Dramatic Black & White

Photo & Video
4.7 (251)
14.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
JixiPix Software
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dramatic Black & White

4.71 out of 5
251 Ratings
1 year ago, i have mo nickname
App review
This app is quite remarkable. It allows a lot of latitude while editing. The effects one can apply are numerous while allowing additional adjustments. It is very easy to use as are all programs related to this company’s apps. I have several; I use them for different types of photos. More importantly I have never had an issue with this app.
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4 years ago, Fototico
Needs improvement and spotlight has got to go
I gave this app two stars even though I like it. The Spotlight makes it a pain in the rear to use. It should be optional and should not reset itself when you change to a different filter. That is the main reason I do not use the app. I also wish that it had a slider to change the strength of the filter. Adding an adjustable dodge and burn tool and a contrast tool (no, not the sliding bar the app has), and a saturation tool to fine tone the highlights and shadows would be great. I have also noticed that when you change the strength of the red, blue, or green filter, the other two move. It should not be that. They should be completely independent from each other. Changing one should not move the other two filters.
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4 years ago, Heemie1
Great app
This is a fantastic app. I started making dramatic photos and I am in love with the app . Maybe in the future the developers can add more filters but over all I am impressed. Keep up the good work guys.
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5 years ago, magsnanna2012
Love this app
I wanted an app that would add a dark and moody atmosphere and this is the one! Lots of control over the final image. I recommend it and a happy that I purchased it😊
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5 years ago, dreamfx
Forces you to use spotlight
It’s a good app except it forces the spotlight effect every single time and you have to manually turn it off, gets annoying really fast. Please add an option to turn off the spotlight effect permanently. Other than that, it does have some decent effects.
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6 months ago, Sherap6
Fantastic application for the best B&W effects
Love you guys for this beautiful application. Happy New Year 2024
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5 years ago, aiming high
Love the app, but it frequently crashes when trying to load another photo after having just edited and saved a previous one.
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2 years ago, Cgephart
Doesn’t seem to work at all.
When I launch it I see a gray screen. Never even tried to access my camera. I can access my photos, but I was hoping to take pictures. I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 15.5.
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6 years ago, merkur180
Great for B& W
Awesome for maximizing contrast and creating bold statement.
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6 years ago, CGrud..
Dramatic app
I cannot access my camera on the “get photo” button. There seems to be no workable remedy
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5 years ago, Jing_Ke_9867
No Longer Works
Used to be a great app. Just reinstalled it and it does nothing. Won’t take a photo. Won’t edit an existing photo. Just a functionless gray screen and functionless buttons. Sad..,
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5 years ago, KilJoy
No Full Resolution Support
If you don’t mind thumbnail quality the app is fine. Look else where if you need full resolution support.
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5 years ago, @Sigil
I love buying the same app twice.
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12 years ago, ElioFreeman
Dramatic With A Capital 'D'
This App is simply wonderful because if u can think it, then chances are u can make it happen. Turning simple black & white into better than Ansel Adams. This is no lie. Think about ur lighting, dark and light areas and imagine how u might want them to turn out with this most impressive app. Seriously!! Here's something else, u like HDR, man this app will make u look like True artist turning ur pics that's b&w in HDR, well, no words has been invented yet to express what I mean. Get the app and start Creating!! You won't regret it!
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12 years ago, Mohaski
Infrared is a disappointment...
This app is capable of superb results. The very first shot I tried it on was tranformed from a good photo into an awesome one! Not every photo benefits from this treatment though (shots with good contrast work best), and sometimes it takes is a little tweaking to get impressive results, but it's worth the effort. Having said that, the so-called Infrared FX are an unqualified disappointment; in B&W infrared photography (typically using a red or yellow filter with infrared film), foliage appears to be white, and the sky deep black. The results produced by the "Infrared" effects in Dramatic B&W look nothing like those obtained using traditional film-based B&W photo effects. I feel that they should either be renamed, or done away with entirely on the basis of being unimpressive and redundant.
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10 years ago, oscarandkitty
I have been using Dramatic b/w for over two years, I was looking forward to the new interface... It's horrible. It is incredibly sticky and the controls for the vignette are incredibly clunky. This is garbage. I will now look elsewhere for converting images to black and white. The same functionality is there, but the new interface is so sticky it interrupts the flow of making changes. Be prepared to click on a slider several times, if that is even enough. And then when you go to save... Well, you might have to go back and redo all your edits because it will fail to save. I loved this product before, but this update is mind-numbingly bad. Please change my mind. I enjoyed the earlier version do much better. And it isn't the redesign that I dislike, it is the cat-herding sensation that envelopes every change I want to make to a photo. This isn't the dramatic I expected from the new dramatic b/w.
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12 years ago, A Durkee
Dramatic B&W
I use this app when I want to do something really artistic and different. As a pro photographer, I really like the results the app gives. The infrared looks are quite good, and when applied to a real IR image are even more interesting. Overall I think this app is on the high end of pro photo apps. It's more work and time intensive than the average snapshot apps, and rendering can sometimes feel like a long wait when I'm out in the field, but this app is not a toy, it's a genuine artistic tool. I find myself using most often to process existing images, rather than as a field camera, more like a darkroom tool than a field camera, but the results can be amazing.
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12 years ago, CFWinAZ
Great Photos poor UI
I like the final product of the photos, but 1) having it automatically render the effect is frustrating, as I am trying to change the effect area and position it just right, and with every small change I have to wait for it to render. Allow the option to not have auto render. Also, 2) I would position the oval just right over the desired focal point and when I would change the effect type, the oval would change, and I would have to reposition the oval (see first frustration). These two things added much wasted time to get to a final product. Aside from that, there are good effects and good final products.
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13 years ago, kaphinga
Just What I Have Been Looking For!!!!
I have been wanting a one-stop b&w app for a long time, and this is it. You can control color filters, exposure, contrast, vignetting (similar to Noir), toning, grain, and sharpening in a single app that saves at full resolution. And you can save your own presets. The infrared and HDR features are not very useful for me, but it doesn't matter because the other features are so awesome. Woohoo! ! (Note to the developer: this app, even more than Vintage Scene or Grungetastic, would benefit hugely from an iPad version.)
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12 years ago, Christian Danielsson
It takes a while to master it!
At the beginning I wasn't that impressed with the results of my photos, but I didn't give up and kept playing with the app. Something that I noticed is that not all photos will work or look great, the ones that do tho look really amazing, like that dramatic effect to it. Glad I bought this after all! 👍
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12 years ago, thismiki
Does its job...
Good selection of editing options. Loved the ability to adjust red, blue, and green color and how they adjusted in conjunction with each other. The preset filter were a bit disappointing. Most of them overpowered the photo and looked the same except for varying degrees of vignette. I also found the apps spotlight processing to be annoying. Unlike other apps that smoothly transition, this app popped up a loading window and made you wait two or three seconds everytime you make the slighted adjustment to the "spotlight" or vignette of the photo. I would just tap the photo and instantly be interrupted by the app calculating for a change that I didn't make. It really interrupted my editing flow. Other than that, a functional black and white conversion app with a large set of editing tools. I find it a bit complicated to use and don't really get the sort of results that is easily achieved in other apps.
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13 years ago, MrNextEpisode
Stunning Pictures!
This app completely lives up to it's name. The pictures come out DRAMATIC. I'm really impressed with the thoroughness and professionally of this company's products. The one thing that would make this great product even better would be if it was a universal app or if an iPad version was available. To edit photos on the iPad would be a dream.
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12 years ago, R32lover0
This app is magnificent all around , you could just use the black and white simple change are you can make your color photos crazy dramatic well the name saids all.. Is a super app even if you thing you have take a bad photos according to you ( because every photos is perfect ) it could be change to be the best try it LOVE IT.........
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10 years ago, martin doudoroff
Decent results, bad design
This app is a mess. It has a poorly thought through interface with tiny, fiddly controls and it’s marred with appallingly inappropriate nag screens to get your email address. On the other hand, the results generated by the app aren't bad. I've gotten the best results just repeatedly punching the randomize button until I get something I like rather than trying to adjust the manual settings, which are near-unusable.
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12 years ago, 6stringerray
Brillian App. Great Quality.
This app goes beyond simply turning you photos into black and whites. It's very similar to the Simply HDR app (which I love as well), but strictly b&w. You can get some pretty dramatic results without losing resolution. I've applied this app to several photos, then later blowing them up to sizes as big at 16x20. I am very pleased with the results. 👍👏📷
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10 years ago, Squishybrain
Love the vignetting options
I love the presets offered but I really appreciate the app giving my the ability to tweak my edits. I also like the way you can size and place the vignette anywhere you want. Now, if I could only find a program that could offer this level of custom vignetting in color.
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12 years ago, Redeyedspy
Dramatically Delicious
The screen shots reeled me in, though I never expected my pics to look as good. While working with the app for the first time, the resolution seemed to lean toward the lower grade side of bad, and I figured my low expectations would be met; however, it saves at hi-res & the results are actually outstanding. Bottom line: Impressive, & definitely worth the $.
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9 years ago, Walkinverse
No words except amazing...
Used to create traditional gelatin prints back in the day and this app can get you in the right direction. It is feature rich, straight forward and will produce the results you are after. Once you pick a filter, it gives you further granular control to refine. Money well spent.
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13 years ago, Junior G.
The photos that can be produced from this app are nothing short of dazzling. I've always loved black & white (much more than color photos) but no app tailored it's craft to it, until now. I almost always use this app after taking a photo and it's officially the best dollar I've ever spent.
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11 years ago, Josef Fox
You should get this!
I'm a long time film and the last few years a digital guy. I've got got real darkroom equipment and everything up to the latest whiz bangs . I play with this app for hours - have to figure out how to get these images into my computer.
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11 years ago, Hardik Gaurav
Works like a pro,making pics stand out, although just 1 thing, its only during editing that it lowers the quality of the pic, may be for faster processing, but if it could tweak a bit & the pic is edited with true quality that would make it convenient to see the true end results :)
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13 years ago, Set_it_straight
Love B&W?
I personally love shooting in black and white. This app is great for taking existing pictures, black and white or even color and enhancing it dramatically. This app is worth more than .99 cents. Anyone who enjoys taking pictures with your phone then you need this app. Only annoying thing about thus app is it crashes frequently...at least for me.
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10 years ago, Got The Eye
Good Choice
If you are interested in doing good black-and-white. I suggest using this app as I have tried other apps and I seem to find this one works the best for me. It does give you a that dramatic look to your photos with simple selections and enables you to tweak the results with filtering. I believe if you try it, I think you'll like it.
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12 years ago, Tcab26
Great app
It was the perfect solution to my problem. My iPhone only takes color photos. I used this app to convert photos in my phone camera roll to b&w for a new photo frame project I am working on. It does exactly what I needed. All I have to do is print them! Highly recommend.
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11 years ago, Tony&ChrisNM
Wonderful results
Had this app for a while, saw the update and finally decided to review it. This app is great for infrared and high intensity black and white. It being a dedicated app to B&W, it does it fare better than other photo apps I have. Really glad with the purchase. Only wish it had the ability for layers. Other than that, great app
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13 years ago, PastorKat2011
Dramatic Black & White
As a dyed-in-the-wool B&W photography lover, this app. is one of THE most awesome gifts to those of us who love the "unusual". I've been an admirer of Ansel Adams for many years and own a few of his originals, and have to think even he would be impressed with the abilities of this app. Even the novice photographer can take photos and turn them into breath-taking works of art. My greatest complements to the designer of this easy to use app. That should earn many awards for "App. Of the Year." Kudos!! Going to pass this on to all my iPhone owning, photography loving friends. It's worth 10x the price!!
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12 years ago, Leftycombo
Unique app
I have many photo editing apps, but none gives me quite the same startlingly excellent results as this one. If you enjoy fiddling around with your photos , I highly recommend this one. Excellent for self portraits!
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8 years ago, AudioBallisticsResearch
Almost perfect
Love apps that don't try to do all things but instead pick a task and just rock it! If you want to make awesome B&W pics without a bunch of fuss - this is the ticket. I just downloaded and found loading a second file over a first caused some instability. I'm sure these guys will catch it in the next update.
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12 years ago, Ladylonglocks
Consider this a review of the developer, not the app
I bought this app quite a while ago for my iPhone, and it's actually pretty good. Now that I upgraded my iPad to Gen 3 and have a camera I wanted to install it on that as well. Come to find out you're going to attempt to charge me AGAIN for the iPad version? Really? No. No you're not. Time to join the *professional* developers who make their apps universal. When you do, I'll adjust my review.
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10 years ago, Binkybo
Corner burn effect is excellent
Dramatic B/W gives that burn effect that so many photojournalists practiced when most newspapers published black and white photos. I was one of those photographers, and this app truly gives that effect. It is nothing short of fantastic. Very highly recommended.
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12 years ago, Gregsdigital
Rich results every time
I love black n white, the richness, the deep contrasts and the luxurious feel. As a retired professional this app fulfills my needs to create with simplicity. It adds flavor to my scenics and spice to my nudes, love this app. Love that i can create my own unique presets to suit photos needs. Cant go wrong with this app!
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12 years ago, photo_int
Great set of filters and adjustments
Great set of filters and adjustments. My favorite app for black and white. One minor issue - very hard to find the way to change the resolution of adjusted images to max (it is hidden behind the 'share' button.
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12 years ago, illusionist987
The go to app for B&W Photography
When it comes to black and white photography this is the app I use the most. It can take a normal drab looking photograph and easily turn it into an incredible work of art. Well worth any money spent! No need to think twice!
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12 years ago, Krip11
Best black and white photos
This app is really good, it makes photos I want in black and white look really great. There are many different effects and you can adjust each one to customize your photo. I'm very happy with this app!
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11 years ago, Anedab
Dramatic Black & White
I really love this app. One of my chief complaints with digital photography is not being able to completely control the contrast for b&w like I could when I had a dark room. This app allows to do jist that. It is wonderfully satisfying.
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7 years ago, Tedw9
Great little app
I just needed to tweak some photos to print and this app was perfect for what I needed. Works fairly easily, though I wish I could switch between settings and not lose my work. Otherwise it's a great app.
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13 years ago, Billygsxr1000
Worthington Photography
I was thinking this would be just a normal b/w app, but this is so much more the just" Normal". It has some amazing effects and I love the "Dramatic" settings. I would have paid more for this thing. Thank you for the good deal. Please make more apps.
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10 years ago, Sweeeet!!!
Best black and white app
Hands down this is the best black and white app out. I spent lots of time and money searching for the best. I tried hueless, noir, snapseed, vsco and now yes those may be good apps but when it comes to black and white this is the one to get.
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Great App Concept & Update
I bought the iPad version in addition to the iPhone app - it is THAT good!! Far far better than any black-and-white "filter" in other apps. NO comparison! Makes your photos look like an Ansel Adam's lithograph!! Easily 5 STARS!
Show more
12 years ago, Gorgeous brunette
Nice app
I was hesitant on this app considering a lot of black and white turn out grainy looking but I'm glad I bought this app. It makes pictures look amazing. I'm surprised to be honest. Nice job!!! Worth the .99 👍
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