Drag Racing Classic

4.1 (4.5K)
321.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
CM Games OU
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Drag Racing Classic

4.05 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Driscool777
Great game needs updates
This game was once the only good drag racing game on the the app store. With so many options for cars and the addictive controls and simple customization of vehicles it is too easy to get drawn into this game and play for an hour or two. However, i feel that the developers made a really poor decision to continue updating this game. Honestly I am disappointed about that because i love this game but at the same time it really is easy to get frustrated and delete the game after having lost your data and saved cars that you put so much time to collect. I would like to suggest that the game need more customization features for vehicles. Also updating the game with more cars. In my opinion a good racing game on the phone would be paid once and play with no in app purchases and a ton of unlock able vehicles to customize wether it be drag racing or anything else. Its better that way because then you dont have to worry about wifi and having to play online. That is why i like this game but with the issue of losing data there is basically no point in playing and waisting time.
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9 months ago, Bryanjuan
Amazing game!
The beginning starts off slow but once you pick up in progress the game feels so much better, I only wish they would add more cars and and add some more customization for the cars, I’ve noticed not every car you see is in the actual dealership like the cop cars or even both Bugattis , it’s a little frustrating being able to beat the game and not own your favorites, I wanted the Bugatti so bad then once I was at around 2mil I realized I couldn’t purchase it because it was for sale. Other then that I give the the game 9.5/10 I’ve been playing this game for more then 6 years tuning and building cars, I highly recommend this game for anyone wanting to play an interactive game that you can play for hours at a time with almost no adds maybe 1 add an hour
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4 years ago, swiftyy__
Data restore failure
Quite a long time ago or per say few years ago I was introduced to this game. The first few days I loved it like most other people did. Eventually years went on and I forgot about the game. Fast forward to now I have redone loaded it and have encountered some serious bug issues. After reinstalling the game I played for hours. Got to career level 4 and closed the game. Few minutes later I open the game back up and all my progress is gone. This was the first time it had occurred so while I was upset I continued to regather my progress but this time I backed up my data. Fast forward a few hours I’m at Carter stage 8 and once again I close the game and reopen it. Even after backing up my data I return and my progress is gone. I then proceed to restore my data and it fails every time. This is a great game with great potential and would definitely be one of my favorite games if it weren’t for this bug. Please bring this game back to its feet and let the community enjoy what they once had. Please take this feedback into consideration to fix the game so people can enjoy it again😞
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4 years ago, brad.day7
Career 10 Bugatti 1/4 & game updates
I’ve had played this game since 2013 and I had loved it and now when I updated the game all my data disappear. I always backed it up by iCloud but it doesn’t work all my hard work gone. I was very disappointed. I restarted 3 times already because the data would always wipe out every time. Somehow it’s working good but the level 10 career Bugatti is impossible to clear there is no possible tune or car that can currently beat it and I have the Tutara fully maxed out and the time at 7.57 seconds while the boss is at 7.4 and I was also sad to see the Bugatti cars are now gone. Also the tunes that are supposed to be better that you can pay credits for the career doesn’t work and it makes my car somehow -43 mph which is stupid and the tunes are not cheap. I thought updates are supposed to make the game better but now I think the game turned to crap. This game needs to severity need to be changed. Thank you I hope you take the time to read through all this
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9 months ago, Guavxivv
It’s impossible to get passed Level 10
I have played this game for over a decade now, taking an expansive break for the last few years. Recently, I redownloaded and decided to try and beat the game. A few days later, I realize that it’s not possible to beat the Veyron Supersport in level 10, as it finishes in 7.519 seconds. The world record for the SSC tuatara in this game is slower than even that, despite being the fastest car in the game. Other than that, a nice trip down memory lane
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5 years ago, AleXISRod0904
Good game but...
A long time ago, probably 6 or 7 years ago, I played this game addictively. I recently started playing again and I’ve noticed a few bugs. Firstly in the pro league I am rank 3000 in the lvl 6 car slot. Now I’m not sure if they changed it but shouldn’t I have a few stars? I remember them giving you your first star when you passes 1500 so surly I should have at least 1 unless of course they changed it which makes no sense as that was the only reason to play in the pro league. Secondly and much more seriously is the inability to play “bet and race.” For whatever reason I cannot click that option to race. When I do it immediately crashes the game. This is a huge problem because that is the best source of RP and with out it it is taking a long time to upgrade my cars. Besides that it’s a good game although I miss the days of second gear launching and the sound they had years ago was much more appealing.
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5 years ago, Moty323
Please read this! :(
I played this game so much I defeated all the bosses and guess what happened all my data money and rp and cars are gone. it just took me to the begging to buy my first car all they way to level 1 I tried to restore the iCloud backup data but it said “Restoring Data Failed”. But I saved all my current process yesterday just In case if something happened. Well it happened today and I tried to restore the data from iCloud and it just says “restoring data failed” and I know I didn’t restart everything cause I still had everything after saving my progress to iCloud. Can you please find a way to fix this so I can get everything back that I had! I want to play this game again!
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5 years ago, Dave7798
It’s a fun game with decent graphics, sometimes I’d rather play this than my PS4 (Rarely but still lol) Has a lot to do like career mode, multiplayer, quick race, upgrading your cars, etc... BUT what happened to me TWICE was I had all my cars saved, decently far into career mode, a lot of game money... and out of nowhere I open the app and everything is gone and I’m starting from scratch... so I click “Restore from iCloud” (since you have to continuously save your progress for this exact reason, learned that the 1st time it did this), and it keeps saying “failed to load” which means I have to start all over🤬😓. So my point is if you don’t care about having to restart randomly then by all means play the game it’s great, but if you do care then just a heads up this might happen multiple times to you as-well🧢😅 Ps. If this didn’t happen I would have definitely gave it 5 stars
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4 years ago, RekkTheGamer
As many others have said...
I just redownloaded the game a day ago and I remembered how fun it was when I was younger, I got to stage 4 in the career, and my car wouldn’t move off the start line until I shifted to 2nd gear, then the car would teleport back and forward down the track and I would get a 26 second time on a 1/4 mile in a car that I had done 10.8 in. Then I closed the app thinking if I restarted it that would fix the issue. Once I loaded the game I had no cars, my RP was gone, all my cash, but I still had my achievements, career progress, and trophies. But no cars or money, it was really annoying and I’m still contemplating whether I should even play again, after hearing other people’s reviews about it happening to them, I don’t want it to happen to me again.
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4 years ago, thrusty69
Don’t even bother downloading
This game would be a lot of fun, you can race to earn money and rip, but every so often, after you have spent hours racing, and collected some pretty nice cars and upgraded them to the max(which takes a lot), you go to play, and that screen you saw when you first started playing which says “let’s buy your first car” pops up on the screen, and you then realize it was all for nothing because all of your stuff is gone, and you have to start over, you contact the developer, with no response or help to get it back. So then I do it all over again, and this time I back it up to my cloud religiously, only to have it happen again, and when I go to restore from the cloud, guess what, yeah, it says it failed, even thought when I backed it up the night before it said back up was successful. What a fricking waste of time!!!! Don’t do it!!!
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4 years ago, marylou041905
Bugs????!!!!!🤬 (must read)
I have had this game before and I loved it. I forgot about the game for a while and got it back recently just to delete it again. This game definitely has some major problems. I have been racing and getting plenty of money and cars. I handed my phone to my younger sibling to try the game he handed me my phone back when he was done and everything was gone!! At first I thought it was a mistake and I continued playing and got even farther than I did before. The game continued to restart me. I have tried to get my progress back but it wouldn’t work. I used to love playing this game but all the bugs and problems with it took all the fun away. If the problems get fixed I will definitely consider getting this game again
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5 years ago, Phat 1969
Drag racing classic
Hi guys I’m tom appreciation for apps I’m on playing for 13 years. This game is A great dragracing game it’s a hidden gem 💎 Thanks for honoring that purchased I made a while back it was the infinite rep points Package. I noticed the in app purchase packages I don’t see one like that no more. thanks for remembering me about that. I’ve been proud customer for 13 years I been playing on apps and on your game off and on for a while now. Oh congratulations creative mobile on making nitro nation so successful. You’re the best app developers out there for Drag Racing over natural motion I think.
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6 years ago, Mikey OG
Best drag racing game ever but one problem
This game is the funniest and best game ever, could never imagine such a great game like this, I played this a couple years ago and I recently got back into this, but now I noticed it freezes and glitches so I can’t even play, like at the loading screen it just sits there, really disappointed and I read the time of updates you guys update this game every 6 or 7 months sometimes even a year, hope you guys fix it soon, would give it a 5 for the game but the game is glitched (Edit) THANK YOU FRO FIXING THIS GAME THANK YOU
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5 years ago, bblynnn
The time I’ve invested in defeating bosses earning my money and RP’s ALL GONE!! I’ve played this before, say, 5 yrs ago to be EXACT! My husband recently got me addicted to this game all over again, long story short as you can read from the beginning, a lot of my time that I’ve invested on literally everything ALL GONE! Yes I am crying right now because of how this game became one of my hubby and I’s bonding time after our kids are finally into bed, we have different gaming systems, but we honestly chose this as our favorite, because it truly did bring back tons of funny memories we had 5 years ago! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THAT PROBLEM! I LOST SO MUCH MONEY AND RP! UGGGGGHHH! I really don’t know what else to say! Pleasssse!
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5 years ago, JCM350
Please read this!
I love playing this game but lately all my money, RP and cars disappear when I close out the app. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling again but it doesn’t seem to help. My level progress and trophies remain but I have to start from the beginning by buying the first car. Now I’m stuck with a level one can and can’t progress through the levels to earn money and RP because I’ve already beaten them. Please fix this issue and make this game fun again.
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5 years ago, 21_zay NolimitZay
Where is my account
I had everything I wanted then poof my things are gone I’ve been playing this game for years and this is the first time that this has happened had 7m worth of things cars and money. Ok so I started again now I have 2m worth of things at this point I know how to tune my cars and everything so I just keep Playing to get my things back now I have 4 cars one 300,000 ok now we have to do upgrades winning winning winning then I spend 420,000 on another car then I wake up go to play my things are gone again. I’ve gotten robbed twice by this game literally!!!!!
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3 years ago, gabriel vlewis
Read this please it’ll save your game
The game is amazing then and now the problem is there seems to be a lot of issues, pro league doesn’t work, multiplayer doesn’t work so it’s impossible to get RP this is very annoying and the last update was 9 months ago I don’t see there being any progress and it’s disappointing but please do fix it and add more to the game it’ll be ounce more the great game it used to be
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6 months ago, Juxx Immortal
A little dissapointing.
The game still likes me, the only one problem I see is that the back up to the cloud is not fixed yet. In addition, I loose my progress every time I change my device and when I try to restore data, it says it was failed and I cannot restore it. I would like to play this game like before, I feel like this is much better than any other drag racing games.
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4 years ago, Toni Flores
Progress never saves
Let me start by saying that this game is good in every way for a drag racing game. The only problem I have is that you lose all your progress after you exit the app. I don’t understand how the developers still haven’t looked into this. I presume they must be rather careless about it. I hope they fix it because this is a great game and it’s a shame that a small detail of a problem is the one pushing me to delete the app and rate it 1 star. It’s a rather annoying thing to play and buy cool new cars just to lose them everytime you stop playing and come back to see the game restarted everything and now you have nothing. It’s a waste of time for me.
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3 years ago, panloe rodriguez
Good game I downloaded it 1 week ago , good times when i played it as a teen but the reason why I stoped playing was I couldn’t upgrade nothing cause I didn’t have RP to upgrade things cause I didn’t have wifi to race online , it would be a nice if they included a all in race , where you bet all of your RP or CASH and you would could have the chance to win double of what you have or loose it all
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6 years ago, Me 1245753146
Can’t even play :(
So I used to play this game when I was little and it was the best. Only things that were competitive were the 2 fastest cars and you were the coolest if you had those. I finally install it back up today but the thing is it keeps freezing and just stops responding. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling it but it just freezes after I hit the next button after the very first race. It’s super annoying because I know this game has insane potential but I can’t even play it. I sure hope in the future it’ll stop being a sorry excuse for an app but for now all I can do is post a review and hope to see it work for me some day.
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3 years ago, Jonathanboi
Need to bring back pro league
You guys in the next update need to bring back the pro league . I loved playing it and now I can’t cuz you guys haven’t updated in 3 months . You need to make an update to bring back the pro league and hope you fix all the bugs it has so I can enjoy this game again . I’ve been playing this game for a long time but right now , I barely play it because there is no update in 3 months and you need to bring back the pro league and fix the pro leagues bugs to make this game enjoyable again
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4 years ago, gabedagamah
Where is the update
I love this game so much I play it with my twin brother Wesley and I progress to the game so much in like under a week or two!! I just can’t stop playing this game this! ITS JUST TOO FUN!!🤩 I just wanted to ask when is the new update coming because you said in-laws version history that we need to update the game and I was just wondering when the update will come out? Again this game is super fun I would love to keep playing this
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6 years ago, farted95
Fix this update
Keeps saying servers are to busy,can't even beat a race in quick race it's literally impossible fix all of it please also fix how much money you earn because in career mode the last race for level one I only get 2,000 when your suppose to get ten thousand and now I can't make money to upgrade my games car.
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3 years ago, Yaboisavage
What happened to the great app?
Why after all these years have you guys placed ads now? It’s been ad free for 5+ yrs now this? This is crazy annoying every few races I gotta watch an ad. Are you serious? You guys are becoming like every other cheap knock-off game that throws an add at us every second. We already put money in the game for in game cash/etc. what else do you thieves want? Fix this, and no we shouldn’t have to pay $2 to stop ads. You guys forced it upon us. It was not in the game when it originally dropped.
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5 years ago, WillysResale
I have played and beat and downloaded the game probably 8 or 10 times. I like trying to beat the game with different cars each time. I wished they would give more cars to choose from at the hirer levels and it would be cool if you could change the appearance of the cars more like wheel styles and the ability to lower the vehicles, spoilers etc.
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4 years ago, Ren Sauxan
A trip down memory lane
I used to love this game about 8 years ago, and I was feeling bored and depressed recently. So I decided to re-download some old games I used to play. Playing this made me remember so much in so little time! Although I wish I could have my stuff back for the same account issue happened to me. Other than that, this brings back so many good memories! :3
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4 years ago, Redline 05
Creative Mobile please don’t ignore this!
I just downloaded the game when I just had my game all reset by some bug. I was bearly saving money for a new car when I closed the game and opened it and poof all of my cash, to and cars were gone and placed back on the tutorial. I’ve seen many of these comments here from September ignored and I highly think my suggestion would also be ignored. Please we are asking you to fix all the glitches and bugs especially the one that resets everything and put back all of our money and data back. Don’t ignore this and please fix the game, thanks!
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4 years ago, Plz add to the game!!!!!
Only Rating Poorly Because of Progress Glitch
Please find a way to fix the glitch that resets everyone’s progress after a random amount of time after closing the app. I can’t seem to go 24 hours without having my progress completely reset. All the career missions are still completed but I have none of the money or RP and none of my cars exist. Would be an addictive everyday play game otherwise. Thank you for making the ads work like they do though, so much better than any other app on the App Store. Thank you
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5 years ago, Zach8138
This game has a serious bug! I just downloaded it two hours ago and I’d been having a blast racing and beating all the levels/ bosses... I just opened the app up after taking a break from it and guess what?? It DELETED EVERYTHING! It completely RESTARTED ME for no reason! This is completely unacceptable & frustrating 😡 FIX THIS PROBLEM As well as the terrible inaccurate sound affects.
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4 years ago, Tajorn1277
It’s Great; Just need some content.
I been playing this for about 7 years and this is a great game but all it needs is some content updates. Way more cars, PINKSLIPS, More Customization Options, Tournaments and Prizes, and etc. This game will be at the top once you give it some more content. I’ll give this a 4 star until it gets content.
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5 years ago, ITZ_BRAD
Classic, but...
I played this game way back in the day and after about a year or so I started to get some major money and as I went on and got more money, I felt like was on top of the world until one day, some Korean dude hacked my whole account and reset it. I had lost hundreds of cars and about 20 million dollars and 5000 RP. But in general, it’s still a game to just hop on when you bored af...
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4 years ago, kwmjacy
Fix this
I’ve played the game for a long time and have always liked it, but I downloaded it for the first time in a while the other day, and got to career stage level five, and took a break, and when I came back the game restarted, I thought it was a one time thing so I didn’t get too mad, but today I made it to career stage level 6 and had a million saved up and over 500 rp, and I checked a different app, and upon coming back, the game restarted again, I’ve since deleted it, and encourage for it to be fixed because it is a great game, if your progress could be saved.
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4 years ago, 1BadMFer247
Downloaded the game numerous times made in app purchases and spent allot of time playing it just to have it all lost even though I would back up data to iCloud and it say it saved successfully come back in it and says data load failure. It’s frustrating because I had real money invested in it I enjoy the game and would give a five star review if all my hard work on it wasn’t for nothing every time I played. Can tech support please get back to me on this problem and help resolve the issue? Thanks.
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3 years ago, BruhChill26
The game us unbeatable!
I am on the last boss and I’ve bought every car that can reach boss 10 and maxed it out and I still can’t beat the 4th racer before the boss! I’ve checked the world record times with all the cars possible for the race and none of these cars can beat it! I’m frustrated because I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and I wouldn’t of played so long if I knew there was no possible way of beating it. This is very frustrating and I hope you change this.
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6 years ago, K.Crowley
Anyone else?
Any other new users or existing accounts having this issue? I buy my first car, do my very first race, click next and the game totally freezes out. Try closing app and reopening and it freezes half way through the loading screen. Tried deleting app and redownloading only to have the same issue. What’s up with that? 2 stars ‘cause ive played this before and loved it, but can’t get it working now. If this gets fixed, I’ll update my review. 😋 (Apple device user)
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1 year ago, Brothertim5753
Impossible to finish game
The game itself it decent. It’s a good time killer. However, the Bugatti SS in Tier 10 cannot be beaten by any available car. You’re required to run a 7.511 quarter mile, but any car capable of being upgraded to tier 10 cannot possibly hit that time. Even the world record times aren’t faster. By the time I realized this I had already sunk several hours into upgrading my tier 10 car to max. Pretty disappointing and a huge waste of time.
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6 months ago, Gibby408
New update
Used to be my favorite game used to delete and restart all the time but now it’s not worth it especially now that you can only buy 1 car at the beginning of the game and it’s not worth it I used to play with the Volkswagen scissors but now can only buy the cheap blue one and to be honest upgrades are worse and in the updates as cars get to level 2 faster and the game is just worse in general given last time I played was about 5 years back but the game isn’t fun no more
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6 years ago, Silly Ma
One of the greats
This is one of the earliest games I can remember in the App Store. It was right up along side with angry birds and CSR. It is one of the most fun racing games you can play. Plus, no gas limit. Just don’t make the same mistake you me made and sell your only car. You can do this and it will leave you with no money to get a new one.
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6 years ago, Dksc4life
Bring back all cars!
Hello, I would like you to bring back every car that was taken out of the game (Bugattis, CCX Limited Edition, and so on...) it would make me very happy to see this happen. I saw a review where you said they were removed for certain reasons and I don’t mind I would just elated to see them back.
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4 years ago, Please 😔
Needs 2020 cars
I like this game but it needs new cars and new career please? I know this is a small review but still I want this game to be better try adding better car physics, making it prettier, or new tracks try adding the camera when the two cars are close do a zoom into the cars just saying 😁
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4 years ago, gone in a warp
Can’t get long time account at level 8 on new device with same information. Began a new account, spent under $100 bucks for first car upgrades, the app crashed in less than 1weeks time . I reinstalled the app but lost that account also... so I’m out a couple hundreds total in cash... Id be pleased to get my old account?.. Help- John
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3 years ago, Random 1150
Needs update
There’s a lot of good things about this game but the bad things overweigh the good. 1st, stage 8 you can only win with one or two cars because you need to get 7.6 1/4 mile it should be risen to 7.9 or 8.1 secs you have to get to win because 7.6 with the two lv 8 cars I have (Hennessy venom and agara) can’t get 7.6 secs 2nd, I would love to see some new cars like the dodge hellcats and dodge demon. 3rd, more customizations like dual racing stripes and being able to pick the color of the stripes 4th, more upgrades like a supercharger and being able to supercharge your engine or being able to swap engines with your other cars like putting srt viper engine in a srt charger. Thanks for the awesome game
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4 years ago, Deuce 7711
Deletes all of your data!!!
This is a really good game... but the creators need to fix the iCloud backup. It will restore your data SOMETIMES but after you hit restore a second or third time it deletes all your data. The game has done this to me 3 times!!! At this point it is driving me Crazy and I decided to give up on the game. I have made it to level 9 three times and then poof there goes my data. Please fix this... without this problem it has great potential to be an amazing game.
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5 years ago, Ohknee
I used to play this a lot and I honestly enjoy this game. I reinstalled it. Played and bought 3 cars. Backed up my stuff to iCloud and now.... it’s just gone. iCloud doesn’t even work properly. All my career races show a check mark but I’m back with buying my first car?? What gives? So I went through the agony of starting over. When I woke up. All my stuff was gone and I’m back to buying my first car again.... not happy at all. This will be deleted immediately.
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6 years ago, Powershot8
Interesting game for the real world.
I get that you are not really driving the cars in this game, but the option of tuning gear ratios works not only in this game but on real console games such as gran turismo project cars and other racing sims. I have a gear tune in this game that works for multiple games. It real makes me want to play this game more.
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4 years ago, Albania2535456
Stage 10 career crew
This game is great I played it since 2013 but after 2015 forgot about it until now and I got back into it but the stage 10 career last crew member can’t be beaten for some reason, I’ve tried all the tutorials that i found online but i cant do it so please respond and tell me whats going on.
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6 years ago, ICantSaveMyself
I really like this game. Although I’ll never spend money on it because I’ve been burned in the past by spending money on an app and then getting a new phone, using the same account, and my upgrade be gone (like the double coins upgrade for jetpack joyride). Great game though.
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4 years ago, brianmorann
Lost RP and $$
The app started as normal ‘progression’ apps do. Win races, build points, buy a few things here and there, watch a few promo vids for extra stuff.......the app lost every part of my game. My player name, all points & stats. Tried to use their site for support but their ‘contact section’ conveniently does not work. Their email does not work either. This poor review is here because I have lost money with a ‘lost profile’ and because the company’s website support links and email do not work.
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6 years ago, MisturHuynh
Fun but Not enough Cars
really fun game only problem is im competitive and it took me half a day to beat the level 10 boss with the venom... and downside was i don't have the cars like bugatti's and all the extra cars like whats the deal man it only gave me 51 cars out of to purchase... i need more cars
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