DraftKings Casino - Real Money

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User Reviews for DraftKings Casino - Real Money

4.7 out of 5
46.7K Ratings
2 years ago, mattles81
DraftKings casino review
Just sharing my input on the DraftKings Casino app. It’s a good app. The cool part about DraftKings is that if you want to learn say about baccarat or Kino….. even blackjack any card game really, they have a demo version that you can play for free to up your skills and they also have a learning area where they break down how the game should be played and what the best suits are to have at the table games before you actually put any money down. I really like playing the demo version of blackjack it’s taught me up a lot about it thanks DraftKings. The drawbacks to the dreaming app is that it shuts down constantly and that it seems like when you win especially on slots it kicks you write out after you win anything and then you have to restart the app which is very frustrating I hope that one day gets fixed other than that it’s a great time thanks
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3 months ago, jrsygrl4476
👎 👎👎 zero stars all day
DraftKings is by far the Absolute WORST online casino there is ; I play on all NJ casino apps and there are a few that are terrible there’s a couple so bad I didn’t think any other casino could be worse. I was wrong. DraftKings is hands down the worst, like other reviews I thought they were pretty decent, I’ve been playing for quite some time here, I have won a few times some good some pretty decent ones! But like most other casinos after a certain amount of wins the wins will get a little fewer and far between, but I have never seen anything like DraftKings. I play here fairly often and play many different slots, I have not won a thing in almost a year now, that’s completely unheard of I play all NJ Casinos and never seen this before ! Legit DraftKings is rigged ! I literally watch the reels skip every time ! No other casino does that , I played fortune coin and a couple coins came up I saw one on the last line and all the sudden it disappeared! How are they getting away with this ?? Good thing I recorded my play tonight I’ll be forwarding my play to gaming enforcement, they 100% are rigged I’m tired of them getting away with it! Deleting account and sending my recorded play to gaming enforcement where you can legit see the reels skip and change right in front of your eyes
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3 months ago, Jakewea93
Decent app but beware
This app is okay for the most part it has a lot of games and there are decent wins from time to time, just BEWARE there promotions, for example I was just sent a promotion telling me to bet $5 and get $100 in casino credits, so because of this I decided to make a deposit and okay for a bit. I didn’t get the casino credits so I wrote support, they checked and verified they sent me the promotion but claimed it was a mistake and accident and I shouldn’t have recieved it… after I spent money because of it. This is the second time something like this has happened. It seems like a scam to get people to deposit there money and not have to honor there promotions, after customer support acknowledged I was sent it by mistake they won’t respond to me about it, what a joke. Be very careful and don’t count on getting the promotions they promise apparently they can claim they are mistakes and screw you out of your end and credit. BEWARE. Other then issues with promotion honoring and customer service simply ignoring, the app is decent it was my favorite until this, shows how they treat return customers. They only care about getting new customers and not there existing ones clearly.
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2 years ago, 9999NJ
Yes good promotions, yes go to app, but in the end if you don’t win all of that means nothing.
Yes they do have pretty good promotions. But, they make the promotion so unattainable that if you’re lucky you’ll get $50 and you’ll get knocked out of that position within minutes by someone else betting and typically end up with a zero. Customer service is clearly from another country, they do not understand your questions by any means. It Hass to be repeated over and over and over. Just exhausting. The variety of games they have along with Mohegan Sun are the same. Except Mohegan has the rocket game which I really like. The only difference between these two are the types of things they take some don’t take online some don’t take particular credit cards. That’s how I ended up here, so that is very easily changed. I will be opening up a bank account that is acceptable to Mohegan on Monday morning and moving my families accounts. All of my business friends and personal friends and I will spread the word throughout the town through my community Facebook page as well. I will praise the company that does best. And that is who will get the customers.
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2 years ago, JaneDoe572
Stole my deposit
I received a promotion to sign up for DraftKings as a new customer. The promo was to deposit $100 risk free and receive $100 in casino credit. Well, after playing through over $100 of casino credit and still having a balance of $191 (I played black jack and won a decent amount of money). I went to cash out my $100 deposit and just play with my $91 casino credit. Upon attempting to cash out, the app stated if I cashed out at that point I would forfeit my casino credit. Okay, no big deal, I had already been playing for a few hours and just wanted to make sure I got my deposit back before playing anymore. Well, DraftKings took my entire $191 balance rather than just my casino credit effectively taking my “risk free” $100 deposit. I immediately reached out to customer support to correct this error and was told there is nothing they can do. I’m not sure what the purpose of a new customer promotion is supposed to be if not to provide a customer with a positive experience so they continue using your app? I would have been fine to forfeit my free $100, but taking my deposit that was supposed to be risk free just ensures I will delete the app and switch to MGM.
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12 months ago, DrippyK860
It’s better than other casino apps in some ways
There’s more games to choose from over other casino apps or online gambling I’ve done and way more and better promotions. But a lot of the times it really doesn’t seem “fair and regulated” like they say. For example the rocket game someone just put $1000 down multiple times and they were winning every single time with it going past 3x, but I put $2 in and it blows up immediately. Or like the War card game or black Jack say I bet $5 for example I’ll lose repeatedly multiple times in a row until I have no money left but say if I switch to bet $1 I’ll miraculously win a few times. The slots I’ve spun some games betting the lowest amount allowed and gone through $10+ and don’t win a single spin. It really does seem rigged because when I first started playing or if I stop for a while I’ll win a decent amount but after that I lose it’s like they purposefully want to get you hooked onto it which doesn’t seem very “fair and regulated” at least to me.
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11 months ago, Jaysm25
Waste of time
These guys have possibly the worse customer service I’ve ever experienced. I signed up for this app thinking it would be a fun time thanks to the reviews. I saw they had a promotion were you get your net losses back which was a big factor to me signing up with them. But for some weird reason the minute I signed up my account got restricted. I never even made a deposit. My account stayed restricted for a week and when they finally unrestricted my account I made my first deposit thinking I would get the money back if I lost it. But of course they said the promotion was only good for the first 24 hours of opening the account. I contacted customer service who said they would get me my promotion back which I stupidly trusted. I just had to contact them after the first 24 hours of my first deposit. When I did contact them they ignored me for a day or two and finally messaged me again saying they’re unable to get my promotion back. I’ve been going back and forth with these guys for days over this. They literally screwed me out of my promotion. What a waste of a download.
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2 years ago, deadmanfishing
DraftKing good
I love DraftKing because I can escape my nagging wife. Just joking guys. I spent a lot of time on FanDuel PA casino site. They have 2 blackjack sites versus DraftKings 12 or so. DraftKing also has 3 times the number of FanDuel slot games. I haven’t asked DraftKings to send me a check yet, so I can’t comment on that. It’s Friday 9/30, I agreed to your survey and above comment popped up. It looks like my type of humor. Perhaps it’s an earlier opinion I assumed reached you but still in “limbo”. I don’t play FanDuel at the moment. My 9/30 comment is “I’m glad you brought back “game of the week”. Typical “bet $10, get $10 credit” stuff. I recommend making it “game of the day”. Sure, DraftKings might overall lose money but you don’t realize you gain more layers willing to hang around and play (lose!) other games. Bassjack
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3 years ago, tylermd1234
Please fix
I like the game I definitely feel like all of the slops are totally against the player but the live table games I like a lot and when ever you withdraw I just wish it could be directly deposited back in to the account because you can take it out of are accounts in 2 seconds but it takes close to 2 weeks to get it in to are accounts I definitely think you should fix both of these problems because I do understand stand the house always wins but when you put 500 in to a slot and you don’t get one big win off playing a dollar - 2 dollar spins you should at least hit one I just withdrew money front the game it took over 5 days and I get because of the holiday but on any given week it’s still the same and then it’s telling me that you guys will process it for three days please fix his problem have a just direct deposited back into the account it it was taken out of
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1 year ago, Guitars gal 2015
Good and bad
DraftKings promotions, far outweigh any other casino app. But there are a lot of hidden issues. Everi games you can win on them but if you’re paying attention, you were losing a lot more than you were winning. An the issue is these games freeze a lot from this company. We’ve tried it on laptops, Apple phones, Samsung phones and it’s always the same exact issue. You can’t run a hot machine. It will freeze and then you have to log back in then whatever run you were on is gone another issues we’ve noticed is it freezes a lot at the end of your spin and if it’s a losing spin they leave it when you log back in. You don’t get your money back it’s is completed as it froze. However, if it’s a winning spin that freezes at the end they will return the cost of your spin instead of paying out the winning. Now that we avoid that particular company it’s a lot more fun and you don’t blow through 500 bucks in an hour where are Spent most of the time having to reboot the app anyway.
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1 year ago, Fanduel Is HORRIBLE
Take one look at the idiotic generated usernames of all of the positive reviews…they’re bots. This app is sooooooooo bad. Someone with enough power, money and solid moral compass needs to conduct an investigation into DraftKings because they are legitimately cheating people out of money on a daily basis. If you have an issue or complaint, their customer service (who are bots) that have a different name for every single message will just lock you out of your account. They don’t even try to be discreet anymore with the manipulation of hands/games etc. There has to be a time where you ask yourself, “If I’ve played over 100k hands and won MAYBE 100 of them, is this “bad luck” as they chalk it up to? Or is this rigged?” The frequency and perfect timing of hands dealt and won on their part aren’t even humanly & mathematically possible. I’m sure my review won’t even be posted as they have the ability to pick and choose which ones get posted or not. I’ve had multiple employees (both current and former) tell me that they would NEVER play any games on the app.
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2 years ago, rhajifndveidndbehzj
The house always wins
The site functions well, good game selection and outside of consistently checking your location and making you prove over and over you are where you say. The app works well. However as most of the biggest places to bet are. The algorithms make it seem like a far site at first for a bit. Then as most do they change it to drain people who don’t know better. I can afford to lose what I decide to spend but most think their getting a fair chance for something bigger with a bet. That’s just not true, This does not in any way offer fair gambling it offers a place to lose money with a kick back to people here and there’s but you might as well come in expecting to give them your money. As always it’s to hard for people who run this type of business to realize that not turning off customers with Bering options that wouldn’t pay if you played for the next week straight would far outweigh a quick grab for cash, but that’s not how these places work.
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2 years ago, LorieMB
My go to top 2
I belong to quite a few sites and tried many. DraftKings is by far one of the best. Some sites are the usual win when you first sign up and then take everything they can from you. I have won on a pretty ok basis that has made playing fun. There is nothing worst than spending hard earned cash only to watch it disappear in 2 minutes of playing. Easy withdrawal process and prompt courteous customer service. Good promotions that do not require 100 hoops to jump through. This site has a lot of games to choose from and a lot of bet levels. Highly recommend. The app is good. Once in awhile a glitch, however it is consistently a well working app. Would like to see some surprise bonus cash like other sites do.
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2 years ago, sumbodybutnobody
Just pathetic
First off the fact that nothing is instant except for the money being taken outta anyones account is pathetic it’s funny how it takes 30 seconds to take the money but it takes 3 days to get anything back . Second you guys need to make it very clear that not every state is eligible to play for money or else your gonna be stuck in my situation with depositing money just to find out you can’t play anything like why did I even get that far into this app and yes I know it says not every state is eligible but cmon if you really believe every single human being on this planet reads every single word of the terms and conditions of anything your delusional I’ve seen plenty of apps that won’t even let you sign up if your not in their playable region but oh no not draft kings they’ll let you waste your time and money just to tell you that there’s nothing you can do. But hey what does it matter the people who made this app are rich and could honestly care less about what money people like us wasted.
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3 weeks ago, wjclk4
Well you all let you win then take it all back those promotions are terrible some play those other games but I and others like casino slots you take a lot of money in but don’t give much back and when you do win seems like they shut the machine down and you lose everything you won trust the other guy you win some and lose slot when they sometimes match the amount you lose they take it all back so they win not you this should be win and you lose and the fair and regulate you said isn’t fair at all and why do your machines have a tendency to freeze or skip your winnings because they’re rigged so it only gets two star and why do you make it so hard to collect the promotions and when they say you have money it doesn’t make sense because you have to search the area to get you pay back sure make it easy to get your money to play but when you finally get it you take it all back
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1 year ago, shonybella
The app crushes all the time it can’t be about not having updated software
I been putting money on this app for months and the most I won is 190 I play atleast 7 different casnio online never this kind of luck . I watched the screen jump when it was it was clearly going to drop on bonuses I screen recorded the the game I played several games same experience. Everyone is complaining about same thing we just all can’t be sore losers . I called my bank and made them aware of all this thank god I got someone that understood . And saw on my account that I play several casnio and get plenty of wins so due to draftking scamming it’s customers I received all my money returned . Please don’t download or play this app you will win something first couple days to keep you coming back but after a few wigs it wouldn’t be worth the Pennies I am calling the better business bureau because the crashing and skipping is be done by casnio it’s not the app or your locations it’s the people controlling the app .
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3 years ago, Llaw0503
Doesn’t stand by what they offer
This app offers daily promotions. I have had a couple of times in which they say if you play $10 we will give you $10, and they don’t give it to you until you send them a message. One time they even tried to argue with my telling me I hadn’t opt’d in even though I showed them a screen shot that was time stamped that I actually had opt’d in successfully. They eventually gave me the money after several emails with them. Today they have a play at least $1 on any slot and get $1 in DK dollars for every dollar you spend up to $10 maximum. I played my $10 but they aren’t rewarding the $10 in DK dollars now. I have emailed them and they said you have to play 10 different slots to receive the promotion but that is not what they have stated in the terms. I have withdrawn my money and will be looking for a new casino. I can’t handle the dishonesty and the headaches making sure they do what they offer.
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2 months ago, limo054
From my initial deposit and wager right up to the moment, I’ve been playing on this site for almost three years now, and I can confidently say that this platform has all been very thoughtfully designed; it is easy to understand the basics of the games, and the details regarding your wagers are fully explained upfront. It’s essential to know precisely what you’re spending and what you’re getting for the cost of that wager. The promotions are not only rather generous but also prolific, making it easy to find and select the ones that fit your gaming habits and, hopefully, will bring you even more excitement when you WIN BIG!!! I recommend DRAFT KINGS for one of the BEST ONLINE GAMING experiences! MAY GOOD FORTUNE BE YOURS! Cheers!
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3 years ago, schemedawg
Draftkings pledge to run a fair system is an absolute false statement
Normally when you see a post like this you think it’s your typical angry person who’d lost their money. Now, I have lost chump change here and there but the amount of bogus cards it pulls on blackjack is unheard of, nearly impossible, and a scam to the Max. It will let you win maybe 1/100 times you play.. and I mean let you actually profit not give you a hand every 1/5. If you draw 20 right off the bat, 8 times out of 10 the dealer will draw 5-6 cards and magically pull 21. Further in depth, if you manage to draw a decent hand, we’ll say, above 17, 5 separate hands in a row the dealer will some how pull 1 number higher than you each hand, and just when you’ve lost your 8th hand in a row and you think it’s not possible to lose the next. Wrong, dealer gets black jack when you decide to bet up, increasing your losing streak to 9. Moral of the story is, this is the most unfair casino table game app I’ve ever experienced by far.
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3 years ago, zanemoore
This is thee absolute biggest scam online today. Please listen to me, and don’t let your gambling habit enter this crooked scheme of taking money straight out of your pocket. You’re going to see good reviews of this app, most likely. That’s because they’re one of the very, VERY, few people that have actually came out on top. I’m not saying this because I got on this app and lost all my money and I’m upset. I’m a Aerospace engineer for one of the most respected air-craft company’s in the entire country. I have studied my schooling just as hard as I have studied black-jack and many other gambling strategies in my life time. And what I will tell you About playing this game is that is simply isn’t realistic. And that the company’s have to meet a quota. Well, they don’t have to but, I’d imagine that they’d like to? What better way to do that then create a computerized system to where they can program it to essentially do what ever they please........... than for your time. Don’t be a fool.
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3 years ago, dakotavance
This app is the absolute worst, Do not install, besides from HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT NEVER RESOLVES ANYTHING I HAD MISSING PROMO DOLLARS THAT I NEVER RECEIVED, the odds of actually winning anything on the slot games are horrific, easily went though 100 dollars at 40 cent bets and won NOTHING not even 1 dollar.....the slots are so rigged it’s pathetic you can literally see the reels glitch and just happen to miss every single scatter/win etc, I’m taking my business to MGM draft kings casino is the most absolutely rigged casino I’ve ever played, so many times have I actually got the scatters to trigger the free games only for the app to pop up a message saying an error has occurred and then reload the screen without the scatters, I’ve played at many real casinos and other online casinos as well but I’ve never played something with such horribly rigged odds as draft kings casino..... Do not install this app unless you are looking to throw money away without any chance of winning anything.............................
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2 years ago, Trishbbbbb7
Game malfunctions
I’ve played only 3 games on the casino. 2/3 malfunction badly to the point where I just don’t even want to play anymore. The Finn swirl game constantly kicked me out with error messages almost every time I hit a win or pressed re spin. The rocket game is the reason I signed up to play it was a great idea to be able to have fun and not have to go to the casino. Well after 10+ malfunctions of playing where it wouldn’t allow you to bail out and collect your money I had enough! I wrote the customer service and the gave me a credit of $50 which doesn’t even cover close to what I had lost due to the game malfunction. I found also that when I placed the minimum bet of $1 I wasn’t getting this malfunction as much I still did have it happen a few times. I also have to add it states you get a 20% bonus when you sign up and it never gave me that either. I just found it’s a bunch of lies and it’s very disappointing.
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2 years ago, La-di-flipping-da
My fiancé and I love going to the Casino but had missed it with the pandemic. We found our favorite game on here. So far with very little we have won huge. Bet big, win big! (But always within your limits, be safe and have fun!) Thank you, DraftKings, for bringing back something we’ve missed doing and giving us the biggest wins we’ve had on this game! (Even higher than the casino!) Also... the winnings only took two days to show up for me! I cannot believe how fast I got the money. Best app with real and big wins ever!! Now the casinos are back open but my hubby and I have an “M&M’s” (Money & Movie) night where we eat M&M’s and snacks and play DraftKings casino while watching a movie… And I prefer it!!
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1 year ago, Roxanne g314
Constant issues!
I literally get booted off app in the middle of my games, a minimal of 6 times a day. It’s exhausting. Yes it picks up where you left off even during a bonus round… except for games like Mouse Coin Combo… I lose all my bonus coins every time! I’m really going to miss this app and it’s games but I can no longer keep losing my money because of your apps glitches. I’ve tried reaching out to customer service about the issue and is turned into a email tag game.. it’s exhausting and The issue never gets resolved. There’s too many issues to type. Ughhhh Update: it’s actually worse now. Been waiting on an email back regarding them stealing my money. App didn’t pick up where it left off when it glitches now. Still constantly kicks you off app. App literally stole over $150 playing marvelous mouse and can’t get a response back from company. It’s fraud and theft. Worse experience to date. They need to be sued!!!!
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2 years ago, aughhh!! dont do it
This app is horrible first let me start off with I’ve only had this app for a few months . I have not been able to play any slot games on this app for over three months now. Customer service has done nothing to help I’ve contacted them over 25 times by email to the point where I wanted to speak to someone in person. I asked for someone to call me a few times by email and got nothing. They continue sending me different ways to troubleshoot the app and I i’ve done it so many times it feels like I’m trying to do their job at this point and none of the advice has worked. It’s as if they’re just sending random ways to try to fix something that they haven’t even really looked into carefully to figure out what’s really wrong. I was fed up so I decided to close the app completely tried to withdraw my money to do so and I’m stuck with this app because I couldn’t even do that. Download MoheganCasino instead!!!
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4 years ago, M.K. Styles
Fairest rules and smoothest gameplay
Definitely the best online casino app from my experience on the App Store. They offer a pretty generous free play bonus at signup. Other apps tend to crash more often; in contrast, these servers feel more stable with minimal drop outs. Good variety of slots (my favorite) and table games. You also don’t get the feeling of “the fix” with this one (I.e. dealer magically gets four blackjacks in a row when you’re ahead); play seems fair. As with all gaming apps and casinos in general, the odds are ultimately stacked in favor of the house, so don’t bet what you’re not willing to lose. However, with a little bit of luck and setting of some reasonable personal limits, you can come away with some extra coffee money.
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1 year ago, Gmoney8877
My go to. No unfortunate events no problems no other place to go when gambling is your thing. Set themselves apart from other gaming providers in many ways. There is just a different feeling I have being present on draftkings apps or actual locations. Like they sharpened gaming up. If draftkings were a chick that’s at a friends party, she would be the the gal that’s got a tattoo resting just enough above the belt line of her black leather pants she’s got a boob job and she’s undoubtedly the hottest girl there. But what makes her even better is she doesn’t act like she’s all that. She makes sure she is all that. She doesn’t try to be the best she makes sure she is the best.
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2 years ago, gbdgufib
I have been playing for a while now. There has always been issues with connection(not on my end. I already checked.) I would be in the middle of a game and it would freeze. I would have to get out of the app completely and reopen it. For the last week, I have been trying to get on and play some games. Most of the games I try to play are giving me an error that a game is already in progress. I have emailed them and have gotten no reply. At this point, it is simply too frustrating to try to enjoy some down time with draft kings. I am withdrawing what I have in this app and moving it to another. They need to work on their severs or something. Maybe they need better tech guys…
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2 years ago, ABbork
Used to be top tier
After using this casino app for over a year, I’d say it started out great and fizzled to a dust collector. I’ve had my share of bad beats and my share of great wins. However, there’s nothing much that it offers anymore. I used to get a lot of “play $5 and receive $5 credits” or “play $10 and get $10 DK dollars” and now those types of bonuses are nonexistent. I’ve heard the stories of “if you lose more they’ll give you more” but my recent track record hasn’t been too pretty and at most I receive a “15% deposit bonus” which is pennies to the nickel. I used to have a lot of fun winning or losing and the small promos kept me returning. Now I transitioned to better casinos like betmgm and barstool with much better promos, win or lose. It’s a shame as they used to be the only one I used. 2 stars when it could’ve been 4.
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2 years ago, 75$&88
Completely rigged. and programmed to make you lose!
Roulette is completely rigged. and blackjack is completely rigged. These games are not mindless games of chance. they’re programmed. for instance if you put chips on the roulette table in such a way that there’s very little room for loss. the roulette table will directly go to where you did not put the chips. it’s very obvious how the algorithm works! Blackjack is the same way. with blackjack if you go all in. or half in. it will purposely give you a bad hand. I’m not an angry customer it just isn’t fair. because I deliberately tested this. I deliberately wasted my own money. just so you won’t waste yours. The algorithm they have is designed to make you lose your money. And the sad part is. this is the best app of all the apps for this kind of thing. If you want a decently fair Game. go to a real casino. That’s reputable. and has a reputation for being so.
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3 years ago, Dr. Peel
I’m feeling’ hot hot hot
Hype man, Moonbuddy here! Whether you are a gambler or not... Draftkings will surely be able to fill your downtime with its expansive library of games . These user friendly games can make you some serious money... if you try new games snd keep playing within your budget, it might be more like a day at an amusement park than a payday, but without the lingering nausea when you lose. Set boundaries for your spending , and enjoy responsible escapes from your nauseating daily grind. There’s nothing wrong with investing in gameplay. People sink millions in to a virtually invisible stock exchange, with little to no knowledge of what they are even invested in... I have multiple portfolios, and nothing ever seemed to make sense, and I didn’t have time to investigate what it was I was finding.... after looking deeper I had been investing blindly in to companies that are linked to corruption, deceit, and greed... Gaming is small....fun and fair.... it can be instantly rewarding , The Market is big...untouchable, and beyond your control... You choose.
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3 years ago, Mike Greek
Played on this site live blackjack. Was the only one sitting on the table and an auto bet was placed for 350 during the end of a shoe. I repeatedly asked the dealer to pull the bet back while he was shuffling bc this was n error. It took him 12 min to shuffle and I was told “I pressed the button for assistance “. He went and dealt the hand with me being the only one at the table after I told him 13 times I did not make or want to play the hand. Then I was disconnected /reconnedected 4 times all while my bets and hands were automated losing over 1k. I wrote emails No responses. There is no contact phone number to call. This has happened on 2 different occasions. Stay away from this site. You will regret it!! I would post my photos as recording of this interaction but site is not allowing for it. DO NOT USE THIS SITE THERRE ARE MORE LEGIT SITES WITH ACTUAL PEOPLE TO CONTCT SHOULD AN ERROR OCCUR
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7 months ago, Jerrymgrman
So I’ve been a player of both DK and FanDuel casinos for years. MOST of the time on FanDuel because while there’s a clear expectation of losing in a casino, you actually get to play and occasionally win on FanDuel. I stay away for the most part from DK cause they pay one person over a million dollars, make a big deal about it, but forget to tell you that the rest off us are now screwed cause they’re only required to pay a certain percentage back to players and when they one person over a million, the rest of us are now screwed. I tried playing again tonight and they took my money in no time with no winnings, no bonus rounds, nothing but glitches in every spin leading me to think they were fixed. I’m done with DK. Back to FanDuel. BTW—FD gives you many many more opportunities to win or at least play on your money for a while. Bye..
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9 months ago, kmn000923
Terrible Player “Advocacy”
My husband has been trying to get his account unlocked from being restricted for 2 weeks now. I had an account, and so did he and we were told his account was restricted due to another account having the same information. We use the same bank account for deposits and withdrawals. When we tried to explain this to “customer service” (bots) they asked for everything from photo IDs to bank account statements. We thought this may be a normal practice for casinos, but now realize it’s an attempt at fraud. Don’t be naive like us. They’re stealing money and your information. We lost $150 that they refuse to give back due to this. I guess that’s how they payout big to a select few lucky users by stealing from the rest. I definitely would not recommend DraftKings, and heavily regret ever attempting to play their games.
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3 months ago, THANK ME LATER2.0
Gave this 5 stars so you’ll b able to read my review…
I have been trying to withdraw my winnings for 3 days now… I get a email from support once a day like this is ridiculous!!! They keep asking for the same information I sent in n they act as if they never received it!! There is always a new customer service representative reaching out so of course no one knows what’s I’m talking about!! Its all a load of rubbish and I’m over it!!! My account is lock so I can’t even play my winnings it’s a scam if you ask me !!! I’m over disappointment truly was a waste of my time !!
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3 years ago, Jeff-er
Blackjack seems very “sus”
I have played their standard blackjack game extensively over the 5 days since they launched in Michigan and here is what I see: When dealer up card is a 5 or 6, they RARELY bust out. Considering these are generally a 42% bust rate in an 8 deck shoe, this just feels off to me. If anything some of the other up cards tend to bust more. However, since those big bust cards are the ones that a player will tend to double down against, this give the house a big advantage. If I had unlimited funds to research this, I would love to actually keep a running long term tally of the number of busts, and the 20 or 21s the dealer makes when they have a 5 or 6 up card. If the up card is 5 it feels like the down card is a 6 (and vice/versa). I feel more confident about doubling a 10 or 11 in my hand against a 7 or 8 than I do against a 5 or 6. If this is happening, playing “by the book” goes out the window. And don’t get me started about how often doubling my 10/11 against 5 or 6 gives me a 15 or 16. I know this review will get a boilerplate response, but I just want to put this out there to see if others feel the same. On the plus side, I have fewer technical issues with this app than other blackjack games.
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1 year ago, maxatk4
Horrible Verification Process
As soon as you enter the app it’ll ask for your location, then make you sign up or sign in and give all of your information (SSN, address, license, etc..), if you sign up and the app can’t verify you automatically, then good luck getting an email for verification. They said it’d take 1-2 days to receive the email, but it didn’t come, so a week later I send the support email a message, about an hour later, I get a response (wasn’t expecting it to be that fast, I was impressed), and they asked me to further verify my residence, which I did. They said they still couldn’t verify me, so they asked for my SSN over email, and that’s when I told them to just close the account. I don’t recommend DraftKings if you want to gamble and not have to worry about trying to prove you are who you say you are numerous times.
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2 years ago, cuga40
Don’t waste your money
If I could give this negative stars I would. I tried to give 0 and couldn’t even do that. I used to play just for fun, knowing they cheat. It’s gotten so bad there is no fun involved anymore. The slots don’t pay out at all anymore. It used to be I’d get bonuses every once in a while. Like if you played for 20 minutes you’d at least get one and be able to stay relatively close to even. Especially when running a promotion. Not anymore. Just keep losing. Or you get disconnected from the app right when there should be a big pay out coming. And then customer service says Update your device (whether it’s up to date or not). If you enjoy having no chance to win money and having customer service laugh in your face when you bring up an issue, this app is for you. Otherwise, stay away.
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2 years ago, Judiciousndhxus
Seems to be going downhill
I used to love/enjoy playing DraftKings casino but lately it seems to being going downhill I mainly only play 2 slots majority of the time and it has been continuously booting/kicking me from the slot being played multiple times and then the slot will spin insane amounts of times without even 1 win it’s understandable that it’s gambling and wins or making money is a risk that is not guaranteed but it has never been remotely close to what it has been lately and then ontop of that there are glitches on the app/myaccount that keep reflecting promotions that have passed and says they are active or need to be claimed I’ve told so many friends and family members about this online casino but now I’m beginning to think I may need to find an alternative online casino
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2 years ago, Honey Teals
Fun to play
The slots are fun to play and keep me going for hours without losing all my money. I’m giving a 3 star rating because they don’t have my bank listed to make deposits, I tried discussing this with customer service through emails and they don’t comprehend the problem nor attempt to fix. I understand they may not be able to fix a problem out of their control but they don’t understand what I’m telling them that in the long list of banks, mine is not there. I wish I could just enter the account information manually. I will still keep playing and may have to get a new bank account with a branch that’s listed. PayPal gave me problems as well so that’s also not an option.
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9 months ago, Gaga 124567899
Rip off.
It was okay at first. I was playing one day and I had hit a decent bonus on Cario Link & Win and the round got stuck and wouldn’t let me spin the rest of the bonus spins. I tried over and over again so then I contacted support they couldn’t help me, they just kept telling me it was my connection which it wasn’t considering I tried it on several devices. Then they told me that they were gonna contact the game provider to get the round unstuck, Which they did 4 days later but they also took the bonus spins, and the money had already won away. I provided numerous screenshots and share recordings showing that I had bonus wins. I kind of feel like that is a rip off and not really fair. So I will not be playing draftkings anymore. I don’t like being ripped off.
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4 months ago, Vadalynn17
Been playing a few months and haven’t won literally ANYTHING.
I’ve been playing for the last 3 months. I haven’t put more than $200 in total—it’s because so far I haven’t won more than a few dollars (talking maybe 5 at a time and not often) and usually it just takes all my money within minutes. Other casino games where I can put in $10-20 at the least and I’ve won money in the triple digits or at the LEAST enough to play for more than 5-10 mins at a time. Why put money into a casino that never lets me win?? My bf hasn’t won anything significant either. Also—-their wagering requirements are ridiculous. I won a $1 bonus and they wanted me to play $20 before I could get the dollar? lol that’s crazy to me. You should have a 1x play through and that’s it. It makes the promos pointless.
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2 years ago, laner429
Good and bad
I love the app and playing on it! Most of the bonuses or rewards are awesome too. You just have to really pay attention to what your receiving versus what they tell you in the promotion you will get. I’ve had to reach out to customer service a few times already in regard to bonuses not showing up. You either get an answer really fast or get ignored for days. Then one rep tells me it will be rewarded that night before 12am and the next representative tells me I didn’t qualify. LoL very conflicting information and it doesn’t put me at ease that these are the people I’m trusting to help me. So yeah deposit a little bit and have fun. Just keep track of all the bonuses you opt in on and take pictures as proof.
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3 years ago, 215greg215
I really wish I could post my screenshots but the casino games are RIGGED To the MAX..a scattered will pop up on a rail to knock u off winning it’s very noticeable with the game called “Double Stacks” then u start to notice it with every other game I played everyday for about a month straight always depositing 50 or 40 Dollars and never made it past 150 dollars..I won 800 dollars the first time playing then after that it was a straight losing streak like they have something against me but it was just a SETUP to bring me back to chase my losing Money I’m now 3600 I’m the hole from playing draft kings the only site that seems to be fair is “PokerStarsl
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3 years ago, jayjjohnsonjr
Customer service & account locked?
Okay so I just turned 21 back in March. I’ve always liked to gamble and play lotto tickets and stuff so I figured I’d try this app here. Well for some reason, after I put $100 in my account, I got locked out of my account. When I tried logging in they asked me to leave them and message and they would get back to me so I did, and as of me writing this review on April 7th they have still not said anything back to me, I have no way of logging in and withdrawing my $100, and ultimately feel bamboozled about the whole thing and quite upset about it as I had been looking forward to it ever since I heard online gambling and sports betting was coming to Michigan. It’s wrong and I want my money back but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Best of luck to any newcomers trying out this app, wouldn’t recommend at all.
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3 years ago, ronaldschip
100% chance the slot machines are rigged. When playing with credits you can see the amount you win on a spin before the slots even stop. Bonuses don’t pay out. It’s pretty sad when a bonus pays less the what a spin is. Out of all the online casinos DraftKings is the slowest to pay withdrawals. And the lack of slot machines in Pennsylvania is comical. Drive over the bridge to New Jersey and there is over 300 options, why only 124 in PA? Often times a symbol changes as the slot lines are about to stop when it is about to be a win or bonus. 12 days of Christmas gimmick is a joke!!! During any week you have the slot of the week and play $10 and get $5 credit. The “12 days of Christmas “ play $20 to get $5 credit!! Straight joke!!! Tis the season RIP OFF How do you get a bonus and win ZERO during the bonus?????? It’s because the slot machines are rigged!!
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12 months ago, Truck DraftKings
I have it 2 stars
2 stars because the apps fun but they watch you and see once you start winning they don’t let you get bigger than double or triple what you deposit unless your lucky. It’s a rigged app as soon as you start winning on a game and your up you can switch to any other game in the casino and you will not win anymore they just take from you and when you win it’s only a few hundred never even enough to keep you happy. I’ve played it for years but the past year this app has taken a turn for the worst as far as payouts. Like I said they just take and I will be deleting the app and downloading BetMGM casinos instead. They have alot more jackpots and payout 3x more than this app does. Very poor setup.
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2 years ago, mama Kone
No help center
So just set up this app and I made a mistake with my first deposit and needed the help center. This is not my first rodeo and I’m mad at myself for making such a stupid mistake however I’ve never not been able to connect with a agent right away with any other casino app until this one here I sit still waiting for help and the longer I wait the more I just want to withdraw the $$ and delete app. It makes me uncomfortable when it takes so long to get help it makes me question the whole app and how it’s run, to me if it doesn’t have good customer relations department then what am I getting myself into I mean normally with all the other casino apps it’s immediate that they get back to you. I’ll change my review if I ever get help and can use the app. Tired of waiting
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1 year ago, @XMARKLIVE
Good luck getting them to close your account and delete all data
I sent many emails asking for my account to be permanently deleted. I get an email asking if I want a temporary or permanent closing of account. I already said I want it permanently closed. They later send me an email saying account had be permanently closed but In order to have my data erased I would have to contact a different department. So I contact the department they told me to, about the eraser of all data and I get an email asking if I would like my account temporarily or permanently closed. I already got an email saying account was permanently closed. Moral of the store being that they may close your account but they hold on to your information. It’s probably to make money of your data.
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2 months ago, andrewvehyy
Needs to be investigated by Regulators
If you don’t want draft kings to scam you out of your money it’s not recommended to use this app. Plenty of casino apps exist and personally I use a lot of them, your better off putting your money into BetMGM or FanDuel compared to draft kings. I would argue that draft kings is not abiding by the fair and regulated play rules and regulations. Specifically with there new games like balloon I would not trust but you can try and find out. I’ve personally put the same amount of time and money into draft kings as other casino apps I can say the other casino apps are clearly more fair then draft kings. But at the end of the day y'all can loose your money first and then complain once you realize they are not abiding by the fair play rules.
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