Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles

4.6 (136.8K)
680.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dodreams Fairytale Company Oy
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles

4.61 out of 5
136.8K Ratings
2 years ago, masterpika!
My word, The puns in this game… (Beginners, Read this) And (Developers)
Alright, if you’re a beginner and you want to play this game… Heh. Heh. Let me tell you, this is a Awesome, Competitive Community right here. You can, Well, Make a clan or a group or whatever you want to call it and have fun there and cheer each other on! There’s season passes on this game where (Well, If you pay for it) can get legendary cars! Cool, Right? Oh! And also, each car has there own punchline (only the people who been in season 2 understand 😂) or pun. There’s also currency in the game. Like, Coins and Gems. Coins are awarded from the season pass (the free part and the pro one) and other places and can be used in the coin shop for car parts to unlock a car. Gems are rarer than coins and can be used to get higher in the season pass or used at the gem shop to buy rarer car parts to unlock cars. Now for the devs… I have a Idea! What if for a season pass you could make a frozen tundra theme. (Brr) And have a igloo car or a polar bear car for the legendary car that season. That would be awesome! And if you read this developer’s, my name in game is Urnightmar! Hope you guys can fight me in game! Hope to know y’all’s name in game too! I’m hoping to also make one of those group things and I believe I’m going to make the name for the group be “Devastation”. So hope you join! See ya there! -Urnightmar
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4 years ago, player [•:
Great game but... (PLEASE READ)
I like this game a lot and I hope you see this, the one thing that I think would make the game a lot better would would be if you could play a quick match to test out cars. I know I have and it seems like could happen where I had a lot of screws, then proceeded to buy a car I regret buying. I also think the car’s names can be misleading(such as rocket launcher, a car that doesn’t even shoot) and lead to a regretted loss of screws, which can be hard to gain. This seems especially important for rift rider cars because you almost never encounter them in a game, and although you can try a few out, you never really know what to expect. This makes each purchase using rift bolts seem like a gamble, which I, who likes saving up recourses, strongly dislike. I think it would lead to a lot better and more satisfying if you could test the cars before you made a purchase, and it would make people happier. I am only twelve and still would play the game without it but I greatly hope you can add this feature. Thanks for a great game! P.S. this review would not send idk if that’s on you or the App Store, but it was pretty annoying Edit:how come game modes like king of the hill and missions now need WiFi? They never did before and it makes me mad because it used to be my top game to play without WiFi. It is kind of infuriating how they now need WiFi. They aren’t playing with other players or anything, so why do you need WiFi!
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3 years ago, Peteg413
So that's it huh……………
You were flawless for three years with your hotwheels I spent playing this game for three years I had every single hot wheel there was and then all the sudden you're just gonna conclude the hot wheels I lost all my data on my phone I had every hot wheel you concluded Hot wheels Wednesday and just called it quits hot wheels was my favorite mode it was what made driver head driver head you stuck with it for three years and now you're just gonna give it up I loved playing Hot wheels you took away the best mode in the game you have no idea how long it took me to get every single hot wheel in the game I worked for months grinding for every single hot wheel and I don't even get a second shot The game is great without hot wheels it just feels empty I loved hotwheels it was the best it made the game what it is today you keep throwing the same exact rift riders levels at my face you realize that hot wheels in driver head would've made a lot farther than rift rider ever would've but now hot wheels will never achieve that do you run out of rift rider ideas that you keep repeating the same levels hot wheels never did that so could you do me a favor could you either make a new rift riders level, bring back hot wheels or make something new please because I lost all hope for this game I just want 2017 have your back please I beg of you I just want the old days back😭😭😭 keep racing dodreams keep racing
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4 years ago, An Angry Flip Flop
I genuinely love everything about this game.
I have played Drive Ahead for a couple of years ago, and had neglected it for couple of months when I thought I had seen everything the game had to offer. But then an update hit that I was completely unaware of, and when I did randomly return to it, I couldn’t have been more delighted. All the new events and “cars” ( including death laser shooting rocket ships ) hooked me back in the game. I fell in love with the new mechanics in multiplayer and immediately crushed the competition with the old legendary cars I had. Eventually it did bring a challenge, but not too much so that it didn’t become a fun, casual game. The only tiny problem I have with this game is that I still don’t know how to select my head. I don’t know if that feature is gone, or i’m just plain stupid, but I seriously cannot figure out how to change my head in the multiplayer mode for my life. I see that opponents have different heads, but I just can’t figure it out. This probably is just my error, but nonetheless this game is plain fun. I have now played this game for several hours and the satisfaction of crushing your opponents face and watching their vehicle explode has never grown old. Thank you!
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4 years ago, aolenik04
Used to be good
This game used to be fun. Short games against friends or AI, with basic progression. Get coins, and open a loot box with cosmetics or new vehicles. There were also fun challenges. But they completely changed the entire game. The gameplay and the progression have been completely overhauled, and they removed many elements of the game that I found way more fun. Upon opening the game for the first time in a year, everything has been overhauled. And as I joined a game I was very surprised to find out there’s a health bar, which, that alone discourages me from ever playing again. Turns out they also added ways to upgrade your vehicles, which is a much worse way to implement progression than what they originally had. Getting new, fun vehicles to use was awesome. You would pray to get something good, but even if you got a terrible vehicle you’d still have a ton of fun with it. Opening the loot boxes was always exciting. It was a casual, short, fun arcade style game. I just don’t get why they changed everything in the game down to the fundamentals instead of just making another game. I would still play that game, but I don’t want to play this one. Bring back the old game, and publish this as an entirely different game on the AppStore since it is an entirely different game. Edit: Matchmaking is also terrible, favoring those who pay for better vehicles. And the developers are just greedy and taking advantage of their popular game, spamming ads and in-app purchases.
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6 years ago, cutebeatle
Drive Ahead Complements
Drive Ahead is a very good and very challenging game. What I like most about this game is its massive amount of vehicles and accessories. There are HUNDREDS of them and I happen to think that they are all very fun. A final, recommendation if you will, Drive Ahead has a lot of fun vehicles but is missing some great ones. A) a type of Lamborghini (does not matter) if Drive Ahead had a Lamborghini, it would be a fun legendary (obviously) car that would be very fun to get. B) The Delorean from BACK TO THE FUTURE. If Drive Ahead made a Delorean with some sort of time travel feature or was used as a boss (biff being the driver) it would make the game more fun in a way for Drive Ahead players who have seen all three movies of Back To The Future One, two, and three to have a movie they've seen in a game they're playing. P.S. The Delorean idea is from the fact that I have noticed other references to movies and TV shows in Drive Ahead. One final thing is I am not favoring the car buying system. Back then the prize wheel was much easier than the buying system and was easier to get cars. I would be very appreciative if you where to change it back. The prize wheel I loved a lot and wish it could come back. Thanks a lot!🙂
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2 years ago, LegendaryBolt32
Why would y’all… just Why… I’ve played this game for a very long time and now y’all add upgrades… I wouldn’t care if y’all added like a one shot mode where you can play it like the classic game. But now it’s very frustrating when I go up against level nines and mine are all level ONE like… bra 😑. But I didn’t really play the game a lot in 2017 some where around there but anyways it was a lot of fun playing with others and battling them with skill (instead of upgrading your cars!!!). But I understand why y’all did this because the game gets boring after you’ve done everything and got all the cars so you just stop playing after a while until the next update which I’m not gonna lie I do that to😅. Another thing is there should be online multiplayer so you can play with your friends from far away because I play this with my friends but only at school. Also I hate to break it to y’all but the ship is broken because I was just playing and well the ship can float and it fires bullets so it’s an afk car anyways he broke the map by firing a bullet and we just flew off and sence it’s the motor dome and there’s acid pool below I die while he just sits there floating. But just wanted to bring that concern to y’all love the game just think it needs some work😁😁. Oh by the way y’all’s matching system isn’t very effecant because I’m 1,000 trophy’s while I go against 1,890 trophy’s. Thanks for reading!!! 😋
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3 years ago, superslayenjayden
I have car ideas yeeeeee
So my favorite car is the harpoon motorcycle I love to use it. It can take a lot of people by surprise by flipping them over and damaging them. Although it’s kinda weak in damage and I don’t get parts for it. So I have an idea💡I call it the Custom Container so basically you can choose any car you OWN and get parts for it. But it’s Custom in a weird way so basically it depends on how much Coins you pay to the container. The more parts you want the more expensive it gets eventually if you want a lot of parts it will start costing Coins and Gems (disclaimer it won’t cost a LOT of gems but it will cost a lot of Coins) I’m thinking the limit can be 1 To 100 if you want over 100 that’s when it will cost coins and gems. Also, I have another idea maybe when cars get to a certain levels they get cool effects or a minor power-up. I want a minor power-up for the harpoon motorcycle since it’s from the penguin boss maybe it can get a little ICE effect on the end of the harpoon and freeze people for a little bit. Alright this is my very first review ever so hoped you liked it bye! And don’t forget to crash and have fun!
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4 years ago, Fred Jackets
My Favorite Game 😄😀
When I was little every week if I got good grades my dad would surprise me with a new game on the iPad and I thought that was creative! He got me this game one time. You see I had a brother, so sharing the iPad with him was difficult. We’d take turns with the iPad and the Tv. But when my dad got the Drive Ahead game, my brother and I were amazed! Pixelated, great Detail, and a 2 player game! Whenever we got the iPad that’s what we would play! But then sadly in 5 years it broke. So for Christmas our parents gave us our own tablets! They were outdated a little but still fun. My brother introduced me to Roblox! It was fun but I still missed Drive Ahead. My brother and I had the best cars and the funniest fails. We got in some videos for some fails! Then in 6th grade I got a phone. I was pretty excited because it might have Roblox AND DRIVE AHEAD! So I looked and I thought, Yes they updated it! The updates are pretty awesome. So I got it of course and when I saw the update, I about fainted! It was just like the old game but better! I told my brother and we played like we did when we were young.
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4 years ago, Unclejonut
The truth
I downloaded this game when it had just been released in the App Store, and if I had to give it a rating back then, it would be 5 stars without a doubt. But this game, the developers of the game actually, have changed. Anyone who played this game from the start can see the greed that has grown in the developers. When this game first started, it was simple fun, you hopped into a game or a mission and the first person to bop someone on the head won. Now however, the gameplay is health and damage based, which encourages the usage of screws or bolts or whatever they are called, to upgrade your car. Here’s the problem. There is an almost non-existent matchmaking system in this game, so when you start playing, you are pitted against players that have insanely good cars, at insanely high levels. The reason this happens is because even though you are supposedly fighting people at around the same trophy amount as you, the game doesn’t account for people that spend money. You can easily buy very good cars and level them up easily with money. So now that battles aren’t just about one hit then you kill the other enemy, they are extremely one-sided. This game is a perfect example of greed overcoming the mobile gaming, or just gaming industry in general.
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2 years ago, Friendly red driver(Anthony)
I could feel like little me is inside in me
Drive ahead was my favorites game when I was little, I think I was like about 8 or 9 playing drive ahead, after a long time, I never played it again after I got a new phone, after a few years when I finally became 13. I saw my little brother start playing drive ahead, I was so shocked since I played it before and but I couldn’t download the app ;-;. I asked my mom permission and see allowed me, I started making my name way longer then the limit which is: Friendly red driver. It was longer but I’ll take it I guess. I liked the name since my opponents will have me as the red driver, I started playing this game a lot now, like a lot a lot. I started from maxing common cars to maxing epic cars. My next mission on drive ahead is that to get a full team of legendarys and try to get my favorite cars atomic ray or something like that I forgot, I want to try it and get it maxed, and then finish my team of rift riders. Thank you for my making this game because I love it a lot. By: Friendly red driver, mostly because that’s my drive ahead name
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1 year ago, honzalez
Fix ur game
The came is completely bad unlike the last one there are levels where people go inside of a saw and don't take damage the the part where if u get flinged out of the map you get taken by a ufo and get spawned under the map and die or the ufo would spawn you right under the enemy the upgrades are bad i had to hit a person that a a level 8 car and i hat to hit him 6 times before he even hit the caution sign .BUT THE. Commercial. BREAK IS EVEN WORSE EVERY TIME IN GET A COMMERCIAL BREAK WHILE IM IN THE COMMERCIAL THE GAME IS PLAYING WHILE IM STANDING STILL AND I LOSE 2 ROUNDS BECAUSE OF THE BREAK AND I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. The ranking is bad also when i fight someone im rank 672 and i go against a man that is ranked 1539 with 2 level 5 legendary car and a level 8 legendary car and out of no where you get flung for no reason there is no mine and its the fact that the penguin car is the most op car and its unfair every time i get git with the penguin i get stunned and i cant move and the penguins are under me so i cant move the entire round. The health bar is wild also there was a level 1 common bike vs with a level 2 epic spaceship car and the guy with the bike hits me 2 time and I'm at caution health bar i have to hit him 3 times to get him to caution health and it doesn't make any sense fix ur game its unfair and unbelievably stupid and bad
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2 months ago, Noah A.K.A Bransay
the game is great but I prefer how it was before these massive updates.
when I learned about all these new updates this game got it made me kind of sad. especially the whole hit point system. It was so much better when if you landed on your head, it’s over. I’m not usually this kind of person but I do feel like this game should’ve stayed a lil simpler. Don’t get me wrong I love change but I would’ve appreciated this system just being a completely different game. Like a sequel. I really hope your team does consider releasing the original version as another game, like how some games do with the old version of their games. I really sincerely hope you consider at least releasing it as a limited time game mode or even just releasing the original files on a computer. With that being said this game is great and im glad people of newer generation can enjoy it but its just not for me. I’ll leave a 5 star review not because I sincerely enjoy the game. But because I know there are so many other people that do.
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3 years ago, #Warriorsrule#
Pretty good game, one question, some complaints
This game is pretty good, except that I don’t like that they have the same trophies, a lot to higher on level. Also, I’m hoping that you can add Hot Wheels back on, they have one of my favorite cars, the Shark Bite! But since we have to level the car up, and I have no car parts, I’m stuck at it being on level 6, it’s not that bad, but i would like to have it for the limited time cars, you can BUY their car parts with the RIFT BOLTS!!! Ex: Hot Wheels, Rift Riders (when they leave the game, if they leave at all). Another thing, I like the way that this game is turning out, I just wish that the old “Fighting the bosses” be normal. I mean, it’s harder if you have like a level 7 level 9 and level 6. Because the level 6 would get killed in like 2 hits. I would like this game a LOT better if there were no health bars on the boss games just for the rift riders or the hot wheels if they come back! Please consider this. Last thing, how do I send a video to you? I have a lot of drive ahead videos that I think can make it on the “top 10”, or “best replays of the week!” Thanks for reading this far!
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5 months ago, Anonymous_395
Pay 2 Win👎🏼
If you think this is anything like the old drive ahead then don’t even bother downloading. Used to the main goal of the game was to hit the other player in the head ONCE and you won the round and first to five rounds wins and you would get coins and spins to get helmets new arenas and new rides GARUNTEED everytime. And even if you got a crappy ride after you got it you couldn’t get it again, it was just added to your collection. Now it’s all pay to win and buy the battle pass so you can get all the exclusive cars which use to be free and if you don’t get them you get the same exact car from the “free” wheel spin to upgrade your cars which is the dumbest idea implemented in the game. You have no chance of getting good rides and I constantly go up against players who obviously payed there way to get level 5 cars when my car is still level one because they barely give you any coins unless you open your wallet. So sad to see this game go from one of the best arcade games on the AppStore to straight pay to win garbage. I don’t know where you devs went wrong but you’re new drive ahead is trash and feels like a scam. Please do better and bring the old drive ahead back instead of trying to mooch all the money you can off your players
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6 years ago, NathanGKing
This game is good but some parts are terrible
So basically I’ve had this game for a while and I only have 1 more hardcore mission to complete until I have completed every mission. It is the hardcore robot stadium level 24 and it is so impossible I have no idea why the develops made it this hard and I would be surprised if they have actually play tested this level. Secondly, this game is literally broken after the most recent update and they have done nothing it keeps asking me if it can record the screen and if I click no it will not lag and after each time I die it will ask again if I press yes it will lag and be running fine then suddenly lag and then I usually die when it freezes. When a mine blows up the screen gets permanently stuck down a bit. The game randomly pauses. It’s horrible and also why 18 dollars for 2 vehicles and 5 arenas? Btw when I let the thing record my screen it drains my battery so much. The version before of automatically recording didn’t do this. Why haven’t they just released an update or something to go back a version where everything wasn’t broken. I have an IPhone 6S and I mean it’s not that bad I should be able to run this. I could run this before. The game was great before this now literally none of my friends play it because of how broken it is.
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4 years ago, TheFaintingGoat57
3.0 is a mistake
You had a perfect progression system and then threw it away. To get far in the battle arena you need upgraded cars, I’ve had the game for awhile so I have quite a few legendaries. A was lucky to get some to level four last week before you made it impossible to upgrade them. If you want to upgrade cars you now need a duplicate. To get a duplicate legendary you probably need to open about 500 loot boxes and you don’t even get enough parts to upgrade it to level 2! The coin store never has what you want and the only was I know of to get gems is paying real money. You guys get enough revenue from the 50 ads you force on us every day, I don’t understand why you needed to do this. I know it’s probably irreversible at this point but if somehow you could bring back wrenches and remove this dumb new system that would be amazing. Also you used to be able to get whatever you wanted if you played long enough using bolts. You decided it would be a good idea to remove those and make everything entirely luck based. Getting bolts was already hard enough. One week ago this would have been a five star rating but then you did this. Why, why did you do it?
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1 year ago, I cant put my name
The Game is.. Good?
I have been playing since 2016, and have been quite a regular. I’ve seen this game evolve, from the announcement of the Christmas events, hot wheel events, and even remember the old monthly missions (bring those back please, they were fun). And I could definitely say, the game has not had a particular improvement in any way, but the new way to get vehicles is surely better than before. Yes, I’m a bit salty almost all my progress got reset, but I kept some of my hot wheels vehicles and rift rider vehicles (when they first came out, lol.). It’s a better atmosphere than before, but doesn’t feel like the same game. It used to just be about smashing the heads of other cars, Ai. With you warning so you could play with your friends with more vehicles. But now it’s a lot more competitive and I guess that’s alright. All I suggest is to keep the friend event going, and maybe even bring back the old clips of the week rewards you gave players back in 2016. I think I appeared in one, but I don’t recall. (Ps, I’ve probably been playing before 2016, just erased data or something.)
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5 years ago, OctoTaco
Absolutely Love this Game!
Okay, so I’ve had this game for the past 4-5 years, and it’s been on my phone for almost every version I’ve had of my phone. I love this game. I’ve seen many features come and go, some features I love and miss, some features I hated and were glad to see them go. But throughout my entire experience with Drive Ahead! I’ve always thought that this game really needed one other feature. A creative/sandbox mode. Now, I don’t mean a mode where you can do absolutely anything you want without having to do the work. I think that you should be able to play around with a map and the cars in it, doing with them what that you wish, but you may only used the cars/arenas that you’ve earned. Imagine being able to turn the speed up on any map, just for the fun of it. Or turning car(s) huge to watch them demolish each other! I believe this would be an incredible feature, and would absolutely love it. Developers, if you happen to see this, at least keep this in mind? Thank you for your time, and I love your game!
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6 years ago, KMorency
I love this game, but...
As someone that’s been playing this game for almost 100 total hours, I’ve seen this game change a lot. I’ve played it a lot and like the game very much, but I think there’s two things that the game is lacking that would make it much better. One of these things would be a way to save you game data to a cloud of some sort so if you lose all of your data, which for me would be unfortunate seeing that I’ve unlocked almost everything that’s unlockable, it’d be pretty bad and I don’t think I’d have it in me to go back through and unlock everything again. The second thing is a way to unlock things that were only obtainable from events that have already come and gone, and when I say this, I’m not talking about in-app purchases. I think it’d be great if you could unlock a premium car from the second Chinese New Year event that you could only get from the boss hunt for 5000 bolts or something like that. If these two things were to be implemented into the game, it’d be so much better than it already is.
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3 years ago, /$$()$$\
I played Drive Ahead for about 4 years (I think idk) and I stopped playing in the update where they added the rocket sleigh (I think they had just added it cause it was just randomly sitting in my garage) and when I came back a month ago, I was blown away by all the new things added. I did play a little before that when they had Boss Fight (is that still in the game?) but I loved how all the previously trash cars now had abilities, and that there was a multiplayer. I still am trying out all my cars to figure out their abilities. Devs pls if boss fight doesn’t exist put it back, and also I think we need a way to earn rut tickets like the way u used to. I also liked the hot wheels update and I have the carbonater (I think that’s how u spell it) and the gotta go, but if u guys can’t bring back hot wheels (I understand if u can’t) just bring back the cars in the craft section pls cause I loved the cars. Overall I think this game has really improved and I hope more stuff is added soon!
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4 years ago, #fingers toooo big
Whoever the devs are... I LOVE U. This game is perfect and the fact that u smash into the CPU’s head (or ur friend’s) is PERFECTION and hilarious 😂🤣😂🤣 XD. This is my favorite game on my iPhone and is very very original. I mean what other game features smashing heads with cars. Nothing wrong and never had any issues/ problems. Suggestion: PLZ make it so that it is easier to get the things to make cars because there are cars with bolt prices of over 1,000 and there r only three ways to get them: 1 getting replica cars, gives five bolts, 2 : spinning them on the prize wheel between 5-50 and about 40% chance to get 1, 3 : buy them, which I cannot do saying as I am only in 6th and are 11 :( it would be noice if I could get bolts faster :) this took time to write so plz ezer bolts. That would make my day if u even read this and respond saying “Thank you for rating 5 stars” I hope u will consider both the bolts and responding. Thank u devs for making such a great game and have a good day, evening, or night depending on when u read if u read. Bye!
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1 year ago, ssisisks
Unfair but fun
I’ve been a player on and off for about 2 years. The reason why I deleted the game is because of the unfairness. Sometimes you can have 1000 trophies and be paired with someone with 2000 trophies, I get it’s like training but at the same time it’s extremely unfair and most people probably dislike that. Another thing is the upgrade levels. You can be a starter with 10 trophies and be paired with someone with 15 trophies but their level is significantly higher which makes it disturbing as it gives them an easy win. Lastly is the timing and “coincidences” for example: I was playing an hour earlier and the player got stuck in the saw machine and didn’t take damage, while as the saws came down on me I died giving them an easy win which makes the game not fun. I like a Game that puts up effort but not by cheating or unfairness. At the end of the day I can’t go 2 days without playing I have an addiction to download it back or open it up, please read this devs and fix the problems please and thank you. P.S. There is a lot more reasons to this download the game and you’ll see
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7 years ago, Random human ₽¥€$¢£&₩
Probably my favorite game that has been installed the longest on my phone because of its repeatability. Really fun with different game modes and such. One thing though, sometimes now if a mine explodes or the doombot fires, my screen jumps upward so that I can see higher in the map and less at the bottom. If you could fix that Dodreams it would make this game a complete ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Other than that it is amazing and keep up the great work. Also love the new arenas but would like to have them available to buy with bolts. Also maybe think about making the effects in the new arenas available to be a game mode applicable to many maps. Just a suggestion. Update as of November 24, 2017: Now I’m lowering my rating to 3 stars. Whenever I play now, the controls while playing DO NOT WORK. This was before the winter update and during the winter update now. My arrow buttons do not register. I am on an iPhone SE and iOS 11.1.2 but I don’t think that matters. Dodreams please fix the problem registering and I will bring my rating back up to five stars. I’ve had the game for at least three years and this has never happened. I’m not mad, just really confused.
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3 years ago, Ragingathenian
Big shame
So I downloaded this game a few years back, around the time when it first came out. Back then it was great, and I would have had to review it back then, it would’ve gotten 5 stars, easily. I really enjoyed playing with my friends on the bus home from school or when we would go out. After this I left the game for about 4 years, and as I was scrolling through my purchased apps, I decided to download it again. They’ve completely overhauled the entire game and not in a good way. The developers are extremely greedy, spamming you with ads after EVERY GAME in addition to constantly asking you to buy their offers, etc. The game now has a health and damage system (whereas before it was simply whoever hit the other’s head first), which plays into the fact that you have to upgrade your vehicles in order to deal more damage and have more hp. But for this you need car parts, and the only way to get them is from either the coin store (which seldom has any pars for vehicles you actually want to upgrade), or a loot box, or you can purchase crystals with real money to buy parts in the crystal shop (which conveniently has parts for every vehicle I want to purchase). Big shame.
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3 years ago, Ferria fanatic
Still one of my top suggested games
Ever since I started playing this game 5 years ago, It was fun to be able to win cars and put each other against other people on your’s or their device. Nowadays, it is harder to collect cars and sadly, I got a new phone so my old account was lost, I do enjoy the Rift Riders but it could be better. Maybe add an easier way to get the Rift Bolts, like have them appear upon hitting a head to collect them for the Rift Bolts. I accidentally found a bug and I’m not sure if it has been fixed, but if you get stuck on top of the patient for the Ambulance, it goes crazy and flies around the map until someone loses the round. Maybe add new cars that aren’t Rift Rides. This game is still as good and the bugs can be used to make the best moments when you get it to happen the correct time. If you could see if you could get another campaign like when you did it with Hot Wheels. I hope this game keeps getting better.
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5 years ago, turbeaux24
Great game, but sadly not as fun anymore
I really enjoyed this game when I picked it up a year ago - it was always a challenge to grind the levels and get new cars. I stopped playing b/c of school, but picked the game up again recently on a new iPad... and boy have things changed, and not for the better. As a long-time player, I’m disappointed in how the game is now. As other reviews have noted, previously keys were only needed to unlock stadiums, and then you were free to play as many levels and try to beat them all. Nowadays, I can only play three levels before I have to take an 8 hour break - unless I pay a $3 to get three more keys. It turns me off from the game, and I feel that instead of incentivizing people to pay, it just reduces player interest. I don’t really feel like grinding through levels anymore because everywhere I turn I have to pay money to keep playing the game! Devs, if you’re reading this, please reconsider. I get that you have to generate revenue, but there has to be a better way. Make a no-ads subscription service or something - you’ve made a good game, and I shouldn’t have to literally pay to play it!
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4 years ago, FiniteDriver
This game used to one of the best games to play, especially with friends. But every great thing has to come with an end. I’ve decided to return to the game a couple of years after I forgot about, wishing to return the great game I’ve played. First thing when entering the game, the main “gameplay” is the battle arena. The concept is not to bad, but I recognized early one the path it will take. The beginning games are practically handed to you, but quickly become extremely difficult to the point where the only way you will win is with micro transaction. The main game I wanted to play were the mission. I unlock it and freakin, each level cost 1 key, which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that I only had 3 KEYS, AND IT TAKE 8 HOURS FOR A SINGLE KEY TO GENERATE. You also have the option to buy keys, but they are a dollar each, meaning the first world cost over tens dollars to unlock all at once the the entire mission levels cost hundreds of dollars. Why. Who ever thought of replacing the great game with this is terrible and extremely greedy. Sidenote, it’s also riddled with adds and micro transactions, just why. PS: I envy the kids who have never played the original game, so they think the new modes are good, they are not, they are really not
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3 years ago, the super serious guy
A drive ahead long time user’s opinion
I recently reinstalled this game and enjoyed the gaming part of it. It’s fun and mobile but has many changes that I had to get used to. The first is the “sponsors” I sign. There are many “sponsors” I get claiming to give me 10 gold for me watching the video, where some of the time it’s inappropriate, forcing me to be hesitant to play game around other people. Also, I’m not sure if I’m even getting the gold. In my opinion, if we’re forced to sit through these adds, give us 20 gold. Another thing that I think that should be done to make peoples’ experiences more enjoyable is making the rarity of the cars not effect the health and damage that they do, because legendary cars already have an advantage over other cars, and some people have preferences of what cars they want. The final thing I’d change is to choose whether or not we want our cars to be able to do their current abilities, like I’d rather not have the t-rex not have the bite, because cars can then get over me. I mostly just want the videos more appropriate and the other stuff is just suggestions. Thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, yeeeeetereteyur
It could be soooo much better (please read this)
When I downloaded this game I expected a fun game that doesn’t get annoying. And I also expect that it would be one of those demolition derby games that if you hit the vehicle it would damage it. But not a game with weird controls. Like when your in the air and your trying to roll it should end be when you press the forward button it rolls backwards it should be the opposite and with the backwards button too. And I HATE the fact that when you good you die. And that doesn’t go well with the weird controls. And I think your should add a demolition derby mode that when you hit the other vehicle it damages it and not when you hit the enemy’s head it kills the enemy. This game has sooo much potential (in my opinion) if you just fix those few things. I just thought of this, it would probably be easier if you make it to where you can change the controls in the options menu. Please read this developer and fix those few things, if so I will give this game five stars. I will keep the game just in case you read this and you update it. (Please read this)
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4 years ago, it is well made
Great game but too many adds and... WiFi!? (PLEASE READ)
I really love this game and it WAS my favorite no WiFi game now it’s probably fallout shelter go check it out btw great game 10 out of 10 but I’m not done now I read literally one review and I saw that it COSTS WiFi to play king of the hill like have they ever heard of bots I mean I always did that and I was happy for hours but now it’s so many ads like I literally did a ad to spin and I got 50 coins ok AND THEN IT GAVE ME ANOTHER AD so because it’s a great game I’m giving it 5 stars but these are problems Like and now it’s more of a grind game instead of a play when bored game and that’s what’s really Annoying I like some grind games because there’s good stuff at the end but this is bad kind Grind game now if they re added the bots and made it less of a grind game and less adds then we wouldn’t be here because now next time my brother goes to a lesson or something like that me and my mom have to sit in the car well this was a good game I just wish it was less of a grind game
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7 years ago, EeveeAbby
Love the new car buying system
I love this! My friend played local with me when she came over and I downloaded it afterwards! I used to get frustrated at the slot machine because most of the time I wasted my coins and the chance got lower and lower, but the new system fixed that and made it way better! You get something every time, and even when it’s a duplicate you get some bolts so you can select one to get yourself! I like that this is a free game that does not pop up ads in your face all the time but still gives the option to watch one to get coins or increase your reward! I’m having a glitch that when a mine explodes or a doombot shoots sometimes the screen will knock up or down but it’s been happening less. The daily missions are getting more creative! It has a lot of replayability because of all the random things that can happen, and I’ve been keeping clips of the cool and funny things that happen. Keep up the good work and don’t add involuntary ads! 😋 P.S. loving the iMessage stickers Review update #1 I just wanted to tell you some ideas I had. I have unlocked all the levels but keep earning keys so I have like a bajillion keys i can’t use, could you maybe make it like you can sell keys or something? It would be cool if you could make your own head/car/map, if that was added it would be like a dream come true and make my year! Thx for being a company who actually cares about suggestions and is not ultra ad greedy
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6 years ago, fireMAELSTROM
Too hard hardcore missions and daily skip missions don’t work
Game is great, no doubt about that but once you complete the regular missions; some of the hardcore missions are a pain and seem impossible unless one had god like rng. Take “sticky situation” and “beach racing” which are 2 of the impossible hardcore missions to beat so far. You must pray that the rng spawns go kart like vehicles and then hope our car doesn’t lose balance or it’s head in both missions doesn’t fling back and forth and hit something. Furthermore the daily skip for missions doesn’t do anything: I click the ship button on the mission, watch the ad, cross my fingers that the mission is skipped, doesn’t do anything and says i have had my daily skip so I can’t see an an ad anymore cause a mission has been skipped although nothing happened. It’s frustrating for me cause some missions just seem impossible no matter how many tens of times one tries so I urge the developers to either fix this skip missions that don’t work bug and to make such impossible missions easier by giving better cars or spawning certain vehicles over others.
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1 year ago, david_;-;
Great game, I just wish there was more
I love playing this game, it’s been my main mobile game for a while but I just wish there was more. There are tons of cars to get but the system to get new cars is really slow. I would love to see a loot box system (that doesn’t cost gems because those are really, REALLY slow to get. And the loot boxes you can get aren't event good) or some other way to get cars because right now even though I’ve played this game for about a month every day I have very little cars in total. There is also a very fatal flaw with this game and that is the spawning of the AI and items. There have been countless times where a enemy spawns right above me and I can’t move out of the way and I die or items will spawn in my vehicle when starting the game and they kill me. A way to fix this is to have a ghost like shadow or outline of the car before it actually spawns in physically. This would make things so so sooooo much better. Ok that is all, I hope someone gets to read this.
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3 years ago, squrrilguy
Tragic Downfall
I remember downloading this YEARS ago in middle school (like 5 years ago) showed it to my friends and it was the best game ever. It was simple, u get one life and if u get hit on the head u died. There were a lot of cars to collect and maps to beat to unlock some special edition cars, very fun game back then👍 but After a long time not playing I decided to redownload it and get a rush of nostalgia but then I was instantly heart broken💔💔😭😭😭 "Huh that's weird......where's the map pack challenges....WHY DO WE HAVE HEALTH NOW??!!?!? WHY ARE THE CARS UPGRADABLE?!!??!?!?!?? ITS GOT BATTLE PASS CRAP!!!!!??!???🤬🤬🤬😡" This was so sad and utterly disappointing. I cannot verbally describe how strogly negative my emotions are toward this game and it's devs. I feel that everyone else that played the game in the good old days will feel the same way. For the new people just finding game, dont get it, just find another game to play. It's a waste of time and a money trap just like fortnite and tier 3 subs to pokimane, dont bother with drive ahead sports either. The devs don't deserve that much recognition. And as for the devs of this game I have one last thing to say, if apple would let me, then I would give you a ZERO star review.
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5 years ago, Logan Coffee
Great but not as great as it was
I am a long time fan. Been playing since 2015, and I like the various improvements they have made. With the whole hot wheels/rift riders event, it is great but I have a few problems with it. One of these is the lack of tickets, for the super stars thing for example: you can get tickets just by playing the game and it gives just about the same rewards. However the only way to get them is at a pitifully slow one an ad mechanic. Which would be fine if it did not have a limit. I propose a way to get the tickets in a similar fashion to the super star tickets: you get one let’s say at a random but more rare chance from the spinner (1 for common 2 for rare etc.) and remove the one an add system I think this would make the events much more fun. Also I recommend re-adding the restart button. Having to do something for a quest failing and setting it back up is a real hassle. As a final suggestion for the love of god show us the names of the maps and cars we are using in the select screen.
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4 years ago, Crystalic1
Amazing game but could use some small improvements.
The whole game is fantastic but there is a few things that I think would make the game better. 1) On the Krampus fight, if you kill one phase of him then you get to continue to the next phase with the lives you had in the phase before that. So if you like died on one phase then you spend another ticket and kill that phase you should get to go to the next phase with the lives you had before so you don’t waste a ticket. 2) LESS ADS. 3) This one isn’t a big one but if you could lower the time it takes to switch to a new mode on penguinlarity. Right now it takes 2 days while the Krampus one takes 1. I just want it lowered because right now it is the only way to get those magic screw thingies that let us buy the rift cars and we only get around 1000 per mode so it would take basically a week to get a 3000 rift car. But other than those small improvements you could make, it’s an AMAZING GAME.
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3 years ago, roblox username: zubizubi2
Used to be an amazing game until..
This game used to be so amazing, I came home from a stressful day at school and immediately got Drive Ahead! And played all my stress away. The simplicity and fun was what made it a good game, but then it came. The update. I had quit for some reason because I did not play it as much as I was addicted to another game but when I downloaded it again, I played a game and it was all health, and damage, and really annoying because the glitches made it so you can lose very easily. Another thing is when you equip good cars it pairs you up with legit level 10 commons and they have around 2000 health and can 1 hit you but because of the really annoying danger sign (if the opponent is 20 health, they can take 2 hits and then die so it’s really annoying) you get 2 hit killed. It is SOOO annoying please fix it now I have to use my really bad rare cars and uncommon cars so I don’t lose every single time and don’t lose trophies every time I lose. Please fix, and if you can please create a completely different game where it’s the original Drive Ahead! Because a lot of people and I really want the old, simple, fun Drive Ahead!
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5 years ago, Akhdbfjduh meow
I don’t know
This is a good game, and I enjoy it when I am feeling quite bored with nothing to do. I would like to make some suggestions, such as the advertisements. I know that free apps need to put these in to make money, but it does get annoying with it’s repetitive nature. I would also like to point out the a.i. spawn. I don’t know how this necessarily works, but I think that having a certain radius around the player’s vehicle would be good because it makes it so that an a.i doesn’t spawn on top of you or maybe erase a path that you could have taken because I can’t react quickly enough to these types of situations and not die in around a second. I’m not sure if I should include this, but I think that the a.i are programmed to go left and have their car go upwards in the front, but the player can’t do this, meaning that you can’t just go up to them and you have to avoid them at most times. -a random person
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2 years ago, Fdobhagwdid
Why would you change the game
Played this game since 2017, I absolutely loved the game and all the different maps with the different cars. I had nearly almost every car. The dinosaurs loved them, the gun are amazing. The game was perfect from quick matches with instant head damages. Now I return to the game to find a massive trash fire of what was once gold. They added health bars so no more instant kills which created the chaotic fun the game was known for, instead the way you earned the cars practically in the old version, it’s now a pay to win cycle and you can choose your car before loading into a match removing the once random fun of excitement. Don’t get me started on car upgrades, unfair that all my progress is wiped from the game and have to start over but I have a level 1 car going against 5s and higher? You can’t even say the change from the old game to new was a “balance issue/fix” you ruined what was once a great nostalgic memory of one of the only mobile games I played and recommended highly with a great word. Atleast make a new app with just the old game if not then just a game mode. We miss the old drive ahead! :(
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4 years ago, Jb17584625
Very Dissapointed
Drive Ahead has always been one of my favorite games, even compared to some of those on console. I've been playing this game for years, and it was always very exciting to see an update with new content, like the robot or summer updates. Unfortunately, the new updates the game has recived have turned it into a supposedly online game (I'm not very convinced that its truly online. The matches have absolutely no lag and connect extremely fast, and there are no times when you wait for your opponent to continue through the menus. This is similar to mario kart tour before it was given an online mode.). Everybody I know who played the game before the updates would like it the way it used to be. Also, not many new cars have been created in a while. Instead, the preexisting vehicles have received new mechanics that change the gameplay. The invincibility for the fast cars is extremely powerful in two player mode, where theres no health to balance it out. Some of my favorite cars, such as the forklift and the egg, had cool bouncy mechanics that made them fun to use, regardless of how good or bad they were. Now DA has overlooked the reason people play this game: to have fun.
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4 years ago, GarudaShams
Started good but keeps getting more disappointing
I will not lie, I have deleted and installed this game many times, continually more disappointed after every update. The first change I was not a fan of was the currency spike where instead of getting 5 coins per round, you only got 5 or 10. I will admit that I enjoy the hot wheel events and similar events (such as the current rift riders event). However, the new trophy system is not what this game started as and it has lost the original feel it had. Also, I have made several purchases in the past yet I continually have advertisements pop up. Please make an update that either acknowledges past purchases or make it feel closer to what it started as. P.S. I’m also bummed that the soccer bundle is $50. That was a fun event, but not worth $50 for a special mode that is FASTER than a normal round of local, gives 2-3 vehicles, 5 maps, and a bunch of flag helmets. P.S.S. Why on earth do you need WiFi for King of the hill and missions? If they now require WiFi (they never did in the past), I hate to say this, but someone clearly isn’t doing their job right since those are single player ‘mini games’ and single player games should never require WiFi.
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1 year ago, Dr. Dewper
Used to be such a great game
I used to play Drive Ahead a lot when I was a few years younger. It was amazing. The missions, local play with friends and hoping you’d get a good car from the prize machine. It was fun, simple and a great experience. However, the devs felt the need to change that and they completely overhauled the game. It’s practically unrecognizable. Online mode? Upgrading cars? Battle pass? MISSIONS REQUIRE KEYS?? Yeah, missions now require keys. You used to be able to play them to your heart’s content. Now you have to wait about 2 1/2 hours to get your keys back. The online mode is super unbalanced and unfair. You’d be at around 500 trophies going against somebody with 1500. Not to mention that health is now a thing, which makes online even more unfair. You could have 200 health while your opponent has 2,000. The game would’ve been better off with the one hit to the head they had before. And the battlepass. Almost every game has one and it’s meaningless. Though the game has its moments and is still fun from time to time, the game was better years ago. Bring back classic Drive Ahead.
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2 years ago, TDMBethel
What Happened?
I recently redownloaded this game and was very dissapointed to see what happened. Health bars? Upgrades? Brawl? This game used to be so good when it was one hit one kill and just a simple arcade game. I really miss the old game that was a big part of my middle school life half a decade ago. I know a lot of older players prefer the classic version and are very dissapointed with what it has become. I get that the game was updated to reach a younger generation, but it feels many of us older players have been left behind. I used to have all the cars and all the helmets and stages. I went through those 500 coin mystery boxes so many times. But now none of that exists anymore. What this is now is an entirely different game than what it started as. I think it would be great if you could release a new app, a “Drive Ahead! Classic” with the old version of the game many of us know and love. That way new players can have their brawl game, and older players can relive their nostalgia for one of their favorite arcade games. You guys have done such great work over the years, I just miss my beloved game.
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3 years ago, x_zb0w_x
Wireless Multiplayer
I love this game it’s really fun and would rate 5 stars. But something I did more than 50% of the time was go on Local Wireless Multiplayer and play that in the car over a hotspot with my friend. A couple of years ago on the 4th of July we did this to pass the time during the entirety of the long car ride. It’s the 3rd of July, 2021, and we’re in a car like previous and decided to come back to the game to see if we could do it again (we’ve tried before and saw that it was missing) and after all this time we can only play on the same device. Not an ideal way of playing in general, especially in a moving car. I’m not sure if it was removed because it was buggy? And from what I can remember it would only bug for internet reasons but that didn’t bother us. That was the biggest part of the game for us and it’s been gone and still is gone. Who knows about others who may of had situations like this but if Local Wireless Multiplayer were to make a return that would be just fantastic.
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2 years ago, mauriciowoooooo
Id pay to play Original version
Id literally pay to play the original version of this game. I remember my friend snuck his tablet to school and he showed me this game and I was hooked ever since. It took me a while to find the game after he had showed me it but when I found it was amazing. Every single phone I’ve had I always had this game downloaded it was part of my childhood. But then I come back to see this game fully changed. I don’t care if a smaller car beats me I just want the creators of this game to take away the health bar of these cars and make it one tap to the head and you’re dead again. If this means you guys have to make a whole other version of this game where it is identical to the original version then I will be the first person to buy/install it. I know you guys may read this but will you take action? Please. For now I will rate this game a 4 but as soon as they bring back the original version I’ll rate this 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Alduin, Eater of worlds
5 stars but.... what went wrong?
So I used to play this game when there were about 4 or 3 stadiums. And I saw this game grow, but then... the bolt system was introduced after I got an iPad factory reset. This is ok, I actually like this system, but why is there no local WiFi multiplayer option? And I HATE the key system, you used to be able to keep playing levels after you completed the previous level. You could watch a daily ad to skip a level. But now, you need KEYS JUST TO PLAY ANY STADIUM LEVEL. I HATE, AND I MEAN, LOATHE, THE KEY SYSTEM. I cannot even access any other stadiums except for the classics / the originals! It is the worst “update” to this game. Please, bring back WiFi multiplayer, and remove the key system except for unlocking stadiums, keep giving keys for every 2 levels so we can unlock stadiums. FYI, it just says the other stadiums are locked, if I’m missing something, please, reply. Thank you for reading. :A Long Lasting fan
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3 years ago, $@$¥
R҉e҉a҉d҉. B҉4. U҉. G҉e҉t҉.
OK first of all I think this used to be a really good game and I really like what they did with it. However in the recent update they have made it so that a guy can only have the three worst cars in the game. You can pick his car but its a lot more fun when its random and not the same 3 cars. the reason being because if you win you’ll think you’re better at it and have more fun playing there for Play more. Second of all I rated this three star because I do not like how in the backboard where you used to be able to see yourself battling or like if you’re off the map you can see yourself they put ads on it now. I'm mad about that because it was really helpful for when you had flying cars. Also there are ads after every other local game and after every multiplayer game. You can fix this by turning off wifi but you cant play multiplayer. Overall the game is fun but it was better before. Developer if you see this, CHANGE THE AI CARS U IDIOT. 1 month or 1 star. Thats it.
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1 year ago, Szeth789
Online Multiplayer
The recent update is a step in the right direction. Online multiplayer helped me convince some of my friends to download the game to play against me. One problem that I see with the current design is that you cannot select cars from your own library. This means although I more players may download the game, they will likely only be playing a game mode with no progression. If you could select only cars you own, they would want to play all the other game modes on their own time to get strong cars. There are also some bugs that need to be fixed. The play button doesn’t seem to work for the host if there are three people in a lobby. Players also get stuck on a screen that says “VS” and has 3 loading dots. I have also experienced a visual glitch where cars are driving on invisible maps because the game keeps displaying the first map in the duel. Gameplay in online multiplayer would be much better if it had the original physics. Having dumbed down physics probably makes it easier to have online multiplayer, but if it is at all possible to switch to the original, that would be much better. Fixing all the bugs should definitely be first priority when trying to improve this game mode, but any of the other changes I suggested would make it even better.
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2 years ago, snix243
My time with this game and the battle against The eye
Hello developers I would like to say I have been apart of this game for a long time and from its beginning to now and I wish to say you have done it flawlessly throughout the years and i want to say thank you for making such a amazing game for us to play. I have one question though about the fight against the going robot eye was it met to be something that has made we waist months of my life trying to beat. So many times I get so close and then a biker comes out of nowhere and hits my head or the saw is coming and all of the sudden there is a robot dog not letting me pass and taking me and him down together. I had no other problems with your other bosses and even most of those fights I found fun like the battle against the mothership but this fight has made one feel pain and agony for how over long I owned this game so I beg you to please make it just a bit more fair. thank you!
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