Draw it

4.5 (510.4K)
223 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kwalee Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Draw it

4.51 out of 5
510.4K Ratings
2 years ago, leah.ashe.fan❤️
I deleted it while ago but read before u download…I’m creating this review on my iPad 9th generation
It removed the adds I think now but… I don’t like how u can’t just draw whatever But overall it’s good I don’t and do recommend it (why I don’t recommend it) if u have a iPhone 7 like me it took up LOT OF ICLOUD STORAGE SO IM LOOKING for a better app with no adds or pay anything (and now why I do recommend it because it’s really fun! If ur bored because of covid and stuff this app is perfect but overall I got lil bored because… if u had it for some months or like a week uhmmm it gets boring after each drawing now I don’t mind the adds but I think u can do not a lot maybe if ur level 6 yes and if ur level 2 no or longer I’m thinking to download it again some time when I turn 11 or so idk yet I just have fun at first okay so……I couldn’t play it everyday because I’m bit busy but. When I have time I play it on my phone I LOVE ITT👋 and yes I deleted it because of my iCloud storage when I get a iPhone 12 I MAYYYY DOWNLOAD IT 🙃 overtime don’t play it at night like I did 💀.. I HATE it when u get bored with it Okk so if ur looking for a game if ur older or younger it’s draw it and idk anything else I’ll update it if I see anything else fun games 🐕byeeee for now 😈
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5 years ago, JadeCat_3144
I enjoy playing this app a lot it’s something I don’t get tired of because you guys put new word categories in by playing the game. It’s also fun to play or test your drawing skills, but however there are some thing I would change about the game. One thing that irritates me is that when I draw something that looks like it it doesn’t say the thing. What I’m trying to say is the drawings are really specific on some of the categories so maybe you guys could of demonstrated how to do them in the tutorial in the beginning. Another thing that bothers me is how whenever I press the erase button it takes me to an add. I thought maybe just this one time but it’s every time. Maybe instead of an add every time you could do an add every time a game ends and starts or maybe just a few in the game on the erase button, but at least not every time you hit the erase button. Besides that the game is great for everyone and I recommend it. The big thing that bothers me is how picky the drawings can be. Coming from me my advise is to fix these things and add more things to the game. Yes it doesn’t get boring easily though like I get frustrated or just plain bored so I go play a different game. The game really is just a relaxing game and fun but still competitive in a fun way! I like how the character changes and that you can change your name. Hope this helps in some kind of way for the game to be better.
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3 years ago, Norah_123♥️
Okay so hear me out, I first saw this game in an add that I accidentally clicked on. I looked at it and I was like “Hmm! This might be good!” I downloaded this app because I love to draw. I opened the app and it was really easy to figure out what to do! I instantly fell in love with this game! I finished the first level and it took me right to an ad. I expected this because you guys need some way to earn money. Anyway, I clicked to play another level, and there was another ad, (Not to mention that each of these ads were like 2 minutes long each which can get a bit annoying) I had just gotten out of an add! Now I was a bit annoyed. I soon found the ability to unlock new packs of thing I could draw using the coins I had earned from playing levels. I clicked on the button and guess what another long add! Eventually I unlocked it and it said to unlock another pack watch and add. I clicked the no thanks button and guess what IT GAVE ME ANOTHER ADD! I considered getting the non add version but my parents said I couldn’t spend my money on a video game. I’m really sad about this because I love this game so much there is so much potential for this game! It is appropriate and entertains younger children, even the adds are appropriate! There are just way too many of them. Thanks so much for making this game!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗
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3 months ago, awesome😍😂
Amazing app, would recommend!😌
If you got this game, I think you will really enjoy it! Dear reader, this game was definently meant for me. I love drawing and coloring. Also, you can spin the wheel and win new categories. But, if you don’t like drawing, I think you will also like it for many reasons. First, it is a great way to get started. You always want to practice something for future events. Second, you get to go against opponents and compete. It’s always good to have a little challenge your brain and figure out tricks that can help you win. Third, you can play unlimited and usually has less adds than current games. It’s good not to have a game that doesn’t let you play whenever you want. It’s also good not to have adds always popping up on your device. Well, those are the reasons I would recommend this app. Drawing is so fun!!!! Here are some things that could be fixed in the future. First, some of the things you have to draw are harder than you expected and don’t really know how to draw. It’s hard to draw something you can’t really explain. Second, if you want to skip a question usually you have to watch an add. Which can get annoying. Those are the reasons I would suggest should be fixed in the future. I hope you enjoyed and would recommend.
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4 years ago, nikky😁❤️😁❤️
The bets game u will see!!... :D
It’s a nice game u should try it out this game tests your drawing skills I love that it always has different categories so that I never get bored of this game I love that u can see other players drawing therefor if u don’t know what that word is u can look at the other players pic they are drawing so that u get an idea of it this game is so perfect in so many ways it is family friendly no bad stuff and u can always play it! What I don’t understand is why it is 12 and up for ur age I am 11 and I play this with parents approval and they don’t get it ether maybe if u change the age the maybe u will get more people to play because if some kids that are under 12 are looking for a game and they saw this game and wanted to try it out BUT u see that it is 12 and up then u cant play it I only have 1 problem in this game but I have millions of reasons why I love it that you for having to look at my chat if u do take my request I would be thankful to the people out there try this game out and I now it says 12 up but it is family friendly and you can try it out! :)
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4 years ago, janevir
Fun (because I like to draw) but could be much better
This is a fun game if you like to draw (and it is challenging to be able to try to draw fast and get the message across) but this game is lacking in several ways, which is a real downer. First of all, so many long ads are super annoying - and they have paid options, but they are MUCH TOO EXPENSIVE for such an uncomplicated game. I would and will never pay for this game! It is laughable! Secondly, it isn’t challenging enough to be able to draw fast and just get 25 points or coins. It would be more fun if you were compared to other players and see where you rank and get more points or coins for ranking higher. Third, it is very lame when you are drawing a perfect tree (or plant or whatever) and someone is guessing “bridge” or “watermelon” endlessly until you are forced to skip because what more can you do?? Fourth, just because I am curious (or maybe just dense), what does it have to do with anything that there are three boxes at the top with names and people supposedly scribbling? Maybe I am missing something but this makes no sense. And, further, where can I sign up to guess?! (i.e., who in the heck is actually guessing and where do you find these people??). Like I said, fun, but not fun enough to pay almost $6 a week (!) or (gulp) $15 a month to get rid of ads. The developers are either crazy or they have a lot of suckers paying for it. 😂😂😂
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2 years ago, Fluffy_Smiley
Fun game, but enough with the adds
I got this game about a year ago and I saw it in the past and after getting a new phone for last Christmas, I finally decided to get it. I saw adds for it on other apps and found it to be entertaining. It started out fun, but after the first level, it gave me an add. I didn’t think anything of it until I kept getting adds after every stage. I became annoying and I deleted it. I started seeing more adds for it recently and decided to get the app again to see if it got any better, and guess what? As soon as I open it, and add pops up. I finish a stage and ANOTHER add pops up. I deleted it yet again. Whoever runs this app, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for the sake of everyone including yourself, stop showing so many advertisements!! It may get you money, but a lot of people are complaining about the same thing: the adds. All kinds of people read these reviews, and they’re gonna see all of them talking about the immense amount of adds shown within this app. Not that the app isn’t worth looking at, in all, the apps purpose is very entertaining and fun, but the adds are driving all of us crazy. There are many bad reviews of this app because of the adds. So if you want to make business better for you and your app, spread the advertising out a little so that more people can enjoy this fun app.
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5 years ago, danipal1203
Too many ads
I pretty much never review because free apps don’t owe me anything. No ones forcing me to play.....but I really like this game so I’m giving it a poor review in hopes of a very easy change. Waaaaaaaay to many ads! The game is over so quickly. I did an experiment and found that spending 2-3x as long on ads as I was actually playing the game. It’s annoying enough getting so many ads but it’s infuriating how many time I press the x to leave the ad only to spend several times going back and forth from the ad to th App Store to the ad to the App Store......etc and the cherry on top is often a second ad will play. I mean all leveling up does if offer you to watch more ads to actually get any rewards. Like is this company THAT desperate for money that they can’t just give you some new characters just for leveling up? I’ve seen games much much much more complicated and expensive to create and maintain have a fraction of the amount of ads this game has. I love the actual game but you need to make the rounds longer and cut the ads down and add the option to skip on half of them. So deleting for now until something changes..... hopefully. Also I question if they are inflating their rating because I don’t see how this has a 4.5. As I’ve seen games with half the ads this one has get trashed. Buying positive reviews?
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5 years ago, n.idk03
Draw It !!!!
I like to play this game but there are 2 main parts that maybe some other players can agree with that are some problems. The fact that it says we didn’t draw the thing we chose to is like frustrating because we all are not gifted in drawing . Well I’m not for sure I try to draw something like let’s say a hexagon and it says I didn’t do it right it says it’s an octagon when I try to draw pillow it says it’s a square. When I try to do a carrot the way I think it’s like it says it’s a strawberry or something completely different. If y’all could please understand some things are not what y’all want it to be maybe people can be relaxed and super excited when they play this game . There are too many ads yes I understand that if you have ads maybe it keeps the game free but at the same time there’s a difference in having ads and too many in this case there are too many . But please just work on these 2 because don’t get me wrong I love this game i get excited over all the competition and everything but I get kind of mad when it says something completely different about what I drew . Thank you for reading this ( if you did ) I would appreciate if you did thank you
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3 years ago, Rinciano
Fun game, excruciating ads
The game is fun. I have no complaints about it. Only issue is the sheer amount of ads. Ads are to be expected in a free game, but this is ridiculous. You get an ad after almost every action— and not only that, the ads are incredibly long and sometimes unskippable. I really enjoyed the game though, so I looked into purchasing no ads. The price is a bit much for a game this simple. There’s also the ‘VIP’ purchas, a monthly subscription, which is honestly a ridiculous price. It’s nearly $15 a month to get in game currency and supposedly removes ads. But according to some of the other reviews, the game still gets you to watch ads even despite purchasing the VIP subscription. The drawing game is fun, but unfortunately the frequent ads makes the game difficult to play. I’d advise implementing shorter ads that aren’t as frustratingly frequent. Maybe introduce more incentives for watching ads. I think the monthly subscription purely to remove ads and receive some in game currency is ridiculous, but I guess you have to monetize the game somehow. Seeing as some of the feedback parroting these same criticisms are over a year old, I have little hope that the developers will actually implement improvements that reviewers have suggested. Lots of potential, disappointing experience.
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3 years ago, little brother maxo
when did this game get so sleazy?
I played this game a few years ago and I enjoyed it, so when i got an ad for it the other day I thought it’d be fun to redownload. Unfortunately while the gameplay is still good everything else about it isn’t. You get an ad after every round you play, and it’s always the long ads with three different pages and forced popups or even taking you to the app store. If you go to the customization menu and then leave you get an ad, no matter how recent your last ad was, if you want to get two things on the customization page it makes you get one, leave and watch the ad and then go back on so you have to watch another ad. I clicked the remove ads button in the corner cause I assumed it would tell me about the offers and how much it cost but instead it just instantly took me to the checkout page where only the app store’s safety protections stopped them from taking my money. Also if you want a “gold membership” to get a couple extra skins it will cost you about $15 a month, which is more than a netflix account or anything that is actually worth it. TL;DR This used to be a fun game and gameplay is still good but they became so scummy that it’s hardly worth playing at all.
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5 years ago, Atakefman28
Would give it four stars but seriously!?😞👎🏻
Hi. Don’t get me wrong I really like this game and I don’t want to be negative Nancy here, but I need to type in a few complaints here before anybody downloads this. I like the choices and my friends and I were playing it and cracked up when we saw that they thought their moon looked like a potato, but it’s kind of hurtful too in a way. I mean I may be saying this because I’m a very sensitive nine year old, but my friend literally said this game makes u feel like a horrible drawer and I can’t argue with that. 😓it really puts down your selfestime. And of u ask me they do that all the time like its on purpose and its really annoying and frustrating.😡also because we’re all kids and one time when we finished a round this really inappropriate ad(by the way there’s like ads every two sec😒)there was this couple having sex on a bed. And I’m young enough to know this stuff but really!? It was an ad for episodes but why would they show that if they know hundreds of kids could be playing this game!? It’s extremely upsetting
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5 years ago, handiendhensks
Draw it
This game is game is so addictive and really great! It’s so much fun and all my friends always love to play it! But it’s also not that great. Multiple times I have gotten the same score and drew faster and drew more than that person I got the same score as and got second place. He got a point later than me and I was really confused. And it has happened to me several times! It’s really confusing and annoying. And also when you get more words it doesn’t say you use your coins that you earned. It just says spin. It never said how many coins you loose or that you use them at all. I think that they should make it clearer and you can’t get out of not spinning it’s forcing you. Also sometimes I’m drawing something that is for example a strawberry and it’s says t-shirt or something outrageous. I mean guesses something that isn’t even close to looking like whatever your drawing and it’s really annoying so you have to keep erasing and it’s really specific. There is also way too many ads. After playing a 30 second game, you get a 30,45,60 sec ad, sometimes even twice! It’s so annoying. And it’s the same as over and over again. It’s really frustrating. But all in all it’s an ok game.
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5 years ago, blueuh
it’s great but... (final review)
i love this game a lot it’s very entertaining and i love playing each game but.. it’s very unfair, i watched one of the players, draw nothing and i know there’s no category as nothing. it was so unfair i turned off my phone and put it away, I know it sounds extra but all 3 of the players drew nothing and it went through, i was so confused please fix that, and maybe like make the drawings easier. the rating is 4 plus?! how do you expect a 4 year old to draw a Scorpion? I get they can draw a dog or a line but a scorpion is way too detailed, I couldn’t even draw it, infact I added a lot of detail to it and it sorta looked like a scorpion but it came up with cat and duck? also may you please add a tutorial in the beginning to draw things. the last thing that I don’t like is that there’s a few more ads then there should be, an erase button would be nice instead of just clear, and if you do add it don’t put like 6 ads on it each time you touch it. another thing, I always get in first place but then the player ( I know it’s a bot ). This is normal, but every round I get the drawings first and then the bot gets it, but at the end I’m in last place and says it got the drawing first, this is so unfair! besides all that your game is great.
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5 years ago, Soccerkitty22
Fun game😋
I really like this game. It has some faults in it but overall it is a good game. I really like that there are two options you get to draw just in case you don’t know how to draw one of the options. There is entertaining music playing and a clock ticking to let you know when your time is almost up. I also like the characters you can earn (especially the dinosaur). One of the problems I have with this game is that sometimes it is hard to get the game to understand what you are drawing. The only other problem I have with this game is that ads sometimes come on in the middle of a match then it puts you behind your opponents and you sometimes lose. I am fine with ads just not while I’m playing. If the company changed those problems I would be happier with this game. Still, it is a great game. It really helps you improve your artistic skills by having you draw things you’d never think about drawing. This is one of my favorite games. Ps. Could you maybe add a cat character because that would be awesome!Thank you!😸
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1 year ago, it is good but not good
Really good
I love the game so much but if it had a little more time when your drawing also and you get more things to draw like each one you do I also play this game a lot because when I what to draw some thing but if I cant think I just go to this game and when I’m drawing there’s more people on the top of the screen and that help me draw better I’m not saying that I cant read I’m saying that when I look at it I can do my drawings better and there’s characters when you get a reward you get get coins and with those coins you can get more Things to draw and you can do what ever Color you what I gave it five stars because this does not make me bored any more when I play this and it gives 2 things that you can draw and it’s really fun to play there’s a timer so you have to fast but you have to draw it good so that they can guess it when they guessed it w You do that thing again than when your finished than they give you reward that’s the end.
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5 years ago, OSDKXLOS
Draw it..?
This is the game guys! But this has some MISTAKES in it! Mistake 1: There are no ad blockers cause sometimes it just pops up without noticing until you get used to it. There are innopropite music and ads in this game! most of the music are maybe copyrighted! Mistake 2: It’s Lovely how we get to draw and it guesses but... Does it take Random Answers?! Look! Your drawing a apple! And that guesses a Flower! Like how dude? just how?! Mistake 3: We all love drawing but do you actually want more updates?! There is barely none in this game! There’s ads there’s guessing there’s drawing! What about updates? It just wanna be in the spotlight Too :( ! Mistake 4: Packs for coins, Ads, You get a BIT of coins if you lose. What’s the point of this? Well it’s pretty obvious that you get barely any coins if u lost! Final Mistake: *inhale* the FINALE mistake! The Game is not... very fun for me! It’s just drawing and drawing and guessing and guessing! You know there are more creative games out there! You don’t need to draw! You don’t need to guess! Your just... Free :D! Story Games Roleplay Games Online Games! You don’t need to be lazy! You can create whatever you want! Whoever you want! Things that you heart desire 😃!
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5 years ago, Ads are inapropiate
Inappropriate ads
If you don’t have a ad blocker or don’t like to buy the non ad part of the game then read this. Alright let’s get this straight I’m not trying to be negative Nancy or anything but the only problem is the ads. (I’m saying that because the game is god and I love it). I love this game and I’m pretty talented at drawing and would love to continue this game. But the ads can be very gross and inappropriate ads. For example there was a lesbian couple humping each other on the bed it was not ok for 1000 kids watching that every 5 seconds because there are a lot of ads.(the game is called episodes). I know what you are probably thinking “Well then go to settings and fix the inappropriate stuff you idiot!”. Well we have, trust me our family is strict on that stuff so we can be safe on the internet. But even with those settings this stuff still pops up. Now I can’t play this game and if you still want to play the game its now forcing you to MAKING you pay for the non ad part of the game. SO I would suggest to not download this or to get an ad blocker before playing this game! Also developers fix this NOW your game is 4+ 😡😡🙄🙄
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2 years ago, Corn In The Kit
With I could write a -1000 star
1. The game doesn’t know what your drawing it said tennis racket or tracker I drew the racket I even drew the strings inside the racket IT SAID IT WAS A SOCK AND A GOAT AND A CIRCLE it looked nothing like a SOCK or a GOAT or a CIRCLE like what and one time it’s said hockey puck or a gotea like what is a gotea and I drew a black circle exactly what a hockey puck looks like and if you don’t believe me look up hockey puck it’s a black circle 2. AD GALAXY AD WORLD AD UNIVERSE after every game I played there was an ad and if you need ads in your game for money why make it after EVERY SINGEL GAME just make it every 6 or 7 games that way we can actually play the game if you had this game for 2 years you would go though more ads then the games you play and $3 for no ads why 3 it should be $1 then more people would get it your really just robbing people I know more then 85% of your game is ONE BIG AD but come on stop ROBBING PEOPLE 3. Why when I’m playing a game with other people it says there correct so when I’m confused I draw what they did it says I’m wrong yet there right brings me back to number one GAME AS NO IDEA WHAT YOUR DRAWING you don’t deserve any money you get CAUSE YOUR ROBBING PEOPLE and hope the workers reply to this and FIX EVERYTHING THE GAME IS TRASH
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2 years ago, bean47204llaaaa
Fun game, a few problems
This is a very fun and entertaining game. Using a bigger screen is helpful because drawing on a small phone is hard. I'm pretty sure that I'm playing against bots, because their drawings are very, very, good, but they are slow so they aren't too hard to beat. The point of the game is to draw what the computer tells you to good enough so it can guess what it is. The more things you draw correctly, the more coins you get. You can move up on the leaderboard on your amount of coins. After you get a certain amount of coins, you spin the wheel so more words get added to the game. You also move up on levels and the higher your level, the more characters are available. Like I said, it's very fun, and I've only ever had 2 problems. 1) For a while now, every time I've ever spun the wheel to get new words added to the game it's only landed on drinks. I just spun the wheel now and it landed on something else, so the problem might be fixed, but I don't know. 2) Sometimes after a level you can do a bonus level like making Mona Lisa into a rapper or something. You have to watch an ad to do it, which is fine, but when the ad is over the bots have already done a ton of drawing. I wish we could just start at the same time, or maybe don't have bots draw at all? I don't know but it's really annoying. If you have read all of this, thanks for reading! And thanks Developers for an awesome game! 😊 God bless, -A dog lover
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4 years ago, the name is nothing
Fun game too many ads
An ad every 40 seconds. It’s a really fun game but the ads make it considerably less enjoyable to play. If they chilled with the ads then the game would honestly be perfect. Though the monthly/ weekly subscriptions doesn’t really make sense for a game like this. Honestly like a 2.5 rating. Fix that stuff and it’s an easy 5 Update Bought the ad free version. So much better but when you buy “ad free” a tiny ad will pop up near the top left corner. Doesn’t interfere but it’s technically still an ad! Also once you make a lot of coins it near forces you to buy new word packs. It’ll say like “new words” with an arrow pointing towards it and you have to click on it. Once there you can’t go back unless you shut down the app and open it again. Kinda annoying. But nonetheless without ads it’s a fun game!
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4 years ago, what does th fox say
Bro why
Idk if this is fake multiplayer or real multiplayer but probs fake becuz the guessing AI is soooooo bad! Its like almost unreal! When you start to draw your random thing the AI makes sense but then when you continue to draw and the drawing is good (or best you can do with only one line thickness and color) THE ai ALWAYS GETS IT WRONG! Lol a normal person could do better than that, even A dum person!!! I am sentimental and like to avoid using power-ups in ALL games, so i am stuck just clearing and redrawing the same perfect drawing! Also i don’t play this game much because there is a better game on ROBLOX with a similar concept and more players and communication and you actually get different brush and color options and NO ADS so i only know that the AI is bad while the so called ‘oppodents’ draw something you cannot even guess AND THEYRE AI GUESSES IT IMMEDIATELY another thing that proves that this game is fake multiplayer is that like um yknow WHEN YOU ARE TIED with the others YOU ARE ALWAYS AT THE BOTTOM which make no senz becuz like the game is pitched against you so u olay more which mean more ads OH YEAH I FORGOT ABOUT THE ADS THERE ARE SO MANY AND I CANT EVEN TURN IT OFF BECUZ THE FAKE MULTIPLAYER WILL BE DISABLED
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5 years ago, my honest rating
Great game, but...
I have been playing this game and I absolutely LOVED it. I really enjoy the concept and I can spend hours and hours playing this. To be honest I KNOW you aren’t playing against any real people. Normal people don’t draw as slow as the ones you play against and I play on airplane mode so there isn’t any connection to any internet. But here’s the bad part of the game... I HATE how when you tie with “somebody” else, you automatically become the place lower even if you have completed the drawing before them. It’s honestly really annoying and doesn’t give the satisfaction of victory, so it doesn’t draw you to keep playing (no pun intended). It’s annoying and it even could effect the amount of people playing and maybe even the people who buy the in-app purchases, so you should really consider moving the player’s tied rank to above the bot or even make them the same place. That’s actually my only problem, so I will just keep playing but I would be grateful if you changed the ranking. I still recommend the game and thank you for reading.
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4 years ago, kitty girl JAde
Great app but some things annoying 😩
Love this app! If you love drawing, totally recommend, and the point is to draw fast. It’s so fun, but there are SO many ads!An ad after each round? Too much. The drawing is fun but I hate having to go to an ad right after. Also, I realize that you want people to see you have a VIP thing, but many times I’ve had the VIP offer, when I had already said no. Just think that there a few things, but over all very fun! Also the ads are repetitive. For example, I got an ad for candy crush and it kept showing me that ad over and over. It can be quite annoying when I want to see my score. You do go angst strangers, but as I know you are safe. No interactions, just drawing! You do get scored not by how you draw, but by how many drawings you complete in a fairly short amount of time. I do like that, because I’m not the best drawer myself! The app does give silly guess’s and I’m not positive if that’s on purpose or if the thing actually thinks that’s what your drawing. Example: I draw a cloud, the “guesser” guesses rain. Just my opinion!
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5 years ago, dakotalynn19
some flaws, but fun overall
i play this game almost everyday because it’s really fun and i like to challenge myself to get better at the drawings that i frequently miss. however, there are some things i wish could change. first of all, the game will never let me be first! for example: if i advanced onto my 7th drawing first, and then someone else starts their 7th drawing, and then time’s up, they come in first place even though i got up to 7 first. then, if someone else advances onto their 7th drawing first and i do second, THEY STILL GET FIRST PLACE?! and it’s worse if multiple people advance onto their 7th at the same time as me because then i get knocked down to 3rd or 4th place. i don’t understand this, but all i know is that the game is rigged to make you not win 1st place any chance it can. second of all, i wish that as you level up, the timer would be longer. the drawings are more complex and it gets boring only having enough time to draw 5-8 drawings each time. i want to be able to do 10-15! or 15-20! that’d be really fun! other than that, it’s a great app and i’ll still continue to play it daily lol.
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4 years ago, The Lol Doll I Am
I mean it’s ok,
There is some problems I would like Kwalee LtD to fix. There is only like 1 minute or 30 seconds to draw. Also there is a glitch. I was playing today and out of no where an ad popped up while I was drawing and everyone was already at number 4 and I was still at 0!!! I rated it 1 star. Also some of the words are really hard like the Eiffel Tower, a car, a couch, a helicopter, and so many others! I want u to change it to where u have like 5 minutes to draw and get rid of that glitch please! Something that makes me mad is when it says to draw a cloud and I draw a cloud but it guesses that you drew the Eiffel Tower? Your NOT even guessing!!!! It is a HORRIBLE game!! Do not get it. I would say it would be a fun game if you fix everything I have told you. I might delete this game and also the VIP pass is too expensive!!! It is like 30 dollars a year and it is nice that u get it free for 3 days but that is too fast. I don’t even play it every day!! And get this, a week is 10 dollars!!! I’m like I think I’m just gonna delete this game. It is horrible!!! Oh yeah I would never forget that there is way too many ads!! Every time the game ends there is like a 30 second ad!! One time I was watching an ad and it was 1 minute!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Shadowblazer0
Bots and Ads
“Draw it” is fun and enjoyable at the core idea about sketching with others in a competitive environment. However, the noticeable presence of merely bots taking the stage and the amount of ads simply killing the party is an obstacle that ruins the game’s fun aspect. The bots are very prevalent due to reoccurring player names (could even make a list). This makes the impact of “...compete against others” less significant like other drawing games with similar social design. This is more brought-to-light by the fact that this game can be played OFFLINE (no WiFi/Mobile Data required), which, in no difference, is just Google’s “Quick, Draw!” in an app format. I’d like to see, if any at all, a higher prioritization of live player encounters rather than AIs rehashing existing drawings. The latter problem is the frequency of ADs. The most annoying AD placements being the clearance of every 3rd game (3 minutes about) then repeated and every first usage of the [Erase] tool of every game. It’s understandable that money is needed to be made somehow through a free game, but it becomes tedious for consumers/players even if the ads are skippable.
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3 months ago, 🐰🐋🩰
Okay, for starters, this app is amazing. It’s simplistic, while also extremely fun. You can play this game for hours at a time without getting bored. You can also easily have the same experience in this game with or without “premium”…except for one flaw. The ads are pretty unbearable in Draw It. After you finish a round, it will automatically take you to an ad, around 20 seconds. After that, when you continue, yet another ad. There’s these things called “packs” that you can earn with your coins (you get these from winning games). After you spin this wheel, you receive your pack and it’ll ask you if you would like to spin again by watching an ad. Every time, I’ll decline the offer, but it still gives me an ad. This is an extremely fun game, but the ads need to calm down. You’re able to pay a couple bucks to get rid of them, but I wasn’t planning/going to spend money on a game. Overall, I love this game, but the ads are annoying.
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3 years ago, Reedear
Guess my play time is over…
I hadn’t played this game in a few weeks, so I finally come back to it. Well, as many of us know, Apple has made it so that you can choose if you want to be tracked or not. On 98% of my apps, I have no reason to allow tracking. This game isn’t one that needs to track me or show me “targeted” ads. However, while other apps say “Do Not Track”, which lets you know exactly what’s going on, this game has “Customize Game” or something, which is EXTREMELY misleading because this is t customizing the game… it’s for ads. Anyway, I try to click the “Do Not Customize” part, but it’s completely grayed out, so you can’t click it, at all. I find that rather odd, so I close the game out and try it again. Same thing. It’s already dishonest in the way it’s presented, but it won’t even let you opt out of “targeted” ads? No thanks. There’s NO reason for a game I’m drawing things in to track me. Plus, I had already paid for no ads, so I wouldn’t see them, anyway, but now I can’t play because the game wants to track me? No way. You can keep the game. This company/game should be reported to Apple, so they know this game doesn’t allow you to not be tracked.
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5 years ago, Jillianjkb
I love the game! One thing though...
This game is addicting! I play it w/ my mom all the time and since she draws terribly, she always loses and it’s so funny to watch eachother draw! But there is one little problem that’s driving me cookooo!!! For example, one time I was playing a round, and I was in first place. Then, someone caught up with me. I was like “I’m totally going to win even if we’re on the same number, because I was on this number before that person” but then! I was looking at the score board, with my jaw on my feet. The guy who was tied with me won first place! Even though I was at the number before him! This has been repeatedly going on for awhile. I would really really really REALLY appreciate if the developers would please fix this. If you are experiencing the same issue, please write a review about it! I would really like this to get fixed. Other than that, this game is my top 3 favorite! I will continue to play even though this issue will not stop. Thanks for this amazing game for me go play!!!!!
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5 years ago, Calvin Corrieri
Premium NOT ad free
Even when paying the outrageous subscription to this game, you are still prompted to view an ad after every game. This comes in the form of a “double your earnings” button that appears several seconds before the “continue” button can be pressed. The developers conveniently exclude this button from their screenshots. Obviously this is intentional, to get even premium users to watch ads. I wouldn’t be so angry if I wasn’t paying more money for this app than I am for my Netflix subscription. To the developers: THIS IS NOT OK. I’m uninstalling this crap until you make a change. Either automatically double the coins as a premium feature or include an option to hide this button. I have to close the app to stop the ad from playing every time I accidentally hit the button after a game. (Which I’m sure was your intention, hence why it appears before you can continue) This is NOT acceptable for what you claim to be a “PREMIUM” experience. The game still feels and plays like a free game riddled with ads, even when you throw money at it. Don’t even get me started on the permanent ad glued on the home page that doesn’t go away EVEN WITH “PREMIUM”.
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5 years ago, chicken wings 4 life
Good but......
It’s a very great game, it’s one of the games that you can play for a long time and not get bored. But there is one con, there’s too much ads!!! It gets in the way of enjoying the game. But it doesn’t bother me that much. But still!! ^_^ Edit: now I see what people are talking about, when people get the same points as you, you are placed under them. Didn’t bother me in the beginning, but after a while it gets me kinda mad. And the lags, when I was playing or spinning the thing, the game kicked me out! Everything has its pros and cons, but overall it’s a good game, it just depends on the person, if their okay with being placed under other players when they have the same points. And if they can deal with the ads. And if they aren’t too sensitive about the computer guessing what their drawing, that also kinda angers me. I try to draw something but the computer guess something completely different! Would I recommend, yes, but it all depends on the person.
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2 years ago, Mobilegamehoarder786
Fun but suspicious—OH WAIT
I like the way the game’s structured and how I can draw. I also like how I almost always win. Oh, yeah! That’s because a suspiciously huge part of my opponents are drawing really slowly. I was confused by how nobody else figured out that they have to draw super fast, and starting to wonder how many people were actually on this app—until I did a round where the first challenge was to draw a strawberry and all three of my opponents had completely identical lopsided strawberries in the same place and finished at the same time. Come on, man..how many bots are here just to make it populated? The ads are annoying, but there aren’t THAT many. My main problem is that after confirming just how many opponents are bots, it feels kinda pointless. I guess in rounds when I don’t have any real people to play against, I’m teaching the AI so it can be fairer to actual players? It’s just sad that I can never really know how many players weren’t real. If you are a real human who played against sbeve, hi! :)
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3 years ago, sadistic_x-x
This game is great and all, I love to play with people all around the word and go in 1st place good feeling, but there’s something that annoys me the most. Adds. There and here, there are everywhere I must say, theses adds are so much it’s really starting to bother me. There’s so much and mostly it’s the same ones over and over. I went to turn off my wifi to get no adds but turns out I can’t even play without wifi! It makes me mad because I want to enjoy playing the game without a hole bunch of adds. If there where fewer adds this would be a five star view but since there’s so much adds I will have to give it four. I just downloaded this app and that was the first thing that I noticed. It was like a run off add with no break, every button u press is a pop up add, or a video add. The good things are, that I get to play and compete with people, I get to draw one of my best hobbies I like to try very hard to get to draw the picture, and having fun with people who have different styles, I love this game because of all the categories there are. I would recommend this game for any artist who would love to draw anything and compare art to other or to compete with other, and draw things that u might not know how to draw. (As again, I really wished there was a few adds cause the there are so much) That’s all I really have to say I would recommend this game. -Rumi Usagiyama
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5 years ago, SlinkySatear
When I first started playing this game it was really addicting and fun. I reached level 19 in the first day of playing. Then a day or two pass by and I start getting ads everywhere. I get WHILE I’m playing the game, which lower the chances of winning. I went to talk about it to my friends who also play Draw It and they said that they get ads in the middle of a “match” while playing. I understand if I get ads for not having VIP but why HAVE ADS WHILE IM IN A MATCH that’s just not fair. I can deal with regular ads just not if they pop up while I’m playing. I get mad and leave the app and don’t come back to it until a couple of hours later. What’s the point of playing if an ad will make me lose and I won’t get enough coins for new word packs?!!! My point is STOP WITH THE IN “MATCH” ADS!!!! Something else is that when we all get the same amount of points I come in last why? It’s not fair. For ex: I get 7 points then two other players get 7 after me. Shouldn’t I get first for reaching the score of 7 first?!! But I don’t I would come in 3rd (it’s a 4 player game) it makes no sense. It’s not a fair game.
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5 years ago, Growlithe99
Cool AI Guesser, But Opponents Are Bots
I don’t really get why the app developers pit you against slow-drawing bots under the guise of playing “global” human opponents (like a “searching for players” interlude before games? Really?) They even try to throw in a couple of names written in Chinese script amongst the sea of generic English names to make you feel like you’re playing with people across the globe... I can see why the developers may have wanted an all-bot interface (an always-ready pool of opponents to play against, no hassle with people potentially drawing something inappropriate, no trouble with WiFi connectivity). If that’s the case then so be it, but it takes away any feeling of competitiveness when I’m playing against bots that’re literally programmed to let me win most of the time. Aside from that though, the development of a drawing-guessing AI program was impressive, and was the reason I downloaded the app/played as long as I have. I just won’t be playing anymore from lack of actual competition. Would’ve given this app a 4-star rating, but the attempt at deception made me lose a bit of respect.
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6 months ago, bite🫦my💪toes🦶
Playing against bots
Overall I think the game is pretty fun and satisfying. You draw you win or lose it’s pretty ok. There are some cons though. A smaller one is ads I wish they set up times for ads, because sometimes right when you’re about to see who won you get a 30 second ad which is really annoying. When I get an ad I usually just close out of the app and reopen. Second con, the bots just continue to draw the same thing. I hate how the game doesn’t mention its bots so when you first download it you think you’re playing against real people. You’re not! Let’s say lvl 1 you can draw pizza or a triangle. The bots draw a triangle and move on. Lvl 2. It’s a cloud or house plant but the bots are still drawing triangles and moving on! It’s super annoying and unfair especially when you have a harder drawing and the bots are just drawing triangles every 2 seconds making it impossible to win. Overall it’s a good game when you’re bored but the cons play a big part.
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3 years ago, Idk...? 💩👻
So, I love to draw, so I like this game don’t get me wrong. But, It makes you tap the letters to get more words, and then it gives you an add RIGHT when you go in, and when you exit the words, it gives you another add. I get it, advertisement. Once I lost a game because right when I got in the game, it showed a 20 second add, and then I lost the game. How else do you have money? I get it. Well, you have VIP stuff. So a suggestion would be to add Amung Us characters at VIP, do the Simpsons, classic characters from games and tv, and raise the prices, and then you’ll get more money so you won’t have to spam adds. Thank you, please reply to this, and I love the game other than the adds! 😊 (P.S. I would like you to reply to this review and see what you can do. Also, I saw one of your games (yes, I check out your games) is “jurassic pond” so maybe do the T. rex or the velociraptor, or the Indominus Rex. (I personally like the Amung Us (Just cool.) and, Simpsons (favorite showwww) and, T. rex (short arms lolll).
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3 years ago, Honesty Gal
Fun game but too many ads
There is something very satisfying about drawing something that vaguely resembles the draw word and seeing the AI get it immediately and pass you to the next round. The AI is a much better guesser than most people on apps like draw something. Because of this I have mastered the art of getting first place in most sessions. Now the bad.... Ads Ads Ads! Ugh you can’t do anything in this game without bumping into back to back ads. Even getting to the next level or getting more words will throw up ads. And there are ads at the bottom of the screen in the word card area. Wowwww never seen this many ads in a game EVER. They know it too. They keep asking you to pay into the no Ad service. Yeah maybe you’ll do that because you’re so tired of the endless ads. But really? This game isn’t complex enough to spend that much money on it. My recommendation is to play it in small batches. No more than 3 games in one sitting. This will help you deal with the Ad overload and not pay into the game.
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5 years ago, Mr.jonnym
Fun game - a few bugs and needs more modes
Please read “feature requests” at the end! First, this is a fun game, both competitive and relaxing. I really like it. A few bugs (iOS 13 maybe?) - I can’t earn more characters. I watch an ad, the ad completes, gameplay returns, and no character is unlocked and the video count doesn’t go down. The same thing started happening with “double your score” and “spin again”. This isn’t the only game it happens on so, hopefully it’ll be fixed by apple soon. Also, I stopped being able to buy word packs at 53/58.... Now, feature requests! 1) “Friend vs Friend” mode! It would be so fun to have up to five people sit together and play each other. If not at the exact same time, then taking turns with the same set of word each time? 2) “Practice mode” - scroll through a full word list and pick a word to practice until you can draw something the computer recognizes 3) “infinite mode” - similar to practice mode, but just play you against the computer as long as you want. Gives you practice, but also lets you just zone out and draw which is very relaxing. OR, if there still needs it 4) “instant replay” - the game is fun but rounds are over so fast you can’t see what other people are drawing and it’s fun to see their drawings. Instant reply would allow you to watch the other four players after the score is final.
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3 months ago, stargazer1100
Amazing just needs a few fixes.
I recommend downloading Draw it. It’s a fun game where you need to draw an item then your device guesses it. The only issue i’be found is that whenever you spin the wheel to get a new category for items to draw, after you spin when you exit you have to watch an advertisement. I find this weird because you can watch an advertisement to spin again. I understand you need to have ads, but it would be better to have them after you finish that drawing round. When i’m drawing, it occasionally asks me to draw something like a mouse or bear. I consider myself a good artist, but to draw a mouse in less than 15 seconds is impossible. I think a solution to this problem would be to offer a “More Time” button when you pay coins. Thank you for reading my review and developers please take these ideas into consideration. Thank you!
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2 years ago, spark.atl.ga
A barrage of ads with a few moments of gameplay thrown to make it a product.
Too bad! This is a great little game but all enjoyment is completely destroyed by a barrage of ads coming from every direction. EVEN IF YOU PAY THE $2.99 TO REMOVE THE ADS THEY STILL DONT GO AWAY!!! AND WHY ISNT ANYONE AT APPLE INTERESTED IN CALLING THIS DEVELOPER OUT FOR DECEPTIVELY MAKING FALSE CLAIMS. ITS WELL DOCUMENTED IN THE REVIEWS. This is the worst experience ..trying to play a cool game but constantly being interrupted by 30 second ads you have to watch which link to more ads when you think they are over and then paying to have them removed only to find that they are still there after you waste your money. I’ll be requesting a REFUND and Extend a prominent middle finger to the developer for lowering the bar at the App Store you should be banished and your profits should be siezed and used to fund a mandatory app developer class in ethical business practices where you can forever be held up as an example of one of the worst divergences ever to disgrace the App Store. Simply wrong ..
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5 years ago, Overall, by a 10 year old
Really Good 😁
Now I can’t complain about the adds because they do give you opportunities to by a pass to get rid of them. So if you were out complaining about that then try buying the pass! Also I am a huge!! Fan of art and really enjoy this!!! I haven’t had the problem with every time I hit the erase button I get a add but my only suggestion is if you could just add a normal eraser like one you can also buy with your coins and just erase parts of your drawing if needed or the whole thing. Because one time I had a really nice drawing but they didn’t understand what it was so I just wanted to touch it up but then messed it up on one of the corners making look completely different!!!!!!!!! So I had to erase my whole drawing 😢. I really highly recommend this game tho. And just ask if you can make the eraser a opportunity in the game thx!
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5 years ago, Hai_its me❤️
Could’ve Been Great😑
I first found this game in an ad, which let me play a short demo. I liked it and decided to download the app to see how it is. After reading the reviews that said there were way too many ads, I was second-guessing this. However, I didn’t think it’d be that bad. First, if you clear your picture of after messing up. AD. Skip. AD. Getting a new pack of words? AD. After the game. AD. It’s fine to have ads in this game, but there are way too many. Speaking of ads, some are very inappropriate and this is rated 4+? What will the kids think? Also, this game can be unfair. Once, I was playing I tied with two bots. I got the points first. I ended up getting third place. This happens so many times and it’s very annoying! Lastly, the guesses are effortless and frankly DUMB! I once drew a snail and I asked my friend what it looked like. She said it looked like a snail. The game guessed garden and moon!!! Those don’t look anything like a snail. This happens every time I play! Have a good day
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6 months ago, art dreams
Old people like fun apps too.
This is a fun app. I’ve played it a lot. It has a few misleading features. The drawing squares with other people’s drawing examples are a bit bogus. Some results in the boxes are identical. The spin feature doesn’t really generate more drawing subjects, which are needed. Since I’m a senior citizen, it seems to me more time should be given for children, even if 10 seconds. Also, I’ve drawn some pretty good fish and other subjects that aren’t acknowledged by the app. I’ve tried different approaches, some work some don’t. So hopefully you’ll accept this as constructive criticism, because I’ve enjoyed this game. Just this morning I got a notification on my tablet that said a player has challenged me. Now all I get is a blank screen….? January 3, 2023….. blank screen, players challenge in notifications disappear in game. More variety of things to draw. Thank you! Blank screen again for a few days. 🤔🤪😣🤨🙂
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4 years ago, kittycutiegirl
Pretty ok
My cousin had this game so I got it too. Really fun and cool, but one thing that happened the other day was just plain WEIRD. I was just playing and I was on the home screen and there was like, a little gray button. It had a little one of those signs for a notification. I tapped it, of course, and it went into this thing that said I could win a thousand dollars for being ‘a loyal Apple customer’ I don’t really know if it was the game, but I was asking myself, “why the heck is there a thing on my game telling me I could win a thousand dollars??” It’s a game. That’s the most convenient place to put some sort of joke. (Sarcasm) srsly, what is going on? It’s probably not the game but why did the creators let some random website know that it was ok to put some sick joke on my Draw it account? This might just be my iPad, but, I mean, what the heck? Thx for reading bye. I totally recommend dis game. .
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5 years ago, Beautifully fantastic
When I first downloaded this game, I expected so much. I was super excited because I love drawing and guessing games like this. However, after playing it for a while, I realized how crappy it was. It’s like the more I play it, the worse it gets. First, ADS! I know everyone keeps saying this, but it’s because it’s a problem! There is an absurd amount of ads in this game. Every time you finish a game there’s an ad, and even in the middle, which made me lose. Second, this game is literally just fake and full of bots. I hate that there’s no one actually guessing what I’m drawing and it’s just a computer. Also, you’re not even playing against anyone. It’s says you are, but I’ve literally played against the same people multiple times. This game has so much potential to be a really great and popular game, but these dumb and annoying bugs are ruining it. I’m probably going to delete it. DEVELOPERS, IF YOU SEE THIS, I WILL DOWNLOAD THIS GAME AGAIN WHEN YOU GET RID OF THE EXCESSIVE ADS AND REMOVE ALL THE BOTS!!!
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3 years ago, ykgfhjfdhgx
PLEASE READ THIS NOW!!!!! 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😡😮‍💨
Okay, so a lot of reviews said that there was a lot of ads and that the game could get frustrating, but I ignored them because the game looked really fun. But there are two problems with this game: the first and most ANNOYING problem is that there are ads literally every minute, I promise. Every time you pass a level you get another ad. It is so frustrating. The second problem is that when you are doing the drawing competition, it only gives you 45 seconds to do them. Some of the drawings feel impossible to do, and just know, the people in the corners your “playing against” aren't real people. The app also get really boring. I got it last week and I am already bored of it. If you want to get the app, go for it, but just be prepared to be frustrated beyond reality. I am 10 years old, and this game makes me want to scream! Please take my words into consideration, and DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😡😡😮‍💨
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5 years ago, Unamed Artist
The Clearing Add is Not Fun
I downloaded Draw it and absolutely fell in love. Artists can test their skills and race to the best and the different little quirks to the game definitely adds to the fun. But recently I noticed EVERY TIME I would like to clear my board, an add comes up. That didn’t happen before, so why now? Imagine being in the lead, but the game is saying different things than what you drew, so you’d like to restart. So you press the clear button, but instead of doing what you need it to, an add pops up for a game you’re never going to download. Then everyone catches up to you and you get last place. Do you know how stressful that is? It’s not fun, in fact that really impacts the game. Before this problem I would have voted this game with 5 Stars. Now it’s down to a 3. This game used to calm me down to let stress out, but now this problem just builds it back up. Please fix this problem, it’s not fun to deal with and extremely aggravating. Thank you.
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5 years ago, To many remixes
Ok first off the game is fun and all but you can clearly tell that the “players” are fake. Every time I get into a game the players always have such basic names, also they draw literally everything straight off the bat with no hesitation. It would be different if the game informed you that the players weren’t real but it literally has a globe that says “Searching for opponents” giving the thought that the players are real. Theres no competition if you’re only playing against bots the entire time. This is also proven because I literally started a game, turned my wifi off, went back into the game and was still playing with no problem. Having no real players kills the mood. Second off the ADS I understand that the Ads are sponsored by other apps and you guys need to make money but seriously we don’t need ads soon as a game ends especially if were not even playing against real people. This game is pretty much a huge scam. Lower down the ads rates and make it so you can play with actual people around the world and this game will be a huge success.
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