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User Reviews for DRAGON QUEST VIII

3.82 out of 5
317 Ratings
6 years ago, Adamsbrew
Great game that would be more popular if updated
I never got around to playing the DQ series on NES or PS2, though the iOS version has definitely shown me what I’ve missed out on. Every bit as good as Zelda IMHO. The one major drawback, and something that could be so easy to fix — it’s a very clunky control system to play on iPads (especially iPad Pro) — at the very least, of you could make it where the directional pad is off to the left or right , it would turn this into a hand cramp magnet , into something that’s quite a pleasure to use. It would be just a minor update, taking less than an hour I imagine, yet could improve the experience drastically for gamers. I don’t mind that the orientation is stuck in vertical as much as some, but if you could fix that one gripe, I would be much more willing to invest in the other DQ games. DQ deserves every bit as much attention as the final fantasy series, and would benefit even more if you could eventually add MFI controller support, but at the very least, please adjust the position of directional controls .. maybe even add a dual joystick that appears where player puts thumbs, one for direction, the other, for camera. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Heavensno
Major Issues With Clarity Regarding Cloud Saves
This has been an absolute joke, I’ve played all weekend and try to synchronize save data which should just simply swap out whatever is the most recent save files between your device you’ve been playing on, and the cloud. However, this is not the case, and they make it very unclear as to what you’re supposed to do in order to not lose a weekend worth of save games! Does it make sense to deal with a system that doesn’t show you what kind of replacement file from the cloud you’re about about to get in exchange for your weekend worth of play? NO! I’ll be happy to give the fifth star back if square fixes this in an update, and that goes for all the other DQ titles with this problem. Some things are plain ruined by mobile.
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5 years ago, Miss Misnomer
Brilliant as ever, portrait mode a massive pain
DQ8 is easily the most visually gorgeous game in the franchise: vast open world, lovely attention to detail, cutscenes that ooze personality, and Toriyama’s iconic art style. This app continues the series tradition of extremely high-quality mobile ports—I’ve had no crashes, no lag, just smooth sailing all the way. My only complaint is that the fixed portrait mode, a longtime quirk of the mobile versions, becomes wildly annoying in ways it hasn’t been in the past. Previous games have all been top-down, so while the aspect ratio has always been a little restrictive it has never truly gotten in the way; however in this eighth installment even the ability to toggle the camera can’t make visibility any less like looking through a crack in a door and it makes navigating frustrating. I don’t know how big a job it would be to offer a landscape orientation, but it would be deeply appreciated.
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6 years ago, Tangx63
iCloud doesn’t work
I have been playing this game very casually for about 3 yrs now. Great game but now that I have a new iPhone X since my other one took a beating and does not fully work anymore. I cannot retrieve my old game save on the iCloud. Send tickets and nothing new really from what I have been reading from others with same problem. SE blames Apple and Apple blames SE. iCloud function used to work great for this game before and I noticed it stopped working roughly a year ago. I did not pay any real mind to it since I was not planning on a new phone then. Please fix this. A good amount of us paid full price for this when it can out such as myself which I believe was around $30. I also have every other dragon quest and final fantasy game you guys produced and all of their iCloud functions work perfectly fine. This is the only game where it doesn’t work from all of your titles I own. I’ve been a loyal customer when you were square soft and Enix apart since the late 80’s. Please fix. Thank you.
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6 years ago, midnightwiseman
Amazing update for iPhone X!!!
I’ve had this game for awhile and always have the bad luck of never being able to finish it. But since I got a newer iPhone I decided to start it up again, to my surprise a few days later there was a massive update taking full capabilities of the iPhone X models screen and processing power. Full screen support, amazing resolution, and even upping the FPS!!! If you’ve ever had a doubt on buying the game before on one of the X models you won’t be disappointed it looks and feels great! P.S. they also fixed the problem with the cloud saves. Thanks Square this was an awesome update long in the waiting, I hope you get a chance to do these kind of updates for most of your other games, people will definitely be glad to buy.😁👍
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8 years ago, Shibbyjibby
I like the minor changes. 3DS Soon.
I played the original PS2 version, and I really like the small changes made to the game. The "Auto-walk" is great so you're only moving the camera rather than constantly keeping the joystick forward with your finger. "Benediction" is removed, and EXP Needed is added into the "attributes" menu. Hero no longer turns Super Saiyan when in "Super High Tension"; kind of a bummer but it's alright, we still get the Magic Bikini. The new Menu UI is great, easy, and the directional joystick is adjustable to the Left/Center/Right positions, and in size. On iPad, I recommend joystick on the sides, and in Small; Center position for iPhone/Touch. **SPOILER**For those who played the original, "Alchemy" is now instantaneous rather than walking endlessly. These are just a few great changes. That being said, Nintendo 3DS has released the Japanese Remake, and soon for NA. New story scenes, maybe missions, and PLAYABLE CHARACTERS. As of now, I only know of 2 characters, maybe they've added more. I'm on my 3rd Run now, and despite the guides made for beating the game, how the characters ends up becoming is UP TO YOU. Choose your role!
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5 years ago, sirrayiv
Awesome Experience!
This game has a wonderful storyline, and well developed characters. It’s simplistic enough to for anyone to start playing, and yet complex enough to entertain even hard core gamers. The one let down that I have is that on the mobile app version of the game, the characters Voice’s have been removed, and everything is in text only. This is personally a huge disappointment for me, and I would really like to see the audio files added back to the game. It really helps players bond better with the characters and the storyline. Having said that, this is a game that you could play around the clock for weeks even months at a time, and it’s well worth every penny!
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3 years ago, Big Red 2001
Excellent game!
I just bought this gem and I haven’t really invested time in it for 5 years so revisiting this masterpiece is a great feeling. It looks great and runs smoothly for me (I’m using a iPhone XR) only downside is there is no voice acting which the PS2 port had but everything else is so amazing you pretty much forget about that. Everything is very easy to navigate once you get used to it and I’m so happy to have this game in my pocket or at home when I feel like playing a great RPG. I was pretty surprised to see this epic game on the App Store so it was a must have when I seen it. Definitely the best RPG I’ve ever played and would highly recommend for anyone who’s interested in the RPG genre.
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7 years ago, Gaara2003
Awesome game
I love this game, it's just like the PS2 Version, brings back so many memories, I'm so happy I can play the full game on my iPhone, there are a few differences that I wish was kept from the original, there is no voice acting in a Cut scene, just text and reading, 2nd I read that Hero no longer goes super saiyan when he is fully psyched up, that bit disappointed, I love that look special being a big DBZ fan, and a few other small changes here and there, other then that, I love the game and will continue to play it 😊 Maybe if there are any updates coming can make Hero go super saiyan again, that would be awesome, thank you 🙂
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8 years ago, Titusofthegiants
One of the Best
I've never been that interested in DQ but now that I've played this I'm starting to build my Fandom for DQ I downloaded this because I heard shell shade graphics and I was thinking Zelda Wind Waker which is one of my Favorite RPGs/ Game ever. I don't get how this has an average of 3 stars. I see a lot of 5 star or 4 star I'd say it has an average of 4-4.5 stars. It's a good game either way especially on your iPhone for a lot less than the 3DS version I'm hoping for ports of 7 and 9 I can understand if you have not updated or you have a very old device but I have a 6S Plus and when getting past intro credits into game it works well.
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2 years ago, bo1563
Bad port of a great game
Aside from the missing voice overs, the game would’ve been playable had we not been stuck using portrait view. It makes the iPad screen so cramped that you get tunnel vision throughout what is supposed to be a visually expansive world. It completely ruins the game experience. Often times, you are awkwardly moving the camera angle to see where the hero is going. Swiping the camera angle so often also means you accidentally swipe to another app with the current iPad features. This makes the game annoying to play. For such an expensive game to purchase, you’d think they would want a better user experience. A landscape oriented screen would’ve made playing this port a much better experience on a tablet.
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3 years ago, Jimp.
Classic ps2 RPG
Came to review the iOS/mobile version. The game itself is a classic and not much else needs to be said on that note. Regarding the mobile port and borrowing from other reviewer’s common complaints, I am happy to report that I think the game runs fine on iPhone and the control system is absolutely OK. It is locked to portrait mode, but can at least set the thumb stick to center/right/left depending on personal prefs. Also updating to note that I love the old school soundtrack and don’t mind no voice acting at all. Playing on a 12 pro Max.
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4 years ago, be_like_waterSF48
Gov,! Fantastic!!
This great! DQ8 is my favorite in the series, it’s amazing that I can now play it when ever I have a chance since it’s always on my phone. I played this back on the ps2 days. Picked up the 3DS version when it came out, still play it when I have my 3DS on me (amazing port as well) but since I can’t be taking my 3DS with me around anymore like before so this is a awesome way to still have a way to play it. My only small complaint is that the voice acting is gone and that I can’t play in landscape mode but other then that it’s still a great port! 😎😁👍🙌. 5 stars ⭐️
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4 years ago, Arkngthand
Low Quality
Sadly, this game is but a shadow of it’s PlayStation 2 counterpart. The first thing I noticed from the title onward was how slow it looked. The game also lacks it’s magnificent musical score. The music dropped like a stone in its quality compared to the original PlayStation 2 version. This version of the game also isn’t even voice acted. I was expecting the same experience as I did back in the day, but it seems, like so many other ports of this game, that the only suitable way to enjoy this great game is on the PlayStation 2. I wish someone could finally port this game right. If you aren’t hung up on everything I just mentioned, by all means buy this game, but if you can’t get over everything this version is missing, save your money.
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4 years ago, Itsmenue
Glitched on the post game
This game is amazing and the most amazing part to me was the post game but instead of getting to play I got sent to Argonia after the credits and I couldn’t zoom or fly anymore .... so I thought ok let’s do it by foot and by boat and go kill rapthotne again and I do that and then got taken to the title screen to goto the saves to see it saved to after the battle and I got stuck in an endless loop of credits load repeat. And the worst part is I loaded an older game and lost alllllll the work I put in 55:67 . I paid a lot for this game and would of loved to play the post game through the end and I’m very disappointed in these bugs it needs to be fixed .
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8 years ago, Adman87
Amazing controls, great game, needs iCloud fix
Please fix iCloud functionality!! First off this is the best control scheme I've ever experienced in iOS. It's perfect to play in short bursts as well as long sessions. It utilizes the screen perfectly as you don't have to hands blocking it. I love the portrait mode as I feel having the phone in landscape mode is awkward and unbalanced. The game is also very fun, deep and beautiful. Can be A bit grindy at times but that's all part of Dragon Quest games. Please convert more games to this control scheme!!
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6 years ago, Rockmaster1990
iCloud save not working
I will change to 5 stars when the iCloud save feature is fixed because the game is worth 5 stars. Also, please add in controller support like you guys had for Final Fantasy 9. You have to stop making these games available on any App Store and completely ignoring the updates required to make them work correctly and or better. That is the fastest way for your company to lose its infamy. Speaking of, stop making terrible games and start making games that could match this one, Final Fantasy 7, 9, and 10. 12’s only good thing was it’s battle system. 13 was trash, 14 and 15 aren’t far behind it. Give us some good games with good stories that have a good balance please. No more garbage
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3 years ago, Renandlen2
Best throw back ever!
Thank yoy Square for putting this on here. I cant get this game ever becAuse its so expensive to get so much of a throw back. Even though i cant get voice acting. I still get Dragon Quest 8 running on my Iphone SE (2020). Quality is just like i remember from the PS2 Days “Might Even Load and Run Faster Now Actually”. Im so grateful. From the bottom of my heart as a child. Been a fan since the Nes Days. So im good with any kind of graphics i can get a hold of.
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5 years ago, kneecoleslawww
Overrated and repetitive
I purchased this game because it was highly recommended, but I was very disappointed. I am 19 hours in, at the town of Baccarat, and all I’ve managed to gather about the story is: the characters are chasing this guy, and once they catch him, he runs, and they have to track him down again. In between these dull events, is a million meaningless enemy encounters. It takes forever to do anything, and the soundtrack is also mediocre. There is nothing to like about this game. I tried to make myself like it, but it really is one repetitive, overrated game. Being that nearly all the Dragon Quest players agree that DQVIII is the best one, I do not see myself playing another Dragon Quest game ever again.
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6 years ago, KJ5252
New Update
I don’t know what all they did on this update (the first in two years) besides update the game to correspond with the iPhone X screen size, but they changed other stuff. The game runs so incredibly smoothly on my X now, it’s at least 30 FPS if not 60 constantly. If you have an iPhone X or newer I would greatly recommend this game. It’s always been a fantastic game, but with this newest update, they made it a fantastic port.
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6 years ago, Bradynt
Great Port One Big Bug
Seems to be great so far. The graphics are beautiful and the game play is smooth. Loading times are fast so overall great so far. One thing, the game crashes every time I try to check attributes. Nothing can be selected then my character can’t move and nothing works again until I close the game. If I just ignore that it’s overall solid but it would be great to get that fixed. 5 stars once that is fixed.
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4 months ago, Curtis R. Shideler
Best RPG Ever
This is the HD remake of the Japanese version of DQVIII translated into local languages. The music is not orchestral and there is no voice acting. But this is my favorite game ever and the iOS version is the first time I’ve ever played it. I highly recommend it for the music, story, and open world adventure in your pocket. The controls work well, even for just using one hand. And the graphics of this game have never looked better. I highly recommend this game, even in this mobile version. It’s my favorite game of all time. Try it out, fall in love with it, and then pick up the PS2 or 3DS versions to hear voices just like I did. And then keep playing it on iOS because it’s always there!
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3 years ago, Info_Sprinkles
This was a treat. ;)
I was very hesitant to to pay this much for a “mobile” game. I am glad I did my homework to find out that this App was not only a sufficient way to play the game… but a fantastic experience. I am not a fan of lengthy JRPG time with a handheld. An iPad is so much more versatile over a 3DS. I have young kids and we do a lot of retro gaming. The kids just loved looking over my shoulder to follow along on the story. We had a lot of fun talking about slimes, puff puff and plenty of crafting. I thought I would have a massive issue with touch controls. I was very wrong there. My only issue was not having the landscape mode work with the Apple Keyboard. Easy to get past… Hardware:2020 IPad Pro
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7 years ago, Jamlee2
It's more or less the same game as the original, with a few changes here and there. It's quite advanced for an app, with 3D graphics and an actual full ledge game, over 50 hours of you just try to speed run! Be warned though, you need a good amount of space (about a GB of space) and an iPhone 5 AT LEAST. The people who experience crashes probably have either no space, or under an IPhone 5, so you should be good eitherwise
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7 years ago, OhMyJigSaw
Best DQ game ever - Great iOS - iCloud needs fixing
Love the game. The port to iOS is really good. Love the portrait mode. The controls are fine. I recommend this game to anyone who likes JRPG games. The earlier DQ games are also good on iOS. One glitch is iCloud save does not work for me in this game, so I can't upload / download saves between my iPad and iPhone- bummer; I see this problem was reported before. Gave it 5 stars anyway as it is a great game.
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6 years ago, CaptainMorgansRum
Good but no cloud save.
Looks really good on my iPhone X! I wish cloud save was working so I could continue to play on my iPad 😟 the only other thing is I really wish there was an option to download the voice acting. I do really miss that from the old PS days. Other than that the graphics and the smoothness really make for a wonderful game!
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7 years ago, FrostyCamen
One of the best games of all time
I understand this game can be a total grind fest, but to me that has never taken away the fun and creativity of this game. I have probably played it 5-6 times all the way through between the ps2 version and mobile and I still love it. The story, the missions, and the combat is just amazing. 100% recommend if you even remotely like turned based combat!
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8 years ago, Sam Sammy
Please fix
The controls are beyond horrible. Please give an option in settings to have the control on the right or left instead of only in the middle of the screen. It's a very awkward place for the control to be on an iPad. Also please make it so when you turn the iPad or phone sideways the game rotates. This game isn't even worth playing unless these things are fixed. I would love it if I could get my money back because I doubt you'll do anything to fix these issues so I basically wasted my money. To those of you reading this review, don't waste your time or money.
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3 years ago, Turreh
Cloud save doesn’t work
Cloud saving does not work whatsoever. I was 16 hours in and it reverted to my 10 hour save. I figured it might have been my fault. Then, I played it again, made it 27 hours in, and made sure to save, and to continuously cloud save and sync it to make sure it was working correctly. THEN, when I cloud saved it today, it reverted back to that SAME 10 hour save. I KNOW that it isn’t my fault now. I am so angry. That’s a combined additional 23 hours I put into the game just for it to mess up again. Save yourself 20 bucks. Do not get this game!
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3 years ago, OptimusprimeIII
For the Love of Humanity, PLEASE
PLEASE add controller support for this game. The touch controls are so poorly executed I could only play for maybe ten minutes before my hand cramped up and I decided it was no longer worth the attempt. I would love to have this on my iPad, where I have ports of most other classic games I like. Square-Enix was able to do this with others, why not this series!? The game itself is great. I would easily give it five stars. This app got one and that’s only because I had to rate it at least one. If you want to pick this game up, check out another console. The 3DS version is great!
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8 years ago, gring.
Can't even play because...
The frame rate is just so bad it makes me want to barf. Causes laggy controls and just makes it feel awful to use no matter how long I try to make it work. Even with the new iPad and iPhone it just runs miserably. Absolute waste of money for me. No voice acting download option and no landscape mode makes also hurts the potential of what this should be. Absolutely shameful port, an actual downgrade to such an old game should be embarrassing for Squareenix. Yet another mark of respect lost for this company.
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6 years ago, noodles_the_1st
Just keep waiting
I've just started this game and so far I've had to wait a few minutes on two occasions for the game to unfreeze. The first was right before the first fight, and the second was during a save. I have an iPhone 6s and iOS 10 and I should NOT have these issues with a game that cost 20 dollars and only 1.8 gigs. If this problem persist as I play I'll have to lower the rating even further. I'd hate to have say I wasted 20 dollars on such a great game. Do better.
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3 years ago, eezocache
Janky Controls
This game is a classic but man the controls are terrible to the point where I can’t even play it. I got stuck/glitched in the church at the beginning because of how awful the navigation is. Had to restart my entire save file. This definitely needs some bug fixes and an alternative control system. At that very least allow me to play in landscape view.
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5 months ago, Too many names to put your own
Don’t spend the money
A fantastic game to play in its original form, but this is not. Voice acting has been removed, choppy frame rate on cutscenes(with some scenes removed entirely), and a soundtrack that sounds great but is not well balanced for other sound effects, and restarts from the beginning after every battle(instead of pausing and restarting in the original). Overall feels like this game was forced out to fill a deadline, and never finished.. I hope someday square decides to fix it, but for now it remains an extreme disappointment.
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4 years ago, DQ8 fan
I wanted voice acting
I was looking forward to this game but was soon disappointed by the lack of voice acting compared to the PS2. I don’t know why they haven’t updated it and added that in, especially when they updated it for the IPhone X.
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5 years ago, Debwewin
Great game
This game runs smoothly and has a good story. I thought I was approaching the end of the game multiple times but it just kept on going :) I finally beat it and the only issue I had was that sometimes when you throw a pot or barrel it messes with your camera angle. Other than that everything was great!
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5 years ago, VeeAna Troi
Just wish It would rotate to landscape
This game is amazing, which is par for any dragon quest game, however I have a hard time enjoying any game in portrait mode it just feels unnatural, I know there must be a reason for this choice but it is still unfortunate and any effort it takes to fix this would be worth it.
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6 years ago, thegraffix
Cloud saves don’t work, devs abandoned this app
Cloud saves would make a world of difference and they used to work until the last update. The feature has not worked since. Port is decent although there are no voices and the controls can get frustrating as well as the inability to play landscape. Buy a better port on a different console/device, this is not worth the money since they don’t support the app any longer and won’t resolve the bugs they introduced with their last update. Pretty disappointing.
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3 months ago, Getgood42
Cannot progress
I played this game for years on the PS2 and loved it. It truly is one of the best dragon quest games. But this port is terrible. It’s very buggy and the control system is trash. No voice acting ruins the flow. But by far the worst part is I literally can’t beat the game. I’m stuck in the royal hunting grounds because I can’t throw the pumpkin onto the log. It glitches every time and throws it onto the grass which doesn’t wake the dragon. It is truly sad to see this beautiful game in such an atrocious state. FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!
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6 years ago, Mardek I.D.2072608673
I am so worried about breaking/losing my device and having to start all over because the cloud save doesn’t work. This game would have been 5 star if it wasn’t for this. I did end up losing my save and having to start over. I wish i never bought this Update: THANK YOU!
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6 years ago, Scotty2Hottie1382
Please update
Please update with the 3ds added content and full orchestral soundtrack. Also some other quAlity of life additions would be helpful and really appreciated! A speed up feature and perhaps even being able to start the game from a point well into the game for veteran players could be a fun way to get interest up. We love Dragon Quest here in the US! Please support international markets and bring more DQ here!!!
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5 years ago, Stack
Continuing My Quest
I’ve been playing this series sequentially since the original Dragon Warrior came to the US. It was time for VIII and I was glad I could play this on modern hardware. The camera can be rough, and some of the older textures / cut scenes look a bit rough stretched out on an iPad Pro. Despite that, the game was great to play on this platform and a fun play all around.
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7 years ago, Psychoscreech
Sound issue
This is a great game. I loved it on ps2, and I love it on here. My only issue, is that I like to listen to music while I play, and as soon as I open the game, it shuts my Pandora off, even though I have the sound turned off in the game... It wouldn't take much to fix this issue...Please fix this as soon as possible!!!
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6 years ago, Klekleo
Wish I could give it a 3.5
The game is not as bad as people say it is. Yes, the frame rate is pretty bad but, after awhile of play, it’s easy to get used to. The absence of voice, from what I’ve heard from the original DQ8, doesn’t take away from experience, (if anything it adds to it...). And for the controls, they’re pretty good in my opinion. I’m not a big DQ fan but I can still see why this is considered to be one of the best JRPGs of all time by just playing this port. I’m having lots of fun playing this and don’t regret my purchase. -The Verdict- DQ8 on mobile is not bad, but it certainly isn’t great. The polish it had is gone but the core game die hard fans know and love is still there.
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3 years ago, shaggy blanco
What happened to the music?
Both the ps2 and 3ds versions have an amazing musical score. On mobile, though, everything sounds so bad. I played iv-vi on mobile, and the music sounds so much better on there. What happened Square? Even with this complaint, the game is still enjoyable. Voice acting would be cool though ;)
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3 years ago, End$less
Dragon Quest on iOS
Beautiful world Awesome graphics, but the fact you can’t invert and change screen to side to play hinders the game greatly. I don’t want cramp hands playing this game for hours. Thier for I’m not too caring about buying others for the same reason. It’s really bad that I can’t play this with controller. Maybe blue tooth controller. But I don’t like using blue tooth.
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8 years ago, wyldwolf77
Recent update
The controllers took some getting used to... I bought this app when it first came out and beat it... Last week I decided to dust it off and do another play through, the app updated and it no longer allowed me to save to the cloud. On the ipad I didn't update, it still allows it without the error message. Other than that it is AWESOME!
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5 years ago, jayg151
One of the best mobile games
I ended this game a few years ago longest hardest game I played on a phone a average person couldn’t beat this game take a lot of patient & decision making to play & end thus game they need more dragon quest games like this only game close to this monster hunter
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7 years ago, Asefkc
Love dragon quest VIII!!
This is a great game I love from childhood! I do like the changes they have made, but I just wish the voices were played on the iPhone. It would make a huge difference, and I hope they put it on a future update! But great game, love it, and can't stop playing!
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7 years ago, Shb10865
Hot garbage of a former great game
How are they charging 20$ for this? It literally runs at 15 frames per second. This is the laziest port I’ve ever seen. This is worth no more than a buck or two to get the nastalgia fix for a few minutes. Pros: *the original game was great Cons: *portrait mode only. *Runs at 15 fps or less on a 2017 iPad Pro. *Replaced original beautiful soundtrack with a crappier midi Doppleganger. *20$ wasted. *unresponsive controls. Unfortunately there’s no chance they will ever come back and fix this, yet I guess they feel justified somehow to still take 20 dollars per person, who every single person will open the game up, I swear this, and say this is unplayable. Conclusion: This is a cash grab like selling paintings you accidentally spilled paint on and calling it a Jackson pollack.
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