Drift Hunters

4.7 (6.8K)
790.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ilya Kaminetsky
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drift Hunters

4.67 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
1 year ago, FriendlyGuyEthan
Love it and want it to go further
I really love this game and the way the tracks and cars feel, however I feel like this game could improve its promotion and the game, first i would start by improving the game. The things i would love to see are a bit more customization to the cars and tuning to the cars, the implication to possible map creations would be fire, but not necessary, maybe an online and/or a career mode. Racing would be a fun experience and even custom lobbies with ofc different options to do either races, drift battles, and absolutely would have to have the ability to go through eachother otherwise people might get mad. I would also really love to see burnouts and tire smoke, the possibilities to this game are endless and I hope this review makes you guys think about this. Lastly if you do make any of these changes especially online play, please promote the game as much as you can!!!!
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5 years ago, ForsakentheTruth
( ^: Sound Update :^ )
We’ve all asked for it, some of us more persistent than others, but this game needs an update for the love of god. This game isn’t bad at all. Awesome arcade drifter. Sometimes I’m having so much fun I forget how fast I’m going and completely lose control, lose my combo, get mad, repeat! The only problem is that I have to play with the sound off because a V8 C-Class sounds like a literal lawnmower swapped hatchback some high schooler from the Bronx calls his “daily driver.” The sound is the main issue. Physics are awesome, it’s an arcade drifter just the “drift” part alone gets me going. But the rev tuning is so... unreal. Gives me headaches. One listen of a real manual gearbox car and you’d say “oh that’s bad.” I’m personally not asking for an Update Haul but just a audio update would make this game a lot, and I mean a lot better. I mean you guys are on the top searches for the word “drift.” Why not take the extra half step and do a sound update and I can assure you, developer(s) that this game will be top 3 if not number 1 on the charts!
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4 years ago, TheCoolDude92
This game is sooooo good ☺️
Once my friend showed me this I loved this game as soon as I saw it, and there’s a glitch in the map forest where if you go behind any fences it’ll glitch you out and send you flying or go under the map, I recommend other to try this glitch but anyways I love this game and I want to see an update where there should be more maps, more cars, challenges, liveries and so much more and if you guys make an update, please change the sound of the cars because the sound of them doesn’t sound like the car your driving and please make this game multiplayer!! 😁👌
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3 years ago, Momo Johnny
Great Game. Little Improvements Needed
This game is really fun! You have tons of cars to choose from and the maps are decent sized. The drifting takes a little practice but after 10 minutes i knew what i was doing. You can also tune your cars to which is very fun. But the little improvements that should be fixed/Added is the driving and sounds. The sounds are great but the Hellcat is the only car that has an different sound and thats only in idle. And the turbo sounds great but a little improvement could be done. Now on the driving side, i know the whole purpose of this game is to drift but at the same time when trying to normally drive in a straight line, the car will easily spin out. At least for me. Again, great game. I definitely recommend giving it a try. Many people definitely will like this game.
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9 months ago, r🌙f
DEVELOPER, please read!
I’ve been playing the game for more than like 4 years. I have seen all the changes that this game has had. Recently I decided to purchase all the maps in the game. Before I did that the game ran perfectly smooth performance wise. Now I can’t play due to a high amount of lag. This happened all of a sudden right after I purchased all of the maps. Nothing on my end could possibly be causing this. I have a high end device that is a newer model and nothing else like low battery possibly interfering with performance. This happened to a while back too when I purchased all the maps where free. I have every car and every map in the game too by the way. Too recap everything I said. The game has become very laggy and unstable when I purchased all of the maps. There is nothing on my end that could be causing this. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Element11425
Great but flawed
I have the iPhone 8 an the fps is terrible cuz of (my guess) how good the graphics an all that is (most games I play run just fine besides the games that go overboard on graphics like this). I use to play this in class on the chrome books an it would always be nice to play but I see they’ve brought it to phone an idk if a phone can run this as good as a computer an how they’re making it. By all means I’d love to see it but try to work towards making it easier for the game to run. Ik my phone is old but mine isn’t the only one that’s old an the iPhone 12 isn’t so cheap 😂. Unlike most developers nowadays, take your time with it. Rushing things can lead to a 12 y/o sweat ready to one pump ya. Take it from fortnite. Other than that it’s the best drifting game Ik.
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1 year ago, Russk1sn1per
Things you should add into the game
First off I want to say I love this game I play it every time I get bored to kill time. But getting into what you guys should add is drifting missions, make you own drift track, stunt points, like for example doing a car jump will give you in game currency so basically another way of making money, also add in jumps and ramps. You guys should also add in car customization options like choosing spoiler, skirts, hood, chassis, and a whole lot more of customization. Also add in a weather system just to add to be more realistic. In game radio systems. Add in more vehicles such as trucks, motorcycles and a whole lot more.
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3 years ago, thanks crators
Well I have no words but only a minor issue!
The sound of the r34 skyline sounds like a mouth car sound! Change the sound make the sound real. Audio update we all ask. Pls respond and don’t take the sounds stupidly! Great game tho. Except you can’t customize the body like parts on the interior or outside! Also it would be nice for a 1st person view! Love this game! Otherwise that I love this arcade drifter one of the best drifting games! Keep up the updates and hard work! Just pls fix! Thank you!
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1 year ago, diegoandres done
No online?
This game is really good but now i don't really play it but now since I'm looking back to this game I am writing a review on it. Drift hunters is a really good game because you could drift and it is really cool but there is no online tandem drift or anything like that. It’s just you in a quiet map just drifting your sorrows away or something lol but I think a lot of people will agree with me too. This game is Really fun just no tandem drift with REAL people and not npc’s so if you can add these things I think a lot of people that quit the game will hear about it and start playing it again like me.
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1 year ago, Waiting for better...
Very Nice in General
The game itself is full of many cars to select, and good ways to earn cash. Although, there are some small issues. For one, sometimes it presents the option to double your racing reward for watching an ad. when you tap no, it gives you one anyway without giving you extra cash. The other thing is with the controls. Sometimes when drifting it switches your camera over and causes you to swerve in the other direction. I do bot know if this is intentional or not. Overall, good game, good graphucs, good most things.
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5 years ago, --Pichu--
The game is great but
I would give a better review but it has loads of lag spikes and in less than 5 minutes into gameplay it crashes i don’t have the worst phone i have an iPhone 6 but If my phone can handle real racing 3 asphalt 9 CarX drift racing 2 and all the other great car games for mobile then there’s something wrong with the app Also it still crashes on the lowest graphics setting which looks like no difference at all Edit: you just have to close your 30 other apps What is wrong with me
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2 years ago, good or bad game reviews
Slight adjustments please?
Truly an amazing game… but i just wish i can make some visual adjustments to the actual car… like if it’s possible can you allow us to be able to add a spoiler/wing, skirts, fenders, bumpers, hoods and roofs. also the game is cool but i just wish the sound wasn’t as bad as it is… if the developers can adjust the sounds and make the cars far more customizable this game would be a 5/5… drifting mechanics are amazing, not to much smoke so it’s realistic, they made an update that made the paint more realistic than before… but overall this game is really good.
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4 years ago, Dyllon Spease
Minor drawbacks
This game is all around really good, the graphics are great and the physics are awesome but it would be cool to have more realistic sounds, specifically the turbo because the sound is like you let off the gas, but while you're accelerating, I also think it would be a good investment to have a little more tuning, internally and externally such as the engine and some body mods, another idea is some more tracks but that's not a necessity because the tracks it does have are pretty cool, so I hope the developers take this stuff into consideration because it would make the game a 5 star game
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6 years ago, JesusUchiha
Update the game!!!!! I already have all the cars and I have so much points/money. I don’t know what to do. Add challenges that would need yoI to get a certain amount of drift points to pass or to hold the drift for a certain amount of time. new features, new maps, more cars. Everything pvp or pve races or time trials. More customizable options. Body kits light color. Graphics or designs on the car. Add friends online. You guys can do a lot with this game. Hope you guys see this. Me and my friends love this game!! We play everyday
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1 year ago, A concerned someone
This game has fallen off like crazy
I came to this game from the classic unity browser game and at first it was good with a few irks but still fun and enjoyable. I decided to play it again today and it actually horrible. The gameplay is still fine but now the highest multiplier you can get is x2!?!? In the browser game you could get x16 and on top of that you need to pay for tracks?!?!? And full tuning!?!?! Even just a couple months ago you didn't need to do that. The game is still fun so i will continue to play but this is extremely infuriating how hard it is to get money and now how important it is. I am severely frustrated and disappointed.
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6 years ago, RaspberryAceYT
This is App Of The Year Stuff.
I am a JDM fan. I looked up JDM car games on App Store since I was bored. At first I overlooked this game since the controlling at first was really hard. I deleted the game until maybe 2 months later , I tried again and I noticed you can use an 86 , and I was watching a bunch of initial d around there which gave some inspiration. Then on , I got used to the Togue track, and I loved this game. Controller compatibility would be cool as well though. You did well on the game though. 5 stars worth.
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3 years ago, Horrible459
This game was overall pretty bare bones, decent tuning and mods, good car selection, aight maps, and decent graphics. Very fun game, but just basic. Now the graphics are amazing, the s2k doesn’t sound like crap, and you can’t drive off the edge of the city map. Although, I wish you added maps instead of completely getting rid of the old ones, as I did have a liking for the old ones like city where you could farm money.
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2 years ago, Skdj2939
Ideas for the next update!
The sounds of the cars, to me personally I think they should be more realistic to the type of car it is, say the skyline, make it sound like a real skyline, the mustang, make it sound like a mustang, ect. Also another thing that should be added is the ability to have the app to do body changes to the car. Other then that it’s a fun game to play.
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4 months ago, FaZe magic07
Best drifting/car game you can get on iOS!
This game is so good I’m like addicted I have every car and I can’t wait for new updates better graphics and online I’m so hyped to see how they will move forward with this game hopefully bring it to console this game is the best car and drifting game you can get right now I love it my mom loves it so you should love it can’t wait for the future!!!
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2 years ago, fpoueornqbdmdnx
Great game but maybe an idea
I like this game because it gives me the action of my drifting love but there is one thing I was hoping for in a game like this, online multiplayer. I know that might be a lot of work but I would really like it if you could maybe implement the idea of multiplayer into the game so we won’t be drifting alone in the game because it does get pretty lonely in the game. So, I would really love it if you could add multiplayer to this great game that y’all have created.
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6 years ago, There's a Snake in my Büt.
Controller/Gamepad Support: Wanted.
Love this game. It's fantastic with great physics and all the bells and whistles you could want... except controller support. If that were added I would absolutely give this game a 5 star rating but until then it remains 4. All I'm asking for is some Forza (or similar racing game) style controls that let me drift without all the control buttons and my thumbs in the way of the screen. But, nevertheless, this is still a great game worth you time and if it's free what more do you really need? Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, super noddles 34
Please add a new car 😎🤜🤛🚘 and others
I now played this game since a month ago but i deleted it then i downloaded it back and I’m still new but some newbies need a better ride please add decals and awesome body kits plus a new update car the newbies would be happy to get a new update with a car they never saw the “new update car” please add update and a new car thats good enough for the newbies to keep playing Thank you 👊🙂
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1 year ago, Game 👍 or 👎?
Why did they even make this update?
So I actually deleted this game a little while ago now because of this new update. Everything like slanting the wheels, extending the axle length, changing the rims, etc. used to all be free. Right? Well now with this new update you have to pay for all that stuff now which NOBODY wants to do and it is just especially annoying because all that stuff used to be all free! Like not that long ago ether. So yeah drift hunters please make everything free again instead of having to pay for everything.
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5 months ago, Yoitzenrique
It’s the best game ever don’t listen to bad review
The any car of good handling and had good sound. The quality is even good and the graphics I couldn’t take it I kept this game for months and don’t listen to one star review if you listen to those they’re wrong Trust me, the graphics is good The maps is even better. That’s the reason why I give it five star.🙏😇
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3 years ago, GonnaSnipeYa35
Needs a bug fix update.
I know this game just had a major update and I love the new update. Although it does seem to crash a lot and I can’t even load it on my iPhone 6. It just shows 3 different colored screens then crashes. I can barely play it on my very new iPad. It crashes every time an add pops up and when I try to load into certain maps. Please fix this crashing glitch. Thank you!
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6 years ago, aidan schwartz
I love the game I’ve had it before my Apple ID was disabled and I played it on the computer and their both such a really good experience but the only thing I wish the game had was online to I could make tandems with my friends but I can’t so if you could add online and also make a private and public severs if you do make online cuz I know people would love to mess up tandems
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3 years ago, jdmjoyride
Riced Miata noises?
This game is great OK.... But you really need to find a different sound setup. the backfire sounds like someone is popping balloons inside the car, and the engine sounds like a ****box Miatas and also you need to fix the turbo fluttering while your accelerating and it would be nice if it actually fluttered instead of...squeaking? But the controls are very good I like the performance change of low tier cars to high tier cars and the map diversity but soon is🗑
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3 years ago, Tatoe 🚀
I love the new update but..
I love the new update but I understand this is a game overhaul update but Jesus the prices of the upgrades went from 30,000 to like 200,000 points a upgrade. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make everytime I get into a good drift I’m not sure what’s happening but it’s like my car stalls out and spins me out of control/ the engine cuts power. I tried to slow my drifts down a bit to see if it was the speed I was going but that wasn’t the problem at all. Other than that I love this update.
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2 years ago, dtujtxutxixi
Amazing but…
This game is AMAZING . The car models are cool, the tracks are awesome, and graphics are pretty decent. The sound could use a little work though . Also I agree with what good and bad game reviews said, I would like to be able to put things on my car. Other than that you guys made a terrific game. P.S. could you add the Lamborghini?
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6 months ago, Neededreview
Great game, could be so much more
I have been playing this game for a little over a year now, I love the way to earn money and all the maps that go with it, but it’s time to bring a car expansion to the game along with a few more playground maps like ocean city with them, this will expand it to a much bigger game and allow more people to see the cars they love and drive them.
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2 years ago, luke westland
Change it back!
Now, I’m fine if you update the game, but this new update is on a whole new level of frustrating! The new sounds are totally unrealistic and inaccurate, the game is riddled with a bug that crashes the game whenever you try to leave the game, and worst of all, THE GAME ROTATES THE SCREEN UPSIDE DOWN!!!! The old version is WAY better then this pile of garbage! Change it back or I’m leaving! Oh! and let’s not forget the fact that this game will use your personal data to track you and use it for cash!
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3 years ago, Diego Galindo Parral
Great But Needs A Update
Over all i love the game and how it has all these different cars and different ways you could customize them. The reason i gave it 4 stars was because it really needs a sound effect update and have each car sound different. Also it would be great if the developers could add a way to race online or with friends but tbh the game itself is great.
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7 years ago, LatchedDRIFT
WOW! The game is perfect!
This has to be Atleast below CarX drift racing, I thought this was going to be another trash game but it turned out to be really addicting! I've made a google+ community about the game if you want to check it out :) keep up the good work! Oh and one more thing...it would be awesome if you can add multiplayer and something similar to the ebisu circuit! Thank you for your time :D
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5 years ago, Andy7078
Love It!!!!
I love this game it is tons of fun to play but there are some problems with it. The multipliers in the game don’t actually effect anything in the game and I have this game on another account but I can’t log in as that account because you can’t make accounts in this game besides that this game is the BEST!!! I have so much fun in all the cars the graphics are good and best of all it’s free!!!!
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4 years ago, jaydenseth03
This game is awesome I’ve been looking and searching for a game like drift hunters. Drift hunters has a lot of my favorite cars and just to be able to drive and drift in them is like a dream come true to me but there is only 1 little problem we need more cars we need more sports cars like some corvettes some Lamborghinis some Ferrari’s more sports cars other than that this game is absolutely amazing awesome job keep up the good work 👍😁
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5 years ago, ItsYoBoiWill08
Needs some improvement
I have this app on my iPad, it is the best game I have. But, I have unlocked everything and every upgrade for every car. You guys should add challenges, like maybe you have to hold a drift for 5 second? Also, you guys need to add decals!!! The cars are plain, and the colors are a bit boring. Maybe make a choice between metallic, matte, classic, and prelasant. Also add in closed friend sessions and private sessions. For the following reasons, I rate this app three stars.
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3 years ago, cc_car _culture
Favorite app love the new update
I have been playing this game for a while before the new update and it was my favorite game on my phone and I had been waiting for a new update for a long time I was so happy when I saw this new update I love it can’t wait to see more in the future thank you
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2 months ago, Bananaduckdrifting
Dear Developer. I love your game and I have a idea for a new game mode/online drifting if you have wi-fi / internet you can play on public servers and maybe even private servers but in the other hand you game is amazing and I love playing it. On a side note you should add for maps but it’s up to you but the current maps are great but please add an online game mode. Thank you :)
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5 years ago, In2mus
Update the game please
I enjoy this game so much to a point where I play it everyday, it’s my daily routine. The only problem I have with this game is that there’s not enough maps, I’m starting to get tired of the same old maps and the same old drift lines. but other than that this game is literally perfect great job and keep it up.
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7 years ago, Austin_Kane417
One problem
I like this game a lot, I really do. The physics are there, car choice is awesome as well. The only problem I just have one problem, I can’t upgrade my cars. I’m on iOS and there is no option for me to stance, upgrade the engine, brakes, weight reduction, etc. I just can’t find the Upgrade menu at all. Please fix this
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3 years ago, daddy pillssssd
Really great although
This game is by far the best most realistic game I have play it dose need an update and may suggest a multiplayer mode so you can tandem with your friends! Also I would like to see more maps and car body modifications like body kits and things like that just things to make the game more fun and better!
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3 years ago, chevyle
From Isaac dome requests please read
I would like to request you put the ice map on computer i can only play computer and i cant get ice map on it also could you do like a bug fix or something when i try to get on it on my phone it wont load and kicks me off just a request hope you respond
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3 years ago, Kurveous
Needs Actual Customization Options
There’s no spoilers you can add, or side skirtd or anything. The car just comes with whatever it already has. I would just accept if you just added spoilers, that would be enough. Just something small like that would be enough, so let something like that be in the next update or soon at least.
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1 year ago, asdlkfnen
Fog mountains hit boxes don’t work
On fog mountain you can’t get wall traps and when you hit the wall it doesn’t restart. I love the map and it is cool getting insane combo numbers but it would better if it was like the rest of the maps. That’s my only problem great game over all 👍
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3 years ago, Jtrac3r
Love it
This game is great! Helps me pass time, but I wish there were more features like career or campaign, multiplayer etc. Great game but I think it could use some multiplayer definitely. I also like the way we get money because it’s always hard to get money in games to get better upgrades and/or cars
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3 years ago, Axletruck
This is the best
I remember before that I would play this game on my big brother’s school Laptop then they banned it. I was sad but it was O.K. I didn’t know this game existed on phones. I got it three days ago and finished most part of the game. I would appreciate so much if you great people can make a great update. I hope you do, Please, and Thank You!
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2 years ago, genji_katana rolblox account
Also forgot
Hello again I forgot something else too there is some glitches that there is the steering like you turn right but you go straight it's kinda messed up a bit but still 4/5 oh and please add another touge map bc my inner initial D is coming out ;-;
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11 months ago, joeseph trap
It’s okay, but could do better.
For a mobile game, it’s pretty okay. not to bad not too terrible. The controls are super fun but the cost of car customization in game is way too much, meaning you would have to grind in hours in order to fully deck out the car of your choice. The maps are pretty buggy too and at the end of almost every linear track, there is a bottomless pit that you fall into with no collision detection.
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7 years ago, Munsta Bomb Official
Good but there is a lot of things that need to be added
The game is good but there is things that need to be made in the game! People want to costume their car. Like no bumpers, rocketbunny body kit and more! The other thing that handling is a bit of. You should try to fix that! PLEASE! The maps are pretty boring... But the map touge map is pretty good. Graphics it doesn't really matter to be honest but it will be pretty kinda good if you upgrade it!
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5 years ago, TexTheRex
Great game with lots of potential!
this is the closest to a real and solid drift game I’ve ever seen on the app store but it’s lacking content. They should add more maps as well as body kits/parts for the cars too, and I can imagine a great opportunity for them to make crates and allow you to unlock rare parts or cars. If this game was constantly being updated and the devs truly worked on it I wouldn’t be surprised if it blew up
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