Drive HD by Cobra

Photo & Video
4.6 (973)
104.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cobra Electronics Corporation
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drive HD by Cobra

4.61 out of 5
973 Ratings
5 years ago, DH6500
It delivers!
I am surprised by how easy it was to set up and sync with my phone. About 7 minutes from box to function. On my first drive I discovered 4 cameras I did not know existed even though I drive the route twice a day and have been for three years. I am eager to play with the features to see what else it will do. Traffic indicator is excellent, even shows different conditions based on direction of travel on the road. Camera has great resolution and is easy to adjust recording length and edit. I would recommend this unit to anyone.
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1 year ago, GaryAA47
The best
Cobra has always been the best and I won’t use anything else. I have one of the Roadscout radar detectors and it has saved me hundreds of dollars and it has a dashcam built into it so I don’t care what the other people say or the other companies cobra is the best for this, if this is what you want to buy they’re the best
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3 years ago, Frank Emanuel
Good Product
Move my device. Camera is clear. Radar is great. My only issue is the instructions are are not clear. Had to you tube to fully utilize. Another example is if you car uses car play, can you use the dash cam and you can radio. The quick answer is no. I’m still playing with it but like the combo dash cam/radar device.
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4 years ago, sapphiresky83
Next to useless
Just got a Cobra Road Scout and downloaded both the iRadar and Drive HD Apps. Both fail to connect just about 98% of the time. When I try to view my camera real time through this app it just shows the wheel spinning and then nothing! Then while trying again and waiting, the Road Scout detector/dash cam freezes and I have to pull the power completely and reboot... cannot review any recordings either and just receive random connection errors. Completely unacceptable for what I paid for the Cobra Road Scout.
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2 years ago, Bubby 4 Ever
Bubby 72
It took me forever to figure it out, but my patience was worth it. Haven’t used it yet to drive but will do that today on Xmas 2022
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11 months ago, ……..🤷🏾‍♀️
Outdated, Poor Front End Design, No Functionality
This app is outdated, it looks like the last update was made back in 2019 according to the App Store. Not to mention, it doesn’t connect to my phone, so I have yet to be able to use part of the features promised by the cobra sc 201. Also, the front end design is poor. A lot of wasted space on buttons and little instructions on how to trouble shoot. The developers of this app needs to do some serious work for it to actually deliver on the features cobra sc 201 is promising its consumers.
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3 years ago, Mad_ccc
Can’t connect to app
After trying a numerous amount of times and waiting almost over 3 weeks for customer support (which still has not emailed me back)I looked up solutions on google and couldn’t find anything. In conclusion, the radar works poorly and I would like for these features to work considering to amount of money I paid. Looking to return this item.
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3 years ago, greenmold
Won’t connect.
Bought a brand new cobra SC 210. I’d return it if I could, past the date. Won’t connect to my iPhone 11. D/L the Drive Smarter app which did a firmware update. Still won’t connect. Drive Smater app connects but is stupidly slow when accessing the SD card. Can’t get live view to function. I bought cobra for the reputation. Should have gone with a different brand.
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9 years ago, BadSanta
Very happy now
I should have read the previous comment first, but I just bought this camera and although it seems to work ok the app does not work at all for me. I spent over an hour trying to connect this app to the camera with no luck at all. I bought the camera because of the ability ( supposedly) to operate the camera thru the app on my phone. It's Sunday so I'll call CS tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to come back with a better review later UPDATE: I'm not sure what was causing the connection problem before but it's all working great now. I love the camera and being able to watch files on my iPad or iPhone.
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3 years ago, No select all function for url
Worked until it didn’t...
Worked perfectly but now won’t work at all. I have been using this device about a month and now I have lost all access to the dash cam features. When I try to connect it says no connection command error. If you can help me fix this I will adjust my review.
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2 years ago, Gen Z 😍
Great Device
The camera app is all right, the radar app is not good at all. I personally if I want a video just take the memory card out and put it in my laptop.
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3 years ago, dfrfdaniel
Does not work
Purchased a road scout and made sure it’s firmware was up to date yet I can never see the actual live view despite being connected to its network, it just times out or fails to connect
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2 years ago, Hugedantheman
Can not connect
I made sure it was on Camera mode. Shot I even tried on radar mode. This thing would not work at all. What a joke. Maybe it’s time to start over with your app and make one that does what it says it does
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4 years ago, Aaron Boggs
Doesn’t work
Can’t view live video or replay recordings without taking memory card out and putting in a computer. Always says camera is busy even after stopping the recording get same error message.
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3 years ago, rhaupenthal
Doesn’t connect
Doesn’t connect. Tried deleting and downloading app multiple times. Tried deleting and reconnecting wi-fi connection to iPhone. No point in having iRadar and iCamera RoadScout. Poorly spent $$
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5 years ago, CanbyChacal
Detector is great, camera connectivity doesn’t work
Had the Road Scout for about a month and can’t seem to get it to connect to the app. Continues to say that camera can’t connect to live stream or pinwheels. App is worthless in this state.
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4 years ago, ApeMan911
No connection on iPhone
No connection with iPhone unless I turn on airplane mode then I can view videos and live camera feed. $200 dash cam and the app doesn’t even function properly.
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3 years ago, pixxiewizzard
Does nothing
I’ll literally turn the WiFi on with my dash cam, connect with it fine on my phone yet the app says I’m not connected to its WiFi.
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1 year ago, Abautista2
Wifi not connecting
I tried connecting with my iPhone didn’t work. With My husband Samsung didn’t work either.
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10 months ago, TheChosen501
Doesn't connect
I connect my phone to the wifi from the dashcam but the app doesn't see my dashcam.
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2 years ago, Logo295
Don’t connect
I am unable to connect to my iPhone. Don’t buy it.
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4 years ago, Tavitochapin
Bad Service
Cobra and Escort is very bad service company and ripped off is not worthy Cobra, I will never buy the rest of my life waste your ripped money
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1 year ago, Wickedxmage
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work prob just steals data.
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2 years ago, negro1960
Cobra dash cam
I’m having problems connecting to my iPhone
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2 years ago, SBRBang
Camera won’t connect
I spent a pretty penny on this. App needs a severe update.
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2 years ago, XOFISH
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work
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4 years ago, jedroc01
T cry
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5 years ago, Guerrila Dance
Apple doesn’t support
Dear, I called the cobra customer service about the app last year. They told me IOS 11 doesn’t support the app. That’s apple problem. My Android phone still can connect to the dash cam but not the IPhone anymore. These are really good none stopping dash cam.
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6 years ago, tsigan57
App doesn’t work
I have tried numerous times to talk to Cobra customers service and couldn’t get a straight answer on when the app will be updated to recent IOS. I can’t connect to my phone and that means that my dash cam is useless. The camera notoriously looses time and what good is the recording if the time stamp is wrong. Left messages, made calls- no answer.....
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7 years ago, Turbo6Dave
Not compatible with iOS 11.
Thanks Apple and Cobra!! Really...I'm being sarcastic here Nothing more frustrating then being forced to update iOS which more and more is becoming like a problematic Windows platform with endless updates all for your "security" & "convenience" to have your settings, preferences, and how to's all change on you... More frustrating is to have your apps no longer function because you were updated without giving the okay. Hey iOS, how about run a app scan BEFORE updating a user's phone to advise of potential apps not functioning correctly or at all...
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5 years ago, roadglide6969
The app doesn’t work
I think it’s pretty crappy when you buy a dash cam and you update the software on your phone and they don’t update the software on the dash cam app, now it makes it more difficult to save incidents like the one I had last week which was a very bad accident and almost lost the footage.
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10 years ago, AcMODZ
I don't know how to say?
This app looks nice and seems like it would handle well, but it wouldn't load for me and I think if it ever does you'll either need a service plan or constant WIFI. I give this app 2-3 stars :|
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7 years ago, Trucker Dave
Does not work with IOS 11
The app was great but Cobra hasn’t updated in 3 years. Doesn’t work with IOS 11, so now I’ve no way to back up videos to my iPhone essentially making my camera worthless.
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9 years ago, Alehra
Just doesn’t work
This simply doesn’t seem to work. I plugged my Cobra into my Apple Time capsule USB port, and… nothing! The app simply asks me for my network password… over… and over… and over again. That’s it.
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7 years ago, Eijh
CDR900 Dashcam by cobra is basically useless if this app doesn’t work. Sadly this app doesn’t boot on iOS 11. Guess I’ll be asking for my money back via BBB for premature end of life.
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6 years ago, darkwing76
Do not download
The app has not been updated since 2014 and it does not work on iOS 12.
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6 years ago, AngelAmador55
Camera problems I can’t connect to my phone
I can’t connected to my I phone
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6 years ago, Rogrrr Crozrrr
Remind me NOT to buy another Cobra
I guess Cobra should stick to making CB radios since my dash cam is now basically useless without app support. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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7 years ago, SFO2HNL
No update therefore can’t use because it keeps asking to update.
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6 years ago, lst_LT Dann
Fix the app
Loved the camera, but now it’s obsolete
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7 years ago, DarienM2R
Doesn’t work with iOS 11
Please update the App!!!
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7 years ago, pizzatruck14
Do a app update!!! It is out dated!!! Now you can’t even open the app.
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7 years ago, Croatia20
Need an update for iPhone X
Update please?!
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6 years ago, KuffsRetired
Won’t work with IOS 11
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7 years ago, Richie 57
CDR 900
Please update this app
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9 years ago, Cableone user boise
1296p SHD playback NOT Supported?
App is confusing slow, clunky and wont allow Super HD playback or transfer from my cobra cdr-900 The dashcam is a 10 and the app is a 4. I am a truck driver so I bought the cdr900 for the shd and wireless transfer but i am back to ejecting the micro sd, unpack my macbook put sd in macbook then connect it to my phone on wifi to upload to youtube.. Hopefully there will be an update.. Substandard support for a dash cam with a $299.00 MSRP
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8 years ago, J0$3PK
Cobra CRD-900
I have my dash cam from january 2015 work good but now in 12/17/16 the proble is when i selec the online mode on my iphone 6s in the app drive HD close sent my to main screen in my iphone. All was working great before now dont Work they need to update the app i spent alot of money in this keep the system work. Now the only thing working is just dash cam mode.
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