Drop The Number : Merge Puzzle

4.7 (81.7K)
132 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Drop The Number : Merge Puzzle

4.73 out of 5
81.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Wolfscraps
My go to game
I’m starting off my career and graduating pretty dang soon, so that goes to say I don’t have much time anymore. So this is a good way to pass the little time I do have, instead of trying to read a book, draw, etc. I like that you can pause the game, even though you have to watch an ad to continue again. What I like about this game is that you can lose, trust me I lose pretty dang often, and I just keep running back, trying to beat my last score. It’s addicting and I’m proud to say it isn’t a forgotten app like most of the games on my phone. Which is saying something. But recently with the new update they added this piggy bank. I like that I can now have a easier way to earn money, what I don’t like is there is no obvious sign that tells me how to empty it. It just says "empty to receive your coins and start all over again" or something similar. Okay, but how? Am I going to lose those 2,000 coins once the time is up if I don’t figure a way to empty it? Or am I waiting 4 days for it to empty? One more thing, thanks for the game!
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3 years ago, YO8G
Good but....
Loved this game until it started locking up. I did pay to remove ads because i liked this game so much. That definitely helped make the game more enjoyable. I understand you still have to watch ads for certain advantages (unless you spend real money when you don’t have enough game money) BUT after an ad plays, the game locks up, I have to kill it and then I am forced to watch the ad again. In some instances, I have lost my in game money too. Here’s an example. I watch an ad to replay my lowest score in the tournament. there is no getting around that. ok fine. now i can watch ads for boosters. I might pay for the one (use 100 in game coins, not cheap btw) and then watch an ad for the next boost and after ad plays, black screen and no returning to game. I have to force close it and when i go back, not only am I out those 100 coins but now i have to start by watching ad to replay that low score. i end up in a loop at times and it seems to be getting progressively worse. i tried playing without the boosters and i can’t rank in the tournaments as well so with that, i am close to being done here. It’s a shame really because this little game was a highlight when i sit with. y coffee in the morning. Let me know if you fix this problem. And btw, the hunting ad is extremely offensive and grotesque.
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3 years ago, JJ The ReVeiwer
I like drop the number But…
I like drop the number but it’s kinda hard and laggy. I can barely move the block. I think the game space should be longer so the game if longer because the game is fun. But over of I love the game. The graphics are great and the gameplay is fun. But I do have a few things that could help the game. Maybe a reason why you are dropping the blocks and each holiday the theme could change. Like maybe you have to drop the blocks to save someone or something like maybe at Thanksgiving it could be a turkey and at Christmas it could Santa and so on and so on. And maybe you could add a multiplayer server so friends can play together. Or a online server. But if you don’t want to do that it’s fine because I like your game the way it is and I love playing it. And if you would at least consider my ideas that would be great. Thank you for reading this. Have a good day. Bye! ✌🏼
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3 years ago, Random_gameryt226
Surprisingly addictive!
Okay, so I was playing Word Scapes when the ad for this game popped up, I was excited to play the demo ad version because I always end up enjoying just playing this simple merge game. Once I got to about 2 full minutes of just merging numbers, I ended up forgetting what I was even playing before this,(XD) and so I went on to download the game itself to see a whole lot more to this game. Yes this game has ads, but coming from living off of free games, you’re bound to see a couple here and there, that part I can deal with, but aside from that, this game is oh my gosh... so dang addictive, but I think the piggy plank is a little unnecessary. I don’t think it’s very fair that I merged a number for coins, but then not adding it to my actual currency balance. But other than that, thank you for introducing me to this simple convenient time-consuming game, Happy merging!
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3 years ago, Wiseguys77
Don’t waste your time
Played this game as an add and it looked pretty fun. Downloaded the game and realized all of its problem. For such a simple game that they expect people to be able to play in an ad without the tutorial the actual game has a super redundant tutorial any person with half a brain coulda figured out. So starting the game my first 5 minutes were wasted. Every time you get a 1048, 2096, etc you get an ad. If your lucky the ad will play and your game will be fine. Most of the time you have to completely restart or the ad will cause the game to seriously slow causing it to be unplayable. Most of the upgrades are pointless too and cost coins. If you spend 100 coins to see the next block doesn’t matter because seeing that you got 5 64 blocks in a row followed by 5 128’s and then followed by 7 2’s doesn’t make it feel and better when you lose. Also the game does not feel like the blocks are randomly generated at all by the amount of duplicates or going 20 blocks in a row without seeing a single 2 or 4 block. Last game I download off an ad again.
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2 years ago, ugyuoygiou
Omg best game ever!!!!😍😍😍
So first I saw an ad of it and I loved it so much I played it for 30 mins I decided to download the game and after the ad finished I played it and saw the daily spin and got 100 coins I already had 600 coins it was awesome I was super happy to click start and play it there was a tutorial I followed the steps and played it now this game has changed my life and I play it all the time I’m so happy this game exists huge shoutout to the creators of this game I still play it today thanks so much for all your confidence and effort you put into this game and it doesn’t have too much ads or to little ads it’s so perfect and whoever read this review this far I hope you have the best day ever may your life be blessed in the name of god everyone have a great day!-Jordyn ❤️🧡💛💜💙💚🖤🤍🤎💗 YOU ARE UNIQUE AND SPECIAL!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, dit dot dit
Com on click on this So let me tell you this is not a good game 😉😉
It wouldn’t let me put zero stars Because this game is terrible oh so There is so many ads it’s fake you shouldn’t get this There’s an appropriate you shouldn’t let your kids have this I mean I just wanna write boo so I’m gonna do it👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 I HATE THIS SO MUCH 👎🏼. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Just kidding it’s a really good game I love it that’s right let your kids have this i’ve been playing this game since I was six and I’m about to be nine so yeah I’m glad to read this part downs as so I’m gonna give 1 million see Azeris sizes likes now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 This is how many stars that should get ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, Cristi G
Good but glitchy
I very quickly became very addicted to this game, so much so that the first day I played it for seven hours straight (I checked), deleted it because I was playing it too much, and immediately downloaded it again the next day. It’s a fun game that would easily be worth five stars, but holy god the bugs. So many bugs. Giant, freaky, StarshipTrooper type bugs that spit acid or breathe fire or whatever, it’s been forever since I’ve seen that movie. The game freezes a lot. It crashes a lot. It slows down a lot, then freezes, then crashes, and half the time it crashes you have to start over. I spent the last half hour trying to play except it’s frozen and remains unplayable despite several force-quits. Unless there’s some kind of remedy for the endless crashes and bugs, the level of enjoyment I get out of the game is going to be dwarfed by my frustrated with it, and the next time I delete it it’ll be for good.
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2 years ago, Queenofelves9
OMG!!! But ads and age restritions
Hello! If you are reading this, you must be thinking about downloading the app, and yes, please do so. It’s hard and all but I think you will enjoy it. Anyway, I don’t think it is necessary to put rewards for watching ads. They also rated it 12+? I know, I know, it’s weird talk about this and all, but what if you’re an age younger and want to download it? Seriously weird, right? Sometimes when I play this game I try to make towers and end up with a 4096 on the bottom, a 2048 in the middle, and a 1024 on top, and I only have so much space left to build the rest of the tower to make a 8182. So maybe you can put one more row of space? I’m really sorry I am asking for so much, but I just need as much as possible to make the game a little more fun(even though it already is). Thank you so much.
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4 years ago, holyshitplease
Best Mobile Game I Have
I just wanna start off by saying I almost never write reviews unless a game makes me. This game, however, earned the five stars i’m giving it. Not only is is a great brain workout, it just doesnt bombard you with ads like every other game. Sure, it has ads but they’re always very short and sweet unless you’re looking to watch an ad for a prize. It has some nice features like the hammer (it allows you to get rid of a block) and everything can be bought with coins for a fair price. I’m actually okay with watching ads to get coins too, because this game is just that enjoyable. It’s not buggy and one of my favorite parts of it is the fact that if you have to leave suddenly, you can pick up your progress where you left it if you so desire. Amazing mobile game, keep it up.
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3 years ago, danthepianoman1234
Love this game, but one thing...
I’ve already left a review talking about how there were so many bugs with the ads, but the bugs disappeared after a few days of playing (idk if it was my phone or the game and the developers fixed this or not). Now that the game is relatively smooth, there is one massive problem: the ads. There aren’t many but the anticipation of the ads is what is the most frustrating. Like usual there are ads before and after you play most of the time, but during the game there are ads every time you hit 1024, 2048, and 4096, and it gets aggravating pretty easily because you KNOW you will get an ad when you reach that. Please developers, keep ads at the beginning and end of playing. I’m pretty close to only playing this game every once in a while because of this.
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4 years ago, #Cozy Sunday!
I love this game
You should download this game I think it doesn’t need any changes and I am addicted to this game I’ve have been playing for almost 2 days now I have not played a different game all day I almost lat my breakfast get cooled this morning I am that addicted to this game one thing I would like that is a pause button is there is one I just haven’t seen it but if there is not it would my nice to have a pause button cause some times I just want to pause the game for just a few second you now but other wise I think this a fantastic game and hats why I pot 5 stars for this and I really hope the creators of the game read what I wrote cause I would really like to see a pause button added to this game will we are playing have a nice day hope you like this game just as much as I do!
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3 years ago, Peter-b-y
Great concept, fun game, needs a lot of tweaks
The game is really fun and addicting and the concept is great. I love that there’s a paid ad-less version, but having said that the game’s biggest difficulty is fighting the controls - they’re very unresponsive AND inconsistent. Sometimes you’ll hold the finger on the screen before the block appears and suddenly it’ll immediately drop instead of letting you move it, other times you hold the finger on the screen and not only does the block not move, it doesn’t respond at all until you lift the finger and place it down again. In addition to this, the tendency is to run your finger across the bottom so you don’t put it over the square you are trying to see, but the problem is that across the bottom are paid power ups that keep popping up because you keep accidentally pressing them while playing the game. Fix those things and it’ll be a 5 star game.
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2 years ago, Purple Review 0731
Love the game! But…
So, here’s the sitch. Love the game, loved it since I first got off the ad. Sooo fun! It just challenges your mind with numbers while still being fun! I try to find that kind of stuff these days with apps but it’s REALLY hard to find! Just one thing… the ads!!!! I know that so many people are saying this in the reviews, but it CAN’T BE SAID ENOUGH!!!! There are sooo many of them! :( I would play this every living second of my every living day if there weren’t so many ads! I mean, sure, wordscapes is fun, but people, can’t you find a game that doesn’t have 10,000 wordscapes these days??!! Yeah, so that’s that. Love the game though! Happy Merging!! 💖
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2 years ago, 11232453
Cool concept TOO MANY ADS
look, I’m a game dev, I get it. We all need to eat. But this game is basically a scummy trap to get boomers to waste their time and generate ad revenue. You play until you reach 1024–and then you sit through a 2 minute ad break while tapping ineffectually at the (minuscule) close/next button. Half the time, you end up opening the App Store to bring you to the download page of whatever third rate knock off of a knock off app that buys ad space on mobile games. After the ad finally closes, you immediately lose because you’re knocked out of the flow of the game by swiping through the ad. It’s frustrating, to say the least. BUT THATS NOT ALL, NO, THATS NOT THE END OF YOUR TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS. NOOO. Then you have to either forfeit coins, or search around for the exit button, go into a different interface, and then hit the restart button. Whoever designed this hates people.
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2 years ago, BayBayBay97030
TLDR; I get an ad when i press START, that causes me to delete the app, not give you money. Nov 7th 2022 The nature of this type of "endless" game is that you can play for extended periods of time until the difficulty gets to be too much or you're overwhelmed with a bad move you made and weren't able to fix it, there is always an actual natural end point to a play session. BUT this game decided that once you hit one of their check points (big numbers) it gives you the option to share as if its a big accomplishment, or earn only 10 coins and a button that i thought would give me ad skips (i still dont know what it is), no matter what you do you get an ad. This game uses them at all points possible making for a SUFFOCATING experience. The game itself is good but this much clutter shows how desperate they are, people who are invested in their games will spend money on power ups and things that will advance their game if they deem it worth it. Thats just not gonna happen with a game with this many ads. I know that you can pay to remove ads, i think most people would even if it was just the one SURROUNDING THE SCREEN and an end of level one. I get an ad when i press START, that causes me to delete the app, not give you money. It's like you hate the people playing your game and you hate that they want to play it.
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3 years ago, Kelli_1971
Ads are excessive and slow my phone down
This has been a nice way to relax for a couple weeks. I really want to like this game, and a lot of it is great. It has a Tetris feel but with numbers instead of shapes, so cool idea. The ads are insane. After every big move, there’s an ad. And they’re all so long - most are around 30 seconds with no way to skip. Half the time the X for the ads are so small or even completely hidden you feel like you can’t continue. Too much for just a casual game to play. And then my poor phone wants to act sluggish anytime I’ve played the game recently. I can’t just switch back and forth with this game and texting or something because my phone moves so slow. The only exception is when I turn my phone to airplane mode. But seriously, it ruins my phone til I restart and it destroys my battery too. Not worth all this, I’ll go back to candy crush or something.
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7 months ago, E_piphany
Buyer’s Remorse
I did my homework and read prior reviews. But, I had a glimmer of hope. The developers only care about money. You watch ads more than you play the game. Even with options that imply there are no ads, there’s an ad. I understand that ads pay for the development of the game. But, THIS is ridiculous! When you click “start” to play. Guess what? You guessed it, an ad. Developers, listen to your customers. There is a healthy balance. I play an unpaid Wordscapes like I breathe (innate). Anyway, I know when I say this you will reply anyway, with hope that others will see your view and to display developer concern….ANYWAY, I’m deleting immediately; after only 10 minutes of play. I know I’m not the first and won’t be the last. But, there are too many other games being developed to be stuck on a game with developers that are “stuck on stupid.”
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2 years ago, ayo_urmom
Issue with the game
If you think of downloading this game I would recommend reading the reviews, I downloaded this like 2 days ago and it is just so laggy… First off every time I click to play the game it shows the “super” loading screen or whatever and it never loads to the actual game. I’ve also read reviews that once you get a certain number there is an ad and after you watch the ad you will most likely have to restart your game or it will cause it to be really slow. But sometimes it could be fine. Honestly some people say the game is great but for me it’s not. Also earlier when I said it never actually loads in the game , I checked all my games already and they work fine , it’s not my wifi or anything!!! When I see the ad to play this game , the ad actually works better than the actual game. So next time if you think of downloading an app check the reviews!!!
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2 years ago, What do u want here
Yes, but….
I love this game. There’s something satisfying about combining your blocks. BUT 1) the low numbers (e.g. 2s, 4s) get very annoying once you’ve gotten good at the game and want to increase your high score and 2) don’t get excited if you get a high score of participating in the tournaments- it’s very glitchy and doesn’t always save. The flip side to that is when you get a low score and doesn’t save. Still irritating, though, since you never know what’s going to save and good luck accumulating points at Level 1 through the tournaments. I keep trying hoping going to higher levels will eliminate lower numbered blocks, but am about ready to look for something g better made if it keeps ignoring my scores!
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3 years ago, Anonymous8978987
Super Fun And Addicting! Read before buying!
I just want to start off with saying “WOW.” I’m used to buying cheap, knock-off games that aren’t like the ads at all, but this was not a letdown. It’s a really great game! I play it when I have extra free time and it’s super addicting. Once you start, you can’t stop until you lose. Then you might rage quit 😅 but hey, who doesn’t? There are ads, but what games don’t have ads? The ads are definitely not as frequent as most other games, which is awesome. I love that there is a leaderboard which pushes you to work hard. Keep making games!!! Awesome!
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3 years ago, eminetalic
Nice game, but…
I’m usually totally fine (if not supportive of) free apps using ads for revenue— how else would they pay their developers? That said, I’ve never seen an app use ads quite like this. In addition to the usual video ads (sometimes halfway through a level?) and banners at the top/bottom of the screen, there are also pop up windows that periodically cover menu options at the end of each game. It’s early 2000s internet nostalgia, but not in a good way. Since this is a game that’s meant to be played on a small screen, the amount of information obscured is particularly egregious. I would love to support the developers of this app by watching ads, but the old-timey format actually makes navigation and gameplay pretty difficult.
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3 years ago, YuppitsmeLori
I don’t mind advertisements—and I don’t mind waiting to watch them (not really, but I’m not paying to not watch them. However, now you have ads that spin from left to right and then spin from right to left, to show all 3 PAGES of their ad. Family Dollar store is an example of one of these ads. What I want you to understand is that certain ads that move quickly can make people sick. I personally get very nauseous from ads that move quickly or spin WHILE I’M TRYING TO PLAY. Why do you have to bombard the actual FIELD OF PLAY with these ads? Not cool, guys. Please don’t suggest I pay the money to get rid of the ads. I can’t afford to pay that. There is no way to change the ad, or to complain about a certain ad. I AM NOT ALONE. There are many people who get motion sick. I hope you’ll send me an email to inform me, if you decide to fix the issue. I can’t afford to get physically sick, or get a bad headache, so the game is gonna sit there while I wait. It’s a shame, because I really love playing the game. Before you added those moving ads, this game got me through my first 12 weeks of chemo. Please consider investigating this—you’ll find out that you may have lost many people. Sometimes so much motion is too much.
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4 weeks ago, Mocha 7851
I used to love it but..
This was my go to game for a long time. It’s a game you can literally replay over and over and still engage you. I don’t pay for no ads since I don’t own my personal phone and don’t really want to spend money on mobile games. I’ve always been okay with the ads they give me a break from the game after I’ve achieved another major block. Recently, the game will just go to a blank screen anytime it would usually go to an ad and it would never return so you have to keep closing the app window entirely then open it back up. It’s the most annoying thing ever, genuinely just gonna have to delete it now cause there’s no point at trying to play it cause it’s ads or nothing :,)
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2 years ago, FGH_C
Love it! But I Could Get Bored
Hi! I would just like to start off by saying that this is a GREAT game. It’s super addicting, fun and did I mention ADDICTING??? But anyway you’re probably reading this wondering what’s bad about the game. So, here’s my main problem. Some people might get bored with it. When you make a game you need to make sure you’re ENTERTAINING people as well as making a fun and addicting game. You have the last to down, but maybe not the first one. Also another little thing. I clicked the “get more lives by an ad” (not really what it said but anyway) and I didn’t get another life. It said I did, but it didn’t let me play. But yeah, have a good one and please fix these things.
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2 years ago, Taycoozie
Entertaining game ruined by ads
The game is simple, but good. I enjoyed it for a little, but there’s nothing special enough about it to make someone want to purchase it compared to other games. I would have kept it in the free version, but it just ended up being more frustrating and repetitive with the same number sequences/boxes. It’s unfortunate that playing one full round of the game (until you can’t revive anymore) essentially involves you watching 10 ads in the process. Even when you don’t click the “ad for extra coins” option, you still get stuck with an advertisement regardless, just a shorter one. And the other advertisements are up to 30 sec long so it just takes up more time than what you spend actually playing the game itself.
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3 years ago, Jaguar187
Fun gameplay - WAY TOO MANY ADS
Found this game via a playable ad in another dumb free game I Play. Figured I’d try it. You don’t get to play even once before you have to watch a full 30 second ad . Played a level , I thought , to the target number . It said “yay, you’ve reached this number . “. Then an ad, that felt like at least 45 seconds (it counted down 30 seconds , then just lingered in the screen for at least 10 seconds before the x to dismiss came on. Instead of a new level , it started me right up where I was, about 2 blocks from red line. It took about 15 seconds to cross the line , and “lose”, and you guessed it, another ad. Too bad, the game play itself is reasonably engaging, but even to collect basic coins gathered during play , you have to watch an ad.
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1 year ago, cyberlearnit59
I paid for no ads.
I love this game but the piggy bank at the bottom is too easy to tap. It intentionally pops up obstructing where I often tap to drop a block in that lane and asked for money. I paid for it to be ad free but something is always popping up asking me to buy something or watch a video. While it hasn’t happened yet, I can see that it would be fairly easy to accidentally purchase something. Mostly, I just don’t appreciate supporting developers only to find that they are pressuring me for money. I have purchased other games that offer things for videos, but it doesn’t delay or impede gameplay. I will be less likely to purchase games from this developers in the future.
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3 years ago, Triple Z roblox player
Not as addicting as the ad
So I love this game but it’s not as addicting as it said in the ad. When I saw the ad it let me play a round and it was more addicting this is less fun. And WAYYYYYYYYY too many ads. I would rate this a 5 but not today. I’m not saying it’s terrible it’s just not as addicting as the ad showed me. And I hate ads so the fact that it lies to me just proves that all these games have cons in them no matter how much the ad convinces you. So I just wanted to say this I hope the ads in this game really decrease bc it’s so annoying and my whole family has to hear me complain and my bf is so tired after work and every single night I tell him and he is Sooooooooooo annoyed so please fix these problems.
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2 years ago, lakesley bodrand
Awesome but…
This is a great app but I don’t like the weird sound it makes when you match a number. Also there are so many ads and I payed for no ads and I still have ads! There are no more things I want to say but other than those this app is mind blowing so thank you for making it. My sister says you need a holiday update for your game please do so. One question you will wonder too. What is the piggy bank for? Please fix my ad problem but keep the ads in the game. I know some people use ads to find apps to get. That’s all for now bye and please comment this game too. Developer please respond and check about the ads. Bye
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3 years ago, robloxlover01252012
I LOVE this game
I found this game when I was in the car. Me and my brother and mom were coming home from our friend’s’ house. My brother was playing this game. I saw him playing, and he isn’t the best at it, but he’s still good. When I saw it, I fell in love with it. After a little bit, I asked him if I could try the game. He said yea, so I tried. I got to like 1000 something before we entered the house. I asked him if that was good and he said that I was really really good. So we went inside and I downloaded the app on my iPad and have played it since I downloaded it. Does have some adds, but I don’t mind them. Also it teaches you math a little bit
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11 months ago, Gamebird🦓
Is this game good
This game is so much fun and when your bored play it. My whole family likes it. And a family of 7 including me and also this game is good because if you log out it stops and also it has math included which makes sense and also it is for kinder garten and up because of the addition math and it requires focus but not stressing focus and the down side of this game is that it has adds when people just want to keep on playing the game. So I rate this 5 stars and imagine if this game had an add and this message was on it. Also therefor this is a good game. :)
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7 months ago, janekimsolt
Very fun and time consuming
It pulls me in and I love ❤️ it I have lots of homework and little time to play games but this is just what I needed a friend recommended ( they saved my life) this game has strategy’s and I fissures most of them out it’s kinda educational but either way it’s good. I like how you can pause it I’d you have to do something even if you have to watch an ad to play again and the ads aren’t bad for such a fun game!💅 would 100% recommend if you don’t agree I’m sorry but I’m coming after you jk lol have your own opinion and have a nice day!
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2 years ago, Duped by an Ad
Drop the Advertisement: a merge the ads together game
Do Not Even Bother! Have never before purchased off an ad I was forced to watch for a game. Should have kept it that way. The premise of the game isn't bad…… Tetris with numbers. But the coins and adds and adds to get coins and adds to restart and adds to continue and ads to get free coins which then disappear while watching the ads. Everything about this app pushes for anything other than a relaxing gameplay. Other reviewers were kind when they added that they understood the need for some ads to help offset the creation and upkeep of a game. The creators started with a novel idea and ruined it. Don't waste your time or time. Really disappointed. This one isn't worth the space it takes from your phone or laptop or I-pads memory.
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3 years ago, kmccffrty
Love this game, but...
This game is ridiculously addictive and I play it for way too long! However, it’s been glitching and freezing lately. It hasn’t always done this. I thought maybe it was my phone, but after reading other reviews it seems to be something other people are also experiencing. I haven’t been able to play it the last few days. Unlike other reviewers, I do not think the ads are excessive. You can X out of them immediately when they do pop up- and honestly my eyes welcome the quick break. If it wasn’t for the glitching I’d have given it 5 stars, because the game itself is really fun. Hope it gets sorted out soon!
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3 years ago, lintwhite08
Fun but had to delete
I downloaded this when I saw an ad for it and thought it would be fun. And it is fun and very addictive buuuut...the ads. The ads are so bad and rendered the game unplayable at times. And the game is HUGE - a whole 1GB of my memory is taken up by the game. It’s the biggest app on my phone! I could tolerate all of this until I noticed my phone overheating and running super slow only when I played the game. I finally deleted it when my screen became too hot to touch and the game slowed down so much it just didn’t run. I’d definitely download it again if the ads were less intrusive, the game didn’t take up so much memory, and it didn’t heat my phone so bad because I do miss having a mindless but fun game like this.
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3 years ago, Marble_Gamer5
So far so good!
I don’t even care about the ads if they even pop up on my device. All I care about this game is that it’s not glitched for me and no crashes unlike others. This is a pretty cool game, I’ve had some merging games like this where boxes come from the sky, and you open them and merge with others, but I’ve never experienced anything like this! Blocks with numbers come from the sky, land the same numbers on top, or on the side, they add up and make bigger and bigger numbers! This is just so entertaining! I think I play it about almost every day!
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2 years ago, goomf.ii
Best game
I don’t normally write reviews, but omg this game is just the best. Although it is just a game where you merge blocks, it is still very fun. Me and my sister do mini-competitions with each other to see who gets the highest score. I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun. It really is a go-to game, it doesn’t require much skill, this isn’t a money-hungry game, it is just a chill fun game. I play at night when I’m about to go to sleep, or when I’m feeling bored. Listening to music in the background and merging blocks is really fun. Hope to see more games like these. Bye bye!
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2 years ago, Liama138
Addictive, but Ads are overly excessive
It’s a great mind numbing game to play, and I understand the need for ad revenue, but the ads are just excessive. I would pay for the ad free version, but as seems to be the case with most of these phone games now, paying for ad free doesn’t get rid of all of the ads, only the short ads. Most of the ads on this game force you to wait over a minute or two and close multiple screens to exit. They have also started popping up randomly in the game. The developers probably bank on people deleting the game after a few days so they maximize the ads to generate as much revenue as possible in a short amount of time. Perhaps if they cut down the amount or duration of ads, people might play it for longer, generating more revenue over time.
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6 months ago, Jaynoomi
I used to love this game so much!!
I was literally addicted to this game but they got me off of that by adding so many unskippable ads that makes it impossible play a game after losing without being forced to watch a long ad. I get that you have to watch an ad to get an extra try when you lose the first time and it get longer for additional lives, but now you don’t have to do anything wrong to be subjected to one of their corny and cringe ads. Like you created a block bigger than 1000? Now you have to watch this ad that you be able to get pass unless you click on the icon that will automatically opens your App Store. Thanks for ruining what was my favorite game to kill time with.
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11 months ago, Stick thats me
It’s simple I love it
This game is actually pretty good. You can playing anywhere when you’re on a plane anywhere. When you’re waiting for your dentist, where you’re waiting for a taxi. But the only problem I have is the ads and micro transactions if you don’t want any Ads, I guess you can turn your mode into airplane mode? Well, like I said, I keep getting these weird fish ads like I said there’s kind of a lot of ads for the weird fish game, overall the game I recommend it’s not like your generic running game
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4 years ago, AgathaRex
I paid for no ads but I still get ads. I no longer have the ads stuck to the page covering the play options. But I still get the ads that interrupt or start the games, ads for other game apps. If I pay for no ads then I should be able to play ad free. I didn’t pay for half the ads. I didn’t pay to see one type of ad. I paid for no ads. I want my money back! ‘We’ll try to reduce the number of ads’ is an inappropriate response to all the people paying $2.99 for NO ADS. That is a higher price than most and you don’t get what you pay for. You are fraudulent and with a response like that I think I’ll just report you to the Better Business Bureau, because what you are doing is wrong and illegal. You think we don’t have options? Think again!
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4 years ago, stoptheaddsjerkoffs
Could have been a good game
This is a really fun game. Problems- when you reach a number that gives you the option to multiply your coins with watching an add it freezes up so you don’t get it. Also when you get to the point you are doing well it gets all sticky and bugged up. It’s glitchy and feels like a virus is attacking it while you play. Otherwise the game would be fun rather than frustrating to play. Fix your app please, I would like to play it when it functions proper. Hope this helps to fix it. Best wishes new problem is if you purchase coins you don’t get them and the price you pay is different than what you were charged! I just checked account and they charged me a price higher and doesn’t reflect any purchase options!!!!! ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!
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2 years ago, Chiropilot
Crashed Shortly After Install
After reading through a good amount of reviews and seeing that this game recently had some bugs fixed, I decided to give it a download. I really enjoy 2048-type games so I thought this would be enjoyable. Well, after installing, doing a daily spin, and then getting into the meat of the game, I did have a good time. However, as soon as I finished (with a score of a little over 13k) the game froze and locked up. I think an ad might’ve been trying to play? But then it couldn’t load so it just froze instead. Now I can’t even get the game to load up again to try and see if that was just a one-time fluke or not. That being said, I’m going to go sadly uninstall this game now. I had high hopes even with the intense amount of ads.
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2 years ago, VenusAndPluto
Good but freezes a lot
I would love this game but the higher points you get, the more the game starts to freeze and lag. Sometimes you have to force quit, which is kind of a bummer if you have already invested a lot of time (watching the many many ads) getting points in one session. Good game and I would play it more if it wasn’t so frustrating. Also, as others have mentioned, there’s a specific pornographic ad that keeps showing, which doesn’t necessarily bother me - although I do think it’s inappropriate. Some ads won’t even let you exit the ad; you either have to download the advertised game or exit the whole game. Moral of the story: this is a good game if you have the patience of a saint.
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2 years ago, Alineiniestra
Fun Game But….
I enjoy this game, however there is an internal algorithm that makes it extremely difficult. Say you’re saving up 4 “128” blocks and need the fifth one, you will get a bunch of little blocks before getting the block you need… almost every time! It is so annoying to know the game isn’t random or chance at all but deliberately programmed to be irritating. Additionally, the unattainable high scores are ridiculous. Nice of you guys to allow computer programs to hack your gaming system, and there is no way people are scoring in the billions on this game. My high score is around 163,000 which ranks me almost 2-millionth. I don’t think so. Anyway, I keep playing hoping for improvements or patches and haven’t seen any yet.
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4 years ago, im nott a roobot
I think this is a very good game to play just to pass time, thought to do almost anything you have to watch adds, like before you start a game, and if you want to see the next upcoming block, or to multiply the amount of money you get. (Thought that’s is most games) I hate how there are adds to do anything. You could just pay to remove them, but if the game is just to pass time (like me) than I don’t think it’s worth it. Also, you could just use your in-game money, but then you either have to be good enough to make like 300 per game or play more adds to get money. So every time it either comes back to your (real) money or wasting lots of time watching adds, witch I hate.
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3 years ago, Patratt2
Rigged game
The game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s so blatantly obvious that its rigged. After you reach a certain point in the game, it is impossible to go any further. Once you start getting 128’s, the game literally gives you like 5 2’s in a row, 5 4’s in a row and 5 8’s in a row. It gives you a surplus of the lowest numbers, so you will fill up your top line. Then, it will give you a surplus of the highest numbers, making it impossible for you to merge anything. I’ll have 4 blocks over 128 at the top of my line, it’ll then give me 4 of the lowest numbers to cover up those blocks, then it will give me 3 128’s in a row so i can’t merge anything to make me lose. The numbers it gives you to drop are not random, the developers have created some sort of AI that is designed to make you lose.
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11 months ago, Jnet320
Super fun and addicting
I really enjoy this game and it’s taken the place of a few others because it is so addicting to try and race the clock or your last high score. BUT there are a lot of ads especially to earn more coins and it’s SUPER annoying when ads glitch (Wordle!) and you are robbed of the reward because the ad won’t close and you have to close out the game in order to continue. Game progress is saved but reward is lost. 😔 If you’re going to have ads make sure they work because I’m quickly losing interest if they defeat the purpose of playing!!
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3 years ago, fatmooseknuckle
Ads, ads, ads and more ADS!
Do you like ads? If so, this is the game for you! Want to start the game? Watch and ad. Want a few coins before you start? Watch an ad. Want 1 extra block to start with? Watch an ad. Pause the game and want to restart? Watch an ad. Get 1024 points? Stop in the middle of your game and watch an ad! Gain another multiple of 1024? (2048, 4096, 8192, etc) Again, stop in the middle of your game and watch an ad. Run out of moves and want to continue? Watch an ad. Game over and want to restart? Watch an ad. If you’re lucky, you may get to enjoy 2 or 3 ads before you can move on. The name should be changed to “Drop The Ads”.
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