Draw N Guess Multiplayer

3.8 (2.5K)
143.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Appcano LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Draw N Guess Multiplayer

3.82 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
6 months ago, your uncle plump
Super dooper good but…
This is best game ever but there is lots of glitches. It’s fine tho because it is fast to play again. Very good game recommend playing with friends. The rounds are super quick and easy to play again so it makes you want to play again and never get bored. Also I love how there is like no ads. In conclusion this is the best game ever thank you for making this game and I recommend getting it and there is nothing to lose because it is free and don’t take up much storage.
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1 year ago, Melisssalo
So many issues
My fiancé and I wanted to play a picture drawing/guessing game together and downloaded this. Right from the get go it was so glitchy. Had to kill the app several times just to sign up using apple, then turns out it doesn’t work. Then signed up using Facebook and it finally went through. After all that, we tried sending each other friend requests and that took several minutes as we had to kill the app and get back on for the friend invite to pop up. Then we tried playing and it took a while for the app to recognize it was getting a request. The microphone feature I could absolutely do without. And should be optional. We were in front of each other but even playing with other people I wouldn’t use that feature at all. When we finally got through all the permissions including the microphone which wouldn’t let us join the party without it. My fiancé went first and chose a word, started drawing, I saw 3 lines of it and after that it froze. Even though he kept drawing I didn’t see any other part of the drawing even though the time was ticking. Then after time ran out, I got to pick and i started drawing, he was still in his drawing with no indication that I had even started. So we deleted the app right away and started looking for something else. Cool concept, but not executed correctly.
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6 months ago, MisterFiggs
Fun game with issues
The game is fun however; 1) this developer does not believe in spaces. For example a word to be guessed was “chili sauce” however, the developer puts it as “chilisauce”… that’s not a word developer… this is one of many I have ran into at level 30. Another example is “busstop”. This is a word we were supposed to guess… if you are thinking “bus stop is two words” you would be right! 2) apple sign in does not work. Great job for an apple game. 3) advertisements cannot be exited out of. The exit buttons do not work. So you have to close the game every time. 4) bots are rampant in this game. You will find some people are not real but rather programs playing. One example is the “eye”, they will draw the same eye in the same place every time. I have also played this game with other people in a room in the same session. The other person’s game would crash but will still show them in the game and show them attempting to guess, use hints and I have even seen the game show people who aren’t in the game drawing while their application is closed….
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3 years ago, frankendoodles
Can be fun, however
it’s got quite a few bugs. When playing it basically forces you to play with a bunch of other people in 1v1. I only want to play against my friends because the few times I did play with others they didn’t draw anything or they drew something completely unrelated to the word. Now every time i’m done playing with a friend it automatically starts another game and doesn’t let you close out unless you restart the app. Also, while playing, if i send a drawing it’ll later change the color of something in it or it’ll look way more buggy than when I made it? It’s pretty fun in the free for all mode but 1v1 is a pain. also, while playing the game, i remembered sending a drawing to one specific person. then like three other people were all of a sudden in my pile to play and were guessing the drawing i made for my friend. and when i delete games off here new ones appear. it’s ridiculous. i just want to play with my friends not a bunch of strangers all the time and it just forces you to do it.
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4 years ago, T.Q.M.
Glitchy, problems with multiple languages
You click to watch an ad for rewards, sit through the ad, then the app gives an error that there aren’t any ads to watch right now and to try later. Even though you sat through 30 sec ad, no reward. Another problem is that it seems the game awkwardly allows for other languages. For example, I was given the word “letter” and drew an addressed envelope. Someone guessed “carta” in Spanish and failed in their guess, even though it was in fact what I drew. Happened it at least two games that someone was entering guesses in another language. It is a great thought to include multiple languages, but play rooms should only include people using the same language, otherwise it doesn’t work. There is too many variables (in English, “letter” could be a missive (“carta” in Spanish) or a part of the alphabet (“letra” in Spanish). Great idea. Needs much improvement.
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1 year ago, Igsujygfdfussvsfuifggsfgi
It’s ok but I can’t change my user please read go down V
I like this game but it won’t let me change my user I go through the log in and then put in the name I want and it loads and then goes back to the “okay” button for me to press and it loads again and does nothing I can’t even exit out of the change name so I deleted it and redownloaded it and tried again it does the same thing and if I reload/swipe up my tabs and it still brings up the “okay” button and it loads and loads and doesn’t work I like the concept of this game but it doesn’t work when I try to do things other than play the game also it keeps things for me to pay popping up so I give this game a 2.5/10 P.S. I’m sorry if this was long but I had to state all the bad things just in case. Have a great day!
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4 years ago, Pegasustime8
This game is very fun to play, don’t get me wrong but there are some issues that need to be solved. After someone one guesses my drawing, the screen does this thing where is just scribbles. The person has to delete their drawing and restart. It’s not a screen glitch because everyone but the drawer can see all the scribbles. It may happen 1-3 times in a row, and it’s very annoying. I tried downloading Guess N Draw 2 Multiplayer hoping the scribble issue would get any better but no. Now it happens every single game but to only certain people. If you are fine with this glitch, go ahead and download it but I warn you. I’d also like to know if I am the only one experiencing this because none of the reviews mentioned it. I give it 3.5/10.
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5 years ago, Lizzy Lauren
Terrible. Do not recommend.
This game is fun, but you can only play for a short number of times due to the heart situation. You start with 80 lives and use 30 for each game, and rarely receive any hearts after you begin playing the game. The only real way to get hearts is through the “achievements” which are only able to be achieved when you play a lot. This game used to be fun and worthwhile because you were actually able to play more than two games while now, it is terrible. They do this to us because they want money to buy more hearts but instead, they ruined the game that used to be good and made it terrible. I, as well as many other people, refuse to play this game unless this heart problem is fixed because I will not use my money for a dumb game. Therefore, I do not recommend downloading this game unless you are willing to waste your money.
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4 years ago, Diamondkhrystal
If you want a good Multiplayer Game, It’s not this.
I don’t know if this has to do with mobility issues, but I was trying to find a game for me and my fourth grade friends. I have been watching some of my fellow and familiar YouTubers, and I wanted to play a game that would comprehend guessing your friend’s drawing. To be honest, I felt like this game was perfect and so did my friends. We were all excited downloading the apps on our little FaceTime call. When we downloaded the app, everything was so complicated and hard to manage. You had to log into multiple social accounts, when some people don’t have stuff like Facebook, Twitter or etc. I have my OWN iPad, and I downloaded this app thinking it would be worth my storage. I was completely draw-backed and I hate this app. It wouldn’t even let me change my name without making a huge and hard deal about it. Smh!
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1 year ago, FrecklyCobra
Worst gaming app ever
After Draw Something was tragically taken off the market I looked for the best alternative, and was unfortunately fooled by all the fake reviews on this app in the AppStore. It is absolutely littered with nothing but glitches. I could, and have made better apps than this. You want to draw with a friend? Have fun redrawing your art 3-4 times because it gets stuck in a loop of failing to send. You finally get it to send? Your friend has received a “drawing” that shows nothing but a white screen. And you are forced to get endless games started with bots/strangers that don’t give you the option to reject, because they don’t even send a request. You are stuck with it. If 0 stars was an option, I would have chosen that because 1 is entirely too many. This app is comically bad.
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5 years ago, Sayala4
This game has the potential to be fun-but it’s not there yet. There isn’t enough people to play, so you wait in an empty room until someone joins. It also doesn’t tell you who is online. You might be able to ask them to join a game if you could figure out who is active and who isn’t. I was excited to open my app and see i had been invited to join a game once-but I’m thinking they must have invited while I was offline and now they were offline because it took my hearts and yet no one was there to draw...so a waste of hearts. It does take a while to accumulate these hearts (you need them to play). There’s also no real goal. Like great I guessed a bunch of drawings now what?! Maybe it should unlock different awards or capabilities.
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4 years ago, Bijouviolet1203
Purchased ad free and etc
So I got this app today and I purchased for $3.99 an ad removal, a a set of avatars and also it was suppose to unlock all the color pallets. What it did was lock everything up and we can no longer use any colors and we lost even more colors than what we started with. We have no option to change avatar back to our original Facebook picture and we are still seeing ads and there is no help or contact for problems if encountered on the app. We had to come here to leave the review. I think the app has a lot of potential and it’s pretty fun to play but if you can’t unlock any of the pallets I just purchased i would recommend to everyone to NOT get this game. Please fix this issue and I want my money back if you don’t.
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1 year ago, hassan8354
Too many issues
It’s a fun game with a beautiful community of players around the world. It really helped me with my English language and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary. When someone doesn’t know the meaning of the word they got so they go and google it or search for it on the internet the game glitches and they have to close the game and reopen it just to find that they were kicked out the lobby they were in. And many other issues if fixed this would be great and it has so much potential to be worldwide with every language included
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3 months ago, KLLSzz
I do not recommend this game to anybody.
To begin with, the game did catch my eye at first. Though, once I downloaded this great looking game, I found myself stuck on a screen. Other than that, I had a problem were it wouldn’t let me draw, or choose a word when it was my turn to draw. My friend, also had this problem on his screen as well. This game could improve by a lot. According to the update log, this game has not been updated it over a year. I would really recommend this game to anyone if the bugs and glitches were fixed. Other than that the idea of the game sounds very pleasant and I’m looking forward to an update we’re the game is playable. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Raterboy69
Very fun game, could just use some polish
The gameplay itself is so much fun. But in terms of presentation, and overall smoothness of animations or lack thereof, it could use some work. For being one of the more unique and different of games available on the AppStore, this should be a lot higher rated, and it probably would be if the user interface was just a little smoother and had some polish. Along with a couple bugs to get fixed. But it does the job well by offering a purely fun experience.
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7 years ago, joydog11
Very fun game with some bugs
This game is really fun and I play it all the time! My only problem is how somehow it has bugs to where it doesn't let you draw, your screen freezes, or your stuck at the screen where it says user is choosing word. There are some things that need to be fixed but other than that LOVE this game! Also itsSO annoying how if u get low battery notification ur exit from the game and how sometimes it freezes when ur choosing the word!
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6 years ago, mccoin6
Super fun but has bugs
This game is super fun but it also has WAYYY to many ads but my main problem is that sometimes when people guess its doesn’t work I drew mummy and everyone guessed it a lot of times and nothing happens this has happened a lot to me and it is getting on my nerves but otherwise this is one of my favorite game I would recommend it! But please if you read this fix that and take away some ads PLEASEEE!!! Love the game <333
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1 year ago, ThIsGaMeSuCkS0
A LOT of game issues itself/unnecessary amount of adds unless you pay like 10 for ads free💀
So many pop ups, constantly having my game being froze then having to close and reopen because it’s just stuck on the screen mainly when i draw smhh, but randomly i’ll get those stupid remove ads pop ups then just can’t close it💀 after i close and reopen it, it wont let me play, personally i think everyone i’ve played with are bots(not real ppl) because they all the guest name and they all lvl 0 and got 0 trophies, id just highly recommend to never spend money on this game🙅🏻‍♀️ lookin out for y’all fr😹🙏🏻
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1 year ago, WiD0WZ
Draw Something alternative
I just recently purchased an iPad and remembered I used to play Draw Something on my phone all the time so I assumed I'd get the chance now. To my surprise its no longer available which was very disappointing. This app however has managed to quell my crave for a decent drawing for fun app so I am ok with draw something not being around for a while. Lots of fun and underrated.
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1 year ago, hayes grier's girlfriend lol
Many issues
Every time I’m playing and I accidentally switch to another app and come back, or I get a low battery notification, or the game has to take a second to load, or if I even swipe up a little bit from the bottom of my iPhone and I don’t even exit the app, the game freezes and stops working and I have to refresh it. It’s annoying especially when I’m in the middle of a game. Also there are way too many ads. And sometimes it doesn’t give you the option to exit out of the ad.
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4 years ago, George1431
This app is so bad
This app is so bad I’d rate it 0 but I can’t you first load it up to them wanting you to spend $20 immediately followed up by an ad then when you finally get into a match not to mention the crappy game chat the shear fact that you can only use about 4 colors to begin with which isn’t helpful at all without SPENDING MONEY and then when you choose what to draw you get one thing and if you want to try to chose one of the other three options you can just SPEND MORE MONEY then after the round they hit you with yet again another ad so just download a different FUN drawing game that isn’t pay to win :)
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4 years ago, peachy squad for life
Creepy but fun
So first of all it’s a good game I would recommend it to 8-9 ex ages but there is one SUPER creepy thing about this game so I was playing with my friend (on my first time playing) and I just heard her voice come outa no where saying hi and I got creeped out then I’m like ummm hi???? But super freaked out and she laughed and she said it was creepy and It didn’t even give me a warning or give my an option to call so if you are playing with people you don’t know that’s really creepy if you heard them so it’s dangerous I deleted this app cause I didn’t like it and it’s super glitchy well thx for reading :3
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10 months ago, frnks2002
Love it but Hate It
I used to play this game a lot. It’s very fun to play! There were many glitches such as stretching your drawing. The more lines you drew, the more the drawing moved up. Basically, the more details you draw the more distorted the image looked. The app closed on me multiple times, yet I still reopened the app because the game is fun, and I love drawing. Unfortunately, the app quit working all and all for me. I’ve even reinstalled the app. Must be down or something. That’s unfortunate. Someone please make an app like this that actually works!
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2 years ago, KaitlynRW22
This game has the potential to be great. I love the concept or it, however most times I cannot make it through an entire game without something glitching our. Recently the game has claimed that “____ is not drawing” and kicked them off- even though they have drawn things. Often when this happens it also will no longer allow you to guess what the drawings are and forces you to restart the app. Needs to adjusting. Unfortunate, but I will be deleting it. Might try again at a later time.
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5 years ago, Jayaries
Fun but has issues
This game is fun to play with friends live and how you can speak to everyone but has to many glitches I ended up paying $20 by mistake for it cause I was half asleep so for that much i shouldn’t be having glitches and annoyance. The ads freeze the game for people that didn’t pay for it and it’s annoying when your playing with friends that when it ends I have to set up a new party with them instead of it just continuing with the same party. If this was fixed it would get more stars from me
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5 years ago, nanisbeasts
Hello creator, your game is AWESOME but there’s TOO MANY ADS! Just take some ads out and I’ll vote 5 stars. I know you want to gain money from this by making a “no ads” thing, but take out at least SOME ads! I finish a round ad, I guess it right ad, I don’t guess it AD! Please reduce it to AT LEAST only after I finish the WHOLE game and maybe when I’m about to start another game. Thanks for reading!
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5 years ago, Kk5462
Could be fun but slow
It’s a good concept, that you can play with a lot of people and all guess, but people can draw inappropriate things and you can’t block them or report. The thing that says remove ads basically takes up half the drawing thing. Your lives get wasted quick, and it’s just overall REALLY slow (I have an Iphone X, so it’s not my phone) Anyways, it’s different from the other apps but, very slow and can be annoying to play. Reminds me of an app I would have on my ipod a while ago, so maybe change the look a bit while your at it.
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11 months ago, rpmendez
Fun but…
• “live” games are often populated with bots who won’t guess the easiest pictures. I have even written the word out and seen “players” using hints after that, and still failing. • when opponents guess or use hints, you are notified in a black bubble that obscures the board and cannot be dismissed. • even after collecting the full color palette, *gray* is not available. GRAY. • there are glitches galore. I’ve been trying to play with my wife for days, and the game won’t let us be friends.
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4 years ago, SabrinaKrazyyy_
Immediate problem..
I’ve been playing this game for about 10 minutes now, and I’ve noticed an immediate problem. When you’re in a game with a higher level, they tend to have a lot of hints. As soon as the game starts, even before the drawer can begin drawing, they spam the hint button. Therefore, they guess the word within a couple seconds, causing them to get ahead and ultimately place first. TLDR; The “hints” need a cool down. The higher levels are spamming them to guess the word first and they place #1 every round.
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1 year ago, DGC2000
Needs a lot of improvement.
I love the idea of this game and enjoy playing it but if I could show pictures of the problems I’ve had then I would. I typed the correct letter and entered it countless times before the time ran out and low and behold it was a spoon… there’s so many little bugs that makes this game to irritable to play. Fix these problems and maybe I’ll play again in the future but for now just be happy I didn’t give a 1 star review.
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4 months ago, Darkmlucy
Changing my review
My first review, not so good because a few “bad apples” used profane language and I could not figure out how to delete them from my game, but I have decided to try again because I like the colors and tools so well and it is an adult game. I will just try to ignore those comments.🤓
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2 years ago, Ewebecha
Needs work
Paid version: Needs more colors. I have them all and compared to other drawing games, this game does not compare. Need to be able to adjust tool size. Very slow and glitchy. Every time I need to switch a tool or color it lags. Game does have good tool options, but without more variety of colors and tool sizes it feels clunky. Need to get back to the basics of a drawing game before you ad in a bunch of avatars and frames and ads everywhere.
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2 years ago, bbgdilola
Very fun
Its really annoying with ads but i removed the ads for 3.99 and my experience has improved a bunch. Also you guys should either add more avatars, or let people choose their profile picture without adding their facebook account.
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1 month ago, LovinIt63736
This is amazing but... 🤨🧐
Every time Im gessing and I need a hint I press that then it says you don't have enough energy ⚡so I pess okay and thenmy keyboard shows up and I can't exit out untill somebody guesses (I am only rating this a five so you can see) so developers please fix this because this is very annoying 😖
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5 years ago, QuackityTom
Great game! But the ads.
Okay, I will admit this game is great! Very fun to play with people that draw nicely and follow the rules. Most thing that annoys me is the ads but that’s okay because almost every game has ads. I would recommend this if you love drawing and people guess. Always but this is my opinion and I would like to hear yours.
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5 years ago, Benson The Beast
Great, Addicting Game!
This game is awesome and has a lot of potential! Please add more profile pictures you can unlock and could you add a feature where you can get coins by watching adds instead of putting them in the middle of a game? Thanks for making this game and keep updating this app please!
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6 months ago, minniemooners
The issues
For some reason I guessed pot and it said I got it wrong but when someone else guessed pot they got it right and I gained like 15 powerups and when I used 1 power hint it said you do not have enough and I drawer for 5 seconds and then it kicked me off so someone else could draw and this was all in the same game though don’t get me wrong it is a fun game but it’s got some kinks to work out
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4 years ago, every name is taken......
Voice chat/ short rounds
The game is fun with friends but the voice chat needs more working on and I really don’t like the fact the app stops my music from playing so I have to listen to the game which is not very nice to listen too. The game could be a lot better if there were game settings for example to set the number of rounds, time given per round, or giving the drawer more options
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7 months ago, we love you rodlox
The people
I just started playing this game today but I have realized that a lot of people when it’s their turn they don’t draw anything so people use hints and they get points I think that there should be a timer of some sort so if you don’t draw then it’s the next persons turn
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7 months ago, Jomer1413
You guys need to fix a lot of the glitches, like the game does not let me draw more than once and it glitches right away, it’s a cool game but you guys need to work more on it and fix a lot of thing as that are not letting anyone enjoy the game
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3 years ago, Win F.
I like this game. I got it to play with my sister. BUT there are major flaws. A lot. First, why does it start random games with random people for no reason? Second, whenever you are in a game menu before you guess/draw, there’s a HUGE “Remove Ads” button, and you barely notice when you spend $4 to remove ads (I learned the hard way). Overall, the game is fun, but the features are bad.
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3 years ago, gixxerspd
I love the app! but there a bug.
I love this app, it's so much fun! But there's a bug in the app that annoys me. Whenever I watch an ad to get a prize, my screen just turns black, and i have to swipe that away, and go back in to see the screen again. I please ask that this bug be fixed.
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11 months ago, TheAquaticJedi
Fun, but glitchy
I like the game, but if you exit for even a SECOND the game freezes and you loose your energy bc you have to restart the app. This includes low batter warning pop ups, fulling your menu down to adjust brightness or volume on your phone, etc. it’s like it disconnects instantly and there should be like a 10 sec buffer or something bc that’s unfair.
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4 years ago, StoneyDude710
I thought I downloaded Draw Something, the game I used to play in high school and basically the same as this one except much better since it doesn’t bug out all the time. This app doesn’t even let you play your own music over it. It just shuts off whatever you’re playing so you can hear its stupid dandy six year old music. Finally it keeps putting me in games with random people I don’t care to play with. Do yourself a favor and download Draw Something and delete this garbage app
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5 years ago, happy&nice
Don’t listen to other people
Don’t listen to the people who say that there is a lot of ads because I have this game for a month and I have only had one ad and the only thing I don’t like about it is that people don’t draw very well🙄 but that is not the apps fault.
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5 years ago, AliviaWright
Bug issues and bullying
I really wanted to find a good “guess and draw” game so I downloaded this.. concept is great, execution needs work. A lot of bug issues where you can’t close your keyboard out, can’t close a game out, can’t go to your home page, etc. The biggest issue is the bullying during the game. People can say whatever they want for no reason and you have no way of leaving. Leaves you feeling pretty crappy. Wouldn’t recommend because no matter how nice you are, people are very mean.
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7 years ago, Trippie-redd
U good bro?
This game fun and all but there are too many Ads and this is wasting my time like i could be dying tmr and u wasting my time with ads? Oh no no no i aint got time for that. And why are there so many Bugs? Like bro this game be freezing like its tryin to troll me. This waste even more of my time cause i gotta exit the game and get back in and find a game. But fr fix this bug problem and I will give yo 5 star maybe to the face 😂.
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8 months ago, Jaxtella
It has potential to be good
My SO and I experience glitches while playing it, the game would freeze or it won’t make a game and I have to close the app and restart. Hopefully this will be fixed
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4 years ago, AMS & Fam
This game is addicting. I wish I could report people when they draw inappropriate things. I like how the daily spin works because it helps me not spend $ on the game. I am going to pay to not see the ads anymore though because they're time consuming. The cost is worth it.
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6 years ago, #calculatethebestkindofkidz
Draw n guess
Okay. If you read this, you kinda have to play!!! It’s the number one game you’ll ever play! Stop playing animal jam! Play this!!!! I know from personal experience about the animal jam thing!! Play this!!!!!! It only has one flaw: play once, can’t stop!! I super recommend it!!!!
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