Dream Girlfriend

3.9 (877)
94.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dream Girlfriend

3.91 out of 5
877 Ratings
5 years ago, Ssssnake phantom
I can’t get my girlfriends back
I lost my password. I had written down my ID but I forgot to write down my password. I worked 2-3 years to get two girlfriends and a ton of limited edition outfits. I was only 4-5 levels away from getting a third girlfriend. I worked so hard for so long to get where I was and then my phone over heated and it wouldn’t turn on anymore. So I got a new phone and transferred everything over but I don’t have my password. I forgot to write it down so I lost all my hard work all I’m asking is that you send me my password. I thought I had put my email into the game but I didn’t so that won’t work so please I’m begging you I love both my girls they became like virtual friends to me and I’m really upset that I lost them so please just send me my password so I can write it down this time and have my girls back? Why can’t they just send me my password I sent them all the information I knew/ could remember I love this game so much I just wish I could have them back.
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5 years ago, shayne19942455
Cute, but...
It’s really cute and I love customizing my girls, but I really wish there was more to do... and more gacha tickets. Don’t expect to get a bunch of cool stuff as a free player. :( Gacha tickets are scarce and lots of the hairstyles/colors and eyes cost real money. But it *is* at least super cute and it’s cool that you can unlock different personalities. One other suggestion I have besides a little more free stuff, is more skin tones please. Three shades is just super lacking... I think there should at *least* be one or two darker shades, please. Also I recently lost my account and they couldn’t help me with any of the info I gave them, like it just disappeared or something. I just thought it was weird. I almost always use the same usernames for things and probably would have remembered if I hadn’t.. And the game says my email is still already in use, so my account is still there somewhere.... Oh well, I at least wasn’t a super high level and didn’t have a ton of cool items, so I’m fine with starting over, but I hope my account doesn’t disappear again. This time I made 100% sure to save my ID and password and register an email. (Which I recommend everyone should do with every game of course.. just write them down or email screenshots to yourself).
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1 year ago, Mak R.
Been a player for over 6 years BUT..
I enjoy this game immensely, love how you have a lot of reign when creating your girls; personality, clothes, features. Years ago though, even free players were able to rank high in events which is almost impossible to do now. And it’s crazy hard to earn np the free way, and that’s if the ad links even want to work (which currently they say no ads available every time I try to complete one.) it’s kinda ridiculous :/ and very disappointing. It’s become more of a pay to win game then a free to play like it used to be.. which was what drew me into the game in the first place, aside from the lovely art. I’d also like to mention that the game is completely glitched on iPads/tablets. The ui and display are totally messed up and in a giant black box. Hopefully that’ll be fixed since it’s hard to see all the small details on a phone. AND there’s so many features in the game that haven’t been updated in years, too. Like the free gacha, it’s all been the same and nothing new added, same with the shops. I really think more would be beneficial especially for people who can’t afford to buy np and other perks.
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9 months ago, xxfluffthatdrawsxx
Great game if you have patience
Ive been playing this game for a solid year now, at this point, and safe to say Ive gotten very addicted- it's very nice to recreate my own original characters in this game and dress them up in a bunch of outfits- it scratches an itch in my brain I never thought I'd scratch. Thing is, you need A LOT of patience to have a good variety of things, and probably some cash if you want to go for something in an event that isn't in the Medal Gacha. Also, as much as I love this game I am a bit bothered by the overwhelming amount of fanservice/'yabe' outfits we've been getting recently (As of October 2023). Don't get me wrong I like some risqué outfits every now and then but getting large chests and revealing outfits shoved in our faces every week is starting to get old.. I really want some more unique SFW outfits, or even just more SFW casual outfits! I know the more mature outfits get the bills paid, but at least give us some cute and pretty stuff without all the mature themes.
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7 years ago, Shiki Mykk
A Favorite
It's a very fun game, and I've been with it for a while. I absolutely love it, though I had to restart a few times due to me messing up royally, but that's my gaming skill. The events are what I find most fun, and it's not unreasonable in the amount of time you have to spend on it to get good rewards. I think the money you have to spend on np and such is reasonable, since you should be making some money off this amazing game. The amount of customization is incredible, and it's rare to see it in a game like this, unless you have to pay a lot of money for it. A feature I do also enjoy is that you get to experience what you might be buying with an MR ticket and np at the beginning instead of making you hesitant to buy it since you don't know exactly what you're getting, a feature I think may be lacking a bit in the other "dream" game. But I should also be taking into account the amount of effort made into making this game.
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3 years ago, Pancake1003
JAV is not a way to get more players!
I mean what i said. I have been playing this game for 4 years, tbh, i prefer the Chibi version but it closed down, so this app is the best one among their games. There are a massive variety of clothes to dress up, the graphic is gorgeous. I have a big clothing collection without spending a dime. They update new events weekly and you can get free clothes and items when participating. The premium clothes and app packs are hella expensive. But it’s okay since it doesn’t make much difference whenever i own them or not. The only reason i gave this game big 3 stars is recently clothing choices. Im 100% sure 2/3 players are girls, we prefer pretty or cool or cute clothes to dress up our gfs. Not to turn them into porn stars with revealing outfits and erotic poses. Seriously please thinking about it. Those recent event outfits are super boring that I don’t bother to play or join the events anymore. I literally only log in every day just for daily gifts n a free chance of NP gacha
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6 years ago, *~NapstaKatStar~*
The Phones...
I really like the game. But I can’t really do much of it on my phone. I try to play the concentration game multiple times and then the one tap I do on a card is just so laggy to the point where it takes about 15 seconds to flip over. Or just the entire game ends there. And most of the time when I get items. I can’t seem get the stuff in my gifts and I don’t understand why it keeps happening. The ones I lose the most are my dresses and the rainbow drinks. I always check my closet to only see that I have a lot of space there. I can’t even accept event gifts very well. So that means I miss most of the events. Which makes me sad and a little angry at this. This isn’t only me though! My friends and sister have the same problems on the phone. I enjoy the game very much and would love it if you can please fix these glitches sometime soon so we can have a better experience. I really like the game.
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7 years ago, Millwork1075
Review From the Perspective of a Beginner
This game has proven to be creative and allows you to customize your virtual girlfriend as you desire...that is if you can afford it which ultimately makes sense in order to cover the cost of engineering this game. You can you can customize your virtual girlfriend personality which is unlike any other game I've ever seen before which may even establish a change in future dating simulations. I carefully chose this rating because of the in-app purchases, which obviously means new premium items equals more money, the amount of money the items would equal could be as infinite as they desire instead of the game costing X amount of United States Dollars. Both paths are fine and I believe the protagonist can get premium items without spending money which is generous enough for me. Next update I will go over any future praises/complaints I have.
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3 years ago, Misaki Nishikino
I love this game and I’m a girl. I was introduced to this game by one of my friends and I started getting addicted to this game a lot lately, it’s very enjoyable and fun to dress up. But they don’t give me an option for the girlfriends to pronounce (she/her) as a girl. In The personality of gentle they say “you are my future husband” and I am a girl and I feeling slightly uncomfortable with this. It should also say “wife.”This game is for guys and girls and we should have the option to change our pronouns. Some people playing this game are lesbians and they should have the right to use their pronouns (she or her) such as myself. Can you please fix this for the The people who want to embrace their sexuality freely. This isn’t just a game for boys you know, girls play this as well.
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6 years ago, Kathryn the Bathryn
It won't start
I absolutely love this game, but lately I've been experiencing a major issue. I decided to describe it here because I don't know where else to go. Ever since this morning, whenever I open the app it shows me the Ambition logo, but there is no voice saying the company name, and it just stays on the screen without ever going into the actual game. At first, I thought it was because I was out of data, but I tried playing again connected to WiFi and the exact same thing happened. I have played this game a bunch of times and I have never experienced this until now. My brother also has this game and, so far, he hasn't come across it. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue and if anyone knows of a way to fix it.
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4 years ago, DarkBloodNinja
Review from a long time player
I love this game because unlike other dress up games you are able to slowly accumulate more clothes for your characters, it isn’t a set amount of items given. Yes the game only has three skin tones at the moment and just over 20 eye colors so there are a bit of limitations there but honestly I don’t mind. The game may get a bit frustrating if you don’t spend money and want to try and rank but it’s do able with enough grinding. The game at first is a little hard because of not having many items but events give you lots of items and new events come out about every 2 weeks. Honestly the game is fun and addicting I definitely recommend it
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6 years ago, Hunter Skye
Loading when the app opens?
So lately whenever I try to open the app, it gives me that loading screen where it shows whichever girl you had up last and a percentage on how close you are to the game actually loading. I assumed this was happening to load in a new update or something, but every single time I go to open the app lately it does this? It takes 10 minutes to load, and if I click off of the app to do something else, it either pauses its loading or completely restarts. I’m not gonna sit and wait 10 whole minutes to play the event for 5 seconds and then click off and repeat the process when I wanna open it again. I don’t have that kind of time, it’s not worth it. And it’s honestly insanely annoying??? I haven’t played the game in about 4 weeks because of it. It’s slowly turning me away from the game altogether. Am I the only one having this issue?
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3 years ago, 💫⭐️Buttershy⭐️💫
Lost game account
Recently just tried to get back into the game but every time I do it takes me to the opening screen for new/beginner users, I had this game for nearly three years and never had this sort of issue (especially one that suddenly just popped out of nowhere). And for me who has been using Facebook to sign in to save app data with different apps and literally checked Facebook itself to see if it was still functioning properly, it really bothered me that I couldn’t sign in. It keeps saying “app is in developmental faze” and that I need to ask an admin permission to change it. Which isn’t the problem on Facebook’s part cause I went into another app that has Facebook sign and it worked just fine, which make this app the problem and not the other. I can’t even data transfer because I can’t get my data! Please fix this, I don’t even know how you could mess up like that
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4 months ago, TheSarcasticClown
Enjoyable at its best
I’ve been playing on and off since 2017 and to be F2P is really a grind to get anything good in the first couple months. But it’s great how ambition kept old gachas up to be able to have a chance to win past outfits. But I see how the P2U options can seem very overwhelming. Probably it’s how this game has been able to run for so long. Though losing my account made me sad I am thankful for the early days where I was F2P so I wasn’t really disheartened to keep on playing. The game definitely has gotten more raunchy but I’m glad there’s still cute and covered clothing options for my characters. If you love dress up games and gachas then this game is definitely for you. But don’t expect to be playing this for hours on end.
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2 years ago, Viceroy Chanty
Long Term User Opinion
I’ve played for a long time. Fun game. Love my girls. The reason it gets 4/5 is because 1. I wish you could see how many dates you need to unlock the next. Specifically relaxing cat cafe. I have no idea where I’m at now. Frustrating. Also trying to get coupons from dates is frustrating because the drop rate is so low for me. So far I drew 4 times with 40,000 date xp and not a single coupon. 2. Don’t even think about getting event outfits if you don’t have both linked outfits and energy potions. (I get it tho, have to make money) 3. Real money doesn’t get you much. It’s like 20$ USD for one outfit. 4. I feel it could be more user friendly when it comes to trying to understand and achieve personalities. 5. Groups are pretty boring. I never have experienced a leveled group tho. 6. I wish you could trade MR outfits from gatchas or even to swap event outfits with others.
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5 years ago, Sin Cara's Wife
Very good! Just one thing...
The game is very fun, even with my bad luck when it comes to gachas I don’t find myself short of lovely outfits to put my girlfriend in. It's also a very easy to understand game with no big complications. My only one complaint is all the inactive accounts, I understand many players come and go with games, but it's a little annoying when I go to random rooms (usually looking for other girlfriends needing advice with their work/studying) and seeing how many untouched accounts I come across. Perhaps you can remedy this by making an option to filter out accounts who have been inactive for over 30 days? That's really my only complaint with the game!
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5 years ago, LizardBoy67
Pleasantly Surprised!
I’ve only had this game for a couple days, and I’ll admit I was hesitant to download it at first. But then I thought, what do I have to lose? So I got it. And since I’ve downloaded this game, I’ve gotten addicted to it and can’t stop playing it! Granted, it is very hard to get shells and if you want the full game experience you do have to purchase “NP” with actual money, although I kinda expected and in app purchase considering the game is free to download. With that aside, if you are a lonely guy who has time to kill (like me), I’d say go for it and get this game! I’m pretty satisfied with what I got. Honestly I thought it would be a waste of time, but I ended up really liking it, because waifu is laifu! 🙌
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4 years ago, LieutenantRosalina
A Personal Favorite, However...
Everything in-game is ridiculously expensive, and it can be very slow to build up a decent closet if you are a free player. The occasional lag is irritating. The communication system (private message) is atrocious and impossible to make full use out of. And on top of that, you are not able to see the content of messages you've sent to another player. It seems as though the English server gets treated as secondhand compared to the Japan server. We don’t have the majority of items that they do, and are missing a lot of the gachas. Not to mention that their ranking brackets are much bigger than ours despite the fact that the global server has a lot more players, so we have to spend even more just to rank. I really want to see this game thrive, but it needs some serious changes made to it.
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5 years ago, Picklechan
Great game
I’ve been playing dream girlfriend since late 2015 and I absolutely love this game, easy to get the harder stuff with some effort and saving if you’re a f2p player. Only issue is some outfits are very expensive but thankfully you can grind out NP from game offers if you really want something. One downside is you can run out of things to do very quickly, I spend most of my time trading other players and recommending my friends cute outfits when I run out of things to do, it feels super rewarding to collect so many items or rank high in a event. This is the only mobile game I’ve invested money into and I absolutely think it’s worth it.
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6 years ago, Laelakk
My absolute favorite game, but I have some suggestions l
I think people should be able to trade MR outfits, SR outfits, and RR outfits because you get a lot of duplicates and all you can do is recycle them, but it'd be better to trade them so you can share the beauty, or at least be able to have them in the group closet so a small amount, but more people can have them. Also you should be able to buy back outfits you recycled because at first I didn't know how to use the closet space and I lost a lot of good outfits because I kept running out of space. Another suggestion is to update the dream box. It's been the same for awhile.
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6 years ago, Page k.
the game give me back my data and im happy!
I loaded up the game that I had loaded up earlier this morning to find that it had erased my data. I had spent money on the game to, I even have the email they sent me about reistration with my ID and Password! I'm utterly heart broken because I acually enjoy the game and had spent alot of time to get the items in it. Even when I try to get a new acount on it, it has an error and takes me back to the begining. I have tried everything to make a new acount but it wont let me and I am very un-happy about this. edit: I have currently got back into the app and im bery happy. Sorry about my lil rant.
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2 years ago, AuroralKilometricRadiation
I love this game
This game is perfect for players of all kinds of skills and time commitments. I do not rank but usually I can get lvl 100 in events free to play. There is now a pity systems so if you don’t get all the SR UR event outfits there is gacha point exchange. Just playing events this game can take about for 20 minutes a day through out the day maybe even less if your are focused. Low maintenance game great art style biweekly events and a brand new UI! Only downside is if your a collector you can get in pinch buying closet space. All the money I have spent in this game is on closet space lol
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6 years ago, Rakutsu
Please fix this
The game is so slow to load in general but I could handle that... now it feels like every other day I click into the app and get the download screen. The download screen that takes ~5 minutes to download when I’m connected to the internet. The download screen that resets entirely if you pull up the control center or when the 20% battery notification pops up or if the phone locks itself. The wait time is absolutely ridiculous since I generally spend 5 minutes at a time to check in and do the event, job/sleep, show off, and checking announcements. I shouldn’t have to wait over 5-10 minutes for it to download every few days just to do 5 minute dailies. Can’t you go back to updates happening in the App Store?
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2 years ago, Kasinine
Awful game
Just play cocopa girls if you want a dress up game…. Ugly update. It looks like someone who has no design experience created it. Looks absolutely terrible. I’ve been playing this for years and I just wanna say this is honestly a terrible “game.” It’s 100% pay to win. If you want to win a event outfit you have to save up enough tickets and drinks for at least half a year to a year. And, then it’s all based on luck. For gods sakes the outfits are more money than clothes in real life. It’s way too expensive for everything. You literally can’t do anything in the game but dress up and the dress up options are extremely limited and garbage. Also they have outfits that are meant to make your characters minors and make them revealing. Disgusting. Do not play this.
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2 years ago, Lilyethel17
Love this game, but…
I’ve been playing this game for 6 years and it is my favorite dress up game ever. However, the new UI update is such an eyesore that I’ve been thinking about dropping the game. It’s hard to navigate, cluttered, and the bright white-on-blue literally gives me headaches. I really hate to give this a 1 star rating, because last week before the update happened I would’ve given it 5 stars. I used to spend money on this app (honestly, way too much money lol), but from now on I’ll be restraining until something is done about the UI, preferably changing it back to usual. Thank you for listening to my feedback. (I’ve already tried posting this review once but I can’t find it sorted by most recent, apologies if this shows up twice)
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1 year ago, FreakySatire
Well made game, scams you still
This game is super cute and the animation is great for a free game. However, since the start of the game, the MR drop rates have suffered and make the game pretty much undesirable at this point. It's like impossible to win anything nice. They are uncharitable with cool things you can have like gatcha tickets and charge a ridiculous amount to get special things in the game. It just makes the whole game look bad because there is no gratification everything takes so long to do things like level up or play an event. (Which also is basically impossible to score through all the levels unless you pay)
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6 years ago, Blade nin
This is What You've Been Searching For
I came into this reluctantly since the girls seemed young, but as I quickly got new clothes and unlocked new personalities I was becoming successful in developing a more mature "Girlfriend". Simple interactions and Live 2D (which is limited to certain clothes) are appreciated. The chatting is a mixed bag, as it requires energy but mixes mundane conversations with sweet moments. Surprisingly this is also a social game, as you can earn xp by liking or talking to other players' "Girlfriends" or even lend them outfits. The grind is real and it took me months to kiss her, but if you're lonely like me then it's worth playing.
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3 years ago, Woogoolooooo
I love this app, don’t get me wrong. The art is great, there’s a lot of different features, it’s genuinely pretty good. Recently though... the outfits have been getting more and more sexual. Now obviously there are going to be a lot of sexual outfits in an app called dream girlfriend, but it used to be pretty evenly spaced out so it was like half super sexual and half fun or pretty or creative. Now though, I’d say the sexual outfits are about 90%. Not only that, but the art is... not as good in the really sexual ones. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it would be nice to get a few more creative, fashionable outfits with anatomy that doesn’t look like their spines are broken.
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6 years ago, Gh0ulie_
Where is the dark skinned girlfriend??
I’ve been playing this game for about 2 1/2 or 3 years now and I’ve even restarted from scratch when I got a new device because I love this game soooo much. Almost as much as I love my Mummi and Belladonna. BUT where is the dark skin option? I understand that it could take time to make some of the clothes or something but it’s been a while now and I really wish I had a black girlfriend. There should be at least one darker skin tone option by now, it’s pretty crappy there isn’t.
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3 years ago, D1g1talangel
One of the best for customization
My favorite dress up game. Loads of customization and it gets right to the point. Some of the other dress ups try to include lengthy stories and tutorials which IMO get in the way of what I’m actually after: customization and creating characters. In this one the story is minimal and easy to ignore. One thing I’d add is mini-games to earn tickets and np. As it stands if you don’t pay or go through tons of tapjoy offers you won’t get many of the nicer outfits.
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2 years ago, my.dream.gfs
New update is terrible
This has been my favorite app dress up game and I’ve been playing for the last six years. recently the UI got an update and it is an absolute eyesore. I would’ve gave five stars before the update absolutely but it is so cluttered, bright and has not become more convenient. I am one of the many people in this community that is not happy with this. it could use an update but it definitely should have been a test. Getting feedback from the players. it’s a fun game, makes you want to spend your money, the grind can be a little annoying, but it is a wonderful dress up game.
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3 years ago, uqlyasf
one of my favorite phone games!! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
i've been playing this game for about 3-4 years now and it's so fun, at first of course it's hard to get a bunch of items from the gacha that u want but i went like two years without having to buy np to use in game and used gacha tickets from the events and the daily log in. i got a lot of motion rares but maybe that's just my luck? ofc i missed a few days cuz i don't spend aalllll my time playing this game but yeah. you just gotta keep grinding n stuff in da game. 😼there is a few problems tho, sometimes it gets boring cuz there's not that much to do and the np is wayy too much money after your first np purchase. ig i'd suggest lowering the price on that but that's not rly in my control lol. anyways, great game! it's very cute and i love all the cute clothes in it!
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7 months ago, Bleppppppppp
Gone forever
It’s been a good couple of years but got a new phone n forgot my password. Tired the “forgot the password “ method n never got a email or spam. I let them know n they were good about the contact. It’s just I don’t have all that information n I’m not starting over again. Great game wasted a gooooooooood of dollars on this so trust me it’s worth it just don’t lose that password. Denoia marquis n Savin you’ll you always be love💚
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7 months ago, Leon#9000
It’s ok
I had this app for a couple of years and to be honest, eventually you will get bored of it. There isn’t really much to do in it other then to have the same chats everyday (depending on the season) and for events you do nothing, but just press a button to advance forward. And forget about winning the top prizes the event offers you. You would have to spend lots of money to able to continually advance forward against any competition. It’s been nice for awhile, but it’s just too boring now. Nothing happens.
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7 years ago, Eien Cognito
This game..
Is really fun, you can fully customize your ideal girlfriend from her looks right down to her personality! There's a lot you can do on the lite version so wether or not you decide to fully invest is up to you but it's enjoyable nonetheless. A really cool feature they have is voice acting too! There isn't a lot to begin with but you unlock more voice lines as you level up. Welp I've gotta get back to it, hope this review was helpful!
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6 years ago, Katherine571
I have been playing this game since 2015 when it came out and the people who play it are friendly, all the outfits are unique and even the way you make your girl is fun! Heck you can even make a boy ( I’ve seen people do that). And the company does respond to you because one time I accidentally deleted dgf ( I don’t know how) and I emailed the company and they immediately gave her back to me. Totally recommend.
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4 years ago, ddddv_
Absolutely amazing game, the events are fun, the outfits are lovely, the music is so so relaxing and I love interacting with my girls. Plus you can create any kind of outfit you want! I also like making friends, joining groups and recommending outfits. I always look forward to my daily and weekly quests, this is one of the few games that I play every day! And when I have more money I’m gonna buy lots of NP 💗 amazing game, keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, Vixen7777777
Recommend to Anyone and EVERYONE
I have played this game for over a year and it has been fun the entire time and continues to please. You can play the game and have fun and get awesome outfits WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY. Girlfriends have customizable height, voice, skin tone, face, and VAST range of personalities. Dialogue is updated often. I had a previous issue with my account being seemingly deleted but it was fixed within twelve hours. I’m impressed and grateful.
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Great game
I play it every day and I love it so very much even though I myself am a female! I love the personal aspect of it and the anime! However today I web ton and all my account says is this start tutorial thing. Which I remember when I first started months ago but I can’t get out. I hit start tutorial and it brings me to the top I’m very confused to why this is happening. I would directly message them but I can’t even go under items to do so. If anyone knows what to do please inform me! I’ve shut down my phone and everything.
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1 year ago, sleepyreviewer
Disappointed with the Lag and New UI
I used to love this game, in spite of its repetitiveness and grindy gameplay. Recently, I went back to check on my girls and the lag is unbearable. I cannot swap between any screens without being forced to wait a good 20 seconds, despite having a newer phone now. It’s only made all the more worse by the new UI, which makes everything both (a) unrecognizable to older players and (b) visually a mess. I cannot get the makeup shop to work either, which means I can’t see if any new eye options have been added in since the last time I played. Please fix this.
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7 years ago, AngelicLynx
Amazing :)
This app is very nice. I love the different outfits that you can get and I really enjoy the fact that there's an option where you can go on a date with your dream girlfriend. The fact that you can choose from three beautiful voices is an added bonus. I just wish that it were a little easier to obtain important items to help replenish the stamina. :(
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5 years ago, L4dy179AK
This game is addicting! 💖
This game is super cute and I love my three virtual girlfriends, I’m about to get my fourth one now, the events are amazing and outfits are always so adorable, I’ve been playing for about four years now, it’s hard to think the games come this far already, people think I’m weird for playing this game, but in reality I just am in love with anime and this game just brings out my inner want for a real waifu.
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7 months ago, xenncat
Long time player
I’ve been playing pretty much as long as the game has existed; however I’ve been locked out of my account for MONTHS because it’s connected to my Facebook with no way to recover it :(( it keeps telling me the developer is aware of the issue but at least half a year later and it still isn’t fixed!! It’s such a let down because I truly love this game, and had put a lot of time and funds into my account.
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5 years ago, onidoll
I love this game, I’ve been playing for around three years, have three girlfriends but I cannot STAND that I’m always called by masculine pronouns. There’s even a title that says ‘hey I’m a girl you know!’ Yet they decide they’re too lazy to actually give you the option of inputting your gender? And it’s for sure laziness because there are ZERO scenes that ever SHOW mc, so literally all they would need to do is add the female option and change six possible words (he/him/his/boyfriend/prince/boy). This app, as it stands, is not lgbtq+ friendly.
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2 years ago, An honest reviewer!
If you lost your girlfriends…
Make sure you didn’t sign up with Facebook! It looked like I lost everything but I didn’t. 5 year user, spent maybe 20$ overall and have a lot of event outfits, u just have to save ur gacha tickets to get the event items and for the drinks make sure u do synthesis and stuff
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8 months ago, unknown child.
lost everything
So I started playing this game in 2017 and been obsessed with it for years until probably two years ago I have the data transfer user name and password and nothing I lost literally all my rare stuff and some other stuff. This is honestly crazy I just remembered about this game and wanted to see if I still had my things and nope everything’s gone. Years of progress gone. Man that hurt to see I lost all my progress 😭
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1 year ago, Xaviersmommy09
Still waiting
I'd give this game a higher review because I've played it for so long but, they haven't responded to my email about getting my account back for almost a month now. I first signed in using Facebook but now I can't get in because it says it's not accessible. I've lost all progress because of that so now I'm missing out on events. I would like it if they responded to help me get my account back. When they do I'll change my review.
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7 years ago, AverageJoe#7473805
I am a great fan of the game and enjoy the wonderful content it offers, but I hate how hard it is to get the MR gacha, so I was wondering for you next update you could change the weekly awards to monthly awards with the grand prize being a number of MR tickets, I already love the game but just want to see the MR more easily accessible for those that can't afford it.
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3 years ago, CoffeeLumps
It’s alright, just figured it’s not for me.
The game’s alright, I had 2 girlfriends. My overall mission was to try to make traps since girls annoy me honestly. I quit since it was just too time consuming and a bit annoying. But, it’s a great game with amazing art, and I wish the best of luck to people who want to keep up with all the events.
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6 years ago, AlexAndCasper
Love this, but weird glitch.
I absolutely love and adore this game. It’s so much fun to play, but just recently I came upon what I think is a glitch. Some of my items in the closet have just completely disappeared and there’s no way to get them back. I just wanted to bring this to your attention, but otherwise I love the game.
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