Dupaco Mobile

4.4 (256)
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Dupaco Community Credit Union
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dupaco Mobile

4.43 out of 5
256 Ratings
2 years ago, jervolino
Great New App!!!!
Dupaco once again knocks it out of the park, the new mobile app is amazing. Clean fresh look finally got FaceID, installation was great removed old app and installed new one during my normal App update time. I am sure there are a few things that need polishing yet, however I am sure the devs at Dupaco will be working hard on them. Keep up the great work this is what a member at a credit union looks for in their Co-Operative.
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2 years ago, Erdill355
When it works, it works.
I hate this new update. This app never needed to be updated. I liked the old version. Red for debits and green for deposits. Then they made everything grey. Really. I asked about that and they stated it was because people are people that are color blind and can't tell the colors apart. Really. Then they came out with this major update. Whoop dee do. I liked having the available balance as well as the current balance. Now for the latest update. I can't even transfer between accounts. I had to call to make my money transfer. Really. What's the point of having a mobile app if I have to call and make a transfer. Really.
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2 years ago, Kaitlinkersten
Few wrinkles
I want to love this app so badly, but unfortunately because my husband and I have both a personal account and shared account I have to have two log ins. There’s not a way for me to see all of my accounts or easily switch/transfer between them. We switched from US Bank to get better financial guidance and help… but this major quirk makes it so hard. Not sure how long I will stay with Dupaco if this issue is not resolved. The rounding up sounds great, but I have to keep adding in every time I log in! :/
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2 years ago, MGFgoodguy
Love app. + Dupacp
I have been with Dupaco for 10 yrs. or more now. It is the best financial institutionI have ever been with I will always be a Dupaco customer. there clients come first. I have had my ups and downs with financial issues Dupaco has always giving ma a helping hand no matter what my credit score was or is if they couldn’t help me financially they gave me good advise on how to better my credit score and it’s working Sincerely! Merlyn Gene Frazier. PS. I love Dupaco
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2 years ago, cjrennison
Much better!
Huge improvement over the old app, which was basically just a web page in an app. This version is fast and has the modern features you’d expect (being able to login with Face ID is very convenient). The interface is simple and clean. Thanks Dupaco for putting the time and budget into making these improvements. Much appreciated!
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2 years ago, Angry_birds314
The app hasn’t updated for the iPhone XS Max yet and it’s annoying to use can you please update it to fit the screen to body ratio and install Face ID too. I don’t use it because it doesn’t fit my screen and id like to use it. Update: they updated it 2 years later and it looks cool. I like it for now
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2 years ago, Ebaatiamalaatieyan
Very very good bank
But I hope they help people that need it and will make payments other than people who are not in need of it I know useless folks with the most ugliest credit with no job stability that dupaco gave loans and car loans and etc Well I never get approved even with the whole thing showing that I could use a little help Then each time I tried to prove myself first I get credit coach then life troubles sets in
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2 years ago, hhhhddddnnnnl
I love my mobile banking. I am so busy it’s impossible to get everything done during business hours but being able to deposit checks and transfer money makes it possible for me to get things done and still spend a little more time at home.
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2 years ago, madhatter513
Update is so smooth
This new app is great! Face ID, clean and smooth design, and dark mode to top it off. Getting around is easy and quick to find what I need for quick updates on my finances. I wish my other financial apps were this good and user friendly.
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2 years ago, its a ioke
The new features are great when you’re able to use them. I always have a problem now with the app freezing on me and then I have to delete it and reinstall it over and over again, where before I never had this problem. Then I have to sign in again do the whole security thing again witch is really frustrating especially when you live a very busy life.
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2 years ago, Gma Funnyface
Above and Beyond
So a couple months ago we needed a consolidation loan. During the time we needed it we suffered a major medical emergency. The Dupaco agent went way Above and Beyond her job by bringing all of the paperwork to the hospital to be signed. Will always consider Dupaco more of a close family friend! Thanks
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2 years ago, mshady2718
New app update NICE!!!!
I must say out of all the banks in this town i Rocks with Dupaco the long way!!!! I love Dupaco don’t too much care for some of the people in there!!! Besides that I love this new app update!!! Been a member for some years!! Finally a new mobile update for the year of 2021 keep it coming DUPACO!!!!
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6 years ago, Rodzila
Please upgrade to 2012
I am happy to do business with a local bank. The people at Dupaco are very helpful, this app is from 2000. Please check out the Wells Fargo app if you don't understand. I want to pay bills via my smartphone. Your credit union is at such a disadvantage with this app. Anyone read these? We need a little help here. Nice upgrades, Dupaco has always been great to deal with. I wish the app had the old e-bill function. From what I understand I was one of the 2 people using that feature.
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1 year ago, Spicecakelovespaddie
Happy Customer
You could not find a better place to do banking than with Dupaco! The staff is friendly, upbeat, and the most helpful people I have found! I highly recommend Dupaco as a GREAT PLACE TO BANK!! Victoria Owens
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2 years ago, 7ripwir3
Doesn’t work
It doesn’t work. My iPhone has internet, unlimited us cellular internet. The fastest, and so when I log in it tells me timed out false sever 500 mace sure cellular data turned on. That’s a joke, you don’t want me to view my account in my phone that’s fine but don’t try and shift the blame to my phone, which I am using right now to write this review. That is some lame customer service
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2 years ago, Ayce_13
Dark Mode!
The new app is so much better, and the update that just came out with Dark Mode... Not only can Dupaco save you money, it saves your eyes from blinding white screens!
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1 year ago, sallas0987654321
Best banking app
This banking app is easy to use and for any reason you cannot figure it out there are plenty of people there to help you inside any Dupaco credit union
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1 year ago, caffiene gamer
Top notch technology
Dupaco bought out my bank of 20 years. I absolutely love this bank and app. It is easy and very advanced. Online banking is easy.
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2 years ago, Manolo464
Easier and faster banking. I love this app. Everything at the convenience and accessibility at a touch of a finger. Thank you again Dupaco.
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2 years ago, Astedwell
New Mobile App
This app is a welcome change and is very sleek. With the new addition to dark mode, it makes the app very appealing and show that Dupaco listens to its members and pays attention to detail.
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3 days ago, PPS2002
Great App for my Small Business
As a new small business owner, this app has made managing my business’s funds seem less!
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2 years ago, N/a/;)
Love the Update
I love the new update. It looks awesome and it way easy to access everything I need to see!
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8 months ago, ev500ez
Nicely done website
Easy to navigate.
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1 month ago, Mike dRoss
Fine overall but transfers and payments are difficult
It would be nice if you could edit mortgage payments and external transfers on the app rather than calling in, or make additional payments on the app.
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2 years ago, Lauthier
It’s OK
I wish I could get push notifications for purchases made with my debit card rather than an email. Rest of the app seems fine.
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2 years ago, LinnyMartinez
Can’t find anything
There’s no more color or buttons and I can’t find anything on the new app. There’s no options to turn off the statements or message back-and-forth with the bank. The once very simple user-friendly app is no more
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2 years ago, RiverRockerDBQ
Facial recognition is a game changer!
I feel more in touch with my money and my credit union. Yes!
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2 years ago, Adam Zivojnovich
Great App!
I use it all the time to check on my account
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2 years ago, rick84rick
This is awful
I had everything set up to make payments to my Dupaco visa credit card from my bank account and now it won’t let me. Thanks for changing something that didn’t need to be changed.
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2 years ago, Rocking RN
Dupaco app
I love the new app for IPhone. I wouldn’t bank anywhere else.
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2 years ago, Ecray3
Love Dupaco!
Always get great service with Dupaco. They are so nice to work with and now the new app has FaceID! It’s great!
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2 years ago, Lacray
Face recognition feature is great!
Love this update!!
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11 months ago, bajreviews
Great App
Great App!!! Couldn’t ask for anything more!!!
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2 years ago, Daisyc2
Great Service
Love using this account
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2 years ago, Kevin Cray
Amazing update
This new update is glorious. Keep it coming Dupaco!
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4 months ago, 10GDCS
Can’t log in
Keeps giving error
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10 months ago, FatawcHgzdg
They will turn your card off for no reason
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1 year ago, purplemelloboss
Dupaco is easy
I swear dupaco is the best bank
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2 years ago, RandaRenee
Love the new update!
Yes!!! Fingerprint Id finally!!
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2 years ago, jayyyyyceeeee
Great app!!!
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12 years ago, GoCubsGo1984
This is a very nice app. It allows me to check my account status quickly. One suggestion for a possible update is give us the option to pay bills from the app. Then I could do everything I need to from my phone. Overall great start.
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7 years ago, Grumpy_angry_witchy
You guys are the comcast of banks
Seriously, your customer service and app are on par with working with Comcast. When there are fees and charges on the app I can't explain, you can't click the link because it doesn't tell you anything. Then you call and you are on hold for 30 mins to be told you have to be transferred to another department. The new department says here is nothing they can do so they transfer you yet again to be told you have to go back to the original agent you spoke with who started the merry-go-round from Hell.
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12 years ago, Neyens
Needs a lot of work
It's nice to see you've hired an app developer,but this I see this first attempt as nothing more than a frame around your web site. Might I suggest taking a look at the apps by chase and bank of America for some design inspiration. Both those apps are very well polished and offer the user a high end experience. Kudos for making the app universal, but the iPad version doesn't auto rotate. Your logo is cut off on the iPad app at the top. Your choice of banner color and white text is hard on the eyes. Its nice to have things well organized, but I guess the worst thing is that it doesn't offer a different / better experience than what the web site offers. Kristofer Neyens member since 2008
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5 years ago, Pinsalicious
Join the 21st century
This app is truly awful and painful to use compared to nearly any other app; of all the banking apps I do use, this one just does not have all the features one should expect. In addition to just not working well, the app needs to have a feature to submit payments using a debit card or another bank account from a different bank; this is the most basic feature required of any banking app.
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5 years ago, Sugael79
I love the app but over the last month I have been having problems with the quick balance. I have to set it up almost every day when before I didn’t have to. I have to sign into my account to see anything when before I could just touch that and be done. It’s frustrating.
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6 years ago, Nherweck
Nice app but needs improvement.
Remember this device function does not work on either of our iPhones. After five years the developer has explained the issue. I have updated my rating.
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6 years ago, oldtoysNewplastic
Much better
Updated app has brought many improvements. It's not perfect, and the overall design is a bit strange (logoff & back buttons, especially), but it is functional and gets the job done.
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9 years ago, Evan.Y
Great App
I really enjoy the mobile check deposit! It makes my life so much easier. It is a little clunky to navigate but it is tolerable, just not as good as it could be... Overall, a superior app from a great Credit Union.
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5 years ago, Manders93
Quick Balance
I love the app for the most part. For several months now my quick balance has been disabling itself here and there so I would go back in and re enable it. Now it’s a one time use before I have to re enable. I hate that I have to log in every time now.
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5 years ago, bankimg in the stoneages
Great CU, app needs overhaul!!!
We love Dupaco, but the app is glitchy/spotty. Somedays I can login without any issues, and other days the screen keeps going blank, this app is definitely not consistent! Plus mobile deposit has been down for almost a week! The app and online banking supposedly upgraded a month or so back, but everything looks the same, but runs more archaic then before.
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