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User Reviews for dscout

4.47 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
2 weeks ago, bassbiz
love being a scout
great app / business giving you the opportunity to share your opinions / feedback that help to shape current / future products. highest paying app in this category, you have to be open to recording yourself on video, speaking and with writing there are live interviews with researchers and diary entries. I am giving them four stars because some missions that have been in person requiring you to go to a location to record video, purchase an item, my experience is that some of these studies were put together poorly so I think DScout needs to micromanage researchers better to make sure that these type of studies are not inconvenient or lack details for participants. Another thing would be screeners that ask for video, written entries and multiple choice questions that have 6 questions or more that then tell you that you are not a good fit, this tells me that the screener still gave the researcher enough info to do their work despite them rejecting you, I have had those screeners come up more often which is a complete waste of time. edit update: Forgot to mention I have been a Scout for 2 1/2 years and have made $7000 so it is not a scam but you will not be qualified for every study so be prepared to spend some time on the screeners, too.
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4 years ago, Caroline0815
Seems cool but I’m confused
I joined dscout about a month or 2 ago and I was very excited as I had heard amazing things about it. I got 3 “missions” as soon as I joined the app and submitted my application the next day with what I thought were very thorough answers and a good quality video ( good lighting, blank wall behind me, microphone attached to my shirt, etc) that I tried very hard on. I had heard from reviews that sometimes you don’t get the first things you apply for even if the application was really good. I also heard that you might not get a yes/no response until about a month after. I wasn’t too concerned about these things, I just thought I would eventually get one. It has been at least a month and a half and I have gotten no responses at all. I would have been fine with a simple no (as I understand that not everyone can get a mission and I just probably wasn’t the best option) but I have gotten nothing back. So now I am confused, did I just not get the job or have they not made their decision yet? Since the first three I have gotten around 3 or 4 new mission applications and I have not heard about any of them since. All I want to know is, am I doing something wrong? On a positive note, besides that I absolutely love the app and the concept. I would love to start being able to use it all the time. I hope I can get a answer soon.
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2 months ago, astrology123
$5,000 in 2 years!!
I would give Dscout 5/5 but I’m taking a star away bc their “express” missions have been less accurate lately IMO. I’ve been doing DScout since Sept 2021 and I’ve been picked for a ton of Live, diary and express missions- basically averaging a few hundred dollars a month. If you are honest and apply to the right opportunities that you can actually contribute to you will be picked- don’t apply to everything, it’s a waste if you do! I always get picked when I apply to things that actually apply to me, my lifestyle and family. My negative feedback would be this: the express missions have really changed since starting a few years ago… they do give you more money now, but I’ve been accepted to a bunch of them over the years and in the past 6 months or so, I’ve noticed that my completed and thoughtful express missions were rejected (only a few of them) but it feels odd because of how many I do, apply for and are successful- some randomly get rejected and it feels off because I know the drill, speak clearly in well lit area etc. In general I absolutely recommend dscout- as I’ve made over 5k doing this the past few years (2 years and 4 months of doing missions) but the express missions needs some help!
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7 months ago, ChantélFrancins
Was great but now Dscout allows theft from researchers!
2 express mission submissions, complete in entirety and in quality, whereby I gave truthful answers were not paid to me. I went to check and have found my submissions were listed as rejected. This theft…again!!! And the 2nd and 3rd time that I have given my feedback and the reward lied about. My submissions were completed as asked AND the researching company has MY FEEDBACK WITHOUT PAYING ME AND DSCOUT KEEPS ALLOWING THIS THEFT! I have been loyal and professional despite this happening within the last 2 months already. Money stolen by researchers after you give your feedback and the express mission payments are no longer express but the same timeframe as regular missions. I have had a lot of good missions but 3 times in the last 2 months my perfect submissions were not paid and that is after still waiting for payments and the payments getting lower over the years. Feel free to find out on your own despite good reviews…it will cost you your feedback and money due to you and Dscout will allow it to happen when they have already been paid by the researchers for your participation alone. Cut out the middleman and go directly to companies and charge them for your feedback or make them pay YOU in advance as without consumer participation, both Dscout and the researching companies will not have what they need.
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2 years ago, AllOutJay
Get paid for opinions but sluggish app
This app has been great to me! The more effort and thoughtfulness you put into answers, the better outcomes that are to come. All that time spent applying does add up but it ends up being quite rewarding. You obviously won’t qualify for everything you apply to because the missions/studies are looking for specific people and not just anyone. Besides that, that app is easy to understand, but it has began to be very sluggish. I am not sure if that is because I am on beta releases or the app has just become unoptimized. The app has begun to open slower, crash after minimizing and opening again, delayed typing, and delayed responses to swipes/opening missions. Aside from possible bugs, I wish missions that haven’t paid up yet still showed in a separate column besides closed when it is pending to pay so I know I still need to get paid. Also, when they close a mission, notifications for messages from that “closed” mission bring up and error if clicking on it. You can manually navigate to the closed mission and access the message there though. So just a weird quirk. Overall, it is a great and convenient app to use for making some side cash.
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4 weeks ago, A&o1229
Im SOOOO THANKFUL FOR THIS APP! It’s really helping this single mom get by with some extra funds! I was skeptical when I got a weird email for a $300 mission reviewing cash app via dscout. I contacted cash app to verify it was real! All through the study I still was nervous I wasn’t going to get paid, but to my surprise sure enough I got the payment! I’ve done 20 of these (mostly express/short missions) in the last 2 months & made $430! paid on time every time, never had one rejected. I could have done more but I’ve been busy & not as active. Most of these missions have been really simple & the pay is great. I’ve recommended this to so many others , struggling single moms or friends that are temporarily unemployed. I know how hard it is to find legit money making opportunities ,or surveys that pay more than 50cents -$1 per survey , or are some type of scam , so it was TRULY EXCITING to find this app where most payouts are $20-$300! Yes you have to qualify but once you do you know you will be paid if you answer everything thoroughly , unlike other survey companies who may take u 20 minutes into a survey then say u dont qualify
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2 years ago, spinfusr
Changed my life
I used to be the one to tell you , “scam. It’s a scam.” I never believed there would be an intuitive, entertaining, mind expanding, and life changing way to make money from home on the internet, lo and behold, dscout and the general review / trial market exists, and this app is genuinely the most streamlined way to get into the money pit. Since June of this year I’ve made 500$+ reviewing beta items, reviewing beta sites, apps, programs, games, and a whole assortment of other interesting future market products and ideas. A good tip is to make sure you take a shower and get a nice cut before taking these video responses, don’t feel self concious, this is 2022, everyone is inclusive and necessary, you are not “what they don’t want” as a face / identity! And also, be sure to recognize what devices are somewhat necessary to keep being selected. Get yourself some new smart devices to keep the money coming. And be sure to stay truthful on the answers, it’s better to not get kicked off than to make a quick buck lying!
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3 years ago, emmiegggogo
Curious how many people who fill out the initial surveys ever get compensated...
This is an interesting app with a useful premise: helping companies creat products that people actually like and use. However, the way that it is set up is much like dangling a carrot in front of a horse to get you (the company) where you want to go and I wonder how many horses (the users) actually get the carrot ($$). Many of the applications for “missions” require a lot of information and answers to survey questions upfront. I’m sure companies are getting lots of free information and buy in from potential users so this app is probably very valuable for them. I just wonder how many people actually get compensated and if it is worth the time of filling out all of the surveys when there is no monetary guarantee and you’re providing so much personal information. Also, sending video messages in response to intimate questions into a void feels awkward and impersonal and might not the best way to connect with users. Again, I’m sure it’s great for companies to get that video feedback but it’s a lot to ask of users when they are not being compensated.
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2 years ago, dreamariexoxox
4 grand made last few years !! LEGIT
I’ve been doing Focus groups and surveys for 15 years . I am extremely cautious when it comes to “paid surveys “ as scams run rampant. DSCOUT is my absolute favorite app and is reputable and legitimate. I’ve done missions for them for last three years and over that time total I’ve made 4,300. Each mission pays different . You might have a 10 dollar one one day and a 300 dollar one the next . They always pay on time . I’ve also tested some pretty cool products that I got to keep from them . One of them was an expensive home bar. My recommendation is open app everyday and do some pre screeners. The only way to get picked is by applying to the pre screener . Everyday spend at least ten minutes doing this and I promise you you will start getting picked . Make sure to explain your answers when doing video responses .
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4 years ago, vaeh ~
It takes so long
I got this app because I was hearing really good things about it and seeing people earning tons of money on dscout so I downloaded it and i would see missions and join them but I wouldn’t get accepted to any, it took a little while but I entered one and I got accepted for it, didn’t take long at all and I got 20 bucks from it but since then it has been so difficult to be accepted now and they don’t even tell me if i got accepted, they don’t give me a yes or no answer and it’s really frustrating because yes I know you won’t always be accepted in to some but I have entered so many that at this point it’s just getting me annoyed, I always make sure my answers are thorough, I make sure my videos have good lighting, good angle and good hearing but still I haven’t gotten anything. Yes I do like this app and a lot of the missions have a really good money reward but it is very frustrating and annoying how I have only gotten accepted once out of probably the 25+ I have entered..
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4 years ago, joyless99
Paid missions for honest opinions
I just finished my first mission on Dscout and it was a great way to make a few extra bucks. For each mission you fill out an application and based on your eligibility you may be selected to participate in a mission. If you are, you will fill out survey type questions and take 30-60 second videos of yourself giving your honest opinion on something. You also may have to take a screen recording on your phone and describe what you are doing and why. You are given a specific amount of time to complete the mission and all its parts but you can do so on your own time. Each entry for each mission only takes a few minutes to complete and you can take your time and do the entries in steps. This is by far my favorite app to make some extra cash.
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11 months ago, Shawntay Williams
My Express Mission froze
When I tried to select my video that I had just made for that particular Express mission, I was not able to do so. Then I could no longer access the mission to upload my video because the mission had already closed and I was no longer able to complete that mission and get paid. So, it literally wasted all my time and caused me to forfeit getting paid. That definitely was a huge bummer :( * Fix this issue and then I will add another star, because this is a great app with high potential for huge rewards.
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4 years ago, Jesskanetic
Submit videopinions for good money!
I’ve been looking for a way to make side money that can actually help with bills. I’ve done surveys and receipt apps etc and sure those help with little things like milk and bread here and there but this, this can help pay your monthly bills. Earning potential is expandable. There’s companies that want your true, real time opinions via videos instead of answering “yes, no” questions that can be inaccurate via online surveys.i see why this is a growing market. I’ve made $100 on my first mission, with probably 1.5 hours of dedication over the span of 2 weeks. It’s easy and worth it and sometimes fun. Once you get good at it, you’ll start to get invites a lot! Try this- you’ll love it. :) oh and they pay direct cash via paypal-no gift cards!
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2 weeks ago, Play On 04
Profile boosters
Profile boosters y’all had me fill them all out and I still get applications that don’t apply to me. Either use the information and give me only relevant applications, or don’t asked me to fill them out if you’re not going to use the information. I waste a lot of time filling out applications that don’t apply to me when you have the data to know that. For example, in my profile boosters I say I only have an Apple Watch, yet I just did an application where when I selected I own an Apple Watch it said I was not a good fit because I didn’t have a different smartwatch. Well… you already knew I only had an Apple Watch. I told you that. So why waste my time showing me an application that requires me to have a non-Apple-Watch smartwatch… stop wasting our time. USE the profile boosters or don’t waste our time with them. Just constantly asks for permission to copy paste. Every single letter I type. The app is unusable.
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4 years ago, PrincessB7
Amazing App for Making Extra Money!
Let me first start by saying, this isn’t a way to make up for your salary or anything, and you won’t be able to quit your day job using this, but it is a good amount of money for pretty easy tasks. After I finish my current mission, I will have made about $150 in a little less than a month. You apply for missions by answering a few questions or sending a quick, 30-90 second video. You don’t get accepted for all, but the missions pay VERY well. I’ve seen one as high as $235. There are also express missions that don’t require an application and pay $1-$5. I think compared to typical survey apps that pay you 50 cents for hours of surveys, this is much higher pay out for much less time.
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2 years ago, Noparami
It’s Not What You Think…
I will admit, I like to share the pros and cons of anything. Sometimes what’s great for you may not be for someone else and vise versa. I truly got the app and thought a little bit every day and I’m bound to find the right fit . I’m not sure if those that placed great reviews here are real or extremely luck. You must invest a lot time and effort and hope to get a response that actually chooses you to pay out. It’s like gambling you never know. I had no responses to get paid a lot of thank you and try again. I seems to find many that I can share about but as I go thru all the questions and details I realized THIS APP truly benefits companies that need true customer ls opinions. They benefit because as I spend 10 min reviewing and giving my thoughts opinions they gain all this info for free. I get nothing. My thoughts if you don’t need cash and you have extra time to share , this app is perfect for you. Not for me
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3 years ago, aholman12
Days of input never rewarded
I know some people who have had this for years received payouts eventually. But honestly this just seems like to grabs as much personal information as possible and sells it. I’ve spent days of time answering questions and submitting videos all with no response or reward. I’ve done one mission which sat at “waiting/incomplete” for weeks. I never received any payment. And I can’t help but feel that this is a version of the Facebook games and surveys that just gather information on an individual to sell or use in other manners. With the novel EULAs that exist, it’s impossible to review the majority of company regulations. Was a waste of hours of my time making videos and putting in effort to have literally not even a penny come my way. If you have the patience to stick with it for months or years for a small payout - great. Otherwise, simply not worth the time I could have spent anywhere else.
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3 years ago, CookieCookie319
Great Way for Earning Extra Cash
I was invited to participate in a remote study via email (based on some of my recent online activity with the company) and was told to download the dscout app to apply to be accepted. Since i was pre-selected I was immediately accepted for the mission and got over $300. Since then I’ve done a few express missions (made ~$25 from that) and have just been accepted into a one week mission paying $75! That’s $400 in six months so while it’s not enough to make a living, it’s an easy and fun way to get a few extra bucks. Best part is i apply for most of these while on the couch watching tv (pausing my show for any video submissions) so it is really low stress.
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6 years ago, Ferreek
Absolutely Amazing!!
Not sure why anyone would rate this app any less than 5 stars. I’ve made over $700 in the last 4 months. Yes your first mission takes about a month to get but after your first mission you seem to get excepted more frequently. It’s like a job, you’re only going to get what you put in. If you apply to every mission that applies to you, you’re going to get excepted. It’s super easy to make a little extra money. The lowest I’ve made is $25 for a few questions and videos. The most I’ve made was $250 for a week long mission with 1 or 2 videos and a few questions a day. I suggest everyone give this app and honest effort. I promise money will come rolling in. 👍🏻
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2 years ago, MHJHNG
Your app is malfunctioning!
It keeps saying “a new version of dscout is available” but when I go to open it. I click on the update button and it takes me to the Apps screens in my App Store. When I go to the App Store to update the app, there isn’t an update available. I’ve updated my iPhone. Deleted the app and re-download it several times. And the same screen keeps coming up. It says that there’s a new version of this app available but when I go to update it, there isn’t an update available. I would like this fixed as soon as possible so that I can continue to participate in my surveys. Thank you!
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6 years ago, User181977
Lots of love for dscout. I’ve applied for a number of missions, and I’ve been selected for some, rejected for others. Their contact people for every mission I’ve done have been communicative and persistent, as they should be; you’re doing a job for dscout and their client, take it seriously and don’t blow it off. As far as payment goes, they generally pay by PayPal about two weeks after the mission closes, and they’ll contact you to let you know when to expect payment. Seriously, if everything and everyone in my life was as smooth, predictable and reliable as dscout, I’d be walking on air. I hope to be selected for more missions for a long time to come.
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3 years ago, pinkbird1
Don’t travel if you want to participate in missions
I have been using this app since 2012 and have done literally hundreds of missions. Unfortunately if you are someone who travels a lot or are an American who lives or works overseas, despite being in the demographic for a lot of the missions, the app will not let you participate. (It has to do with if your address matches your phones location). It’s really unfortunate because I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time working on these missions over the years and even though I was monetarily compensated, I’m not feeling heard or appreciated because I I travel a lot so my phones location and my address seem to confuse the app. Their tech team was very kind but no help at all. I hope they can update the app to somehow flag or signal those of us who travel frequently but still want to participate.
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6 months ago, uhhhhteddy
Scamming now
This used to be a very great website to do surveys and I’ve made a little bit over $1600 BUT recently they changed their rules, and they have been rejecting more and more people and even though I finish my express Mission completely through they rejected both of them. I never had a problem with dscout before and I always used to do the live missions and just the regular missions but I’ll be deleting the app and moving onto another source. They had a good base of people doing stuff and now they try to implement changes that are ridiculous. Like express Mission you would get paid the same day but now they make you wait eight days if you even get paid it all. I’m going to have to investigate and probably report them for stealing data without paying.
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4 years ago, goodkiui
Maybe you’re the problem
I’ve only been on Dscout for a month and I have gotten several mission opportunities. The researchers are very fair and the requirements are straightforward. If you haven’t heard back after months or even years, it’s likely that you aren’t submitting quality application videos. Record yourself in good lighting, use a phone tripod, be thorough in your answers, try not to stutter or say uh/um. Each mission is looking for something different, but you’re most likely a fit for a couple of them! Also do not expect to make $1,000 in 2 days. If you have realistic expectations and quality applications, you will enjoy Dscout as much as I do.
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5 years ago, elbylilly
Extra money at home
I’m so happy I got this recommendation from my friend who does this and made $300 and I would say three months so the surveys take a little time you do you really have to focus when you do the surveys and relate to the ones that you can be honest about that you really do because they will pick you up if you’re honest and they know thats something that you do there look for certain people so keep that in mind but have patience and it’s a great little way to make extra money while you’re at home or even go shopping for them it’s still really fun and easy I really enjoy it
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2 years ago, GoW Recovering Addict
I don’t even want to write this review
DONT READ THIS I don’t even want to write this review but dscout has been so good to me that I can’t, not write one. I’ve been on dscout for 5 months now. I made $1k in my first month. The platform is easy to understand and awesome. Being able to have open communication with whose doing the study is amazing. I’ve never had a single issue that wasn’t resolved easily(and those are far and few between). Cannot recommend enough, but at that same time I don’t want to because I want to keep qualifying for so much and making bank!
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11 months ago, CryptoGrowth
I’m not that bad
Literally just not a good fit for none of them. I start getting through the process once it’s time to sign up for a bank account and acornz. Unfair app. All in favor the college students and their parents. It’s like when people create stuff, they make sure they leave a certain class of people out all because there sophisticated. I literally just wasted like 30min. Everyday I’m not a good fit until it’s time to get a bank account. I bank Navy Federal. I can’t even get $1 for getting declined. My life is pretty well rounded. Sports Question - basketball wrong. Astronomy-The Stars wrong. My bed- My Foam Matteress wrong. My living- my 3 couches wrong. All the left want is jus for us to Stay at work and raise crime and violence and leave us isolated. No mental health, 1 tour Iraq. I’m smart and ignorant. What about our time.
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6 years ago, ikomm22
Easiest way to make money!
I was skeptical at first, but when you apply to the missions and are chosen, the money is easy from there. The $100-$150 ones are usually longer and several parts requiring more effort. But these people really value your opinion and will pay you greatly for it. This isn’t like any other survey app where it’s 25 cents to choose a few multiple choice questions. It feels very personal with the video format and you can easily get all of your thoughts out and feel like you are really helping. The best app I’ve ever tried - hands down.
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4 years ago, _br00ke
Doesn’t seem to be a scam
I’ve only completed two missions so far but the app is very easy to use, if you have any questions they respond super fast and they basically just want your feedback. If you take it seriously you’ll be fine! I’ve been on this app for maybe a week or two and my only complaint is that there’s not a lot of things to apply for, they only appear maybe once every couple days. I applied to three and got accepted to two within a couple days :) Definitely would recommend trying!
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5 years ago, Dadgrad
Fun and profitable
I have enjoyed using DSCOUT this year and look forward to new missions. I have made more money than I expected but I have also applied for over 100 missions. One point that needs to be addressed is the need for some type of “back” button for when you are applying for a mission and you accidentally click forward during the application process but had not fully answered the question. As it stands now you cannot get back to correct the error and in all probability you will not be chosen for that mission because of an incomplete or incorrectly completed application.
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4 years ago, J9Carp
Awesome Side Job!
My husband and I have been using dscout for a few months now and we love it! Each of us has made a few hundred dollars doing various missions. What could be better than being paid for sharing your opinion?! I recommend this app to anyone looking to make some extra money. The only reason I am giving the app 4 stars is because the app itself can be glitchy- especially the message feature. Sometimes my messages only send in part or not at all. Hopefully dscout will fix this feature to make it an even more enjoyable experience.
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2 years ago, iTunist
Takes time but works! - Not good though if you travel
I personally like the app a lot as it does pay out IF you are accepted into a mission (which requires time upfront and usually a video. It takes effort, time and some luck but it works). The team has been communicative and supportive which I love. One thing though that I’ve struggled with lately is traveling and using the app. I am in the US but go to Mexico for work quarterly and it appears when in Mexico, I cannot apply to missions or make certain entries. I think it has to do with my location which is frustrating and confusing.
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11 months ago, rocknrollnbbn
I love the app
It’s helped me earn some extra money on the side. There’s something I do suggest though: Maybe add a search bar so we can search for live interviews and non-live interviews. I turn down the live interviews because I just simply don’t have time for those and it’s time consuming going thru the jobs just to find out maybe 2/10 jobs are not live and then to find out I don’t qualify for those. Just something to make it easier to search or refine the results.
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2 months ago, @calipondio
I’ve been using it for a while. Done at least 50 “mission” applications, for which they ALL ask you a ton of questions, screenshots of your PERSONAL info in your phone, AND interview kind videos of you, regarding their research. Without being paid a cent yet! ALL of this should be already paid information. Yet, they just tell you either “you don’t apply for this mission”…. or “you apply! congrats, we’ll let you know”. AFTER THEY ALREADY TOOK ALL YOUR INSIGHT, PERSONAL INFO, FEEDBACK, etc for whatever their research was. And sometime, all for $10 IF you pass the million screenings and filters. Which is honestly much less value of the HOUR I spent answering their questions and giving them my feedback. NO NO NO. Not worth it. Scam Scam Scam.
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6 years ago, MochiNoche
Pretty fun so far
You apply for missions (essentially just tasks) that the app wants you to complete, then if you are selected you complete the task. I made $25 for making three 30 second videos. One while applying and two during my mission. I went to Target and made a video saying what snacks stood out to me in the snack aisle and another about which one I was going to buy. Tasks pay out as much as $300. I've only gotten picked for one but the applications are not very time consuming at all so it's not that bad applying for them. Pay outs happen through PayPal so make sure you have one.
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5 years ago, ggnunz
The best app out there
There honestly not enough good things to say about this app. It’s an easy, fun, and exciting way to make money. Also the quick tasks are such a great touch. It’s easy to get excepted to them and a quick way to make money if you haven’t been excepted to a mission in a while. It’s such a great feature to have been added to an already phenomenal app. The missions are always interesting topics and are very easy to complete. It’s so awesome to be paid to talk about things that I already enjoy doing or talking about.
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4 years ago, ellie.ngxyen
super interesting
This app is so fun tbh, you get to share your thoughts about topics that you could really enjoy like one of my missions was about Tik Tok which was so good because I use it like everyday but as I got more into the mission it made me ask myself questions about Tik Tok that I've never thought about which was so interesting. Plus after all that you can get some cash which is so amazing, I definitely recommend to try as the missions are not hard and are actually really entertaining to complete.
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6 years ago, Anonymous User Privateee
Yes, Dscout is awesome
So I downloaded this app in November. In a month and a half I was selected for 5 missions... one was put on hold until January but I still qualify. Basically you get paid to do things you already do! You are giving consumer research so that companies can make their products better. The application process is simple. The missions can be time consuming but it depends on what all is required. It’s super fun. Just look at it as paid homework. I have referred a lot of friends to this app!
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4 years ago, Krisskumiko
Not even worth it
I’ve applied to a bunch of missions and have only gotten three in the at least 3 or 4 months I’ve had this app. Then when I asked why I haven’t gotten any missions when I apply for so many I would fit for I get told it’s because only the best get chosen. To me, that has been shown because I have applied for multiple mission about many different things and have since been ignored on all of them. And for some, they’ve been pending for at least a month and a half. You make money at first and then if you don’t have an office job, Instagram that you go on 24/7, or shop solely online, you don’t get chosen for anything. Waste of time.
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5 years ago, Vaughn771
I wouldn’t use this if I didn’t have to.
I am supposed to be spending my time reviewing a product but instead am spending my time trying to use this stupid app. I think the concept of the app is good, but the execution and user experience is very poor. I’m not into typing on a phone screen at all-much less giving detailed answers to questions. The area provided for texting responses is too small to see more than the first sentence, so then I’m typing blind. I also was told I had an option to type or video for a set of questions, but I could only see a video option. When I chose that, I could no longer see the questions I needed to answer. UI let me open same survey response twice...I could go on and on.
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4 years ago, Krinksta
Interesting Concept, Poor Execution
I wanted to like this app. It has a lot of relevant and interesting topics and pays well. Though the caveat to getting paid is to get selected, which is hard, even with well thought out responses to the selection questions. You may spend 5-15 minutes answering questions and submitting response videos to try and get selected but never get accepted into a study. This is frustrating, and no doubt the companies are using your responses as part of their market research, even if you font get selected to do the whole study. It would be nice to get a small payout for answering questions even if you are not selected.
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2 years ago, NikiGeezy
Just try it
First off let me say I’ve never been chosen for any of the high payout surveys. But once you become eligible for the express surveys then you can make fast money. Randomly they pop up so always check the app. But they pay 5$ for every express mission and once you finish it you have the money in your account within 5 min literally. I’ve made over 206$ with dscout since joining in nov or dev of last year.
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2 years ago, A Kookie and a cup of Tae
Patience is Key
The best way to go about approaching this app is to not expect anything from it. Apply when you have free time on your hands and maybe you will get accepted into a mission. I’ve been using it for less than a year now and have made over 1k (13 missions) just by applying to a ton of applications for fun!! There will be times you get discouraged but know that if you fit what they want, you will get the mission!
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4 years ago, lvisage
good concept, too many bugs
i got this app the excitement of earning a few extra dollars. however, after the first day i got it, missions to make any type of money stopped showing up. i contacted the customer service who told me that they fixed it and to uninstall then reinstall the app to refresh it. THIS DID NOT WORK!! i hope all the bugs get worked out soon. this is a great concept and i hope it can be followed through on a bit better :)
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6 years ago, paiiigers
Worth it!
This app is the easiest and fastest way to make some extra cash. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get picked for a mission, but the more you apply, the better chance you have of getting chosen. I’ve made $210 so far and am about to make another $200 off of one mission! All you have to do is remember to keep up with the missions’ questions and you get cash put into your PayPal account within a week or 2. Totally worth the small amount of work.
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6 years ago, Sassy Sonja
Dscout been good to me
I don’t want to brag but I am dscout top participant I did like 97 missions I worked hard to qualify and participate in their missions. Dscout want people who are out spoken, reliable, creative, and who will complete their missions in timely manner. I never had any issues with their app because I do their missions on my iPhone SE. I’ve been with Dscout since 2014 and they continue to improve their app for the better. It take 2 weeks to payout after mission but it is worth it.
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1 year ago, Breezy Ruxpin
Best Extra Income App Available!
Dscout is by far the best extra-income money making app available. Over the last few years, I have tried countless money making apps and this is by far my favorite. Plus, it’s fun and easy and i earn money nearly every day of the week. Plus, you receive money pretty much immediately through paypal and it’s in decent amounts - not just small change.
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6 months ago, Eric D Storey
Rating sadly nose-dived from 5 to 2....
Unfortunately, an app/service that deserved and earned 5 stars all around has made the decision to completely destroy the meaning of the word "express" in their "express mission" tasks by changing the payout time frame for these missions. What used to be payment within minutes of completion/approval has now been replaced by an 8 day delay. I used to participate in these express missions and other missions on the app for years, but this drastic change in payment time has really just soured my motivation, loyalty and overall interest for continuing a relationship with dscout.
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4 years ago, Rachel Fredman
Extremely Legit
I just completed my first dscout mission and received $100! The money goes straight to PayPal so there’s no Social Security or bank information required. The task I had to complete was easy basically talking about TickTock and the for you page algorithm. The researchers could talk with me through the messaging section and the missions was very self-explanatory! It did take me a few months to receive my first mission so be patient but this app is awesome!
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2 years ago, Crazyyy Gal
Great App!
I love this app! Yes it does take time to apply to missions and no you won’t get every one you apply to. Patience! If you put the time and effort into your applications you WILL get a mission. It takes 1-2 weeks for them to make a decision so apply to as many as you can that you qualify for and don’t stress about it. I’ve made great money off of this app while being in grad school so I am SO THANKFUL! 🤍
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