Dragster Mayhem - Top Fuel Sim

4.4 (835)
170.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Minicades Mobile
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dragster Mayhem - Top Fuel Sim

4.43 out of 5
835 Ratings
11 months ago, Pappy McPickle
McPickle 1963
This game is so close to the real thing. I have raced my own cars and this is exactly what the sport looks and feels like. I play for try to beat my personal best every time I come to the lights. You are able to win your cars competitively not interrupted through the game with buy upgrades every few minutes. LOVE IT! I have already turned many of my gearhead friends on to this game. 👍
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10 months ago, po-redd
Dragster Mayhem
My worst mayhems with this game is: 1. Can’t receive any credits for running a race lately, win or lose. 2. My opponents, whether computer or multiplayers, never get ‘red lighted’: makes me wonder if I’m really racing against an opponent or the computer. 3. In multiplayer , you can spend way too much time waiting for an opponent to race, and 4. Now that I’m maxed out on all of my achievements, I feel like I’m at the end of the road (no more fun and excitement with this game). Where do I go from here; do I start from scratch again? I need more speed to achieve! *To the developers: I truly hope that these ‘mayhems’ are only bugs that need a fixing, but I have to say that good game integrity is as important to me as winning a race from this game. While game bugs can happen from time to time, they also can become very annoying; I believe you understand. They’re are a good number of racing simulation games out there to choose from. From what I’ve seen, you guys are the only developers who offer a game exclusive to top fuel dragsters, with fine graphics and some quality features in a mobile format. *Please continue to improve on bug fixes, and add more achievements to the quality and integrity of your unique racing simulation game.
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1 year ago, Landen Shoemaker
Needs Some Adjusting
We all love loud & fast dragsters & this game has both of those things, but there are some minor issues that are easy fixes that would make the most out of this game. The first bug I would like to point out is that on occasion the first race I attempt at any level disqualifies me for no reason, no I don’t red light, don’t cross the center line, there’s no logical reason for disqualification yet it occurs. Secondly, whilst racing in any level I noticed the payout is not always consistent, for example, when I should have received a payout of 12,500, I only received 20. No not twenty thousand not two hundred thousand, twenty. I hope anyone could imagine how this is very discouraging given the fact that I spent every round launching to the best of my ability & yet I still don’t get full compensation for my time nor efforts. I love the game overall, but there are issues that may eventually deter me from continued play.
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1 year ago, 1323557@44636
It’s good Except for two things
Alright so the game i really good no doubt but there’s two things that I hate .1 the money. ok personally I like the way you have to get money a.k.a. by getting races finished but got a problem about it. Basically there are some times where if I’m about to get 12,000 from the race I don’t get it I only get like 10 or like 2 which is annoying .2 the AI. ok the AI is good in the game but there is one AI that I hate the name is speedy kid(yes, that was the name) Basically the problem with this AI is that it would always have 100% chance of winning and the car would be like maxed out which is stupid, but yeah those are all the things I don’t like about the game it’s only two normally games I find it’s like three or four, but this game is actually good
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4 years ago, Chrisl2366
Awesome drag racing game
I have had this game on my many phones for quite some time. I have over 800 wins and have my dragster is up to stage 16 on all performance categories. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because in all the years I’ve had it I can’t get a better light than .017 and I get that number constantly. I only play single player and my opponents get perfect lights but all I can get is that same number. If I try to start earlier to try to get a better light I red light. I don’t think the game is accurate on the reaction time. But other than that it’s the best drag racing game on the App Store.
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5 years ago, Panthers52
Best drag racing game out there
I’ve tried to find a game like this for years. Works beautifully only thing I could ask for is that when you go red sometimes you want to see how early you were! So it would be cool if it showed you went -.007 red but amazing game!
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2 years ago, Wrath ringer
Drag And Brag broken
I remember when top fuel use to be part of Mopar Drag And Brag, that was a good drag racing app. The fact that you totally excluded top fuel top fuel from Drag And Brag in my eyes broke Mopar Drag And Brag. There is no way to make cash in top fuel in Drag and brag. Dragster Mayhem should have been a separate app and top fuel category should of been left in the lineup in Drag And Brag. I would have given both apps five stars but seeing how you broke the lineup in Drag And Brag and put a stand alone Dragster Mayhem a stand alone app
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8 years ago, Mr_Geo_19
Goood Game BUT!!
The reason why I rated it 4 stars because it would be better if there was Diesel Cummins Trucks and also cars as well why because it will be a game changing experience with men myself who like to race trucks and diesel trucks Or perhaps do an update an ad more graphics and more trucks and Vehicles and also more maps and multiplayer as well so there for I gave it 4 stars.
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7 years ago, Whitefolk113
Love it but
I love the game. But... I have it fully upgraded and the only thing I have left to increase speed is the burnout. Regardless of how I do my burnout I get the same times and speed. I’ll barely do a burn out and go 3.10 then go to a 110% on my burnout and get the same. It’s like you just keep racing and hope for a good time. Wish you could tune or the burnout effected et!
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3 years ago, Joey6552
What Now
I maxed out at stage 16 and my burn outs are perfect at 100%. While I’m at 3.086 @ 380 mph, my opponents keep getting faster. As many said .017 is your fastest reaction time, while on single player the competition can reacts quicker. There has to be something past stage 16, because every time I lower my e.t. they’re just a little bit quicker.
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6 years ago, scamscanner
Needs update
It takes forever to connect online and most of the time it doesn’t even connect at all. Just shows searching for opponents. According to your update log this game hasn’t had an update in over a year. Also it would be nice to have online tournaments. Please fix the loading issue or I’m deleting the game. Update the game and I will give it 5*
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6 years ago, Atlas1222
It’s good game but needs updates
So I really like your game but I wish you could you update you have an updated two years so I’m kind of disappointed
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7 years ago, Lickmybaldhead
Fun at first!!
It's a fun game racing to get credits to spend on car upgrades and I also paid for the credit doubler so I was able to max out my car pretty fast but once that is done and you get up there in the levels your car won't go over 380 while the computer car goes over 400. Got sick of loosing and not being able to do anything about it I even got the 666,666 paint job with some hidden aerodynamics did not help a bit.. I want my two dollars!! Back.
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6 years ago, rjp1978
Good...at first.
Game is good at first, but after only a couple weeks playing, it locks up like crazy, never connects for person-to-person racing, and no matter the car, someone with a lesser car will beat you even if you cannot see them at finish line. In some instances, their car magically appears ahead of yours down the track. Same as their other version with funny cars, pro mods, etc.
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5 years ago, Disappointed11937
I like. Here are suggestions for a better game
Why cant I continue to upgrade my car till it can run as fast as your computer cars? Please show the timing info even if I get disqualified. How about some instant replays with a couple different angles. How about I pull my own shoot and break. How about I stage my own car. Thanks for consideration.
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Would be 5 star if
Would have gave 5 stars love the game but it needs to be full screen it’s like playing on the iPhone 8 Plus on the iphone 13 pro max would give 5 stars if you update it for the newer iPhone models.
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6 years ago, Rktlj2cool
I’m very up set I haven’t played the game for a while I had drag n brag and this part of it was separated from the rest of the game and I had purchased every upgrade available and know I have to start completely over . It was my game that I purchased I feel you guys ripped me off . Totally took it away after I had payed for it didn’t Evan offer a refund or grand fathered in on the game I had already paid for thanks .
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6 years ago, Slipknot530
Please update the game
I’ve been a fan of this game for over a year now but there’s never any updates to keep the game alive. The servers are declining like in all the other games that are never updated. Maybe online tournaments. New cars and tracks
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3 years ago, Jhawkppppp
Love the game 👍👍👍👍🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
I love the game it’s so cool I’ve been playing it for so long that I even remember the day that I even first played this is the best game and I play your other drag racing game
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10 months ago, Drag racer 99999
It’s super fun I’ve been playing this game when I was four I love it so much I’m into cars a lot who ever made this game I love them (Koby) (10) years old
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3 years ago, Beckett Duston
Greatest game ever
I love drag racing and this is right up my ally. This is just an awesome game and I really recommend this game for people that like drag racing.
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5 years ago, Baller4lifejdw
Needs updated
Game hasn’t been updated in 2 years. Numbers need to be adjusted for real life. The biggest problem, when I go into multiplayer is freezes often, I have to try multiple times to get in the “lobby” Good graphics, this game has a lot of potential but needs attention.
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6 years ago, Tbone_1013
Make it right.
I like the game, but I hate that you can only go so far, once your car is maxed out with the best of everything, the computer can still cut a better light and run better times. The best light that you can get is .017. The computer gets better than that. And mph, the best your car can do is 380 and the computer does over 400. Makes me mad.
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5 months ago, Airborne Eddie
Drag n gray
Although I love this game , it would be cool if I could ad some power adders on the engines and create my own paint scheme. Thank you
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4 years ago, madmarkyyyy
OK, but goes nowhere
Fun at first, but after putting in the time and a few dollors you hit a brick wall nowhere to go. You get beat when you're fully upgraded and your reaction is quicker. Multiplayer is a joke, takes too long to get a race, just to get beat with the quicker times. No fun any longer...
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6 years ago, Hrlyrcer
On Single player mode, you get to a high level and the competition is going over 400mph and running 3.01sec. The best I can get is 3.08sec at 381. How can you compete with that? On the World Finals at level 53 you cant win??
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5 months ago, stux 11
The best show
The other players are respectful The sound is realistic The process is flawless
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8 years ago, IronPotato
Used to be fun
It used to be a possible to beat game, until they messed up the red lighting system. If you hit it faster than .080 you will be red lighted which is ridiculous. They made it impossible to win in the recent update. Focus more on gameplay not layout.
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4 years ago, Shy town mopar
How to pick a race without wait 4-5 minutes
How many races do u have to win in Where u race online racers and can I start a chat page with other online players
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4 years ago, 🧑🏻‍🎤🧑🏻‍🎤🧑🏻‍🎤🧑🏻‍🎤
Great game
I can always upgrade my car over time it would be stronger .
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2 years ago, Darius Mckenney
5 stars ONLY FOR THE 69 JOKES.
Pro tip get over 1,000 credits and blueprint every time in the highest race you can. Ive made over 200 racks.
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6 years ago, I am chuck
Fun until ...
Until you get close to having enough winnings to upgrade , then you continually RED LIGHT at start and your car is ALWAYS ON THE WALL . The view has enlarged now . You can barely see the light tree. And from the drivers viewpoint the race is more difficult
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8 years ago, One Shot 1965
Not Happy
I purchased the credits to get my car upgraded to stage 16 in all three categories three weeks ago,but no changes!!
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8 years ago, Jacobj318
After the update it won't let me change my camera view. It doesn't even have the option for it.
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10 months ago, redpanda the legend
Great game
The game is great there has been no problems or bugs it is great keep it up
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5 years ago, Money saver 2.0
I like you and your family
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6 years ago, Michael i dont caer
More accurate wins
When I was far from the other car I was in first place it would say the other car won
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5 years ago, Eggy fun awesome amazing games
Can y’all just do a graphic update or a update for the upgrades and racetracks since y’all haven’t had a update in 2 years literally... I started playing this game when it first came out sooooo:/
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5 years ago, Mr.SwiFTy._.
This Game Is Great
This game is for people who want to compete with components to they can feel the win
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5 years ago, C_u-n_t
Unrealistic computer
The AI needs a fixing, mainly since they will not only take off before the green light, but manage to get a .003 multiple times. It’s just not fair because a human can literally not beat that.
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7 years ago, JTMoney14
Spent money but no Returns
I spent money to get more cash and remove adds, it worked at first. Then 2 days later I got a new phone and downloaded it again and went to restore... it didn't come with the new download.. don't spend money on this game.
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3 years ago, H.E.L.P.E.R
note to developer
I really like this game
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6 years ago, Raycmartin
I’m confused
I don’t understand how I lost when my MPH was faster and my reaction time was quicker then my challenger please help!!!!
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3 years ago, lonneylane007 on xbox1
Awesome game but
Awesome game but for some reason my drag car jumps to the wall or the the other racer it’s weird
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4 years ago, Michael Bodamer
Update needed
The last time this game was updated was 3 years ago, please update the game and add new cars etc. other than that the game is ok
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7 years ago, Eh djembe
I can experience my future career of drag racing
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3 years ago, no nameyyyyyyy
Something is wrong
My pedal doesn’t even work
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4 years ago, Twayne42
Love and hate
Love the game but I can only do 1-2 races before it gets glitchy. Go to press the throttle and it’s delayed big time. Obviously you can’t have that in a drag racing game.
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2 years ago, janeeley
Love it
I really love this game so I hop you all make a dragster mayhem 2
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2 years ago, international CE 300
Drag racing
I like drag racing I got the tires and the engine to stage 16
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