4.7 (96.5K)
491.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Deca Live Operations GmbH
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for DragonVale

4.72 out of 5
96.5K Ratings
3 years ago, jjdude2378
dont let it get too overwhelming
Ive played since it was on kindlefire. its very special to me. would you be able to make a dragonvale 2 and add the newer dragons and elements there because i sometimes get swayed away from playing because theres too much to do when i open it. i just dont want to see it ruined because it becomes having too many dragons/elements and i feel that a second one would maybe be similar except you continue to add more dragons and elements there. and maybe accounts could carry over so you could vist your other world on dragonvale from dragonvale 2. maybe make it a thing where instead of adding more and more elements, each dragonvale could be like a different chapter where theres more content added but we can still access or view the original stuff somewhat separately. please dont overwhelm new players. and dont screw withe the original elements or add any for that fact unless its in a dragonvale 2 or something. also i am wondering why you bought dragonvale deka. did you buy it to get a solid income or do you actually care about the game. are your plans to make it more cash grabby or prevent a George Lucas. anyway im 18 now so my childhood is basically over, i just dont want to see a beautiful game from it guttered or written over in a bad light. if your goals are more to make money over keeping it a good game then please also still conisder the dragonvale 2 or more idea. sincerely, julian plyter
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7 years ago, Taz Brad
LOVE THIS GAME❤️❤️❤️but...
First of all, I have had this game literally all my life (JK, I got it when it first came out). From my knowledge it’s the first dragon breeding game, so that’s big. Also the gameplay and animation style is unique. Another thing is that new dragons come out like every week or a big update like (for example) the rift update comes out like every 2 months, so there’s always something new to enjoy. Now let’s talk about the ‘but...’; it starts with the rift update. I love the fact that breeding is almost instant and the rift alignment stuff, but, there’s this this call Miasmic Ether and you have to clear it to unlock more of the rift. Sounds fair. BUT, it’s not. Let me explain, each time you clear the Miasmic Ether, you need more etherium (currency in the rift) to clear the rest. For example if I clear one cloud for 200 etherium, the next cloud I clear will cost me 225 etherium, and this value NEVER goes down! So by the time you clear ALL the Miasmic Ether, you will end up paying (for example not actually) 1,235,675 etherium. So basically it’s a hopeless grab for money💸. I like the feature that you have to pay more etherium to clear more Miasmic Ether but there should be a way for the value to go down, like,”Everyday the Miasmic Ether cost resets!” Or something. Also I just wanna say, Backflip Studios, if you’re reading this then please fix this problem...I’m done here. P.S. Backflip I have a ton of ideas for dragons so contact me...notice me senpai.
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6 years ago, IPad oldster
What a bummer!!!
I can't even begin to say how bummed I am! I've been playing for over a year, reached a 40+ level, had hundreds of dragons, multiple islands, and WHAM! suddenly I log in and I'm back to level 1!! It's like I never logged in before. I just updated to the new iOS as I usually do but then this. How do I get my status back??? I have no desire to start all over again so this needs to be fixed. From the last reviews I read, it seems others are experiencing the same or worse scenarios. Please get this back where it should be. I loved this game and enjoyed comparing with my grandson who was thrilled his Grandma liked something he liked. I changed my rating to a 5 because you were able to reload my game back where it belonged and my grandson and I have been enjoying comparing our parks for a couple more years now. But suddenly I seem to be a persona non grata again. I updated the Jolly Jamborie and played just fine for about a week then suddenly every time I log in I get kicked out after a few seconds. This has been going on for about 7 weeks now and I'm to the point of total disgust. For the last week I can't even get the game to download to my iPad. It goes to about half then stops. What is really upsetting is I haven't even been able to get to the options page to send a request for help. So here I am having to do it in the App Store in a review! What is going on??
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4 years ago, TheDirtShark
Easy park arranging
Hi backflip studios, I hope your reading this. Overall the game is great. Me and a lot of my frIends really enjoy it and play it just about every day. It’s awesome because it always has new updates and new dragons coming out. My only complaint is that I’ve had this game since I was pretty small and I didn’t organize my park good, now I’m level 45 and don’t have a lot of room to work with. I’m buying new islands to try to organize my park as I’ve re-downloaded the game. If you guys know what clash of clans is, there’s a way to organize your base. You click this button and you choose a base you want to edit and edit it. With DragonVale you cannot do this which makes the park very hard to rearrange. What I was thinking you guys at backflip studios could do which I think would be amazing along with my friends is that you make a rearrangement feature for your park. To try to visualize, maybe when you hit the park edit button there can be an option that says remove all objects or you could even do it by island. When you hit the remove all objects button, the dragons fly into the air and circle the island leaving you habitats and decorations along with paths organize-able. Please consider adding this into you next update as it would be a wonderful edition to the game. I generally love the game and thank you for making it.
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2 years ago, cocaine loc Babbage function
Love it, but…
I absolutely love this game! I’ve been playing on and off for about 10+ years! I remember having my kids collect all my coins when they were toddlers. I’ve recently started playing again and there are so many new elements and clearly years worth of dragons that I have missed. Some events reintroduce dragons and that’s a nice element. Also with the co-op breeding cave some of the dragons I’ve missed over the years can now be bred without an event. With all that being said this game would be 5 stars if the cost of islands and habitats weren’t so ridiculously expensive. Even with the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent the costs of islands are still utterly out of reach. 12 billion for an island is a bit excessive in my opinion and the costs of gems and other treasures aren’t worth it because they don’t go very far. I plan to continue playing this game, but it gets frustrating when you have dragons sitting in the hibernation cave and nowhere to put them. The hibernation cave can now be expanded to house 400 dragons that are not in use. I think that says a lot about the ability to obtain islands and expand livable space for the dragons we breed. The newly introduced rift dragons are confusing to breed, most of the time I’m just winging it. I do love the different dragons and Different elements that have been added. I believe the dragon creativity and quality has not missed a beat. 4/5 stars for me.
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3 years ago, The Great Norgard
This game is my childhood, but...
I have been playing this game off and on since 2012, and I adore the animations and main concepts. The only issue that has always frustrated me with this game is the need for in-app purchases to fully enjoy it. I have been able to make a fairly decent dragon park without paying any money...but that took me eight years. I guess you could say that this game taught me patience, making me wait for almost every single part of the gameplay, such as breeding dragons, hatching eggs, building habitats, removing trees and rocks, and basically every important part of the game. Yes I understand that breeding should take some time, but making someone wait for 26 hours just to get an egg, then spend like 6 hours hatching it?? The game offers the player to instantly finish whatever they are waiting for, if they pay with gems, a form of currency that is purposely made almost impossible to obtain without spending real money. I understand that the creators need to make money, which is why I suggest making the game cost money to download, and making waiting times significantly lower. I would totally be on board with that, for DragonVale is truly a good game. It is above the quality of other in-app purchase games in so many ways, so why not remove the in-app purchases? I would willingly give the makers my money because I appreciate their game, not because I want to hatch a single dragon egg without having to wait two days.
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3 years ago, ladyfern4657xoxo
Love it!
Years and years ago, I had this on my iPad. It was a really fun game! A month ago, I got this on my phone. It’s still a really fun game! I like how you’ve added dragons and fun things like that. When I had this on my iPad though, I got to like level 50 or something before my iPad got lost. Since I had level 50, I had the rift. And can I just say, it was so incredibly fun to breed dragons that were the same, but different. I loved it so much that I wish it didn’t take a level 28 to get the rift. Maybe like a level 22 or something, because it takes a while to level up. You don’t have to do this, it’s just a suggestion. Thank you for reading this, I truly love this game! 😊 Update: My Summoning Circle has been saying that it’s “under maintenance” for the past day! I’m really sad because last time I checked there was a Jet dragon that would be able to summon in about a day, and that dragon is very near and dear to my heart, because I bought gems to buy that dragon last time I had this game. So please please PLEASE fix this! 😩 Update: Thank you for responding Deca! I didn’t know that it really was under maintenance, so thank you for saying so! I appreciate that you are trying very hard to help your game. Have a great day! 🤗 PS: please have a small chrysalis habitat that you can buy with dragoncash.
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4 years ago, i like iy
Definitely recommend!!
I’ve had this game for around 2 years now, and I love it! It’s so much better than the other dragon games. I’m on like level 48 and I’m pretty satisfied with what I have in my park, I have the kairos, the Gaia, Bahamut, and the other one (I forgot what it’s called). But this is like my all time favorite game and I’m like on it 24/7. The only thing that bothers me is I can’t seem to figure out how to get the enchanted breeding cave thing, it’s like the cave with the big purple gem on the top, cause on the “great nogard’s” park when I visit, it has it and when I search it up in the market under buildings I can’t seem to find it, unless u like dis-continued it but that made me kinda upset but hasn’t affected my thoughts on the game overall 🙂. My suggestion for the game would be some improvements in the rift. Yes it’s a very cool now and different realm, the only thing that bugs me is that each time u breed, the price of ethurium goes up, same with clearing the cloud things. It just bugs me. There also should be more ways to gain etherium, cause I only have around 1,000, and like I’m too broke to do anything besides breed like once or twice and even when I do get ethurium from my dragons, it’s a very little amount, and doesn’t even make a dent in how much I have. But that’s what I think of the game, but I still love it 😊 thanks!
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4 months ago, legendarygaia
I have had this game for FOREVER!!!
I love Dragonvale! I have had this game since I was 12! I love all the new features too that came in with the updates too, just everything about the game really. The new dragons are kinda weird, but I’m glad they can always make new ones! It shows their creativity when they constantly create new dragons! That’s another thing I like about this game is the constant new content. Most old games have probably stopped updating by now, but Dragonvale isn’t one of them! I do remember putting in a complaint about pride flags because literally every witch had one, but I think they fixed the issue since there are less of them now. Thank you for that, by the way! I am not hating, since I have friends that are gay. I was just a little upset because of how crazy everything is right now and Dragonvale is my escape since it’s a game that doesn’t bend to peer pressure, y’know? I also realize that the rainbow flags might just be a part of the event right now since it’s near Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s by the way!! Again, this game is my childhood and I am lucky I have never had a major issue with the game. Thank you for bringing so many good memories with this game! Love you guys for your hard work, and have a good Valentine’s!! 💜
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1 year ago, Tristan J K
Longtime Fan, Hoping To See New Features
I first played DragonVale when it first came out, and have very fond memories of playing it in high school to pass the time between classes. I love many of the dragon designs and concepts added since, and I appreciate the team’s efforts to keep things interesting with seasonal events. The only thing I feel like other similar apps have an advantage over it is more mini games or something to the effect of a competitive element. It’s a really nice idle clicking game, but my favorite part is the track races which you only get limited free plays per day and the gameplay becomes repetitive and/or frustrating. I’m not sure from a development standpoint what kinds of constraints are in place in terms of size/memory usage, but it would be nice to have things to do when you’re waiting for all your timers to tick down. Even if it’s just something ya’ll keep in mind for a potential sequel game. I hate to bring up a “rival” app, but if you could invent gameplay that was more engaging than Dragon Mania Legends, that would rock! That game feels a little more “involved” but I really don’t like staring at that art style at all… the designs in DragonVale are far more pleasant, diverse, and endearing. Overall, DragonVale is always a classic in my books and I would love to see it continue to grow and evolve, even after all these years.
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6 years ago, AOG2
Going downhill
I’ve been playing the game for nearly 5 years, usually logging in 2-3 times daily. It was entertaining and during events I’d often pay $20-30 to buy extras and reward the developers for their work. It’s been nearly two years since I’ve been willing to pay real money toward this game. The changes Hasbro has made, particularly in the last 6 months or so, has begun driving tenured, dedicated players away. Events are nearly back-to-back, there are more limited time items at higher in-game costs, which they are using to try to increase out-of-pocket real money spent by players, and what players need to buy and do in order to “evolve” new dragons have become more complicated. The worst, in my opinion, is the developers and Hasbro do not provide responses to questions by players posted publicly, do not appear to take player feedback into consideration, and do not have a customer service presence on the game’s Facebook page. All of this has led to frustration and feeling the company and developers have lost sight of their customers. A year ago, I would have rated this game 5 stars. Now I had to decide between giving it 2 or 3 stars. If you’re a new player, there will be a lot of content you can’t get to or can’t buy without spending real money. The events will be frustrating for you too. Sorry, Backflip. My time with your game is nearing its end, and my checkbook will no longer open for you.
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2 years ago, PokemonGODevsSwallow
Favorite Idle Game
I love almost everything about this game except for a few things. There are important buildings that help out a lot like allowing you to level up dragons extra levels and what not, but they cost a lot of gems which take a while to accumulate or you can spend a good bit of money. I wish when you did the races and you don’t open the one with the gems that their is still a way to get them. I think it should be an even amount of gems like 4-6 and if you pay 2-3 gems you should get it like in a day or week later like an investment. I think that would be awesome if they did that because the buildings and dragons that cost gems are hard to get. I don’t mind the dragons really because those are easy to obtain but I think you should make it easier to get the buildings. Especially for people who do invest their time into this game. There’s also sometimes a problem with ads that when they’re finished your in some super zoomed in stretched view of your park and you gotta restart the game to get it back to normal. I don’t mind the ads because there is hardly any but I don’t like having to restart game. Other than that great game and keep it up! Really hope you do my investment idea with the gems in chest ;)
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5 years ago, Iplayedthisgameomg
Resetting and Tutorial
I would like to be able to reset my uhhh park? (Sorry I haven’t played in a bit) I love these types of games, mostly for the breeding part. But they get kinda boring after awhile. But after a bit I’d love to see all the dragons again! So I re-download the game, and for me I want a fresh start. But when I first get back into the game, all my old stuff is there. I know some people like that, but not me. So, I would like the ability to reset my game. Like the reset button could always be in your settings, or when you first re-download the game a pop up says, “do you want a fresh start?” And if you press yes, “Are you sure?” And if you have rare dragons “ARE YOU SURE??? You have rare dragons that will be deleted forever!” And if you still persist, the game will reset. and getting on to the next topic in my title, (it’s much shorter) after you persisted it would ask, “Do you want the tutorial?” Then if you said yes, you would have a normal tutorial. If you said no, then you would start of with an the state of your park(?) just like how it is after you finish the tutorial. Dragons and all. Then if the player is struggling, (with or without the tutorial) give them a nudge in the right direction. I really like this game and others like it, so this really is my only logical place to complain about the game. Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, goat man/shark
Abosolutly amazing game!!!
This game is awesome, I almost every part of it from the breeding to the mythic dragons to the habitats and look of the game. It really makes you feel like you accomplished something especially once you get mythic dragons like Tiamat. I do have one thing that could be improved or explained to me... so the racing system is mostly great and I love how it gives you a easier way to get kairos and Gaia but it’s doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. For example I’ll have a level 11 dragon ( all of mine are, for the little ball above their heads) and be racing against a level 1 dragon of the same variety. The level 1 dragon almost always gets a better start like the boost moved up for them, also you go the same speed unless there’s like 6 boosts in a row that you get perfect ( it isn’t actually that hard to get a perfect) and even then they usually win. I’m just saying that a level 11 dragon should go faster than a level one dragon, you should get rewarded for spending gold to feed them. Other than that one thing and maybe the rift substance, which I’ve seen that someone explained the flaw in, this game is amazing, it’s so calming and peaceful there’s no need to feel stressed about anything it’s just a game about breeding dragons and trying to expand your park.
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5 years ago, Is this the best u can do?
Good, I guess
This is a really good game, and I play it almost every day, but I’m on level 72 and I feel like there’s nowhere left to go. I mean, I have all three legendary dragons, and I’ve unlocked everything. Now when I level up, the only thing that changes is I can build one more habitat. But that’s literally it. Did you guys program this thinking that no one would make it that far, and that’s why there’s nothing new? I mean, I can still participate in the holiday things, like the rift event and the Valentine’s Day event, but there’s no challenge to the game anymore. I really wish you’d make another legendary dragon, that’d be pretty fun. Also, I’m pretty sure the legendary vault dragon has a glitch. If I collect 1,000 abundant essence I can collect all the money, gems, food, and rift currency in my park. However if I collect 10,000 abundant essence and I go onto the legendary vault dragon’s profile, I can choose to “power him up”. I tried this, and it did NOTHING. When I did this I thought it would fill all my habitats to the max and collect the money but it didn’t. In fact, it didn’t even collect the money I DID have. It literally did NOTHING. I did this a second time, just to make sure I was correct in assuming it was malfunctioning and I got the same results as the first time. Please fix this, or at least add a warning to the game saying that powering the vault dragon up won’t do anything. Thanks, I guess.
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3 years ago, Heath76r
Adding more isn’t always better
I’ve had many heartwarming feelings when it comes to this game. A feeling of nostalgia. This is DragonVale, the first EVER video game I ever played. I played it on an IPad 2 in 2012 when I was 4 years old. Now I’m 13 years old and I still have the exact same park. Recently since DECA has taken over DragonVale, lots of things have changed, and it’s a little overwhelming. And a lot of the rarity’s of the dragons have changed, because when you add a new rare dragon, it de-values all the other dragons. I remember the sun, moon, and rainbow dragons were so rare, but now in 2021 they're super easy to get. It’s a little annoying and sometimes I wish that I could go back into the 2016 version of this game, but atlas if only I had the powers of Kairos… But anyways if there is one message I could give the developers, it’s that please don’t add TOO much more to this game. Maybe a dragon or two but the DragonVale community is strong for a reason, and it’s because each dragon has value and a place in each players hearts — even though this is just a video game. And a new dragon doesn’t hold that nostalgic emotional value that we all want. Please preserve this game, not overwrite it. - BirdGuy (Please respond to this developers)
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6 years ago, QUEENSIA24
Love this game but disappointed!!
I recently found this game and started to play it for a couple months religiously!!!! I had a variety of dragons and I was even at a pretty high level! I’ve grown to love the game I even spent money on this game because of how addictive it is! Haha but just about a week ago I LOST EVERYTHING! My app would not open so I deleted it and re-downloaded it and logged back in to find that everything was gone. I was livid. Even though I was so upset I hung in and restarted due to how much I just love this game and trust me I don’t have much games on my phone so it was surprising to me how much I still wanted to try and start over and continue. So now I’m back to square one and trying to hope that this doesn’t happen again I do truly enjoy the game so it really was a bummer. Every time I want to open the app I have to re-download it because it just won’t let me open it. It’s starting to get frustrating and I’m starting to get irritated because I want to play the game and then I have to re-download it every time for it to work!? Are you serious I don’t have the time for that and if this continues I will no longer play this game. I’ve been putting up with this for a while but it’s really starting to be annoying and honestly sad that y’all haven’t done anything about it I’ve seen lots of comments about this and nothing has been done. Hopefully this gets fixed and I can continue to play the game that I love.🐉💗
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2 years ago, Normal person .12.67
App crashes and doesn't recover
I used to love this game and played it every day, even spending a little real money on gems. It’s neat and undeniably cute. Watching the little dragons fly around makes you smile and they’re fun to collect. I downloaded the app again to see if it might be fun to come back… I was… pretty underwhelmed at what had been developed in the past 2-3+ years I had been away. No new themes for islands and just… wasn’t that exciting or appealing in terms of new looking content? And a bunch more stuff and currency to pay for in the store. I’ve shelled out more than I’d care to admit on games in the past but they also had so much new content… I wanted to come back. It’s cute but it just felt like it hadn’t grown from where I left off and I just felt like… why? You guys had such a great start! The park is super cute, the islands the themes, the designing is all fun and cute! The rift is even kinda neat too (although kinda limited in development and use)- but what happened? How is there no new “land” or island themes? Just a bunch of new dragons? I mean kinda neat but it’s been years! I would think there would be a lot more. Hopefully it might still be coming but I’ll wait until there’s something to get excited about and then come back. And the gamble thing isn’t a draw. It doesn’t even make me want to spend money. One dragon? Yawn.
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7 years ago, LadyFuryKT
Favorite game until the new Rift
I've played this game every day for nearly a year now. It's been my favorite mobile game by far. I loved the Rift when it first came out. It was unique and the new dragons were really cool. However, the new Rift is confusing at best, and frustrating at worst. The currency is so hard to get, and you have to spend more than you're getting in order to progress. At least in older updates, you may have needed to spend a little money here and there to get everything you wanted out of it. Now it's like you can't get ANYTHING without having to spend actual money on it. I understand the developers have to make money, but this feels like they're trying to take advantage of their customers' loyalty by making progress impossible without spending money. And what's even more annoying is the fact that I can't even OPEN the game anymore. When the new Rift started, I basically opened the game to get my daily reward, collect my food and money, and then quit. Now the last couple days I can't even do that. So I'm a little annoyed that I had over 200 consecutive days playing this game, and now I'm back to 0 because of these bugs. Before this, I would've given this game 5 stars. If the developers can get things back on track, and make updates and events that aren't filled with bugs and confusing gameplay, I would give it 5 stars again.
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4 years ago, spectrum girl
Awesome game, need to get.
This game = Awesome! It got breeding, it has DRAGONS, it has everything! Once, I had one of my galactic dragons breed one of my other dragons and I randomly got a double rainbow dragon! It’s hilarious, but I like having it around. And I had this game once but I had to get a new I pad :U moving on, It has some cool stuff you might like. So if your a dragon fan and your ready for a total awesome adventure, I recommend this game. Because, It’s fun when you get to see surprises! Also, I have a Tip. If you get a egg but you have no idea what it is, try going to the market and looking at the pedestals. Seriously, I do this all the time. Surprises are fun though. Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry if it doesn’t make sense, I’d like stuff not to be super expensive all the time, and.. I’m not done. I could go on and on, but I’ll say one thing. A clue.. to a dragon. In the game. ‘Color changing wonders, horned beast. Beautiful and thought to be a legend in white drago..’ Figure out what dragon this is and I’ll sorta just reward you with a ‘good job!’ Alrighty I’m done here. 2020 - wear a mask, wash your hands, survive. Yes, survive. One more thing. The complaints about the rift are from people who have reasons. This probably changed. I wish I could speak to the world and tell it what we really need.
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2 years ago, Carmac720
Slow it down
I’ve played this game for many many years, and it’s changed a lot: mostly for the better, but there are some annoying changes. (TL;DR at the end) Back in the day, it was a very go-with-the-flow game that you checked on a couple times a day. Now, you have to pay it constant attention or you’ll miss all the new dragons. The fact that there’s always an event going on means that you can’t look away from it for even a day. I’m sure that’s intentional, but it makes the game too busy. I miss the time when events happened only a few times a year rather than being the normal state. The constant release of new dragons makes it nearly impossible to breed ones you don’t already have, especially if they’re only available for a week. The breeding odds also seem to be very unfavorable for these limited dragons. Throughout the whole winter event, I’ve only been able to breed 2 winter dragons successfully despite using level 20 dragons and upgraded breeding centers. I also didn’t manage to breed any of the 1 week dragons. I still enjoy the game, but it’s just too overwhelming. It used to be a relaxing game of patience; now you can’t blink without missing something. There needs to be more time between major events so players can catch up.
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11 months ago, Levent Lover
Great Game
This is a great game! I’ve had this for years and am still continuing to grow my park. It is a slow game, it will take a long time to reach level 100, but it is fun to play. The game requires daily checks, but if you miss a few days your park won’t be completely destroyed. Eventually you will get some pretty cool upgrades and it is just so fun to breed dragons! It is so exciting! They have seasonal stuff, so on Christmas, for example, the park will be Christmas themed and there will be snow and Santa’s everywhere. There will be seasonal “money” you get and with it you can buy cool seasonal dragons using the seasonal money instead of gems. Gems are hard to get, you can get them from chests and from the colosseum, and some dragons, and they are what you use to buy most dragons and habitats. You can get gems for real-life dollars, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Personally, I don’t like to buy stuff from the game with my money, feel like it’s just a waste. But that’s just me. Feel free to buy stuff. You get to feed dragons, breed them, collect money from them, and more. Some of them are so cute! There are really rare dragons that are tourist attractions kind of. Super cool. Overall it is a great game and i enjoy playing it so much!
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6 years ago, Charlie7733
Fantastic Game 🤩🤩🤩 WOW!!!
Okay this is a fantastic game with amazing developer support. I got this game back in 2011 when it was brand new on the App Store. I have been playing it ever since then and continues to be my most favorite and most played app. Breeding for and hatching new dragons is always innovative and exciting. Additionally, do not listen to the comments complaining about the Rift prices. While it seems daunting at first, you can slowly build up a good rift that earns you a lot of the etherium quite fast. It is just a different world inside of DragonVale that earns at a rate much slower than standard gold coins. If you spend time hatching dragons in the rift and buying as many habitats as you can, you will start to earn etherium well. Additionally, I made it as far as I have and am currently Level 105 without spending any money until this year. I spent money only for personal enjoyment as they offered surprise dragon eggs to get good dragons you do not currently own. This is a free to play game done right which I have gotten more than my fair share of value from. I really enjoy all the events and they are back to back so you always have something new to work for. Really could not ask for more fun out of a single app in the App Store. Just wow!
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4 years ago, GhostMuse🎵
I love this game
I’ve been playing this game for years, and I’m on a pretty high level. This game was especially fun when I was younger, when I first started playing, because I’ve never played anything like DragonVale before. My only issue is that there’s not much to do now. Besides when there’s events, I don’t really play a lot anymore. Not to mention, there are some other issues such as the miasmic ether. It’s to much, making players get so much of it to free up space in the rift, only to have to get more for the next time they want to do the same thing. Another thing is the race track. Now that I’m a higher level and have more dragons, I thought it’d be easier to get gold. But it’s harder. Not matter what I do, no matter how many dragons I try using, I can’t win a good 95% of the time. Basically, its gotten a lot harder since I’ve gotten more dragons and stuff. At first I thought it was nice, a challenge, but now I wanna give up trying at all. It’s no longer the player and their dragon who determines if they win. You just have to hope the other NPC dragons are bad if you want to get gold. Please fix this. Overall, it’s an amazing game, but it has some extremely noticeable flaws, and it’d be really appreciated if they were fixed.
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4 years ago, Nora Kogane
Love this game
I actually have had this game for a while and I finally decided to give it a review. I started the game in 2019, and I honestly love it. I love breeding the dragons and seeing what new dragons I could get. I also love designing the islands. Now, I know your probably wondering why I’m giving it four stars if I love it so much. Well, it’s because I recently had a problem with the game that really made me mad. Whenever I would try to open the game, it would just send me back to home screen. At first I was like, “ ok, maybe there’s just a problem with the phone “. So I shutdown my phone and restarted it. Nothing changed. I googled and tried every possible way I could fix the problem to get the game to work. But nothing worked. After about two weeks of the app not opening. I finally decided to just delete the game and re-downloaded it and start all over. I still have the park id to my old park, but I have no idea how to use it to get back my old park. But other than that, I would highly recommend this game. I don’t think I’ve heard this happen to anyone else, but I would highly recommend linking the game to an email or a google account of yours just in case anything does happen. Anyway, I hope you found this review helpful and I hope you enjoy the game if you decide to download it.
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4 years ago, SydneyDeatherage
It's fun but
This is one of my favorite games, don't get me wrong. I've been playing since 2012 but I had a different iTunes account so I just started again. I have good dragons for level 24 but the game tents, dragon track, and colosseum are all a bit too rigged. The first thing I noticed were the prizes offered to people are completely different in an unfair way. My boyfriend and I play this game everyday. During the game tents he probably gets offered to win a gold chest (without paying 5 gems) almost every other time he plays. I've never been offered it and have wasted over 25 gems since I got the game trying to win a golden chest. He normally gets normal good prizes that are no big deal but the yolkwing dragon during the time it's expired and it's impossible to breed atm. A little unfair. Maybe I would have liked to even been offered that chest and lost, but it's also just my favorite dragon. So about the races, my boyfriend and I (and ppl in the fb group I'm in about this game) never can win them mainly because example: 7 out of the 10 races are for dark type dragons and those are available at level 25, one level above mine. Making it literally impossible to beat the ai bots racing against you because to win you need the right elements. The colosseum I have to say I have the same complaint about, once you become a high enough level as well the dragon track and colosseum become a bit pointless.
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5 years ago, 💕🐞💐❤️🎉
Dragon story is not better?
I have played this game and dragon story and all dragon story ever did was ask for my money. There were many things you could only get in the game if you spent a ton of money on gold. There were so many pop ups and I really didn’t want to spend my money on a game I didn’t really even enjoy. DragonVale is better in so many ways. You don’t actually need to spend money to progress, and it is a lot easier to get gems, the equivalent to dragon story gold. It is also extremely hard to progress in dragon story, so much so it gets frustrating. Not sure how people ever though dragon story was better? Many young kids also play dragon story, and I bet many of them have spend hundreds of their parents money on gold so they can progress. Dragon story is very obviously geared towards younger kids. The graphics are colorful and childish, and elements have colors like “green” and “red” instead of the fire or plant elements. The dragonvale lore is also much more compelling than that if dragon story. Dragon story feels like every other dragon game, begging for your money constantly just to progress, but dragon vale feels like someone actually put work into, and it wasn’t just a quick cash grab.
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5 years ago, cactus.l.explorer
Copy of dragon story?
Ok, to start off I’m just going to say this is a pretty good game. I had tried it before, and had some trouble with the intro, but a week or so ago I made a new island and started over. I like the jam-packed events and the variety of dragons. The cooperative breeding cave is also a pretty unique idea. Now let’s think of other dragon games. I have been playing dragon story for about 6 years now. I am almost at level 100, and have unlocked pretty much everything you can get. I have quite a few dragons, and I can see the similarity between some of the dragons in DS and DragonVale. In a lot of dragon games, actually. I mean, the colosseum looks very similar to the DS battle arena, and the whole rift thing seems to me, in a way, like the magic portal. I can see similarities to other games too. Another storm 8 game, pet shop story, has the visitors who just walk around too. They look very similar to there visitors, and about the same age variety too(older people, kids, teenagers). It’s even similar to the fri ckin My Little Pony app, where if you hold an object for 3 seconds, you go into edit mode. So honestly this game is pretty nice, good concept, well made, but it seems to me like there’s too much similarity. Otherwise I would recommend this game, but honestly DS is way, WAY better. So I would recommend doing your research before you get this game.
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5 years ago, Millsy s.b park
Almost Perfect
I have been playing this game since elementary school. I grew up playing it. I had the light and dark rift dragons when they were both light/dark. I got ovalith in the original event it was offered. I played it when the apocalypse dragon was introduced for the 2012 mayan thing. This game is addictive and has staying power. The dragons mostly look cool and the events are mostly fun. Mostly. They kinda got worse but the 2019 gardenia event looks fantastic. But there’s a few flaws I would like to address 1. Evolved dragons. No one likes them, they are a pain to get, and they stress everyone out. PLEASE quit using these. It just seems like a cash grab. The whole point is to breed dragons, not to evolve them. At least make it possible to get them in co-op if you don’t already have one. I need the corrupticorn! 2. Ghostly Dragons. This is just lazy. You literally reskinned old dragons and they are hard to breed as it’s impossible to tell if it’s gonna be ghostly or not. It also leaves the expectation that you will eventually have ghostly dragons for all the elemental and special ones, which I doubt you’ll do. 3. Races. They suddenly got really hard and even with all perfect you get second place. I get making it a little harder, but it shouldn’t be impossible if you have the right elements.
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5 years ago, gyhhbgh
Sadly Deleting After Eight Years
I got this game close to when it came out. My girlfriend's family showed me it so I could play with the kids. They were around level 30 when I first started with the mom at 50. Eventually they stopped playing and I kept up every day and eventually made it to level 125, all the islands, all the major decorations, but never all the dragons. I have always been missing anywhere from 3-5 and I've always gotten close. Recently since BackFlip has created more barriers to getting event dragons that can only be solved by paying money I am deciding to quit DragonVale. I really wanted to keep up but I feel like that 3-5 is becoming 10-14 and increasing after every event. The grind to keep up is becoming difficult and unrewarding. After this 2019 Easter event I was on the game five times a day collecting eggs and I still wasn't even close to getting all the event dragons. I am five dragons behind and I feel like I can never catch up. And this is after playing the game so long that finally I feel helpless. The Pokémon Go game gave me a similar feeling where they kept adding barriers to the game and alienated fans until the game died. I hope that doesn't happen for the other fans of this game, but unfortunately for me I will be retiring my park. Thank you BackFlip for the eight years and good luck improving your game.
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3 years ago, Nyakurah
Great dragon breeding game!
My favorite dragon breeding game! Dragonvale is the type of game that would stick with me for many years to come since it never feels boring especially when there are always new dragons/combinations to breed. I was skeptical of Dragonvale at first due to its old and cartoonish UI/design, but I gradually came to like it. One of my favorite things about Dragonvale is it’s more simplistic gameplay compared to other games out there. The events are fun for such a game and gems are obtainable pretty quickly through gem exchange which is a nice feature. Each day I wake up, I’m always excited to see what I breed or hatch which is what keeps my interest in Dragonvale. This game is perfect for me especially when I don’t usually have much time for games. The only issue I have is with the ads which can become annoying when you get the ones that are in 3 parts and require you to press “next.” It also changes the orientation of your screen so you would have to close the app and reopen it so that it fixes itself. But other than that, Dragonvale is a great yet simple game and I highly recommend it especially for people who don’t have much time.
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5 years ago, Nina-Corn
DragonVale Review
This app is amazing, no lie. It is a really fun app where you can buy, breed, and take care of your dragons. DragonVale is a free app, except for optional purchases. And the optional purchases don’t even cost that much. One thing that I do appreciate is that the game providers help you a lot! At the beginning when you first download the game, they basically tell what the game is about, how it works, etc. Then once you finish reading the prologue, they show you the ropes to it. They teach you where to buy certain items, how to get money and gems, and even really easy things like how to breed just In case you get confused. Then there are things like goals, which once you finish them, you can get prizes, like coins, gems, and level boosts. It is a really fun game and I highly recommend that you get it, ever since I had downloaded the app, I have had no concerns, or problems, or anything similar. Hopefully you have as much fun with the game as I have, and again I am here to remind you that it is the most amazing game ever. This is the best review I have given, since this app is such high quality, and I can guarantee that you will definitely enjoy DragonVale. That is all, goodbye!
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2 years ago, Sherico_
This is about the dragon draw
Most of the aspects of this game are well done and are actually fun, however the new dragon draw feature is agitating and disheartening. After maybe about a month of waiting, missing draws for the dragons I vote for, and even if a dragon comes a long that I do want and I pour the minuscule amount that is given regularly and STILL loose, I started asking questions. I have asked support how to draw really work since they don’t really give a detailed explanation on how to draw works in the game, and they told me the more soul shards you use the better chance you have at winning dragon. This comes off as to me is it’s a pay to win aspect which is very disappointing for this game, I’ve played this game for a long time and I never saw any part of the game as a play to win the game which made it fun for me but with this dragon draw it basically seems like something really tempting is waved in your face but you may only have a chance at winning if you buy shards from the market. You can either wait for a long time and collect five soul shards at time, pour all the ones you have into a draw and still most likely loose, or waste tons of money buying soul shards and dumping them into a draw and still possibly loose. It’s basically punishing the player for even playing, very disappointing and disheartening.
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2 years ago, hypnogirl
Amazing game, a few suggestions
I love this game, I’ve had it for who knows how many years. It’s really fun to collect and breed various dragons. As a dragon lover, I love all the different kinds of dragons that are featured in this game. I don’t have any complaints. But I do have a few suggestions for the game that I would love to see. #1 Being able to delete vales, I have made a lot of random vales, and I would love to be able to delete the ones I don’t want anymore so that it doesn’t take up space on my device. #2 easier ways to get gems. A ton of things in this game cost gems, and they are hard to get in large amounts. It would be awesome if you got gems when you leveled up, instead of having to buy them or wait an eternity for your gem dragons. #3 selling eggs before they are done incubating. This is a feature that I really want in the game. Especially when your trying to breed a certain dragon. But it only sell for half it would if you were to fully incubate. I hope that this review was helpful, I really enjoy this game, and I hope that you guys (the creators, DECA, whatever it’s called) consider these ‘updates’. 🐉
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1 year ago, thisisanicknameokayyeahcool
App no longer working after update
I had no issues with launching the app until the most recent update. I restarted my device after, and that didn’t help. Gave it a few days, but it’s still crashing immediately after tapping the app icon. (Edit) Some users may not know what their park id is, which seems to be the only way the developers can resolve this issue.I should know my park id, I’ve been playing the game since 2015. Part of what makes this so awful. This is my go-to game on the days were my brain is moving quicker than I can process. It helps redirect my focus, and relaxes me. Because I’ve been playing since 2015, I don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made. Not that I could restart, or do anything to solve this on my own, to my knowledge. The app crashes immediately after tapping the icon, it doesn’t even attempt to launch the loading screen. In previous yrs when this happen a simple delete, and redownload solved this issue for me. That hasn’t worked this time, and neither has restarting my ipad. I’d never leave a bad review on this app. To be awful, because I love it so much. But it gets frustrating always missing out during seasonal events because the app won’t launch for a prolonged period of time. It’s been at least a month since I’ve been able to play.
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6 years ago, Strange, but cool ;)
Great, but glitches outta be fixed
I'm going to preface this by saying that I've been playing this game for over fives years now. Recently, I've been finding it difficult to keep up with the amount of dragons that exist. I play during the events, but dozens of dragons keep getting added at a place that I can keep up with. I like that because it keeps the game interesting and allows long term players like me to not get bored by having every dragon and having no room for improvement. That's fine, but it's been growing exponentially which is absolutely ridiculous and impossible to keep up with. Another thing: the rift. I think it's pretty great that there's a new type of dragon and an entirely new "world" for them. However, the amount of food required to level up these dragons is difficult for an experienced player to keep up with, let alone a newbie. I pity the people who just started playing and unlock the rift at level 28 or whatever and are overwhelmed by the new content. That aside, I haven't been able to even open the game for a couple days now. Every time I try, the logo appears, and then I get immediately kicked out of the app. If you guys could address this problem, that would be fantastic.
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2 months ago, Jim- Dragon
Make a change
I have put blood, sweat, and tears into this game, yet have been met with disappointment and misery many times at Backflip Studio’s disposal. There are many inconsistencies that are deeply discouraging. To start, the costs of some habitats are simply disdaining. Here I am, meticulously saving up my gems like the hard little worker I am, just to have my hand forced to spend 125 on a single Chrystalline habitat. To get my ROI? 31 weeks it would take, and that is assuming, four 1 gem/ week dragons are in there. That is simply unacceptable. My other option? Sell my brand new Chrystalline dragon. That contradicts my very (and every other Valer’s) goal of attaining every unique dragon, so that is just not a choice. There are no reasons for a habitat to have the staggering price tag of 125 gems. I understand the intent behind inclining Valer’s to purchase gems, and that time is the main antagonist against us Wizards, but to be set back 31 weeks from attaining my gem goal is inexcusable. Dragonvale should reward those who are dedicated to the sport of dragon banging, rather than discouraging us from working hard. I will continue to put my head down and grind, but Backflip Studios must assess their incompetencies before the tipping point comes. It is sooner than they think. Us Valer’s have been far too disappointed for too long.
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5 years ago, OrignalPlayer
Can not get into the game.
I have been playing this game since it came out. They require you to get all the islands, themes, 3 different kinds of dragons (regular, twin and rift version), pedestals, decorations, literally EVERYTHING they come out with. When you do so the game becomes so large that you can no longer open the game to play. The events come out way too often making it impossible to get the new dragons and whatever crazy idea they come up with as far as enhancements or versions. The amount of event currency you can earn and what you need to get the new dragons is no where near each other. They recommend once you do get everything they ask for that you turn everything off or hide it because the game is too large to be played on your cell phone. They came out with a low resolution mode and it does nothing to help this issue. Unless you’re looking to spend lots of $$$ and waste your time trying to breathe fire, this game is not for you. Their customer service is such a joke. Report an issue getting into the game and they ask for your ID number. If you can not get into your park, you can not provide them the ID number. A lot of people have quit playing this game of their own free will and there are thousands more who are completely locked out of our games that want to try to play and can’t. Don’t be another victim. Find a different game through a different company.
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4 years ago, Danggit
An Oldie, but a Goodie
I began playing DragonVale when the game was brand new. Often imitated but never equaled, DragonVale remains my favorite mobile game ever. But when Hasbro acquired the game, everything changed. For the first time ever, I was not able to acquire a new Dragon when it was released. It was the Nosferatu dragon, and not being able to acquire a limited dragon for the very first time ever made me so upset that I quit the game. I returned to DragonVale one year ago and I have found a lot has changed for the better. The pace at which new dragons are added to the game is great, and almost constant events means there is almost always something to do. The cash-grabbiness of events has been pulled way back from when I quit and I have had very little trouble obtaining most new items, as well as acquiring tons of dragons that I missed while I was away. I am delighted that even though backflip studios has closed, the game will live on. As long as the new developer continues the pace of events and new releases, and does not increase the aggression of monetization, this game should still have a long and healthy life ahead of it. Still my all-time favorite mobile game.
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5 years ago, Lusnowdrop
Best Dragon Game Ever!
I’ve been playing this game for so long, longer than I can remember. I love this game because you can accomplish almost ANYTHING without paying a dime. I only spent money to reward the developers for keeping the game alive. The newest Paradise event has been amazing! I’ve gotten so many limited new epic dragons without paying any money. This game truly rewards players for their hard work and the thing I love most about it is the simplicity. Although events do go back to back, there’s always something new to get in this game. I’ve been playing Dragon Story and Dragon City too and I love both of them but not nearly as much as this dragon collecting game. The simplicity of this game is shown by the lack of complicated battles, lack of so many structures that you have to constantly check and I love it. I want to play everyday to farm etherium to collect more gemstone dragons via the eggs. Yes, the rift is very hard but once you get the hang of it and breed your first epic dragon and find a sustainable food growing method you can make it so you gather over 2,500 etherium in just about 6-5 hours. I love this game so much, and the new dragons are so awesome! Keep up the great work.
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5 years ago, jordanaliwhite
I love this game but it is a SCAM.
I’ve been binge playing this Game for months it was my favorite game. When I started to really get into it I noticed how when I would play the Colosseum, it would not reward me my gems. I genuinely thought I could get over that, but the more I think about it the more angry I get. This game is asking you to pay your hard earned money on gems, and when you actually earn them in the game they aren’t received. What really set me over the edge though, Is the Valentine’s Day event. There was a certain level of prizes I was aiming for which were the Daisy prizes. The game and information explains that by earning daily prizes (visiting your park every day and earning a prize for it), you will unlock more levels of prizes for your park. I had collected all of the prices necessary to unlock the daisy prizes. But they were still locked, and the information said that I had to unlock two more prizes for that level. So I continued for two more days just to see if it would count, it didn’t. So I decided to just spend my 11,000 roses on first level prizes. When I did that though, I got a notification claiming that I had in fact unlocked the daisy prizes. Imagine that frustration. I don’t have the money to be spending on gems for a phone game. So I earn them by playing The game and watching stupid inconvenient ads. So when I watch the ads and win gold medals, I expect to earn my gems.
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5 years ago, PigDoodles
One of my favorite games of all time
An absolutely incredible game, especially for a mobile game. There are many brave things most mobile developers wouldn’t do out if fear of costs to their business, but Backflip develops this game purely out of heart and soul. Kairos, the legendary dragon of time, allows you to fast-forward time completely free, something you’d normally have to at least pay an in-game currency for. You can use a currency to skip the cooldown on the ability, but you don’t need it. And Gaia, the legendary nest dragon, can hatch any egg instantly, and speeds up the incubation of dragon eggs. Nearly every dragon has an amazing design - and there are over 500! It’s not overly difficult or pay-to-win - they even have dragons that produce the magical gemstones that most games would make practically exclusive to ads and in-app purchases. Every limited-time dragon returns at least twice per year with the Bring ‘Em Back event (and this year there are three!) and all of them can be obtained without buying them. There’s an in-game breeding hint menu that tells you what combos you will need for certain dragons. All in all, this game is full of charm and super well made.
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2 years ago, 568dragon
Still incredible in 2022!
I’ve been playing this game since 2011, back when the Rainbow Dragon was THE thing to achieve. I’ve seen it go through its ups and held on with its downs. Now, in 2022, there is an absurd amount of content within this game; so much so that after I came back to the game after a break, I was almost overwhelmed! The quality and list of things you can do in just one sitting has skyrocketed, and the new dragons that they continue to add are stellar in quality. More and more things continue to be added to the game to beef up its absurd roster of almost 800 dragons, and thats not including the many things you can breed them for in the rift, nor the batch that come every event. On top of that, it had a dedicated and active fanbase thats more than willing to reach out to you and share their gems and insight. Deca is an incredible team who actively communicates with their following and has an extremely solid grasp on the game and where to take it. I cannot recommend this game enough. A decade later and its still the best dragon breeding game of all time. I hope it had many more to come! ❤️
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5 years ago, Lmastre
I loved this game 😞
I've been playing DragonVale for just over 4 years. I used to really enjoy playing, raising dragons, trying to get all the different breeds, decorating my park, etc. I always made sure I checked in every day, to at least collect the cash. They would, for special occasions, have an 'Event' where you could earn 'magic essence', flowers, coins, or some other form of currency. It used to be that if, you worked really hard at it and maxed out how much of this special currency you could earn (they put a limit on how much you can make), you could just barely get all or most of the special, limited time dragons, and decorations. The developers are now greedy jerks, who have made it impossible to come even close to earning enough for HALF of the limited time items! This most recent event, I figured up that I would've had to spend over $100 to get enough 'magic essence' to get the items, let alone the dragons. This would've been on top of what I earned every day! I have gotten so sick of not even coming close, that I gave up on trying to get them all, and actually FORGOT to check in on some days. I hadn't forgotten since I started the game, ESPECIALLY during an event. I've been thinking about deleting it, I just hate all the time I've wasted on this, just to have it turn sour. I thought I'd try to save someone all the heartache that comes with this game.
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6 years ago, Poison karma
Disappointed long term player:(
I love the dragons and the game but! yes there is a but! I have been playing this game since the beginning & I spent over $200 on this game and now the events are impossible to get done in time. It was a Christmas event, Christmas is supposed to be a gift, a thanks for playing your game something not so stressful. I sent a message to the developers asking for help and never received anything back. I have only sent a message one other time and the person was really rude to me. I don't feel for the money spent I get the help and courtesy I deserved in return:( I hope the developers will rectify this. Update on my last review: still disappointed in the game only now it got worse “yes” worse. I can’t believe it’s Christmas again and the events got everyone I know to quit playing. What a sad thing. I just can’t put anymore money into a game that the developers don’t read their reviews and address them:( I always use to get the new dragons and then spend money on extra decorations I wanted and felt happy about spending money. If I spend money to get the new dragons that the developers have made it impossible to get without spending money, I will only be making it worse. If you want people to spend money “make the game fun again”
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3 years ago, a causal cat game player
Great game
This is a great mobile game. First of all the game doesn’t try to force advertisements down your throat. Instead they are optional and they gave an in world reason for it. I love that they made an entire lore for this game. They didn’t have to create bios for everything but they did! And there seems to be a lingering story if you look for it. Which I love! The story is more on the side of background information so you don’t have to know it to enjoy the game. Which is fine. Another thing is that the gem system is manageable. You can still buy the gems, but you can play the game alright with it. And you can unlock the cool gem stone dragons who give you gems. Only complaint is the maximum island thing is stupid. Since I am a pro at this game it is not a problem, but it can be annoying to manage. Especially when you buy it you only gain one. Fortunately you gain a max habit every time you level up. Also the tutorial for the events can be a bit tedious if you keep playing. Gosh why do I need to know how all the events work every single time. Maybe add a skip tutorial button. I just wrote this to gush about the game. I really like it
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7 years ago, Emily2345
To everyone complaining about how hard it is to get Etherium and how expensive everything is in the Rift: You’re doing it wrong!! Stop everything you’re doing: stop clearing Ether and stop breeding dragons above 200 Etherium in cost! Buy habitats instead, the more habitats you have the more Etherium you get, which allows for even more habitats! Then upgrade the habitats. It’s exponential! I have 9 Regal habitats (highest ones with a max of 200 Etherium each) and 7 Refined (second highest with 135 Etherium each), which fill up every about 2 hours, and I haven’t paid a single dime in real money. By now I discovered the buildings and have been easily breeding dragons too, worth several thousand Etherium a day, but I didn’t start with that, I started with the habitats. Now about the exorbitant costs to feed the Rift dragons... that’s a whole different story. There’s no exponential growth to be had in this case. And it’s annoying that they didn’t use to cost that much before the upgrade. Oh well. But other than this, I love the game. It’s not easy, but it’s still possible to play without paying money, if you focus on growth first.
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5 years ago, dragonvaleplayer36
loved it, but....
dragonvale is literally my childhood that i never grew out of but it’s changed. if you want to place more habitats and your under the limit you either pay a buttload of gems for ONE habitat. ONE! that’s all you get! and when you level up you get ONE more habitats! to be more specific, you only get ONE more habitat if you level up. it’s frustrating. i had to update my dragonarium(i’m pretty sure that’s what it is called) which stores extra dragons. bc they want my money to either pay for ONE extra habitat or to update my dragonarium is absolutely ridiculous. redeem yourselves and make the game great again. let us have more habitats and have it not all about the $$$$$$!!!! also, my dragonvale takes AGES to get past the loading screen you get when you first click on the app. All of this has been causing me to progressively not play the game as much. you don’t get the bang for your buck and i’m very disappointed. if these problems were fixed, this game would without a doubt be 5 stars, but until then.... 2 is enough. it seems that dragonvale is trying to take advantage of its dragonvale lovers, it’s like you can’t really progress in the game if it doesn’t include money. what a shame. such a great game taking advantage. i know the developers need money but come ON people. my favorite game ruined.😭
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6 years ago, WildDragonGirl1
Hey it's been awhile but I want to point out that this app is a greedy grab for money. You have to buy pretty much everything. And it's stupid. If you get an egg, it takes up to 24 hours to hatch. If you breed dragons, they take up to 24 hours to finish doing their thing. If you pay to remove a big stone or tree, it takes up to 24 hours. And if you want any of these things to speed up you have to pay real money for it. It's impossible to earn gems, it's really hard to get enough treats to feed ALL your dragons unless you wait 24 hours for the treats, and if you have your dragon go into the colosseum to take part in an event, you don't get to see it or anything. You have to wait 24 hours, and you don't even see the competition taking place. It's such a hopeless money grab. I have been tricked into almost buying something many times. Thankfully I managed to back out of it quickly. I've heard people say that this app randomly charges your account $15. A scam. It's misusing your credit card information. That's scary. So please be careful and do not buy this. PREVIOUS REVIEW Okay, I loved this game. But you can't tell the in-app purchases from the items that are purchased with fake coins! I almost bought things with real money on several occasions because it was impossible to tell the difference. Such a let down, honestly.
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2 years ago, Werrmann
Great game, desperately needs edit mode
I have been playing this game for a few years now. It is by far my favorite app to play but it has one major issue in my opinion. Especially as players level up something they are going to struggle with is island organization and management. DragonVale lacks so heavily on the user ease of moving around items and having space to reorganize or redecorate. With games that have so many items on screen at one time, the user needs to be able to use an edit mode in my opinion. A mode that whipes the users world clean and places all habitats, buildings, decorations. In a “closet” if you will. The user can then drag and drop everything they own and move around items with ease. Clash of clans does this well and I think it is necessary for players of high levels. Reorganizing is nearly impossible for players who do not have a completely blank island at use for storing items while they move things around. I’ve been hoping for this for years and have seen no progress on it. DragonVale Reddit groups all complain about this as well.
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