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Firstech, LLC
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11 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for DroneMobile

4.77 out of 5
16.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Ricky276fjffjd
Very good app.
I had a hiccup here and there with the drone app. But 98-99% of the time it’s been reliable. It’s way more convenient to do things like silence alarm, valet mode, adjust the run timer for remote starts through the app instead of trying to memorize the sequence of buttons to press on a key fob. Not to mention my key fob stopped working for about a week once and the only way to communicate with my security system was my cell phone on drone app. It’s also nice to be able to monitor your battery and check to see if your doors are locked from your phone. I always get immediate alerts if my alarm sounds and some of the guys at work get a little jealous when I tell Siri to start my truck and 30 seconds later your get hear that hemi rumble on a cold start vibrating the work shop. The gps feature is nice. It went down on me for a few days a while back but other than that it’s always been reliable. I do wish the app had better instructions and user guides. I had it for a month before I figured out how to make system settings. And I have not figured out how to use the maintenance feature or how to make use of the 2 spare aux settings. I had this system installed while I was out of town and the guy at the shop spoke 98% Spanish and 2 % English so it was a lot of head nodding and smiling at each other after the installation and not much talking. But everything works great. It’s been a year and the nustart and drone have been working as expected.
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5 years ago, fingaz22
A must have!!!
Absolutely a must have in any situation! First it works as it’s described and does what it says!!! Control of your vehicle from anywhere at all! It will save you money on insurance if you have full coverage because when you have the full premium version it’s considered live tracking and theft recovery. So it essential pays for itself but even if not it’s so cheap per month for the service it’s absolutely a no brainer!!! You have your phone all the time now you have your remote all the time and you have multiple remotes because it’s email based app that can be installed on unlimited amount of phones for one price!! There’s so many pros for this and almost no cons!!! If your thinking about it let this be the read that puts you over to I need this in my life because quality of life will become so much more in any weather hot or cold!!! I use mine year round hands down the best on the market cause I’ve tried the others and so glad I found this!!! Drone mobile for the win!!!!
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5 years ago, KaylaJ20
Inconsistent- Don’t Recommend
This app is very inconsistent! Currently it’s not starting my car even when it says that my car is running. The status of my car is ALWAYS inaccurate! It will say that the doors are unlocked when they aren’t, also it’ll say that a door is open when it isn’t. I refresh the app thinking it will display accurate information and it doesn’t, also the time in the app is never correct either. I’m very frustrated because I’ve spent my money on this and it’s not working properly. Living in Michigan I thought this would be a great option especially with winter approaching. I can’t rely on this app to start my car. The app will say my car has been started and once I get there I realize that my car wasn’t even running. At least display a failed to start car notification. Please fix the issue!
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5 months ago, EY78
Great idea, service barely works, no support.
When it works it’s pretty clunky for an app and isn’t very accurate with the location, or the status, and the only time I get notifications is when it’s safe in my garage, I constantly get alerts that someone’s breaking into my car but it’s safe. However my car got hit while parked in a parking lot and got nothing. I made the mistake of paying for a year in advance and about half the time I wanted to use the remote start or left the car running with the keys inside (I know it’s got a function to leave with your keys but it seldom works and when it does notify you that it’s gonna work it only works half the time) and come back to network is down and they know about it but until it comes back up your pretty much screwed unless you’ve got the keys with you. I’ve tried to talk to customer service but they take days to get back and don’t leave a message or anyways to get back in touch with them, and they close your case like it’s solved. I’m not sure how they have so many good reviews, seems odd to me, I live in Dallas and just realized they are 10 minutes down the road and I’ll just go pay then a visit.
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5 years ago, g@ppu
Servers down Info in real-time
Whenever servers are down I don’t know what’s going on and when I send start or stop instructions from my phone nothing works and says device error and check if the device is online etc. I went to blogs to read and it seems every 3 hrs the servers get refreshed. The feature I would like to see is if at all the drone servers are down or going through an upgrade , and when a user tries to remote start at the same time , the app should give me an alert onscreen saying the servers are down and try after a calculated down time and not any vague eta. This will help not to try to remote start as it won’t via the app since it works via the car keys . But when you have drone mobile , the manual key startup beats the whole purpose specially in winter with kids freezing . Secondly I wanna see my subscription/ plan info on the app itself atleast not sure why that is not here in the latest version . Hence 3 stars and when I see these 2 critical features it will go to full 5 and I hope this comes soon to The app.
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5 years ago, iTinker is here!
The start reminder feature is MISSING!!!
I’m starting to regret buying this system and it’s because most of the time the notification doesn’t work, i.e it doesn’t tell me whether the car has started or not until I check the app of course. Secondly, R u KIDDING ME?! Where’s the start reminder timer feature?! That was at least something I was happy with (not thrilled with though because you guys should’ve programmed it the way that the app should’ve started the car, not by forcing me to go to the app and do all that manually), but at least there was such a thing. My friend told he has VIPER and it works a lot better than DroneMobile, I’m definitely considering to join the VIPER party instead of this crappy user interaction app that u guys made. Seriously, hire some good programmers instead of ur current not so creative and team. Look, all Im gonna say is that if you keep messing around and give the users the awful experience about their remote starter, rest assured that u will lose all ur customers. So many serious flaws in the app itself, add the start feature using SIRI! How hard is that?!
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3 weeks ago, Mike Lage
Long time user
I’ve been using Drone Mobile in excess of ten years now. As a user it’s 5 stars. As long as there is cell service where the car is parked; it works like a charm. Geofences, vehicle tracking, operational alerts, start, stop, lock status is all great. I gave it a four because they removed a lot of the account functionality through the years. So when a car is sold and you want to add the subscription to the new vehicle; you have to call customer service. The do a good job when they get back to you. However, you have to sit on hold for about 10 minutes, and then request a call back which takes a while to get. Once they call; they’re great. They really should either pick up immediately, or offer the callback with a que time for the call to be returned immediately. Anyway, great product that works as advertised.
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4 years ago, Historyguy197
Great app with some room for improvement
Update: the new auto-lock needs a lot of work. It is intermittent at best. Once I save the auto-lock and smart lock it will work for a while. Then, for some unknown reason, it will turn those features off. I had my car broken into and a couple of things stolen because I foolishly relied on auto-lock. This needs to be improved or removed. I love this app. Everyone I show it to wants this for their car. The ability to do so much anywhere there is cell reception is massive on a scale I didn’t fully appreciate when I first got this about six months ago. That being said, there is a little room for improvement. The Apple Watch side still needs a little work. The watch doesn’t respond very well. Another small problem is locking the phone before the return signal is received. The car is still started but it gives an error that may make you think the engine did not start. Small bugs but needs to be addressed. Overall I love this app and I am seriously getting spoiled to it. Great work. Another to update: the app has not worked for over a week now. What the heck is going on. My remote still works but the app can’t seem to interface with my car. This makes the app useless.
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4 years ago, Jerkbro
Nice, when it works..
I’ve been having issues with it not notifying me when my alarm is going off, THE REASON I GOT THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE 😂 The delay in time from command to execution of it is pretty hit or miss, sometimes it is extremely responsive and sometimes will just continue to spin and not ever connect. I have to kill the app and restart it allll the time. I try to be understanding of the bugs here and there but when it doesn’t notify me that the alarm is going off it’s kind of hard to ignore! It’s protecting my work van with basically my life savings of tools and would be devastated if my van gets broken into and raided without me ever being notified! Realistically, 3 stars is the best I could give this and that’s being completely fair to the developers and creators of the module.. I’d really like to keep this, but being only 2-3 months into my first year this is a little disappointing. For the positives, I absolutely love being able to see battery condition and temperature inside the van! Let’s me know if I’m going to have issues before ever going outside. RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER RESPONSE: The alarm is working perfectly fine, I only knew it was going off when my neighbor came and knocked on my door lol. Then, 15 mins after I disarmed and rearmed the system drone sent me a notification that it was going off (not currently, but was alerting to the previous incident) Hope that it doesn’t continue!
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5 years ago, Rhamed
I can’t login
My app stop working five days ago due to the new update. Every time I try to login I get a message that user name or password is wrong I tried to reset my password however also every time I try to reset my password using my current user name and email address I get a message that my user name does not exist I tried to delete the app and reinstall it still had the same problem I tried to register my device again by scanning the serial number still didn’t work I have been trying to contact the app developer I sent them three emails and I sent an inquiry to the developer support team still no reply I’m starting to regret using this system because currently I have a system that costed me big bucks but I can’t use it I’m very upset about the customer service!!!
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4 years ago, FSU888
Siri to lock and unlock?
Besides gps, it seems kind of pointless for many consumers to have drone installed if you can’t even use siri when you can’t find your keys. I feel like once apple keys gets popular, many of basic customers will switch over. As an installer I would love to see a simple voice added unlock feature. I used the remote start one and it is very odd. You can’t customize what she says and are forced to hear the start coding that is being sent instead of a simple, your car has started. Also, not everyone drives a “car” and may find it annoying to correct themselves constantly. At least that’s what I hear from my customers who have drone installed. Great connectivity so far, but I can’t see paying monthly with a t12’s range.
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12 months ago, mikenona
I wanted the best I got the best
About 12 years ago I started with alarm systems in my key trucks because you know that’s what I do for a living. I bought Dronemobile because hands-down it’s the best wireless system I’ve ever seen in my life. It blows in the trash all commercial buildings hardware you can lock your truck up from anywhere in the world view through the Mobile app where your truck is what your battery level is and so much more just buy it if you can’t afford it buy it anyway and by three years at a time because you’ll save money and then you won’t have to worry about your truck being robbed, and you lose all your beauties tools etc.
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3 years ago, Randyzilla
Poor execution
The idea is great. Be able to unlock/start your car with your phone? Awesome! However, this app, though a great idea, is poorly executed. I have used this for some time now, and a CONSISTENT issue is that the app fails to connect to the car and therefore renders it useless. It says something like “make sure the device is connected to network” when it is connected. After some online research, it seems to be a common issue among users and the answer I found is to log out and log back in every time it happens. So far it has worked for me, however it is extremely tedious and time consuming when you are trying to unlock the car, and need to log out and back in just for the app to connect. If this one issue was fixed I would have no negative comments, however, this one flaw greatly decreases my fondness towards this app.
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8 months ago, Every Name Is Taken -Mouse
App Issues
Even as I attempt to write this review it’s broken because when I tap the 4 stars it won’t respond. Go figure. Maybe it should be 3 stars. App is not as flawless as one would expect given how expensive it is. So, get it together Drone. It’s not terribly unusual for the app to malfunction and not allow you to start your car because they’re experiencing technical issues. It’s not a big enough problem that would encourage me to spend half an hour of my life attempting to write an email, but ours enough of a problem I’m writing this review right now. I paid several hundred dollars for a three year subscription, it’s a handy tool to have so yeah - obviously I’ll renew. But sometimes the app is really buggy which is annoying.
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5 years ago, Marc_Avi_
Improved phone app; not great on the watch
I’m really liking the newly updated app! It’s a lot more consistent when starting my vehicle and it just looks way better! However, the app on the Apple Watch has plenty of room for improvement. If I go to start my car, I have to hold my watch up because the second I put my hand down it reverts back to the home screen and does not start the vehicle. So I’m basically having to wait with an immobile hand to make sure it actually starts. For some reason it also has an incredibly difficult time starting with the Apple Watch. It will actually process the request about 2/10 times. This is quite a nuisance because it defeats the purpose of it being more efficient. I truly do love the new phone app, but I would love it if they made some improvements to the watch app as well.
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3 years ago, Joey_Nick
Excellent features
I have the Drone set up on my motor home. The ability to remote start, stop, lock and unlock, all from my phone, is amazing. And the GPS tracking gives me peace of mind, whether I’m on vacation half way across the country or just have the RV in storage. With the geofence feature, you can even get an alarm if the vehicle is moved outside a pre determined distance. The key fob remote works perfectly, and with a surprisingly long range. The phone app works 99% of the time but once in a while there is a long delay between sending a phone command and the vehicle responding to that command. I’m just not sure if that is a cell network issue or if it is a Drone server issue. It would be nice to have some kind of notice on the phone letting me know where the issue is (can’t connect to network, can’t connect to server, can’t communicate with vehicle.). Of course, none of the phone remote features will work if you’re in a cell phone dead zone, but that’s expected. Bottom line, I’m very happy with it and would absolutely purchase it again.
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9 months ago, Dadsair
Great product now keep going.
Love the app (except when it doesn’t connect). We 2 new features, well one is a few and the other is new add on product. 1st send me an alert if my door are unlocked for a while. My wife Toyota app does this and it’s a great feature. Not a lot of other good things to say about other app though, this one is better all around otherwise. 2nd think about adding a dash cam that can be view through the app or at least use another app and make it piggy back off the cellular connection. You can give us the option of adding the cam and a premium package option for a higher monthly fee.
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1 year ago, J2622
Horrible Customer Service
2020 Ford Raptor. switched from viper per advice from my installer. The alarm is great when it’s working. Within 3 months the alarm brain went bad saying my hood was open causing the alarm to constantly go off. I purchased a new hood pin $95 (non-refundable) and it didn’t make a difference. Alarm brain was replaced free of charge and problem went away. Now the shock sensor is not responding and customer service is useless. They don’t actually read your email. The guy tells me I need to adjust the sensor after I explain to him that the sensor is set to 10 and when the alarm is armed nothing happens. They only refer you back to the place of install or refer you to a number that they never answer. Going back to Viper which I never had any issues with.
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4 weeks ago, Drone mobile is horrible
Drone Mobile
I had drone in my 2012VWR for one year until it failed. They sent me another module which was installed but the new module needed to be activated which all steps were followed along with trying to contact customer support.. its non existent calling answering in when the online app will not allow any other updates on the account. I did as the app said call in for activation and they NEVER answer your on hold regardless of the day of the week or the time you will NOT ever get an answer just on hold. I waited 30 minutes each time and once 40 minutes and i called in almost every day for over a week trying to get help so save your money and buy another system. The app stated i must call in for activation so it’s a waste of time dealing with these people. Too bad the drone worked perfect until it failed, save yourself grief and buy a different system
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8 months ago, MRJDRAGON04
Random Login/Password Changed
Some how this app logged me out without my knowledge then says my account is in use else where but when attempting to rest this password four times it took to rest finally unlocked the safari version of drone to which I find out after trying to login to the iOS app version of drone it keeps saying to many attempts but how when I changed my password four times just to login n even after that this dumb app isn’t reading mind you I have only a key that sets off my cars alarm when used I use this app so I don’t have to but if it’s this useless I have no problem in doing so.
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4 years ago, Geneice1973
Poor quality and Poor customer support.
We have had the drone mobile for 2 years. It was installed by the dealer on our 2018 Jeep Cherokee... we have had minor problems off and on. Now 2 years later. Living in North Dakota in brutally cold weather our Drone Mobile has quit working entirely. We paid over $500 for it to be installed and $50 a year for the subscription service.... and it doesn’t work. We had it serviced at the dealer and was told it was broke and needed to be replaced. It only turns on the accessory not the engine and leaves the battery to die having the ignition on without the engine. I’ve contacted customer support several several times. With no help. They do not answer their phone either. Choose a more reputable auto start system for your car. I have also contacted the dealer who installed and suggested they not sell this item. It is worthless... too bad they don’t stand behind their products.
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5 years ago, Jillean k
15 min run time?!?
Not a fan of the new app. The old app allowed me to keep my car running for 24 minutes, now the new app only allows 15 minutes. I live where it gets below 0 degrees in the winter and up to 100 (above with the “feels like” temp) in the summer. 15 min is not enough to warm/defrost or cool. Also don’t like that I have to click on something to go to the start button and then hold the start button down to start it. Just not convenient and too time consuming especially since I have to hope I remember to go in and start my car a 2nd time now.... I contacted customer service and asked about the run time and if it could be changed. I was told to delete and reinstall the app.. Not sure what that was supposed to do, but it didn’t do anything. I have replied twice to that email with no follow up response. Not what I expect for an app I pay for.
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4 months ago, App ipdate
Saved my car
Woke up in the middle of the night with notifications from Drone Mobile that my car had started. I instantly see the location and realized that someone stole the car from my driveway. I called the police and notice that my car engine was turned off. I could lock the car from my phone in case they had exited the vehicle. Then I headed off to the location to get my car. The police met me there and the thieves were still inside! They immediately fled the vehicle and my car was not damaged besides the steering column being broken. Thank you Drone Mobile!
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4 months ago, Kwestland
Not as reliable as it once was
Not sure what’s up with DroneMobile lately, but the last 6+ months I’m happy if it even lets me sign into the app and start my car from inside the hospital. Mostly server issues where it’s not allowing me to connect to my account on the app or on their website. It’s disappointing to pay for a service monthly and it doesn’t work on a regular basis after working overnights in a hospital and I’m cold. Now, I could walk across the hospital and use my remote but sometimes I can’t get to my keys before shift change to do this. Which is why I even bothered with the app. Never had any issues until recently. Business getting hacked or not have enough servers to keep up with your customer needs?
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3 years ago, Techpro985
Was great at first..
When I got this installed two years ago, it was a great feature to add to my car. Over the last few months, they have made several updates which have made the experience horrendous. First off, I use my Google home to start my car in the morning and they disable the feature for over two months with no notice to customers. I had to call several times just to get a general update. That’s absolutely ridiculous when it would be simple enough to send out an email to current customers. As well, since they re-implemented it it has been made poorly and does not work properly. I think once my service is up next year I will be changing to a different service. Customer service is clearly not a top priority with this company.
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2 years ago, loventunes
I love this so much because: * Starting my car at night from my work and to walk out to a not well lit parking lot feels more comfortable. * When working Search and Rescue missions, it works as a perfect date and time of arrival and departure documentation * Upon arrival at a case we are working, I love the map showing exact locations I’ve worked to add accuracy information to my reports including being able to print the map as a show and tell. * During winter months it’s nice to walk out to an already warmed up car. * When the time card sign in/out on my cell has a malfunction, the time stamp works as my time clock. The time stamp of the on/off of the ignition, the visual map and exact address is a stamp the boss can’t argue with it. If this car gets stolen, I’m not panicking. We’ll hunt you down with the tracks you leave on my cell. I got it from Dr Dashboard in Evansville, IN. I love this app and highly recommend it to all. It ain’t broken don’t fix it.
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2 years ago, paulnikarus
Excellent app and service
I got my remote starter about 3 years ago. Everything worked great as described. The first two plans are reasonably priced and affordable. If your car is parked outside it is must to have app and device. Just for the fun and warm up my engine and battery I was able to start my car being overseas. The app is also great security device especially when you leave your car unattended for extended period of time. Being thousands miles away the app will show if anyone started the car, gps location, if your doors and trunk are closed.
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5 years ago, jabbs
V4 is so much better
Finally a somewhat modern app with useful features. Haven’t come across the communication failure as often as I did on any v3 revision of the app. Siri commands appear to actually work now (at least for locking, haven’t attempted starting via Siri) and watch app is about the same. Just kinda... I mean it works sometimes. Other times it’s a generic failure to communicate. Overall this is a much needed revision and I’m excited to see what is coming with future updates. Hopefully the devs keep up momentum and keep up with new features and polishing what is already there.
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3 years ago, hajjsjxjzn
Not A Fan
During My Trial, I Barely Was Able To Start My Car With The App It Always Had An Error Message When I Tried To Use It. I Was Skeptical To Buy The Subscription, I Honestly Feel It Should Be Free Much As I Paid For The Unit. Subscription Prices Are High. I Also Hate That My Vehicle Unlocks Automatically After I Use The Car Starter. That’s Just An Invitation For Danger. I Do Like Some Of The Small Features I’m The App. I Definitely Wish I Had Better Control Over Certain Things On The App. What’s Definitely Needed Is A Notification If You Forgot To Lock Your Car Or/And If You Went A Certain Distance Away Without Locking The Car. Even Without Paying For A Subscription, I Think Knowing If Your Vehicle Is Locked Or Unlocked As Well As Being Able To Lock And Unlock The Vehicle On The App Is Needed As A Security Measure. We Pay A lot For The Unit, That 1 Set Of Features Should Come Required With The App As A Standard Use Without Subscription. You Can Even Just Charge For Certain Features To Be Added On Like GPS Alone. If This Review Can Be Put On The Table For Review And Actually Taken As Consideration With A New Update In Software, I Honestly Would Give This App & Unit A 10/5 Stars And Recommend It To The World‼️
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11 months ago, ufotzyxoyx
Think about purchasing updated 07/23
Works okay at first. Two - three months afterwards it doesn’t track my trucks gps. I leave it at home drive my other car and use the app to track my truck and it says unable to track it, or its not in service. I pay about $13 every month for what? Update: more updates but for what? I have no option than to keep paying in hopes of when it does get stolen ill be able to track it. Updates work for a few days. Im literally next to my truck and unlock or lock doesn’t work. Don’t buy. I have 5g full service so thats not it. I have full battery on phone and remote.
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1 year ago, WonderWolf2121
Brought me Peace of mind.
Edit. Not even a week after having this installed someone I know had their car stolen from the parking lot and their workplace! We began having more car jackings and robberies here so naturally I became more worried about my car being stolen. My friend had one installed into her car so when I bought my new car I naturally had one installed since mine did not come with a remote start. It’s so nice to now know I’ll get alerted when my car gets disturbed or if someone were to steal it I could find my car.
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1 year ago, Wasabi of Boston
Love love this app on my watch and phone
I almost always use it on my Apple Watch to start or unlock the car, but the new update that added the controls on the main screen on the phone is great. I have been using this app for a couple of years now. I hardly ever have any issues. If I have internet or cellular, it simply works. I don’t use it for GPS, but I definitely use it to monitor the car battery since I work from home and don’t drive daily.
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3 years ago, Emamally
Issues needs to be fixed
I have a Compustar Pro 13 remote starter model: RFX-P2WT13-SF and aCompustar 7000 series alarm model: FT-7000AS-CONT , and a BLADE-Al bypass. And using iPhone XS ,iOS 14.3 when I put the low battery warning on and when it happens “ low battery warning” the alarm triggers and also randomly gives a false trigger like glass break .It’s a brand new car and the battery meter reads 12.0 on the app. When I randomly when I open the car door the alarm goes off and the and the phone registers low battery. Also got a letter saying I will get a free year service since the remote start antenna is defective and they are working on a solution. And when I renewed my account was billed. The installers swapped the ante for the basic one for now and still happens.
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5 years ago, HondaCiviche
Newest update
Not sure if I’m enjoying the newest update. I do have my sensitivity set to a 6 which is pretty sensitive.. but the new alert/tone for Shock Level 1 is a little “much” for me. Had my shock level 1 go off yesterday morning and boy did it scare me to death while I was sleeping. I definitely think the Shock Level 1 alert/tone should be toned down just a bit but I would say that tone is perfect for when your alarm does actually go off and for anything much worse. Overall great app. Do not regret my purchase and would/have recommended this to others looking for a proper alarm system with GPS.
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4 years ago, Cmtg0810
It was great for the first 4 months
After reading all the reviews about it, it helped me decide not to pay the whole year because of the app not working anymore. The firs three or four months was great, but now the app on my phone is acting up. I don’t know what to do because this app is very helpful for me. I dont have to bring my keys all the time because i have the app. But now i dont know what to do anymore.. there’s no costumer service, i cant call no one or what. Where to go, what to do. What?! What??? I cant find anything online on how to deal with this. I dont know. I guess i will stop my monthly payment. Tip: DO NOT PAY FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!! NO!! Waste of money im telling u.
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3 years ago, Billyb0b0220
App never worked
I have a real problem shelling out several hundred dollars for the hardware then $12 a month for a few months for the app to never work correctly. When my vehicle (RV rental) was on the move it was showing negative miles and always showing a started trip from McLean, TX. The only issue is the RV was never in McLean, TX. Every time it showed this. It would never show accurate information. I asked for help from support, and their solution was to uninstall and reinstall. Of course that didn’t work. They never resolved the problem. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and get an apple Airtag. Pay $30 and be done for a year until you replace the battery. This app is buggy and the support stinks.
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4 years ago, D_Bry69
Mr. Bryant
I thought this was a cool device to have but, as of today I keep getting a failed response ! Customer service is pretty much non existent. There is no telephone number to contact support and the preform help topics don’t really help much if the suggested solution does not work. I will rewrite my review and rating if I ever fix my issue. I feel like a fool because I bought this for 2 of my vehicles! 😡 still have issues with drone not connecting. I called support and get this: “the person you are trying to reach is busy leave a message”. No one calls you back. I have been w/o my drone for a month but, I’m still paying the subscription. I did get someone who want the serial number?? How does Drone Mobile not have my registered serial number. I’m going to Viper 😤😡😤😡😤
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2 years ago, Dancisntcisoafjcs
Drone Mobile Module and App
The app works amazingly. I work in a pretty big building that’s mainly steel and I park on the other end of the building and it still picks up the range and starts my car. For people saying the doors show up as unlocked when they’re not, turn off the auto-refresh, that solved it for me. Keep in mind that the area you’re in has to have decent cellphone reception for the drone module to work properly. Good wifi on your phone isn’t enough.
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5 years ago, meandjacks
Worst app ever
We bought the drone mobile for our truck approximately 5 months ago , at first it worked and we thought we were going to like it, boy was I wrong . There has been several occasions where it would say “error server cannot connect with drone mobile “ I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. There is no 24 hour customer care to take care of these issues. This by far has been our worst purchase . They need to update their software so errors don’t happen or find a way to fix it because it’s a joke. It’s embarrassing when you have to call your boss to pick you up for work because you can’t get into your own vehicle because of this horrible technology. I do not recommend this product to anyone .
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2 years ago, Apps school
Great setup with lots of features
I wanted to change my review and give an update. I purchased two drones one worked very well and the other one I had issues with. The tech support has been amazing by email these guys have been a huge help. I successfully have a second drone working thanks to there tech support. The app is great and this is setup works well. Now that everything is up and running couldn’t be happy with this product.
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3 years ago, Ealfa82
Drone mobile app!!!!
This is a must have app I’ve own compustar remote starter/alarms on all the my cars simply the best this drone app is a great feature first time using it so far works well this would be the only remote you need as longs you keep your phone on and there are no glitches. Just an FYI always keep the remote with you also just in case something goes wrong with the app. The only con: is the subscription but I guest makes sense since it controls all your vehicle functions.
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12 months ago, DubMac89
Rarely has issues, and saved my truck
There are a few connectivity issues from time to time if you are in a low service area, BUT my truck was stolen out of the driveway and taken 5 hours away overnight and stashed in the woods almost a 1/2 mile off of a small county road. Drone took me and the authorities straight to it. I know for a fact that if I didn’t have drone systems like this on the truck it wouldn’t have ever been recovered.
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5 years ago, wt93205
Pretty good.
They have gotten better and better over the last couple years. This app seems even better. Only thing that doesn’t work now is the battery voltage. It is stuck at 12.0 and never moves. Previous app my car doors showed unlocked on a refresh even though they were locked. Now they show locked when locked. Little by little it is getting better. So far no start errors due to the app. Only once when my battery was dead yet showed 12.0 volts. Shows 12.0 even when running.
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5 years ago, livinsales
Crap connection
Great when it works. During cold season have received a lot more “something went wrong” messages with sad emoji. Should put a freaking cold emoji because that’s what I am. Yes it’s a western problem, but its the primary role to turn on and off the car so when that doesn’t work it’s like a phone that doesn’t make calls. Decent overall. Nothing fancy. First major update of the app to v4 I. The several years I’ve owned it. When I bought this everyone was “oh DroneMobile is so great!”. I hope it doesn’t go the lazy ways of viper smartstart. They were so excited to upgrade from 2G to 3G network two years ago🤨
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2 years ago, ocMartin
I have owned this alarm system for well over 3 years now and I have to say it does what it’s supposed to. Never have I had the app crash or any problems with the connection from the app to the truck. It’s great cause it tells you what sensor went off : tilt ,shock,movement. That way you can tell what tripe’s the alarm. Drone app works great also. Lots of info and you can track your vehicle’s location. Great great product. Thanks Compustar.
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3 years ago, masone126
Mr lover lover.
It’s a good app. Keeps a great log record. But in the start menu, it has door unlocked, and lock and start. But why didn’t the developers add trunk open? That’s all really what the app needs. So for instance, I’m coming to my car with my gear, now I have to open the car door via app control, then reach for the trunk switch in the car floor location. To then open the trunk then put my gear in my trunk. Please if you can, just add the button to the screen. We could land on Mars but that we cant do!
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1 year ago, thisoneistook
Great app
Great app. Was in between trucks and my last truck had it until I totaled it. Bought my new truck and I had to have this again. One thing I thought I did have in my previous truck was that I was able to schedule a time I want it to remote start. I’d give this app 4 stars because I can really use that feature as it was nice to have for my life style. Developers please let’s make this happen so I can edit this review. Send us an update with this feature
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5 years ago, Ray Slekes
Top Notch
I have been an installer for over 25 years. I have used many products, and seen many come and go. I have been using firstech for about 8 years now, and its fantastic. I had the dr2000 in both of my vehicles, and have upgraded throughout the years too the dr5400. I will be changing both vehicles too the x1 drone very soon. I also just extended for another 5 years on black friday. Great product and Always great service and support. Cheers!
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4 years ago, Sanders AK
Connection spotty
When it works it’s great product. However, I’d say that my app fails to connect with my vehicle on a regular basis (probably 50% of the time). I get a message saying that the device is not on line. Support says it’s because of data coverage issues but it happens when my phone has five bars or I’m on WiFi. I find myself wishing I hadn’t spent the money on this product. Addendum: Now it doesn’t work at all. I’ve had the car dealership work with support and they couldn’t fix it. I called support my self and she is sending me a new one to install. Apparently, the model I have has been plagued with connectivity problems.
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5 years ago, Too Reveu For You
New app is a step backwards
The new app is very nice if your primary purpose is to look at the status of your parked car. But that’s not what I care about 99% of the time. I’m here to start the engine, or unlock the doors, etc. This new design adds an extra tap to open up the “controls” window, which is now split across 2 tabs, meaning another tap just to get to the “accessories” controls, like the trunk. I should be able to make the controls the first thing I see when I open the app, then let me dig around on other screens if I want to see the status of battery.
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