Duet Display

4.4 (44.2K)
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Duet, Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Duet Display

4.44 out of 5
44.2K Ratings
3 years ago, bersca03
Good enough for me
When traveling I like to have my iPad with me as a backup in case my laptop crashes. I am also much more productive when working with two monitors than one. So being able to use my iPad as a secondary monitor is great! The screen resolution on my iPad is excellent when using it as a secondary monitor. Duet Display is a reliable option but with some caveats when connecting to a Windows 10 computer. It is not quick to respond as a quality second monitor. Refresh rate/mouse lag ranges from slight to moderate. Mostly it is slight, but tends to get worse over the course of the day. It performs better after a reboot of my iPad and notebook. Once or twice a day Duet suddenly stops working, but the fix is simple. I open Duet on my notebook and hit “Quit app”. I then open Duet again and this fixes it every time. If I could count on my notebook 100% then carrying a portable monitor would be a better solution. But, having my iPad as a backup gives me peace of mind that I will not be without a working computer if my notebook should fail for any reason. Duet Display is a serviceable option if you need a secondary monitor and prefer that secondary monitor to be an iPad capable of serving as your backup computer.
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4 years ago, chuteoga
The app is good and the support team is divine
First time i write a review on App Store because i was amazed by the Duet support team. The app worked very well with my iPad 4, which is so obsolete right now it can’t run any other app smoothly. The iPhone screen is quite small to be used as 2nd monitor so i passed on that. So everything is fine as i expected, up until about recently i get stuck at “Launching Duet ...” screen. As a normal human being, i tried FAQs, Google to find answers but there is no working solution. So as a last resort i turned to support, got an automatic reply email and went to bed. The day after that, i found out that they replied literally 5 minutes after that with a few questions and a solution. That didn’t work right away but that just make me wished i asked them sooner. They kept providing me solutions after solutions, we exchanged emails for a week trying everything, they rotate 3 people in to help on my issue. The team is very polite, specifically pointed out every step along the way, never loose patient and always reply within the hour. After all it was a dumb mistake on my part, so everything is working normal again. I have to say i worked with many support teams about many issues including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Steam, and dozens of app and game developers. This is hands down the best experienced i had working with any team. The app maybe not the best but the team is perfect, and they keep improving with each update.
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3 years ago, xcfuwdjewceuwo
Unsupportive and Inconsistent
I would first like to say I’ve been using Duet in my workflow for over a year now with both an iPad Air 2 and 4. I really enjoy the functionality that Duet offers, however the entire setup process is to say the least inconsistent and buggy. I’m dexterous enough with technology to be able to remedy the problem after resetting connections and resetting computers, but for when there is free or cheaper options that come without these bugs, it’s hard to continue to recommend the app. Another portion of my dissatisfaction is with the update rollouts. I use duet for PC connections, and finding the choppy and unrefined Windows program while updates for the program come out every few days or weeks is honestly saddening. The app on mobile devices also is unsupported, not having received an update in over 7 months and carrying the same bugs since the last update. Other than the complaints stated above, I do want to say that the Duet Support Team is one of the best Support Teams out there, and a big reason I’m sharing this review is because I believe that Duet cares about their app and wants to refine it as much as possible. If any Duet Representatives read this, I hope this facilitates some updates and appearance changes for a better app and a better community experience. Thank you for providing this service and for your care to your customers. (My 1 Star Review is to only get the attention of the Duet Crew) 3/5
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4 years ago, Donna Duels
Awesome App and Unparalleled Support Team
I got this app hoping to use my iPad Pro as a second monitor for my PC computer. After installation it worked like a jiffy, and not only was it a second screen I could use the touch screen of the iPad to navigate in web browsers, pc file explorer, etc. I then encountered my first issue: when using the software Ableton Live 10 the touch feature stopped working. I reached out to the support team and asked them if they could help me resolve this issue because I knew from the introductory video on their website that the touch features of Ableton live should be working. They responded back in the matter of minutes (on a Sunday!). We went back and forth for a while and it became evident that I had somewhat of a unique problem so they decided to forward my info to the dev team for testing. About 2 days later they came back with a solution that worked (I was running Ableton live as an administrator - this function needed to be turned off). Duet Display is a fantastic app that allows me to use my iPad Pro like a pc, while also being able to switch to iPad apps fluently. I can use the Live 10 software in a whole new way. This team is here to stay. I am very impressed by my whole experience with this app/team. Definitely worth the $10 download price. Shout out to Sergio from Support!!
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3 years ago, JoeHflorida
Great app and great support
I have the new Apple MacBook Pro M1. Many programs have not yet been updated to the new architecture. Understandable, but no less inconvenient. I rely on my iPad (5th gen) as my second display, so I sent an email to Duet support inquiring about when I might expect an update. Was surprised to promptly receive a reply that they were working trying to figure out the new hardware. Fast forward to tonight - I receive an email from support with specific detailed info on deleting the old and a link to a new version compatible with the M1. Receiving a follow up email from a developer was a surprise in itself, however, loading the new version and finding it worked was an even greater surprise - I had my iPad as second display again! Now for the bonus surprise...I have read that the M1 only supports one external display and I have been using a 24" external display until I got my iPad display working again so I opened display prefs and found three monitors. I now have my Pro, one 24" external and the iPad display, nice. And with the iPad wirelessly connected, I have an even better setup than before. Am I happy? You bet - happy and impressed with Duet. Once again I can take my new M1 and iPad as my second monitor wherever I go. Duet support is to be commended.
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5 years ago, Mr.Monkey501
Better graphics and works when sidecar didn't support "older" Macbook pro
I was hoping sidecar would be amazing for the general use case of having a second display, but it turns out the initial press release so showing it would work with mid 2015 Macbook pro was wrong, so after updating Mac is to Catalina I had to update the duet app on the computer (which was already in existence this early, many tech companies don't immediately support newer operating systems) and I was pleasantly surprised to find the graphics were even better then before! Kudos to duet for keeping up and supporting older devices that Apple cant support for hardware reasons, Duet is still supporting with software and there aren't any delays or latency and the graphics are on point now (it was a little fuzzy when they were doing workarounds from previous Apple software updates). The only thing is the updates on the computer side are not automatic and when you click on check for updates in the application, it shows up to date, but the website has an updated version. Had a brief issue with the touch not working, and sent an email to Duet to try and resolve it and had a response which fixed the issue in less than five minutes. I challenge you to find anywhere with that kind of response time
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3 years ago, txay571
New duet user. Happy and impressed
I recently got a new MacBook Air and I have a old iPad laying around. I searched online and found out about duet. I liked the idea of being able to use the iPad as a second monitor because it is also portable and battery powered. I downloaded the app and the laptop program and I was excited to get started. The program was a little more complex to get installed on the computer than just downloading and going. The instructions were very good though so I didn’t have any issues. I have to be honest I was a little frustrated because the program didn’t work at first. I have a laptop with the M1 chip and apparently it wasn’t supported yet. I assumed this might be the case so I reached out to tech support. They knew exactly what I was talking about and told me I would have to wait because it was still in development. The very next day they sent me a beta version to see if the M1 update worked and I have been very happy since then. It’s nice to have a tech department that is upfront and honest. They have been great to work with and the program itself works great. I now have a use for my old iPad instead of throwing it away! I will be considering duet for more uses going forward after my first experience for sure.
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7 years ago, cHlwous07$
Sooooo slow with updates
I use a windows 10 laptop along with an iPad Air 2. I’ve had issues with duet display disconnecting frequently while watching videos or surfing the web while using this app, but I just assumed that was due to my slow laptop. Fast forward to early Nov 2017, I got a new laptop with top of the line specs. It worked fine for a few days and then my laptop automatically installed the Creators update. After that, the app just got stuck in “Launching” for the longest time. I emailed tech support and they had me do all these silly things, and after all that they told me, “oh by the way, unfortunately our app is having some issues with the Creators update and so it won’t run right now. We are expecting a fix in a week.” First off, shouldn’t that have been the first thing to ask me instead of having me waste my time collecting “analytics” for the app? And then, to make matters worse, it has been over 2 weeks since the rep told me the fix would roll out in a week. I looked up when the Creators update was first released, and it has been almost 2 months! Does this mean that their engineers have been working diligently for 2 months on this and they still don’t have a fix? Either they are really incompetent or they just don’t care about their Windows 10 customers. Until they become more responsive with their Windows 10 updates, I would stay away from this app, for those of you not using an apple computer.
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4 years ago, HiltsBilt
Does what it’s supposed to do...
I use this program with my iPad and HP Zbook workstation. I’m a graphic designer and love using my pen for everything. However the pen that came with the Zbook has wavy lines, so i wanted something more stable, in steps the iPad. My iPad combined with Duet makes it possible to use the Adobe apps that I need to and still use my pen. There is not a lot of lag at all when drawing and using the pen. I have used it in Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator with no problems. I still need to test a few other adobe apps. The reason for the 4 stars is that in order for me to do this I had to also tack on the pro version, and this whole pay $30 a year or month crap with everything now days is very draining. Between the full adobe suite and everything else I need for my job alone its a big drain on my money (I make less then 40k a year atm). All and all I do like the app just don’t like the extra pay it cost, but when I get my MacBook for school (going back so I can have more opportunities) and the new screen Share thing it has, the “what the hell ever its called”. I’ll probably dump this when that works well enough.
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7 years ago, bcamole
Maybe with the iPad Pro 12" and a relatively small Mac but...
I have an iPad Pro 10.5 and when matched with my 27" iMac, the screen size and resolution on my iPad makes the interface so small as to be nearly useless. I can see how this app's pro version would be useful when matching a 12" iPad Pro model with a MacBook given the relative similarities in size. I was hopeful that I would be able to use my iPad Pro and Pencil as a suitable tablet substitute with my iMac but that doesn't seem to be the case. Also, given the relative high horsepower of both my iMac and my iPad, there seems to be a significant amount of lag which makes interactions a bit too problematic. There's far more lag than one would expect using devices that have as much processing horsepower as both of these devices have especially with a direct USB connection. Update: Having just tried to use the Pro version, the screen size issue remains. While it is possible to pinch-zoom on the drawing in SketchBook, the tool panes remain tiny unlike Astropad, which not only zooms the drawing, it also zooms the tool panes as well. There is very significant and problematic lag as well. Gesture inputs from the iPad result in late and very jerky responses in my iMac. Given that this is a wired connection, the lag issue is inexcusable. In short, the app needs a great deal of work and improvement.
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7 years ago, JBossart
Mac Mini with 3 Monitors At Last
I have a 2012 version Mac Mini, the last version that permitted hardware customization. I’m running it with 16 GB RAM and two drives, one an SSD; all after market add-ons. It’s connected to two 1920x1200 monitors. There are times that I would like to have a third monitor, but that’s not an option. Believe me, I have researched it. Duet Display has provided the 3rd monitor solution, with my iPad Air 2. I regularly research and write. With Word in one window and Excel in another, it’s nice to have access to Safari to check things. It took 5 minutes to set up the location of the iPad screen, by default it was between the two monitors, and set the iPad’s resolution. It was important to set the proper resolution, enough to match 1920x1200 monitors so that I could drag applications to the iPad, but still large enough to be legible. I’m totally delighted with the results. I was not interested in upgrading to a newer Mac Mini, or iMac, because of the cost and the customization limitations. I also prefer discrete monitors rather than creating windows in a high resolution monitor. It’s more comfortable working with two 24” 1920x1200 monitors than even a 27” 5K monitor.
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4 months ago, Dananza
Ultimate Work Travel Companion
Since I primarily use SolidWorks for my job, I have to carry a beefy Windows laptop with me every time I travel. On these trips I’m often holed up in my hotel room trying to catch up on design work or in a nearby coffee shop, so the ability to pop open my iPad as a second monitor is such a quality of life improvement! I also use my iPad for taking notes during meetings and entertainment on flights, so not having to bring a standalone travel monitor with no additional purpose is fantastic. While there is some input lag and occasionally imperfect image quality (mostly while running in wireless mode), the software seems to be continuously improving and overall the experience is very smooth and stable on my iPad Air. Even the Apple Pencil input works pretty seamlessly in most desktop applications. You wouldn’t want to use it as your primary display, but for a secondary I usually have a static drawing, email, file browser or image pulled up with not a ton of mouse interaction. If you have a similar use case, I think you’ll enjoy it! Great app! Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, A person that is mad
Quit advertising the subscription plan
First off, the app and software itself is excellent. It does exactly what’d you’d expect and it does it pretty darn seamlessly. Though I don’t appreciate constantly being reminded to buy a subscription plan. I’ve already paid $20, if I wanted a subscription plan I’d seek it out. I mean, after logging in on the website the first thing you’re greeted with are the options for which plan you should purchase even after paying for the app. I have to click around and search longer than I should while trying to find the download .exe when installing it on my computer. On the app itself you can’t alter any of your account settings either. The only way to access your account settings is to click a link on the app and guess where it redirects you, right back to website asking you what subscription you want! Even when logged into the website the only options when you click on account settings are “Logout” and “Current Plan.” At least give me the option to change my email and password. Really frustrating.
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5 years ago, Bmuns81
Works better than external mobile display
I purchased an Asus mobile monitor with USB c type as all I wanted was another monitor that I could use to compliment my Acer PC laptop. When I got the Asus, I also discovered Duet and was able to use my 12” iPad Pro. For a second, I thought to use the Asus and ipad as a 3 screen, but the two drivers were not working well with each other. I compared the two because it seemed only one of the two would work at the same time. In general, the ipad has a better resolution although it looks slightly grainier. The Asus had worse resolution than the iPad, however, which was extremely limiting with using the web browsers or file explorer. Overall, the stability of Duet was better than the dedicated mobile monitor. Not only that, but I discovered that not only is your ipad a mobile monitor, but the monitor is also touch screen (even though my PC is not). This was really a cool bonus and a deal breaker on which one would stay or go. IF you have an iPad, save the money on an external mobile display and go this route. Save your money for a mesh WiFi system... :-)
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6 years ago, vle13
Do I got a story for this review! So my cat knocked my MacBook off my bed, my mac slammed shut and I was freaking out when I opened it! I couldn’t see anything on my display! It was lit up but it was black. My keyboard was lit up and I can hear my music still going, so I know my Mac works just can’t see anything! And I was working on my midterm paper which was due in 2 hrs!! My boyfriend gave me the idea to plug my Mac into my TV as a monitor and it worked! I finished my midterm paper, but using the tv as a monitor wasn’t the best option. I have an iPad Pro, so I looked into seeing if I could use that to mirror off my Mac. That’s when I found this app!!!! The holy grail! It does everything it claims! I connect my Mac to my iPad and I can do everything! No lag either and it’s clear! My favorite part is that I can use my Apple Pencil on the iPad to move things around on my Mac! This is my first and probably only review I will ever write for any app! It saved my life and gave me a peace of mind that I can still use my Mac. Once I get my Mac fixed, I’ll definitely still use this app! 500% recommended!!! Whoever developed this app, you the real MVP!
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5 years ago, Ferebeechan
Surprisingly Effective
After uninstalling and missing a few updates, I thought I might reconsider using the Duet Display Pro app to assist with a few current projects. Replacing my Wacom tablet was not a viable option for me due to budget constraints. I have to admit I was quite surprised to see how much the Duet Display Pro app had improved as far as functionality. Previously the pressure sensitivity was not stable enough for my needs and it felt clunky, very slow and cumbersome. Now it is as smooth as silk. The pressure sensitivity is very on point as well. Since I am using the pro version, it also allows me to connect to the desktop wirelessly. So now when I need to work with certain animation and drawing applications, I don’t need to be chained to my desktop computer. Although it is still not as responsive as I would like regarding speed, considering that I can work in a mobile capacity, have accurate pressure response and I don’t have to fork out 2k+ for another Wacom, this suits me just fine. Looking forward to what future updates will bring to the table. I high recommend purchasing the Duet Display Pro app.
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2 years ago, B-Stevens
Perfect Solution (but now less reliable)
Ok, so I could buy a portable monitor for a 100 bucks or more, probably with crappy resolution and no other functionality, or I could spend an insignificant amount of money on a app takes advantage of the equipment I already own and travel with, offers excellent resolution, and no delay. The choice is clear if you need a second screen and you use an iPad. What's even better is that I can switch back and forth from second screen to iOS without a missing a beat! Windows or OSX works great. For me, it is one of the most useful apps in the App Store. My only complaint is that it seems to require a lot of battery power even when the screen is not in use as an extra monitor. My other complaint is that is that I use it on a computer for which I don’t have admin privileges. This means when an update is created (especially one that prevents the program from working in the future) I have to put in a work order and wait to get the update installed. That’s a pain.
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5 years ago, Anon565ut
Too expensive for what it is
This is a pretty useful app all things considered, being able to add on another monitor at a moments notice is pretty nice and it works great for programming. There’s minor bugs with scaling in windows but that’s more to do with windows than this app. The real issues are the subscriptions and performance. The subscription cost is not at all justified given the upfront price of the app. I made the mistake of assuming that a 15 dollar app would be good to go out of the box, but oh boy was I wrong. 15 dollars is already pretty steep but asking for 20 to 30 dollars on top of that just to fix latency with the pencil is exorbitant. The other problem is that performance is just bad. Forget running the iPad Pro at it’s native resolution and don’t even think about 120FPS. With pretty good hardware (i7 and a GTX 1050ti) there was significant lag just moving windows around the display. I’m well aware that a 1050ti is not the cream of the crop when it comes to GPUs, but it can easily push 4K in non GPU intensive workloads and should have no problem with the 11 inch pro display. These performance sacrifices would be fine if this was a 5 dollar app, but for what they’re asking I’m no longer will to settle and make sacrifices, if you’re going to charge for a premium service than I expect to receive a premium service.
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5 years ago, Wizard Cleave
This is legit the best app. As an artist I was trying to figure out which drawing tablet I wanted to invest in. Upon hours and hours of research I couldn’t find one in my price range that has a screen, could be portable and also works with my PC. I ended up purchasing a new 2018 IPad Pro and a second generation Apple Pencil. Upon my purchase I installed this app immediately. With the pro version of this app plus a USB cord I was able to connect my PC (not Mac) to my iPad. While displaying my PC screen to my IPad I’m able to use everyday programs like photoshop and illustrator with absolutely no lag. I can sketch, edit, vector and touch up my work with ease and no gloves are needed like a lot of other drawing tablets. This app also has a remote wireless feature that does have a little bit of lag but allows me to work around my house if I need. I rarely ever write reviews but this app has helped me out so much I wanted to leave my two cents hoping to help out other artist who are in a similar situation. Duet Display deserves 5 stars hands down and has been nothing but an enjoyable experience!!!
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10 months ago, Jimmy4Wheels
Used to be perfect, now gone downhill
This app used to be a fantastic alternative for older iPads that aren’t supported by macOS native screen mirroring. Set up used to be a breeze, and performance was excellent. However, now, with the latest round of updates, duet display has really taken a nose dive to the point where I’ve had to uninstall it. The initial relaunch after the latest update prompts to enable performance mode for wireless connections. Keep in mind that the wireless functionality is locked behind a subscription which I have no intention of subscribing to, however, there is no option to skip the performance mode installation and attempting to do so locked me in a password prompt loop. Once I managed to get past that, I was greeted with a forced account sign up before I can detect my iPad, even though it’s connected via a cable. Why do I need to sign up for an online account to detect a locally connected device using an app I’ve already purchased? The whole experience reeks of frustrating steps and hoops to jump through just to perform the simple task of using my iPad as a second display. The older version of duet display had none of these issues. Sadly, I now must look elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Joesuperzoo
Not perfect
Now that it is working I think it is a fairly smooth app that will help make my life a little easier when I’m not at home. At home I use a dual monitor setup with both screens at 1080p at 60 Hz with no lag at all. I have been disappointed that I don’t get this same result when I am using duet. The biggest issue I had with the app is that it didn’t work at all at first. The Mac app was completely non functional and doing some things I’d never seen another app do. I couldn’t close the app or click anything on it. In my task manager it didn’t show the app running but I couldn’t delete it because it was open. All of this was very confusing and frustrating so I contacted duet and they were extremely helpful. The person I talked to couldn’t answer all of my questions so she talked to the app developers and after following their directions I got it working. So far I’m happier with the customer service than I am the app and I’m alright with that. It’s for sure worth the $10.
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4 years ago, Mike Lucich
Works great for my music gigs.
As a musician, I wanted something that I could slide the chord window, or the lyrics window (or both) to my iPad wirelessly from my laptop, so musicians or singers could use it when sitting in at one of my gigs. This works perfectly for that purpose. I also use it at home as a dual monitor for other things. At first I had trouble connecting, but a couple of emails back and forth to support and I was up and running. It turned out my anti-virus software was interfering with the installation to the laptop. Once I turned it off and reinstalled the program it had no problem connecting from my iPad. The company seems committed to improving their product, so I feel confident in my purchase. For my own situation, I also purchased a portable wireless router that I can use as a home network when away from home so I don’t have to rely on the house connection at a gig, if they even have one. I don’t need internet to run this software, once installed, just a wireless network. I can also hardwire the iPad directly to the laptop.
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7 years ago, Dyln S
Literally Breaks Steam Games on Decent GPUs
After paying for Pro subscription to utilize my ipad with Mudbox and Photoshop, two GPU intensive pieces of software that this app is perfect for, I found that it was an amazing addition to my toolkit. Finally I could link my ipad to my pc and draw directly in my apps. Then I tried to load a game on steam and it loaded to a fully black screen. I tried another, same problem. It took me a week to figure out it was Duet Display on Windows 10. So I realized I had to either choose my multihundred dollar steam collection or a 20 dollar app. I emailed Duet to see if they could refund me and if they knew about the problem. Apparently they are aware that 1000 series Nvidia GPU’s have issues with Duet. You know, the newest most powerful GPU’s you might use for 3D modeling, photoshop and that kind of thing. They apparently aren’t in charge of the subscription for their own product. Meaning that they can take my 20 additional dollars on top of the app, but that they can’t refund me when their product literally breaks a major component of my PC. I am livid, please wait on buying this if you have a PC with a 1000 series Nvidia GPU. Don’t get scammed. Also, Apple, figure out how to let companies refund users if their app subscription causes this kind of problem. This is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, BCwrite
Much cheaper than buying a new external display
When my decade old Apple Cinema Display finally lit its last pixel, I thought about buying another external display for my MacBook Pro, which was a year too old to run Apple’s Sidecar. Then I remembered Duet Display. I hooked up my iPad Pro to it, and decided that I don’t need to clutter my desk with a new display after all. I’m a writer and don’t need more than two decent sized screens: one for source/reference material (which I put in Duet), the other for the document I’m writing (which goes on my MacBook screen). Duet and my Macbook give me all the space I need, while still allowing me to cut and paste etc. between documents, websites and emails. And when something went wrong with a recent update, I emailed the help address and got it all sorted in a couple days. (The old version still worked, I just couldnt install the update, so I was able to keep using the app.) I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs more screen space and has an iPad and a Mac but doesn’t necessarily require 20+ more inches of display.
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6 years ago, whogben
And the makers of duet have screwed me again
This time it was with an update to the windows Duet app. I run my windows machine headless, using duet and an iPad pro to operate it. It's always been buggy, duet often can't send input right away on restart etc - but fiddling rebooting and relaunching the app all eventually get you in. Now, duet on Windows says it has an update - I think hurrah, maybe they fixed the bugs. It updates, disconnects, and now won't reconnect. I have my computer completely inaccessible to me because the chuckleheads who charge so much money for this app didn't bother to test what their update would do to someone using duet. So what now - I have to buy or borrow a monitor bring it to my house and set it up just to troubleshoot this app again! The pantone thinking they'll use duet in any kind of a reliability needed situation I'd watch out. It seems the developers only intend it to be a secondary display and are either not supporting it as a primary display or are actively trying to prevent it with this new update. Either way, I feel betrayed and am really in trouble now, that the new version prevents automatic connection, and my computer is stuck and useless ok n the day I need it. Thanks guys' hope others who read this won't try to use duet for anything serious.
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6 years ago, Crypto Kite
May inhibit other functionality on you computer
I bought Duet to use my iPad as a small second screen for when I’m running Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) on my computer. FSX ran perfectly before installing the Duet Windows program, which is necessary to work in concert with this Duet app during connection. After installing Duet, FSX now refuses to load citing a “failure to meet minimum shader support requirements”. If I deinstall the Duet software, then FSX works perfectly again. I’ve put in a help request to see if they can resolve it. If they can, then I’ll come back and alter my rating to a 5 star. If they can’t or won’t help then the rating drops to a 1 star since I just paid $10 for an app I’ll never be able to use for my intended purpose. It would have been nice if they had a “demo” version available of the app so that you could ensure it would work for you before you actually buy it. I will say, there is a lot of appeal for an app like this. I am military working overseas, so can’t simply buy and/or carry around a second monitor. However, the idea of being able to use a tablet that I’m already carrying around is excellent, if they can just get all these bugs worked out.
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3 months ago, Me19681009654321
Didn’t lose second monitor capability
I was wrong. I wrote the developers team and even before I heard back, I tried again and just made sure that I had the laptop app open before opening the iPad app and everything clicked. I only wanted a second monitor and it worked fine without signing in or choosing a plan. The team stayed in touch to solve my problem, but it turned out they weren’t needed. I bought this app years ago and it worked great. Haven’t needed it for awhile. Now I’m spending a few days working out of town. I start to bring my second, portable monitor and I think, no, I have my iPad and Duet. I’ll leave the extra hardware at home. I set up my work station, see there’s a sign in so I make an account and then see there are crazy subscription fees just so I can extend my screen for a few days. No thank you- I don’t make that much money to afford a few days of convenience a year. Next time I’ll bring the second monitor.
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4 years ago, coux
Blue Screens
I bought this app on a suggestion of a coworker. It looked very promising in the demonstration. I have two monitors at work, and use my laptop as a 3rd display. It would be really convenient to be able to use my iPad Pro as a second screen when on the road or working from home. The installation was fine, but required a bit of help from our IT group to install the software and get the iPad and Laptop to “talk” to each other. After successfully hooking the two up, things seemed to be working. However, there was significant lag and freezing when using the iPad as a secondary screen. Cranking down the resolution, power, and refresh rate seemed to help (but did not completely eliminate). One issue we couldn’t diagnose was the iPad had a text tine displayed across it when using duet which read “osbase idisplay evaluation copy”. I reached out to duet several times, but have yet to hear anything back. Once the settings were squared away, and I started using duet, the blue screens started. Two within 30 minutes. Looking at the codes, there is a conflict with duet and the Nividia drivers I need for doing CAD work. Despite ensuring we had the latest drivers, the problem persisted. In the end we had to uninstall duet.
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5 years ago, Becool5257
Definitely your best option to display your Desktop to iOS...
I’ve been using Duet Display for over 4 years now and I can say that it’s gotten better over time as far as stability. I’ve also done beta testing in the past. Whenever I had an issue, support has done a good job at resolving each concern I had. I really like being able to extend my desktop to my iOS devices to mirror or use as a display with touch control. I’ve tried many apps with similar features. But for the price of Duet Display, none of them come close. I also enjoy the Touch Bar, which is an added bonus. I used it to control Adobe Premiere a few days ago and Ableton. Wow, I have more editing control that will allow me to use my cursor much less. I would like to suggest that Duet Display provide more demos and clearer instructions on the different types of products they have from the start. It seems to be all over the place. I contacted support and they were able to give me clarity, which was good.
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5 years ago, Fencer in CO
Works better than expected on older iPad
I have an older iPad 3 (first Retina display one), and this product seems to work better than I thought it would. At first, I had troubles getting it working and thought it was going to be a dud app, but after getting used to the interface and app (and turning off AirPlay for it and just having it go thru USB/30 pin), it started to grow on me as a really useful tool. The site says "lag free", so I would not go THAT far, but it's smooth enough for me to use for work to extend my little MacPro monitor with (I think the creators expect that your using it with a newer model, but it does work with older). It went all day without a single issue, and made me so much more productive while I was working at hotel. It breathes some more usefulness into my 7 year old iPad that still chugs away! One thing - my iPad didn't charge (maybe newer this isn't an issue), but all day use still left me with about 1/2 battery, which was great. Great app.
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6 years ago, B33z
Guess I should have read further
The description sold me when it said that I could use my iPad as a professional drawing tablet. Had I read further I would have seen that it takes another $25 a year to do that. I understand they will have continued development costs for iOS updates, new hardware and such. I don’t think in-app purchase abilities should be listed with the app description, for any app. Make a separate description are clearly titled “in-app purchase enables:” but that is an apple gripe on how they should re-organize App Store descriptions. In their defense it is labeled as duet and duet pro so that should have been my first clue. The duet app works as advertised giving my dual monitor setup a 3rd screen with touch. Duet pro has a 1 week free trial so I guess I will see how that works. Edit: Does not work as a graphics tablet with photoshop and Apple Pencil. First off you drag the whole photoshop window to the iPad “monitor” then work in Photoshop from there. I drew as curvy line and all I got was a line from near the bottom left to where my line stopped. I erased and tried again and got nothing. Keep working devs maybe I’ll try it again next year.
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2 years ago, CatDadCode
Better and cheaper than Astropad.
Initially this app has some weird issues when used over WiFi. The featureset was different and the on-screen control Overlay at the bottom of the screen was not dismissible, causing it to block the windows taskbar. All I did was tweet at them and they fixed the issue and pushed the fix to their production environment in less than a week! They even asked me to contact their support email in reply to my tweet and I didn’t because I’m honestly just jaded when it comes to developers telling me to open a ticket as it’s almost always a waste of time. This is NOT the case here. Their support is very proactive and acted in my issue despite me not even doing my part to properly outline the issue in a support ticket. Very impressed. And they saved me tons of money that I almost spent on Astropad. Astropad is a good app but the price is so outlandish that there is no comparison between the two. Go with Duet.
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4 years ago, pjsisk01
EXACTLY what I needed, does exactly what it says.
So I normally do not post reviews on the Apple store or get “paid” products, just not my thing. Then I relocated my computers to a smaller desk and realized I no longer had room for my 2nd monitor, with my iPad Pro 12.9 and laptop on the same desk. I looked around and read different ways to make your iPad a 2nd screen on your Windows machine and found Duet Display. after reading several reviews I decided to buy it and try it out. This product is perfect and exactly what I needed. I have my iPad 12.9 on my Magic Keyboard folio sitting next to my laptop. A USB charging cable is connected through the Magic Folio and another USB-C cable connects through the iPad USB-C outlet to my USB plug on my laptop. From there I installed the Windows server piece and the Duet Display app on the iPad and Bamn, just like that it works, flawlessly. Great work, I know working on products in the Apple ecosystem is challenging and this product proves what can be accomplished with talent. Thanks!
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7 years ago, gktopological
An award-winner
I was a bit surprised to read the review that called this app a "cash grab". I do agree that the app is not "cheap" but it's also not cheaply written and never seems to crash. It supports use on the Mac and Windows in my testing (probably too much to ask for Linux support!) and does so really well. I've been pleasantly surprised at the performance, too, especially when coding. My primary use case was to eliminate the bulky monitors that previously occupied my desk. I also have to work one day a week at an office where it is not economical to keep a docking setup for any reason. With Duet, I get my dual-monitor setup on TWO retina displays. I'll take that over a cheap 1080p monitor anytime. I have no use for a high-dollar "retina" or equivalent monitor. Even if I found a good one for $500, I am guessing I wouldn't use it for more than 10 years. I'd rather pay for this app annually and not buy a new monitor for my work. And suffice it to say, I'm getting a LOT more use out of my iPad(s).
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6 years ago, Dhcprouter
Ok here we go. 3D artists beware.
Let me start out by saying this is going To be a 3D Review not a 3D game review. As I find the sketch tools for iPad Pro beyond most of the apps available on my pc and don’t want to play call of duty with it. Works great for low poly refresh on Maya for retopology, or blocking out forms. Snapping points and edges same with zbrush strokes. But notice that when the high version Show more
3 years ago, bigbug2010
Phenomenal App and Equally Phenomenal Support!
I have Duet Display running flawlessly on multiple laptops and multiple iPads—truly an amazing app that is rock solid even on Big Sur. I’ve even breathed new life into a longtime defunct iPad 2 which otherwise would be just a paperweight...using a new M1 MacBook Pro. I find that incredible and how the developers have passionately cared to keep this app fully functional across so many MacOS and iOS updates. And I know this for a fact as the support team seemed ready to stop at nothing, including weekends, to insure I was able to resolve an issue that I had. I was gobsmacked at the expediency of their in-depth and patient replies as we diagnosed and resolved the issue. After dealing with support teams from across a myriad of products, this Duet support and development team is easily the best I’ve encountered. This five-star app stands on its own merits but has the added bonus of a stellar and caring support team. We need to support developers like this.
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4 years ago, Stuart Steele
Excellent Way To Extend Laptop Screen
I have used Duet for 3 years now with Mac and PC laptops, an entry level iPad, and iPad Pro, and two phones, an iPhone 6S and an XS Max. It works perfectly for all of those cases. I mainly use it wired, because it is alway instantly responsive that way, but recently I did purchase the Pro subscription that allows wireless screen sharing, and it works well and I like it for getting the cord out of the way, though every now and then the partner display gets a little behind. I chose Duet over Sidecar for the wired connection, and because I can use it on my work laptop which has a different Apple ID than my iPad. Neither are possible with Sidecar. Duet also has excellent customer support! I had a technical issue and the technical staff worked over the weekend to get my system working properly: I sent an email of Friday evening and heard back the same day, and after asking for logs, they had a solution for me on Saturday morning.
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5 years ago, claustraphobix
A complete game changer for the iPad.
This app has changed how I use my ipad. I used to only expect to use it for reading music and watching movies and games, but with this app, suddenly I have a second portable moniter to take anywhere I want. I have the larger ipad pro which means that the screen is actually bigger than my laptop screen. I use it every simgle time I use my laptop, which means I now use my ipad multiple times a day. I do web development so having a second moniter (even at Starbucks!) means I can actually do my work effectively. Now, I gave 4 stars out of 5 because this app does have some problems connecting - I often get the error on Windows that "the last device connected has malfunctioned." It used to mean a lot of hassle, but with the latest patch it's not so bad. It just means I have to stop the app, reconnect the ipad, and it usually works on the second time. I figure these issues will work out over time and I will certainly notice them because I use the app so much. Thank you for adding this amazing functionality to the ipad! Like I said, it's a total game changer. ... about a month later, I'm still having issues with connecting. It works about 50% of the time. I often have to try multiple times or restart my ipad. Unfortunately I've had to move my rating down to 3 start, hopefully they will fix these issues and then I will be back to a 5 star rating!
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3 years ago, travelbabe
I rarely write reviews but this app is better then sliced bread! And it doesn’t even have gluten! When my primary work app recently changed its platform, I found myself no longer working on a 15” laptop screen but actually 2-7,5” screens. It was impossible to be productive so I purchased a separate portable monitor. It tuned out not to be my most prudent investment. Then I thought “hmmmm, can I reverse cast my windows laptop to my iPad?” Googled that concept and found this app. I was hesitant to purchase it but then saw so many positive reviews I decided “what the heck”and spend the $9.99. Set up was easy, connecting was easy although a little slow. But while my iPad screen is still only 9” my email program displays clearly and functions pretty much the same as it does on my 15” laptop. Very happy with it. Also takes up much less space on my small desk. Just hope I don’t run across anymore “in app purchases” though. But all of a sudden my laptop went black... I restarted everything and fingers crossed nothing crashed... I restarted it and now it tells me I need to purchase Duet Air. WHAT??? You’re losing review stars with me already... and it won’t let me minimize the “connect duet air” screen unless I agree to a 1-week trial. This didn’t happen till I signed up for a Duet Account. Not as happy as I was 20 minutes ago.
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5 years ago, Mark982023
It works! (Windows 10)
So I bought this program a few years back for photoshop/ after effects purposes and it worked but I wasn’t able to play any of my video games. So I would uninstall duet whenever I would play. That got tedious so I kept it uninstalled fully. Sometime later I tried it again and it got worse, photoshop wouldn’t work and my games. After I believe a year and a half of not using it, I had hopes and googled about everyone’s experience about using duet. I found a 2 month old reddit thread which was stating to not use it since it messes with the gpu, but saw a guy recently commented that he uses it and it works now, followed with another user in doubt saying “really?” followed by the same user saying “holy crap it does works!” End result I redownloaded it and whatever the guys at duet is doing hats off to you my photoshop works and gaming works, haven’t experienced any bsod or the like. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Sarsippius Solamanagic Jackson
Harmful and Frustrating!
Short Version: DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!!! Full Story: I was super excited when I first installed this on my Windows laptop a couple years ago and put it on my wife’s Mac. It caused significant damage to the Mac and I spent several hours working through the issue and repairing. Ended up having to completely rebuild drives and reload from backups. It corrupted everything. Cut to last few weeks and I am wasting countless hours trying to figure out why my laptop now restarts itself every time it goes to sleep and I lose all my work. I support IT professionally and was pulling my hair out working through possible issues, updating drivers, checking settings. While cataloging my apps in preparation to reformat and reload Windows I come across the long forgotten Duet app. Uninstall and what do you know? My computers wakes instantly now and everything is open just as I left it! I didn’t tally my full hours dealing with both issues, but based on what I get to deal with this stuff professionally I figure these guys owe me $350-$500, easy. I will be happy to edit my review once you tell me where to send my invoice.
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7 months ago, Catchers Dad
Worked great for 4+ years now can’t log in
I emailed support and the question I get back “Which email address is signed in on the IOS device?” I’m not sure how many times I have to explain, I can’t login and can’t reset my password because I don’t have access to the email that I originally purchased Duet with. Extremely frustrating. Duet did update with a new release that was supposed to fix the problem but still am being asked to repurchase to use. I purchased Duet in 2019 for $10 now I can’t login and support has not been helpful at all. They keep asking me for my original purchase email, which I no longer have. I’ve been going around and around with support and keep getting asked for the original purchase email. Plus I’ve switched companies and don’t have access to the email that I used when I purchased duet.
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3 years ago, Clarkezone
I’ve been using Duet Display for the last few days as an external display on the Windows PC that I use for zoom calls, teams, etc. It works really well as a tele-prompter screen used in conjunction with the Glide Gear TMP500 teleprompter with one caveat.. the horizontal readout is backwards. This isn’t a problem in my case as I have an additional monitor mirrored which I use to set up calls, once the calls are in progress the quality of the iPad pro screen is awesome, bigger and better than any other screen that i’ve been able to and Duet does a great job at video rendering. It feels like I’m actually talking face to face and able to look the person in the eye. Despite the lack of ability to correct the backwards readout in Duet which would be a killer feature for me and I’d willingly upgrade for, I’m super happy with Duet performance and ability to run over a wired connection. Great job!
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2 years ago, Trixie DeCarlo
Great app!!
Since the pandemic began, I have been able to work remote. I also work from home during the weekends. Desperately need a second monitor but have very limited space. I have a Surface Pro 7 with a 12” screen and an iPad Air 4. They are basically the same size so they look great side by side. With Duet, I am able to use my iPad as a secondary monitor! I am so grateful for this app. There is no lag in my mouse. I think maybe in an earlier version there was some but not any more. The only reason I gave a 4 star and not 5 is because if for any reason I unplug my iPad, it won’t reconnect unless I totally shut down all apps on my pc and restart. I always need about a dozen file explorer and app Windows open. Tried everything including launching iTunes, but nothing reconnects without a reboot. Thank you Duet!! I will endorse your product to everyone.
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4 years ago, Sledge81
So much better than Sidecar
I've been using Duet for ages. Now that Catalina is out I thought I could replace this third party app with Sidecar. I could not have been more wrong about it! Sidecar works... sometimes. For no apparent reason it refuses to start at all, disconnects randomly or – my favorite bug – displays everything squashed, like someone forced the aspect ratio to be 16:4. No amount of rebooting devices, reconnecting to WiFi or praying to the IT gods seems to fix it. All the while Duet just works. Connect the iPad, screen's up. So simple. Every time Sidecar failed, ie every day the past month, I just launched Duet and I had a second screen. Flawless! Duet also seems to be more responsive than Sidecar and has more options for resolution, performance vs visual clarity and refresh rates. These are irrelevant with my iPad Pro but they made a great deal of sense when I had an older iPad Air 2 until a year and a half ago. Dropping the frame rate to 30 and putting settings to medium made it very responsive for me. Apple did a poor job at copying Duet – in typical Cupertino feature copying fashion. I think I’ll stay with the original. Thank you to the Duet developers! You are the saviors of my productivity when I am not at my multi monitor office setup. With the Covid-19 quarantine this is basically my every day now so a big, massive THANK YOU is in order.
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11 months ago, Gastomp
When it works it’s great, mostly
I’m currently forced to use my iPad Pro 12.9 as a monitor. But Duet on my Mac Mini seems to forget it’s supposed to work and will sometimes bring up a dialog that requires I press a button to move on. Since I can’t see the screen this means I’m stuck blindly clicking my mouse around trying to find the button I need to press, or take my Mac to find a television to connect to in order to get Duet working again. This is very problematic and frustrating. I don’t think it’s too much to expect that Duet, with my subscription, just works. However, most often I’m stuck frustratingly rebooting, plugging and unplugging my USB cable, clicking blindly, etc. I’ve followed all the steps on the website for this to just work. Sometimes it does. But apparently if I haven’t used it in a couple of days, I get this experience. When it does work, it’s mostly great. It’s limited to 1920x1080 resolution on my iPad. I wish it would use the full display size, but I can do the things I want. One very strange thing is that is appears to buffer what happens on screen. So when I’m doing rendering and come back to it, I have to sit and wait for the buffer to display everything, ie the screen saver, tick through 50 minutes at high speed instead of just giving me the current display. The screen saver just isn’t entertaining to watch while I wait for the display to catch up.
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5 years ago, Zareview
Great product, great support
I have had duet for a couple of years and have used it extensively. First off, it just works and it is very intuitive. I first used it with my windows PC and later when I bought my MacBook Pro. It is fast, with a great response time, as though you’re using a second monitor. I have an ipad air 2, so duet does the trick where Sidecar doesn’t. When I upgraded to Catalina version, duet didn’t work, so I sent a support request and in less than 5 minutes, i received the instructions on how to fix the issue. As expected, the instructions were very simple to follow and the problem was resolved. In my work, I deal a lot with support organizations, and I rarely see personal email with an actual named person from support, so it was a refreshing experience to see an old fashion support person that actually knows how to help you most effectively.
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3 years ago, marcmacboy
Thrilled about this app
I recently found out about this app while doing an illustration project. I work cross platform on a pc at work and my MacBook when working from home. Due to the fact my MacBook was a 2015 model it was at the cutoff for ability to use sidecar. My goal was not so much about screen space but the ability to use my Apple Pencil and my iPad while working on the same project at work and at home. Duet was the answer for me. I initially installed on my windows machine at work which worked great. I had some permissions problems at first with getting to work on my MacBook Pro. Duet support contacted my quickly and Iwas able to resolve the issue. Now I have the ability to complete my project no matter which computer I’m working on. So happy to be able to use my iPad as a drawing tablet. Thank you Duet. MarcG
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5 years ago, DHLrules
I was excited for this app at first because it allowed me to work on adobe cc products right on to my iPad Pro 2018. I upgraded to pro and hoped for the best. It works... as in yes it will let me use this as another monitor on my windows pc but the crashing is unbearable. The duet app doesn’t launch on my pc so i have no control over minor settings. The worst part about it all is how it will crash over and over breaking my workflow. It crashed 4 times in 3 minutes once and that was the breaking point for me. I decided to use it as a separate display on my MacBook Pro and it was far too laggy even with adjusted settings. The good thing that this app is good for is mirroring the display and allowing me to work like that. It also incorporates the Apple Pencil very well. While my MacBook is only two years only and should be able to run a second monitor fine, the rating comes from the nearly unusable experience on windows. It’s a shame for this to have so much potential and fall short. Hopefully it will get fixed and i can update my rating.
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4 years ago, kissysho
Tried to like it
Update: Im giving this 2 stars because of their customer support was great and responsive. Their app just didnt work for me. So I thought I save others time I have an ipad pro 2020 and a macbook 2015 and I kept getting lags and very pixelated resolution no matter what I tried The lag was the worse I was willing to pay 20 a year but got frustrated like why am I trying to make an app work and pay money. I dont know what the hiccup is but I found another app to work smoothly and its Screens4 maybe this app can work for older ipads but if you have a newer one you may get the same lag issues It was beyond unworkable and just couldnt anything done I really want to support ex apple workers since I figured they would know the hardware personally but I was wrong Great customer service though We already know we can go the free route with Sidecar but I really wanted to give this a try mainly for the Remote Desktop option because Sidecar doesn’t offer that. There is sooooo much lag, makes me feel like I’m stuck in the past with a slow connection It’s bad can’t even click on things on my iPad, cant get anything done and than the resolution is horrible. It looks blurred out and hurts my eyes I was willing to pay the 20 or 30 a year but why am I going to stress myself and pay for something when Apple offers it for free and works I really wanted to like this and support Maybe it’s the 13.5 update, maybe it’s the app itself idk but gosh it just doesn’t work
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