothing upset me more than my bill not getting paid on time and me having to pay the bill again because DoXo failed to do it to begin with. Do not use this company because they will not pay your bills. Anyway it’s stupid to pay a company who charges you to pay your bills. Cheaper to do it yourself.
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3 years ago, PaPa C WV
Pay Gas Bill with Doxo
I have been using Doxo to pay Mountaineer Gas and other utilities for over a year and have never had a problem. It’s easy to setup and scheduling a payment is a breeze. You never need to worry about missing a bill when out of town as Doxo sends you the bill via email. I am truly glad I found this app.
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2 years ago, krazyken60
Doxo bill payment
I love this app it keeps me up to date on my bill and makes it unnecessary to leave the house to make my payment. I also have never been late with this app, it also keeps a record of your bills and usage for future use.
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1 year ago, Itsmeganaashley
If you like complicated Doxo is for you!
The entire system they have is annoying. When you go go pay your bill you have to know how much exactly the bill is. I’m stuck using them because it’s unfortunately the only way to pay my utilities.. I pay the 5.99 a month for the doxo+plus. But if you just have one bill I would just skip out on paying for the plus. It’s cheaper to just pay the credit card fee rather then their monthly fee.
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6 years ago, eleighl
Saves me time and money
A lot of the bills I pay have fees associated with them that really add up. By using doxo I can pay all my bills in one place and instead of paying a separate fee for each bill I’m able to pay just $9 for doxoplus that waves all fees and is cheaper for me in the long run.
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2 years ago, BrDavid
Do I still owe?
I enjoy the convenience of paying my bills in one place and not have multiple options to choose. However, this needs some major upgrades. I paid my bill, and Doxo not only confirmed that it was taken out of my bank, delivered to the company, and finalized. BUT my “debt owed” does not reset. So I’m under the assumption I still owe it. Please fix this ASAP!
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4 years ago, Jharp6607
Doxo makes paying bills easy
I am really enjoying this app. Before I had Doxo, I was being charged service fees on many of my bills because I was paying via debit card. With Doxo, my problems are solved and I can easily pay everything all in one place, while removing those pesky fees!
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5 years ago, therev49
Is this app for real?
I just downloaded the app and set up a doxo account. I also set up one of my bills for my gas supplier. However, it never asked nor let me setup my account number at my supplier. I am not their only customer, how in the hell do they (doxo) know what account to credit my payment too? Until someone can guarantee me in writing the payment will be made to my account I’m not going to attempt to use it. This is very basic stuff and it is not rocket science! Someone at Doxo needs to get real about this business.
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3 years ago, encore 10
It’s a quick and safe way to pay my bills. I decided to use the app after someone altered my check, changing the amount and who the check was originally written to.
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2 years ago, Kimhensley3
So glad I heard about this easier way to pay my Black Mountain water bill
This makes it so much easier not to have to make a trip out and about, sometimes we are just too busy
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2 years ago, Melendez Kathy
They are scammers
I paid my electricity with them, and it turned out that they cut off my electricity for non-payment when I was supposed to have paid with them, I paid again elsewhere and set aside an extra amount for reconnection, I canceled my payment with them and I They said that they had returned my money and they did not return it to me when I do not have any money and they have nothing to connect with them. I am still waiting for my money.
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3 years ago, LeLe7261528
App crashing
This is a good and useful app but it keeps crashing. It keeps telling me that something went wrong and keeps having me refresh it. I’ll give it a better rating once it improves and gets fixed. Tried to contact support about it but it send me to an auto boy that keeps telling me to repeat my question.
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5 years ago, pennwood91
It works!!!!
This app has worked very well on my end, yes it’s a little complicated. It does have some unnecessary features and needs to be a little more simpler. An also it needs a new filter when it comes to paying your bills, like other apps have.
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7 months ago, Busy shopping
Love it
I really like being able to pay my bill like that. It makes it a lot easier for me. I don’t have to go to the bank. I don’t have to write out a check I can just do it online.
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5 years ago, J-Cal22
Can manage all my bills from 1 place
This is a great app. Saves me from having to navigate biller web sites every month. Can enter my credit card and bank account in one place. Paying is easy. Please bring Apple Pay soon.
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4 years ago, Seekr8
Pay all my bills in one place
I love paying all my bills in one place. No more logging on to a dozen different websites each month just to pay my bills. Also love the bill pay reminders so I get everything paid on time.
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6 years ago, rhrgrt
Organizational App
Love the redesigned app that now works just as well as their site. Was frustrated for a bit when it didn't, but now it's better than ever. Seems to coincide with the redesign of their site too. Can't wait for Apple pay and touch id.
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6 years ago, jdb64
Really improved from the old app
My app auto-updated today and it's hugely improved. Modern look, easy to pay my bills, no crashing - I'm back to using this app regularly again to track my bill payments.
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3 years ago, Sydneyiscoolx
Do Not Recommend
The payments made through Doxo never post correctly, I always end up having to go through an entire process of sending in proof of payment, also they charge a fee to accept your payments. Paying through the hospitals website doesn’t charge a fee so this feels like a scam considering none of my payments end up being received on top of being charged a fee for the payment.
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8 months ago, Water falls!
Lots of information
I personally like the alert feature giving detailed information with extensive personal details.
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6 years ago, f00b4rb4z
Makes paying my bills painless
This is a great timesaver. I love being able to pay all of my bills from my phone. Way more options than my bank offers. Plus I can get my gas bill directly through the app!
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6 months ago, Tip101$
Try It
I been using this app for some time now and I never have problem with it. At first when I started using it I was skeptical about it but overall it’s great App to use pay bills 💸
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9 months ago, johndango
Works fantastic
I pay everything on it without any issues. Don’t let weird reviews scare you away from trying it for yourself first and see if it’s a good fit for you. It was for me.
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4 years ago, drivasmaxx53
Car payment and financing
After making all this payments and finally paid off my car still contain taking my monthly payments I cancel direct deposit and still continue taking money out of my Account I stop The monthly payments and every month they contain taking money out of my account finally I had to call them to get this straightened out this is three months after my car was paid off this he is The worst loan company I ever dealt with
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3 months ago, CutiePieBug
Great Service!
This bill paying service is indispensable to my everyday life. it definitely allows me to pay my bills in a quick and easy way.
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4 years ago, gamingbeast007
Doxo Bill Pay
Paying bills with Doxo is fast and easy. Paperless, they remind you when it is time, your still in control of when and how much to pay. I love it. Really can pay almost everything with Doxo 😁
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4 months ago, munchkin67
Paying Conrad bill
I just wish the payments went through faster. The only thing i have to complain about
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1 year ago, Martunis
Bill pay with doxo
The only thing I could suggest is showing the amount due. I have just been overpaying so i dont get in trouble. I really like the convenience though. Thank you!
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9 years ago, gorism
Info on the go
Helpful to have both personal information and other documents available while away from home.
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5 years ago, TappedOoout
Deleted files without notice
This app use to be great. You could pay bills and use it as a file cabinet to store files, data, pictures, and general information. Without notice, all files were deleted because doxo decided to be a bill pay service only. No warning was given to retrieve files. Be leery, because their business model could change without notice. I forgot about this app, but they asked for a review.
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9 years ago, Vicky202
Works great
I can use this and open this app any where and make all my payments on it when I remember if theres something due. I really like that you can also schedule your payment with a specific amount of money as an option :)
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3 days ago, whydoineedadamnnickname3871
Helps me pay bills that would otherwise need money order
This makes life easier
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2 months ago, Neetsy1058
Easy to pay both accounts with doxo and reminders make sure I pay on time. Just wish payment to use doxo was not so high.
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2 years ago, Maca Esther
Sending payments without any hassle
I’m very happy having this app. When I’m sending my bills through this app I have no worries thank you I recommend this app. I give it 100%
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5 years ago, okgirllllyyy122212321
So easy when it comes to making payments to my accounts. Link to my bank for easy access and doesn't cost a fee!! It’s very great and easy to use. I definitely recommend it.
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4 years ago, aiko&keiko
Waste of time
I was setting up my account with my credit card info and after entering the information requested, I was taken to a blank white screen. I couldn’t get out to try and log back in because I kept getting the blank screen. I was excited to be able to pay my bills from one app but this blank screen left a bad taste. I’ll go back to paying each bill directly to the vendor. What a disappointment.
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