E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.

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E*TRADE Securities
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User Reviews for E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.

4.56 out of 5
139.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Swatjames02
Great Brokerage, Bad Call Times & UI Design
E*Trade is a great brokerage so far. I have been using it for about a month now and so far no problems, except for one… Randomly got a notice on my account saying they need to speak with me in order to restore my trading privileges due to ‘suspicious activity’. I’m not sure what qualifies for suspicious activity, me just logging in to check my stocks? But whatever. I do what I need to do and call them. It’s been 2 weeks now and I cannot get ahold of them to have my privileges back. I either am working or busy with life things, and the call time is just too long to be made. I call and 2 hours later I’m still on the phone waiting, and then have work, so I have no choice but to hang up to go into work. All those 2 hours wasted. Please, PLEASE get more call center agents or something because the wait time is ridiculous. Also, there needs to be so many UI updates. How is there not a chart of your stocks that you own showing the $ and % of gain and lose? You can’t go see by the month or day how your stocks have fluctuated? Very weird to me I feel like having a graph is the most important thing in a brokerage when dealing with stocks. Whatever though. I have to say unfortunately this is making me want to just choose Fidelity because they seem to have a more user friendly app design and better call times..
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3 years ago, THS2015
Love E*Trade, Please Add this Feature!
I’ve been an E*Trade user for 5 years and I’ve seen vast improvements in their business philosophy and how they treat their customers over that time period. They’ve removed essentially all fees related to trading just like the rest of the investment firms. Anytime I have had an issue, I have been able to call them and have it resolved within a few minutes. I’ve been pleased with their online banking and utilize it as my primary account. You might think it’s a pain not having a dedicated bank with an ATM, but when E*Trade refunds you any ATM fees charged to your account, any ATM is your ATM. My one request is that you add in a feature to the App that is on the website. I would like a tab to view my Dividend Income or my forecasted dividend income for the next 12 months. I know there are a lot of Investors out there that our primary focus is building a portfolio with exponential dividend income. The ability to view it in the App would make it so much easier and remove the hassle of having to view it on a separate computer platform. I’m happy to be an E*Trade Customer and look forward to being a lifelong user of the platform they offer! Keep up the great work and I hope to see new features added to the App in the future!
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4 years ago, Dawniepants1980
Missing features from website
Unable to complete some processes with app (such as confirming test deposits to authorize new account). No clear direction on app & could only complete via web. Makes no sense why this isn’t included. Also needs a thumb print access option to log in. Update: it’s like they didn’t read the comment at all... I want the thumb print enabled but there’s no where to turn on this option in the settings. I’ve looked. If you’re aware of where this can be done and could direct me, THAT would be helpful. Making it easy to find/change in the app settings would also be lovey. And as far as verifying the account, I’ve already done that. The issue was that it could NOT be completed in the app and you’re not told that anywhere. The instructions state to navigate to a particular location and then when you go there on the app, said location LITERALLY does not exist. It wasn’t until I accessed my account on a laptop that the option became available. Not having this accessible on the app and zero direction on where to find it is a problem. The whole process to sign up and activate my account took entirely too long (about a week) and this delay caused me to miss out on purchasing stocks anywhere near the original price point that drew me in. By the time everything was finalized, the stock was up about 35%. Frustrating.
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4 years ago, Maximus0486
Easy as Pie!
I say that because E*Trade has been easier than eating pie. The problem people have with the service and the app is they don’t know how the pie is made nor do they want to learn. They just want the pie. Well it doesn’t work like that. You have to get your ingredients, mixing bowl, pie dish, oven to bake, heat to cook the pie, and last a nice dish to serve it on. Some people will understand the metaphor. The ones who leave all the bad reviews are the ones that are frustrated. Overall great experience. Money does take 3 days to transfer until available for trading, which felt like a life time as I was watch the stock I wanted go up in price. Understanding the difference between funds available for investing and funds available for withdraw is important. It does take about 8-10 days for funds to be settled and available for transfer. Have patience and enjoy the process. Stop complaining because you aren’t getting your pie immediately. That’s like putting the ingredients in the pie dish and baking it for 2 minutes and opening the oven and wondering why it’s not done yet. I’m looking forward to enjoying my own pie in the future. I’m still in the process of building my ingredient list. Can’t wait to watch it bake and rise.
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2 years ago, Conmanduzit
Do not use E*TRADE
E*TRADE is the worst of the major brokerages. You will always have to wait hours on hold to speak with someone. In my case, I had an account with E*TRADE, and eventually withdrew the money to move it somewhere else. Months down the roads, I transferred 5k back into the account to do some trading. Found out after 5 business days of waiting, that my trading abilities had been rescinded because of the money being transferred out of the account a few months back. Super annoying, but whatever. Waited on the phone for 2 hours to speak with someone, and they had to submit a request to reinstate my trading privileges. Took another 2 days to be able to use the money, again annoying, but whatever I guess. Finally was able to place a trade last Thursday, with the whole 5k. I go to make trades yesterday, and the account is just gone. Vanished. It still shows a different account on my application and on the website that’s empty but the account with the money in it with an active stock isn’t. Can’t trade, can’t get anyone on the phone. Contacted my local branch, and looks like they DELETED the account due to the inactivity!!! WHAT! Not only am I losing money by the day, but I can’t get anyone on the phone without a 3 hour hold or more! I will never use E*TRADE again and will advise anyone I ever speak to against it. Absolutely horrible, I just hope I can get the account back with the shares that I purchased at this point. Inexcusable.
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2 years ago, aajon210
E*Trade (Good) vs Morgan Stanley (Bad)
I don’t know what’s going on here between E*Trade and Morgan Stanley but I got the blame game excuse so I guess they are still working out the kinks in IT. Or it could be Good Cop/Bad Cop. Basically, Morgan Stanley raised their margin requirements and then sold my stocks almost immediately after I called them and told them I was transferring the money in before 3 pm. However, they sold my cheapest shares on FIFO when I use LIFO on my taxes. I checked my account settings prior to messaging the support desk (my settings were still LIFO) and then asked them why they sold my oldest shares first. They changed my method to FIFO and said I was on FIFO. I changed it back and picked up the phone immediately, because now they are either lazy or doing something shady. After talking to customer service and getting nowhere, I had to get snippy and ask why they are committing tax fraud on my behalf when I’ve always used LIFO. I was sent to Mr. John Hill, who handled the Tax Lots from E*Trade in Utah. He was a good guy. He was able to see all the changes they made to my Tax Method and say the trades didn’t go through correct and then had to submit forms to get my tax lots back where it belongs. All in all, great customer service from Mr. Hill from E*Trade. I guess Morgan Stanley is really tight on cash. That Fed Borrow rate is super high. 🙄
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3 years ago, Ugh!!! Ugh!!! Ugh!!!
UPDATE: I finally rebooted my iPhone and the download worked. No problems with the app. I don’t really see any difference in the newsy app vs the older version. I also changed my rating. So I went to open the app on my iPhone an hour ago. I received a message that a new update is available with new features everyone must use. I have the choice to exit or update. First I exit and try again, I was just wanting to simply check my balance while away from home, hoping it would let me open it this time. But, no! It wants me to update or exit again. So I hit update this time. The result...it won’t download the update. After a half hour, I cancel the download and try again. After several repeated attempts, I decided maybe I need to delete the app off my phone and download from scratch!! NOPE!! So now I have deleted the app off my phone and cannot download the “New Improved” app! Thank you Etrade, since I do a lot of my trading remotely from my phone!! MEH!! Oh! And I see the new version had been out for about a week and it still has issues, but I am forced to downloading a non-working app that I can’t download. <>
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3 years ago, Bulldog 25
Data is very poor in the app
I am a LING time eTrade customer and have used the mobile app for years to trade. It has been excellent until the past few months, especially with the latest update. The data is now very inconsistent in the charts and from time to time with the pricing. For example, I have a trailing % stop loss order for AAPL. In the chart, it shows the stop price is higher than the current price, but when I tap on it to see the value, it shows the correct stop price. This is horrible when I want to see if the stop it set appropriately against the candlestick chart and studies. Second, on the daily chart, it now shows up to only the previous say’s info, excluding the current day. Horrible! Finally, with a highly volatile stock, I do not trust if the price shown is correct as it does not fall within the bid/ask prices while it registers and shows trades executed. This is intermittent, but causes distrust of all data. Please fix your chart and data problems! You are a better company than this. Your mobile now looks great but provides crap data, defeating the entire purpose. I have written to you about this via support for over 2 months, so now it comes to you in the form of a poor review. Please do the right thing and get this fixed. Or perhaps replace your mobile development team.
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3 years ago, Grockatron
Just two things missing
It’s a great brokerage app. It checks all the boxes and is a pleasure to use. I’m a big sucker for UI candy (why does an investment app need to look old-school?) so I appreciate the strides E*TRADE has made in recent years and look forward to slicker and slicker interactions on trades as they continue to develop. For me, one thing I’d love to see is the option to select a portfolio to track with the widget. Right now you’re limited to individual stocks. It would be awesome to see % or $ gains or losses for a selected portfolio/account without needing to open the app & authenticate every time. Hope to see this in a future release! The second thing is instant deposits. Some newer brokerages credit your account instantly when you move money in, then place a hold on your assets (can’t withdraw the same balance) until the transfer clears. With E*TRADE you can’t use your funds until the ACH deposit clears. So if you want to buy a dip, you’ll want to make sure you have some cash reserve in your account, lest you miss a buying opportunity.
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4 years ago, complainer365
f- terrible
By the way all these 5 stars are fake for sure...minimum balance required All the sudden bs, for a brokerage🙄 in 2019 expensive🤑, not enough tools for those that short trade or day trade, not basic enough for beginners. if you really must have mutual funds go ameritrade or fidelity. i will never invest in anything that e trade touches. robinhood carries 1/4 of my portfolio and i guess after e*trade cancels my account i don't know what's going to happen to my shares? they only mention starting balance of 500$ not a cash account of 500$. not a portfolio balance of 500$? just a giant rip off i cannot see nothing but stubbornness and failure to get with the times as a reason to use e trade. the real issue is to get 500$ in i used my bank obviously, now it says i have no bank account setup? now just HITF is that possible? no support provided when requested. so 2 years later, I have robinhood stockpile fidelity and e*trade robinhood is by far the easiest and most accurate. Fidelity offers tax lots and NO purchase fees on their mutual funds like fxaix. So i go to pull out a balance in the e*trade cash account and they are holding me up 3 days or more to verify my bank account, the same account used to fund it? deleted the app, just leaving the small amount in until i retire i guess then i'll cash out e trade is definitely 90s and it shows.
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4 years ago, Jakertakert
You can’t use your money for 3 business days
I absolutely hate that I can’t use my own money to invest for 3 or more days after they receive it. It’s already left my bank account, I know they have it, but they won’t let me invest it immediately. I lost thousands of dollars because of this bull crap. I wanted to buy some stock and I couldn’t because they hadn’t let it be invested yet. I also couldn’t wire transfer it to them (which would have cost me $15) because they already had my money. Absolutely ridiculous. I hate using E*TRADE. Why do they have to make it so completely ridiculous to use my own money? Other notable trading apps give you the credit right away, since they know they’ll get your money via ACH. Also, I frequently get the message “something went wrong, try again.” But it doesn’t tell me what went wrong, or what I need to try again. So right when the market opens and I’m scrambling to get trades made, I have no idea if something went wrong with my trades, or something else, or nothing at all. It’s irritating. The only positive to E*TRADE is that their customer service seems to be U.S. based, and they were kind/helpful on the phone. Limited in their capabilities by E*trades’ policies, but still very nice folks.
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4 years ago, hgfjfgbhjfhsjdagur
Problem with tax lots
Why can’t I select tax lots to sell from my phone. It keeps telling me I have to do that from the website but that was not the case a couple of months ago. I will have to change platforms if I can’t do this. I’m on the road way too often and I am a trader, not just investor. It’s useless if I can only sell from my phone on a “first in first out” basis. Please help! I never had this issue until recently! Update... so I was told I could select lots on my computer and execute from my phone. That is useless! If I was able to be at my computer it wouldn’t be an issue. Thanks for the nonsense response! The thing is, I used to be able to select lots from my phone and now can’t. Fix it or I’m gone! The app is now worthless! New update: I finally got help and there was a fix. I’m now working like a champ again. Yes, there are little bugs, especially after hours, that need fixed. But face it, there aren’t any with no issues. I’m sticking around and I was one foot out the door. Thanks for the help! It was slow but it worked.
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3 years ago, iivikis
I’m used to it now
I did a little with stocks and options on Robinhood, which gave me a taste of the market. Even though I lost more than I gained, I realized the potential of going directly into the American (and global) economy by direct market participation. Then, after reading Charles Payne’s (Fox Business News Channel Personality) book, Unstoppable Prosperity, I transferred my little nest egg from a lackluster middleman financial advisor to E*TRADE where I was free to work with my little nest egg on my own. After getting used to navigating the E*TRADE platform, I can find my way around enough to do what I need to do. Based on limited experience, I still feel encouraged to say that E*Trade is a good platform from which to work. Would I recommend it? If you practice with navigating the app and/or the website, you’ll catch on and go from there, so yeah, if you’re willing to try, to that end I would recommend it. It would help to learn a little market jargon. I use the phone app almost exclusively.
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3 years ago, Joeseppiiii
Complete rip off
I downloaded this app in April as a first venture into stock trading. I KNOW I transferred only $1000 but somehow I have two different accounts which each had $1000 in, one is up to $1200 and the other is like $1,000 and some change. I’m hesitant to make any moves with the money because I’m worried some of it is somehow on margin. I can’t get anyone to chat with their is always. A 112 minute wait, no one answers the phone. Either. I try to log in on laptop just to go through pages of information that needs to be filled out to “activate” my account. Check out E*TRADE ratings on consumer affairs. It’s nothing but one star reviews of people complaining about the same issues I’m experiencing no; poor customer service, difficulty obtaining funds, excessive fees etc. I want to cancel it. Robinhood has been a breeze to use. I can’t even figure out how to cancel my E*TRADE account AND I’m not sure if I will be charged some exuberant fee for doing so. It tells me I have a total of $2200 but no where near that total is available for withdrawal and it’s impossible to get any help from anyone regarding this. Can someone please explain to me how I can close this account? I used their core portfolios program to have them diversify for me based on my risk and time frame etc.
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3 years ago, dragonsdw#2345
Novice user
Initially I opened this E*TRADE account so that my high school child and I could both learn investing strategies together with small amounts of money. We did an initial seed money matching for him and we both really have learned quite a bit. We enjoy the Bloomberg and other news updates related to our portfolios. The folks that we’ve called if we ever needed help have been friendly knowledgeable and prompt. Only one other group has service like this (that I’ve been exposed to) and it is on par with TIAA CREF (my 403B). My wife has a different 401(k) manager and I wish I could use E*TRADE as they are not very helpful! We are now using E*TRADE for our IRAs and getting more involved in our individual brokerage accounts now that we’re more comfortable with the process. The trades go through quickly and we get confirmation emails that let us know when it’s occurred. We’ve been been very happy.
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3 years ago, Keiishi
App issues and horrible technical support
Downloaded the app a few days ago on my phone and iPad. After creating my account when trying to log in into my account either on iPhone or iPad I always had a message “We’re sorry we were unable to process your request, try again later, if the problem persists call 1-800 Etrade…” when you call them you have to wait 40 min, second time was 90 min, 3rd time was 2 hours +. Then I had an issue where they wanted me to add my second last name (which I don’t use anywhere else not to even legal documents or bank accounts or other trading accounts) to my account. Then I said that name could change if I get married or divorced, then they said I would have to wait for a document with the second last name change then summit a new form to e*trade and wait and wait. Imagine if for each call is 90 min plus waiting. Or imagine if when I invest a lot of money I can’t get my funds because of my SECOND last name or because I can’t reach them by customer support or because the app never works. Horrible experience. I used Robinhood, Webull and several other apps to invest and never had a single issue like this, specially with my name.
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4 years ago, ETrade is the worst
You lost me.
I opened an ETrade account as my first ever venture to buying stock. I must say while the trades are “free” what’s not told to you is the spread that ETrade plays with on each trade. This is to make money or they just aren’t making the best trades for their customers. The app lags with its stock values compared to other apps and even Google. It also takes way too long to fund an account. I opened a Robinhood account and was able to start trading immediately. I took 3 or 4 days for my money to be drafted from my account and allow me to start trading. This is 2020!!! I lost out on a 40% day in ERX stock because of this. I also don’t like that because they were so slow executing my stock or did not leave any wiggle room they bought my stock and then requested a cash call. When I didn’t fund my account the additional $130, they liquidated some of my stock and took a $25 fee for doing this. I’m sure I agreed to all of this but other trading options don’t operate like this. I’m eating for my CCL stock to rise another $2/share and then I’m out of ETrade and will never be back. If anyone is listening you really need to redesign your business model and your app. Both are outdated and you are not retaining customers because of it.
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4 years ago, FB314
The new version they have rolled out is dysfunctional in so many ways that I can’t possibly enumerate all of them in this review. Not only is the UI design itself poorly thought out, but the execution is an epic failure too. It’s incredibly slow, it gets hung up in the middle of the most basic tasks, it displays random error messages in decontextualized ways that make no sense (“Data can’t be read because it’s in an incorrect format”), it’s full of flagrant bugs (several positions are displayed multiple times in my portfolio, apparently their developers haven’t mastered deduping yet), and on and on. The level of incompetence evident in all of this is so extensive that I seriously no longer trust these guys to get basic arithmetic right and will be moving all my assets here to other platforms. It is mind-boggling to me that the head engineers overlooking this disaster and the manager(s) who authorized its release have not been fired. Please don’t bother with a meaningless cut-and-paste PR reply thanking me for my feedback and promising that the developers (where did you hire these?) will look into this. Fire the people who enabled this catastrophe and revert to a functional version or sit there and watch your users waving you goodbye.
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4 years ago, leighbob1
Watch out.
Charged me $37 for $5 worth of stock when JE reverse split. Bringing my huge account balance from $80 to $30. STAY AWAY WeBull better app, went through several RS with them and never charged a dime, in fact never charged a fee at all with WeBull or Robinhood. Both superior apps to E-trade. WeBull better layout, and has full trading hours (4 am trading!). Layout on Robinhood better and extremely user friendly, with some extended hours trading. Both WeBull and Robinhood are superior to E-trade in news coverage as well. ***update*** After multiple messages back and fourth with customer service and getting no help with this “mandatory” fee I clicked on close account link in message tab. Explained situation, got stock “here’s what you need to do to close account reply”. I replied to that with simply “No interest in retaining my account?” Finally, a human wrote me asking how to retain my business. Well, wound up getting a hard fought refund. Moral of the story.... watch out for their surprise fees, read about their fees before investing, and for gods sake don’t invest in RS stocks. Lessons learned. Changed rating from 1 to 3 stars. Fees can be deadly to a small account.
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3 years ago, suoer upset
Etrade Stole My Money Before I could even buy 1 stock
During the ridiculous Reddit trade frenzy I switched over to E*TRADE because I didn’t trust Robinhood could handle all of the volume and I was right. So I started by putting a meager 150$ in my E*TRADE account just to open it and begin transferring all of my stocks over from RH to E*TRADE. Well 3 days after I opened my account I can no longer log in as they “were unable to process your request”. So I called and after 2 hours on hold the guy tells me I can login online instead of the app and should have messages or alerts telling me what’s going on. I WAS able to log in online but had zero alerts or messages about what was wrong and had no access to trading but could see the details of my 150$ sitting in my account. He told me I should receive a message soon and there’s nothing he can do. 2 weeks later no message and was told the same thing again when I called except this time was told I can’t even close my account until whatever the problem is is resolved but I have yet to find out what the issue is since I haven’t receive any alerts or messages or emails or texts saying I even have a problem
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4 years ago, Ccooooollll
Funds on Hold for almost a week
I have to say this is probably my least favorite. I put in an initial investment of $100 just to see what the app was like. Well the funds have been on hold for almost a week even after the money has been taken out of my account. Robinhood, Public, and other apps let you start trading right away. It’s very frustrating to see stock go up which you wanted to purchase and have no power to do so. I had to download Public so that I can get some of the stock I was after. I’ve tried the chat thing on the app. Registered my complaint and was prompted with a timer which stated it would be well over an hour to get a response. The best part was that of you left the chat to check on a text, it ends the chat. Called them and was on the phone waiting for over an hour. The guy who left the metaphor of baking a pie to trading stocks is a joke. We are in 2020. If I can send money to someone in a matter of seconds, the funds should be made available just as fast. Holding onto someone’s money is BS!!!!! I can’t even request the money back because it’s on hold. Its MY MONEY. Suggest getting another app.
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5 years ago, LCL68
Good online brokerage, poor banking experience
I’ve had E*TRADE for probably 15 or more years. I’ve been self employed for 5 years and at the end of every year when I start to do my taxes, I hope and pray that E*TRADE will let me download my banking transactions in an excel or csv file... but no... after repeated calls and emails for three years, I still can’t do this. For an online bank, they are way behind the eight ball in user experience. They don’t even attempt to categorize expenses for you, so you have to click and choose an expense category for every transaction. I suspect it’s because they care more about the brokerage part of the business...which does offer a pretty good user experience. Once again as the year is ending, not looking forward to hours of copy and pasting from the transaction grid, reformatting, etc just to try to add up my personal and business transactions. I know I should switch to another company like TDBank, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Hoping E*TRADE will eventually listen to their customers.
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4 years ago, R54B
Unfortunate upgrade that was greatly improved...
The next revision of the upgrade is much better. It keeps my watch lists in my original order allowing me to airy and see what is moving. The portfolio loads the whole portfolio instead of just 15-20 positions, saving me 30 seconds. I would like to see 3 more improvements. When I go into portfolio it defaults to standard view. I like options view.. It used to remember that and not make me change it every time. When I go into orders, it defaults to every order I ever placed.. I usually only want to see open orders. It used to remember that and not make me change it every time. A lot of time when I place an order it randomly chooses to put me back in the highest level instead of staying inside the watch list or portfolio. Or it takes me to the newest order, not the 3rd or 4th page that I was reviewing, so I need time scroll down 3 pages.. It used to remember that and not make me change it every time. Also, when I modify alerts, it takes me back into a higher level menu instead of leaving me in alerts afterwards... Still I am so much happier and changed my rating from a 1 to a 4 star app... Previous rating no longer applicable.... I used to be able to navigate rapidly between orders portfolios and watch list Now it is awkward and clumsy You copied the worst features of TD site and made the app much slower Give me the old app please Awful for me
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6 years ago, joker102888
I set up an account and watched the market then decided on what I wanted to start trading, well I put in my money and I’m all excited to start investing then it takes a week for my account to receive the funds and process. Everything is at a market high now and I won’t even be able to trade until tomorrow so right now I’m not happy at all with losing opportunity to invest by a week just watching prices go up waiting for my money to even trade with. I will update the review with my experience post trading although now I’m worried it’s too late by the time I’m able to trade it would be better to sell leaving me wondering why I should invest with this business. I understand that there’s a process for money transactions and they can take time but what’s the point in investing money a week later will my trades be just as unimportant? How long will new accounts take to trade when they have money to trade with am I going to put in a bid and it get processed the next day because I have a new account? So far I haven’t been impressed I’m hoping I change my mind
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4 years ago, Hudsky
New update to UI? Why?!!
I can’t believe this, but I can totally imagine how some VIP at E*TRADE needed “something” for their yearly review and decided the interface change would look good there. So that person gave some guidelines to the development team to execute. But ! ! There really wasn’t anything wrong with the interface layout. Or if anything was wrong, that certainly did not get addressed in this last update. Pardon my abbreviations but W T * were you thinking? My favorite view was the performance graph and the way I got to it by looking at my portfolio. I WAS able to make that portfolio my default layout when I opened the app. That’s all gone now. No customizable presets and stuff is buried now. Please do your selves a favor, get rid of ALL your so called idea people, revert to the previous design and “ENHANCE” what you had instead of fooling your upper management with some bs and unneeded UI changes. Sadly I see this with all corporations now. They cant just let things be and enhance what’s there. This new design is laaaaame!
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3 years ago, llxfrustrateduserii@atl
Useless and horrible upgrade... won’t allow you to use the last version anymore
Terrible... why do I have to see one of my accounts?? Instead of fine tuning version 9... useless.... have been with them for 20 years...the app was worked upon, improved and the bugs removed.... now new app has lost all the improvements and buggy as hell.... it looks like some high schooler who never did any trades put this crap together... whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired and never, ever , ever be allowed to make another business decision again.... moron!!!! UPDATE: Please give the option to switch to the old green color... GREEN IS THE COLOR OF MONEY... PURPLE IS THE COLOR OF THE JOKER IN BATMAN!!!! When you press on a ticker in your portfolio... 90% of the time is to get QUOTE DETAILS... the pop-up with five options is useless... the old way, you long-pressed to get the remaining 4 options... more intuitive... the quote details fast flips through couple of screens to get to the page... what is that crap??? Lastly, quote details is too crowded... poorly formatted.. needs to be simplified and thought out better or have it with two screens!!!
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4 years ago, Patrick2468
Poor App Update
The new app is terrible. The old version was great, both user friendly and accurate. The new version shows gain/loss performance as 0.0 after market close. The app is buggy, does not update data, and is inaccurate in real time. It is unreliable for trading. The home page shows a “market movers” tab which is interesting, but I am more concerned with my own portfolio watch list and the index chart that showed when you opened the old app. Now, it is a jumbled mess to move between accounts and view positions. You can’t do it without moving between pages that take forever to load. Never-mind trading in or out with real time data. Don’t do it. The update was obviously an effort to create a “sleek” look with absolutely no regard for usefulness or accuracy, which is ironic since this is people’s money. I have looked all over for options to customize certain screens to no avail. Please just go back to what works. I doubt too many people left the brokerage because the old app wasn’t stunning in appearance, but people will go if their money continues to be impacted by a poor performing platform.
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4 years ago, Jansan bongo
New app is nice
The old app was my favorite financial app! The new app has more features, but I like the look and simplicity of the previous one. I applaud the advanced options of the new, however the font and icons are thin and light, with no contrast or borders of separation. I also prefer having more options on the main page - you used to be able to transfer money directly from the homepage and see the markets. Now there are several clicks and different tabs. The portfolio page is buggy and sensitive. Since things have been moved around, there are now multiple clicks which is inconvenient. What’s improved - is you can view and sell individual tax lots and fractional shares from the app which you couldn’t do before. Overall, I give it a 4 because of the increased capabilities on the portfolio and order page.
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3 years ago, Damien Doney
Horrible customer service!!!
I’ve lost so much money from using this company !! I can’t express my frustration enough! I wish I could tell you all the problems I’ve had with this company but in just a few words it’s customer service 100% . I can promise you this company will not want to see you succeed. I have called! And chat isn’t available right now so unfortunately I cannot do that, calling has no less than 30 minutes wait times! 30 minutes before speaking with anyone and then when finally I do get an answer the reply to the question why such long wait times and The representative says They need to hire people and we’re in the middle of a pandemic when people are begging for jobs then the answer to that is why they can only hire people who are certified when both people who gave me that answer I’m not saying all they have is excuses for every complaint just like this person trying to say they’d like to investigate and reply I’m going to continue to do exactly what’s right and I’m going to make sure that people are well-informed before they invest their money with your company
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8 months ago, WAYCOOLJAMY
Thanks E-Trade
I have had an Etrade account since 2013 & love the sight. Developers designed a easily navigable website, and the company does a great job of giving you all the material for you to learn as you go or jump into the deep end and form a business. I greatly enjoy the prospectuses provided and the keen info related to alerts and messages. I enjoy being able to set my own lows and highs for purchases and portfolio decisions. By the end of my first year I managed a fourteen percent profit in my stock investments and only keep increasing the profits while negating the risk. Thank to their customer support for their assistance in providing detailed information on my account activities and answers to all the questions and concerns I have. Keep moving forward with supporting the market process and providing an option for the “wanna be trader”!
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4 years ago, waveygravy
Terrible new app
They had a perfectly wonderful app until about a month ago, and then they updated it. There are a number of problems - positions only load 5-6 at a time. So if you want to scroll through 25 in your portfolio you have to scroll and wait repeatedly. If you resort (say from alphabetical to closing price) start all over - they have something called “day’s change” in the default view which during the trading day tells you how you’re doing. But after market close it resets to zero, and then it only measures changes after the market close, which are usually minute and only effect a few securities. So if you want to see how you did after market close, good luck. I’d be willing to bet that more people want to see how their positions did at market close than want to see any post close random price fluctuations. - the default portfolio view also involves scrolling left/right (phones are narrow) However doing so will also scroll from accounts to trades/transfers/etc, losing your place. Since portfolio takes so long to load and sort (see point 1 above) this is a problem. - the functions glitch. I’ve transferred and gotten error messages that it timed out, I’ve tried trading and gotten an error that they “cannot confirm this trade”. Both errors occur randomly and when I retry the transactions will usually work. But it’s not reliable. Again, these are all new issues that were not present in the old app. Please bring it back.
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4 years ago, User 826A7719EB
still too slow as of 2/20
It’s been weeks now, and the speed and unresponsiveness issues still exist. I understand that the end user cannot go back to the old version. However, E*TRADE could post the old app so that we could all delete this non- working version and download the old. Please tell us that E*TRADE has a back up plan for such a catastrophe scenario. We have lost so much time and money due to app glitches. 2/12 This app freezes and when it’s not frozen, it takes forever to scroll, or sort. Changing to a new tab also takes an unacceptably long time. What good is the upgrade if routine functions don’t even work? The old version didn’t have these unresponsiveness issue. Some of the developer responses simply stated that users just need to get used to this new app. Well, don’t blame on to the users. Many users have tried to help you by commenting about the lack of speed and responsiveness of this app. If people can’t get the app to respond, how can they get used to it? It’s just a matter of time before we leave.
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4 years ago, Movie Anarchist
It’s getting better but not sure yet
I use this app every day, all day long. Now that I’m used to it I find that it’s user friendly and very easy to use to read their analyst research, as well as for buying and selling stocks. It loses a star because they removed the option to choose whether or not you want to see extended hours trades. I liked the ability to see how my portfolios ended the day vs. the major indices, but now I can’t when using the mobile app. I deducted another star because the app would freeze or crash at least once every day. At one point this week I couldn’t even log in for a couple of days. I deleted and re-installed the app and it looks like some minor changes were made and it’s working perfectly... so far. Why it didn’t update automatically is a mystery to me.
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3 years ago, jetdog247
Let’s be honest
So far E*TRADE trade has been good to me the only hiccup that I have is when I try to transfer money into the account and it takes three days I feel like that’s unnecessary if you have a tray that needs to be bought right now.. you’re missing opportunities but I also can see that at any one time you should have money in your account regardless. Just in case you see a opportunity so you won’t have to transfer money from your bank to E*TRADE so to fix that problem just always have money on e trade, but I heard Robin Hood is better but I haven’t had the opportunity to use RobinHood. They won’t approve my account..And to be honest am new to stock trading and a beginner but I’m a real quick learner..So I wouldn’t recommend E*TRADE for beginners it just work with me because I’m quick to learning things.. so that being said in my opinion E*TRADE is a good brokerage but for somebody that’s new just open a RobinHood account..
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3 years ago, JustClaude
Best Platform
I was a beginner into retirement, having no time for such things. Well after cashing up my new account. I was trading within minutes. The knowledge and teaching practices are a beginners dream. And full a throttle platform for the long timers. It is a well rounded platform that means business and carries business out quickly and professionally. They teach risk and protections and weave it in to successful trading for you. And the fact I didn’t think I had time, well I was wrong. I could have traded years ago and retired earlier. 43years in heavy construction for one company. Life decisions is what we do this platform would have made me very wealthy. Don’t let your mind talk you into short paths that don’t pay. Flourish and make good for you and your family’s. Thanks E*Trade.
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4 years ago, Concerned 82710
May be good, deposits are slow
I was thinking about getting an ap to trade with and a bank account to get a little better interest in. They offer 1.75% right now for a savings which is great and free trading as well so I decided to go with E*TRADE. What really pushed me over the edge to start an account is the recent drop in the market due to coronavirus. The issue is that I have deposited money into the account but it still isn’t available. I have checked the account I transferred from and the money has come out but it still is not available. This is day 5 now and while I see they have the money they will not make it available. While I get there are security concerns, this is making it impossible to act on current drops. Very frustrating. Some stocks I wanted to invest in went up about 4% yesterday and I missed it. I hope this is just with the initial investment and it gets better. My review may go up if the ap is great and future deposits are faster.
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3 years ago, Bzlatin
Needs to be modernized
This app is GREAT. everything works very well. my only problem with it is that it needs to be updated. it looks outdated. also they should add some better features for tracking your portfolio to see how well it is doing. the UI needs improvement as well. but my banian complaint is it should have some better features for tracking the performance of your portfolio update: Originally I thought functionality was pretty good. now i don’t at all. first of all, the referral program is a scam. I got an email saying i would receive a gift card for referring someone within a week, it’s been over a month and still haven’t gotten one. I sent multiple messages to e*trade, only to get an automated response back not answering anything relevant to my question. I try the live chat, it doesn’t work. I try calling and can’t get a representative. E*trade customer service is terrible! They also owe me $50 from the referral program, and i still haven’t gotten it. Also, e*trade has been taking forever to load lately
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4 years ago, tcomputerchip
Purple everything...Really?
The app function is fine. The the purple does look nice. But I’m very disappointed that you don’t have a more muted color scheme. This feels a bit like 1995 when windows release the default ugly green. No one would change it because it was the default. I would recommend option color schemes with less color. Especially for those who are color blind. Luckily it’s not too bad for me but I had to ask my wife what color it was because it changed dramatically. Please add some grayscale schema that helps for readability. In response to developers: dark or light mode this app should work. What you had before worked perfect. I’m not changing my dark mode for the entire phone to fix an app i seldom use compared to the other apps. I highly recommend the following: - Gray scale only scheme both dark and light - Less purple, overall even with the base scheme. Regardless of light or dark. - I’m not too picky compared to others with new design and flow. But overall this is a very bad update. What was wrong with the old app? I lowered the rating due to the lack of respect in the developer response. This is simply not a solution to the core problem of changing everything without regard to what others think. Respectfully this is the worst update I’ve ever seen with any developer in a long time. And I am giving excellent advice to help it make it better. I can give direct color feedback if you wish to contact me.
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11 months ago, Simcha J
Fair charges for top service
I recently tried out the Reliancedeck Recovery System and have been very impressed with my experience so far. The system was incredibly easy to set up and the user interface is intuitive and user-friendly. I particularly appreciated the clear instructions and helpful tips provided throughout the setup process. Since using the Reliancedeck Recovery System, I noticed significant improvements with the safety of my digital assets and overall finances. The system's combination of physical therapy exercises and their mindfulness in practices has helped me to manage and reduce stress levels through safeguarding my finances. I also appreciated the personalized nature of the system, with software and scheduling tailored to my specific needs and goals. While there were a few minor technical issues that I encountered initially, the customer support team was responsive and helpful in resolving these issues quickly. Additionally, I would caution that the system may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with more complex or long-termed asset lost which may be pricey. Overall, I highly recommend the Reliancedeck. com cyber security Recovery System for anyone looking to improve and secure their physical and digital assets. The system is user-friendly, effective, and provides a personalized approach to recovery.
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2 years ago, jsjalqpahd
Poor customer service, long wait times for transfers, and cost basis never showing up
A lot of issues I have with E*TRADE compared to the other two brokers I use. So many issues that I am cancelling my account with E*TRADE and moving onto the other two brokers that are better in general and provide better customer service for myself and other retail investors like me. Just some of the issues I’ve had with E*TRADE that have forced me to move to different brokers: - customer service wait times: whenever I call I am on hold for 10-30 minutes. I get wait times might be ext need due to high volume of calls during certain hours of the day, but this 10-30 minutes is AVERAGE regardless when I call. - I have transferred shares from my E*TRADE account to other brokers multiple times. EVERY TIME I’ve done this E*TRADE has NOT included the cost basis of my purchasing price for those shades, forcing me to call E*TRADE and remain on hold for long times just to request them to send the cost basis information which they should have done with the initial transfer. - I have direct registered my shares from E*TRADE to the companies designated broker and it took OVER A MONTH to do this for E*TRADE. It took my other brokers 3-5 days. I have been using E*TRADE for over 3 years now but have decided to move all my assets out of E*TRADE to the other 2 brokers I use because of E*TRADE a poor customer service, mismanagement of proper data reporting, and call wait times.
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1 month ago, benitopotato
Changes have all been negative…
If You’re seeking a brokerage platform on an upward trend, as far as a “Working App” and regards for their users… E*Trade has proven to Not be the one… There’s times now, that the charts won’t load, and the Much Needed information of the companies, such as pps and volume is Not Showing! I have to log out and back in a few times to get it to work… E*Trade app has always been smooth, and I’ve been a supporter, but since the new owners their policies have negatively affected My portfolio directly in Many Ways… Way to ruin a really good thing… Still beats RobinHood… In summary: Over time, this app has lost function, and changed the policies for “Who” can get Live Streaming of the Market on the app… Live Streaming of the Market should be available to al Who Use this App… It should be illegal to keep people from knowing what their companies current prices are… Return to the way You were over a decade ago, E*Trade; Earn back Your five~star rating.
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4 years ago, scottoverseas
Stale quotes in portfolio, frequent issues
I’m a lifelong E*TRADE guy, going on 15 years of being a member. I have been skeptical of the new freebie trading platforms since E*TRADE has always been the high quality technology option. While competitor apps were crashing in March, I relied on this app for making critical market moves. However, in the last few weeks I’ve seen the rise of many issues including strange “expected data unavailable” messages during pre-market, inaccurate quotes in my portfolio, and the need for more taps to get ticker data. My biggest gripe is that today when I logged in, several quotes are stuck without updates for several minutes and overstating the value of a security in my portfolio. As the price dropped I’m left with the wrong data where I would have considered making a trade. I don’t see the point of having an app that requires me to have other third party websites open for reliable quote data. Please fix this, it wasn’t an issue until very recently.
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4 years ago, riverside day trader
New version, better layout but...
Hi, The new mobile version running on an iPad has an improved layout structure. Good job. I like the freedom and flexibility of using your mobile app on an iPad... it’s great not to be tethered to a desktop during a busy trading day. However, the slower performance limited feature set have made me feel that I really should be spending more time in front of my desktop.... There are significant bugs that make it very hard to trade with. For one, the balance and daily gain totals are frequently incorrect. It appears that the updating of balances vary whether you’re looking at the overview or portfolio pages. Also, load times in launching the app are far slower. Also, moving between screens is far slower. Perhaps it’s due to heavy volume loading your servers, but just moving from say over view to watch lists can seemingly take 25to 30 seconds to populate. There has been an ongoing issue that can result in poor entry points when trading options with significant spreads... once entering the trade section of options and selecting the price and closing date, we’re given a screen in which the bid and ask on the options price fails to update in real time. In a volatile market, it makes day trading performance inefficient... One request, can you please add in balance volume to your available chart studies???
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3 years ago, Cdawggggh
A nice app! Would love to see a few improvements
First off, I’m a huge fan of ETrade. I think their customer service is second to none and I really enjoy using their desktop trading platform. Recently I’ve been using their mobile app more for trading. Overall it feels like a good start but I think some improvements are needed. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Stock charts need to be formatted better for mobile. It would also be nice if you could see a real time graph with one click of the ticker symbol. 2. When you click on an account from the main screen it would be nice to see the stocks you hold right away instead of having to click ‘portfolio’ 3. I haven’t found a easy way to do options trades with the app. If this is supported it should be clearer to the user. 4. It would be nice to see your watch list on the main screen of the app or if it was more accessible in general. In general, I would suggest that the development team really look at the Robinhood mobile app and take some queues from it. It feels like there is too much clutter on the ETrade app and a little thoughtful simplification would go a long long way. Keep up the good work. I really do enjoy ETrade’s service and plan to keep using them as long as improvements continue to happen.
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4 years ago, Neil_Trader
Ruined a great app
The update is terrible. The previous version of the app was the reason I have been with E*TRADE for years. This new version is not intuitive, gives more information than is needed and generally is overdesigned. The simplicity of the pre ious app was its genius. This new one falls on its face. I’ll be looking for a new service now. BTW, this is the first app I have ever taken the time to review...it’s that bad. UPDATE: after using it a few days and trying to navigate through the changes I am getting better at it and still not impressed. A BIGGER ISSUE however is the constantly INCORRECT account value and daily gain displayed in my portfolio and for individual positions. I have had to resort to switching between the desktop site and the app to see what my positions are doing in real time. I hope something is done soon or I will be taking my business elsewhere. BTW I have a platinum account because of all the fees I pay to E*TRADE each year. This app is not worth it.
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4 years ago, SapVi82
Horrible Update
Any update on when the bugs can be fixed? Knowing right numbers of the net account, balances and portfolio amount is very very critical. We cant be seeing random numbers !!! I agree to most of the recent reviewers( except the ones who liked the app) . There are too many issues to mention and seriously give us an option to go back to old app till you get the new one fixed. The portfolio sometimes shows the balance amount and thats truly shocking and just very scary and really makes me think if I have to shift to a different company. Even YTD earnings shows different amounts in the app vs website. On the first day of update we even lost an opportunity to sell a stock because it showed us wrong numbers. It was a significant loss, since now we have to wait for many days to recover it. Please please do proper testing and the UI should be to make it easier rather it compels us have to do more additional steps for simple order change or to view the dashboard and jump to individual stocks.
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4 years ago, adda145
Latest update still no good
I’ve written a review already about the performance of the new app and was contacted by my platinum representative that I didn’t have the latest update. I updated to the latest version and still no improvement and now my orders from the order tab won’t even work. I saw others mentioning this recently as well. I have to go to overview/orders to edit from there, an extra unnecessary step for the user. Again, it’s unfortunate the new app looks great visually, from a UX stand point it’s clear to use but the performance for backend issue is a mess compared to the previous version. **Update: With the latest update some of bugs have been addressed. Thank you to the team working on this product and fixing the issues. There are still some bugs and it still crashes on me once or twice a day but it’s getting better and I appreciate them addressing user concerns.
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3 years ago, GAMER FAMER
Nice design, sub-par functionality
l’ve been a long time E*TRADE user (4 years) because of its mobile app design & simplicity, as well as because of the power E*TRADE tool. The app is designed very well from an aesthetic manner. However, from my experience, the user interface is historically very buggy and can lack the ability to be a reliable trading tool for avid traders at times. Level II quotes are delayed every now and then, price and chart updates tend to lag even though I have real time streaming turned on, data is unable to load at least 3-5 times a day and throws an error, and the user interface is inconsistently redesigned (though, I will say, it does look nice) and lacks a true mobile experience for viewing and analyzing charts. The mobile chart feature behaves as if the application calls an E*TRADE API that hasn’t been maintained since 2011
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1 year ago, Mike ODonnell
Laughable.. just go to Schwab
App is okay. UI could use some improvement. Only use E*trade because of my employee stock purchase plan. Tried to open a brokerage, and they required a new picture of my physical social security card number. Then called 3 times over the course of a month to ensure all the documents (like proof of address) were good to go. Got hung up on twice over 1hr phone calls. Customer service reps were rude, and didn’t seem like they knew what they were doing. Multiple times had to ask if they were still there because they were silent. Amazed at how wasteful, and not helpful they were. Probably, staring at their phones while on the call. Eventually, just went to Schwab and opened up a brokerage. Still had an issue opening, but called customer service and they fixed it in UNDER AN HOUR. Truly amazed by the contrast of service. Never touching E*trade again besides for my ESP. Hopefully, I don’t have to call again to transfer stock out.
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4 years ago, Derek Billy Boy
The old app was wayyyy better
They release the new app days before the largest market moves we have ever seen. This app is not smooth/jerky, freezes continually, will close itself randomly, occasionally gives you incorrect live bid/asks. I cant access my watchlist either which I built for the last 10 years. Very frustrating to say the least. So many bugs its not funny. All my other apps run perfectly smooth and flawless. Im running an iphone 11 which is currently best phone on market. Whoever is the boss behind launching this application and giving it the final ok should be fired. Im extremely upset about this and Im thinking of moving my accounts elsewhere. I really don't think people even spend much time on quality control and or using the products they create. Im disappointed I have even had to put up with this. Someone on Etrade’s end has been majorly slacking and or not good at their job! Etrade must have the 3rd string tech team creating their software. What a joke. Very upset about this.
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