Dress Up & Makeup Girl Games

4.7 (72.8K)
43.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Peachy Games LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dress Up & Makeup Girl Games

4.67 out of 5
72.8K Ratings
1 year ago, ELiu17812
LOVE but some suggestions
I really like this game and I played it since I was really young and now I’m off to middle school! This is a really good and cool game that any age can play but I do have some suggestions. First I think the games need more black hair (speaking as an Asian person) because it’s usually just dyed hair, brown hair and blonde hair. Of course some of the games have black hair but it’s usually something like a messy bun that doesn’t look the best or some black hairs are locked (it’s like a vip thing that u have to pay to get) so whenever I try to recreate myself (again speaking as an Asian person) some games have decent black hairs while some don’t at all so I just usually pick a brown one or a dyed one. I also have a game suggestion. Maybe you guys can create a game that’s like flight attendant themed. Like you can chose flight attendant hair styles and chose your outfit and suitcase, and the backgrounds can be something like walking in the airport in front of windows or on a plane or outside in front of a plane. I’m probably making this game sound bad but it really isn’t. If you want to hear about the ads it’s like every few mins you get some. I don’t really mind the ads and they aren’t that long so yea. 🧋
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12 months ago, i am k2 drt
I love it but could have some changes
CONS: so this game is super fun for ages 13 and under but hey, Ik not here to say what age you may or may not have it at! This app is for all ages if it’s your style! Anyways I loved this game from ages 8-turning 10, but then I was like “Ok this is kind of staring to get really boring!” Know why? Because there weren’t enough games or options!!! I wish there would’ve been more fun added to game. SCROLL DOWN FOR PROS PROS: I love this game so much because it has creativity, ANY style of a makeup game, and it’s entertaining. Some of the styles are princess, fashion runway, tropical, ice princess, hanging out with the girls, unicorns and more!! This game is great if your looking for a makeup app that has a ton of creativity! FOR DEVELOPERS: If your reading this right now thank you! I would like to say this is an amazing game and like I said in the top I gosh there could’ve been more games In it because I know I said I played it from ages 8-about 10 but it got really boring still! I hope you’ll take the time to read this and handle my issue! Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!! God adores you!! 💖🤍 P.S. If Roblox can make 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 games in one game, then I think y’all can do it! Not to be rude though sorry! No pressure! Thanks byeeee Amelia
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2 years ago, C00KIE_BEAN 🏳️‍🌈
Read this if you want to know what you are getting
It is an awesome game if you do not have any WiFi. Say you are on a plane or on a bus or something, you can always play this game. However, the ads are a bit of a problem. Every time you want to go to a different stage of the game, it makes you watch an ad. And there is one HUGE problem. Some of the dresses and jewelry are locked, and you need to pay a lot to get them. Please fix this!!! All the best dresses are locked, and it is kind of annoying. A appreciate this game is not racist and adds at least one person of color to the character selection 👍🏾👍🏼👍. It is a bit frustrating how you have to download each individual theme, but it does not cost any money, so that is a BIG bonus. I feel like I am making this sound worse then it really is, but trust me, it is a very good game for your child who is interested in dress-up. I recommend this game. It is good for all ages 2-16 in my opinion. Very good game overall. But developer, PLEASE fix the locked outfits and jewelry!! But to all the parents reading this, if your child is asking for this game, I recommend purchasing it. VERY good game, and do not worry, like I said, NOT racist!
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2 years ago, ghtexrrccfggfcvb
Pretty good *please read*
So this is a great game and me and my sisters are huge fans of it. The outfits are so cute and I love the accessories, necklace, bracelets, and other props as well. One thing I’m going to say though, is there are TONS of ads. After every step of making a girl over, there’s an ad. The ads are pretty short, but still its a lot. For example after putting on face masks there’s an ad, after choosing clothes there’s an ad, etc. Otherwise it’s great but one problem, on every single cover for each version of the game, such as princess, model, etc, the girl in front advertising it is always blonde and blue eyed, it literally never wavers. There is nothing wrong with that for some, but I think for some you want some varying colors, like black hair and brown eyes or brown hair and green eyes or red hair and gray eyes, etc. just so people don’t feel like only one type of coloring is being represented. Anyways other than that I love this game, great to pass the time and is creative and best of its kind. I would recommend, thank you for reading this and have a great day! 👍🏼
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2 years ago, hewOOOOOOO robloc city
For all the amazing people that made this amazing game
I had this game when I was younger and it was so fun for me so I decided I would download it again and just try to play it it is an amazing game the outfits are great I enjoy that you let the people who don’t pay for it get a lot of outfits too it’s not just you barely get anything because you can’t pay us know it’s not like that but the only thing I have a problem with is how much space this takes up like when I went to go use one of the Sections it said that it would take up to 64% of the storage and that is a ton of storage so that’s my only problem and I don’t really enjoy the voiceover is because it’s kind of annoying but still a great game and I’m gonna give you five stars to prove it 🙏 😁
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2 years ago, Rastamual
Amazing game but…. Please read!
This game is really fun to play. There is a good variety of games and accessories. The creators of this game are pretty creative, but on every thumbnail of each game it only has blonde girls with blue eyes. Maybe try to branch out and use different colors of hair and eyes so everyone feels valued. Also there is an insane amount of adds. Idk if you can limit the amount of adds but they appear every time you move to each station of the “makeover”. Other than all of those small complaints I think that this game is really fun and entertaining. I also like the fact that you don’t need Wi-Fi to play it! ( I forgot to mention that this game if for any gender not just for girls, nobody should feel ashamed for what they want to play and their gender). Again amazing game. You may need to edit some things but other than that this is a fun game that everyone can enjoy.😁
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1 year ago, Play gnkko
I love this game
Me and my little sister play it every day Henry pictures it’s the best day of our life so when we do it we always take turns and our names are June and Brinley we love it and we’re both sisters we share the same room we have the best mom and dad we love this game because we get to dress them up and it seems like they have we have fun because we get to dress them up and do their make up and pick which ones we do it’s the best I love it I love it I love it so does she we have a family of six I mean the kids we have a family of mine that lives in the house in the family is the best but we have three older kids so they’re not really here I have two younger little sisters and their names are June and Rory and the older three names are Kamryn 💕 and Derrick and Desi 🐀
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8 months ago, AmyLouAsu
Great game!
I’m playing this on my moms phone and I’ve played this from a very young age and I’ve always had an interest in fashion and I can always pass the time playing this I also really thing that the hair and clothes need more variation like for example I feel like the hair should have more red heads also we need more brown black and blond hairs ( coming from someone with brown hair and pale skin ) I think that there should also be better styles for the colors that I just named because every time I try to make myself in the game the only hair styles that I can find in brown is a messy bun or disheveled hair and I just think there should be more variation but other than that I love this game and would love it if you feature my suggestions.
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4 years ago, ShellySk
I love it but...
Why is it “Dress up games for girls?” Like there is no difference of boy games and girl games. But other than that I love it. I barely have any apps on my iPad so it does not take up so much space. And when there is no internet it still works! And without internet it’s add free! 🤩 Oh but also paying three dollars for half the stuff, no. Since so many people play this maybe bump the price down to $1? I purchased four of the apps and I LOVE them! ❤️ Thank you so much for this awesome game. But can you add a softball girl? You don’t have too. But it would be great if you could. Thanks for your time and sorry for this long review. Oh and if your a fan of dress up games, I definitely recommend this game. That’s why I rated it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Bye!
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2 years ago, kittenGrl566
Pretty good but a few bugs
First off, I like this game a lot and I think it is cool to dress up the models. But there are a few bugs that can be quite annoying… when you are doing their skin, the cream that takes off the cloudy dirt will work for the first model but the second one in that game, the cream will not work. For example, if I was playing pop star salon, I would choose Kenzie and do her whole look. Then, I would choose Harper and the cream would not take the dirt off. I have to go back to the home menu and click on it again and then it would take the dirt off. Also, when I’m scrolling through clothes, it will freeze, then I would have to wait 10 seconds for it to unfreeze. That’s pretty much it. I hope this was helpful!
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3 years ago, Chic alert
Really like it but a few recommendations
If you like to dress up and do people’s makeup this is the app for you!! I have had it for two weeks and am OBSESSED🤩. I had already played these games before but they were all separate but you have TWENTY GAMES TO PLAY😆😆😆!!! I really love the Surfer Girl🏄🏻‍♀️ one. I also really like the Fantasy Princess 👑 one. I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME and highly recommend it! Another great thing about it is that id you get bored of playing one game you can just go in another one😀😃😄😁😆! A recommendation I have though is to make more stuff free. I can be scrolling and see the prettiest clothes/cosmetics/hair/jewelry and they are all 🔒 locked up😭. Please think about the recommendation
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2 months ago, Abby pyne
Very good but a few recommendations
I think this game is a great game for girls. I play it every day and can’t stop playing! But I think there shouldn’t be so many locked items so it can be more fun. Also,after a while, it gets a little boring but if I give it a couple days I will most likely be playing it nonstop until dark so don’t worry about if it gets boring for a bit . I think you should be able to choose the style of the face . I know that there’s choices. For example, there’s a mermaid one and a spy one and surfer one too but I think that you should type in if you wanted a ballerina one there would be some options of ballerina one’s. That’s it for my recommendations. Thanks for listening to my thoughts.
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4 years ago, Fun games forever
To all the people who say girl things.
Okay, a lot of people say “why is this Dress Up Games for Girls?”. I understand that it seems upsetting, and that boys can play these games too. But the title legit says “Dress Up and Makeup games WITH girls” or something like that. So get your facts in order. Thank you, NEXT! Okay, also for you people who are like where are the softball stuff and that. I play basketball so I know how you feel, but I don’t think you put on makeup right before a big game. I may be wrong, but you would probably sweat it off. I know I would. So thanks for listening, and please don’t say these things. If you want me to add more things you can ask in your letter to PrincessJourney25. Have a great day or night.
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4 years ago, mbb 👩🏻‍🦰📚
One of the best games!!!
This game is one of the best games ever! There are many different games on it! If you don’t like the ads (I don’t) turn off your WiFi. This game works without WiFi!!!!Pro tip: Download all the games on the app before you start playing. This way you have a better selection of makeup games when you go to play the game. 1 thing you could improve on is: instead of having to pay for the full version of each every single game (optional) make only one purchase to get the full version of all the games. That way it may be less expensive, and more people might pay for the full version. Other than that, great game! 🥰💖Thank you developers!!!
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5 years ago, Feaowna
Amazeing and great for people who love fashion
I love this game my favorite part is when you do the dress up like I'm 6 years old and it's Good but not enough to get you not bored but it's still a amazing game and I've played all of your games and there all fantastic I like that nothing costs anything like people get this game if your a fashionable bored person that Like I like that you can chose your person to work with and I've barley saw any good reviews on these type of games This is amazeing like I said and I aprieat your games that make joy for others that are down and sad and having a bad day play this if that's how you feel. Ok Get this you don't even. Have to pay for anything!
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1 year ago, Cat sprinklers
This is so beautiful
I remember when I had one game that’s in this game since I was little but then I saw this app and I was wondering if it only had one game but instead there was one millions of games and there is one that is my favorite. It’s the spy game you get you even get to create you which is that’s the reason why everybody should play this game I mean this is so crazy when when you like I would spend money on this game but it’s free the people who made this thank you so so much this is the funnest game in town you guys should download this now and I mean now it’s so so much fun. Definitely download this game right now.🥰👍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰☺️☺️☺️
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2 years ago, Lisa_L987
Thank you so much!
I love this game because this game makes me more creative and now since I played it, I have more style and it is just the best game! I love that there are styles 💈 that you can pick from! Thank you developers so much for creating this game it is the best! Keep it up, developers! Before I finish the review, I have a couple more things I would like to tell you one idea I have for the game is that for the Halloween salon 💈 maybe for the costume, you can have this search where you search up costumes and you can put it on because my favorite costumes aren't there. Thank you!🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🐶🐶
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5 months ago, were i lpve
Good game
This game is fun you can do your own character find it but you can play any game on it it’s just so fun I love it I love it I love it but it’s like sometimes it’s just very communicative I love it but sometimes the exit but I still see is communicator and I just love it is open is for 369 we got something like that we got a lot of ratings and stuff so it’s like more than that but I can’t I say it when I’m whispering steps so what is this so good the stats are so right so rough is so good that like you can skip the without doing it writing is just what I think is so good when I do a rating look I love it
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4 years ago, bookstore1985
Glitches in hair/makeup menus
I love this game and I’ve never had any trouble with it until recently. I ran the latest update and downloaded a new game, Unicorn Girl. I always pay for the games so I can get the full version and avoid the ads. My problem is that when I try to use any of the rolling menus for hairstyles, makeup, clothes, etc., the menus often freeze and I can only get to the first four or five options. Sometimes the game works fine, but most of the time it doesn’t. To make matters worse, the games I bought previously, that always worked fine, are now glitching in the same way (particularly Fantasy Princess). Is anyone else having this problem? I’d love to give a five star review, if I could just get this problem fixed. I’m particularly frustrated because I have paid for each of the games I play.
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4 months ago, Jpitre311
LOVE IT but one thing
This is a super fun app and I really enjoyed it, but one time I was going for a theme (black) and there wasn't any black hairs that I wanted to use and the only others were VIP. I was sad and I had to switch themes, and then eventually I didn't even do the theme. And you have to download different modes which made me super annoyed, but oh well. It didn't take long anyway. Also there was this one thing in the makeup section (idk what it's called) but it only had like 2 colors that were unlocked if I saw right, and I couldn't even use them. So yeah I hope that this doesn't make the app sound bad, bc it really isn't, and I guess that's it.
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5 years ago, RaeganRooRoo
This game is fun and all, but....
This game is literally so fun. But the problem is that you didnt put stuff in it that you think we like. The halloween prom game im playing right now, the dresses are so poofy and i HATE it. You should put some more short strait dresses cause i LOVE strait dresses you only have poofy dresses or jump suits. Which dont get me wrong i like jump suits and all but the ones you put are..uh.....UGLY!!!! No affence lol. So take my advice and put more stuff like coler full ear rings, some strait short dresses, and at least more stuff. So other than that stuff your game is really fun. Like about 20 games in one. Woah dude you blew my mind!🤣🤪😱 Sincerely, RaeganRooRoo
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5 years ago, jeussggwywqioqowsjsjdhdhdhgd
My Opinion
I love this game 😍💄You get to decorate and create your girl. In this game, it contains a lot of games in one. The games on this app can be bought in the App Store, but they are AT LEAST $2.99, while this app is free! Of course, they give you lots of options to decorate and make her pretty with, half of the options are free, but the rest is locked, but all the games are free. In each game they have spa, makeup and hair, the outfit and props, then the background. There are all different styles in each game. You don’t have to buy any of the games, you just tap it, wait for a minute, then 💥 you have one of the twenty games. This game is simple and fun. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
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2 years ago, furloydlgdgk
Every ones being mean about this app 😭😭 I love this app I have had it for about 6 years and I’m ten !!! I like this app and I think you did a magnificent job but you should make more games and more updates like ladybug girl and cat noir and you should make people able to do there nails and stuff and by read a bunch of bad reviews most of them where about the ad selection please filter them so little kids don’t get scared out of there lives anymore!! Thank you for reading I suggest this app for older kids PLEASE RESPOND
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3 years ago, IMPORTANT! READ THIS!
Creepy Glitch
So I got this game and it was great and all. My daughter loved making characters on my phone and there would be so many screenshots of them in my photos. It went well for a few months until it would get weird. It would force her to create the character she had made before, no matter which hair hair or shirt or whatever she chose. One day, we played it together and the girl was in her underwear, WITHOUT HER HEAD! My daughter thought it was being hacked, but I figured it was a glitch. We deleted the app. Hopefully the creators will work on this.
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2 years ago, Heidi Schaber
Inappropriate Ads for App rated 4 years old and up
Liked this game and allowed my children to play for months until recently my 5 and 8 year old said “mommy there’s a bad commercial”. Initially, I shrugged it off because I thought to myself “how could there be a bad ad?” But then they said a few minutes later, “it’s on again”. I rushed to see and grabbed my phone to see the end of an ad for a game or something like that. What I saw was appalling! A bedroom scene of a man and a woman( mostly their legs) in bed, rolling around, making noises- clearly sexual in nature. Another woman and her baby walking in on them gasping, then a family picture frame cracking and shattering. Infidelity and inappropriate! This was totally inappropriate especially for an app that appeals to young children and is rated 4+. Disgusted.
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3 years ago, aw is awesome10242008
I absolutely love this game!!! Every day I go through all the games on the app. It’s so much fun to experiment with the styles there are and categories! I love this game so much it’s indescribable! On the app there are multiple categories to choose from and download! Some of them include surfers, princess, rockstar, astronaut, and just normal fashion model! You can take a picture of your design once it is done and save it on your phone! On my phone I have like a million photos from this app. Also this game in my opinion is not just for little kids because sadly I’m like 12! Anyway I LOVE this game!!!!❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Ethan romanick
One of the best games I have played but...
In my opinion when you play all the games it starts to get boring because you play them over and over again then you don’t have any ideas of what to dress the girl up in because you have been playing the games in the app over and over and you have thought of everything that you could do to dress her up. Soo I would like to see more games added in the app so the people playing in the app don’t get bored of all the same games. And I would like to see a tennis girl game in the app but you don’t have to add it.
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5 years ago, Kitsu Kitty
Great Game!! Love it!!
This game is really fun. I love dressing things up!! These games are probably the best dress up games in the App Store. Although I do love them, I think the price for buying each full game is a little too high. I mean they already give you like half the stuff, so I don’t see why I should pay 3 dollars for the other half. I wish they would lower the prices or maybe offer some sort of bundle. I’m sure the games would sell more if they did, cause I can’t be the only one thinking this. Anyway, great game! Please keep making more! I enjoy playing them very much!!!
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2 years ago, kindfancydragon
This game is awesome!! You have so many choices of games to play and it never gets old. I think this game is great for kids of all ages, and is definitely worth getting! Although this game is already great, I do have one suggestion, maybe after each makeover you can sort of take a photo, or save it, and you can look back through all your makeovers and see the progress and cool makeovers you’ve done! Overall this game is great and I recommend it, that was just a suggestion! :) Thank you for Reading!!
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11 months ago, Pink Birthday Cake
I just love this game so much
I love this game so much. You can customize your character anyway you like, in your own style. I don’t like the ads, but the ads are very short. When you are offline and done customizing on a stage, when you press the arrow button to go to the next stage, it automatically takes you there, without an ad interruption. Also, I don’t like the locked items and that you have to pay. I wish all the items were free, but this game is still very fun to play.
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2 months ago, BigBryNewBodyTeam
new game (read pls)
OK I've heard a good review and some bad reviews about this game I've never really tried it out so now that I'm gonna try it out I hope it could be a good game. I like this game because I've heard many good reviews about it And some thing about it tells me there's a few bugs in one of the reviews there was a few bugs but many other reviews say it's a good game so I'm gonna try it and when I do I hope it's a good game because if I hear a good reviews and I hear bad reviews I never really know.
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5 years ago, DG TDO
awesome but takes up space
I know it’s VERY VERY VERY FUN but takes lots of space on your device I hate it but i love it since Halloween is coming up right now I am just gonna play the Halloween games and uselly it’s always Locked it’s annoying so yeah anyways if yo wanna get the app THINK ABOUT IT do you really want to take up your space and and buy something you don’t need or just not get it and SAVE your space it’s a scammm😬😬😬😬😬 so hey creator if your reading this please make a new game for haloween like ready for trick or treating or some thing so yeah please anyways THINK ABOUT IT …………………………………………………………………………………………………
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4 years ago, riv_🦈❤️
Great!!!! Just few suggestions....
I love it!! Awesome app! I just have a few suggestions, it would be really cool if you could dress up boys too, and GLASSES!! I really want glasses so I can make them look like me! And I’m sure others feel the same. It’s just is like, glasses can be fashionable!! Just think it could make others feel left out when they can’t make them look like themselves. Otherwise I love it! Best makeup and dress up game I could find! I also love the spa part! 😋😁 have a great day, I hope you take those into consideration thank you!
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1 year ago, chaznsc
It’s ok
I like the gameThe game but I really don’t like what some of the girls are saying some of the games some of them it’s just kind of feels like I know the recording but it feels like they’re fake and even if they were real and some of it is just so weird like I am ready to go to princess high school from one of the games I really don’t understand that’s really my only complaint and there’s only ads in the middle of them and they’re only five seconds so you can just skip them but I think it’s great you should totally think about getting it
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2 years ago, Charlie2183
Love it 🥰
I love this game do you know why because I have three brothers and all about the fashion but I have barely any time to actually do what I want to do which is to fashion and sometimes at me don’t ask me this but sometimes I wanna do inappropriate things to school and my mom’s like you can wear that and my brothers have to go to school and I’m in a different grade than them and I don’t have any time to do it so I can just do my fashion on my iPad which I love is why you should choose this game
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4 years ago, ukjkjhjjhkjk
Too cute
I am so obsessed with this game as it is my obsession with this app and I have a clue it was my first time playing this game today and it’s for girls so I downloaded it and left some storage on my iPad and now that I have this game I can play this game anytime you should play this too no boys allowed remember. I really liked it a lot so I tried the make up and it was working there are no issues because I have to tell you something. inStead of playing Roblox I can play this game. Big-time.
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5 years ago, Monkeygirl989
YAsssss sorry it's so long >:3
So I am 9 years old and I played peachy games my whole life and did contest with my sis and I would win I would play on moms phone on the go when at home play on iPad then when they were gone I cried cause I looked everywhere then I found this and I was so happy and I downloaded it right that second without reading feedback I sat there for 2or 3 hours playing the same one cause I was scared for storage then I check and is had so much room so I downloaded some more TYSM thank u so much for my childhood
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2 months ago, PrettyPrincess❤️
Amazing game!!😇
I have been obsessed with this since day one and I really loved it. The only thing that confused me when it said take like 67 and be off of your phone or whatever you’re playing on but that didn’t stop me from playing it, and I have been playing it ever since. I could tell the developers put in so much work on this, so I really would recommend it also it is not just one game. It is a lot of games in one.😊😊😊😁😁😇
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2 years ago, lamreona
It’s ok.
This app is not bad. However it does not seem to support family sharing. Secondly the adds are annoying and if you have to pay three dollars for everything you want why not just charge for the app to begin with instead of having to pay three dollars for each individual add-on I think that is unfair. When children play this and adds are constantly popping up it’s interrupting their play and they get frustrated with it so the added frustration to me is not worth it definitely have to give this app a low rating just for that
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3 years ago, ken&junita
Dress up & make up girl
This is the best game ever it is so much fun although I need some more games I have played every single game on this app This app needs new games brand new ones but all the loud very fun and relaxing you have to just Watch some Adds but overall it is the best game ever so what are you waiting for quick drag what are we need to do if you are girl And like dressing up doing make up putting on jewelry and trying to styles then this is the game for you
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5 years ago, tay fashion app lover
The best peachy app ever ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I think it is a very good app .Because it takes less storage than when the apps are separate .then it has so many apps you wont know wich app play first .the 3 games I love the most are tropical princess frost ballerina and super model . Almost all of them have the 3characters while in the separate app you have 2 of them . Well guys thanks for reading my opinion about the app ,bye bye👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😍🙂🙂🙂😃😃😃😃😃
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4 years ago, Karmic Belly
Very good!
So I really think this is really good. And thank you for not adding where you an amount of money and if you can get this expensive dress. I literally HATE when that happens. But why do you have to add MB’s to my device? I have to keep deleting it then re-downloading it to play.. I mean I’m fine with it, just if you can fix that I’m sure more people will play! But your game makes me wanna play roblox and stop playing this. Which is exciting :D ! Thank you for making this fantastic game. Bye!!
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6 months ago, It won’t let me get one star
I REALLY LOVE IT the best thing is that you get to do the spa and the dress up it has pently of games no payment and no sighing up also no adds just a small bit I really like it you can pick out there clothes and there make up so much fun my favorite is the wedding make up game it’s so amazing once you do all of the games you get kinda bored but it will be still fun but it’s ONLY FOR GIRLS NOT BOYS if the boys play this game IT NOWS IF YOUR A BOY IT WILL KICK YOU OUT LIKE IT DID TO MY BROTHER so mean right? I love it so so so much. LOVE YIU GUYS
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4 years ago, Natti🙈
So I’ve been having this game for a while now and little by little I’ve been noticing that when you want to purchase the game and do full version it’s asking 2.00 so in my opinion that’s a little toooooo much for a game that will get boring easily and I know that I don’t have to purchase full version but without the full version you barely have any options to pick for you avatar so by the end your left with spending 2.00,So think about that is that really a good idea for a kid game that is gonna get boring fast?
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2 years ago, 𝕬𝕭𝕹1022
What an amazing game but two problems *read please *
So I love this game but not trying to be racist but most of the models are white and little are black and that’s not fair like can we add Mexicans or Haitian or just different region Just in general. And also there are so many ads for example if you were doing lipstick there would be a ad after that they short but those ads blow me 🤯 but other then that the game is so much fun !
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5 years ago, rylee dug
Dress up & makeup girl game
This game is so so fun and you get to do so many things and you can put clothes on her and do her makeup so I give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if you don’t get it then I would get it now if I were you so you should get this game now thank you for reading my long boring message I am so sorry I wasted your time on this boring message I am done with this message my finger hurts so goodbye don’t forget to get the game you shouldn’t forget after this long message now goodbye.👋
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1 year ago, Faly. Bear
This is my ice princess
She is a ice princess that has lost all her life somehow someone else adopted her and she has always been famous but she got took by her real family she got back with her family and she has been in a school .She is a famous singer who has been in a band for the rest of har life she has been a famous dancer and singer in a band she was dead in 2023 people remember her from this This story has been a. Good. Story
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4 years ago, Morank1
I’m really love this game and I’m a nine year old in corona virus so I’m bored out of my mind! And I was randomly looking through my old apps that I deleted...from a year ago and found this I was like, ok fine I’ll try it and it was a amazing experience and I really love that the games are free 🙂 ( ok I had to do this cuz everyone else had a emoji in their review XD ) I always play the ice queen and the skater game they are my faves! I would totally recommend this to a bored fashionista. :)
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2 years ago, ggvjhvjhb
Please read
It’s a fun game but it could have more themes or like a new theme every week. And yes, I’m noticing that it would be extra work for the creators of the game but maybe it would get a lot more people to get the game. And maybe you could unlock a few more things here and there. I mean, I kind of want a you know a way to unlock EVERYTHING at once. I think a lot of people with money to spend would really appreciate that too. I hope you read this and reply.
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4 years ago, lady candy pop 18796
To many glitches
When I first got it it was so fun but now it just crash few days ago after I did the spa a glitch exit out of the game but it was still there so one day played it and there it’s was It’s keep doing it again and again and again and again and again and again AND AGAIN!!!!!! So I was SO MAD and you guess it I dilated it peachy games. GONE ITS GONE FOR Good I’m telling the truth I hate it so it not my foriarte game eneymore so bye
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