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User Reviews for DVD Burner - Create DVD

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4 years ago, The Supreme Dalek
A Job Half-Done
This app seems to do a good job of generating an ISO disc image file. However it does NOT burn the ISO image to a disc. The in-app instructions tell you to use the MacOS Disk Utility to do this... but as of Catalina, Disk Utility no longer handles disc burning. Instead, you need to select the ISO image a
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11 months ago, vicenac
Pass thorugh settings first!
I only created an ISO with it, There is a check box for "no menu", which did what I wanted. Go to settings first to set your TV system, screen aspect etc. I opened the ISO with VLC and it worked great. Now the ISO can be burned on any machine. I do not have an optical drive to see if this program will actually burn, but it seems able to do so.
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6 years ago, NotABot7941
Worked for me
Not sure why people had issues with the software but it worked for me just fine.
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2 years ago, mr100percent
Works well, sometimes bugs
The app is straightforward to use and has some nice menu templates. Appears to work well, despite some bugs, but it gets the job done.
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4 years ago, thomajake
Poor image quality
The image quality for my video was poor. During certain moments, it had this resolution problem in which the image appeared to beat back and forth in visible bursts of pixels, especially when there was a lot of information and detail in the picture. But it's free, so you get what you pay for.
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7 years ago, Plisko
Not even 3 times
Try to make a VOB folder. Doesn’t work with anything except a computer. Try to make a disc. . . Ok not bad but I want to get rid of that menu. Try for the third time. “Sorry you can only burn 3 times.” I didn’t burn 3 times!!! If your going to rip me off with the trial, don’t expect me to buy your full version.
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4 years ago, ThomasPhillips3
The menu creation system is basic, but functional. I couldn't rearrange the windows, but it's all good. This worked fine for what I needed - create a disc image of a home movie. I just use MacOS to burn the image to disc for all the fam.
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3 years ago, Multicolored Socks
Works good
Does the job. Simpe and effective and pretty quick too. iMac running BigSur with Apple USB SuperDrive
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6 years ago, 208q65403
I need help
I have great hope for this aplication, but I have a video that is a .mov but it will not work. So……………..
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7 years ago, GPF10
Wast of time
Please don’t waste your time on this app unless you enjoy being frustrated.
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3 years ago, MikeAR361
Does not work on Monterrey
Crashes on startup.
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5 years ago, YoullGetBurned
Wants you to burn with Disk Utility, which no longer opens .iso files - which is what this creates
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2 weeks ago, Mac since 1996
Poor at best
Should be taken off app store...walke up Tim Cook...edit the bad apps...NOW
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8 years ago, Cactusprick
Free to try only; don’t bother
You can only use the program 3 times, then you have to pay for the full version. Don’t bother.
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8 years ago, ManUnited_fan
Not worth your time
You can only create 3 DVD’s free. Then you have to buy the pro version. It’s called Bait & Switch. I will not be even considering anything from Aiessoft ever…
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9 years ago, Tracy Greenwood
Crashes on importing video
This app crashes when you try to import a video. Uninstalling.
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10 years ago, tnedudikew
This app is a waste of time. Every time I open the app crahses after about 10 seconds or so. Plese Fix!
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8 years ago, DJ4MC
This works three times and then you have to purchase it. Not stated until you run it.
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7 years ago, Brandon_72
Not Free
The first 3 burns are free. After that you need to pay for the service.
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9 years ago, Swiga76
Free to use… three times.
Seriously? Three times? It isn’t free, then, is it?
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9 years ago, Bo on Bike
It is not free !
Limitation to ony 3 time use and no audio or subtitles so is not fully working.
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8 years ago, Jbostick13
thank you for compleatly waisting my time! this was the most uselsess piece of junk… and its not actually free! do not get this.
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3 years ago, Inneedofinsanity
I just spend about 2 hours waiting for this terrible app to set up and burn ONE DVD. I put the DVD into two different players and it DOESN'T EVEN WORK! I have to burn 22 discs right now and I would have gladly paid for the app if it worked. Garbage DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!
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3 years ago, 542Tiger
Does not accept MOV
I would like to import an MOV from iMovie to convert and burn to DVD. Description states it will accept MOV files, but it does not.
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6 years ago, bplymale
Not even once
Well, I have to say what a disappointment. It takes the application almost 30 minutes to prepare to burn and then a window pops up and tries to walk you through buring the iso to dvd using disk utility. What a waste of time!!!
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5 years ago, ElDubya19
Ok, for what it does
I really enjoyed using this DVD burner! It does exactly what I needed it to do. Unfortunately, I was only able to use it 3 times before I needed to upgrade to the paid version. I am not a professional; I am barely an amateur. I just need something I can use to get the short video creations off my harddrive. Not sure I'm ready to invest money, just yet.
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5 years ago, ShatteredF1re
Good just what I needed to make auto play dvd
This software converted my .mp4 into a .iso and put it in the “temporary” folder that was set in its preferences. After it creats the ISO image. You have the burn the ISO image to a DVD. Right click the ISO and select "Burn Disk Image “???” to Disk..."
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8 years ago, ETsay
Not free as in FREE
You get 3 free after that $24.99. Don’t label it free if it’s not 100% free. For that one star.
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