Drift legends

4.3 (2.2K)
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Last update
6 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drift legends

4.34 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Gsomniac
Just one issue
My first impression of this game was like "whoa that looks like a pretty rad drifting game" and I'm a huge fan of the JDM scene and drift scene blah blah blah..... basically I love cars. I'm not too big on downloading many drift games because one issue I always come by are the controls. Never seems to fail by creeping up on me. I seen in a review that someone was complaining about the tilt controls and I agree. I love using tilt controls because I feel like I have full control over the car. You the developer strongly recommended to use the buttons but I'm not a big fan of button and steering wheel controls. I did practice mode and it was going well until the car starting locking up and not responding to buttons well so I went straight to tilt and it was even worse. The junker car was just fish tailing all over the place and I'm a pretty good drifter in CarX Drift but jeez was I getting frustrated on how badly the car was not responding. I honestly love the wide variety of JDM cars and graphics of this game but the controls are just utterly disappointing. My honest review would be a 4.7/5 stars if I could give that. Really great game and looking forward to mastering the difficulty of the tilt controls but I would love to see major improvements on all three controls. Controls are not bad but they're not perfect either.
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5 years ago, JohnB551
Crash every time
When I launch the app on my iPhone 6, it crashes. I tried to restart my phone and try again but the game keep on crashing. I have played the game before the new update and it was fine but now I can’t even play. Also, note to devs: please make the career mode easier as the game is very hard for me now. If you can make the game easier to play then it would be a lot of fun to play. Also, add more cars and customization. Definitely fix the physics a little bit. Make it so that you won’t lose too much speed when you drift because the speed decrease fast when you drift so.. Otherwise the game is perfect!
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7 years ago, Vstriker1
Odd quirks
This game is quite fun. But there's a couple issues, which are to be expected from any game. I like the handling model, and the advertisement claiming that this is easy to pick up, but hard to master, stands true. But going through the game I reached the American cup and had bought the first American car. But there's one glaring issue. The car doesn't exactly drift. When I go past a certain angle on the initiation and try to maintain the drift, the car consistently spins out. I'm not sure if it was intentional. But I ended up wasting 150,000 credits/cash in the game for a car that can't drift. Also as a FYI I use the tilt steering control. And I've tried different initiations and steering angles yet that car is just a hassle. And the large decrease in the multiplier is a bit odd as well. And one of the few nit picks I have is the lack of manual transmission with a clutch. It's odd claiming to be able to feel all of the cars characteristics like weight and power, but without the manual transmission, it ruins the immersion. And quite possibly vinyl presets for the cars that you can add, and being able to change the rim color instead of two of the same rim, one black, the other a different color. But with some work, this game can be amazing
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5 years ago, Games i would play
More Customizable Options??
It’s an awesome game, I really like how it has all these modes and different challenges. And the feeling of getting a pretty good drift is like a little adrenaline kicker. The graphics are beautiful and the effects are cool too. A wide variety of cars and good looking paint options. But this is where it kinda gets limited. Only a few selection of different wheels. The car itself you can’t customize or change much of the body. And another thing that would be awesome is a day and night option, or day gradually becoming night, and then day. These are just suggestions, still a great game. Although it might be the developer’s choice to only have a few selection of customizable options, it would be more interesting to have a little more control over the cars.
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6 years ago, Numbsuicide
So i very much love this game, its gotten to the point where i try and make drift edit videos with music over them, i love the cars they have in the game, and i like the maps for the most part. However there are some maps that are missing from practice that are in the “campaign” missions, and i wish they would be included in practice. I wish i could play against my friends in multiplayer buy im not complaining rn as they just recently put in multiplayer and are still currently working on it. Each car has its own sound which i really like, i like the picture / drone mode i just wish it had a little bit more options, maybe filters or 1st person view. Other then those very small problems, i cant stop playing this game.
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6 years ago, Thatguywithaphone
Nearly perfect
Everything about this game is perfect with the exception of the steering wheel controls. The reward system is perfect, you have to play and you do have to hone your skills but everything is very much obtainable. I know you guys recommended the buttons and they do work well but I love the steering controls in a drift game, these controls here are way to dramatic. Suggest slowing the steering rotation so that it’s not as sharp and making it slightly more responsive to quick left- right, right- left movements. Overall you guys completely nailed it. Hope to see a few more upgrade options for the cars in the future too.
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7 years ago, Trash Bootycoon
This game is amazing for drifting and being able to hold the gas almost the whole time n let them roast! I’m in the pro league now and the game is awesome. But We need different rims. You guys have 2 sets of rims period. 4 of I think the 5 pairs of the rims look identical. And they’re all 5 spoke. Put some bbs rims n other rims forsure. Graphic wraps would be rad, and maybe an open parking lot for us to make our own kind of track. But overall for drifting mechanics game is rad! I use the buttons. Tilt and wheel are a lot harder to use. I almost have the wheel on lock but still anooying if u over correct but yeah solid 4.5/5 ! Congrats on the best drifting game on the App Store
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6 years ago, Khou8
Really is a wonderful game to slide and rip on! Button controls are the way to go as suggested because all others are near impossible to execute with any flair. Love the wide selection of cars and types. A slight thing though is if you try to wall tap like in real life, it counts against you even though it is a show of skill. I think if you tap the wall and it doesn’t change the angle of drift it shouldn’t be punished just like in Formula Drift. Also soft body physics like ripping off bumpers would be super rad as well to keep the game from getting monotonous. All things considered, still my favorite racing game👍🏻
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5 years ago, c4morr70
Nice game,but could use some updates
This game is so awesome and addictive but you only have a few wheel options and you can only add paint and no car upgrades I would love it if you added decals to the game to put on your car and it would be nice if you could do bodywork on your Caspar and change your tires and change your rim colors,oh... and make the drifting a little bit controllable cuz when I go to drift sometimes the car just slides and hits the wall other than that it’s a great game
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6 years ago, lilmommabear
Stuff to add plz
Please add stuff like upgrades and stickers because I feel like it is not very fast and can you also add online racing and to not drift😋 and please add a first person view because the first person view is not a first person view it is a hood camra view and also I want to become a professional racecar driver when I get older and I want to have a drift car I feel like I am 5 mm from the wall in this game I feel like I'm on the edge of the track and also the qualifying of the amateur league The track is very thin could you make the track a little wider please answer 😃
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6 years ago, BluntForceOne
Love it but want to help
I absolutely love this game, my favorite mobile drift game to date. Amazing cars amazing tracks, graphics are up there and everything is perfect with this but... I’d like to see more cars in the future, more rims with the ability to chose your color, speaking of color, it’d be nice to see some form of a paint booth where you can customize the color mixes, finishes, patterns. Also body kits and delete kits would be interesting to see for each car. If some of these make it into the game in the near future that’d be awesome! Okay going back to being sideways and racking up points!🤙🏼
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6 years ago, SkyLinePon3
This game is incredible, and is by far the best drifting game I’ve ever played on iOS. But there is one problem: I have beat the entire game and bought every single car available, but I don’t wanna start from the beginning. Black Fox save me! Please add more! More cars, more tracks, more secrets, more music, ANYTHING!!!! I’m desperate for a reason to keep playing this fantastic game. Oh and one more thing. It’s about the Formula One car and Liberty Walk GTR. I think they are a little too fast. Could you slow them down just a little? Thank you. Respond when you have read this.
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6 years ago, 93rdg37
Handling, vehicle motions, graphics, ect all great. Thoroughly enjoyed the game. Motions of vehicle, options in driving modes, and vehicles all are great. Even loved the sounds of the blow off valves, and noticed the fire spit on correct timing. Good job to these developers. Will continue to play and wait for expansion or next gen. Would love to see more customization but understand to provide the quality on all ends would be a lot. But more cars, options of sedan coupe model, wheel color, and modification processes. Either way gonna keep playing!
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4 years ago, XxSkylinexX
Best Mobile Drifting game out there
At first I thought this game was gonna be not great but I got it and I fell in love with it. The game has good graphics and some really cool rides and the game challenges me to push it to the limit. Since I am a Initial D fan I love how they have the 86 with correct wheels it uses and I have to play some EuroBeat while playing the game it makes it better it has other cool features If you are debating whether to get the game or not you should definitely get it and play some music behind it.
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5 years ago, ZombieAssassin8529
Detail and texture
I like it. The problem is just that some of the challenges are really challenging but I love a good challenge myself. In fact I’m a challenge. This game does really good with all of the controls and it has detail and some of the drifting games I downloaded doesn’t. The game is specially made for drifting and the texture of how you wanted is amazing plus one tip, make the cars get the chance to do your own customizations because I would love to add a huge retarded liberty walk wing on some of the cars ._. .<.
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4 years ago, kelvinlazo
The game itself is just amazing I love it I don’t have any problems with game but what I would like is to add more cars like hatch backs and other types but what I really would like is the customization for the car it self like adding more rim variety and adding bumper options like rocket bunny sets and others things like that,also adding different types of spoilers to,but from there I don’t have any problems with steering or anything else the game is great
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6 years ago, Mickayyyyyee
Very Attentive
I got this game not to long ago along with some other drift games and this is the only one I’ve kept. Honestly at first it won’t be as fun but definitely keep playing and it’ll catch your attention. I love drifting myself and the way the tracks and cars are built, there’s no better combination. You got all the perfect turns, wide angle, boost and e-brake;) definitely a more portable drift relief for sure... I definitely recommend this game to all my fellow drift lovers!
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6 years ago, 1299ksjxhxhsbznxn
This game needs some work
I stumbled On this game while I was searching for good racing game this game is really appealing but the controls need work for example the e-brake needs to be able to be moved around to different positions like to the left or right bottom or top. Also the first turbo drift car made me throw my phone it is horrible the first car is 10x better it loses control and spins all over the place but otherwise this game is in all other aspects
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2 years ago, diaseqn
♾/♾ on mobile and xbox
On my birthday, i got a $25 xbox gift card. I bought a couple games and came across this. I was like: “this ain’t gonna be a good game but screw it” i was wrong. This has to be the most and best realistic drifting game i played in drifting history! (Despite car x drift on mobile) how can it be this realistic?!? HOW?!? PLEASE…. PLEASEE… KEEP MAKING GAMES!!!!! And also can you make it to where you can sell cars on xbox and mobile
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4 years ago, krussell22
Finally figured out the trick!!
Go side to side! Seriously, accelerate down a Straight, click/go left, right, left, right - imagine you’re a Formula 1 car warming up your tires before a race. Go side to side and you’ll get lots of points, you’ll be set up to do corners better without going to fast, and you won’t hit into stuff so much. Took me a while to figure this out - that’s the best way I can describe. Hey now I’m addicted to this game. I love it. Well done
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5 years ago, Boomertown217
Amazing Game
I was looking around on the App Store one day for a drifting game and found this. A lot of the “drifting” games out here are just low quality and not very fun. This on this other hand is great and tons of fun. I like how also the controls are not really easy, I like how you have to put some work into the game to really be able to perform. I absolutely love the game so far and I’m stoked to see what you guys have in store for later updates!
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2 years ago, nic????ame
Games pretty good but
Bro this game is great I enjoy drifting to music and stuff but like the amateur muscle thing is stupid at the end bro like 9000 in three minutes you really think I can afford the mustang at the time or smthn like making money is not the fun when you have to grind because grinding in this game is not the fun is all and the challenger will not make it to nine thousand like jeez dude you expect me to be profesional or something
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7 years ago, *BigBoy*
Keep up with the constant updates revealing more awesome stuff. As you continue through these updates, you should consider adding more customizations such as exhaust systems or body kits. It would also be great to introduce muscle cars such as a 1969 Camaro. What do you think? Can you add these things eventually? I just want to continue seeing more updates to continue bettering the game. :-)
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7 years ago, Kevvin33
Awesome game
I really do like this game. It is fun, and you can play it for a very long time without getting bored. And with the addition of daily challenges, there’s even more reason to keep playing. You can always do something new to improve your time, and there are so many vehicles and tracks. The sounds effects and music are very good. This has to be my favorite mobile game.
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5 years ago, evuo.
Ads will still pop up
Advertisements will STILL appear time to time even after purchasing the package that "disables" advertisements. That's my biggest complaint. Controls make the cars unpredictable unless you're using the tofu taxi itself. That being said, one of my favorite mobile games. Great graphics, easy to kill time and nothing beats hitting that perfect drift. Would give 4.5 but can't give half stars.
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4 years ago, HGX T-12
A few suggestions.
First I think the graphics are superb for a mobile game, and that should be commended. However, the game claims to be realistic, but is not in many main areas. Perhaps it might be able to live up to this claim by making the handbrake a mechanism to initiate drift instead of a controlled stop, making the brake pedal the controlled stop instead of reverse, and not automatically counter steering. This would make the game (in my opinion) a lot more fun. There is a lot of potential in this game, and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.
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7 years ago, Mother Goosh
Great game but it has flaws
I love the game. It has amazing graphics and decent physics. Only problem I have with it, is that it absolutely DRAINS my phones battery. I assume it’s because of the quality but either way there should be an option to turn the resolution up and down. Also there should be visual customization. Not just wheels and paint, but bumpers, skirts, fender flares, spoilers etc. It has a lot of potential to be a great drifting game though 👌🏽
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5 years ago, sir derp falaffel
Controls could use some help
I am playing this game and the first thing I noticed was the arrow controls are a little touchy. They are just a little too touchy, which is why I want to have a setting to be able to change the buttons sensitivity. But other than that this is an amazing game I mean this graphics are amazing and the physics are more on the arcade like side but it’s a mobile game, what do you expect.
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4 years ago, haydongs
Annoying bug
Every time I start a new challenge in career, it works fine, then I play again or change car and go to a new race, and then all of a sudden, the pedals don’t work any more. At first I thought it was my screen but everything else works fine, it’s just the app. Another issue I felt was annoying is how easy it is to accidentally purchase a car. Overall fun game tho
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6 years ago, Ghoust Rider
Good game but has issues
I’ve been playing this game and love it, it has the best physics of any other drifting game in the App Store but I feel the prices of the cars are to expensive or you don’t get enough for one race I got past the the first round of competitions and now I’m stuck cause it will take me forever to buy the other cars. Overall fun game it’s easy to get the hang of but you’ll never be a professional haha 4/5
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5 years ago, Latraye
Ok this game feels good like real good it runs smooth and and is super responsive I think the best part if this game is how it makes you use your head like knowing when to start feather the gas and what kind of speed do you need for a corner the only bad thing is there is not a lot of customize options other then that my bus rides to college and my highlights because of this game good job
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3 years ago, 9525942995
Horrible control
The game is good when it come to drifting and buying cars but good luck if your trying to change direction when drifting. When I was playing the game I was drifting left and right but when it comes to the hitting a turn you definitely drift but the car just continues to go straight or it will Turn but ever so slightly. Every once in a while you will get a good drift but it’s hard to really be good at the game. Also it would be great if you could upgrade the cars not just change the colors.
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6 years ago, fearedward
Once I started with the first car I was upset bc I thought it was going to be a pay to play game but eventually got my first car and I fell in love, later on I wanted to own each and every car. I have yet to spend money on this game and I have been grinding crazy to get what I want. In all I love this game and I’m looking forward to updates!!
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6 years ago, Shakahhsbahavah
One star and i’ll tell you why.
So I downloaded the game with the assumption (which you know where assuming gets you lol) that it was gonna be just amazing. The ads and everything look just fantastic so I decide to give it a shot, had the game for about a week and decided it wasn’t for me because the biggest issue, the handling. The handling is just terrible, the physics are terrible! Like the cars just handle sooo tight but when you start sliding towards the wall it’s over, you’re gonna hit it. No matter how far away, you’re gonna smash the wall. So that sums it up, the handling is TERRIBLE
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3 years ago, mudder scotch
Just asking you don’t have to do it
Can you add fully customizable suspension and body deformation and make the cars heavy so it’s more realistic can you get where taping the wall with the back bumper adds 50 points and add a online free roam with hitbox so when someone messing up makes it harder to dodge
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4 years ago, WidIwfowfoveqqve
It good
Do you need to fix the game glitches and it had a major problem in the standing problem can you help me tell me why the drifting is bad like it means like a modification to the games nervous system met because it’s really hard to train there’s a game called car drifting X and it’s good it’s good but I think your game is better and I hope you have a good day thank you much thank you very much and you’re the best people in the whole entire world
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6 years ago, skkirrrrrtttttttt
2 month review
I love the game! I think it would be awesome if there were more options like wheel color or graphic, actual wheel choices, etc. Also it would be cool to be able to do tandems with your friends! Those are they things that could really take this game to the text level but honestly it’s really great as it is!
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4 years ago, aceherbert
There is one thing I would change 🏎💨
Drift legends is an awesome realistic game that I play every day there’s one thing that I would change though. In the practice maps I wish you could do multiplayer without being a challenge overall drift legends is a five-star amazing drifting game
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4 years ago, Twoskis2
Super fun and definitely worth downloading
I never really play car/drifting games on my phone because most of them have bad graphics and aren’t really fun, but this game has stupidly good graphic for mobile and is easy and really fun to play. I have to say this is one of my favorite downloads onto my phone to this day!
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6 years ago, savge loco
Needs One More Thing
Game is wonderful I didn’t have much trouble with the controls it’s fun game even if your just doing practice tracks or career but I wish you could make it so a player could create a room and invite his friends so they could drift together and get a drift train going I think it’s the only thing hold this game back from probably being the best game for drifting
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2 years ago, Stalin258
Good But………
It was great game, I have unlock all the car by myself,didn't bought it from the store. When i change my phone,login to my account, and the only car I got was an AE86 that’s broken, which meant I have to start over form nothing and had to wasted more than half year to do it again☹️
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6 years ago, Jokerson36
best ios game ive ever played
this game is just absolutely amazing as awesome graphics awesome game play but there are some other cool features that could be added such as more customization options A mini map better drift audio but other than that it's a absolute awesome game Great job😀 p.s - please add a couple more cars like the 350z and the r33 skyline in a update please that would be awsome and maby some new maps
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2 years ago, Nice dolphin from wooden sea
It’s amazing how you can get $100,000 in this, but what I hate is that when I tap the wall it takes off 300 POINTS and it’s just upsetting hopefully if they make an update to Drift Legends they don’t take the points off your score but overall it’s a good game but here’s my question how can you drift in a formula1 car in this game?
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5 years ago, betamint
It drains my battery!
this game is very addicting and i had fun with it but i removed one star because it heats up my phone to like 1000*f and with 10 minutes of playing this game, my phone went 100% to literally 70% which is horrible! please fix this issue because it is very annoying when my phone gets so hot that my hand is starting to burn.
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3 years ago, MB437
Everything is great but one thing.
This has some huge potential, I could see it from the start but the customization is horrible. If you guys were to add at the very least camber options and a custom spoiler for any car, that would make the game that much better.
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6 years ago, Logangoo01
I love the game. I’ve had it for about a year now and the only complaints I have is battery consumption ( which could just be my phone) and the quite often scenario when I’m using the buttons, the buttons stop responding and cause my car to spin out resulting me me having to start the run over. Other than that, amazing game
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6 years ago, AnonymousFive
Good game but...
There’s a few things I think could change. First off: Please add in some sort of simulation handling. I hate the Need For Speed style assists that countersteers for me. If I’m drifting, I want to gauge how much to countersteer myself and not have the computer do it. Forza has the same problem but they just assist your steering no matter what. Second off: The game could use an interface update; just spruce it up a little bit and make it a little easier to use. Third off: just offer more options in general; more customization, difficulty settings, more tracks, more cars. Just stuff to make me wanna come back. It really is a good game though and without a doubt the best drifting game on the market.
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3 years ago, gaintgirlqueen
Awesome game but needs improvement
I love playing the game and buying the cars is a issue because I can’t tell it it has a , or not and there could be new cars,tracks honestly like race cars tuner cars etc and I would love to see that Sincerely ReturnOfDrift202
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6 years ago, xXjayR670Xx
I love the game and how it looks just one thing. It looks like you guys went for design more than performance. You guys should really focus on the controls now that your game looks great. I’m a carx player from carx drifting. Your graphics are just insane! You just need to improve on performance now that your game looks incredible. Great job on the game I love it!
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7 years ago, Csaba andrasi
Great game
This game is amazing. I have some recommendations though like adding a manual transmission and damage to cars another nice thing would be to add more customization and engine damage. The brakes also need to grab a little more and cars need more grip other than that this game is amazing definitely recommend it
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