Dragon City - Breed & Battle!

4.8 (1.3M)
242.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dragon City - Breed & Battle!

4.79 out of 5
1.3M Ratings
2 years ago, kutebear123
I Totally Recommend This Game For People Who Like Animals
This game is very creative I’d say. You guys make it so fun to learn about different dragons and discover powers such as some dragons in the leagues have shields and they dodge a hit. And also how redemption looter dragons heal one of their allies. But… suggestions are high for me. I do think that your deals with premiums and things like this are very nice and good but sometimes it could get a little crazy. Such as when I saw there was some purchase where it was somewhere around 40 dollars for one heroic dragon. I don’t think you should be wanting that much money for just one dragon. (1. Prices down please) next thing I would like is please please please make sure when you go to quest battles, make sure the dragons are the same level as you! It’s just toooo easy for me to win. I get them all in one hit. (2. Match up battle levels) next is maybe… just maybe there could be a travel thingy where you could travel around the world to build different dragon cities with different dragons from around the world. And the higher level you go, the more places you will unlock. (3. Travel around the world to see different dragons. Also maybe you guys could add shows! You could train your dragon at a training building and you can earn show trophies from around the world. (4. Add shows to win around the world) and I think that’s all I have today! Thank you Socialpoint for making these games amazing! 🐉🐲 -Kutebear123
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2 years ago, Cookie ani
Actually one of my fav games<3
So I started playing for about an month more! And it’s a really enjoyable game and it’s actually not so hard, and I actually didn’t spend any money on this game- The gems are hard for me to get but if you level up more and play more you’ll eventually get better on this game. The dragons are really cool too! Five stars for this game because it is my fav game mostly. I like the things you can do and the events get you more gems and a lot of stuff. One thing that’s kinda annoying about dragon city is when you log in they will show A LOT of the things you have to click on- I don’t really know how to explain but if you download this game you’ll get what I mean. I prefer you to try this game out. But your a person that doesn’t like too much events, updates, and things that cost a lot then maybe this isn’t the right game. This game was kinda complicated for me when I just started. But when you play more you will discover more features when you level up more. Leveling up gives you more gold and gems maybe food too. I love this game and it’s really fun, you can battle dragons and when you win you get rewards. More rare dragons are better to get more gold. Leveling up your habits for the dragons get more gold. If you log in the game daily you will get gems, food , gold , or even dragons possibly. You can get gems by playing , battling dragons , and completing quests/goals. It’s a really good game <3
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6 months ago, dhdjhffjjfjd
This game is so much fun!! You can hatch and earn dragons!! You can bread them and even use your gems on some dragons you want! Even coins.. but if you don’t have enough, don’t worry!! You can pay to get some!! But you don’t have too! You can upgrade your pets so that they can fight!! You can earn dragons by fighting too!! But when you first get them they might not look as cool! But it is so cool once you get them to their adult level!! But you actually fight actual people too! With their dragons!! You can earn some trophies and earn new maps for fighting! And when you clear everything from the maps like Trees, bushes, big rocks, and other things!! And you can get new really cool dragons once you keep breeding and breeding!! But when your breeding make sure to pick your very best ones and look at ‘possible chances’ and when you look there you can see the dragons you could get!! But the dragons you don’t want you can sell them and you can get money!! So that you can buy more pets or other stuff!! But when your dragons are done breeding you can put it in the hatching place and if you tap on the egg and see what type of dragon you got!! And if you already have it you might as well wait but you can also use your gems to make the dragons hatch faster!! Oh ye, did I also forget to mention? You can even name your dragons whatever you want!! But I prefer you guys to download dragon city!! Goodbye!
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3 years ago, Maroonknight/Zayden Ramos
Don’t you think this game can be the best mobile game on the planet?
This game is fun, and I mean really fun because there are so many things to explore, build, and so many dragons to hatch. Yes, it sometimes can be annoying having to wait a while just for a dragon, or something to be completed, or hatched but it is worth waiting a while to get something surprising. All those minutes, hours, seconds of waiting for something to be finished can also teach you some patience which is also a thing you might want to thank in your future. This game can bring you excitement, happiness, amazement, and all kinds of Epic emotions, the kind of emotions you’d want to have in the time being during this pandemic. But if this game could have a tone of hard work and I’m talking like putting your mind into it then this game can be overrated like over 5 star ratings. All these cool ideas like cutscenes, a storyline of an Epic war of dragons, plus even more upgrades on buildings to where they look like futuristic 3022. Oh also if they update this game they better add missing pieces of dragon armor from the past that can be found in the game and can also add special abilities to the dragon such as a special move. Yea I think this game is amazing the way it is but wouldn’t people love it if they saw something in this specific game that no one could ever see in any other game? I know I would be amazed, surely amazed!
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5 years ago, 😻i love FUN
Overall, this game is pretty epic! Cool dragons, awesome events, nice touch in detail, etc. Though I have a few reasons to why I didn't give this game five stars: 1. Even though the offers for the cool dragons and bonus chests and stuff are pretty cool, they still cost ALOT of gems... And sometimes you don't have that much. ( duh ) So obviously, you go to the shop and waste your precious money on something that isn't worth it. And not just the offers! Everything is connected; like... running out of food? Again, go to the shop. And suddenly... OH NO! You need gems to buy them... yada yada you go buy more, and suddenly you've wasted more money than you thought. This is just ONE of my reasons as to not giving five stars. 2. My second reason is pretty obvious: THIS GAME IS SUPER ADDICTING! Maybe not for everyone, but Like I said before, all those offers are just to get you excited and all... so you go waste all your money on them. As for me, well, it didn't end very well! I ended up buying TONS of gems and now I'm back to zero. And this literally happened in like 10 minutes!!! I ended up deleting the game... but to be honest, it wasn't ALL bad! I mean it's actually pretty fun to collect all these different dragons, have battles, and even socialize! Friendly tips: don't get fooled by the snazzy looking offers, remind yourself that it's just a game! You can get all those things without having to waste your money. 😉
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2 years ago, KARINA KURZAW
I love this game, here is a closer look at the details.
Dragon city is an amazing game where you can breed to get awesome dragons and level them up with food and battle with them to wins cups that unlock new dragons. There are tons of awesome events like if you have ever heard of candy crush the game they have an event that comes that’s just like that where you can win dragons or dragon orbs. Dragon orbs basically come in chests that you get sometimes on your daily rewards. Once you get to 100 of the same orb of a dragon, you can save the dragon without having to buy it with your gold. You can build habitats for your dragons to live at. If you run out of space on your spawn island you can buy or expand to another one using your gems, or real money. Once you get to level 6 I think you can unlock the alliance which is where you can make and alliance and invite your friends with their gamer tag. You can chat with your friends and trade your orbs to get other orbs of dragons you want with your friends. You can also buy orbs for dragons in the orbs shop. The orbs shop lets you use you use your gold or gems to buy limited edition orbs that won’t come back until their event comes that shows of all the new dragons that were taken off the game that are now available to get again. Overall, I love this game and I think you will too. Download it now at the App Store!
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2 years ago, Krissybee1109
This game is very fun 🤩 you can get so many dragons 🐉 and you get 100 gems at the start I spent all of mine but be wise with yours and you can unlock dragons because they are captured it’s not really like the add but it’s very fun you can name your dragons and breed them and get new ones you can also get towed to help you along the way by sending dragons to go get prices and once you get all the prices the tower helps you get stuff like increase your gold or increase your combat stuff like that I would definitely recommend this game there is also islands you can unlock and mini games that pop up to help you get more dragons food and gold you can summon dragons and I am a sap for everything but I am REALLY a sap for my dragons and there is islands that appear when you get new islands! You can unlock caged dragons for gems but some of them cost money [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] but I don't mind. You can also breed any of your dragons to make new ones you don't have and there are battles you can do to earn more dragons!!! Dragon city also has tasks you can do to earn stuff like chests food gold and a lot of other things! One of my personal favorite mini games is the flight one I have so many other things I LOVE about dragon city but I think I already got a little carried away 😅 but you can find out the rest of the AMAZING stuff when you download it yourself!
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4 years ago, ttedhusfi
The best game ever
What time I just went to the play store and I wanted to find a game that was the best but I found my future I found Ragan city it was the best game ever and the best game I’ve ever seen in my life this is why I planned Dragon city every single day and check on my dragons I never thought I could be actually a pretend dragon master it’s not the most amazing game ever you get diamonds you get to feel your dragons I really love my dragons you get to get your Dragon I didn’t even think that I would like to dragons but Dragon city changed my life that’s why I love it and I give it five stars it’s the best thing ever bye you should try it out to buy ever since I’ve written my first lead letter I’ve seen a new life in front of because dragons I’ve seen that dragon scriptures but if they do you want them to they might not be real real creatures but in your imagination if you open your eyes do you want to fuse just close your eyes you’ll see everything you’ve ever wanted in your life so close your eyes and come in on dragon city it’s the best place you could ever close your eyes and Imagine Dragons Sameh wrote to you I didn’t notice that there’s something wrong I didn’t feel like there was a room for me I didn’t feel like I was having fun but now I realize it because now I feel like the real dragons I feel like I feed them I feel like I take care of them thank you very much for giving me this experience
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3 years ago, avni 🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭
Dragon city
Dragon city is an awesome game I think everyone should download it but I want you to upgrade it and make so that you can actually like control your dragons and then move them around because that would be so cool that you tap on Dragon and like then you can move it around in its habitat or you can there’s like a button and you can make them go out of the hashtag or whatever you want you can make them for you wherever you go even if you’re in a battle they can just be in the corner of the top corner I don’t care which corner I give us a five star review. And this is the best game ever so yeah if you don’t get it you might want to get it in a few years or maybe actually I recommend you to get it as soon as you read this text all of it because I think you’re really good at reading and maybe you can read it also have a good day also this game is so cool but I don’t know how to describe how cool it is you’re not a word to describe how cool it is that it’s so cool how do you describe it if it’s such a cool game it’s like the best game in the world brolr strs is kind of better kind of just kind of actually Game is the best this game is the best let’s game is the best This game is the best this game is the best this game is the best this game is the best this game is the best this game is the best those games is the best this game is the best in the world
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5 years ago, AshlyenTDW
I love this game overall, but obviously it is not perfect
No hate on this one. For a long time I’ve seen ads on dragon city in my games but never considered downloading it. But now I am almost on level 40 with a great alliance and many dragons. Obviously none of us are perfect so people, don’t expect the creators of Dragon City to prefect this game in a week. I don’t think anyone can since that’s unrealistic, but theres a few things that have been bothering me a little the ads, the maze coin events and gems. Ads first, so before the ads it was just an ad free game. But now after you click out of a habitat or breeding center etc it brings you an ad...okay. The maze coin events are what bother me most, I try to get a legendary dragon (I actually am right now but I have a feeling I won’t get it) in the maze coin events but HOLY SMOKES it takes like 500 coins just to move one spot, and half of the time when you finish a breed or hatching an egg it gives you no maze coins even though it supposedly says it will. That makes it 673 times harder to get a dragon, especially the legendary ones. My last complaint is about how hard it is to get gems...dude I literally only have 41 gems and I used to have around 100 but I ran out of room and was forced to buy another island for my dragons please, lower the prices a bit? But other than that it is a fantastic game and I love it! Thanks! ❤️
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2 years ago, Ad😍lyn
Spend money 💵
1: Okay so I love this game and I am also a kid so I don’t have money to get all the good stuff but that’s okay me and my brother(who also has this awesome game)work really hard to collect these Gems 💎 but like try to make them give u gems in more of the prizes like maybe just one or two this is a big deal I can tell by all the other reviews. 2: this one I know u probably can’t change but I want to say it anyway u used to be able to go to this little tv thing in the game(which u can still do)and watch adds to get stuff but now I’m like in the middle of trying to do something like Bach an egg and then a add pops up out of nowhere and wut I used to like about this game was that I wasn’t like all these games i have gotten before where there’s and add half the time of the game so ya. 23 when u go into the game there r these pop ups that r all like spend money(kid) to get this ultra mega huge dragon and I don’t mind that but why soooooooooo many like have to get through 20 of them!!! Like why not make it a button in the corner where u can see all this stuff and choose to buy them or for people like me(kid with no money)ignore them! So anyway here is wut I love about the game 1: the funny and creative dragons( like seriously whoever makes those dragons I would like to meet) 2: my whole family is a huge fan of dragons and this game brings it to life so ya u should definitely get this game even if it takes forever to get into lol 😂
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1 year ago, #X-THUNDER
Great game
I think that dragon city is very creative. You get to build your city and arrange habitats and breed dragons to get different kinds of eggs. I like how social point just keeps adding to the game. It’s not just like they create it and then leave, there is so many new ideas added every week. There’s always so much to do, you can fight in arenas to get experience points and you can join alliances to get rewards and be with your friends. I have a few suggestions though. 1 you should be able to add friends without facebook. Just because I don’t use Facebook doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to make friends. 2 they should have a point system with alliances where you get a certain amount of points for each chest you get and that stays with the alliance. When a new chest comes out all of the power alliances already have the sixth chest. 3 some of the dragons don’t actually look like dragons and that sort of annoys me. There isn’t enough cool heroic dragons. Like the high cinco dragon? Doesn’t look like a dragon and has a terrible name. I also like how you don’t have to spend money on the game to beat it. Some people say that but spending money just makes the game go faster. Any way good job social point on making a creative and interactive game that is cool and addictive but not to addictive!🐲🐉🐉🐲🐉
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4 years ago, c@mb048
Great but still a lot of issues :
Okay I want to start of by saying I love this game and have had it for a long time. But there are still a lot of problems. I love how many events there are and how it is mostly not play to win. First of heroic races are a good idea but it requires a lot of effort to get to lap three and it is nearly impossible to get to five mainly because the items are so hard to get with the food one I just get stuck because no matter what I grow I can’t get one. Some improvements I recommend are more ways to get good dragons and more filtering of the chat because it is really toxic Second the battling I really like this feature but it is very imbalanced the quests are very easy and the leagues started out okay but now I can’t beat anyone and I keep refreshing but because you only get three lives it is nearly impossible. Everyone has heroics with the elements that are really hard to beat and they are all A+ meanwhile I have some legendarys with a lame defending element they are all like As and bs I have to switch dragons five times a round because it is so impossible the only way to make them better is empower but I can’t find any of there orbs it’s horrible plus because of this alliance chest being about win league battles I can’t contribute and they are going to kick me out. I don’t know if this is fixable but I hope it is.
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5 years ago, hart_time roblox
Great app! But it’s missing something
Ok, I love the game! 5 of 5 stars, but, its missing ONE, one thing it needs. It needs a retirement home! You can put dragons lvl 10 or A+ dragons in one and it would cost you 100 gems! Just like the kindergarten! It’s also missing, A BETTER HEROIC DRAGON PEOPLE SYSTEM! I mean, seriously, I might not even get to lap five on this one. Like I did with any other one. All because of THESE OTHER GUYS! So, ya. Otherwise, great! Kidding, I could go all day with stuff to add! Like, The leagues need a new filter as well. You might be like “but why?” I have no heroic dragon and most of the people I fight have a heroic dragon so, CHANGE that. And here’s my biggest problem. The dragon roost. I was fine with the temples, in fact. I still have 3! It’s new description is “a relic of the past” that’s not like anything on the game! And there’s a glitch (idk if it’s just me) but when I look at my friends, it said Zeus until I look at like someone’s profile. So fix that and if you have this glitch too, let me know. One that I don’t care though, but still think should be added, is the piggy bank dragon! It could be asleep at baby, then when young, FAT, and then at 7, like a fat pig that has some chubby cheeks! Like, you could get one with a card pack, or limited time, Or, buy it with the piggy bank! That’s all. A lot could be added, but, I just don’t know what else.
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3 years ago, Alisson is the best
I love it!! But please read this first.
Okay. I love the game but there are plenty of mistakes in this app. 1. The music won’t work that much and it plays later. 2. The game doesn’t load well when I have good internet. 3. During Valentine’s Day, I completed all the quests of Valentine’s Day and I just needed one more candy heart. Then I got one from the calendar but IT DIDN’T COUNT!!! The game literally says “you can get candy hearts by completing quests, CALENDARS, and more!” I wish that you could fix the game because I’m having problems with it right now. 4. Glitches. Once again, this game has problems sometimes because it would glitch most of the time. 5. Gems. This game barely gives me a lot of gems. The only way to get a lot of gems is to pay for it. EVEN the piggy bank dragon!!! I understand if you need money, but really!? You have to pay just to open a piggy bank dragon that’s full of 120 gems!! Like it’s really annoying you can only get a few gems for free and I’ve been trying to save up. Until sometimes, the game forces me to buy stuff with a few gems. I was hoping if you maybe have enough money, you could make stuff a bit free? And make gems free? I would REALLY appreciate it. I will give you guys a 5 star since it’s fun but please fix all of these mistakes. I would really appreciate that.
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5 years ago, Retards @ the Zoo
This game is grate!! Just one thing....
I love DragonCity just there’s a few problems. One is the space I don’t have enough space to put all my dragons so some have to like in the dragonareom for a while and I don’t like that. Also on that note the price for the lava land is 25 gems I have one it’s my fault I spent them but couldn’t you make it gold instead? Like the other one. Also these caged dragons are very annoying and they take up space. So I moved one of my habitats over to make space and the next day there’s a caged dragon on my land there so annoying because my friend she doesn’t have a lot of dragons that means a lot of free space! Actually no just a lot of caged dragons every were so if you can stop like now! But it’s not all bad I love the Neo Lzumi dragon and always wanted her the first time I saw her. This recent activity Mach sushi this is soooooo cool because I won the Neo Lzumi dragon!! I love that you make every dragon available at one point but one thing.... can you please make the pathfinder dragons orbs easier to get because that’s one of my favorite dragons too 😺🦊🥓. One more thing can you make like a dragon hospital because what if your dragons get hurt in battle what do you do then? So please consider a dragon hospital make it for gold not gems gold please consider it thx!!!🦊😺 By Noodle Consider what I said please!!!
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3 years ago, SecretNate101
Fun game but there are some problems 😐
#1 everything is overpriced! This game targets kids with special offers saying “get this super rare dragon for only $30.” So what im saying is that when you enter the game about 10 pop-ups come up saying like spend $10 on this special food chest or spend $20 on this awesome legendary Dragon it’s trying to bait kids in so they’ll buy the offers but after they buy them they realize it’s not worth it. #2 The percentages need to be higher. So there is an ad system in this game where you can go to a special section and then it’ll have something that asks you to watch 15 adds to earn a quote and quote chance to get a dragon. But when you’re done watching all the ads it either gives you food or like 5 dragon orbs. #3 Leagues. Ok so there is a leagues system were you fight other people the same level then you. Accept it always pears you with the strongest trainers. For example you have a team of 3 legendary dragons (Second best type of dragon) but when to fight other people they have a team of like 3 heroics (the best type of dragon in the game) making it impossible to beat them. So i say that the Leagues should pear you up with people that have about the same type of dragon as you not level. Over all i like this game and would suggest it.
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9 months ago, hrkdkkdld
DRAGON CITY IS A 10/10 would recommend IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE I play this everyday and eat my gamer munchies, it has made me a better person and it will do the same for you. I have to say when I got this I wasn’t too sure about so I started playing it and I wasn’t really into it UNTIL! I got the poo dragon it changed my life, you see my friend played this game before me and she got the poo dragon before me and I was so jealous I mean I would come home everyday and just breed my dragons until I got the poo dragon I was so obsessed with getting this poo dragon I spent all my diamonds so, when I spent them all I just bought some (with real money) and I spent ALOT let me tell you I moved into my parents basement and I just kept going and going until… the BEST day of my LIFE! THE POO DRAGON!!!!!! So through trail and error play this game and now I have to make my way into the pee dragon now, I may be broke but she broke I’m up if you know what I mean. This game has got me through it thank you too the creators UPDATE : my so called friend (the one who got the poo dragon before me) told me too get the pee dragon and i spent day after day and up all night every night trying to get the pee dragon and guess what… ITS NOT REAL so I don’t know who you think you are Betty but you are going to get it
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6 years ago, DragRace123
Great game but there’s a few fixes to make...
It’s so addictive and I love all the dragons you can make. I hope I can breed the friendship and electric dragon to make the high tech dragon! Once it hatches, I’ll update the review on here. Some problems though is that some of the dragons I can’t see in the dragon book and I like browsing it while I’m waiting for food or an egg to hatch and lots of things are really expensive like land, upgrades, digging rocks, finding pieces of the castle, and a whole lot of other things. A minor glitch in the game is every time I view the venom dragon in the dragon book, it’s tail always comes off and sorta drops below where it’s supposed to be. I know the game is supposed to be a challenge but plz, it’s too expensive. If you were to make getting gems easier like putting them on dragons to-do list with the gold or putting a bunch of them in rewards or prizes, that would be awesome! Another not-so-great thing is that every time I go to the Coliseum to battle, I always have to wait to do every battle. If I didn’t, it might be better if we could just do battles when we want because I usually wait to but my dragons to battle in the terra cup because by dragons are only lvl 7-8 right now and the dragons I’m battling are lvl 10 so it might get hard and we have to feed our dragons. It takes an hour for my battles to reload. Plz fix these! Thank you!🐉😽
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3 years ago, drat the dragoncat
This game is awesome😎
Dude this game is probably the best game I mean there are a few other games and I forgot how fun it was when he stopped playing it because I got so caught up in all the other games that I have but I got a little bored of all that stuff and went back onto DragonCity and it was literally awesome I was so astounded to see all the new things and even more down and when he realized I could get some of the coolest dragon just my money well Dragon city money you know coins anyways it was literally awesome and I now have three newDragons thanks to an offer I excepted sure it let me down in the 60s ofGems but stillI must admit this game is one of the best games ever continue to update it because I can’t wait to see the next update that will come God knows when well I know the next update is going to be more awesome than this one and I have no idea how many updates there’s been since well let’s just say I haven’t really been playing DragonCity for the last year or so I don’t know well anyways keep up the awesome work developers of DragonCity I’m expecting some great updates in the future goodbye this isn’t going to be the last you hear me i’m going to write a lot of reviews probably I don’t know usually I don’t like long reviews like this one well peace out✌️
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2 years ago, 1$,:1
It’s good but it needs more work
I recently re-downloaded the game but it does work probably. For example the names of the type of dragon will say tid_unit_1703_name or whatever instead of flame dragon. It’s not just for the type, it’s for everything, the feeding, instructions/directions, general tips. If it’s something I’m supposed to read it says tid_unit_ whatever and it’s so annoying. I have had it for well over two weeks or so and nothing has changed. This makes it very difficult for me to play and do certain things because I don’t know how to. If someone could tell me how to fix the thingwith the writing that would be great. Another thing I find annoying is the dragon breeding in the portal world area. I personally don’t like how the breeding a mix of two elements to make a dragon that has happy and soul or whatever is very unlikely and rare. Somethings I would like to see in the future would be the ability to create new dragons from breeding. Now I know this sounds stupid but what I mean is like a dragon that isn’t on the roster like creating a combination of two or more dragons to create one completely special to you and your team. One other thing I think should be in the game is when you get the same dragon you should have the choice to have it turned orbs instead of hatching it and just taking up room.
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2 years ago, QueenWillowOfDisaster
Great game! But, the wait…
I’ve always loved dragons, so you can imagine that once I discovered this game, I fell in love with it imideately. The game is absolutely amazing, and is honestly my favorite thing to play. Any time I’m bored, the first thing I think do do is open this app. If there are ANY bad reviews towards this game, whoever wrote them are totally wrong!!! All the dragons in this game are totally unique and the events are super cool, as well as the elements and islands. Sometimes, games have updates with stupid features that only make me mad, but this game has only ever had updates that improve the game and make everything totally better!! Although this is the best game I’ve ever played, there is one issue. And that is, I’ve never been a SUPER patient person, so when I see that it takes 21 HOURS to hatch ONE DRAGON EGG, it kinda drives me insane!! Like, be reasonable people!! Nobody’s gonna wait that long just for a very rare or legendary dragon. Heroic I would maybe understand, but not for a very rare! I end up wasting all my gems to hatch dragons and don’t have enough to unlock the Lava Island!! Super annoying since the only way to functionally get more gems is by paying which is dumb!!! Maybe if you just made the wait time something reasonable then everyone would be happier and could enjoy the game more. Thank you, and I hope you read!!
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3 years ago, Mikrovlávi
Boredom Be No More!
I’ve been playing Dragon City for a while, now. Like, two to three months, I think. And I absolutely love it! You never really get bored because you can always rearrange your Dragon City or rename your dragons if you’re bored waiting to be able to fight. There are so, so, SO many dragons to collect, and even when you feel like you have enough or too many, you realize you haven’t even scratched the surface! In fact, you might realize you haven’t even collected a fourth of the dragons you can collect! Point is, there is so much to do and so many dragons to collect, and with the events and mini games they host every week, you really can’t ever get bored or run out of things to do in this game! My only problem is that there are a lot of self promotions to get through when you first open the game for the day. It’s super annoying when you first download the game and don’t really expect it, but as you continue playing you get used to it. And, hey, if you actually pay attention to what the self promos say, you might find out something useful! Like, I always love when Dragon City releases new YT dragons like Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and I think their most recent YT dragon is SSSniperWolf. Dragon City is an amazing city building game, and I totally recommend it if you like dragons and/or making cities of your own. ❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Punkin(Marlo)
Really great game and played it since I was younger, but one small confusion
Ok, so I just have one thing that I’m confused about. So yeah, I’m just collecting gold as usual from all my dragons, feeding them, getting new dragons by breeding and all’s but, when I do the dragon quests dungeon thing, for example, like the one I’m on now, or as I keep getting ahead more with this. well, when I play the quests, I choose my dragons, to get a new dragon from each quests i finish, but when it comes to fighting from each new dragon quests and get new dragons, like common to rare, to super rare, legendary, epic, etc. but when I have to use certain dragons, for example with the requirements, it says that you have to feed your dragons at a certain level. Then it says that you have to use legendary dragons, and not other dragons like common, rare, etc. Also the dragons have to be level 30 or level 33? To fight dragons on quests that are only level 16 or 15?! Ummm, Srry to say, but this apparently just do something seem right and might needs to be fixed. Pls SocialPoint, fix that error. To me it makes no sense for that kind of requirement. Thx! It’s still a very great game btw! I have plays this game ever since it came out, even when I was younger I played it! Thx!🥰🥰🥰🥰
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6 years ago, Animal-Feather
Pretty good overall, but something’s could be touched up.
I played the game a while back, maybe a couple of years ago. I quit because of how long it was taking me to level up. I recently redownloaded the game and have been moving through levels much quicker since. However, there are still some problems with the game. The Ancient World is one of the biggest problems. It is extremely hard to summon most of the dragons due to how hard it is to mass up a enough crystals to make a Fine or a Neat crystal. That and since the leveling is going faster I feel I don’t have the time to summon one dragon before the next element is unlocked. I also am annoyed with how hard it is to get gems, considering how such stuff revolves around using them. Half the time there are other offers in the video area, and Jewelem doesn’t help much. There should be more of a daily reward that grows as you comeback more often. The adds that pop up in the middle of the game are also highly annoying, but you can typically X out of them in a couple of seconds. One last thing that bothers me is that when you enter the dragon book you are automatically entering the collections part. This means that I almost always have to tap one extra time just to look at my dragons or dragons I want to get. All in all, a pretty great game, just a few things could use a little work.
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4 years ago, Tmm2006
Reason for loosing a half star.
It's a really fun game, I love dragons and all the dragons that I could get are so cool, right now I'm level 46 almost 47 with one heroic and 6 legendaries. It's so fun I recommend it to every one I meat and every one I know. I think the only problem is all the adds that pop up and I'm frustrated at all the deals that come up every time I get on. Also think that they could make the rescues more easy, all my dragons are level 30 and higher on my team , and all have rank from A+ to B- , but yet they all together can't beat one legendary A+ two stars and this is only on Rare rescues. Other than that I've been having fun with the game. My favorite part is the quest battles then I get so many dragons , lots of XP and rank up my dragons. I also wish that in every cheat you open shouldn't be food, it might just be me and my brother, but every time we open a primal chest, legacy chest, just any chest it feels like all we get is food, so I think they could add higher chances with thoughts and not 75% chance food then the other 25% split out into 25 dragons. I still love the game recommend it to the world, and with all the deals they have, I didn't think that they would be sponsored, any way it's awesome is you read this thank you.
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5 years ago, Msrivas08
Almost Perfect
If there were half stars then I would rate this one 4 and 1/2 but you can’t do that so just 5 stars. This game is amazing it’s lots of cute and strong dragons. My biggest complaint is how much food you have to use to feed your dragons. I need to get my dragon a certain level to fight in the quests, but I don’t get enough food and to feed my level 20 dragon I need 23,000 food just to make it grow by 1 bar. Some other small complaints are that they are a little too many ads. Whenever I open the app you go through the loading screen and when you get in like 7 ads pop up to buy things that I can’t afford. Som good things about this game is how creative the concept is. Leveling up your dragons to fight against other dragons is a great 👍 idea. This game was almost perfect but the amounts of money you need for the game is ridiculous. To buy islands it’s so many gems and I get 1 gem a day using my dragon tower. The idea was a great one and it was well executed. 😄 Also another minor problem is these pesky little dragons in cages that pop up on your island and take up your space. It’s never bothered me that much but when I’m trying to place down a habitat and the dragons in the cages get in your way. Overall this is a great game that has lots of creative ideas . 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
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4 years ago, Lilo&Stitch Stitch💙🌺
Good but there’s a few small tweaks
Yes this is a very good app. Yes I would recommend it to people. I mean I tell all my friends about it. But there are some things I would like you to change one big thing is it “ puts you into battles” and takes your trophies while you’re gone. Or it gives you more. I play it everyday but when I log on it says like “ attack report 20 trophies were gone while you were gone.” I NEED TO SLEEP SOME TIME’S EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SLEEP!!!!! I only sleep for 9 hours or less some times I sleep for more than 9 hours but that’s very rare. Also this isn’t that big but some people can’t afford to buy diamonds. so could you maybe give people more diamonds? It’s just a little problem for me but some people can’t afford it especially during these hard times. Also back to the trophy thing you should only let these people who play it fight in the battles. Because your not battling and your not giving the dragons everything they need! Some dragons are level 25 and your only 10 or 15 that’s not a fair battle and your battling robots and your not even there. So please consider doing these things. And people reading this it’s a really good and fun app to play. I just don’t really like the trophies going away because of a fake battle and the diamonds are not that big of a deal I would just like to see that change Please and Thank you!
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5 years ago, Teona2005
Awesome Game! Good Job!
This is an amazing game. It’s very fun. I can’t even stop playing it. Your doing an amazing job with the game. I really like the efforts you put into it. Just one thing. Can you make the amount of food to feed for the Dragon decrease because when I look at how much I have to feed my dragon to make it level up to the next level it’s kinda too much. For example I want one of my heroic dragons to level up to level 25 but I need to feed it 66,000 tomatoes which is kinda too much. In Monster Legends the amount of food to feed the monster to the next level is very low which is fair. It’s only takes about 2,000-3,000 tomatoes to feed it all the way to level 30 which is good but why in this game you have to feed it a lot of tomatoes? Isn’t it better to feed it a low amount to get it to the next level easier like in Monster Legends? I’m just saying since I’m kinda having a hard time with this problem. I always have to grow a lot of food in my farms just to have enough for my dragon to eat to get it to the next level. Can you please fix this problem if you are able to please. It just annoys me since it’s too much food to feed a dragon to the recommended level in arenas and other battles. If you can then that’s good. Thank you! Good job and keep up the great work. :D
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5 years ago, GAbachman
Love it!
I just love dragon city and I just wish everyone for DragonCity as much as I do I've been playing DragonCity for a year now and I love it everyone who is reading this why don't you just check it out and I really hope you have fun was it a has the best experience you could ever have you can bring new dragons and you can have a new dragons you can have a Lotta things it's just the best experience in the world so if you're reading this I really want you to check it out because I know some people like to read the reviews and it's just like if the people who read the reviews on I like people who can't have them I am so sorry but it doesn't cost any money I am you should all check it out who are reading this I don't care if you're a boy or a girl you just check it out I can't gives I keep saying it because what I want everyone to check it out because it's really fun so everyone just like check it out have fun are you can you can I see some friends you can see some friends world you are you could have one fine you can send messages to your friends and you will have so much fun you might want to read all this so yeah I would actually recommend keep going like this is the best game ever everyone should check it out so if you're reading this you should check it out
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10 months ago, DungeonMaster27
The siren race.
I love the game to say the least. Almost every function in the game is fun. The battles, the breeding, the adorable dragonets. Though, I have a problem with the game, the heroic siren game. I spent at least a hour everyday grinding when I found out this glorious dragon was out, and I set out to make it mine. I made it to the fourth race and I was looking forward to having a new heroic, having none, I was joyed. The clock timed out when I was stuck on a quest, gathering food. For my ten farms I only got one item for every harvest, each harvest taking 30mins, I tried my best. I had made it to the slot right before the 5th lap, and I was so close to getting the dragon I longed for. But then, it ended, all torn away from me way the dragon, and the 100 gems I had invested into the game. I am beyond sad about this, and I ask for someone to make this right, I spent hours and hours, only to get the same finish as someone whom didn’t even start the race. I beg you dragon city, I beg you. Other than that, the game is AWESOME, I really LOVE the game. I played it on the first device I could download it on. This may be a new account, but I have played dragon city on two other accounts both reaching level 20s as-well. This game is awesome and I would recommend it to ever has access to this wonderful game! I just hope for your sake, what happened to me won’t happen to you. Thanks for reading.
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3 years ago, coloralots
Too many pop ups every time opening game on mobile
Way too many pop ups every time entering the game on mobile. Every time I open it, be it to go gather food or collect gold or hatch an egg, I have to no lie cause I just counted dismiss 13 pop ups. I can see them popping up once a day and the player being given the option of no longer seeing this pop up for the day, but there is no option for that. It takes me longer closing each pop up each time then it does for what I actually went it to do on the game. I had left playing this game for 3 years. Because they had started to do insane amounts of pop ups. I came back thinking surely they would have fixed it by now, nope they haven’t. These pop ups are just very distracting and ruins the game. No one wants to go through 13 pop ups just to get into the game to do what they need to. At least make an option that you can turn the pop ups off until the next day. Other games can do this so it can be done. Honestly I don’t even think you need the ridiculous amount of pop ups since everything they say is on the scrolling part to the right. Just do something with the ridiculous amount of pop ups as it ruins the game experience and I had stopped play before because of them and will again. Which is a shame since it’s a very enjoyable game, but this many pop ups every time I enter the game multiple times a day has got to stop
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5 years ago, holystarbutt
I HATE IT just joking I love it I love all the dragons they look awesome and you can collect new stuff but the one thing I don’t like is that I wish you did not only get one breeding egg Area it is boing you have to watch wate lisen it’s like stabbing ur self a Thousand times /:ya but all but that it is pretty good I like it well have to go see ya soon lol just joking heck no I will tell you more and tell me what else you want me to talk about OK if you want to :3 and I love cookies 🍪 lol just saying:3 yummy 😋😜😋😂😂😂😂sorry back to what we were talking about so it haves another bad thing so how long it takes for the dragons eeg to hatch is different for each dragon 🐉 it is knobs of annoying 😑😑😑 and boring just wat and wat and eat and eat then finily it’s done yay ya that’s oonying sadly 😂 Life with this game is hard and not hard ya lol lol lol hahahahaha😁😜😜😝😝😝😝😝😝sorry but I just like putting amojes lol that’s funny I am spelling words wrong am I sorry just kind of being fast be couse we mite have to go to a place so sorry if you can’t read I’m a bad speller sometimes 😝 🍪🥪🍮🍭🥜🧁🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩ya I love sweets sorry that I keep saying sorry it just a haberdashery lol 😂🏀⛸well bye see you soon I guess you all awesome 👏🏻:3 ya you are well bayyyyyy bayyyyyyy lol see ya🛹🏋🏻‍♀️🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥈🥉🎤🎧🤹🏻‍♀️byeeeeee(;(;bye 🎤🎬
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5 years ago, Newcat47
Great game if they would fix Mobile to match the tablet version
The green house only works 3 hours a Day can’t be refreshed and mobile version is awful especially since I play getting / breeding dragons for my grandsons when they aren’t here ( two different tablets and my phone ) after playing on the tablets , my one grandson asked to finally put it on my phone ( if course I gave in) at 4 he’s already disappointed at the one on my phone there’s no thing to watch videos to earn rewards no games you can attach to get gems like the tablet version an he’s a already got a nature dragon and it’s saying he does so he can’t do battle 😐😡 I’ve written several times to the support system with no help ! And if you on the mobile version get an Ice habitat then you can use it till you get 3 friends or pay 6 diamonds with two stupid smiley faces hovering above it ! He was upset I just took the phone and deleted the ice dragon!! At my age no one is playing this and at my grandson age he doesn’t need friends to interact with on this game ! Three of us play it’s a great way to talk about what’s going on what new breeds I made an genuinely have quality time interacting with them safely on the internet!! I know what they are doing on it ! So if anyone reads this please help ! I’m 58 an enjoy this with my boys .... but to the point of erasing it off my phone ! It’s supposed to be fun not nerve wrecking! I could be your support system !
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3 years ago, #LOVEGACHALIFE
if u like dragons get this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dragon city is a very cool,fun, and amazing game! for all u dragon lovers out there, this is our game! im a big fan of wof soooooo, bam, dragon city=YAAASSSSS. u can collect dragons, feed dragons, name dragons, collect resources and much more. so if u love dragons this is ur game Dear Editors of Dragon City, im a big fan of ur game but my friend had an idea, wht if we could trade dragons for resources or other dragons or vice vrica. this could be better cuz some peeps cant pay 4 gems, (plus breeding and hatching and growing food takes forever! not that im complaining.) this would be a great update idea 4 future plays. but maybe there could be a certain level for it like the alliance. plus, u could trd alliance members. so tht way its not random. kinda like trding orbs expect resources and dragons. u could also make sure tht people cant scam eachother by putting this is not a fair trd, u sure u want to do it. and there could be where u hav to wait 15 secs before u can accept. and decline could always be available. and if people arent online in ur alliance and u trd them, u could say, hey this person is not online, pls try again later. u dont hav to do this but this is a great idea. just an idea to make ur game better in my and my friends opinion. Ur biggest fan, SpiritFox
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4 years ago, someone annonamous
It’s okay, but not anymore.
When I first started the game, it was amazingly fun! I have probably been playing for 2 to 3 years now. But lately, it’s been getting boring, and a lot of things really ruin the aspect of the game. The developers add more different kinds of dragons, and most of them look like random stuff that looks so bad I don’t even know what I’m looking at. First of all, it looks like they’re just mixing dragons with random stuff(I’m not exaggerating) like motorcycles, batteries, water bottles, etc. they aren’t even thinking about what they make the dragons look like. They are everyday stuff and just putting it on a dragon. Another thing is that it’s super hard to get a lot of legendary dragons. Most of the legendary dragons are on limited time, meaning you can only obtain them for less than like 3 days. But you can buy them whenever you want, but you have to spend thousands of gems just to get some. And if you’re like me and you don’t waste your time spending money on games, then this game is SUPER FRUSTRATING. Pretty much the only way to get gems is if you get a gem tower and you only get one a day, but you have to press a button to get it, it doesn’t automatically give you gems everyday. So, in the end DONT GET THE GAME.
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4 years ago, Pink 187
Dragon City
I love this game, Not many older people may like it who are in their teens or higher, but that depends on what types of stuff they like. When you first go on the app, there are lots of adds you have to exit out of every time you go on, but after that, it’s an amazing app. There are so many dragons to collect, and breeding to figure out what you get next is very cool. Then you hatch the eggs in the hatchery and they turn out as cute dragons that you feed to level up. Like I said, there are SO many dragons, and it’s very cool to breed and breed till you have lots of variations of them. You keep leveling up, you keep getting new dragons. You also get to fight, and win battles, to get dragons. Some of them, you have to have certain elements in the dragons, showing you to breed and breed till you have it right, or keep breeding these dragons and get different eggs till you get it right. There are quests that you can win dragons too, and gems or food, and gold. You have to unlock cages sometimes and get these coins to move them on the board and when they reach the end, you get that dragon. There is a race event, where you have to complete tasks and when you make a lap around, you get gems and other cool prizes. This is a very amazing game, I do recommend it for you. Have a nice day guys! :)
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3 years ago, TophatHeaded
A Beautiful Game! Along with some ideas.
This game...it barely has a word to describe it other than wonderful. All the dragons are unique, ‘hard-to-get-but-well-worth’ boosts from the towers, and a reason to collect to become the ultimate dragon master (as you say). But I do have some ideas regarding the ancient world, maybe you could add towers that are harder to earn in the ancient world (for example, you could have 5-10 tower floors to give you a helpful boost like Miridian’s boost but with platinum, lower the cost of platinum to shape gems, etc.), and the weird stone building on the right of Ancient World Hub Island (Island in Middle) could be another building like an observatory to look at the sky to find stars and constellations of ANCIENT zodiac dragons which could be connected if you have enough platinum (make it a long timer so it balances price to connect and reward of connection along with the Ancient Zodiac Dragons having different elements than than the Basic Zodiac Dragons), you can decide what to do with the arch on the left of Ancient World Island Hub (perhaps another world at level 50 with odder dragon types?). Anyways, love your game, hope there is plenty more in the future as improvements are made and concepts are expanded, and have a great time.
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2 years ago, SeaShantiesAndWoodfires
Fun but to much work.
I first got Dragon city and it was the best I was playing it for like hours until I decided I played it for too long so I wanted to play some other games for like hours and then a few months later I opened up the game again and then I saw it had been running while I was still playing other games it wasn’t too bad though so I thought it would be OK I collected all my gold and tomatoes and it was okay until a few months later or a year later I opened it up again because I wanted to play and then I saw every square inch of my iPad have been turned into things I couldn’t see anything I can barely see the breeding place and I couldn’t even really see the battle place so yeah and I don’t want that to happen to other people I don’t want them to think it’s OK to for the game to be running when you’re not there and I don’t want them to get tricked into thinking it’s OK and then like about a year later I don’t know what to say it’s just full of things every square inch personally I can’t find anything there even if I try to find my way somewhere I can barely ever do it and I have tried to collect all my gold and things but they just it’s just so hard to find my way so please can you fix the game so that’s not like that thank you for reading my note and thank you for reading everyone else’s thank you!
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2 weeks ago, FiFi Foo t
Would totally play this great game five star
This game is good for dragon lovers if you like dragons then this is the game for you. You don’t like dragons then you might not like it, but you can breed dragons make new dragons and I just got a new dragon and guess what it’s a pedal dragon you can get that one easily by breeding your two most good dragons so you can breed the two dragons you get the common ones are the most ones you can breed to get the pedal dragon I mean only the brown and the fire breathing one are the most ones to do you have to do those to get the pedal dragon and I got a new dragon today and it’s so cool it actually matches with the Pfizer breathing dragon and it might be the baby of it. I was really excited to play this game at first, but I saw I didn’t buy it but the game is free and I got it and I was like wow this is a good game at first. I was like maybe not this game, but I like this actually this game is actually so cool and then I played it for like an hour and then I just like I didn’t know what to do but he was awesome. I love it and it was great. Totally recommend this for your four year old or five year old age recommend this for lovers kids. I love this game and I hope you guys like it too and like the game.
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2 years ago, Libby Liker
A good game but G E M S (and p2w)
I am giving 4 stars for effort. Okay a GOOD GAME socialpoint! But I’m listing problems. 1. Gems. Ooooooo look! I can summon electric titan dragon! Oh no it’s 2 days! I can’t wait! Aw man I need money..... / so social point make gems easier to get ok? 2. Heroic races. So guys... right now there is a heroic race for high queen joadything ( I forgot the name lol) and there’s this guy that’s on LAP 9! Okay I’ll never beat that. Y’know how he got there? He spent m o n e y! 💸💸💸3. Leagues. Oh look! There’s a guy that’s a lower lvl than me! I’m gonna win! *goes into battle* WHA HOW there’s a high chronos dragon lvl 35 A+! * gets all 3 dragons killed* DEFEAT☠️. What just happened?Okay those are my complaints about dragon city ! I hope u guys like DC! 😀bye! - gold oh also social point pay attention to other reviews and the main prob is gems ok so protest against GEMS 💎 - ok an update. this is a longggggg time after. the game is basically now called “SPEND MONEY CITY! (OP POG DRAGON! ONLY ♾ MONEY!)” SOCIAL POINT ADD CONTENT NOT CASH GRAB EVENTS U BOZO YOULL GET MORE P2W THAN ROBLOXXXXXXXXX OK so i now get totally mobbed by p2w players that get even better since they win everything. everyone else just dies instantly in multiplayer events. the only good thing is its so addictinggggggggggg. But to be honest, it kinda gets boring after a while. i played for about 5 months. bai!
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3 years ago, JoK3rMVP
Dragon TV prizes are frustrating.
I love this game. I play it everyday, but the fact that the developers dangle these orbs of high level dragons locked inside a chest at the end of watching all 15 ad videos is frustrating, only compounded by the frustration that when you finally watch all of your videos, the chance of getting food for your dragons is actually higher than the chance of nabbing the small number of orbs of these high powered dragons. For example, I just had the chance of getting orbs for the High Light Dragon, I watched all the videos to obtain all of the Maze coins(which was nice). I finished all of the videos thinking I would get some orbs for a high powered dragon, not even the one advertised, because I know chances are slim anyway, but instead I got the stupid bundle of food. Just give us the orbs instead of putting the food bundles in those chests. It’s frustrating, and a little disheartening when we watch all of those videos only to be given food. Like I said, I love this game, it’s totally deserving of the 5 star rating I gave it, and I understand it is free to play, so I sit through all of the ad videos. The chance to obtain these high powered dragons is hard enough to get to though.
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2 years ago, Mira_Madness
Recommend! A bit of advice.
So, I have been playing this game for a while now, on my father’s iPad. I got a phone for the first time around three years ago, and I felt that I wanted to play dragon city on my phone now, also because my father’s iPad is an extremely old model. Because of this, it does not have all the sign in options. Needless to say, I usually sign in with my Apple account, but I am not able to because the sign-in option never made it’s way to his iPad. I don’t want to make a whole Facebook account just to save and transfer, so I am requesting a sign-in option with player ID. It could be two-step authentication, where you sign in onto the new device with your ID and have to confirm it’s you on the old device. This would be easy and very helpful. Other than that, I find the heroic races far too difficult. It’s just an event for grinders, and I don’t have time for that. Combat can also be a little irritating. I wish it was more strategic/more equal fights. I constantly find myself fighting against heroic dragons in the arena and in local battles, which frustrates me because I don’t have one and they are way OP. Those are my only requests, I hope you take them into consideration.
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6 years ago, Missing????
Great Game - Much Too EXPENSIVE To Play
If you are looking to start playing this game, do yourself a favor, DON't. Find another game to play from a different vendor. This game is Ridiculously Expensive for all of the in-app purchases. You won't get very far without spending $150 +. Since I am at level 73, I was very excited when I saw there were new islands, and more habitats available. I was disappointed that the number of farms has not increased. When I looked at the new pricing, my jaw dropped. Horribly disappointed in the new pricing for habitats, and newly available islands with the new version. The prices for everything has been going up, up, up, in this game. I know you need to make money, but the new pricing will likely put a lot of players out of the game. I will probably look for another game that isn't constantly asking ridiculous prices to advance in the game. If I continue to play Dragon City, I will play with the dragons, islands, and habitats I currently have acquired. I will only play with the gems I earn. If you don't have customers, you don't have a business, so please consider bringing the prices to a more reasonable level. As long as this type of business model continues, you will not see another penny from me until you resume treating your players as valued customers. I already considered it an expensive game to play, this new pricing is way off base.
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5 months ago, I like turtles🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
Great Game But Crazy Offers
This is a good game, been playing since Facebook release but it’s definitely now a big money grab and some offers are scams. Sometimes you get an offer of 150 for 2-3$ the next day you’ll get an offer of 200 gems for 10$. Prices are random in a way to try and steal money from certain social classes in my opinion. What used to be a long grind to get good dragons has now just become a pay to win game. And ever since social point was bought by Take-Two Interactive, what used to be a fair time window in between big game game changing drops have steadily been shrinking to squeeze more money quicker into their pockets in shorter amount of time. Example: newly added features such as Rush events in arena modes used to be a weekly thing until Take-Two realized how how much in-game currency was being spent by pay-to-win players during said event had turned it into a practically daily event. The game is broken now but I still play for the nostalgia of my childhood, but I’ll give Social Point and Take-Two credit from business stand point… they know how to squeeze the most out of every last dollar from their players which has been slowly ruining the experience.
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3 years ago, ivygarden
Love this game! , but needs improvements
The game is fun and addictive, I play it everyday. i love collecting all the dragons and going through the process of breeding, making the eggs and hatching them. I love that this game has so many small games to play within one game, so when you can no longer play one thing such as arena battles there are still more opportunities to battle, and the mini limited time games make the game interesting and keep you on your toes. But with all the battling opportunities i would like to train my dragons to get more powerful moves, but there is only one dragon allowed at a time to train, it would be awesome it was able to train more dragons at once. also when i try to get into the game it takes forever to load and sometimes crashes and if you’ve done a big thing or made a purchase before it crashes then after it crashes it will get rid of the thing you purchased(only in game currency) but it doesn’t give you your money or item back. but on the good side the game gives you many opportunities to give you gems and gold and tokens throughout playing, even just doing daily collecting gold and food. but it doesn’t give you your real money back. but all in all this game it awesome and worth your play! :)
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6 years ago, Kfcncjdndndn
This game is one of the best I’ve played but obviously there’s something that aren’t great. For example, all speed-ups are either a video or gems and usually it’s gems but gems are decently hard to get if you don’t spend two dollars for a measly 25 gems which gets you basically no where or spending a whopping one-hundred dollars for 1,700 gems which gets you somewhere but is ridiculously overpriced. This game is full of overpriced things and lots of greed almost everything costs money. It’s hard to get somewhere without spending gems especially if you’re as impatient as me. It would be ever so helpful if you maybe more things such as speed-ups for breeding cost coins instead of gems and in-app purchases were more reasonably priced. I know you need to make money but this is just unreasonable. This isn’t one of the top problems I have with this game, but it would be great if this game had a way to turn coins into gems like 1,000 coins for 1 gem. Also why aren’t heroic dragons breed able it’s just dumb heroic races are so complicated and I never have enough time to waste on completing the tasks for them while also trying to breed, hatch dragons, and win league and arena battles. I hope in future updates you will stop being so greedy for money and start caring about your customers enjoyment.
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4 years ago, HazelBinx
A GINORMOUS Thanks!!!😊
Hey Dragon City! First off THANK YOU for the dragon skins! I’ve been trying to collect dragons who had them and all of a sudden I just get a gift chest with two AMAZING skins in them!!🤩 Secondly, I wanted to write a reveiw for this game to tell you how great your game is! It brings back childhood memories of me and my cousin going over to my grandmother’s house and playing this game. This game has always been there, and it will never fade away! So, just keep doing amazing things in Dragon City and I, along with the rest of the Dragon City community will always have your back! (Unless I have to use money which I probably can not spend😅) P.S.- I do have one teenie weenie suggestion. Again, you don’t have to even consider this, it’s just a suggestion. But it would be nice if you gave the rest of the “singular typing” dragons a makeup like you did for the nature dragon, terra dragon, star, and flame dragon. What I mean by “singular typing” dragons is, the dragons that have only one element, like the flame, sea, and terra dragons. So to sum it up, I think it would be cool to spruce up some other dragons’ looks! P.P.S- Also please add more skins soon! I think my favorite so far is the “Golden Flame” skin for the flame dragon. But I’m eager to collect them all!!! -sincerely, Me
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4 years ago, Alamae O'brien
Best Dragon Game I’ve Ever Played!
What I love most about this game is that it helps you create sources of food. As long as you start upgrading and reserving your gold for habitats and the food greenhouse as well as the farms you can raise several dragons until there level 25 then you can level one at a time with a little patience for your food to restock through harvesting and are not forced to buy anything if you dont want too. They also give you dragons and resources through checking in daily and through events which really helps. Theres so many amazing things about this game I love vs my pc version. On there im stuck with not being able to make enough food and so my dragons havent been leveled. But this game is amazing because you can level the class of your dragon just by playing it! Making it stronger. You have so many ways to make your dragon the best! You can train it, level it or sumply play it in all three battle types of pvp! And it will get stronger. Love that! Anyway im running out of character room but if you love dragons and combat with a unique game design this is for you! Amazing game! Everyone should try it to at least level 12 to get a good idea about the and get out of the tutorial half. Peace dragon friends.
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4 years ago, RadFabTabulous
League battles can go frick itself
I hate this alteration of Pokémon. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the game is bad, and I have nothing against the creators, but it was definitely designed to make you rage, unless you spend money on it. Constant, over repeating events keep going on. Some of them are practically un-winnable, some of them are just match-3 puzzle games for somewhat useless loot, and some are the races. My gosh, the races. You need to do all these things just to do well in them. And I don't mind spending 10 minutes waiting on food to collect, or waiting for gold to be produced, but the league battles are the spawn of the devil. Not only do you get three available battles at a time (which is too small of an amount), but you the majority of your opponents have the most OP, heroic (the strongest), and deadly dragons they could possibly get. You don't know who you're fighting unless you use an attack to initiate a battle, and there are no refunds to backing out of a battle. The only indication of an opponent you get is their character level. This feature is rigged for people who don't want to spend money (again, I don’t have anything against the developers, mainly because this is probably the way they get their paychecks). If you’re willing to spend money on this game, be my guest and play. You might enjoy it. But if you’re planning on going the free route, good luck, bud. You’re definitely going to need it.
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