Drawize - Draw and Guess

4.3 (190)
23 MB
Age rating
Current version
Danijel Lombarovic
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drawize - Draw and Guess

4.33 out of 5
190 Ratings
3 years ago, Mighty Dino Nugget
I absolutely LOVE the game. It is great fun with friends and fun alone too! But there is a few things: I am used to the normal iPhone keyboard. When I play online on my computer it’s easy to use, but when I play on the app, the keyboard is stretched out making it more difficult to type. I often click M instead of N. Another thing; the zoom in feature is kinda wonky. I don’t know... I animate and the app has a zoom in feature where you have to use 2 fingers to zoom in and 2 fingers to move. Very similar to this, but when I try to JUST zoom in, it kinda goes to the right or left. When I try to just move right, left, up or down, it ends up zooming in or out as well. I don’t know if you can fix this but I would really appreciate it. (Not that it is broken. I’m sure others got used to this. Can you at least put the option in settings or something. If you already did please let me know.) Overall, this game is amazing and I would recommend getting it. Thanks.
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4 years ago, cecagain
Second Review
I love the drawing competition on this game. I would seriously have to love it or I would have tossed this out a long time ago. I’m taking off one star for all the advertisements which are irritating. I’m taking off another for the glitches. Drawing for an hour and having the game refuse to submit, or freeze totally, or simply have the drawing disappear is frustrating, to say the least. There has to be something to correct these issues. They happen 25% of the time. Okay. My math says that’s 3 stars. But I’m putting one back because I really love this game. Please, please fix it.
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1 year ago, Ayen C.
Almost Great
This is almost a great app, but it has some major flaws: - The words are WAY too easy and there aren't enough of them. It would be great if there were rooms of different difficulties. You get the same easy words over and over, and it gets boring. - Rooms are too big. 7 players and you only get to draw once per game; why is there only one round? If you get first place you only get 30 coins, and can double it by watching a 30 second ad... But you can just watch a 30 second ad from the shop page and get 100 coins per ad. That makes no sense. I just watched ads over and over while doing something else and bought out everything.
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2 years ago, Pix3l🐈
Good game! :)
This is a really good game and there are nice aspects to it like how you can draw your own profile picture or have different tools, but I do have a suggestion and a critique. The suggestion: Being able to friend people on this game would be super cool! There are some individuals that I saw which made me think “oh, it would be neat if I was able to check out their profile or friend them so we can chat privately” but you can’t do that unfortunately. Hopefully this is implemented in the future, though! The Critique: The keyboard is a bit strange. It’s not horrible, however it is quite hard to use and spell on. At first I thought it was unique, but my opinions on it have gone down and it’s only been 2 days. A regular keyboard would be better in my opinion but that could just be me. That’s it! Apart from those things I think this game is great!
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3 years ago, RA ^..^ ^,,^ ^,,^
We need some new words !
I like this game, especially the option to report the occasional drawer who is writing out the answer. I would like to be able to play one on one as an option. And we need new words - We keep drawing the same things over and over.
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2 months ago, yoss1 s
Realy enjoyable and fun
It’s realy fun to play this and I got it like an hour ago and when i needed to draw a sheep, I used like orange and drew “white = [orange blob] and got kicked within 30 seconds for writing words, which I realy like that happend so now I know that everyone plays fair. (Don’t judge me I didn’t know I couldn’t do that, like just say what I mean, I’m sorry, don’t kill me 😫)
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3 months ago, P3anut256
This is a really fun game. There are a few ads but it’s not unbearable like other apps. If I could give a suggestion I would say that though the layout of it is adorable with the chat and keyboard, the keyboard could be a bit bigger. But overall it’s a great game!
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4 years ago, Sadie💜
Pretty Good Game🙂
This game is so much fun. I love how much you get to draw. Most of the drawings look like someone did them on a paper! The daily draw is a lot of fun too. But there are a lot of adds. Every time you start a round there’s an add! That’s way too many adds. I would understand an add here and there. But still adds galore. Over all pretty great game.
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1 year ago, trdobp
Fun game
It’s a fun game, but I wish it was a little more flexible with answers, like if you type the right word(s) but don’t separate them or do separate them, it should be accepted. Otherwise, we have a ton of fun playing it!
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2 years ago, BAF24!
Great family friendly game
Nice game and nice players. Goes fast but the words are relatable to all ages. Unlike some similar drawing games, everyone is positive and not vulgar (or openly hostile, racist, misogynist). One suggestion is to add words, same ones come up too often.
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2 years ago, RubyLilly4
Dishonest players
It is great to be able to report a player who writes out the answer. However, I have been reported and kicked out of games for using letters or numbers when I had used NONE. Not a single symbol that could be interpreted as a number or letter. It takes out all the fun when people cheat.
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4 years ago, D2Speaks
Decent app but horrible connection
This app is a decent app: it’s fun to play, easy to understand and has a nice concept to it. But I absolutely HATE, and I mean HATE A LOT is the fact that there are too many ads. Also, it never gives me a good connection (I have to go out of the app, back in, and manually go back to the game I was playing! I have uninstalled this app.
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3 years ago, MM&eye
Keyboard options
I like this game for our family and it’s nice to have the options of making a room for fam/friends to play against.. The microphone option to type out guesses would be great
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1 year ago, Nittanel
Fun Game
This game is seriously so good to play, if you spend the right amount of time you need playing on it. If you like drawing, then this game is definitely for you.
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3 years ago, TOOLroxmysox
Interactive Fun
Good game for groups to connect, or a fun way to pass a few minutes with other players online. If you like Pictionary, you’ll enjoy this app!
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1 year ago, yassijiro
What a shame!
What a shame ! Instead of fixing the issues you simply throw away the reviews that mentioned the games glitches! What u should put down is the game blog with all the lies about you care for education! You don’t even care to fix the simplest problems of the game! Fix the connection issue on iPhone! Get rid of the repetitive bots ! Whom are you fooling?!
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4 years ago, IversenKaitlyn
Fantastic but...
This app is otherwise fantastic. However, it could use a chat feature so artists can connect with each other. Well done with the app in general. 🥰
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7 months ago, BethS3B
Really fun!
I like the abundance of drawing options and the guessing in realtime!! I've gone through a few app like this but this is def my fave! 😊
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4 years ago, AndieJust
Fun when you’re on lockdown.
We had a great time playing against other families in other places! The pace is good and the words aren’t too tough to draw.
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11 months ago, L apps
10/10 would recommend
Ong this is the best app to draw and guess with friends no cap fr "on me" bro like download the 5 star game at least i rate it 5
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1 year ago, Mama Amy1
Fun Times
Me and my teenage daughter really enjoy playing this together. We have many laughs while playing.
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4 years ago, owwwwwch owl
Nice app but it needs more time to get to draw and guess
I like the game but it has too many glitches and adds & to less time
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2 years ago, Verjuba
Really fun
Game is super fun, co workers found it online and we could all play easily following a link and creating an avatar. Then on you go to play Drawize!
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2 years ago, jssjisksjsnsjsjdk
Forget this trash game
Ok so played this on the computer at school with my friends before so I decided to download it on my iPhone and I got reported and got kicked out the game for “writing letters” which I didn’t even do please fix the game and hopefully god can fix these stupid ppl brain I was drawing a dolphin like i picked. Fix this game
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4 years ago, Justin pwnr
Lots of fun
Lots of fun and enjoyable for all ages I wish there was a chat box to talk to people in a lobby that you play with but it’s all a lot of fun.
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7 months ago, savanahlovetwit
I really enjoy the game but
But the screen is black and I can only See when people use Other colors, or they have to erase The Canvas first and then draw
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3 years ago, ChesterDKat
It’s ok
It doesn’t let you unlock all the colors which isn’t fair. Also, add where the fill option is available without getting on a level.
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4 years ago, Oneenjine
Love it!
I played with a group of girls I work with at a school. We had a great time. They didn’t want to stop. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Nonick here
Decent app but...
This is a fun app when it works. Game freezes frequently and has to be restarted and progress is lost. Also, tons of ads you can’t pay to remove.
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4 years ago, Billy boobob
Great features, excellent community, talented artists, easy to use app layout. Perfecto 5 Golden stars glimmering in the night
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2 years ago, Wxk16
Five stars
Fun easy game great for friends and family
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1 year ago, nikki82172
Family time
Great family fun game
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10 months ago, SF_Fan
This is a fun drawing game. It would be cool if you could chat with people though.
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4 years ago, Ankurvit
Good app but hangs all the time
The app hangs all the time. I’m in play online mode and the app hangs within 1-2 minutes. I’m never able to complete the entire round. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection.
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2 years ago, LaTJBihh
Great game
It would be a 5 star if it weren’t for the ads
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4 years ago, Ceamini
Super fun
And, safe to play online for all. I need to get my Apple pen working!
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2 years ago, Gresbl1
Fun Game
We use it for a Sunday Social event outside of our MMO.
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4 years ago, The eye in the sky
It crashes with the new update!
I used to love the app, played almost every day. But I foolishly updated the app and now I can’t even open it because it crashes immediately. Please fix!
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4 years ago, Joyce Erica
User friendly
Very good app! Like it a lot!
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4 years ago, tajikappcritic
Love it
It is Amazing! But I need to join my friend room, no time for chattery
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1 year ago, gradstudent87
Super fun
I love playing this game!
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2 years ago, T34CH
I was going to use this app in my classroom to play games but the first ad that popped up was inappropriate for that setting.
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4 years ago, Aruanmu
App keeps on hanging
I used to love this game before until one day it started to hang. The hanging problem could be due to ios update.
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4 years ago, cd676767
Love it
Just what we needed in quarantine!
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4 years ago, drawizereview
Not worth the trouble
Fed up with spending an hour drawing for the daily challenge only to have the app glitch and not submit it.
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2 years ago, the...consumer
my video keeps getting messed up
in the daily challenge, my video keeps getting cut and isn’t ever right. i’m kenny by the way.
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9 months ago, Robot dot ck675 5+6=11
Good game
Fun with friends!
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3 years ago, Stillwater70
Great game...very bad keyboard
Please use the keyboard provided by IOS. This keyboard is very hard to use
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4 years ago, Jacob Babichenko
It is extremely hard to type on the provided keyboard
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3 years ago, Funified
Fun game, nice players
Fun game, nice players
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