Dragon King:Fish Table Online

4.6 (2.9K)
359.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dee Dee Fun (Thailand) Company Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dragon King:Fish Table Online

4.62 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
2 years ago, CajunBrat
Better than the REAL table game!
This game is great, i love it! it is way better than being at the real table game, this game has the bonuses and has great in-app coin pay outs. I dont think that winnings of a monetary value are offered here, and if it is- then i havent seen anything about it yet. However, if you want to play for real cash on the fish table games, this is a great training tool. Learn and goof u here and it doesnt cost u a penny! then go to the real tables to play for real cash, you'll have a better experience and may even win a little cash! Good Luck to all!
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7 months ago, Rustygoat1
Game is pretty good!
Ok I have been playing fish table games for about a year now. Dragon King has great graphics and easy to use ( no ads straight forward packs to buy). The odds of winning are a little kinda low in a way. You can and will hit jackpots in this game. But if you get a little greedy you can lose it very fast like most games I understand that. If you ever lose all your coins it can be hard at times to rebuild. Overall yes it is fun.
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2 years ago, bambamgoesrawr
Dragon casino
The game has great graphics an is awesome when you tend to spend all your money on similar games but that aren’t for fun this will keep you entertained during the times you are trying to save money but still get that thrill that the gave gives you of excitement .
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6 months ago, dopeelok
Dope reviews
It’s a good pastime game , I likening the graphics a lot I like the way it doesn’t disturb any other information or storage information how it doesn’t mess with it . I would just recommend that they make a way to cash out my only thing with this and maybe emphasis of the characters what I mean is as in the weapons they use I commend the makers of this game on those transitions from the weapons they utilize , how it goes from one to another the soothe ness of the game as well .
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2 months ago, TeeMonie80
Waste of money
I actually fell in love with this game in the beginning. So much that I started spending my money just to play. It’s now to the point that I can’t catch a boss at all! For instance just yesterday I spent around 300 bucks on this game and couldn’t catch anything. It’s not like this is the real fish tables and I’m cashing out. So to make it impossible to catch anything is just a money grab at this point. Just lost a loyal customer. I spend too much money on this game to not be able to enjoy playing.
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1 year ago, jadah lopez
This is my favorite game to play when I’m bored or not feeling good
This game is soooo sooo sooo fun and cool you can shoot things and level up it’s amazing I have no complaints nothing it makes me distracted when I’m scared of the dark or monsters going to get me nah butomg my favorite gameeee ever downloaded it and no adds while your pls
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2 years ago, Dragon King Group Holdings LLC
This is a game that I recommend everyone passes the time away it also keeps you from spending a lot of money I really enjoy the graphics and a lot of the incentives at the games give
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3 years ago, j.m.t.brother
Dragon king
This game is fun, haven’t found out yet if you can cash out or if it’s even possible to get anything out of it but, I hope there is a way. I need money. Also if I can get some social justice my car was stolen, maybe everyone can help me out with a fundraiser like they did for that nice old man when his scooter broke. Thank you much love.
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4 years ago, Retired Babaero
Major Glitch STEALS Coins
I liked this game until I found a major glitch. By playing the slot machine I was able to get a pretty large amount of coins, but once I entered any of the other rooms, my coin count dropped nearly in half. This happened three times with the most recent dropping my coin count from 74 million to 38 million. I reported it to customer service, but they refused to acknowledge this issue. Because I actually paid for coins on numerous occasions with real money, this constitutes THEFT! DO NOT SPEND ANY $ ON THIS GAME BECAUSE THEY WILL STEAL IT BACK AND DENY IT AND YOU WILL HAVE NO AAY TO PROVE IT!!!
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1 year ago, TayeTaye80
Not worth my time…
In the beginning you will win, after that you won’t have big wins until you make a purchase! Then you’ll find yourself losing again. Also if you win enough money to get past the beginners stage, they will auto select medium. When you go into the medium stage the only bets that win are the beginner stage bets (6k and under). Just not worth my time when there are other apps that play better. Best of luck to everyone!
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2 years ago, Bloody ju
Awesome game
It’s the best I’ve ever played and the graphics are off the charts ,but the game would be a lot better if there were more fish table games and more upgrades and weapons.
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1 year ago, Shtikabell
Dragon head/ balls
Was playing fine this morning and getting the dragon heads when I hit the big fishes etc. Played later on and only got the pink dragon heads. Don’t think this is normal since I seen other players getting their dragon heads and not to mention I feel like I missed out on the tournament big time. Is there an explanation as to why I wasn’t awarded dragon grades heads all of a sudden?? **** I was only being awarded tickets, skills, bullets, and pink dragon heads.
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11 months ago, Dragon King review
Dragon King
Awesome app. Love the game. Enjoy playing very much. It’s been the closest to getting to play the real table that I’ve been able to find. The only thing that could make it better is if it were for real cash!!
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1 year ago, keytj
It was perfectly fine before the maintenance last night. Now the app won’t even stay open long enough for me to login before it crashes and I have to reopen it. I deleted and reinstalled in last night after the maintenance but now it’s doing it again.
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2 years ago, Tree1626
Ratings from treopia
I feel like I am at the casino in my home just because I play this same game when I do go to the casino period
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3 years ago, Bula09
Makes me want to Gamble
As the title says this game makes me want to gamble, it is very addicting but it kills time like no other. Hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as I am.
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1 year ago, lurley41
Great job
I absolutely love the graphics and you are able to earn stuff unlike other games…
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3 years ago, the realkoolaid
Love it
I love this game this game is very awesome it’s like doing the real thing at a real camera so my question is when is it going to be a time where actual money like Foreal
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6 months ago, Will12324
Honestly this is a great game.
Love the fish tables on this game. Very realistic and pay outs are great. The slots aren’t so great, played for probably over a year and never got a bonus on the buffalo slot.
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2 years ago, DIRTY DIRTY DDD
I love this game, took me a minute to realize we’re not it was actual money or not. But once I realize there was no money at all, I fell in love with it and realized it’s beneficial to my bank account
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1 year ago, topdasher0512
Dragon king
This game is really fun to play, however, since this last update, I can login and as soon as it starts downloading the “additional space” it needs, it just crashes. I then delete the app, and reinstall, just for it to keep doing the same thing! It’s so frustrating! Ugh!
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4 years ago, HackBenjamin
Not bad but why
Why is it basically forcing me to use my gems I got with a purchase that I wanted to save for a new cannon to upgrade the level on the cannon I’m using. Brings up a box saying gems are overflowing well yeah I want a different cannon. And ya have no choice since ya can’t do anything like close the box or anything till you upgrade till your outta gems
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1 year ago, ljphilhenry
Stopped working today
I’ve been playing this game for a while. It’s great!! However today when I logged on it said “a game patch must be downloaded to continue “ so I clicked ok and it downloaded. Since then the game won’t open!
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3 years ago, All4maria
Everyone loses!
Yes, it is a fun game for a while. You find yourself winning plenty of points. Till you reach the 200 mark, you find not too many fish pop anymore, so you start losing it all eventually. On the fish game there are too many pop ups during playing that will block the screen, therefore you can’t shoot.
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3 years ago, B33.33
Rip off
I’ve been playing this game for awhile...it’s very addicting and today, I’ve bought over a $100 in coins, and no good kills, no specials, nothing! I honestly think the creator(s) knows who their paying players are, and somehow allows them to lose so ppl like myself will continue to keep buying coins. Deleting this game! I do not recommend at all!
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2 years ago, MsTNix
Dragon King
This is a fun fast playing game. I also agree with the other reviewer it does help with my gambling addiction to the fish game and I can play on my phone anytime.
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3 years ago, Genialoveya
How to drop a bullet to kill the boss
Tje game itself is very fun and addicting lol but there is no button to drop the bullet on tje boss im not sure why but you giys should definitely add a button to drop a bullet.
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1 year ago, Davia 73
Scam fake!!
This game had me addicted at first, for a few months and now it locks me out by changing my user number to start all over, saying i need to bind to facebook or by glitching in the middle of the game. I guess i should be glad i never spent my money on it but then, that’s probably why im locked out. Apple should really take this unfair game down!
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1 year ago, Wh!zzKh!dd
Great Game
Helps with your actual fish table addiction I enjoy it. There’s minor bugs but to the developers I’m sure you guys on top of it
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1 year ago, Jacob2xx
Needs to be easier to win bosses to hard
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3 months ago, albbnc
Game is great!!
I absolutely had no idea what I was doing and the game was super easy to understand and I am so happy to be enjoying this game!!
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3 years ago, LDFL97
Games won’t load in
Love the game, but after this recent update I can’t play at all. Every game stops loading in at around 70%. After that it just stops loading all together. Please fix it devs!
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3 years ago, Butterfly41481
Love this game
I’ve always had a blast playing this game. I like bird versions too. It is just like the one at the game room tables!
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1 year ago, Ayedam
Great game
Love this game it’s a awesome way to pass time and not spend money. But I wish their were more events . Please add more fishing games
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3 months ago, bbbbbbbbhbbb
I’ve been getting cheated out of my wins after getting one set of dragon balls I’m not getting any more dragon balls for the even no matter how many I kill I just keep getting rockets how can I compete when I’m getting rugged it’s ruining the whole game for me
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3 years ago, lilbitti
Go to
Now that skills games is ban in my area it’s been on line and this one is my go to so many different games and addicting
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1 year ago, Lovee Lavita
Mary C
I love this something told me not to but I updated it anyhow now I can’t even play it. The screen comes up to load then it shut down WTH
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4 months ago, rmclah61895
So far is fun
It’s fun fast paced and keeps you entertained but I don’t think there’s any kind of payout’s or anything
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2 years ago, ijvgvivuvkhobh
Love this app
Such a good game. Much better than all the other apps I’ve tried.
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2 years ago, Lil miss sunshine 19
We’ll until I read a review
I was wondering if I got money from this but then I read a review and no I don’t I guess not as fun for sure :( at least some gift cards or something
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1 year ago, diesha24
Game keep closing me out of the board while I’m playing then steals my coins after I built them up game used to be fun now it’s really ANNOYING. Didn’t start closing me out the game until I got over 100,000,000 coins now the game is force closing everytime I try to play. Will NOT BE DOWNLOADING this game again!!
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1 week ago, Tranhulk
It’s pretty to compete other country and have fun. I like it very addictive to be other country.
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3 years ago, yemn mello
This game is so convenient and definitely one everyone should download
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2 years ago, miyahgc1278
Need to this
I’m new to world of gambling this shows me how to play when gambling on real slots
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3 years ago, kid_kriss35
This game make my life so much worth more living for. Specially when I’m trying to kill time. ^_^
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2 years ago, teddylocs
Dragon king
I wanna say the game is awesome I love play fish games and when I can’t afford it t you guys are awesome with earning free coins 12kingbear11
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2 years ago, cjd95stayfree
I like it keep me entertained and ilove just having something good too play on iPhone
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2 months ago, Queen of Diamondzz
The glitch in the game
The game is cool but when I am in certain tables it keeps kicking me out making me loose all of my power ups and money I have won. I frustrated me so bad I just uninstalled the whole game
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1 year ago, Anonymously 1978
Fun fun fun
It’s a fun game. To bad we can’t gamble real money on it though. That would be even better.
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8 months ago, Westrnwiggle
Game overall
I’m having a blast haven’t stopped playing since i opened tha app
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