e-taxfiller: Edit PDF Forms

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User Reviews for e-taxfiller: Edit PDF Forms

4.78 out of 5
2K Ratings
3 years ago, Madd!!!!!
Email Issues
I like the fact that I download this app automatically fill out a W-9 when one is requested, but I yet to figure how send an email because once I hit the done button it pops up the box giving you options to send an email or a number of other options. I have completed the process for an email and then I receive information that the email was successfully sent but that is not correct I am still waiting on several emails sent to my on self and never received them.
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2 years ago, _kukus_
Prints n fills out easy peasy
Just downloaded this app and filled it out I was able to edit all fields without needing any extra applications. And after you click on “done ““, the app has the option to print, and printed everything within the boxes. It did not move the text out of the boxes which can’t happen in other apps. and you have unlimited prints without the need for an extra charge down the line as this is not a trial version, just a full application
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6 years ago, P90fsty
Issues but still great
So first let me say that I love the app. It’s very easy to use with an exception of the email at the end. I was trying to send to a valid email address and it kept telling me the address was not valid nor would it let me move past that step. I ended up having to email it to myself download it then attach to the same email address I was trying to send to. Then it sent without a hitch… Hopefully bugs like that will get fixed overtime but the app is still great.
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4 years ago, Cassandralorene
Incredibly fast and easy
I really didn’t feel like printing and scanning a W9 form that takes all of two minutes to fill out. This downloaded quickly and made filling it out so easy. Only problem was that it kept wanting me to fill out a section that didn’t apply to me, but otherwise it’s a simple click in each box and you can type what you need. Also allows for signatures! So easy.
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5 years ago, ChrisSetter
You can fill in forms, but very limited
I use this to send W9s to clients. Filling out forms is great with this app, but it is extremely limited of what you can do once you complete a form. When you select done after completing a form, you can only print, email, or discard the form. There is no way to save the form you just made, other than emailing the form to yourself. And if you email the form, it only references emails and contacts from your phone’s phone book, not other email providers like gmail, so none of my clients emails are found in the app. This also mean that any professional signatures that you may use on your emails will not be included in the email. There should be a way to save a form to the app, or an option to select cloud storage. There should be an option to auto populate the text fields such as your name and address. And this app should be able to link to other email services.
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5 years ago, LLS_learning
Helping to make the world a less frustrating place!
As another review mentioned so many apps or sites trying to do the same thing but can’t seem to get it right. Found this app quite a few years ago and I recommend it to everyone. I fill out at least 8-10 of these a year as I am a freelancer, it takes less than a minute and it’s on its way. Thanks for 1 less aggravation in everyday life.
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5 years ago, vmp920
When they say it’s free, they mean it.
It wonderful when there are app’s that are will to help the public. There are so many times when I’m asked to write a review for a company or an app, but what I find difficult troubling is, I have to subscribe to either a monthly or an annually membership. However, this app is just the opposite. Thank you to all the developers involved in this app. Thank you for creating something with nothing in return.
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3 years ago, Macuser239
Great program for those of us on the go
I stumbled across this app hoping that it would make my life easier as a contractor. Well, it certainly did. I love being able to hop on one of my electronic devices and be able to get a w9 punched out and sent to my customers who need it. It’s quick, easy and saves me tons of time. Thank you.
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3 years ago, dsdfggj
Can’t save/download or email
The title is pretty self explanatory. That being said, there’s no option to download or save your completed form. Plus, when you try to email the form to yourself using the provided feature it actually fails to even send. I needed this form completed to be able to upload to a website, but obviously I’m having trouble when I can’t get the app saved to my phone in any way other than a screenshot. Which isn’t an acceptable way to upload it. If you can find an alternate way of doing the form I would use it instead of this.
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6 years ago, Iphanplayer
Easy, simple, is it secure
This was definitely quick and easy to use. After hours of web searches for free only w-9 forms , only to find that after you fill them out they require you to set up a free account, I was frustrated. Tried the app store on a whim and found this. I have no idea if it's secure or not. I assume apple wouldn't approve an app that would let the developer see your name, address, and social. But who knows. I had to use it. So fingers crossed!
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5 years ago, Rgrmm
W-9 form
A lot better and easier to use with each passing year. I used to dread using this app, but now it is as easy as checking the weather or sending a text... It is more “intuitive” now... UPDATE: New updates have made this even easier and more intuitive to use from start to finish...which for me is emailing it to client or printing to mail it.
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2 years ago, HUSTLY LLC.
This app is great. Fast and easy, just like it should be. Filled out without technical issues and sent via email. I will say it would be nice to have a quick save to device feature. I don’t see the point in sending it to y self then sending it to the recipient. Anyways, this app is good.
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5 years ago, Kimcansew
Great app! Very easy to use.
As someone who freelances and fills these out often, this is the easiest way to get a W9 to an employer. Before, I used to print one out, fill it out then either scan or photographic to email it to someone. Now, I just fill this in on screen, sign it with my finger and email it. Love this app, and I highly recommend it.
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7 years ago, PJHenn
Too Easy. Excellent.
I searched the Internet for a fillable W-9, but could not find one unless I registered name and email at some website. I stumbled across this app by chance when I was searching. I downloaded the app to my phone, filled out the form, printed it and signed it in 3 minutes. Very slick. I can now prepare a W-9 for any vendor in minutes.
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6 years ago, phriendlyphellow
Perfect tool
I don’t have a printer at home and was having to deal with downloading a fillable W-9, then saving it to my google drive, then going to my co-work space to print out the form to sign and then scan for future use. Lo and behold, I can complete the ENTIRE form including signing it right on my phone. This is perfectly designed.
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6 years ago, Cigar shooter
Works well and it’s free
Needed to fill out a w-9. Out of the office on travel, so no access to a printer or scanner. This allows a form to be filled out from the app and sent. I should probably have some concerns about the security of the information on the form, but I’m willing to take the chance because I am under a time crunch!
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7 years ago, Lady Exquisite
Love It
I absolutely love, Love, LOVE this app. I was in a pinch trying to find a W-9 form. When none of the brick and mortar stores had them yet, I put a search in on google to find an online fillable W-9 form. Your site was the 4th or 5th listing. I’m so glad I clicked on your site! It’s a great online resource and I will enthusiastically refer others to your site!
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4 years ago, Megenedy
Works Great
I have been using this app for about 2 years now and i can say it has always worked great. I have had only 1 issue with this program which was loading issues. It cuts time and makes it faster then the traditional way. I highly recommend.
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5 years ago, Infotainer
Easy to Use App That Made Me Happy
I was so relieved to find an app that does what it says it does, not tricking you into signing up for a paid account and stealing your email in the process. This app is extremely easy to use and fill out your W-9 forms. I’d give this 10 stars if I could! Thank you to the creators!!!
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7 years ago, P_Diesel
Super easy to use!
As an independent contractor this app makes it a breeze to send out W9's. The fields that cam be filled in are easily identifiable. The app gives you the chance to give your electronic signature and when you're done it prompts you to either email or print it. Super easy and since it's free, it's for me!
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2 years ago, smickls
Count not have been easier
This is the easiest doc application I have ever used. Filled out the information, sent it to my client and done! Less than 5 mins. Wish they could all have been this easy!
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7 years ago, Steve Augustine
Small business owner that also works full time. So when a check could be potentially delayed due to a w9 I can't just stop and look for a place to print. This was extremely easy and FREE!!! Can't beat it. A great tool you won't need often but when you do it's there.
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6 years ago, UpsetCity1
Almost perfect
This is truly a wonderful app, and makes filling out and printing W9 forms easy. The ONE complaint I have, is that the number boxes for EIN and SSN don’t populate properly. They should fix it so that one number appears in each box, automatically as opposed to grouping the SSN and/or EIN numbers all together, thus having to write them more legibly by hand on the print out.
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5 years ago, Need2Skeet
Good App but Annoying bugs
The App has great overall utility for being able to quickly send W9 forms to your overall contractors for work. The bad part about it is that you cannot link in the email in the cc section from your contacts without running the risk of closing the app and restarting the form. It had happened enough times for me to write this review.
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7 years ago, M Gay
Awesome app!
That was cool. I downloaded the app, filled out the W9 and mailed it to who requested one from us. I didn't have to google a form, downloaded it myself or second guess if I had the correct years form. It was right there for me and it was simple and easy to fill out, sign and send. Thank you!
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2 years ago, cali turf
Great Tool
If you’re a business owner or do side jobs. This is a professional way to sending vendors info without scanning or troubles. Quick download and was able to send email with info to clients in a couple mins.
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7 years ago, BohHunter
Pretty dang convenient!
Way better than having to print it off, fill it out, scan it back onto the computer and then mailing it. Took less than 5 minutes from the time I downloaded the app to the time I emailed it to my builder. Thanks!!
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6 years ago, Way2hott4u21
Saved me time
This app saved me a lot of time! Easy to use just download it and fill in the form and you have the option to email or print it. The recipient does not have to download or sign up for anything either when emailed
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4 years ago, OhHoneyBakingCo
Quick and easy
Better than anything you can find via google. Took less than 5 mins to complete and you can email to wherever you need the form to go directly from the app.
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3 years ago, Kidd Keller
Time and Lifesaver!
Thank You for updating and refining this app! I have been able to speed up the contracting process and get paid sooner- and in a more timely manner. It’s wonderful to be fully involved in the 21st Century!
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7 years ago, BarretB
Getting there
Good app, would be even better if you could save a W9 template for all your information so you just have to change the date. Also needs the ability to upload to Google drive and iCloud. I probably won't use this again until those things happen. Until then I’ll continue using iOS Markup.
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5 years ago, Jameso5000
Feature Request
This app is great! Thank you for creating it. Can you create a paid version that stores the information in the fields and pre-loads it so we don’t have to type it in each time? I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
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3 years ago, Assoc. Services
5 Stars for this Free App.
Love it... makes creating and sending our W9 form so efficient.. Just takes a few seconds to fill in our info insert the recipients email address, hit the sent icon and it’s a done deal. Thank you for providing this vital free device!
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6 years ago, Frankycm
Best paperwork add ever
I had fill 2 different applications on this add and both of them work great. I made a mistake in one of them which was easily fixable but that was my mistake. I been able to find a great job and get pay fast thanks to this app. Thanks so much.
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6 years ago, Treeshaker0004
Had used PDF filler app only used it for W9 for customers. They wanted 10$ a month after my trial. Was not worth it. So happy to have run across this app, easy to use took only minutes to fill and send so I can get a check.
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7 years ago, ChicagoRewards
Great free app to fill out W9
I almost paid $9 to fill out and email a W9. Then I found this app and paid nothing. Has the ability to print out or email your completed W9. Easy to use. Will be telling my friends who are independent contractors about this app.
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3 years ago, animakirotam
Convenient and quick
This has become such a reliable app as a freelancer. Always up to date and easy to work with.
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4 years ago, bugman1967
Success !!!
A great product to have. I’m always doing things on the fly . I’m a business owner and having something that is simple to use is the key. Would definitely recommend this to others.
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4 years ago, high no-scope
One problem
The one problem that I’m having is that when you sign the form it does not record every signature and if it does I don’t know how or what to press but this app has made my life easier really great app
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5 years ago, HaapyAsh87
Easiest app for W9
I searched all over for a quick and easy, free program to sign and email one W9 document. Everything I found was a free trial, until I came across this app! Super easy to use and my tax document was completed in one minute :)
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6 years ago, JHolla1985
I knew someone had an app for this!
Tired of always having to find a W-9, get to a computer to fill it out and run late on getting payment? Do it on your phone instantly with this easy app. True story, from a contractor!
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7 years ago, Becksreeves
Exactly what I needed
Everything online requires you to pay even when it's advertised as being free, but this app is ACTUALLY free. It was super simple and in 2 minutes I downloaded the app, filled it out, and sent it. Would recommend
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5 years ago, Yadira7
W9 form
It’s very simple and easy to use the best part is that it’s free no charge and it even gives u the option to go ahead and email to someone so u don’t have to fax it or take it in person with our busy lives it’s great
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2 years ago, on_surfaces
Trash if you can’t simply save to your device.
Filled out the W9, simple enough, and then find out there is no option to simply download and save the pdf—you’re only allowed to “email it”, which has not worked, or send to other apps. This is just a sleazy advertisement for the companies paid apps. Find something else.
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3 years ago, Luv The Woodlands
Finally something EZ
This took about one minute to complete and sign. When was the last time you could open an App and say the same
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6 years ago, Prissajean
Problem solved! So quick and easy!
This was so fast and easy thank you so much. !! What a nightmare using Adobe acrobat or having to pay or every other solution offered. Everyone should know about this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, DukieC
The W9 form filler is the best
Searched for a easy way to fill out a W9 form online but they all want you to pay in the end. This not only lets you fill out online but also lets you sign. Can’t ask for more, 5 Star
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3 years ago, flowe
No Tricks
Most other platforms let you get all the way to the end and then inform you about the subscription necessary to export the form. This is the best and most efficient platform I have found.
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5 years ago, bottlapivo
Very Nice Piece of Software
Works every time, even with years between uses. Updates to the proper year automatically. Very straight forward format. Allows for finger written signature that can be redone if you don’t like it. Top notch!
Show more
6 years ago, Sistarazzi
This app is perfect
I do quite a bit of freelance work and to have my W9 accessible and at my fingertips is major. I stumbled upon this app while searching for an online fillable form. Not sure why the IRS didn’t think of it first.
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