DRS - Drone Flight Simulator

4.2 (1.9K)
218.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
PSV Studio
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DRS - Drone Flight Simulator

4.18 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
10 months ago, Geeky Googan
“Nerfed” Drone speed
I appreciate this game, it’s a lot of fun and definitely helps with reaction timing and piloting. Only thing that I’m not happy with is the sudden speed change to the drone. (Yes I know you can adjust the throttle) but the speeds used to be 40mph and now it’s not even going 22mph. Only reason I mention this is because of the dramatic throttle response change and not being able to recover from a flip or trick. The throttle feels very delayed coming from someone who plays this everyday.
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2 years ago, itsmelukek
Best drone sim on the App Store but more maps needed
This is by far the best acro mode trainer on mobile. The best setting is the camera tilt, because you need to change it depending on the speed you are averaging on a track or a freestyle run. Another great feature is the controller support. I run a ps4 controller hooked up to my iPad. One problem however with using a controller is that the game only starts recognizing an input made on the joystick after moving it about 1mm right or left, which doesn’t sound like a big deal until you try to make any sort of small corrections or quick turns. This could be just an issue with controller support on apple devices, but you get used to it anyways. Pls add more maps similar to the Arabic town, with lots of different nooks and crannys to fly or flip through
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6 months ago, CanikMan9mm
It’s not a drone
This game was great! I played it a bunch before I got my FPV drone and it helped a ton. I recently tried to play it again and they removed the ability to alter the controller setting and removed all yaw control! It’s the equivalent of flying a plane that can hover but can’t turn very well. I look off and flew in circles without altering throttle speed at all and it just kept climbing. Another frustrating thing is the number of ads it runs now. If you are just starting out I am sure you will spend more time watching ads than flying. I almost wonder if the developer was bought out because the feel of the game has completely tanked.
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2 years ago, Hazzvbn
Great game
This is such a great drone game it is the best I’ve ever played so far and it’s really good I like it but the problem I have is the rotation to the left and right can you please make it more realistic please after all it’s a grand game you should get it
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5 years ago, Moneyreaper
Awesome simulator!!!
Loving this Sim!!!! You can choose different flying modes, choose Acro or Stability etc you can even use a joystick (video game controller) hoping they will add Radio transmitters. This is long overdue cause the Apple App Store has only 1 other worthy game for Freestyle/ Drone racing enthusiasts. I’m excited to see the updates to this game and will keep it on my phone as long as I’m interested in the Drone hobby. Again Awesome sim guys for the Apple phone!!!! Thanks so much for stepping up and producing this Sim!!
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1 year ago, Blatantly Honest Reviews
It okay
I was really excited when I saw all of the reviews and started downloading. Whenever I booted up the game I saw all of the ads, then I played on the barn map and the game kept asking me to write a review. It felt like the game was going to give me a virus the whole time I was playing it, the graphics are horrible and the UI is annoying. Overall, the game is not all that good but maybe a select audience would enjoy and appreciate it more than I did.
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11 months ago, lofidelityrockr
Had the app for nearly 5 minutes
I saw soo many commercials in that short amount of time. I’m clearly making the dev money for this and I’d rather just get my own real drone for the hassle this is. Every time you calibrate- commercial. If you crash-commercial. Calibrate or pause-commercial. It is bad enough I have to deal with ads that override my volume setting, because people who turn their sound off don’t have good reasons, ugh. Deleted. Not really fun or appealing
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4 years ago, hunterbo6969
Great sim...
I like the simulation, as it is relatively realistic, and is good for acro flying. I hope to learn how to fly on this, and I will update later around may 2020 if it works. Update! If you want to learn to fly fpv, this is the best way posible! I was doing crazy tricks/lines on my first flight!
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4 months ago, yankeespitfire
Great simulator but…
The sim itself is pretty good. However the frequency of the ads seems to increase plus most of the ads become inescapable, you have to exit the game to close them out unless you want to wait on a 5 minute countdown. I get ads pay the dev but please tune them or use a different ad source.
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8 months ago, Berealyrealyrealyreal
Was an amazing sim, now unplayable
This sim was great two years ago, few ads, decent physics, and fun to play while waiting in line or when you were bored. Recent updates have made it nearly unplayable. The throttle is broken, adds every time you click a button, glitchy settings, and more. If they returned the sim to its original state I’d love it, but sadly the devs have made it worse, not better as time goes on.
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3 years ago, Jack Runsvold
Most realistic FREE simulator
The crashing sequence could use some work but as far as it goes it’s just like the real thing and it even has “beta flight” well just a little dumb down but you can still change your rates five stars. (That was before the update now with the new update the Physics are garbage and you crash randomly. Kinda bad now)
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4 years ago, Turtleoblol
The only good FPV Sim
There’s no other FPV sims for the Apple devices that are even close to real flying. This game has sliders for the rates, thrust adjustment, and even camera adjustment. Sadly I don’t have a Bluetooth controller to use, but even with the integrated joysticks the app works amazing
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2 years ago, avationstation
Best sim app I can find
Very good work making this app! The physics are not bad at all. Only thing I wish you could change is the way the throttle works.
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1 year ago, Angie_.108
Great Game But…
Great Game with good quality I just can’t ever a controller to it since an add is always informative of the button to pair my controllers.
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2 years ago, goat game lover
Okay but it’s to boring
You should add stuff like missions to make it less boring l just don’t really like racing games then I will give this game five stars but only once you add more stuff and be able to get close to humans and go into water my review is done
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4 years ago, True_Gauntlets
PS4 Bluetooth problem
Although I can connect my PS4 controller via Bluetooth, I cannot use it, apparently, for this app. I’ve had this problem with other apps as well... I should wonder about other controllers tho... Will likely give a higher rating if dis is fixed.
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2 years ago, nickjplace
So much potential!
The app is amazing. Please add more maps or open it up for users to add their own maps. Great stuff!
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3 years ago, m3t4lmanchris
Best fpv simulator
Hands down the best drone simulator for a phone its realistic the only one I’ve found worthy of keeping on my phone
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4 years ago, lovfhndjvfdtbh
The games great. But I cannot buy the pro version
The flying dynamics, controller support, as well as the timed courses make for a great flying experience. However, the inability to purchase the additional courses hinder the rating. The same tracks get old.
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8 months ago, trtkn
The real challenge is getting rid of full screen ads
This is a joke. If you say with ads, fine. But this is ridiculous. They block the entire screen for several minutes — if they EVER go away!!
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1 year ago, patatoe2. 0
It’s nice
Hey I wasn’t able to play due to the lack of not being controller available
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2 years ago, Jermurph
Best sim on iPhone BUT NEEDS MAPS
And when I saw maps I mean just one single good map would make this game 10/10
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12 months ago, GamerNate2211
Too many ads
Good except for all the ads.
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6 months ago, Dannyboy1337
What did you do???
One minute it’s a fine, next minute you update it which removed the configuration button and you can no longer raise or lower the altitude of the drone. Is the some sort of joke?
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7 months ago, shoefnik
Huh? What the heck???
Hey Apple, did your AppStore approval team fall asleep at the wheel? This app support link is unrelated to the app. The app name is not spelled correctly in the app. The features claimed in the Appstore don’t actually exist. Where are the instructions? Where’s the actual configuration screen? What the heck???
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2 years ago, PegaVerse
Can’t even open!
I’m sure the game runs great and is very stable on newer updates and devices, and i know my device is a piece of junk currently, but it won’t start!
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6 months ago, Person W/ 2 legs and arms
Not accurate to be a simulator
Did not work with game pad, and the controls were not those of actual drones. It’s kinda a game, but not one worth too much attention.
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1 year ago, Parrot_god
It ok
Umm it’s ok you just have to make it a little more realistic and make the map bigger
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4 years ago, Slitoris
Using this till i get my radio. Haha learning to fly with a gamepad. I would be eternally grateful for google cardboard support
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2 years ago, I like the free stuff
crash when trying to open
iOS 13.3 iPad 6gen App crashes when trying to open, tried to install twice. Have never been able to get working
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10 months ago, TitusTalks
Not as good anymore
I normally don’t give bad reviews, but this one made me do it. 2 years ago, the game was fire and fun to play. It was fun and helped me practice fpv. The new updates make it unplayable.
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2 years ago, thatguy:$
Barely playable unless you turn off wifi or cellular data unless you wanna pay to get rid of the ads.
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3 years ago, MichRiggs
Great App if you like ads
I'll sum up my experience with this app quick. Took five minutes to play for less than 1 1/2 min. That equals 3 1/2 min of ads in five minutes. Thank you, uninstalled.
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1 year ago, dony239?!
Its a good way to practice flying a drone
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1 year ago, this is a great robux
it’s alright
there’s one question i have. How do you flip upside down
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2 years ago, rufusmagnus
Almost a great game. With controller support it would be a great fpv sim to use on your phone
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2 years ago, Jerseylodi
Ads are super annoying
Developer made everything to get you buy the ad removal. Ads are at every step, DO NOT download this app
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2 years ago, Dissapointed9987
Advertisment game
If you like annoying ads then this is your game. You get more ad time than game time. If I could I would give it zero stars
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4 months ago, johnfromberkeley
Latest version vertical is broken
Vertical thrust is broken in the latest version. This makes it unusable. You cannot takeoff or land.
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3 years ago, lavi eillish
It’s amazing
Very realistic awsome app
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6 months ago, Mesuiii11
Read developers
Please make this game controller support. It would be really fun
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1 year ago, sirsir44
Ad size
The ads are overwhelmingly disproportionate and make the game nearly impossible to play. They remain on the screen indefinitely.
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1 year ago, cv😎1324.:
Way to many adds
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3 years ago, Rc Aviator
The app won’t even open, it just crashes as soon as I open it
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3 months ago, Godrnjač
No controller support!
I installed it because it said it supports controller gameplay. Well it turns out it doesn’t. Uninstall. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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1 year ago, Shawn14858
The best
you Guys have the best game evEr
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4 months ago, Tgunzie
What happened
This used to be my favorite iPhone fpv sim. But they removed the fpv part. What are you thinking
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1 year ago, Abbee's ogi
Stupid ad placement
They put the stupid ad on top of the drone so you have to pay the $3 to remove it. Deleting the stupid app
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1 year ago, Alexander1357910
Has adds, terrible settings and stupid maps. 0 stars!😡
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9 months ago, RVen lte
Most recent update made it glitchy, idk but it has to get reversed.
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