Dragons: Rise of Berk

4.7 (65.8K)
1006.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jam City, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dragons: Rise of Berk

4.75 out of 5
65.8K Ratings
3 months ago, Kiki-Berks helper
I have a few concerns
I have been playing this game for probably two years now and I am a little upset about the “exclusive dragon’s” or the dragon riders and light fury along with the grand alpha pass in the seasonal market. For people who don’t pay for the extra stuff I was thinking… maybe you could allow those people to collect items like in the brute dragon’s or seedling dragon collection. I know this next part may be a bit much but it would make a lot more sense. I just only got the lighting speed stinger from the ascending dragon cave and I also have a cavern crasher. When I send them out to collect resources they both burrow. I was wondering if you could change that so when people send them out the dragons that can’t fly burrow or run down the place we’re they can gather the resources. I was also wondering if you could possibly put in a resource we’re people can send dragons out to collect coins but only a certain amount for different dragons please. I know that this may be a lot to change but it would make the game a lot easier for me and other players who either can’t or won’t pay for the extra stuff and I know that it is your way of making money but it would be game changing (no pun intended) for players like myself. If you can do this I would really appreciate and do my best to get as many dragons as I can. Thank you for creating such an amazing game.
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4 years ago, Bondsquad
Love it
Ok so I’ve been playing this for about two years now and this games is one of my favorites. All though I would like to address this... The Lightfury. Ok so honestly how to train your dragon the hidden world was an amazing movie but, I was really sad when I had to pay so much money just for one dragon. So I was wondering if in a certain point 8n the game if you could make light fury free or at least how we unlock like the green death, or hook fang, meatlug, and stormfly. Basically you can earn it. Also the night lights are bothering me two, I’m not saying they should be free just that they should cost less like I said, I’ve been playing for about two years and I’m on.y at 8,000 something. Also I just unlocked the green death so go me, but just for the sake of it, could you be a bit more specific than “ unlock the brute dragons collection” it really confused like “ do I get them for free? Do I search for them?” Ect. I know this is probably asking a lot ( and you don’t have to do that last one, sorry ) but it would really market it easier to play and enjoy, and I’m gonna be honest, your game is the first game I go to after watching race to the edge, the hidden world, o4 just strait up reading the books. Also fun fact, I was born the same year how to train your dragon came out! Any case, thanks😉
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6 months ago, aPersonNamedJeff
Great game!
I’ve been playing this game for about three or four years, and I really enjoy it. The graphics are good, I love how different dragons perform different actions while gathering resources (my personal favorite is the Dramillions front flip into the water), and I love the battles, gauntlets, and events. There is one thing I wanted to suggest: during brawls, I think it would be cool if the type of arena card pack you get is dependent upon how many dragons you have left after the fight. For example, if I end a fight with all three of my dragons, I would get a gold pack or at least have an increased chance at getting a gold pack. Then, a silver pack for two dragons, etc. I also think it would be fun if there was an option to fight online players. I think the teams are derived from real players, but they make mistakes that no real person would make, and there are never any pauses between their attacks. Maybe it’s just like that for me since I don’t play on Wi-Fi, but I remember when I played actual players when I first got the game. Anyways, those are just some thoughts I had. Overall, this is a really great game! I especially appreciate not being forced to watch ads. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, nickname194258
Needs to Fix Some Issues
It’s not that bad of a game, and I really enjoyed playing it. At first they had a very good free content to costly content ratio, but now it’s overwhelming filled with money grabs shoved down your throat. If you aren’t lucky in what dragons the game gives you for free, it’s a nightmare trying to advance in the game. I was lucky enough to receive the highest resource collecting dragon so I have been able to advance at a steady pace. But my real complaint is how ridiculously unfair the battle system is. How are you supposed to win when the game never gives you a turn? When it shows you the turns on the right side, it’ll glitch and change the pattern giving extra hits for the other team and ruining your battle strategy. I’ve had the same dragon dodge my attack four times in a row. Many times my turn is skipped, and I’m attacked four or more times in a row before I get a chance. So my dragons are dead or mostly dead before I even get to make a move in response. If they were higher leveled dragons, I’d still be annoyed but it would at least be somewhat understandable. But these dragons are two to three levels lower than mine and these glitches keep causing me to lose because I am never allowed to attack. Which, you know, seems like you’re trying to make people buy extra perks to win an unfair game. In a nutshell, stop trying to force people to buy things. It’s painfully obvious and makes the game unplayable.
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4 years ago, 12121267
Concerned Player
I love this game and been playing it for a few months now. But I have noticed that your events are unbalanced when it comes to level situation. Many other players (not just myself) would’ve thought that there would be more rounds in battles when it came to gauntlet than survival. But in fact gauntlet has 4 to 5 rounds while survival has 5 to 6 rounds. It’s not reasonable for beginners and low level Meade hall players to even participate in gauntlets and survival events. I know that it’s possible to win in them (if you literally waste all your items) and most of the time in boss rounds the enemies are lvl 9 and most of the time many of us have lvl 8 commons who get targeted in the first few rounds. And the fact that to lvl up your dragon cards to lvl 9 you have to get from level 24 to level 51!? It’s not likely to occur unless you A) use real life money to get stacks of runes for 10+ hour long upgrades. Or B) Play the game for probably like 6 to 9 months just to get far enough. I can see that yes. Jurassic World and Rise of Berk are made from Ludia and that you love to have players who are impatient buy resources with Real life money. But still it’s not balanced.
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1 year ago, Chicks 24-7
Fantastic game
I just want to say that this game is amazing. The graphics are phenomenal and the detail is incredible. There are plenty of things to do and so many dragons to collect. I especially love that the Nightlights (aka Toothless’ kids) are in the game. I also love how they clarify that Pouncer, the white Nightlight is a boy and Dart, the black Nightlight with blue eyes is a girl. So many people mess that up. I especially love that they made teenage versions of the Nightlights. It’s my goal in the game to get them all. I already have Teenage Ruffrunner (male). I really want Pouncer though. Tips for new players. SAVE UP YOUR RUNES. Those are the green items, they are like the diamonds of the game. If you save those up you can potentially get certain dragons that usually cost runes for less if they are available for exploration. That’s how I got Ruffrunner. He normally costs 17,500 runes but he became available in Toothless’ exploration so I didn’t have to pay that much for him. It is also totally possible to excel in the game without paying real money but using real money to buy certain card packs is soooo worth it. Love this game!
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6 years ago, Jajangmyeon
Fun at first...then as boring as staring at a rock.
The game is fun at first - there’s plenty to do and you can progress quickly. However, things start costing more and more, but leveling the dragons up doesn’t increase their capability to gather enough materials to keep the pace up. Even worse, even my best dragons only gather for 40 minutes at a time, and some still only go for 8 minutes...So you can’t keep accumulating materials overnight or while you’re at work. The result is that it takes DAYS of babying the app, constantly opening it up just to start the dragons up again but being unable to do almost anything else, to earn enough materials to upgrade or build ONE building. That is not entertaining in the least, and most people tend to have lives outside the app that they’d like to (or at least need to) engage with. The beginning of the game held a lot of promise, but it’s gotten incredibly boring and is extremely impractical. With a few major rehauls of the later levels (whether they choose to drop costs or make dragons able to gather more so that the speed of doing things stays relatively close/only very gradually increases and continues to be manageable), it could be a good app, so I’ve kept the rating at a three. For now, though, I’ll be deleting it as soon as I complete this review.
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4 years ago, LeaCandyTippy
Love this game, but I have something to say
1.First of all this is presently my favorite game and I have spent hours on it daily, but I think that Ludia needs to make the Light Fury free. I mean seriously!? You can buy all the other dragons mates and offspring in the shop for runes so why can’t you buy Toothless’ family without spending 10$ a month?! I guess you can get the Night Lights for runes but 14,500 RUNES IS OUTRAGEOUS!!! I want them but getting enough runes for Barf and Belch took me 1 month, for all I know it could take me 6 months to get JUST ONE of them. 2. For the last 24 hours my game has not been able to load! It opens to the loading screen gets to “readying for flight” and then crashes and closes the app. Sometime it even turns off my phone when this happens, and sometimes I have to turn off my phone after this happens because trying to get on has my phone very laggy. I don’t know if it’s just me or if I have a bad WiFi AND Data but I would love to be able to play again soon as I want to get the dragon from Viking Helmets and if I miss another day I won’t be able to get it!!! I would like to get the dragon in the helmet thing as I already know what dragon it is and since I know I seem to warn it even more!!!
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7 years ago, Travelgirl1982
Fun but time-consuming/expensive
I really enjoy this game. I've had it for over two years. In the beginning it was a TON of fun, and things happened quickly, and I was constantly logging in to see what I could do next. But now that I'm in the upper levels, it's ridiculously time-consuming to make things happen. Example: I have a current "quest" to use one dragon to make 10 iron. The dragon can only make one at a time, and it costs 450M fish to do that. It takes me 4-5 days to earn that much fish, *especially* when I need fish for other things simultaneously. So yes, it's going to take me roughly two months to complete this one challenge. Meanwhile I can't work on a different challenge, because it ALSO requires fish at nearly the same amounts. I do love the idea of this game, and I love the storyline that progresses each time you finish a challenge, seeing the characters "interacting" together is clever. But between the amount of time needed to build up supplies for each challenge, and the outlandish cost of runes (if I were to use real money, which I HAVE done....more than I should've), this game has progressed from something I check on compulsively, to something that I usually remember to look at twice a day.
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7 years ago, meckert101
Titan Training
I used to really enjoy this game. It was fun, addictive, and just good for mindless time passing. Now it's just awful. I still love so much about this game, but you guys seriously screwed the Titan training wheel. You made it so I have to keep spending wood and training until over 75% of the board is the "winner zone" as I call it. I'm tired of spending days and every piece of wood I have to train one dragon, haulting progression because I need to Titan train more dragons. Please work out a better algorithm as to make the wheel actually land on the "winner zone" sooner than when 75% is available. I get it needs to be a challenge, but when you get to bigger, stronger dragons needing Titan training, it's impossible to have resources left for anything else, especially when you've tried to Titan train the same dragon 10+ times. Update: my complaint hasn't even been acknowledged, and they still refuse to add a simple algorithm to make the Titan Training occur faster than having the wheel 75% success chance. I'm deleting the app now. Since first reviewing, I've managed to Titan Train one dragon and it's been 12 days. I still have 4 more dragons in need of Titan Training before I can advance the story. To anyone who reads this, enjoy the game while you can. When you get so far and then can't advance because of their stupid training system, you'll understand my problem.
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4 years ago, Aph(ava bland)
Crashes and queue
I really love the game. I play it multiple times a day because fro me it’s an awesome game to play when you have nothing to do. But I’ve been noticing problems that others people have complained. First off the queue in the gauntlet is either glitched or made unfair. I would be trying to defeat the same set of dragons for days because I can’t get past them. They always somehow end up getting 6 turns in a row and I only get one or two and it continues like that until I’m defeated. It’s really unfair to me and I’m sure other people have the same issue. Now the second thing, I first got this game a few years ago, however I had to delete the app because it was crash on me the second I opened it. I couldn't even get to the actual game screen without it crashing. But once re downloaded the game all my progress was lost but the crashing was fixed. So recently I started playing again and this time I’ve gotten farther in the game itself than before I but the same problem is happening again. My game is crashing every time I open it and I can’t even reach the overall game screen. I’m afraid to delete the app because then all my hard work would have been for nothing. Especially because this game is so time consuming.
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4 years ago, Luna the lightfury
A few askings..... and suggestions
Ok, so, 1: WHY IS TUFFNUT’S DEATH RIDE HAVE BLUE FLAMES COMING OUT OF ITS EYES?!!? It’s a little creepy AND... ever sents I got it, it’s been dissapearing on me.. even when I don’t tell it to go get fish! Can you PLEASE fix this? 2: MAKE IT SO YOU GET MORE RUNES FOR THE ADDS!!!! THIS HAS BEEN DRIVING ME NUUUUTS!!!!! THE ADDS ARE SOOOO ANOYING , AND WE DONT EVEN GET VERY MANY RUNES FOR THEM!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEASE MAKE IT SO WE GET MORE RUNES!! 3: I absolutely 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰Dart!!!! She and all the nightlights are SOOOOOOO CUTE!! DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT DART OR ANY OF THE NIGHTLIGHTS!!! Because if you do...🤬 4: MAKE IT CHEEPER TO GET THE LEGENDARYS!!!! My fav is the Green Death... and I only have 39 Vikings! I know, I know. That’s a lot of Vikings. But for how long I’ve been on this game, i should have about 1,257,618 Vikings!!!! SEREOSLY!!!!!! I’ve had this game for... about 3 or 4 years. AND I AM MAD, SO MAD ABOUT THE COST FOR RUNES!!!!! I think it is stupid for them to COST SOOOO MUCH!!!!! FIX THIS!!!!!! And also, I think even if you don’t get everything in the month that you are in, you still get the same stuff. That’s also important. So, those are all my askings. This is dragonlovr1490 over and out!
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1 year ago, LikShushi
Love the game but definitely a lot ofmoney grabs
I want to start out that I love this game. I played on and off for a few years but now it’s my go to game before I go to bed. Starting out I just played the game without paying for packs or a monthly subscription for the light fury. After a while I just got stuck and couldn’t progress anymore or at a reasonable pace. Not to mention runes, not enough ways to just get them without paying. After being stuck but still wanting to play the game I decided to pay for the monthly subscription. I finally started to progress at a reasonable pace and have plenty of runes now. I feel if you already pay a monthly subscription the season pass should be discounted or something. I don’t buy the season pass but looking at some of the stuff on there, it looks decent. I love the game I just feel for the base game it should be made a little easier to get runes and able to progress and get some nice dragons without having to pay.
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4 years ago, splatoon girl
Unfair fighting mechanics
There is an event type feature in game called gauntlets, where you go against AI controlled dragons(ranging from 2 to 3 rounds). You have to defeat all dragons during those rounds with your three select dragons to win. Personally I would appreciate a sort of “back up team” system, because sometimes the dragons I go against are far higher leveled than my own dragons. Usually the fights are always a risk to get into and takes some thinking to win them. Recently I was in the middle of a gauntlet boss level when suddenly my game decided to crash. This has happened multiple times and I believe it isn’t just some thing the devs will necessarily fix. The crash completely restarts where you were in the middle of the brawl and causes the game to consume a life(ex. -1 from 5 lives). This is all very frustrating to deal with and it is unfair. Multiple times I had to spend some runes to get those lost lives back which is also very strange. I rate the game a 3 out of 5 stars since they also constantly throw deals at you which cost money to get. I don’t want to see pop-ups in my face as soon as I open the game. They are annoying and make me NOT want to spend money on the game. Thank you for reading.
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5 years ago, Cortalina
Love the game, but some major issues.
I really enjoy this game and have had this game for over a year now. I am constantly playing and I love the dedication that you need and that you can’t just “buy” your way to the top. I love every feature in this game including the gauntlet portion, where you have a path of battles against AI dragons so you can get an extreme good prize at the end of your journey. My only problem with the gauntlet feature is the queue on the side that tells you the order of the dragons that get to attack. There is either a glitch or it’s rigged because the queue will change mid battle. I have been trying to defeat the same set of dragons for almost 3 days now playing a dozen times a day trying to defeat them but I am unable to because the queue will let the AI dragons attack 6 times consecutively while I only got maybe 1 or 2 attacks and then I am defeated. This has been like this since I started playing the game but it is really starting to bother me because it has been 3 days on the same level. I have the monthly member ship and that is awesome because of all the perks that come along with it and every other feature is absolutely awesome but the gauntlet queue issue tries my patience especially because it is not fair at all to the player.
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4 years ago, DogLoverGirl101
Awesome, But...
I am so happy I found a app like this! I spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour playing this game. However, there are still some things that can be fixed like being fair to everyone like instead of having a lot of people spending money for being an exclusive dragon rider. If some people don’t want to or can’t spend that much amount of money for being and exclusive dragon rider, it is not really that fair because they can’t get all the special things and items that exclusive dragon riders get. Another thing that can be done is to make buying things more cheaper. If I need to buy more fish or wood, it is very expensive because I have to pay a lot of runes and it takes a long time to earn more runes. Plus, to get more runes, wood, fish, and more things, you usually get card packs for that right? So instead of waiting every 6 hours to get and open a card pack, why not make the time limit even less? Overall, I enjoy playing this game but if these 3 features can be changed, I believe everyone (including me) will have an amazing experience playing this game.
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5 years ago, Dawson.2008
Progress Lost
Very Upset, my Son and I have been playing for a few months. Decided to purchase the monthly subscription because there’s more options in the game ex: “better dragons” selections. Then the game crashed which hasn’t been the first time either. This time I lost all my progress and the game restarted all over. I tried everything to get the progress back FB logging as they claim will save and update all your progress, tried that didn’t work. Although I’ve tried that before and it always worked without an issue, this time there is no FB button option even available. I tried restarting that didn’t work, network restart, that didn’t work, iTunes restart, that didn’t work, rebooting everything, that didn’t work. iCloud restart, that didn’t work either. I reached out to them through email since that seems to be the only way to reach out and I received an automated response that they will get back to me as orders received. Well it’s been a whole day and haven’t heard back. We really wanted to love this game which we did in the beginning we enjoyed playing it but now it’s upsetting it’s money wasted. Progress lost. Not happy at all. Canceling my subscription. Not worth time and money wasted when you can’t even play and have to worry about crashing all the time.
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6 years ago, Boomboy51
Ludia, you’re greedy.
Facts. You cannot get great dragons without spending money. You can’t even get weak dragons on exclusive searches without spending money. In gauntlets now, they have stolen the ability to keep your energy bar full for the next wave so if you spent money on gauge refills, use it and the wave ends, you’ve now lost money. The commercials are intentionally set so that you can’t watch more than 1 or 2, yet they ALWAYS run efficiently after a battle was lost or won. And THEN Ludia says it’s not their company that does these ads. I call BS, and you KNOW I am correct. And at level 100 and above, the quests, leveling, etc., take WAY too long, the game is boring. I mean BOOOORRRRRRIIIINNNNGGG! Ludia, your updates are rotten and the game’s inability to open on the first try stink. You NEVER actually take into account what your customers suggest. Your main goal is to try to hook the rookies into spending their hard earned money on a game that you can’t ever win. Don’t even get me started on PVP, which is an utter joke as it isn’t really PvP but PvComputer. I have been playing this game for a year, now, and I see you do the same at Jurassic World. Alas, you are part of the Trump generation. Well, have at it, but if players are smart, they will forget you, drop you like the dead dodo you are. Pffffffft. Buh bye.
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3 years ago, Cluster jump
Great, but needs improvement
I’ve been playing this game for months. (Maybe less, I’m not sure) I really like it. But what I don’t like is all of the cool features that you have to pay for. I do brawling, and on the right side of the screen, and it says who will play next. But it glitches out so you can’t get to attack back after getting hit like, four times. Though the game sometimes matches you up with someone who has Toothless on their team, while you have him too! There is only one Toothless, not hundreds! Even saying that, I still I am a bit thankful that my opponents don’t have great dragons on their team. One last thing. The common currency, Runes are O.K, but whenever you spend some, it is always hard to earn them back, besides joining the subscription to earn runes daily. But not every person has money, or they would disagree with the prices. Yes, I did focus on the negative things about this cool game, but I am just saying the things that the game needs to improve. Though I like everything else about it. I hope this was useful!
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5 years ago, YoKatttt
Not so fun anymore
This game is fun and I like being able to collect the different kinds of dragons. I guess I’m at level 75 or at least that’s what Toothless is at. Anyway after this point things start to get increasingly harder to get. I’ve gone quite awhile now without finding a new egg with Toothless (and with it taking no less than 8 hours to search that’s a considerable amount of time I wasted) and when I comes to the combat competitions where you can win new eggs, the game is unfairly hard. I’ve made it to the last battle before winning the egg and suddenly there is a dragon to defeat that is waaaay stronger than any of the others in the game so far. And it’s almost impossible to get any of the elite dragons. That brings me to my next complaint when using the dragons to go on journeys you almost never get an egg. I mean I get that the game has to be difficult to get people to keep coming back but come on! It’s no fun to always be a loser either. I think I’ll take a break from the game for awhile maybe find something where I’m actually able to get a few things here and there so don’t feel quite so defeated and like I’m wasting my time.
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4 years ago, AxesJackson
Brawls and Gauntlets
I’ve only played this game before a couple years back and decided to download it back and I have a lot of changes which is nice to see but there are some major problems I have with this game. The biggest problem I have with this game is the brawls and gauntlet events in which I want you to remove the evade system in them and fix the turn based system. You are fighting bots in game modes not people and every time you miss an attack is just frustrating for you it’s not a fair system in which every battle is just random and you completely lose the fight because you missed one attack and in a lot times I miss three attacks in a row. There is no need for this and almost every battle is bulls##t. In the older versions Of the game I know this was not a thing and it perfectly fine the way it was the battles would already be hard enough with with the dragons above you level and some dragons doing tons of damage from one attack or completely stun locking you with the same move. The turn based system seems to be glitched in which it will change midbattle and the bot getting to attack twice in a row.
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5 years ago, hdhdhdbdjdnfjf
Doesn’t make sense but a good game
In the movie toothless meets the light fury and many years later the 3 nightlights come along. So if you can have the nightlights for free in the game but not the light fury how can the nightlights exist? See it doesn’t make sense and I’m not paying $7 to $10 just so I can have a dragon that I can the. Get 3 other dragons and the other things that come along with the membership are good I would just trade out the light fury for another dragon like an exclusive dreamworks dragon or something but other then that it’s a really awesome game I was quite weirded out by the fact that you put the donkey dragons in the game and still am. So if you would please next update make an exclusive dreamworks dragon in stead of having the nightlights being free but not the light fury cause why have the babies and not the mother the babies can’t exist without the mother and again I’m not paying $7 to $10 for the light fury and some other cool perks. And also maybe add a breeding feature into the game to more dragons faster(and yes I know this might take a while to do but I feel like you guys can do it)
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3 years ago, risengods
RisenGods gaming is back!
Well another review here! I love the new update, the visual and menu changes I feel have made the game even more accessible and I can’t wait to get back into grinding for the new legendary! Once again I’ll address a couple requests of the community that’s still here, 1: we’d love to have clans here soon, if we could please add those I can envision the immense uprising in popularity for this game by adding that aspect. 2: the light fury, yes we’re still pushing for it, now I may or may not have already purchased the subscription but if there was a way she could be free to some extent by still be able to journey but maybe not being able to directly search that would be fantastic, and again could we add her to gauntlets? 3: finally keep being great! I love to see new dragons every month and I’m glad that we’re reaching out to some social communities and gaining popularity. This game will never die if you keep it up!👍
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4 years ago, HeatherRtte
I love it!
I have only a few complaints but otherwise the game is amazing. The first complaint is that it takes a lot of time to polish amber, and you have to give away ONE THOUSAND raw amber to only get 1. Kind of a waste. Another complaint is that everything costs so many runes, like if you want dragons and such. You could waste your time with toothless trying to search for the dragon, but the free slot almost never gives you dragons (except for common ones) and so you have to pay runes again to get the other slots open and you still might not get the stupid dragon you want. I understand that you have to buy dragons but maybe you should lower your prices. One last thing, this one I don’t really care if it happens or not but it would be cool if it did. I think you should add more dragons to brawl. I’m glad that they added the original gang on there and all, but it still would be cool to see some other dragons as well. Oh and real quick, maybe adding a little bit more story and Race to the edge characters? Alright I’m done but please consider my suggestions.
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5 years ago, Beachbumteacher
Brawl is getting on my nerves
Whenever I go into brawl I use a champion catastrophic quaken, a champion windgnasher, and toothless. 2 champs and a herioc. My champion dragons have less health than level ten dragon and do less damage than rookies. I get it, everyone needs a chance and wants to win but I’m starting to feel like the players I go against are fake. I ALWAYS get paired against people who have rumblehorn seedlings, Hefferson’s banes, and Lumps, and every time they manage to deal a ton of damage to my dragons. Also defender thunder drums. They always use their attack that lowers my attack, and don’t try to do anything else. I swear this is a joke. I can’t play anymore brawl and I’m only in arena 4. Please nerf the dragons, make the rookies play like rookies, and the champions play like champions. Also please fix the turn chart on the side because it glitches and throws off my attack plan. I suggest that you make a rule where you must have either ALL different types of dragons on your team, or you must at least have 1 different type of dragon on your team (cunning, Swift, furious, or a protector). Please take these ideas into consideration.
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4 years ago, voldyeemort
Overall great, but I have an issue
I don’t know how long I’ve had this game but I enjoy playing it and I’ve made a lot of progress. I’m at the point where it takes forever to level up, but I understand that it will take a long time since I’m not buying resources, and I’m okay with that. With that said, I’ve only ever made one purchase. I bought a bundle for Stormfly’s Offspring but never got it. This was when the app did a promotion for different new dragons and their offspring a little while back. I messaged support and never heard back from them. I’m not too bothered by the lost purchase because it was a low price, but it really bugs me that I never got a reply when I messaged the developers! I enjoy playing the game, but I don’t like it when I can’t trust the app. The only other issue I’ve ever had is that the game freezes momentarily whenever I receive a notification while playing. I also tend to get the same notification for the game three times in a row. I still love the game, but it’s hard to get past those little issues.
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5 years ago, jacksonvilleDad
Very deceptive.
My son has played this game for a while on a few devices. It’s actually a fun game, they do constantly beg for money and charge absurd amounts for very little. By absurd I mean you can purchase a dragon for $49! After our most recent experience I suspect is all part of the scam. This is a game for young children. Yet at on almost every screen they are asking for money. Little children don’t have money. This week they somehow managed to separate $100 from my iTunes account in one transaction. They don’t list a customer service phone number or email address anywhere. There Isn’t anyway within the app to review, cancel or dispute any purchases. I did find a form to contact them buried in settings. Not sure where the message goes, if anywhere. The game may be good but, it’s not worth the hours you will inevitably spend on the phone with your banks fraud department. Truly a sleazy developer with the intention of doing nothing more then stealing from children.
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5 years ago, tangydino123
Game was good and fun, intill everything seemed strange
I’ve played your game for months and never had a problem with it but on one faithful day everything seemed to be distorted and broken. When I logged into my game there was no music but when I clicked on the dragons it make the same noise as it would usly make but more low base and wobbly. I realized that every sound affect was this low base. Even the battles seemed off.. when I was fighting the battle system you guys seemed to put in, every battle move seemed to be this low base. And EVEN one time when the enimy dragon tried to attack my dragons and when it was finished it stayed in that same attacking position, intill it was defeated. I don’t know what is going on because it doesn’t seem to be affecting other apps and only yours. If you guys have gotten these same comments about distorted sounds I should be suprised. I hope this fixes soon. And by guys I mean game developers xc Srry If I affended you Shockingly, from warriorsrule
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2 years ago, realcoolcookie1234
Amazing gameplay with some tweaks needed
Y’all need to download now! I got the game a little while ago and right from the start loved it! I especially like the fact that you can battle other dragons but I kinda wish that their were villains that you have to fight against instead of just fighting random people(don’t get me wrong I still love it) like drago or a campaign with him. Another note is that the whispering death dragon is way to over powered. And I wish that you could either more odin coins or make the items you get with them worth less coins. This is an AMAZING game that needs 1 or 2 rough spots smoothed out but it’s okay if they don’t get smoothed out cuz it’s still is super cool! 🐲🐉😁 Also, whenever I try to log in it says that lightning storms have blocked my connection. Then I hit the button to refresh the game and it crashes IMMEDIATELY! I don’t even get to play now. Devs, please please don’t over look this and plz fix this cuz I REALLY want to play this amazing game again
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4 years ago, HTTYD lover, fan 1
Five Stars:
I personally love the HTTYD franchise as it has been a part of my life fo a long time, I overall think that this game represents the franchise in it’s own unique, different, creative, and fun ways. I personally would adjust some of the following features but everybody wold as it s not their game. I recently read a review about the Light Fury and the Night Lights and I have to say the I agree. I think it is a little unfair about how only membership players have access to the Light Fury. It is a very important part of the movie(s) but I am unsure that I want to spend $10 a month for a dragon from one game. All I am saying is that I hint it should at least cost 300 runes (just like StormFly) to purchase this dragon. I also think that the Night Lights should cost the same because 14,500 runes..I MEAN CMON! That will take forever and I really want the little family to be a prat of mine. Aside from that the game is great and I would recommend it to any of my fellow HTTYD loving friends!
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5 years ago, ktshadowwing
An honest review
I like rise of Berk, the longer you play the more activities are unlocked. You gather wood and lumber, battle dragons, defeat Dragos ships, and send your friends on journeys. The game is fun, and a nice edition to the games played. However, the Dragon Rider subscription is not worth it. It doesn’t give you 4 bags to bring back items/eggs, it gives you the option to Buy 4. The sub would be better if it gave you two free bags, and the possibility to buy more(this is per exploration). The Lightfury is possibly the only nice thing that comes with the sub, but you can’t use her more then once a day because the journey last 12+ hours, and you also have to use ruins, the money you purchase, to have more then 1 bag. Sub gives you 1 more pack slot in Brawl, but since you can only unlock 1pack at a time it doesn’t make any difference. All in all, the subscription is not worth it and difficult to cancel. If your new, get Deadly nadders for lumber/fish, they are the first dragon you can unlock that is good at gathering.
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7 years ago, Maya the Amazing
Not like it says in the ad.
I first got this game from a recommendation from a friend. She showed me her world of the dragon and I watched the ad and I was like this is the best game. But then I started playing it and I realize it’s not that great. The first thing is it’s not like it says in the ad. If you seen the ad the video that you first see when you open it up, it looks really epic and you have all these huge Dragons, and you’re fighting it’s really cool. So when you open it up it’s a starter and it tells you get the huge dragons what you have to have like 1000 Vikings in maybe 2000 and it takes half a year. Which really annoys me. So sad. I’ve been playing this game for over five months and I’ve gotten hardly anywhere. I really love this game and I hope they make this better but I would not recommend if you think it’s all I said in the ad sorry.🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
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6 years ago, Catnoel
Great game
I really like the premise of this game, however it takes a lot of time to get the dragons fish and logging times up and then the amount they bring in is not a huge amount In order to feed some of them it wipes out what I spent an hour trying to get. The same can be said for the amount of logs it takes to train a dragon or to build things. Once your dragons reach Titan stage your fish storage depletes faster than your dragons can gather it. I like the brawls area, but like last time I can't even make it through the first round of arena 3. At least in arena 2 I was pitted against rival dragons of the strength that I had, but in the third arena all the dragon groups are at least 1 if not two levels above what I have so there is no use for me to play if I always loose no matter what combinations I use. The other problem I am having is that when I have recently purchased items I never received them and it has been useless to try and contact support because they don’t answer you anymore.
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5 years ago, Just-wanna-play
Bunch of unknowledgeable thieves!! Buyer beware!!
This game is a decent game that can keep you quite entertained. However as many have noted it does start to cost money if you want to progress. I signed up for a trial membership for 3 months at $3.99 per month. After that it would go to the normal rate of $9.99/mo (that’s A LOT for what you get. NOT WORTH IT!). The first month went fine however the second month I was charged the full $9.99. Then somewhere in there I was charged another $9.99 for who knows what?!? When I contacted their so called customer support they didn’t have a clue. Telling me to go to iTunes for receipt history info. (ITunes doesn’t deal with games, only music and video). Then they told me I signed up for another subscription. This is impossible if a subscription is already active. (Why don’t they know this?!?) All I’m saying is enjoy the game but spend with caution. Their people don’t know how to fix ANYTHING. They are the most inept customer service (I use that term lightly) Ive ever encountered in a game. They basically stole $20 from me and then blew me off and pawned me off to Apple to get it back; even though it was their system that made the mistake. Buyer beware!
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5 years ago, kacarter2
My favorite game, but not anymore.
This has been my favorite game for awhile. And I loved that you could move ahead in the game without too much difficulty when not paying for extras. These days, it seems they have given in to the same thing as most apps. Making it impossible to move ahead without purchasing anything with real money. It takes months to complete a collection when only searching or journeying with the free option. And that to me is just sad considering how many kids probably play this. Also I LOVED getting the light fury and babies. That was a very cool addition. I had a gift card so I was able to get a month of exclusive content and complete the challenges to acquire them. But when that expired, turns out you HAVE to pay in order to get her. Even though she’s now a main character within this world. I’ve considered deleting the app because of the frustration of all the ads shoved in my face and never being able to move ahead at a DECENT pace. So, I love this game, but don’t. I think it’s well made, but badly managed.
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9 months ago, MackHerman
This is my life!
I love this game. I feel like dreamworks dragons gives me a life. I know every single dragon species, and I wish dragons were real irl. Anyways, I love this game because it gives me something to do after I watch race to the edge or riders/defenders of Berk or any of the movies. I also like how there is a book of dragons in the game and each dragon has a description including those unique dragons such as toothless, strormfly, grump, etc. I like how there are so many things to do in this game, such as defend Berk from attacks, collect new dragons, upgrade things, get more villagers, etc. Anyways, the only downsides of this game is that you have to pay MONTHLY to have the light fury, and that some dragons cost so much in-game currency that it might take you months to save up for a single dragon. Anyways, everything else about this game is awesome, such as how there is no interrupting ads. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS GAME I LOVE IT!!!!
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1 year ago, samsavage9
An Idea.
Helo Ludia! This is a wonderful game! I do have some ideas. A Dragon’s Edge update. Maybe add the Singetails and Dramilions (The Singetails could be able to launch a barrage of fireballs as its ultimate, from its mouth, chest, and tail, and the Dramilion’s ultimate could be copying a random dragon’s ultimate on the battlefield, living or dead, as well as copying any effects the copied dragons ultimate may have)as well as their TitanWings, which would really shake things up and spice up islands and fights, which actually bring us to my next idea. TitanWing Battles! Bring in the biggest, baddest, and deadliest dragons to this arena, and see who’s left standing when the ash settles. If you amazing devs haven’t already, put in the TitanWing dragons for this arena (The Dramilion, Singetail, Monstrous Nightmare, etc) as those are the only dragons applicable, along with Dragon Rider’s dragons, and high level champion dragons. My final idea is raid battles. You and a maximum of 4 other players bring in their dragon fighting teams to duke it out with some of the biggest dragons ever known (The Red Death, the Purple Death, Drago’s Bewilderbeast, The Screaming Death, maybe a pair of Deathsongs). This would give us players a fresh and daunting challenge and a use for the Giant Dragons of this game, rather than just decoration. That’s all for this one! Hope at least one of these features makes it in! From, KingGhidorahKaiju
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3 years ago, omar.io
Love it I’d rate 5 stars but there’s a problem
When trying to obtain a titan it’s very hard because you need to work your way up the ladder getting your Mede hall up high enough and get enough Vikings it’s a lot of work. So I’d love it if you make titan collections easier because it’s taken a very long time at least a few months and I’m nowhere near halfway! So please make it much much easier for us all. And when starting green death it says collect fish for seven days and I’ve been collecting it for a very long time it seems and it only counts as 7 hours so please lower that to a day maybe? And light fury isn’t free?! Are you kidding me you need a pass for it? I mean come on so please make light fury free to all also I collected green death before and I didn’t even get it because the game crashed and for some reason didn’t save when I got it so now I have to work all day everyday for possibly a year now. Love the game though your work is phenomenal. :)
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7 months ago, Bolt thunder12345
Improve and love
I loves this games it’s my favorite game on mobile I will love to put five stars but I chose four because one it deleted my data and you have to pay for the light fury and you can’t even brawl with her or the night lights you know the baby’s but still a amazing game I’ll just like if it you can maybe make the game better by making the light fury maybe free for like a quest of 10 missions by hiccup and when you finally have access to the light fury or just purchase with runes for like 5 more runes then the night lights to make it better and don’t forget the brawl for the light fury and for the light fury what about a name like Luna and a Pink alpha skin when you upgrade to level 51 well with permission and the night lights like um green alpha ruffrunner and purple alpha Dart and red alpha pouncer and maybe rainbow alpha toothless as well with permission and name toothless’ special move plasma charge well if you want it’s all up to you thank you for reading
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5 years ago, Bucksducks
I love this game. I’m on level 117 with toothless, which for experienced played know that’s a good few years of progress. The game still hasn’t lost its interest for me. The Quests are by far the best part, I wish the did them more. I find the Dragon Rider subscription well worth it due to the extra coins and perks. I do have some gripes, as it is ridiculously hard to get the extra boosting dragons like Purple Death and Screaming Death, not to mention the others, either you need to spend hundreds of dollars or take months to complete. I’d like to see it easier to get the boosting dragons, right now the game wants 70,000 to complete the screaming death and I don’t feel like that’s right. It will take me a good month to search for the needed items. The high valued items are either so expensive or take so many hours and runes to search for that I feel it almost makes it pointless. Coming from a dedicated, daily player.
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4 years ago, teachkim808
I have a love/hate relationship with this game
I love being able to gather materials and go searching for items to complete a set. I love being able to battle other dragons. I like collecting dragons...I love being able to get legendary dragons. I like sending dragons out for journeys. I like completing challenges. However...I dislike the fact that it takes so many runes to send toothless out to get items. I dislike the fact that in order to complete sets you have to purchase 30 items and most of the time you have to buy them with runes (if your lucky you get it for wood or fish) but it takes forever! I’ve been playing this game for over two years and I’m stuck on the screaming death for over half the year. And unless I want to spend 55,000 runes to “finish” the collection, I don’t know that I’ll be able to ever get this dragon or complete the challenges. Also there have been a lot of bugs lately...I’m typing this right now because I can’t get into the game because the title screen keeps crashing.
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3 years ago, Endernight the poopnoob
This game is rigged
I can’t believe that I played this game for 2 years I was trying to get the night light dragon for ever since I stared I saved up 10k ruins for toothless to find the night light in the event I spent all my ruins and did not get any eggs or packs these stuff are too expensive I wait like 3 months for the night light exploration event and I did not get it after waiting that long and also the battles are rigged for so long I was trying to get to a new arena and it took me like 2 months of nonstop playing and most of the people that play this game are kids and you make it so hard to get ruins and they can’t get ruins with there parents money then it makes then hack then they get a virus and get in trouble because of your over pricing like. Who will play $100 to get so little out of it. Now I don’t play this game anymore and soon it will be more than 1,000 people who will quit playing this is not right you guys need to up your game and fix these problems there is like a 0.1 precent chance to get something good in this game I played this game for 2 and a half years and did not get 1 legendary so this game is RIGGED
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7 years ago, DeathReap1
Dedication NOT Money
From building and customizing a Viking village to collecting neat dragons from the movies (1 & 2 and the Netflix Series), this game feels special. It is no surprise that there are in game purchases and actions that take time. Although there are bugs here and there and sometimes actions seem rigged (ie the Dragon Eye quests), the overall adventure and progression of your own Village makes up for it. I’d say this game is not pay to win. Pricy for “runes” that speed up actions and packs that grant dragons and other items, sure. Just keep a lookout for deals on packs and runes! Paying a monthly/yearly fee to become a Dragon Rider is worth it IF you don’t mind paying for a while (otherwise you loose value for your money, but hey, that’s my opinion). All in all, just have fun! It’s not impossible to unlock AWESOME Legendary dragons (Green Death, Bewilderbeast, Foreverwing, Screaming Death) or build your Village up. All it takes is time and dedication (not money)!
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2 years ago, Coolton11
A few things
When I was a bit younger and just found this game there was not a lot of things you had to buy to do anything, you could just play without buying anything and get really far. Now when I got back to this game there is just so much thing they want you to buy and they’re cramming it down your throat. And with the dragons you need to buy, why can’t we earn them? I miss the past of this game when you could just work hard and do anything if you try hard enough. Also in the brawls (be it events or just brawling other players) sometimes there is this thing, it says it’s my turn next but when it goes to it it just skips me, I don’t get to do anything and the enemy’s get another full round before I can do anything. Sorry about complaining like this but I really liked the old version of the game a bit better than the present one where we have to pretty much pay to do what we want.
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4 years ago, Rise of Berk Review
Rise of Berk Five Star review
I grew up on the how to train your dragon (HTTYD) series. I’ve always enjoyed the character relationships, as well as the visual and sound designs of the dragons. The story is absolutely phenomenal, and goes much deeper then a boy and his pet dragon. I think the second movie is still my favorite, mainly because of the score and the relationship building between our two protagonist, being hiccup and toothless. HTTYD was, and always will be, my favorite franchise of all times. The game itself (HTTYD Rise of Berk) is also great. I love seeing not only some of my favorite dragons, but also new dragons that I’ve never seen before. I love digging deep into lore of games and movies, and some of these quests tell a great story. There is 100% a lot of personal bias going into this review. I think the game itself could look better, but for what it is I think it’s amazing. Love the game, and keep dishing out those updates.
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7 years ago, Jpoua1
Very expensive game
The graphics are outstanding, and I've been playing for a couple of years. I used to love this game and would spend $20 a $ 40 a month, but since june of last year, the developers have just gotten greedy. They want dragon runes (which cost money) for everything, even searches.....it is so sad. I cannot recommend this game any longer, except to those who have a lot of $$$ for essentially a dot on a computer screen or those who are not in a hurry, like me. But it is the most beautiful game I have seen. This is an update....now they want even more runes! No way to get anywhere in this game unless you are very patient. Or want to spend lots of $$$. If I just started playing it now, instead of when it first came out, I would've deleted it. But now I am into it, and just take my time w/out spending $$. I am not against it, I spend $ on other games, but these guys are blatantly greedy. Just cannot support that. Full disclosure. I am nearing 60 yrs of age so I am not in their target demographic.
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12 months ago, 7kate90katertater
So like the title says, pls make an Nintendo game and I have the perfect idea for it! Also I saw someone comment it on a video plus jumpstart probably won't be making another game anytime soon😅 also, love rise of berk! It's still amazing. But please make an offline Nintendo game. Here's the idea: start with httyd 1 and go to httyd 2 then the hidden world, next in httyd 1 2 and 3 you can make ur own character and and costumise it. Plus you can choose ur own quest and make ur own choices. And u can work ur way into httyd 2 and to get to httyd 3 u have to 10x more quest so it'll be harder to get there, and also to get to httyd 2 u have to fight the red death with hiccup and ur dragon. Same for the other two. I hope ur able to make the game! Plus only the going thru the movies was the commenters idea. Also make it online! Hope it'll give u an idea!
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7 years ago, Gundam1642
Update needs a few changes
I liked the game a lot before the update. Now it doesn't even give an overall number for how good a dragon is on defend berk (bummer). It's good that we get packs for collecting dragons in the book and stuff, but now it's kind of difficult to navigate through the book even though there is a search bar. I hope that the unique terrible terrors drop in price back down to 180 runes cause I was gonna buy them after saving for barf and belch. Another thing is that there should be a way to get every dragon without paying or getting it during a specific event. Maybe change it to you have a chance to get it like two times a year or something. I would really like to be able to get premium dragons without paying. I hope this doesn't turn in to a pay to play game like Clash Royale. I really enjoy this app, and would like some way to get the dragons that also isn't impossible.
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5 years ago, Hfufhifhvug
This game was fun
But not I can’t even get on it the game past the first loading screen and it’s soooo annoying because this game was soo much fun when I was younger and I want to unlock the Night Lights because they are cute and small. And please fix this weird bug and I don’t know if it’s just me or anyone else but this glitch or bug is really annoying. I also have a chrome book and I tried to login to my Facebook with book my iPhone 7(iOS) and my chrome book but nothing. I still can’t get past the first loading screen. For my iPhone is cancels out by its self and with my chrome book it say do u want to cancel out, wait, or send a report and I sent the report saying it wasn’t loading past the first loading screen. One last thing that really makes me confused and annoyed is the game works fine without my Facebook account logged in and it doesn’t work with my Facebook account is logged into the game. I hope you fix this glitch or bug please because you’ve helped me with all my other games I play from you guys.
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9 months ago, Lchild1881
Don’t buy a subscription
I bought a subscription for 3.99 for 3 month and that’s what it said. First month good then it tried to renew it for 9.99 without me knowing so then I canceled it not wanting to be charge and my subscription ended then I contacted them to them telling me that I actually bought the first month and not the other 2 month which even on the website states “ If you are one of the lucky ones who sees this special subscription offer, use this opportunity to get exclusive Dragon Rider benefits for a discounted price of $3.99 USD per month for the first three months of your subscription.” Which also implied the other month would be 3.99 but the offer that I saw stated 3.99 for 3 month not one month which is misleading and a total scam. All I asked was just to get what I paid for not the scam. Then they were like if you would like to renew it here’s a link. Are you serious? Dont buy it if it says limited offer it’s a waste of money and a total scam. Honestly this game needs to be reports for that. Shady,money hungry and deceiving.
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