Dream League Soccer 2024

4.6 (460.1K)
776.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Touch Games Ltd.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dream League Soccer 2024

4.57 out of 5
460.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Prime City
One of the best Football games
In my opinion probably the best mobile football game, I love the new kits especially the camo A and B. The new player cards. And the new events. Also I like the new style of the Home Screen and the transitions. But could use some fixes like the recruitment facility you guys put 1% discount for the agent and 2% discount on the scout, it’s practically useless and not worth spending your gems until you have the max on it. And one more thing that I don’t know I’ve been trying weeks to get the new 84 Ovr Erling Haaland and it’s not that my team is bad because my team is 83 ovr plus and I have a 5 star Team and I really need more strikers because I only have a 86 ovr Antione Greizmen on my bench but if Erling Haaland was like a limited player because I know he came out in the last update in march I think for I can just buy kylian mhappe. But a few things you guys can put in dls 23 is like for the recruitment facility maybe when you upgrade it can give you like a better chance of getting better players when you scout or buying agents instead of buying common rare and legendary. And also for Erling Haaland can you guys put his real face for dls 23. Hope dls 23 is better than this one. P.S. bring back creative players because they represent us like playing on a League and building a legacy on are team and that’s any soccer kid dream
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3 years ago, NickelAgyekum
Not really feeling the new dream league version
Ive been playing dream league for a long time now and to be very honest I loved it so much undoubtedly one of the best games I’ve ever played hands down. But it was just recently that I took I returned to playing this game after a long hiatus from it and now my view of this game has changed a lot it isn’t like the other version, the other version was in my opinion better, it was better because you could develop your characters and team however you pleased you could easily build a team and spend money on getting their ratings up and the gameplay was amazing on that version and I miss it a lot and wish I could play it again if there was an option. The other version was the best this version you have to spend so much for everything even to get formations? You have to spend on everything even waste gems and the mechanics I am also not feeling and I would love to return to the old version I would hate to stop playing dream league because I love the game alot and I don’t want to have to stop so please bring back the old version if not then I’m sorry I don’t think I can play this game again I’m not feeling the new mechanics or gameplay and how it is so please either do it in an update because I can’t play this new version.
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4 years ago, Cl-hk
Game play nice, too many purchase restriction!
Overall, the game play is smooth and good Enjoy the smoothness of it. But talking of upgrading my team to have better playing experience, it takes real money to buy gems and coins. The idea to use scouts and agents are new, I am not saying it’s a good idea. This is the part that I don’t like. Because I spent my actual money to buy this platform currency. Don’t I have the choice to improve whoever I want to improve in my own team? But the coach will choose some random bench player to improve . Wasted the money. Plus the scout to hire for scouting. Scouted duplicate players that I don’t need and wasted that money as well. The idea of boosting form is cool. But only for a few games and not lasting. And the game itself to set for ads bonus was too little comparing to previous versions. So I will think ppl who really has a lot of money to play a nice team. Might as well spent roughly few hundred Dollars for it, if they felt worth it, good for them. After spending $28 I think this a big black hole with no end. Congrats to the developer. But after my gems and coins used up. I will stop upgrade or might as well quit playing this game. Did not lure a conscientious game player like me. Good job for what you have done though.
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4 years ago, Aka broken game
It’s more than one thing now
You see great game 👍 but one thing is that we need to earn more coins a match and the transfer prices should lower because it’s so high I can only sign one two or magically three but that’s it not everyone allowed to buy coins yknow and you Need to add some kind of ability to curve the ball when you shoot maybe a button because it’s something soccer games should have and need NSS had it we need it because it’ll help maybe we hold that button and it would work the same way but it makes the shot go swoosh culer curve woooo something like that but don’t do the defects you know what I mean right so do this please and also after getting promoted and stuff you should overall boost if you win league 1 if you win bronze cup half the bar will go up if you win challenge cup that’s 1 and all star match is half the bar which is three only if you win all trophies 🏆 aight This new DLS21 is a step down why did the graphics get worse why did transfers get more restricted why does everything cost so much but income is so little it makes no sense so I can only give it3 stars but I swear dream league classic is way better than this and I still don’t understand why I can’t play FTS20 on my iPhone fox this all please At this point no changes yet all I can say is the game is super bad trash
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3 years ago, The guy Ferrari
Needs a lot of work
I’ve been playing dls for a long time and they have come a long way. The graphics are a huge upgrade and the game looks great. But the game itself has been a hug let down. 1. Mechanics- the gameplay does not feel smooth what so ever. My players bounce off the opponent and it seems I’m always swarmed by the cpu. Yet, when the opponent have the ball they are untouchable and only one of my defenders press. Passing is inaccurate and it doesn’t help my players stand around and don’t move into space or to the ball. Shooting has also downgraded. I remember when I could hold the button all the way and it would knuckle or even curve. Now it just goes straight and sometimes has curve (little if any). 2. Features- the new transfer market is good and I like what they’ve done. The features seem basic and could use an upgrade. What happened to create a player?! That was one of the best things and it was so fun. 3. Statistics- “the stats don’t lie”…well in DLS it does. Shooting is the same from 80 up and pace doesn’t matter. How does a fully maxed Ronaldo get out paced by Harry Maguire 1 on 1. Or better yet, how does Messi get out paced by some random generated player with a 60 rating. It doesn’t make sense. The game has so much potential and for me is the most fun soccer game on the App Store. The game needs a lot of updates and major fixing. Hopefully the company reads reviews because I’ve seen a lot of the same complaints.
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5 months ago, Angel Lms
Best Football game out there
PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE ALL HONEST OPINIONS YOU CAN DISAGREE. I’ve been bored of fifa and other mobile football games and stumbled across this game during the mid dls 23 era from my cousin. I immediately started grinding the game to get better players but just couldn’t. After being stuck in Division 4 I stopped playing the game for a while. When I returned to the game I realized that my team just needed some reinforcements to match up with the good teams like Manchester City/Utd. Once I reinforced my team, I started climbing up divisions and actually started enjoying the game! Then, I started beating my cousin (Full Legendary Team) even though I wasnt nearly as good as him, and this made me even more happier! Once I reached the Elite Division, I took a 2 month break from the game and only played when I had to play against my cousin. Once again I came back to the game and gave some strong reinforcements like Haaland, Van Dijk, Dias, (etc.) which meant I just needed to upgrade my stadium which I did. Now I am the top tier with players like Messi, Haaland, De Bruyne, Mbappe, Rodri and more! In conclusion, this is a great game for anyone looking for a great football game but just a disclaimer: you might have to pay for stuff you want like removing ads.
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2 years ago, ftrejo197
This game has a good potential I’ve been playing it since the beginning and I like how graphics have changed. But the few things that stresses me out is that most of the time when I want to play a online match it says that my connection is poor and I ended up losing 3-0 and I’m always connected to my internet. Also it makes no sense no spend a lot of money for good players if I can’t beat a 2 star cpu team. Cmon I can’t even outrun a 60* player… also controls are not smooth you can hardly make good passes even if you have a 80+ players. I’d love to see if they can fix this issue also to have more options to play. Once you get to the legendary league it gets boring. You keep winning the same Trophies over and over. But Also I can’t play online because I ended up losing 3-0 :(. Also the transfer market doesn’t give you a lot of options it always shows you the same players. It would be great if you can get more options also to get offer from your players and get money to buy more… I’d definitely give this game a 4-5 start but if i do it the owner won’t care about this issue… also it would be great if commentaries were in different languages not only in English. I think there’s a lot of people from different places that would love to play the game with comments that they can understand it’s not a big deal but it could make this game way better than fifa
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4 years ago, GeorgeBush420420
Terrible, Fun Until Your Team Is Actually Good
I’ve put a lot of time into this game, and I gotta say I’ve always really liked it. However, I recently won the Legendary Division and lost in the championship of the International Cup, no big deal because I knew the teams in the tournament were good. However, when I started my next season it’s as if the difficulty went from average to legendary. Why? I know the difficulty is supposed to increase as you rise through the divisions, but it’s so staggering of an increase that my entirely gold tier team that I’ve spent a good amount of time putting together has now been rendered useless. Why is it that my 90+ speed Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez can’t outrun a 57 overall defender? There was no thought put into the difficulty upgrade, and it’s completely taken the fun out of this game as I can’t beat any of the teams in my division and I can barely slip by 60 rated teams in the GC Cup. Finally, I know this isn’t a problem of my own skill as I have a decent record online playing against challenging opponents. Probably gonna stop playing until this issue is fixed, it’s ridiculous.
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4 years ago, serton13
Hello, I’ve been playing this game for a year now. This game can be something but I’m having this same situation happen every time. When it comes to online matches against players, there’s times when I’m down by 1 or tied in the game and as I’m moving forward to attack and having really good passes. All of a sudden, my player stops and doesn’t move. Keep in mind I have really good internet services but yet the game is claiming I have “poor” connection. This always happens when it’s the most important part of the game. I can understand if I glitch/lose connection throughout the whole game but this ONLY happens when I need to score or need to defend my lead. Secondly, the moving pad glitches whenever it comes to passing and shooting. Let’s say you’re attacking towards the right side of the opponents field. You’re making great passes, you’re getting closer and closer to make a great set up to score. As soon you point your moving pad towards where you need to pass/shoot, all of a sudden the moving pad switches to the left and you pass/kick the ball to the other side of the field... like I said this ONLY happens when the most important moments in the game. Now I could be tripping but this has happened way too many times to the point I think the games acts unfair on purpose or like it’s scripted. I wish if I knew some people were having problems like me.
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2 years ago, LeeJohnMajerus
This has such a large amount of potential to be an incredible game except for how scripted and rigged it feels to incline you to spend more money on the game. At first it was just my players not sprinting to the ball, and just side shuffling and letting the ball roll past them, either out of bounds, to the opposing player, or into my own goal. I have 2 players with maxed out speed acceleration and stamina who will still somehow be hawked down and have the ball stolen by CPU players who are 68 and under overall. However, it’s become that and more. Now the CPU has become increasingly aggressive and irrational with slide tackles to the point where they’ll wait until after I’ve kicked the ball and my player is defenseless to slide tackle them and stop the play from developing or even injuring them a lot of the time. It comes to a point where I’ve played games where 3 of my players have been injured and taken out and the CPU has 8 yellow cards. All in an effort to make you spend gems to make your players healthy again and convince you to buy more for the future. If it’s not one thing with this game that feels scripted, it’s another. I’d love to talk to someone about this because I have a lot of videos of all of these happening to an extent that’s just frustrating and completely unbelievable. This game could be so good but instead time is spent and put into making it an extremely frustrating and rigged experience.
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4 years ago, HeyGuyz1210
Any first time players need to read this!
The game is a complete flop compared to the previous 3 years. I have been a player since the game came out several years ago and I’ve always loved it... until now. The overall in game experience is fine, it stayed the same hence the 2 stars. My problems lie with everything else. 1) Where is used to be free to change your team kit now it cost jems and the only way to get jems is by paying real money. And that’s not all, practically everything you would want in the game costs jems. 2) Where you used to be able to pick from around 40 different players to transfer, now you can only pick from 9. 3) The stadiums look like they haven’t been repaired since 1922. The walls are dirty brick and the roof looks like there was a dust storm and they never got around to cleaning it up. This was really disappointing to me because I used to look up to this game with such high regard. I really hope any first time users read this. By all means download it and see how YOU like it. Not everyone will feel this way. I just want to tell you what can while also going on a little rant. I hope you have a great day! -Jack
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6 months ago, Nice and not nice
The annoying stuff I experienced in this game
I like this game, but sometimes it just depresses me, Every sometimes when I pass the ball to my players they don’t catch it and the lose it for the opponent to gain possession, the opponent side I think they pass the ball a little too fast because sometimes I can’t keep up, I have a 93 MBappe, nobody should be fast than him because he has 100 ACC, SPE 100, and 98 STA but somehow slow defenders like Maguire still catch up to him, I just think that even when I upgrade my players with speed it doesn’t work because opponent players are still faster, when I past the ball to my player they turn so slow, I don’t know why back then I used to be goated at this game but now like it’s like the difficulty went from Easy to Impossible for example I used to always beat PSG but now it’s so hard to beat them, I was in the first division that you play in once you start playing the game and it was Easy to beat all the teams, but now all the sudden it’s hard and it’s annoying too, every time I upgrade a player it only upgrades MBappe so I’d like to be able to choose who gets upgraded because my thing is glitched, every time I’m dribbling somehow a defender is able to get the ball when behind me.
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3 years ago, HotRodRuss
I love it!
I love DLS and have been playing it for a couple years now and this is one of my favorite editions. There are some things that I would love to come in the next version of DLS. 1st of all I would love to bring legends back into the game. Idk how you guys would do it but that would be incredible. 2nd I would also like to have the global challenge cup ties be over 2 legs. I know that you guys are having the global challenge cup like the UCL so you should implement having the ties after the group stage be 2 legs. The final doesn’t have to be 2 legs but I feel that this would make the global challenge cup feel more like the UCL. Edit: I would also like to bring back the create a player ability? Mode? Idk how you would call it. But anyway I remember around the first couple editions of DLS when you created your team you could create a player and make him your captain. That was a great feature that I would love to see make a return. If you could make where you could have the created player and still be able to pick a captain. The created player doesn’t have to be good. He can be a 65-70 ovr and then we will be able to upgrade him all the way to 99 ovr. This would be a great feature to bring back. Maybe in the next dls game.
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4 years ago, killyrself88
Honestly, I’ve only gotten the game within the last week, so maybe I’m not the best source of info on this but I really like the new update, as for gameplay, the graphics and physics of each game has wildly improved with a wide range of animations that offer seamless transitions, they turned a game where you’d often see scores of 10+ to 0 and made it more defensive friendly, allowing for it to be very realistic and accurately portray the sport. I do think that they made it much harder to upgrade your team without spending real cash on it, which can be a bit frustrating at times but in previous years I’d find myself with a 90% win rate without really doing much on the field just because I was able to upgrade my team with such ease. I just feel like the game has made it more difficult in some aspects, but it brings a reassuring challenge to the game. That being said, I will say once again, I am very new to this so I’m not sure how the aspect of gems and coaches will play out further down the line, but for the first few stages I have seen many great things from a really simple mobile game, that I really appreciate. 👍
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3 years ago, angelvillegasa ancientpaddy23
Just want to say like when you defend a player the player that defended can’t get the ball because they move to slow and one thing that would make the game look cool would be if we could customize the soccer players cleats and the soccer goals nets in different colors or choose our soccer goals. And when we score I wish that it would look a little realistic like when the ball hits the bottom of the goal which is the sides and the middle in the bottom of the goal that it could bounce up when it hits the bottom bar of the goal ONE thing that would help you guys make the goals more realistic when you score look at premier league all soccer goals scored 2020 and I want you guys to look very carefully how the ball looks like when it hits the net of the soccer goal and I want you guys to see the effect that the goals get and bet get when they get scored on you will see a lot of things like the little bar in the bottom lift up and the bar in the bottom makes the ball bounce up just look at it and if you guys fix it you guys will have a better game than fifa mobile and pea 2021 mobile
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2 months ago, xXGamesfordaysX
Great, amazing game but
This game is honestly the best soccer game that I have played on mobile ever. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of five is because we need a slight change in the training section. In the free training, you have no defense, and in a the others except penalties have a defense, it’s understandable why there is no d in free training, but what I’m suggesting is that there is a slide containing if you want no defense, the level of difficulty on the defense, and either you’re team or any team you want from each division, this “simple”(I understand that it would take a while for this) change would make it so fun to go to the training section. The developers may say that we have exebition mode that pairs you up against other teams, but the problem with it is that you have a scoreboard that keeps track of score and a record of you wins and losses of exebition in training it’s just either you or the other team score and it restarts rotating first possession. Other than that, this is an amazing game would recommend.
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3 years ago, Industrial Peanut Butter
Opposite Difficulties
This game is really fun to play most of the time, but the purchase system is a bit overbearing. It can be tiring to play in the same division over and over again because even though you routinely win the division, you don’t have enough money to upgrade your stadium to the proper requirements. However, the most problematic part of this game is the difficulty: it’s the opposite of what should happen. For example, as a starter team, I beat Barca multiple times in championships/tournaments/etc, which doesn’t make any sense. Conversely, by the time I worked my way up to have a better team than Barca, I consistently lost to trash backwater starter teams where the striker is the local milkman, while still consistently beating teams that are as good or better than me. It is ridiculously frustrating to spend time and energy grinding out a great team, only to be have my legendary players be made completely useless in the face of what should be an overwhelmingly inferior team. I would understand if the teams that I lost to were better than me, or if I lost to a bad team every once in a blue moon, but this is such a common occurrence that I now dread having to play any team that’s not better than my own. Everything else is great though.
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8 months ago, Jfjsjdhdhdhs
Please pay attention on reviews
Year after year, new version of dls comes out and every time the game has literally the same issues. Online matchmaking is the worst I have ever seen in any game in my entire life. You also need to change a lot of game mechanics, you have to add more option while playin, for example curved pass or shot, more tricks or dribbles and I am not even mentioning how bad is the transfer part. People just can’t get the exact player they want, not for any money, they have to buy agent after agent and hope that one of them will eventually give them the player they’ve wished for. C’mon guys I am one of your oldest players, I’ve been playing your games since 2015, when there was just one dream league without any dates and there was also another football game (I don’t remember the name). I’ve always told everyone that your game is the best mobile soccer game, better than Fifa, Pes or any other and all I want from you is to prove me right, because in today’s situation, the game became really bad and it’s getting worse. It just needs some improvements, so please pay attention to the issues and try to solve them, I hope dls 24 will be a much better version of the game.
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9 months ago, JamesFeez
Needs some tweaking (Edit-I am convinced this game is scripted)
The game is fun and mostly well balanced, but here are some issues I have seen happen quite often: 1. CPU goalkeepers are extremely overpowered. 2. While waiting to head the ball, the power bar goes away in about a second and your player just stands there. 3. Changing of players doesn’t work half the time, you will try to change to a player closer to the ball and sometimes it gives you someone across the field 4. Sprint speed, a 68 pace rated center back caught up to 91 pace rated Messi like he was sitting still. 5. Certain games are pointless to try in, CPU will be faster than you, better than every player on your team, and your goalkeeper will act wonky. Regardless of how good your team or yourself is Overall it’s a fun game but playing it a lot can get quite frustrating. (Edit) This game is scripted to make things harder for you or to purposely make you lose. It will move your cursor right before a shot. The ref will not play advantage when you are close to a goal or even score one after a foul. The CPU will be easy as pie sometimes then impossible the next game. I’ve seen my defenders just stop running when chasing a through ball. My goalkeeper just stand there as an easy shot to save is scored. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!
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4 years ago, Foullon Jr.
Transfer options
The fact that you cant get coins for selling players is both unrealistic and inconvenient. Instead of giving us coaches, to upgrade our players, we should have the option to receive the coins the player is worth or the coach worth the player Also another little inconvenience about the transfer options is the inability to search for players for free and at least see how much they would cost, once we reach the team rating to “unlock” the ability to buy the player One last thing the way the diamonds are used for the kits, team logo, coach appearance etc. are ,in my opinion, “dumb” so to speak and could have at least been lowered for the little things such as the first few things i listed they could be used for but for the improvements on the medical, accommodation, training, & commercial are understandable but a little TOO expensive since the amount of diamonds we get at the end of each season is barely enough, if not, not enough to make any improvements on those options Other than those that really come into mind, the game is great and love the improvements on the game! (Coming from a user since LONG ago)
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4 years ago, PayMe4Gaming
Not impressed at all
I’m giving and rating this game a 2 because some things have improved but many things got worse than the dls19. It’s better if you update the dls19 into DLS20 so we can all keep our players, amount of money and our progress. The good things is that now the gameplay is way smoother than the dls19 gameplay. I love that you get to choose which manager you want, his name, clothe and appearance. I like the agent but it’s not a big thing because to buy it you have to pay with gems. Now into the bad things. There are many things you have to improve. The players have very low rating, like for example Firmino, he has a 82? He should be like a 86 or something. I don’t like the gems, it’s better if you just leave the coins. The transfer window or market it changed and I know you guys wanna make it more realistic and all but it’s better if you just leave it like dls19. The way you need to take free kicks and penalties is not the best way, I personally like the one in dls19. I also just want the stadium, no hospital/clinic. The training ground shouldn’t have any fans or spectators, that’s not training. The way that the players pass the ball is too dramatic. I hope you improve this and just pls delete this game and just update the dls19 to the dls20. Thank You
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4 years ago, Carlos 9766
Please fix this
I love this game its so fun and addicting, just that, this game is too buggy, everytime I play a match either its exhibition or career game, Gary (the commentator) glitches, I’ll give you examples, “gets a header i-in” or “on th-the volley-volley” yes it repeats twice sometimes, and it gets worse when this EmergenC ad pops up in half time, when Gary says “so, we’re back again, for another 45 minutes to enjoy” it glitches and says “so, we’re bac-ck-k ag-gain-again for an-nother 45 minutes to enjoy-enjoy” and it starts to get annoying other ads popped up on half time but nothing happens like the EmergenC ad, and appart from Gary glitching, my players also glitch, they freeze everytime Gary freezes, and I rage each time it does that, I almost broke my foot because I was raging so much that I dropped a statue I had for decoration by accident and landed like 2-3 inches away from my foot, the statue didn’t break, it cracked the floor, it was so close to ruining my future soccer career, so please First Touch I beg you to please fix this as soon as possible, maybe others are experiencing the same, once again please fix this bug, I want to have a smooth and satisfying football match from DLS21, at least once, please fix it
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1 month ago, Luis905
Developers listen!
It would be great if they updated some stuff. Like the AI when you play against a 4/5 star team your players tend to get dummer. I’ve noticed my players let the ball slip between them, also when I change a player and want to go one way they go the other it’s not a glitch just them “adjusting” but it’s not it’s hard to explain I want my players to go this way but they refuse cause it’s sorta in a automatic mode. Graphics are great but I wish they could do more different golie posts sliding action net effect when you score. Let my players go the direction I want not chase the ball only. Let my players act like 4/5 star players not 2/3 when I go against 4/5 star players the AI is predictable and just not the best it’s fun but you can predict most moves after a few rounds. Also 2 coins for a friendly game? And 30-60 for career? The rewards are poor I wish I could get 50 a career and 25 for friendly matches 50 for ads. It would make me play more often. Small things they should revisit and tweak.
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3 years ago, ColonelTurner81
Good game. One big problem.
I’ve been playing this game since it’s previous 2 formats (this is #3). It’s always been entertaining. I like using “real” players and the atmosphere is fun. I don’t even mind the coin and gem system. It’s designed to take time to collect enough to do certain things. That makes sense. My only real complaint is not being able to choose who gets trained. The randomness of the training is frustrating because I don’t want to train a third or even a second string player. I just want to train my starters. I want to be able to get my favorite player or a good player I’ve had for a little while and train them to keep them. If we can Form Boost specific players, we should be able to train specific players. In the last couple versions it was fun to be able to train a few of the players you start with and have them throughout playing the game. It feels more personal and I think more people will play because they had a vested interest in the game and that/those player(s). Let us choose who we train and this game would get a solid 5 stars from me.
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3 months ago, TwlightDragon
Game is inaccurate
I have been playing this game for 2 years I love it. The way you can customize your kit and the cleats, player numbers. Play against your friends and online mode. However, my team is very stacked. I got basically the best players in the game. Leveled up. And tell me why. For some reason they are slower, run out of stamina so fast. And get bodied by the international France team… I don’t understand the inconsistency of the game. They don’t even run out of any energy at all and I understand it’s bots. But I dislike how it’s unrealistic for that part. My players have to get subbed in every half time bc they burn out. But that is so unfair to me because my players are over all better stats wise. But yet I’m losing to inferior players?! Also I get a yellow for shoulder to shoulder contact😭. It’s like the creators don’t play or watch football. I’m just saying it’s furious that I lost bc my players didn’t have any energy which makes sense bc yk stamina. But bro. The whole France team kept the same pace, strength, speed, and ect for the wholeee 90 mins. While my players are running super slow. Also the joystick drift where I’m making a tackle and or chasing the ball my player evades it… this game still needs some hella work
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3 years ago, bruv-We love this game
The gameplay needs improvement
The online games are scripted, and I’m an actual really good player I can go from dominating someone the entire game and I for some reason my shot missed it gets saved by the keeper or his defenders all become a prime Ramos, there also this thing where when two players are running for the ball the player that gets there last usually just stops as if he ran into a brick wall and it annoying, I’ve lost countless games because of this, the market where u buy players is foolish well I don’t really like it I’d rather be able to buy who ever I want to improve my team not what the game gives me. Online matchmaking is foolish aswell I got to the 14th division and the only ppl u play against are guys with maxed out Messi and Ronaldo’s is very annoying plz this game used to be so good a couple years back I’ve been playing this game since the 5th grade man or the franchise Ik you guys are not finna care about this review really cause u know some of what I’m saying is true but plz take it into consideration also will there ever be another FTS that game was a masterpiece wish the World Cup was in it tho
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1 month ago, Anonymous_3067
Wasted Time
I’ve truly never realized that this is the worst game I’ve ever played in my lifetime. This game used to be incredibly fun and addicting, but recently, it’s been getting lots of updates that I’m not a fan of. First of all, the game might have gotten more realistic over the years, and it’s definitely gotten more variety, but it’s just not as fun as the old versions (example: DLS 2016). This game should be changed back to the old version in my opinion. Also, this game has gotten progressively harder over the years. Now, I do love a good challenge, but having a challenge on a game that used to be way better than it is now just isn’t fun for me. I’ve taken so much time to build a great squad, win tournaments, max out my stadium, and it means nothing because of the difficulties. Now, it’s a struggle to beat a club like Middlesbrough. Pace doesn’t matter in this game whatsoever, either. Explain to me how my 91 pace 86 overall Cristian Pulisic can get beaten out by some random 68 rated CB with 70 pace. There is multiple things in this game that need to be fixed. I continue to play it at the time I’m writing this, but very rarely. I just don’t find it that fun, especially compared to versions like 2016 and 17. FTG, please read this and take my recommendations.
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1 year ago, yerdoodoo
I love this game so much but very money hungry and gameplay needs to be improved.
This game is a 5 star because of how fun it is and in my eyes I think this is better than Fifa mobile. However, skill moves are too slow and useless in this game plus kicking the ball ahead to a sprinting striker is too overpowered in this game. Like why should a 60 ovr player with 72 pace outrun my 86 van dijk and score a goal? Also, it took me incredibly long and it cost me some money to get the best team I can. One favor I would like to ask you guys at First Touch Games is please bring back creating your own player and make coins easier to gain. One last thing is please let us decide which player to upgrade in fitness goalkeeping or technical coach training because I don’t want to waste my diamonds on a bench player I don’t use i need it for the players that I want to upgrade to max potential. Other than that this game is so fun to play and if you guys add these things to the game you guys will overtake fifa in mobile sport game popularity.
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4 years ago, Kcoos
More Coins per Game
I just started playing a few weeks ago and you need to provide at least $100 per win per game. Buying any players in the 70 rating range seems unattainable unless you pay to play. I am just moving on to amateur division and I have had the same team with no player changes based on cost. The option to pay a scout money to get a good player is really high. By the time you pay the 240 for a decent player they find a player that you don’t need that’s 240 down the drain. If you make 30 a game that’s almost a whole season wasted on just paying the agent. If they come back with a decent player you can’t afford the player so I feel is counterproductive. Overall I really like the game play. The only game I played was against the All star and the sun was shining and I could not make out who my team was because all the players uniforms seemed to be black based on the shadows. One game had a yellow ball and I could not follow who had the ball. I played fifa and like this game much better because of game play. A lot of potential here for improvement. More coins please to get decent players.
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11 months ago, CUSTY55
Improvements on the game
I’m frank from Africa( Ghana) 🇬🇭I'm a fan of Dream league and I want to share my appreciation and suggestions for your game. I think you have done a great job creating a realistic and engaging soccer simulation game. I especially like the graphics, the gameplay, and the variety of teams and players. I also like the career mode, where I can manage my own team and compete in different leagues and cups. However, I think there are some features that could make the game even more immersive and fun. Here are some ideas to share with the game developers. It would be cool if the game could show the players traveling to different countries for tournaments, either by bus or by flight. This could add some realism and excitement to the game, as well as some challenges, such as adjusting to different climates, time zones, and cultures. It would be nice if the game could show some graphics of the player and the manager when signing a new player for the team. This could make the transfer process more interactive and rewarding, as well as giving some personality and backstory to the players. I hope you consider these suggestions and implement them in future updates. I think they would enhance the game experience and attract more players. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making Dream league a great game, don’t really mind if adding the features will cost us much, since we gonna be enjoying the game we gonna pay some couple of bucks.
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4 years ago, ZMANia5
Cmon now
Are you guys serious? This whole idea of making a new game and removing the old ones really pisses me off. This is the second time you guys have done this (not counting the old dls 15 and games). Not to mention, buying players has progressively gotten worse; imagine going from being able to buy legends like pele, maradona, and cruyff, to having to pay for a scout to potentially find a good player—that you still have to pay for. Also, why do you have to pay for kit and logo designs? That was never a thing in the old games. I was also hoping you wouldn’t do the stupid gem crap other games do where there’s no actual way of obtaining them but buying them with real money. Corners and Freekicks are horrific now, the new view is a major downgrade. Speaking of downgrades, the graphics are so bad. Looks like it went from a good DS game to a google play store game made in 30 mins. You guys are only getting a star from me because of the new campus thing, only actual good update. I hope you actually take this into consideration, because this game isn’t going to live up to the previous ones at the rate it’s going.
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4 years ago, harper.R
I like it there’s not really in my opinion a lot to dislike I’m. New to the game and I think it’s fun the only thing that I would say really aggravates me is that it already cost so much to get one decent player and then when you need to upgrade your coach and agent and it’s just so much. Like I said I am new to this game. So I don’t have to much to say about the recent games I will say I’ve seen great reviews on the 2016 and 2019 games but I’m gonna say this in the nicest way possible the ratings on this game upgrade is a total disaster. I disagree though cause I do play soccer it’s my fav sport ever and I don’t need a super nice game to play it on I just wanted to see something similar to the actual reality game. I just wanted to play a sport during this whole corona thingy and It’s a fine game I’m sorry to say that it isn’t close to my favorite game but it is game I consider playing. If you want to find out more about this game I suggest you read the peoples opinions. cause honesty my mom stuck her eyebrow up at the reviews. Thx for reading!
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3 years ago, Vtfan99
Need to work on the AI
Game is pretty good but the AI boost given to an “all gray” team when they play against my all legendary team is a joke. These mid 60s players are running circles around my 80+ players. My players get tired faster, run slower, pass poorly, and shoot more errantly than when playing higher rated teams. It’s almost a given at this point. EDIT: The AI boost for lesser teams is just stupid. I will dominate a 5 star team but against a below 3 star team my players are clueless. They are outrun and outpassed always. Never win the ball. Can never tackle. Ball just goes through them at times. This makes the game unplayable at times. You really need to FIX THIS. Dropped to 1 star for pathetic attempt at AI. EDIT2: The yellow/red card thing is also completely broken. I can run alongside and poke a foot in and get a red card. I can also slide tackle from behind, no where close to the ball, and get a simple foul. This needs major work. Also know that the game will decide when you win. It doesn’t matter at all how you play. If the game decides it’s your turn to win, then you will win. Otherwise, the opponent will play better than any team in the history of soccer and your players, despite being legendary, will be completely useless.
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4 years ago, SoccerFan1046
What the actual hell have you done
I can’t even go into words how infuriating this new game is. After loving this game since dream league 2016 this new game is terrible. I loved dream league 2019 it gave me the soccer app I wanted. Fun gameplay the ability to be creative and create whatever team I wanted. Could’ve spent hours on it. All it really needed was a few little updates. Like new players rating upgrades. Some tiny gameplay changes. And maybe a few small changes. You’ve ruined the game. But the absolute worst part is the gems. One of the reasons why I liked the past games was the lack of needing to pay to enjoy the experience. But gems have taken that away. No longer are you able to buy whatever players you want and make your “dream” team nor are you able to customize your kits and make it your fav team because now you need to pay to do it. The gameplay is terrible. And the graphics look fake and cheesy. The only good part was the addition of the stadium area. And new buildings but even that is impossible to customize without paying. I do not recommend downloading this game. Just play 2019 until hopefully they change it back. Really disappointed. Could’ve been so much more I wish I could give a negative star. One star is too much
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2 years ago, jose rodriguez 246
Dls is getting worst by year
The defense mechanism is just horrible. Defender are slower than before. In DLS23 when a wide attack is happening the central forward don’t go through the middle to make a header, instead they go to the right side which leaves no one open through the middle. Are you guys even paying attention through an actual sport or just spamming rating to players!? Is becoming obvious that the “innovation” of this game is no more than just getting people to buy the game pass, which is infuriating when the game had an immense potential to even have a game in console which is now wasted. I now have to wait another year to see if this game is worth it again, dls 16-19 where just better. Ever since the new addition of mechanics in 20 and up its just horrible, players are playing like stick figures, there not athletic or agile. In my honest opinion, some players should have special attributes; for example, messi being super agile and harder to take a ball away or mbpaypal having an ability to have an immense speed when having a chance for a 1v1 with keeper. Its my honest opinion doe, it don’t matter since you guys don’t see people’s reviews.
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3 years ago, Hrhejekisjabrbgvsnakdbfb
Love the game
I really wish there was a way the curl the ball instead of just straight kicks. An easier way to earn coins like daily task on the field or something There should be awards or player boost for scoring a certain amount of career goals. For example, my Diego costa has about 500 career goals but has remain the same overall since the day I got him. I feel there should be a progression and regression system that allows you to upgrade players based on how they perform not coins and/or trainers. This is continuation of the last “rant”. If a player is doing better in say passing and assisting players on goals, the passing rating should increase more than the shooting one. And btw this isn’t all happening in one year. The progress would ofc build over seasons and players would have a max overall to avoid exploiting this idea. That way players are still earning coins from playing games to upgrade facilities and the overall of the team still increases. The auction house will still be used once needed but upgrading players will be required in order to receive better players just like how it is now pretty much. I REALLY hope you guys see this. And this isn’t me hating. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME. I have been playing DSL since the very first version of the game came out. When you could have pele, maradona, and Messi all on the same team. Once again, I REALLY HOPE YOU SEE THIS AND AT LEAST CONSIDER MY IDEA FOR DSL22. Much Love, Ant.
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1 year ago, el woody de hidalgo
Okay game
I love this game , I have been playing this since 2016. It might be better then fifa because this is like story mode, if your player gets injured then he gets injured unlike fifa you get to use them the next game even if they had a red card the game before 😒. DLS is more creative and more realistic, because you actually get to be a coach get to make your own team stadium, kits, names, cleats, numbers, and it’s has career mode which is more realistic, but I just hate that the graphics are still bad the only thing fifa is better in is the graphics, players should have cool designs in the background like fifa or the game should have better graphics because in DLS games it looks ugly and funny, so DLS can you please make the graphics way better because it’s been like this since 2016, so please I begg and bring back where you can make your own player I begg please that was fun when you made your own player, and can you let search for players instead of waiting to find a player we want like Messi.
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11 months ago, saidkdns
Best games do change
I had always loved playing this game, I loved to play it everyday, at anytime. I had a good team and everything maxed. I used to do all the events, and buy the season passes as well as some packs. Playing live was also good because I played with good people. It was simply the best soccer game. But then, after the update. My account got restarted or whatever and I had to restart all over. I was mad because I’ve had spent too much money on my team and because of all my hard work and dedication towards the game. Then I know don’t want to buy nothing because I’m scared that will happen again. Then, I realized that know, for whatever reason there’s now ads. I hate games like that because it’s ad after ad. It simply used to be a perfect game. And now, I barely want to play it. My whole experience went down. And no, I’m not saying it’s a bad game. Just that, the whole game changed. I’m not even mad about my account getting deleted, I’m just mad about the ads. But honestly, I would want the game to have like a coach that upgrades singles players that you want. That would help myself to upgrade the players that o want and not the ones that need it.
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7 months ago, Bdbjensbdkcndj
DLS 24 Problems
I’ve played this game for a while now almost a year and I’ve loved it. The control were easy, and simple. But now with the newest update controls movement and everything is garbage. U can attack because the defense will stop u every single time. U can defend because they outpace you. You cannot play this game now unless u play live. Which as we all know live gets old because you’ll face completion you can’t compete with. The new movement controls, and ai are bad in my opinion. I’ve passed so many balls to my teammates and they run away from the ball. When I shoot you can clearly see my stick is facing down the middle of the goal and it goes 20 yards to the right. Now when you head pass the ball it goes higher than when you clear the ball with a kick. So controls are bad, shots are bad, headers are bad, movement is bad, ai is terrible. But I will admit the new graphics are great and the new Home Screen is really sweet to. I wish we had DLS 23 but with the 24 graphics and Home Screen. This by far would be the best soccer (football) game out there.
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4 years ago, Kool-Aid Kid5
Amazing but Needs Improvement
This game is very fun and entertaining however I feel like it needs to be easier to get gems because I don’t spend money on games because I’m a kid and it’s really hard to get better when everyone I face has a bunch of good players from gems and I’m not new I’ve been playing since it launched but I only have like 3 good players. Still a 5 star game though. Also the penalties and free kicks are very difficult I’ve only managed to score one but when I played on the other DLS I would score like 70% of all my free kicks and most of my penalties. Please also allow us to choose between getting the coins and the coaches because I can only have a couple of players and when I sell the players I want to be able to get the coins to not lose all my coins on the player I’m buying. Hopefully you fix some of these issues because I know it’s a lot and it’s not easy but if every few updates could come with improvements then that would be very helpful.
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3 years ago, amounttt
dumb game indeed
tho it’s got nice graphics at least they building up, it’s kinda wack and dumb as well. the plays don’t run faster as seen on their bios. and each time have got a match with a bigger team my players all don’t have speed idk if this is a kind of sabotage or something. the players performance and speed don’t tally whatever was written in their bios, it’s like the developers made a fool out of us. if there may be a need to add another alphabet to the other THREE EXISTING ONES we agree at least the new one will serve as speed so we can enjoy the game. don’t just build a game make sure everything works perfectly tho nothing is perfect but at least it should. and with the skills you guys should do it better, we can’t be performing a skill and the ball will move from our players. you guys should also introduce other leagues to the game, being playing the same league thru out and it’s now boring and even fed up
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4 years ago, Rossoneri from Mars
Good but need improvement
In all, this update does improve the gameplay, the icons are redesigned and look good. But it has to be better First: the gem system is not friendly to the users, now I have another type of token outside of coins, upgrading the stadium requires users to spend more time and REAL MONEY, for example, in dls 19, it takes me a week to promote from division 3 to 2 now it takes me a week. Second, the long shot is too easy to commit a goal, that ovr 66 striker, camara, has an 71 rating shooting, and he is able to score 3 out of 4 times while shooting outside of the penalty box Third, the AI is like destroying my player, even I upgraded my medical services for 3 times, it doesn’t stop my players to get injured, you can’t dribble to much for your opponent may just rudely tackle you, and the way to avoid this is to do less dribble and make more passes, but I believe that many users doesn’t like this kind of settings, so I wish that this important gameplay feature could be better
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4 years ago, 12twitty0
I refuse to spend anymore money on this game. I’ve spent so much already thinking it was me that was the problem. After reading more reviews I see that’s not the case. Quit switching my player for me it costs me games. Quit allowing my GK to run all the way out of the box to chase a ball while the defender is in the area just for him to be scored on. How is it my player with speed of 92 overall is being outrun by a 57 overall player. Why does my player just stop running. If an opponent steals the ball from my player it shouldn’t automatically switch to another player in the middle of the field. Why is it anytime I tackle the ball I get red carded almost every frickin time, but comp does it and nothing happens?how am I offsides if I’m level with my opponent? Why are the transfers that are available trash players, but cost 1000+ coins? Why not allow me to upgrade the player of my choice instead of randomly doing it? (Which usually it’s the worst player that I only use if I get multiple red cards). All that to say.. I’ve spent more money than I’m willing to admit, but even having done that to keep myself from breaking my phone I just deleted the app. I refuse to play it. Oh. Stop deleting my reviews.
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4 years ago, Anothen Media
Great game, but you have to pay for too much now
I loved the first iterations of this game! I loved the way the transfers worked, and I loved the way that you could choose who to train, how much money to spend on their training or how much to sell them for. This new iteration, you can no longer trade players for money, you can only trade them for coaches, and then you can’t even choose who to train with that coach, they apply the coaches randomly so you can’t improve a set player, for instance I would have loved if I could have upgraded my striker with the coach, but instead they applied all of my coaches to players on my branch who only really play if someone is injured. The way that you only get 40 gems a season is a little ridiculous as well given that the cost to upgrade your facility or to sign a legendary player is 750 gems. And you can’t trade gems for cash. I love this game but it has become hugely pay to win
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4 years ago, jaomick
This game is trash
The gameplay isn’t different then before even thought they said during the update that it’s there smoothest gameplay yet, that’s false it’s unchanged. They have completely revamped the whole system on how to upgrade players and upgrade this and that by making u use gems to do these actions now which is such a complete cash grab. The price you have to pay to first get these gems is ridiculously expensive and then u need hundreds of them to do simple things like be able to import ur own kit??? Which of course used to be free but no they need to put a price on everything. Probably the thing i hate most about this game is upgrading players, you used to be able to upgrade whatever player u wanted in whatever category u wanted but nope let’s make it 100% harder by making it 3 categories to upgrade and a random player each time, that is the dumbest thing i have ever seen it is so inefficient. It’s so obvious that they want money like you have to buy emojis to use in live games???? Who tf is buying an emoji that costs 10 GEMS WHO TF IS PAYING FOR THAT. It’s such an obvious cash grab it hurts, the decisions these devs have made are insulting to the players that have spent years on this game.
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3 years ago, smartie 10+10=20
Unfair games
You know why I hate online games? BECAUSE PEOPLE WITH 99 RATED PLAYERS CAN APPEAR AND YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THEM. This has costed me several event chances cus of this. They should make a rating system where the players rating can make an overall rating and you fight people within like 3 to 5 points away. They already calculate your overall rating when you think of entering the event. So DLS 21, thanks for making me rage because of the unfair system, hope you could fix it. But then, most games never respond to this, so don’t waste time in events if you only have your starting legendary player cus ur gonna waste 90 coins! Even though you can get a agent that can get a player that is legendary that you can get from winning the event, sorry but you can’t get it because the matching system is VERY VERY UNFAIR. Why nobody talks about this idk, but for starting players like me, it’s so annoying. Plus, you have a 100 pace and acceleration player and get outrun by a 50 rated gk that has 5 SPEED AND 6 ACCELERATION. The game is bad if you are a starter and the only way out is P2W. It used to be ok and it’s sad to see that some features haven’t been fixed. Play FIFA or PES instead :)
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4 years ago, a good man 21212
A good game but some problems
It’s a very good game to be honest and I love the upgrade including gathering diamonds to upgrade your players it’s good and preferable to using coins which was easier,so getting an upgrade for a player it’s good we have to work hard for it to play well an earn a diamond, but what I don’t like is that there are no sales for your players, I don’t understand why I can’t sell a player I don’t need anymore, it should be up to me to decide if I’m going to make a player a coach on the technical or fitness team and it should also be my option to sell a player which is not there I hope you verify this soon, as one I know has the same question.. also if we can get players to retire and come back after a season or two as a younger player, it will be good also.. And about the transfers it will be nice if other clubs seek of the player in a transfer request and any club we accept the players can go to
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3 years ago, IsaiahCortes
The update was cool, I like the new little additions to the game but it seems like the whole “upgraded AI gameplay” was actually just a different way of saying it got harder, now I’m always up for a challenge but it almost seems unfair , seems like the AI knows where I’m passing, where I’m going before I do it, for ex: I’ll pass the ball and before the player even receives it, he’s marked by 4 people, when I’m on defense it feels like I can barely even control where my defender goes, and when I’m on offense I’ve got horrible ball control for some reason and I have very good players with high stats so I figured the ball control would be good, juking the AI is extremely hard now, it just seems like you have to find loops or ways to score cheap goals in order to win against the AI , overall tho I like the new layout and the updated pictures , I just wish I would get a better variety of players in the transfer market because they seem to be repetitive a lot, I’ll get the same player three times back to back
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4 years ago, TheUnbeatableNoob$$$
Great game, but many problems.
I really like this game, but there are way to many problems. First off, when your playing online, you always get paired with people that have way better players than you, and it just makes the game unfair. Second, I don’t like the idea of gems added to the game because of how they,re so hard to get. Me and the other people who love to play this game would probably like it better off with just coins to upgrade your players, and other things. Third, when you concede a match online, it takes away more than half of all of your players energy! Like what’s up with that! Also, the mechanics of the game don’t work sometimes, and sometimes you can’t choose the player you want to switch to. Finnaly, I noticed that whenever you play a division game, it changes the whole transfer market, so I sugest to make it change every 3 games a player does in division. I gave this game 3 stars (for now) because I still like this game very much, and evrything else besides those problems are perfect. So I’m hoping that you can fix these problems to make it better for all players. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Nopalovsky
Cheating game
I’ve never in my life played a game that cheats as much as this one. I don’t mind losing to a superior algorithm and AI. But this game will have your shots hit crossbars or post when you’ve beaten their defenses, have inferior defenders run down your strikers with ease even if you’ve beaten them by far with through passes. They will slow down your defenders when they wanna score at all costs. They basically change the rules of physics mid game and it’s like you’re playing meta humans. I still win mostly everything on the highest league but they always prevent me from winning on the last game with ridiculous cheats. Sometimes I have to beat every defender and shoot goalkeeper at point blank because they will otherwise on a clutch moment have my ball hit crossbar or fly sideways way sideways like I was putting in a cross pass sideways when I always shoot straight, poised and with the necessary power to not shoot ball into stands. Again I don’t mind losing, I lose at games that have really good AI but this stupid game cheats and changes rules of physics and it’s annoying when there isn’t a standard. Save yourself the annoyance.
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