duPont REGISTRY Automobiles

4.4 (16)
84.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for duPont REGISTRY Automobiles

4.44 out of 5
16 Ratings
3 years ago, Racacho
Issues with subscription from iTunes
I have been subscribed to the magazine through iTunes paying in installments of $9.99 every three months for more than 6 years and everything had been going well until this month when I tried to restore my purchases. I have been trying to read my issues from last year but I have been unable to download them again, allegedly because it doesn’t show in Zinio’s records that I have paid for the subscription. I have tried to get help from Apple and they just tell me what they can’t do but certainly don't help in any way. I have spent problem hours trying to solve the problem and from Zinio’s agents I just get nonsensical responses. I have just sent them evidence of my Apple’s receipts and they are still asking for more and I am still waiting problem fixed for their reply. Get your act together! Thank you, From a disgruntled subscriber
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2 years ago, Manathus
The app is pretty neat and concise.
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1 year ago, Strosek 544
Cannot access content. Period. Unacceptable
Update to prior review. Still cannot access any content even under new subscription. Apple support says they cannot do anything. No Reply from zinio or DuPont registry to help. Unbelievable. Love magazine so still trying ... ---------------- I bought the app and used it regularly with no issues for years. I switched iPhones and forgot I had the subscription so I tried to open the app and restore and sync 30 times - nothing. Says it’s restored, says it's synced, but no content. Called apple but zero help. Cancelled subscription and got a new one through App Store thinking just starting over would be best bet. deleted and reinstalled app and still no content and no ability to restore purchases. I’ve been paying a monthly fee for over a year and haven’t been able to access a single issue. Unbelievably bad between apple and DuPont registry. Love the magazine so it's ridiculous I’ve paid half a grand for nothing.
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11 years ago, Drewbrees9
Very good magazine.
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5 years ago, Kent0San
Not current.
Should be updated more often to keep up with the current magazine issues. Current magazine in app is February 2018 issue, but December 2018 issue is already on shelves.
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11 years ago, Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Shame on you DuPont
Thought you were a class act. Saying your free just to get yourself on our device. 👎I'd give you no stars but they make me give you at least one to submit this.
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8 years ago, ZaarCobalt
Not free.
You have to buy a subscription for content. $7 a month. Better off using the slow website for free or, better yet, searching elsewhere like JamesEdition.
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4 years ago, Diner Junkies
Horrible App
They charge me every quarter and only when GOD himself is present does it work. Customer service responds after several days and blames it on COVID. Didn’t know COVID jumped from animal to human to DuPont Registry— Live and learn I suppose.
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12 years ago, andrewkc69
Not Free
When you see a magazine in the Free section, you expect it to actually be free. This is just a stupid app to get you to buy a subscription. Don't download it if you are expecting a free magazine.
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12 years ago, bubfil1212
Why would you do that to people..
Downloaded to enjoy and shop turns out they want to charge you the print price. Crappy!
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10 years ago, gbgallardo
Purchased Subscription
...and pretty disappointed. No retina or even full screen (4" iPhone 5) support. Totally pixelated and impossible to read. Please update ASAP.
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8 years ago, Ezeata
Not free
After you download it you have to pay to read the magazine subscription.
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7 years ago, Nutty batty
Update downer
This app will not update to the latest issue it is nearly April and it still has the February issue up!
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11 years ago, osu_hurless
Misleading - not free
Okay, yeah, the "app" is free but the content is not free. You open the app then have to buy individual months of content. I can view it free online but not in their app?!
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6 years ago, IsaacPo
Can’t view any listings, no cars. It just gives you subscription options. Lame.
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9 years ago, Mallsup
Complete garbage
Absolutely worthless as all it does is try to sell you individual digital edition of the magazine.
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9 years ago, NNNNMMMMCCCC
Not free
You have to pay a monthly subscription to see anything .....
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9 years ago, BigHinNE
All this app does is try to sell you subscriptions.
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12 years ago, autoit
Installed wanting to dream. Deleted when dreams ask for subscription for a magazine people already paid to advertise in
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12 years ago, Crb49
What's up with this?
Dittos. Come clean, DuPont. Either you're a free app or not. And shame on news stand for promoting it as such.
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12 years ago, Fell for it anaw
Hook line and sinker
It's no' free Whit a joke Ah can read it for free in the supermarket when the ball&chain is daein the shopping Wan star is too much Nae stars fae me if ah could figure that oot
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11 years ago, Braylenh
I really like the cover
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11 years ago, Wonbat
It's a scam to make you purchase a subscription. You get nothing
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12 years ago, nutdog350
No free app
Gotta pay if you want to view anything
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12 years ago, Jcrabbe5
Try It Differently!
Make it like the website not like the magazine. Please!!
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4 years ago, Mr REck
Just for subscriptions
No vehicle searches. 🙄
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12 years ago, TeamsBeast
Nothing free
Must pay!
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12 years ago, F4stEddy
Great app, great magazine!
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12 years ago, Boufini
Good product.
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12 years ago, PatGrBl
This needs to be edited as currently it is false advertising!
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12 years ago, boy70
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12 years ago, DBC233
This app is not free It's completely bogus
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11 years ago, Frnch
Its NOT free
It says free. There's nothing free. It's a shame
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11 years ago, Jose Gamboa
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11 years ago, Sam taggart
Dumb magazine
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11 years ago, AcuteWatcher
Cheaply made app
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11 years ago, Mystery gunner drako mir
Not "free" app
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11 years ago, Reddevil121
So cool!!!!
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12 years ago, Twixyx
Not free!
This Mag is not free
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11 years ago, Derpolious
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12 years ago, Elvoro verde
Nose como aser Amax
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12 years ago, ConsumerRep
No free content
FAIL zero value
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9 years ago, Djdjfkdkdkd
This is the best app ever you need to get it
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