DWG FastView-CAD Viewer&Editor

4.3 (650)
351.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gstarsoft Co., Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DWG FastView-CAD Viewer&Editor

4.35 out of 5
650 Ratings
5 years ago, ShawnLaughlin
Want to give it 5 stars but...
I love the app and was very impressed but overwhelmed when I first started using it bc I’ve never used cad before. I’ve gotten much more familiar with it and I still love it but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to create a 3D drawing and there isn’t much help online. In the description it says you can view 2d and 3D drawing but I believe it says you can only create 2d? The help section doesn’t give you much help and for that reason I can’t give it 5 stars. If the help section would go into explaining a little deeper for the beginner it would be a solid 5 star but for now I’ll give it 4. If you can create 3D drawing but I’m just not understanding how to do it I would like to know bc like I said I can’t find any how to’s ?
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4 years ago, Woodshop Whizzard
Just another BS subscription!
Just another crappy CAD app that requires you to pay an ridiculous subscription to be able to utilize even the simplest functions, like measurements! How the hell are you supposed to draw accurately if you can’t input specific sizes? I would like to be able to try out the full program without having to sign up for some thing first and would pay for an app that has decent functionality for CAD drawing. However, I cannot stand the subscription business model that so many of these greedy companies are going to nowadays and I refuse to “register” to be able to try an app! I want to be able to purchase the app if I want it and use it on my device forever. I don’t want to be held hostage by a subscription program that will tangle up my files if I end the subscription. I have been burned in the past by using such programs and it just leaves me completely disgusted with the entire subscription software model!
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5 years ago, Duck Step
Thumbs up
First; I, like many people, use the gmail app not the default iOS mail app. So your feedback button doesn't work and there's no contact info displayed that I can even copy - paste into gmail. Second; how do you save new files? The save as window shows folders and lets me make new folders, but I can't figure out how to enter the file name and the ok button is always disabled... Update: helpful response. -1 star until feedback email is made available in app. Great app though. Wish it had perspective 3D view, but that's just a small thing. Also very impressed with ease of object snap despite using a touchscreen.
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3 years ago, comaed
Great, Simple and Intuitive Interface for Quick Edits
I do not normally bother with reviews, but this was exactly what I was looking for today. I am not an engineer, nor normally a drafter, but I needed to make some quick edits to an old dwg for a client and it was immediately clear 1, how to import and 2, get started on leader lines to add the information. Sure, there may be more powerful, more integrated solutions out there, but i am pleased to find such a simple solution after trying to dig through other open source options for windows. These would have done the job, but the learning curve is a bit much to just add in some text.
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2 years ago, sendblink23
New update is plain awful purely greedy for money
Its extremely awful this new recent update, I wish I was able to revert back to the previous version. Why the heck did you make text/object - move, rotate, scaling, etc…. also text editing all that is now only a paid feature??? What? All those basic features were always free. You just ruined the application feeling pretty much useless and I rarely ever write and give a low rating review but this money greedy update definitely deserves the low rating. Please I highly suggest to revert these new changes back to how they were before. These were basic options and now they are locked behind a paywall for absolutely no reason making it useless on everything using the application on the free side.
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7 years ago, Jayhawksm
Last update broke it but they fixed it!
I just found the app and used it for only a few minutes and liked it. After update to newest version it won’t open any files. Even ones it opened before. Won’t create new file either. UPDATE: They fixed the big old bug and its working great. Thanks! Nice app. Easy to use if you have a basic knowledge of drafting. Looking forward to seeing how this app grows. Would like to see great control over layers and perhaps grouping abilities. Also, offset would be a great time saver. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, Rocstar27
The only cad I found that doesn’t immediately demand money AND works with iCloud . So that’s a 4 banger just because of that . I wish it had a search keyword option and that it didn’t crash so much . It seems to struggle to view prints once I scroll through about ten of them . Why can’t anything just work 😩
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6 years ago, AndroidIOSuser
Excellent CAD viewer
I use this mostly for viewing CAD files and this app is much more faster and efficient than Autodesk's Autocad app which is awfully slow. The plotting to pdf option is also great and useful. But if I have a pdf drawing in another app and when I try to open in this app, this app doesn't seem to allow the action as this app's icon does not show in the 'open in' app list. Would be great if this issue could be resolved.
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7 years ago, Jerebllfrg
Perfect for beginners and intermediate users!
Thank you SO much for making an app I can view and draw layouts and models without having to read a durn 1500 page manual first. I got up and viewing and drawing right off the bat with no questions because the interface is so intuitive and makes sense. Also glad it doesn’t look like a kids video game like many of the others. Great job guys!!!!
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2 years ago, ronmar1
Yep another crap subscription
Have actually used this free app for quite a few years. Even provided feedback to help the developer improve it. Not a pro, not to make money, just a hobbyist. I used to find it fairly useful, but not $47 a year, every year, useful… They used to sell a standalone app, As of late each upgrade they have done to it has shut down another basic command, basically rendering it useless. I would pay a reasonable fee for an app, but I will not do a subscription… well on to something else or back to auto-cad on my PC…
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5 years ago, erbd78
Work in free mode but not paid...
Really liked the app. So much I decided to buy a month. Now it’s useless and my drawings are locked out. Keeps telling me I need to upgrade to use the feature (dimension tool). My first ever AppStore review... Update: Contacted developer and problem solved. The email exchange took a bit of time (time differences) but they took care of everything. Great app and thank you!
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2 months ago, Muhammad Ali Kayani
Issue after last update
App needs a update please! since it is getting crashed/not responding from last update!
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1 year ago, Hutton Washington
Good Program
Viewing pictures is really easy to use, now a new collaboration function is added, and the team can directly synchronize operations when communicating
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4 years ago, jm1681
Does Exactly What I Need
I needed an app that would allow me to show and manipulate models for my clients, and with no fuss. The app allows me to load dxfs directly from e-mail, making it very fast and easy, and doesn't require an account or subscription. It works exactly as I needed and hoped.
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6 years ago, W1llums
Easy to use and edit with, but what about support for layers?
This app is wonderful for some quick and easy CAD editing and viewing. You can even view different layers in a CAD drawing... but what about creating your own layers? I don’t seem to see any way to do this
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1 year ago, suzette eugena
You can use your mobile phone to use pictures at any time, you don’t have to carry a notebook. It is recommended to major in architectural design
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12 months ago, LanTien
App loads, displays, and allows controlling layers in DWG files; most functionality is very intuitive. Paid version is affordable (~$50/yr), but availability of only subscription version turns me off.
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1 year ago, Bertha_Reynoldsa
Great app
It is a necessary software for engineering. You can use pictures at any time outside. It is easy to use when looking at pictures and capturing block statistics.
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4 years ago, Beadie Jewer
pdf function is very practical
Must see every day, when preparing engineering projects, it is much more convenient to use mobile phones to see pictures.
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6 years ago, StellarFella
Great app, but getting error...
When opening a file, I’m getting the following error: "File error, Access file error, it may be led by the low application version" I am on the latest version of FastView - please help.
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3 years ago, Mjdavidson1
Latest update ruined the app for me
I used this app to occasionally convert my DWG files to pdf so I could email my drawings to people who needed an easy way to view them. I made the mistake of updating to the newest version. The export to pdf is now a paid only feature. I didn’t mind the adds to be able to use the feature I needed, but I can’t justify paying for a feature that I only use a few times a year.
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4 years ago, Chadbag
No way to easily get files into it.
I have some CAD files I am straying to view. They are in a folder on my iCloud account. DWG FastView has no way to access them. The local file option only seems to work with files downloaded from their cloud. So I went to their website using Safari on my Mac and tried to upload that way. It said I needed Flash to upload. Fail. No modern system should require Flas to operate.
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5 years ago, Mikezots
Metric only?
After spending way too much time in the help files, it seems that the app does not support feet-inches. You have to dimension everything in inches? Not normal in architecture here in the USA. Not my fault this country is stuck with feet/inches, but an app that won’t work in these units is a dealbreaker. Too bad, since it seemed like a nice app, and would be... anywhere but the USA! So 2 stars for sticking to your no feet principles.
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6 years ago, iTunes money
Great app! But just one question..
Just got this app, so far so good! Only thing I wish for is a specify start point when creating a line rather than tapping wherever on the screen. Also, how would I save as DXF in this app?
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4 years ago, Charmin Dorro
Too powerful
It is very convenient to use, you can use your mobile phone to look at the pictures anytime, anywhere.
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1 year ago, deshawn_felixj
it really helps me convert file thank you so much
Mobile, computer and tablet are universal, one account can synchronize dwg drawings
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1 year ago, ralph brandy
fast opening
You can browse drawings on your mobile phone and modify the content synchronously, greatly improving office efficiency
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6 years ago, Fat_Em
Please add these features
Hi thanks for this great app, i had pro version but now its free, thats great. Please add these features: import pictures+add layers, if u can add these features it would be a 5 star application.
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2 years ago, NannetteVictoriak
best app ever
The function is very powerful, the CAD software small and medium dwg drawings open quickly, large drawings will be stuck, hope to strengthen
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5 months ago, Agbubuike
My DWG App
Excellent app that does the job. Features and functionalities are great and regularly being upgraded with more exciting features. Good one.
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1 year ago, Harriette Bone
easy and useful apps
Full function, quick to use, full display, easy to use cad
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4 months ago, rapporamma
Used to be ok
Having using it just for viewing for sometime, then somehow the simple measuring feature cost money. Well not that I don’t think it make sense to pay some money for using, but just for this simple features(maybe difficult to make I don’t know), that money just doesn’t make sense
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4 years ago, Shambrika Ilyukhov
Quick picture
Very easy-to-use software, use the mobile phone to see some renderings, great
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1 year ago, Mccorkle_Maxc
One of the best ever
The software is good, although it is a mobile phone, but the common functions are supported
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4 years ago, Valyncia O\'Mailey
The software is very powerful
Finally found this software, this cad software is the best one to use the picture viewing software.
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4 years ago, Nilyne Eminson
Apple System
The interface feels good, you can still see the cad picture
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4 years ago, Miyon Melendez
Overall good
Just used, cad view king software has many functions, very convenient.
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4 years ago, Niquel Lindback
Can see in three dimensions
The cad function is simple and practical. Brush it several times a day.
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4 years ago, SURUSH.COM
Professional app
That’s Professional application for Designers. But , couldn’t load arabic or Persian fonts at all.. Please fix this important issue
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1 year ago, NakiaChurchillg
Good Application for Autocad.
DWG FastView is very easy to use, full display, can be measured and edited, and has many functions
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4 years ago, Brittanylee Severns
Best performance app
The drawings are very clear. The dwg is much more convenient for mobile phones. The drawings are very accurate.
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7 years ago, Kolbe sangi saket
A suggestion
Hello Your app is one of the best app I’ve ever used But ive some difficulties in language (fonts) May i ask you please add persian (farsi) fonts in the app ? I dont mean the whole translation, i just asking for adding the font so we can read the details in our language. Right now we can’t read it at all I really appreciate it Thanks.
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4 years ago, Rheba Carder
Always used!
Easy to use, easy to use, work is inseparable from cad software
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1 year ago, Luis Camacho DPR
Great app
I hope you can incorporate the Autodesk doc(Cloud) in the future version. ! please
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5 years ago, mem16421
Needs iPad Pro 2018 support
This is a great CAD viewer, and is so much faster than Autodesk's! Please add full resolution support for 2018 iPad Pro as I would love to use it’s whole big beautiful screen!
Show more
1 year ago, jacquehatchz
Great app.. Beatiful and Nice experience
Ok, free to view pictures, free to measure, and you can also turn off layers
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11 months ago, Compounding 101
Great CAD app
This is by far the great user friendly CAD tool that I can operate from phone. Simply love it 😊
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4 years ago, Maicie Neill
The software is very powerful
Quick operation, this app can really help at work
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1 year ago, SalernoForrestd
The picture is clear, easy to use and a good helper
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3 years ago, StricklandScaffold
No follow up from developer ...
Paid for a Subscription and it still shows that i dont have one, however it has been charged to my apple account. Emailed the developer and still no reply as how to fix..... A great app in my opinion starts a with “Customer” support.
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