EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Companion

3.4 (27.4K)
63.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electronic Arts
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Companion

3.42 out of 5
27.4K Ratings
5 years ago, rthXless
Mayor Bugs
You know the app could be truly amazing, if it were to be fixed, there are mayor bugs, one of the bigger ones being the transfer market, when I’m bidding or more than 5 players, in the last 15 seconds it won’t let me bid again, no matter ho hard I try, it will just say there’s a higher bid even tho there isn’t, and time runs by and I have to close the app and open it again, and it takes A WORLD for it to open and load, I go back to my transfers and find that all the players I was bidding for are expired and were taken for the same price that it was when they said they’re was a higher bid and it wouldn’t let me bid, this really frustrates me, especially because I’m not always on my PS4 and I want to be able to gain some profits on the move. Really disappointing.
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5 years ago, ko.32
Reoccurring Bug
This app works great when it lets you log in, it has some minor imperfections, like not letting you see the full stats for sbc players, not being able to build a squad with a preset concept player option etc..all things that can be ignored (for now). The biggest problem is the ability to log in. I understand when you are playing on your console, you may not go into the app, but when I have been logged off (and my console has been turned off) for more than 20 minutes, and i still cant access my squad on the app is infuriating. This has been a problem since the beginning of this companion app. It doesn’t communicate with its servers and it makes no sense. What if i turned off my ps4 before a trip and i went on my phone to check my squad or sbc’s and it wouldnt let me due to me “still being logged in on console” and i had to wait until i went home again....i shouldnt have to relaunch fifa to log in and log back out just to be able to use this app..its a major inconvenience and should've been solved on day 2 but its is now a few years in and this problem is occurring...unacceptable...
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4 years ago, FIFA GOAT
Terrible unstable app
This app is absolutely awful when it comes to the transfer market as it will often not allow you to make a bid after a certain amounts of bids made. It just gives an error and you have to quit the app to in order to get the transfer market to work again. The problem with that is the app is so slow to start that you will often lose the bid (for the price you were prepared to beat) by the time the app reboots. Also if you use the app for multiple things, during a single session the app will often freeze up. For example, if you poke around in squad building challenges or look at your active squad and then go to another section of the app, the pages will often stop loading and the buttons stop working forcing you to kill the app. I have to quit the way too many times per session, and end up using the app in small increments of 1-2 minutes where I preemptively quit and restart the app for me to give this app anything but the 1 Star I gave it. Fix the app!
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2 years ago, Quantum32
How about some usability updates?
9 months in and I still can’t list more than 1 player on the transfer market without the images fading away and the app freezing. If you tap the button to change card views more than a few times the entire app stops working. I have to restart the app an average of 10 times to compete an SBC. It’s sad that using the app is so frustrating, love the concept, love when it works, but from a software standpoint absolute garbage. While we’re at it, how about adding updated searches for Rarity. I can search for Icon Swaps 2 which is over, but there is no option for Icon Swaps 3 or TOTS tokens! Like, really bro? I’ve dropped >$500 in FIFA points alone per year, your customer service is atrocious and app stability is trash, yet for some reason I still come back and spend more money, thinking it’s got to get better at some point. Right? It HAS to…. Or maybe it doesn’t.
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4 years ago, Xbox:Observedtrout27
4.5 stars
This app is really good and thanks to the new update it is easier to find specific cards you are looking in the transfer market but then sometimes the app freezes and I can’t do anything and I have to log back in. Also in the transfer market there are times were after a couple of bids you can’t bid any more so you have to log out and log back in. But overall it would be the best app if it weren’t so freeze most of the time and sometimes. Also this app sometimes doesn’t save my squad so when I play on console I have to make my squad all over again. Also I would like FIFA to help buy FIFA points through the mobile app so you can pay through an iPhone gift card. This app helps me make my team better without going on a console.
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2 years ago, TerryH79
Helpful but has major flaws
The companion app can be helpful, especially when wanting to do some SBC’s on the go and wanting to do some selling of players. But trying to bid for players can be quite frustrating. An error will show up quite frequently when trying to bid for a player that says “Bid status has changed. Please try again.” I have lost bids on players that I was watching for a long time and was in a bidding war against someone, to then lose out because of this error. It’s very frustrating and I have lost out on some wonderful deals on players because of this. To the point that I only will use it for SBC’s and finding Special players, because you can’t sort by this option on the game unless you know the Special series. Makes it great when wanting to browse for special players. Would be great if that fatal flaw wasn’t there and constant.
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4 years ago, CommanderBoy
The App does its job
As much as people complain about the transfer market bug which does become annoying, there is a simple way around this and that is backing out of the transfer market and going to your transfer targets. It’s super quick to do and is less than 30 secs to do. If it bugs again, back out and return, it’s no hard to do. People are really dumb if they haven’t figured out how to get around this. Even the platform version does that sometimes. SOMETIMES. Not all the time. Beyond that bug, everything works really great and you can literally do everyone in this app as far as FUT is concerned, other than not being able to play the game. Love everything about it! Thank you EA :)
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2 years ago, cacophonies
Usability upgrades needed
As other reviewers have mentioned, the app needs some serious usability and stability work. Cycling through views 1-5 of a card too quickly causes the app to crash. Midway through completing an SBC, the app gives an error that it failed to save changes to the SBC and upon force quitting and restarting the app, the SBC shows signs of players being in the squad (squad rating and chemistry are nonzero) but no players are shown on the field. Viewing individuals on the transfer list and cycling through them, the images don’t render and it slows the app down until it crashes. Most frustrating: attempting to place a valid bid on a transfer after submitting multiple previous bids on the same transfer (i.e. engaging in a bidding war) the app won’t accept the bid with several seconds to spare and you lose the bidding war.
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4 years ago, 5soccergirl
Constantly hangs and needs restarting
This year's app is horribly unstable. It constantly hangs when doing tasks like posting players on the transfer list or searching for players to fill in SBCs. When tracking transfer list bids you've made it will prevent you from revising a bid saying a updated bid has occurred even when one hasn't happened. When searching for players in my club it fails to find any players when using simple search constraints like "Midfielder" even though it works for more constrained asks like "CM". It's so unstable I can barely use it for more than a minute or so without having to close it and restart. It also is always telling me that a new update is needed and seems to download the update only to keep doing the same thing almost everytime I restart the app. Deleting the app from my phone and downloading a fresh copy from the store doesn't help.
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7 years ago, WeiXuan Lai
Good but...
Needs an update to address issues with selecting the filters for the player search. When trying to add filters it’s almost impossible to select a certain position, league, etc and getting out of the selection scroll window without clicking on another filter item. When you try to click out of the scroll window it clicks something else that triggers a drop down window. It would be nice to include the “X” or a check mark like they do on other scroll menus see. On other apps. This would allow you to select what you want without making you try and select something else in a different bar.
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7 months ago, thesh4dygamer
It amazes how intentionally neglectful this company is.
The fact that this app has had the exact same bugs for almost 4 years now should tell you all you need to know. All this company cares about is selling more packs and it's never been more obvious. The app straight up doesn't work try and list more than 3 cards on your transfer list without the entire app restarting cards freeze randomly bids won't place a lot of the time under 30 seconds the entire app needs to be re done and has needed to be re done for the past 4 years but this company does not care about you nor the state of this game just the packs sold per quarter. Im a yearly player of this game and franchise but honestly i'm so fed up with everything they get away with year after year and something needs to change this app is just the icing on the rotten cake.
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4 years ago, mofoñohhfj
Cant access the transfer market two week update
Hello i am writing another review. it has been two weeks since I created my account i have played 106 games and done sbc’s objectives and played every game mode. And when i open the app It still say’s that i have to”play more if the game”. This is honestly a joke and false advertising when i bought fifa 20 it said that i could access the transfer market from the companion app but i cant. I contacted ea and they said that i was close to getting it unlocked about three days ago and i still haven't gotten it so what now. This i feel that to fix this they should make it a set amount of games and as on objective in the “objectives” tab in game so you can track your progress. And then when you get access to combat all of the bots you should have to do email verification. I am honestly verry disappointed in ea’s app
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2 weeks ago, Lax4poway
This app is amazing except for the fact that for some reason it will not recognize that I have never once (nor on console) used the “sort by highest quick sell” in my entire time playing this game, but will still auto select it every single time. No one uses this feature. The only available options should be rating high to low and vice versa. And even if that’s not the case, i ABSOLUTELY should NOT have to select rating high to low every time I want to add a player. Additionally, when doing SBC’s, there may be nothing as annoying has having to constantly deselect the position each time. I, along with many others, are filling in the LOWEST rated players - NO ONE IS PUTTING THE CORRECT POSITION IN (unless it’s a chem requirement). These are SIMPLE fixes, and user enjoyment would skyrocket. Please fix
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2 years ago, joshfry575
The end of FIFA
I have used this app for nearly 6 years and I would say I use it far more than I play the actual game. It used to be so much better, occasional bidding issues but generally an amazing app, 4 or 5 stars. But this year? EA are going out of their way to make the app unusable to force players into the game. First it was disabling repeatable SBCs during TOTY and now it’s disabling the ability to use the transfer list without the app freezing. There is ZERO chance this is not deliberate, a software developer is being directed to put these bugs into the game. If it wasn’t already obvious that EA only care about profits from FIFA points, look no further than this app: remove any “free” abilities for players to grind their accounts on the go. Tack on bad gameplay and servers, and you have a recipe for the downfall of FIFA. Thanks for reading.
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2 years ago, Bluebruin55
Too buggy
There are too many bugs. The app doesn’t communicate well with the servers. The purpose of the app is for us to be able to work the market off console, but when it crashes during bids, it defeats the purpose. Also, searching is terrible. If I want to search a midfielder, gold I set the filler. I find a player. Now I need another midfielder , gold. For some reason, I have to place the filter back on midfielders. Why? Why does it clear the position filter? It doesn’t do that for nationality, or League, or quality. Why position? There are several bugs like that throughout the app that don’t seem difficult to address but they go unresolved. It’s what we can expect from EA. They make bug-filled software. It’s pretty standard for them.
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6 years ago, FifaWorld84
Fantastic app
This app works great. It helps me keep up to date with special giveaways and allows me to purchase and sell players without being on my console. While I do wish there was a way to be able to like sim matches and stuff the app does what it needs to do. I have a little bit of a problem with the transfer market sometimes with my coins not being returned directly until I close the app after someone outbids me on an item. Other than that, works wonders. I’ve made many squads because I’m bored and have been able to keep track of stuff that I normally wouldn’t be able to.
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8 months ago, iixaxchi
Congress to pass the bill then the bill will go to floor
I have a feeling this is a good idea to get a hold of the t and see what happens with the other one I have heard of but I haven’t heard anything back about the other one yet so I will let you know when we get a it is a good one thanks again for the update on that and I hope you have a an awesome day I will be there for a while I love and hugs to all the family and friends and friends I love and I hope to hear see you guys in soon and I hope things get back soon I love y and all the love you bye have fun bye love dad and miss you guys bye have a great weekend night see y y to the best night and bye see y you too and I’ll be praying to the family I and I’ll talk soon as I. Additional stars can be bought for 50$ each.
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5 years ago, noodleswalk
Good App
I read the reviews and people are just bunch of whiners, this app is working just fine. Some things you can’t do on the app that you can do on PS4 or XBOX and I’m sure that EA are aware of that but overall it’s a nice app that you can use on the go. There is one thing that is annoying and it’s not about the app it’s about the SBC, some squads that players tried to build are not working for example in the BASIC category “the correct position” I put 3 players , 3 different leagues and 3 different nationalities and I didn’t get to chemistry 12 and I saw that others didn’t get it too.
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7 years ago, André McLean
Great way way way better than FIFA 17 companion...
However why can’t we use this app to log into our FIFA 17 account, think EA we still do stuff on that account so y’all need to rethink that decision. Also why is this so limited to only the features you have on this, why can’t we see our my club and the details, sometimes people leave their house for the country(vacation, business trips etc) and we don’t have our console with us so what we should do, play SBC and keep getting the sucking packs with nothing great? Nahhh atleast let us sim stuff come on guys just do more please.
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3 years ago, HRaw69
The app is convenient. I am a trader so I bid on the transfer market regularly. In my experience the buy now feature in the transfer market works for the most part to snipe. But It is horrible when you are trying to bid in the transfer market. It is near impossible to win a bid in the last 30 seconds. There has been so many times when I am bidding in the last 30 secs competitively then my bid won’t get entered due to an error which causes me to lose bids. If there’s a way to fix that piece then this app would definitely get a higher rating. I’d recommend just using the game to bid competitively. If you don’t mind losing on bids then the app can work for you to complete SBCs and mass bid. You just won’t have any luck if you want to go back in to the bid and try to bid competitively.
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6 years ago, Memo123
EA banned me from transfer market by mistake
EA banned my fut transfer market for nothing, first of all I have only one account I don’t transfer coins and I didn’t buy coins from nobody, I didn’t break ea rules, i followed their rules where it says make coins by buying and selling items in the transfer market, I used fifa points, and I sold some silver and bronze cards like everybody else does, so there is no reason no get banned my account from transfer market, I contact them 2 times for an investigation so they can see I did not do anything wrong but they haven’t answered yet they made a mistake , so I’m so sad I’m playing following their rules and they banned, there is many people who have many accounts transfer coins and they have no problem, I didn’t do any of that, so I don’t know what to do now....
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3 years ago, Snarfbomber
Fresh Update. Still Broken.
New update 3 days ago yet I still can’t swap a duplicate player in club with one in the transfer listwithout crashing. So I can’t clear my unassigned players efficiently. I have to assume that if EA actually wanted to make it easier for players to manage their clubs this would be fixed. But EAs goal is to make me spend more money on this game despite the terrible gameplay this year. They bottleneck our ability to trade and club manage effectively so we get frustrated and spend money to get the players we want. So I’m stuck in a position where yea, I play this game and get a lot of enjoyment out of it still. But I absolutely can not recommend it to anyone.
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3 years ago, pacyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Great app but...
I’ve had this app for a year now and it’s great. What I’m about to say is that the game it’s self has a lot of problems. You might not be able to change anything but scripting is for sure a thing and you can’t deny it. You just can’t. Many people will agree with me too. The referees are also shocking. Sometimes I don’t even press square for a side tackle and I end up getting sent off. One time the goalkeeper made a save with his hands outside the box and the ref “didn’t see”. Once again I know you can’t changes anything but try to
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7 months ago, gdmpope
Somehow worse than last year?
When I was using the companion app for last year’s game, i had an iPhone 7 so I thought that’s why my app was constantly crashing. Now on my iPhone 13, the crashes are even more frequent. Even after I restart my app, it will freeze and crash again after something as simple as selecting a player on the transfer market… It also refuses to accept your bids on players at random. There could be a player going for way under market value with less than a minute left, but when you bid, it says the “status has changed” and your bid is nullified… only for that player to be sold for the previous price. A truly awful app for the size of the company that runs it.
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9 months ago, Tonic rap
This app could be so much more but fails on so many levels.
First off, I love the new look and new features. To actually be able to see attributes and playstyles now is fantastic. That is where the complements end however. The main focus of this review is simply this: the app cannot handle any movements within the app. After the recent update to FC 24, it has trouble running after a solid 30 seconds. An example of this is when trying to sell a player in your starting squad. When going into your starting squad, tap on a player and try to navigate to anything other tabs. But you can’t. The app freezes and won’t let you navigate it anymore. It is this simple, yet completely and utterly fatal flaw which makes this app useless. Imagine this fatal flaw in every tab; sbcs, transfers, and even trying to navigate your club. So until it’s fixed, and this app is completely reworked, this app will continue to be the bane of my existence. Congratulations EA, you managed to screw another thing up with your game.
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4 years ago, Diaz2K20
Bugs,Bugs, and no fixes
the bugs in this game is surprising how they haven't fixed it. First bug is the national pride sbcs. When i did it says someone is not from the leagues required. Bidding is another problem where when your bidding in the last minute out of NOWHERE doesn't let you bid even though no one has a higher bid. This has made me lose sooo much coins that ea wont give me back looking at how greedy they are. Another is when your buying a player they will make you buy the first player on the search results. I have lose even more with this. HOW CANT A COMPANY WORTH $22.9+ BILLION CANT FIX A SIMPLE BUG AND EXPECT US TO BUY FIFA 21 THE NEXT YEAR THEN HAVE THE SAME BUGS ON A SIMPLE WEB AND MOBILE APP
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6 years ago, Dodo509
Where are the pictures???
I don’t get how ea go from okay to worse. Where are the pictures that I see on the preview of this app. It’s a nightmare trying to complete SBC on this app. You can’t see the position of players, what league they play for, unless you click on player bio. Why did they take away the ability to tap on the player to see different info’s. EA, what are you doing with the money we pay every year to buy this game and the money people spend on packs? Can you higher enough competent people to test your product before these stupid releases. Fix it, Or just revert it back to how it was on FIFA 18. How hard can this be!
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4 years ago, Niasan the genius
The concept is there...
On paper, a companion app for a game like FIFA would be perfect. That leads to the question: “ how hard is it really to make a decent running companion app?” The app is LITTERED with bugs. No matter how long you’ve been using the app and how many times you’ve “remembered password”, it will log you out at least once every couple days. The interface is slow and sluggish, feels like an app made by an indie developer in 2009. Hell, most indie developers make better running apps than this one. And it’s not exclusive to the FIFA companion either, since the battlefield companion app is also equally sluggish and filled with bugs. EA for the love of god just hire a few dedicated personnel focused on these companion apps because much needed quality of life improvements are needed.
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2 years ago, Dullbush
Not helpful.
I mainly use the app for the transfer market. All other stuff could be done on my console and I don’t need an app for it really. The transfer market is broken. You find a player and you bid on it back and forth couple times then it won’t let you bid anymore. You’ll have to restart the app in order to bid again which by then the player I wanted is gone and for such a cheap price too. I’ve lost so many good deals because of this issue. Not sure why there is a bid limit when the transfer market is all about bidding. Please fix that.
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8 months ago, Kanjilettinggorandomwords
Update made it unbearable
The app was fine until the most recent update. It’s now crashed 5 times while I’m trying to list players. 5 times in less than two minutes? While I’m doing a normal and necessary function? The cards also now glitch and freeze. It seems to be having issues rendering the images. This had been a marked improvement on last year’s terrible app, but now it’s somehow worse. What was the point of this? Please fix. Also add some content to the game. This has been such a terrible launch for the new series. I truly regret buying the ultimate edition. Edit: I am still unable to run the app properly and an dealing with constant crashes. Please revert it to how it was!
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10 months ago, man named sue
App Freezes Up When Using Transfer Market
Apps are meant to be convenient but somehow EA have figured out how to make this one work against you in the most annoying way. Managing your transfers through the app is the easiest and most convenient way to do it but all year the app has continually froze up while using the transfer market. So annoying. Hopefully FC24 will be better. One hope is they will add “cheapest price sold” as a filter in the new app, have it automatically show you the cheapest listing without having to go back and forth moving the target price which takes to much time. Again, make the app convenient.
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3 years ago, friskypicklessPS4
Too slow
Everything takes ages to load, looking for players to buy or just as options is way more complicated than having to wait to be home to use my console. I tried bidding on players and for some reason the app wouldn’t load my bid, player ended up going ridiculously cheap because app wouldn’t load my bid. Very annoying, better to simplify it and have it work at a decent speed than to have all these gadgets and widgets that end up damaging the performance. This is on an iPhone 11 so no way my phone can’t run the app. Disappointing. The point of downloading the app is to take care of my FUT transfers without having to be on my console, not too good at doing that really.
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3 weeks ago, ask????????
Issue loading full list of players when building teams and SBCs
Throughout the course of this year I’ve encountered an issue where all of my players are not being displayed when attempting to add them to my team/SBC. This is only encountered on the squad building screen. I believe this is a cacheing/data loading issue because occasionally on the unassigned items screen after submitting a duplicate player into an SBC, the app will act like the player is a duplicate. This issue resolves its self on app refresh. As a frequent player that does SBCs on my phone, this is frustrating because I don’t get an accurate depiction of who is in my club
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8 months ago, Off to a grEAt start…
Somehow even worse than before…
Been using the app for 6 yrs now. Could deal with the fact that I’ve lost thousands of bids over the yrs bc the app just randomly stops allowing you to bid, and took too long to reload to beat the 30 second final bidding window, because at least you could still buy players and maneuver in the market…but the 2023 version has taken even that basic functionality away. Can’t even LOOK at my players on the transfer list individually - much less list or re-list them - without going back to the console. If the transfer market doesn’t work properly, the entire app is worthless…and that’s where we are with EA in 2023.
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4 years ago, HSLawley
Love it, almost...
I love the companion app, just two complaints... 1) It crashes, a lot... and it’s particularly annoying when you’re trying to buy something from the transfer window and you have to quit the app and restart it. 2) Frequently get duplicate items from high rated Squad Building Challenges that you can’t do anything with... Can’t swap untradeables to maintain chemistry, position, contracts, etc. Also can’t add to squad if duplicate is present. I wish the app was more stable and that there were more options for managing duplicate untradeable items from SBCs. It’d be nice to be able to trade in single duplicate players, or at least be able to use duplicates in SBCs without sacrificing the duplicate squad player. If these issues were fixed, I’d give this app a perfect 5 star review. But as it is, I give it 3 stars because you lose a star for each issue that prevents you from being able to use the app to the fullest.
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2 years ago, Fut only!
Great most of the time
I mean the companion app is great for sue but… it could use some fixes, so many time have I had to delete the concept players from my squad over and over again and it gets annoying, and sure the SBC building system isn’t the best.. but once you get used to it, it’s a little easier. But other than that I love this app. ( btw if you log out and turn off your console you’ll still be log in so it’s better to log out while still on ultimate team)
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6 years ago, Ginrly
Good but not great
The whole purpose of the app is to keep track of your squad and what you are selling on the market but you have to go in the app in order to see what’s going on. I wish they would send me a notification every time the timer expires for my players or items I’m selling. That would help out so much because at times I wanna see what’s going on without going into the app if I wanted to do that I would just go on my console which is a hassle sometimes. Also SBC are harder to complete now because it takes more time tapping on each player and all of that last year was better. PLEASE EA INCLUDE NOTIFICATIONS FOR ITEMS ON MARKET SOLID OR WHEN THEY EXPIRED thank you
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6 months ago, Ronin317
Multiple bugs on iPad version
For as useful as this app is, it’s an absolute buggy mess on the iPad. The search/player list on SBC’s doesn’t work - it leaves players out or lists them out of order to whatever the filter is set to. For example, it skips every 87-86 and some 85 rated players when sorted to “rating high to low,” going from 88s straight to 84s. And forget trying to use squad builder for nation or league teams - it excludes leagues like Eredivisie from the pulldown list, so it’s impossible to use squad builder for it. Quite frustrating. This app is much better on my iPhone, but the text is microscopic. Do better, EA.
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2 years ago, CT9200
Useless developers
These worthless “game developers” very obviously do not play fifa for even 1 second of their worthless lives. If you did play it for even 1 second, you’d see all the massive problems with this stupid game Hey useless Vancouver-Tokyo lovers, wanna put the international kits into the game yet??? It is mid-December at this point and the World Cup is halfway over, and you useless idiots still cannot put the international kits into Ultimate Team??? This is something you’d recognize that’s massively wrong with the game if you played it for even 1 measly second of your stupid Tokyo lives. P.s. And yeah we need EVEN MORE Japanese players to get upgrades they do not deserve in a million years …….
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2 years ago, latina as
Very good other than a few small issues
Very good app other than a few small issues I’ve noticed. After you log off your console, sometimes it still says “logged in on another device” which is annoying. You can’t see player’s stats on sbcs. You can’t put concept players into an active squad. When you use filters and put rare, then gold, it takes away the rare. I also wish if you used a filter such as “low to high, or high to low” it stayed that way for the rest of the squad or sbc.
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3 years ago, MaxDilley5
Need a cancel button on SBC’s
I was using the mobile app and used a squad builder to build the squad. I thought the submit button was the reserves like it is in a regular squad. So while looking for replacements to put in my squad for my really good players, I accidentally submitted it and now I’m out 91 mane, 91 mahrez, 90 alisson, 89 reguilon, 92 Gündoğan, and 87 aubamyang. I am in straight pain right now! Their needs to be an option to where it asks you are you sure you want to submit this squad. Because I assure you I did not want to submit it. Other than that this app is amazing.
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7 months ago, Criznyce
Worse than ever
Somehow this app is at it’s lowest point. It is practically unusable. Crashes doing almost anything. There are state govt publically funded apps that work better. For an app that is supposed to be so integral for UX and to keep players engaged it is a travesty. This app has needed to be completely rebuilt for years. Instead EA just keep building over the same old bones. It’s especially galling considering that EA want to soak players for money. But one of those key income drivers doesn’t even work? Everything to do with this game leaves a bad taste. Nothing works properly. Almost didn’t buy the game this year. This app is a wonderful reminder as to why.
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1 year ago, habibi$
It don’t let me access my account for some reason
I can’t access the app? It gives no explanation , all it says is Early web and mobile access has expired. You need to log in to FUT 23 on you’re console or pc to continue using this account? Which I already tried on my console & it’s kicking me out & then I try accessing this app again & it still won’t work & why would I have to login into a different device completely defeats the purpose of the app . If I can give 0 stars I would & not to mention the transfer market glitch where it won’t let you bid & doesn’t let you buy the Mexico national team kit among others
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3 years ago, J1207$@/;)
Decent. Too much missing.
There are so many things that make this app, user unfriendly. Can’t see details of SBC players. Sometimes can’t even see the base attributes of an SBC player card. The transfer market usability is horrible. Works fine for a very basic player check for value. Simple to re-list players who haven’t sold. So basically, it does an adequate (if not good) job at the most basic of FUT things. Any desire to use this beyond very basic actions, good luck. Just so many small details of the app are very annoying. Anyway, 2 stars because it does fine for some very basic functions.
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6 years ago, jj78---
Thieving App!!!
Be careful!!! I’ve been saving for the last three months for a specific icon. When the money started piling up I made the leap to buy some pricier players to flip for a bigger profit. Figured spend more to make more, right? I bought 4 players for roughly a million dollars, raised the price and put them back on the market. When I checked back in the app I found that two of the set prices didn’t match up with what I set and on a third card the minimum bid was set far lower than what I set it at. I LOST ABOUT $500,000 AFTER 1 ROUND OF LISTING THEM ON THE TRANSFER MARKET!!! I’d advise you don’t trust this app with your big investments!!! FUT is such a money gouging ripoff, way to ruin a beautiful concept with your greed FIFA!
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2 years ago, Agradecido
Crashes all the time or doesn’t function; when it actually does work it is both extremely useful and amazing. Just use the client through a webpage I guess because this has gone on forever for this app. 2 examples that happen ALL the time: when trying to cycle through plays attributes using the icon in the top right, 1-5, the app will randomly crash, guaranteed. Also, when trying to list players on the Transfer Market the card may go dim and the app will freeze. Doubt they’ll ever fix this stuff.
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5 years ago, Eaisnothuman
EA has a monopoly on the virtual football market
No transfer market access granted even though I paid for the game and FIFA points. After further looking into this I found that thousands of other users had this same problem. Even though they did not break any rules (I did not either) and paid for the game, still no access granted. After constant attempts to contact ea, my only response was, play the game and access will be granted. For some, 100+ games in, this is still the answer. EA makes beautiful games, but treats the consumer like dirt and though I love football, I wish it was the ones making the game gave half a crap about the consumer.
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6 years ago, bronzeleopard60
I really love it
I found almost nothing wrong with it I like that I can jump on trade offers when I need to without waiting for my Xbox to turn on the only thing that I would like to see added if you can is that you can be able to be on both the app and on the game at the same time I don't know if that is possible that would be a great addition to this app but other than that it is awesome
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1 year ago, El_colombiano228
This App is Crap
EA need to improve this app. I can’t see players I have in my squad, when I try to turn the page to see other players, it gets stuck and stays on the same page just moving the players around. The market is also trash, after bidding 4X or so, it won’t allow me to make another bid, causing me to have to get out the app and try to get back on hoping I didn’t lose the bid. And when looking at my transfer list, after going to the next player, the screen changes and after like turning to 4-5 players, it’ll automatically restart the app. So many bugs to fix.
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5 years ago, Tj spragoo
Worst app game combo to date
This app and game have been the worst combo to date as far as any FIFA games I have bought and used. There is constant bugs and constant bs issues. You would think that EA sports wouldn’t release crap or have this many issues after 5+ constant years of upgrading the same game, but I figured wrong. This will be the last EA game I buy. Thanks for the relentless frustrations from something that is supposed to help pass the time........ again kicked out of fifa mid-game. Absolutely terrible! I wish I had bought the disc instead of the online purchase, I would have taken it back or got something from game stop. Sick of this!!!!!!!!
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