EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

4.7 (1.5M)
220.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electronic Arts
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

4.67 out of 5
1.5M Ratings
4 years ago, big bob dannyi
Bring back star travel
Every time I log on to this app, I have sad revelations of what fifa once was. Where did the good times go were any player could experience what should be in an ea game. Star travel allowed you to have a 100+ overall team and 1,000,000 coins in a couple events. Why troll us and add star pass where you have to pay 10 dollars for the good old times. Also don’t forget star forge aka the best thing ever to grace fifa. It is now grinding at 12:00 pm for a 80 ovr player. Also the carnival event is unfair the fact that you are losing at the start of the 2nd half to a 90 overall team is absurd. The only thing that could truly save this game is to nerf chemistry and to bring back star forge and star travel. Please update this game if you really care- thanks for your time Btw the vs attack un unplayable. I play 108 ovrall teams with 170 chemistry while I have a 91 ovrall with 82 Chem this leads the other team to have 5 times the greater chances and ruins the game star travel or a campaign where you didint have to play 120 overall teams would be ideal this review is coming from a player who once treated this like its a religion but now scoffs at what ea can get away with like selling expensive stuff. The tip however would be to reboot star travel and if the player is out of star energy they can pay to get more. I loved this game but hate to see what’s happened just update it please
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8 months ago, king selz
Great,but needs to be more like fifa.
I love this game! But,I was really angry when they resettled my team,I had a 139 overall team, which included,insigne,Ronaldo,Messi,Neymar,Mbappe,hakimi,etc.I got myself some very good players now tho! What it’s really missing is a My player career mode,It would be fun,and it would be like fifa! Where we could create a young prodigy,make our club decisions,heck,maybe even be a legend like Ronaldo! And retire,And be a successful manager, I feel it would be good,other than that,great game EA! Keep it up! Also, please fix the matchmaking,like I just finished a game with someone who had a 125 overall team,I had 109 overall team,as expected they destroyed me,I really also hate it when I go up against someone lower than me as they may face difficulty scoring against my 104 rated goalie,like this guy had a 87 overall team my team was 108 overall by then I destroyed him 6-0 he was overall nice,had good effort but please,stop this terrible matchmaking,your better than this! New EAFC: Good game overall, bad thing is, they keep changing my characters, I was trying to rush with my CB but it kept changing to my LB and therefore the person equalized in the dying moments! I really love this game but I believe you should change that.
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12 months ago, Vlad S13
Fun but… It’s an EA game so you already know.
Okay I have been playing for a decent bit. I started during the FIFA World Cup event. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun just pay to win and Grindy. When your playing the game though it is FUN. My main problem is the inflation and how you don’t have to work hard for a good team anymore. Remember when packing a 98 rated Messi card made you so happy. It used to cost so so so much but nowadays it’s so cheap. I don’t know a single person who does not have a team under 100. The game back then you had to work incredibly hard for a 101 card. Now they give them out for practically free. And don’t get me started on inflation. Remember when buying a 107 costed like 800 million now it’s only like 2 million. They give out cash so easy and I’m just ginna put it out there it oh to win. A minor issue for me is that you play terrible teams with terrible ai. I win 11 to zero against Extreme difficulty. Do not buy any transactions in the game it’s a rip off I have a completely free 123 over team at the time writing. Also the game could get a face lift, I play in my iPhone 11 mainly but when it dies I play on my old iPad Air from like 2016 t max everything 60 fps just fine. It wouldn’t kill preformed to make the game look nice. Overall four starts. Everything else is good. This is the best Football (Soccer) game on the mobile market. It has its flaws but it 9999x better than the next best option.
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3 years ago, kooki101
this game is actually an awesome game with amazing features that are available while only being able to play while on the phone , however this game becomes soooooo annoying and not fun to play anymore , as fifa mobile has 0 skill based matchmaking , which means that when your team has an overall rating of 90 , all of your games will be against MINIMUM team with a 105 overall rating , as this problem keeps on going on and on and the opponents get harder without you advancing for months , this causes you to hate the game , rage quit , and even hurt yourself because of anger issues , as this game makes sure it has 0 skill based matchmaking in order to make its users very uncomfortable playing the game and not having fun which causes them to play the game more and more just in order to gain their ranks back , however after playing this game for a couple of months maximum people will understand how skill based matchmaking is the number one most important feature in an online game , as fifa mobile lacks skill based matchmaking this causes it to lose a lot of players and cause anxiety and anger issues to people that start to reflect in their character and personality in real life , which is what made me hate the game although I liked it , it’s because this game makes it soooo annoying that people spend 5 hours per day aging the game and not having fun just being anxious and mad trying to get their ranks back. Best regards ,
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3 years ago, Hal Tornado
I think this game is depressing me
Sorta good but can you make the game fair in regards to gameplay/AI and not give us the equivalent of suicidal military missions for soccer match challenges in this game I’ve struggled so badly with the final match of chapter two in the adventure path in the national heroes because your down 0-3 start of the second with no tiebreaker oh and you need to score with a defender and get a brace I’ve only even tied the game twice and like I said it’s painfully hard for absolutely no reason I mean the final match of the whole adventure path seems easier than the final of chapter two it just feels like I’m trying to fill an abyss because my striker will run out of bounds with the ball even though I told him to go the other way my striker with a goal actually stays away from the penalty area the opposite of what a striker is supposed to do and during corner kicks my defenders either don’t jump for the ball or are in the back side of the penalty area away from the goalkeeper and my defenders should be really good at heading my 98 overall CB who’s 6’5 and has 120 heading is diving for the ball to get headers it just feels messed up man and my defense to sum it up my defenders and GK allowed a CAM to score from outside the penalty area just need to fix the AI and gameplay but other than that I would like a feature that allows you to skip one game or skill game per event so this doesn’t happen often but it can only be used once and yeah that’s it
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2 months ago, urmum'sbf
save yourself
i have no idea how this game higher than 2 stars. a game community full of sad, sad people who fell into this pay-to-win clunky mobile trap by EA. If you don't spend your money on buying a 99 rated striker in this game you might as well not play because you're going to lose anyway. for example, you could be through on goal and the other player's 88 rated, 76 pace defender would catch up with your 93 rated 101 pace striker, but your 90 pace centreback can't catch up to a 86 pace striker. also, their 99 rated striker can power-shot it from the center circle and it'll give away a corner but your 93 rated striker is going to get clamped by their pay to win centrebacks that somehow recovers after everything you do. no matter how close you are to goal. every single time without fail. it's impossible to win in this game if you don't plan on spending money. the ref blows the whistle anyway when you're through on goal because the game isn't smart enough to detect if you are. fouls are soft and are so inconsistent. horrible clunky gameplay and it just raises your stress. they recently changed the controls so that it is easier to mess up while defending. all pay to win games are just sad but this being a mobile game with horrible gameplay- just sad if you fall for it. if you see a good review of this game don't believe it it's probably from bots and people who talk about "oh i can play as ____ and can choose from different teams". like no one ever knew that 🙄
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1 year ago, 17$)&\*73;=)#'d
Great game, some minor bugs and slight fixes.
Overall I feel that this game is complete. It has almost anything a player could ask for, and is relatively easy to grind due to the constantly updating events. However, through playing the game I have discovered some slight bugs, and some off screen features. The main one is playing with the ai. When doing a match against the ai, all a player has to do is score once, pass back to their keeper, and then run across the field for the rest of the game. I have noticed that by doing this, the ai never tries to attack the player of the ball, and one can just sit their until the time runs out, winning 1-0 with little skill used. Secondly, when in a league tournament I had noticed that the forfeit button was off of the screen, but still accessible to click. This could be very bad for new players who have never been in a league, and are confused on what the button means, due to them not seeing the actual full button. Finally, I feel that the matchmaking is quite well done in division rivals, where each player is put up against a relatively even opponent. Overall it is a great game mode, and I am quite happy that it is in the game. Overall I give the game a 4/5 stars due to the minor bugs, and the game play being incredibly smooth.
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3 years ago, Its Jay Valentine
Make this change to be fair..
First off I’d like to say that I really enjoy this game. It comes in handy when you get that slight urge to play on your console but aren’t home to do so, so it fills in well enough to make you happy. I enjoy the events as well! Now, what I do wish to change are just a couple of things... first, if maybe the players could make the passes when manually playing as it does when it’s auto playing, that would be great. That’s the minor change though. The MAJOR change is when players forfeit... I’m up winning against players 5-10 points above my team’s overall, smashing them, then they quit and we’re left to fend against the AI format of the team which makes it near impossible to beat, so now I end up losing to my opponent because the AI are so much faster and my team, even on auto mode, is not able to keep up because keep in mind my team is 5-10 overall points weaker than theirs. Now, I wouldn’t mind if I lose against the AI as long as I get the full credit for winning, as my opponent forfeited, but instead I get deducted the points for loosing against their unbeatable team through the AI. It’s not fair at all. So if y’all could change it to where we get the full winning credits when an opponent leaves, whether we lose against the AI or not, that would make this game great. Auto 5 STAR!! Please!! Thank you!
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2 years ago, papaman51
Great game converted to pure money grab
I have been playing this game and had given it 5 star tastings each year. This year the entire format changed and, though I have daily spent significant time playing the game, I am frustrated with ones inability to significantly improve one’s team without spending money. In years past this was never a significant issue. Last year I had a 120 OVR team of players I liked. This year, I have only been able to get to 107 OVR and my team is a mishmash of players many whom I have never heard of. The most recent fiasco is the Team of the season who as been going on for about 2 months. In that time I was able to purchase 2 level 95 players and 2 level 94 players. This was about all I got out of an event that required you to play redundant training games twice a day and matches once a day. After all this effort, my OVR went from 106 to 107. If you didn’t buy the special pass each 2 weeks, you got significantly poorer rewards and had no chance to got more than a couple for decent players. The reserve tokens that I cashed in daily yield some coins and a bunch of 89-90 OVR player I couldn’t use. I received one 91 player out and of the 20 or so I received. They had a trade in option but it required you to have received at least 1 93 OVR player - which I never got close to. The game still plays well but it is no longer fun when there are no rewards for one’s efforts.
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4 years ago, SAM THE ICON
A module for draining the soul of football
Weak servers and bogus VSA ruling are just a fraction of this game’s mediocrity! This game suffers from a dozen of fundamental flaws. When you want to play the world tour in order to improve your team, you have to beat a 100 overall team in order to get a 79 overall player! If I had the power to beat this kind of team, then why would I need a 79 overall player? This represents a ridiculous system of rewarding. After that, you enter VSA attack and that’s where you collide with the game’s philosophy. There you find a world overran with emulators and investors who cheat their way up to achieve success. Effort and hard work is not even defined in this game because no matter how much you try to improve yourself, you see a horde of players who just pay money to climb the mountain. The game is all about money grubbing. When you want to achieve a player whom you’re interested in, you have no other way but to pay a huge amount of money, something which is already impossible for the third world players. Even if you neglect the lunatic physics of this game which makes you very angry when you collide stronger enemies, you have to regulate your team chemistry which absolutely hinders you from developing your team of dreams. Therefore, you have a very limited domain of choices if you want to play with your bare hands (not wallet) even After months and months of hard work and time investment.
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4 years ago, IAmAGremlin
Great game, but...
First of this isn’t going to be any rant or anything just a suggestion on how to make the gameplay a bit more enjoyable. To start of everything is greet in your game. Your really generous in giving in game energy, skill boosters, tokens, and many more things, and I really love how I can create teams with correct positioning and chemistry and then play with those teams in vs attack and world tour, but here comes the problem. Often times in vs attack you face people with much higher OVRs than you, also they always have a higher chemistry then you. Take me for instance I’m nearing world class division two with an OVR of 88 and a chemistry of 120. Now you may be thinking that’s not half decent, but can you really think that when you are going up against people with OVRs of 93 and higher, and not to mention they always have 130 to 140 chemistry compared to my 120. I always get really frustrated when I just need to win one game to rank up and then I ended up going down then up then down then up until I just end up at where I was before all of it, and for this instance I propose some type of match making system not on trophy’s, but on OVRs and people’s chemistry. This is all I really had to say and complain about, but in the end I’m just happy to play the game IGN IAmAGremlin
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3 months ago, Tlufhxlhfxljgcljgdlgjngdg
Fun but many problems
I have played this game for a couple years and something I notice is sometimes there are fixed matches or the opponent gets some advantages I have gone on several win streaks only to lose my next 5 and tie multiple times just to go on another 3 win streak winning 3-0 and repeat the cycle. Sometimes the ref will call funny things and it’s so ridiculous I can’t help but question if Ea are really rigging the match, today I was playing and I felt like they wouldn’t call any fouls against me I went in with greizmann and he was running towards goal, I was in front of the defender so he couldn’t short pull and he wouldn’t because he was in front but the opponent got a foul just for nothing like that nothing else and my players kept getting fouled my r9 has 130 pace yet I get outpaced by a Ruben Diaz with 70 pace this is multiple times and that was on example but I can’t help but think this game is rigged and my experience playing this game has showed me multiple times by helping the opponent and making it so blatantly obvious that this isn’t a skill based game and this has made me think about spending money at times people who spend money have such advantage it’s so sad for like 20 you can literally a ultimate team of the year and we f2p are here grinding to get 5 85 players to put in sbcs I really hope they fix this because this has gotten so unbelievably frustrating.
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11 months ago, кєภ๔คɭ
Wow what a game man... But there are some things that aren’t far
You know this is probably the only mobile game that actually beats Call Of Duty Mobile. Every time I log on I get a boost of joy, I’m always like “Oh what’s new today.” But honestly you need to stop favoriting Lionel Messi. Yes he is a truly memorizing player, But when I was going against Argentina in the World Cup and Messi scored he was 102 rated. Ronaldo is 94 (I can’t remember if it was 94, 96, or 98) but still Messi’s defending is absolutely horrible. Just watch him play Irl and when you click on Ronaldo and Messi’s card you can see that Ronaldo is better. And in Vs Attack you try to make it like it’s a human so badly but bro it’s a bot. Like dude they would not be scoring forever and then the second I score they score. It could say that they lost possession and I’m not even joking milliseconds after it says that they score. But let me talk about game ideas. So first of all make H2H available on Apple Products, I wanna play it so bad it looks so fun but I can’t because I use an Apple Product to play FIFA Mobile. Second of all is honor Pele, Cruyff, Maradona, Zidane, and Beckham Jr. Last of all is to make Heros who we actually know such as Bruno Fernandes, Di Maria, and finally Mbappe.
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3 years ago, Gabe_BTW
Wth is this game. It’s fun and everything but I spend hours and hours playing and grinding to get nothing this isn’t fair I wish you could play with controller and if the was carrear mode and the overall was based on actual fifa. Keep this in mind that purchases need to be much cheaper. Also I love the game but it gets me upset that I have to open a UCL player box 8 times for a player and out of those 8 times not a single player above 90 my highest overall player was a 89 Phil Foden don’t get me wrong it a cool player but after all these years and money I’ve spent on this game (I’ve been playing fifa since Fifa 12 and I’ve spent over 300 on micro transactions) it just disappoints me that I can’t receive better odds or luck. You probably don’t care about what I’m saying but overall love the game and please fix the graphics 😂👍 also when I was younger I would play fifa 16 on my iPad it would be the same thing as fifa 16 same soundtracks same color scheme and same game modes / events I have a nostalgic feeling thinking about that please bring it back if the community agrees do packs but please lower the price by at least 15% I understand this company needs money to carry out their new ideas but would you prefer to have 5 people giving you 100 dollars each (500) or 10 people giving you 75 dollars each (750)
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5 years ago, KnotMaggot
Worth it if you have the money
So first off I play this game religiously, and it has all the players you could ever want to play. The chemistry aspect gives you a bonus while playing H2H or VS attack. The downfall is you have to have players of the same nation league or team to get the chemistry. The beauty of FIFA is having all players from all around football being able to be on the same team. Ex having a team with Messi, Ronaldo, De Gea, De Bruyne all on the same team. And if you don’t have the chemistry it’s a strong disadvantage in the H2H or vs attack. Another issue I have is all the events unlock cool players, which is great but the longer the event goes on the lower your resell value is in the market. For example I used to resell my team every so often and end up with 200mil to rebuild a new team with new players. I like to change up my team to play new players and keep my chemistry maxed out (since the chemistry is so important). Now if I did that I’d maybe have 120 million since all the players I have now have been unlocked by more and more people. As each event goes on the more people unlock the same character and the price keeps dropping because everyone sells their player just a bit lower than the next one to make sure you buy their character. I feel like if the event ends and all the players for that particular event were deleted from the market those of us that still have them in our line ups could resell them and play a stock market type game within the game
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5 years ago, U307A
Downward spiral
Over the years, this game has embellished itself with more and more pointless vsa matches, with now several ranking tables that just make you angry and frustrated. Wonderful marketing strategy to try to sell more packs, but causal and more advanced users are not happy to have to spend hours per day to try to catch up with the rest of the pack. Which, by the way, is mostly formed by bots, cheaters, and players that use emulators -one wonders if this is also a strategy from the game staff to add some ‘Achilles and the Tortoise ‘ logic to the game so that more purchases are make. No satisfaction comes from building your “dream team”, as base cards are already obsolete after a just few weeks -the only way to remain competitive is to churn the team every week with cards obtained from expensive, real money-driven programs. Devs and PRs are a close circle of think-a-like people that show little respect and attention towards discordant voices, and adopt a blame-the-customer strategy on multiple occasions. Instead of fixing bugs and annoying programming errors, they launch new events every week so that high-spending players (but also casual, naive ones) can waste their money in useless packs as the chance of obtaining good rewards from them is quite slim. It is a pity, because the game has potential and could have been better thought and developed -but the team seems to be moved by greed and hubris. Disappointing.
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1 year ago, Bland bread bows
This game is an awesome game it’s that the players ruin it, they should make it so when you cross spam it is automatically offside because it is so annoying to deal with it. Another issue is that when your trying to get to a higher division you get sent with these crazy teams that are like double you overalls and they should make a shop only for buying “emotes” and if their is i do not know where it is. And they should make it if they time waste they instantly get a foul because if your defending or 2nd defending them they just pass it to their goal keeper once they get a goal. They should also make it so if they leave or have “bad connection” and get disconnected the rival gets the win automatically because the bots are way to smart to play with and it is annoying because once you get a singular goal they leave and you have to go against a crazy smart bot. I’m not saying to lower the bots playmaking or whatever i’m just saying to make adjustments to the game. Now we come to the bugs. Their is this bug where when they make it go out of bounds the ball rolls and it waste’s time. Their is also a bug where when you pass the ball it just rolls to the enemy player, and also when you have the ball the screen just clicks itself and just starts doing ridiculous stuff and you lose.
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2 months ago, Josiah Miles
5 Star American Way of Ruining A Game We All Love (I, Myself Are American)
I know American captialism can ruin and make riches off of the sports we 'dominate the world in' being the only contenders, but wow now even Fifa themselves, a neutral country that never involves themselves in conflict no longer wants the use of their name in your money scheme. A 95 overalll team could beat one of equal level, difference being one has ball knowledge, one invested in the corporation, and the one who funded the company will easy will, even if it takes making a standing hurdle over a defender of equal height for a rocket header a keeper can't save. Specific situation because it's happened, and plenty of other worthless living on a prayer plays that took a quick $5 from someone who couldn't win anything without a payment to a company that americanized something that unified the world, and turned it to profit instead of what the world itself actually plays this game for, fun, relief, and unity. Take that 'no racism' tags off, EA is no different than any other company in the United States trying to cause separation and issues to improve their own pockets. All of this was spoken from an American citizen myself.
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1 year ago, Deathbat1776
Game is great for the most part and that’s the only reason I’m wasting my time as I have never left a game review before in my life!!!! But i have some issues!! If u want to make the game hard when getting into the semi pro and up levels of the tournament or playing actual people that have higher lvl players than u, u can’t tamper with the aiming or the passing power or shot power. Seems to be a pattern to me when I’m playing against other players that have the same if not lower lvl players it’s super easy to wipe the floor with them and as soon as theirs another player or the npcs are semi pro and up you’ll aim a certain way and the ball will go the other or you’ll try and pass the ball and u hold the button to pass like u normally do for that particular distance and it’ll stop way before it would have on lower lvls or it’ll reach the same lvl in power but act like it got tapped to pass no more than two feet and that ruins to the play. It seems to be very inconsistent and even tho I’m no great player of the game I am good enough to be noticing these inconsistencies. If u want the game to be harder with npcs u change the speed at which the npcs react and how all players stamina is affect on how they are used and don’t touch the other aspects of the actual way the ball is moved that’s stupid.
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5 years ago, mustangfam
It needs balancing and more time on events
I’m getting happier with the game but still needs to have better balancing in vs attack the percentage is unbalanced for the chemistry and the overall. Also like in la liga rivals there is a little over a week left and I have only been able to get a top row of game one done and it’s unfair for me because I can’t just buy my way to get every part of the events done and in the market if I want a 90+ it’s all over 1,000,000 coins and it takes me about a week to make that amount of coins so I’m events and any challenge we need a major increase in gems and coins to buy packs. Like right now in carniball event the games need to be down 0-1 at halftime it takes forever to finish a game; also the packs in the events needs a decrease in cost in gems since you gain so little gems daily and can there be a high chance in getting high lvl players like in champion league lets say I finish a row I have such a high chance to get a lowish player I don’t need and will never use I am a 91 overall player and I have my left and right back the lowest number which is 87 players I want more players in that position available in events or have it easier to level up players because I hardly ever try to level them up I just save a huge fortune of money to buy a better player with coins and I probably speak for many when it’s hard to get good players at all
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9 months ago, natisxoxoxoxo
I’ve been playing fifa mobile ( oops sorry it’s fc mobile) For over 3 years. My over is 131 and to be honest this game is so awesome. There are a few things though that could be fixed. Here it goes : 1: in the start of the tutorial it takes lots of time to do everything. Instead make it shorter and put the potion to either do it or skip it. 2: I THINK ITS VERY UNFAIR with the other people who have to buy to Get Good quick. Please make it easier for those newer ones so that they can get better quicker without having to use money. 3. I’ve been saving coins for this whole new update and this new season comes and takes everything away!!!!!Please try to fix this that you can keep all those coins. Also the commentary should be built in the system. Other than this fifa rules!!!!!!!! P.s please also make the market prices for players a LOT CHEAPER. I mean a billion coins for a 114plus player is absolutely absurd for those who have only about 300 million coins or much much less. Please either lower the prices A LOT Or make money much easier to get. Also noobs should get higher percentage chances for good players, money, gems etc.
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11 months ago, DMLBlitz
A game loaded with bugs and micro transactions.
It's very true that's you don't have to spend money on this game, but if you want to make any kind of progress without taking up hours of your life money is really the only way, and there's no just normal purchasable packs with low overall players and every pack like that contains only like 1 very high overall player and coins and is only obtainable through purchased currency. This game is genuinely rage inducing with the amount of bugs and server issues it has. Getting an "resource download error" is the most frustrating thing outside of playing the game modes, the fact that you can't even get into the games because of this issue that happens very consistently and it even counts as forfeiting a match that you never even got the chance to play. And the in match are just things like my player just tapping the ball out of bounds when I want him to pass it or when a player just clears the ball when I press to pass the ball, I get that the buttons are right beside eachother but I've been playing this game long enough to not make that issue and it still happens anyways. There are many more bugs but that's just the most notable ones. Nonetheless it's still a football experience that isn't complete terrible despite all of this I have had fun at points playing this game.
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2 years ago, Michael Bonacci
PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THIS GAME, FIX THE OVR! When in divisional rivals, what is the point of having a high OVR and Chemistry rating if you keep losing fans every time you play someone with a lower rating? This game is far from the reality of real fifa. No team REALLY LOSES FANS. I’m a fan of Real Madrid even though CR7 left, I’m a fan of Juventus even though CR7 left, I’m a fan of MAN UNITED even though they don’t win many games. Be more realistic. Also, both timers should end at the same time, my timer end but my opponents keeps going for another 14 seconds….how is that fair? This has been the plague of this potentially awesome game. Also, when in the store…when we trade our points or fifa $$, give us a player, not possible scenarios that we “might” get one, what a money tease, that’s not fair either. Why can’t you developers give us a game play that’s like a regular league season so we can qualify for Champions league and as such the FA CUP/SUPERCOPA/COPPA ITALIA/ etc based on your preference of league? Instead we get this constant run a round. Chasing the game for higher players. Honestly this game has amazing potential but you guys are getting it wrong. It’s fun to play but so frustrating at the same time. Oh and can you please fix the chat? It’s constantly censoring and we aren’t even being disparaging towards our own team. There’s a lot to consider but it depends on how much you’ll care to make any changes.
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1 year ago, 🇲🇽🎺
This game is good but needs to get the market fixed.
Don’t get me wrong, this game is really good for soccer/Fútbol fans. The one thing I would change would be the market. The market in the game literally crashed. When I started playing most good players above 93 overall were at least 1 million. Most players like that were actually more in the ten millions. If you sold a player you would actually get a lot of in-game coins, but now all you get is a couple thousands. When the market in-game started to crash, players that were more than 100 million in-game coins had their value go down by almost all of it. Nowadays, some of those players are a bit more than 5 million! I was extremely excited to sell one of the players to make enough in-game coins to buy a player I wanted when his value started going down by the 50 millions! Nobody would buy him yet his value went down rapidly! By a couple weeks he already went down by 90 MILLION! The entire market started to crash a week or so afterward. Now most good players are in the millions. A 102 overall player I have back then costed around 36 million, he now costs 1 million! Please fix this, this is really bad and soon Messi which is usually more than 100 million would probably go down to a million or less.
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4 years ago, Aka broken game
Many things good game overall though
It’s a great game but there’s still some to fix I should now I’m 92 overall team but first is Lag: I know what you’re gonna no lag but it’s true I have iPhone 8 I lag out every time I play no what WiFi I use second the people you play it’s outta control I’m 92 overall and they make me play a 70?!?! It’s just wrong to obliterate people that are trying so hard to be good Also leagues I don’t understand why do the worst leagues never show up I made league nobody has joined yet and the tiniest amount of people leagues should be first it’s herendous if I’m honest and also this legacy stuff it’s not right why can’t I upgrade the legacy team that’s so wrong let’s just keep the team eternally altogether it’s that’s the case. One more thing is the events I don’t understand how do we long one on under 2 days it’s worse the the console FIFA problems it’s just herendous to start and see six things to do in 2-4 days it needs a fix but like I said good game if this was fixed I’d slap 5 stars on it and others people too but until all of this changes 4our stars good job and please listen and read it’s the right thing to do. Peace out ok 🤝👌
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2 years ago, i just want a beer
Pay to play & fatal glitches
Stopped playing this game a couple years ago as it was clearly a pay to play system. Would take countless hours playing all year to finally form a decent team weeks or even days before the season reset. After taking a break from the game I thought I’d give it another chance. Played the last few months in free time specifically building points in the TOTS event. On past experience, I knew it was probably best to build up points and maximize using the points within the league in addition to transferable tickets where I could get the best players. Suddenly, today, i find the event gone- with no notice. I contact EA customer service over this issue and was told that the failure of the app to indicate the TOTS feature was expiring was “a glitch” and that I needed to delete the app and download it again. However, this would not return my tickets accumulated (over the past few months) or give me any support in lieu of their mistake. In other words, I was told to kick sand- the event is over, there is nothing that can be done. My advice would be to not waste your time on this app. I used it to kill time and thankfully never put any money into it. EA has a historic reputation for being money-centric for a deserved reason. These critics don’t even address the many other glitches in game that cause gameplay to be frustrating.
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1 month ago, 😒😒jsjsjs
This game die long time ago
I have been playing this game for 7 years and this year 2024 is one of the worst one since it changed from fifa mobile to fc mobile this went from bad to worst too many hackers in vs attack also it has bad passes accuracy not not very effective on pass at all take too long to shoot give more chances to low overall players even tho your a higher overall than the other players aslo there is too many cross spammers that don’t know nothing else but to cross spam basically they have no hands and no skills at all and the game ain’t fun to play anymore with hackers, bad pass accuracy, and making the players take too long to shoot giving the defense the chances to catch up and block it and also how can players with 92 physical beat players with 120 physical? How can that even make sense but obviously y’all (EA) won’t do nothing about to fix all this type of problem cuz they don’t care all y’all care about is the money and nothing else this game die long time ago y’all haven’t been creative since 2018 and not been creative makes the game boring and for the same reason of not been creative y’all have mess up a lot of good events go bad when back then it was different and more fun to play but now y’all just want people moneys and that’s it and ik that will not change so this will make the game go down
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4 years ago, game boy23
I don’t like it
This game used to be awesome seriously, but now it requires you to pay for a lot of things to get a good team I have a 92 Over but still it’s very hard to win in head of head and attack. I believe there shouldn’t be chemistry mode. I think that’s screwed and that shouldn’t effect what player win but it does. If you don’t know what chemistry mode is, it requires you to have players from the same country or from the same event to win attack mode and if you don’t your screwed. Even you have the best team ever and you have 0 in chemistry mode and you play attack mode most likely your going to lose and in head to head it gives the other team an advantage because of chemistry. Personally I think that’s 100% screwed. Around the country players could be friends with other people across the world it doesn’t matter that they live in the same country, but of course it matters to fifa. Also I got put into the bottom of the good players and because I don’t have a good chemistry it’s almost impossible to win. Also the world tour is rigged. It says I can play one part but it doesn’t let me play that’s absolutely disappointing. Also some events they do random chance to win good players. It should be skill not chance, and fair not rigged like what fifa is doing. If they ever want me to play again they are going to have to change a lot of things. And when I say lot I mean lot.
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7 months ago, modbfdh
It gets worse every year.
Mobile 20 was amazing. It had World Tour and great controls. Now there are so many buttons I’m taking a touch 10 meters in front of me while just holding the sprint button. Why on earth can a left winger not play left mid well, or a CAM not be able to play CM? Bring back skill boosts, where you can choose whether or not you wanna play your players in position. Edit: Nvm, I’ve sorta figured out the sprint button glitch, and they actually nerfed the downgrades to out of position player. This has changed my review from 3 star to 5 star. HOWEVER, I just have one problem. When stoppage time is over, they should make it so that if you have a 3 on 2 fast break around the halfway line (for example), the ref doesn’t blow the full time whistle. In one game, I drew 1-1. In first-half stoppage time, time expired and ref blew the whistle when I had just played Osimhen into space to create a 2v1 10 yards in front of the halfway line. In second-half stoppage time, the same thing happened. I basically got robbed of two points. Pls fix this, but otherwise, great game!
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2 years ago, UnitedRedArmyJimbo
Awful. Too often I get repeats of the same players. 4 times in a row I’ve gotten the same, bottom of the available players, Cole Palmer 84 rated CAM for Manchester City, in the Champions League event when I exchange group points for group stage players. 4 times in a row! And it’s not the first time. 6 times I exchanged in group E of the group stage of the same event, 3 times, in a row, I got the bottom player of the group, Lauper CB from Young Boys, 84 rated, and then 2 in a row Garcia LB from Young Boys, second bottom, rated 85. When it says it’s random, yet the same bottom players continue to get given in exchange, that is not random. I have a feeling that because I don’t spend tons of money on my account, I don’t get the good players even in the exchanges. Don’t try and tell me it’s not this, and that it is random, that there is not some algorithm that goes on how much money you spend. I’ve been playing FIFA mobile since 2016 or 2017, and it was not this way back then. It was random. You actually had the ability to make a good squad that could actually compete with other squads that were bought with tons of cash without spending any money. Now, it’s impossible to get some players without spending 100s and it seems that you are also at a disadvantage in the events to exchange for players if you aren’t one of the ones that spends big. Disgraceful
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7 years ago, Mishka_5
It's a GREAT game, BUT it needs A LOT of improvement
I think the game is great. All of the new events and campaigns are so fun to play. But the reason why at the same time I think this game is also horrible is because of all the horrible pack openings and glitches and reboots. I opened about 15 scout mission packs hoping to get Ascensio, but from all of those pack openings I didn't even get an elite. For TOTW I had enough tokens to play against the team of the week. But when I tried playing it, the game froze. After I logged back in all of my tokens were gone. I got very frustrated so I stopped playing the game that day. The next day when I opened up the game it froze again so I restarted it and then when it was loading it asked if I wanted to use my old account. Not sure of what happened I chose to load in my old account, and then it started everything over. All of my players were gone. Everything was erased. I don't understand how such a great game is undergoing these problems. Not only am I having all of these glitches, but now my old account is gone. I WANT MY OLD ACCOUNT BACK. And I know that my device is not causing these problems. I'm also positive that others are having the same issues. Please, I'm begging the FIFA developers, fix these bugs that are causing this game to be much more under rated than it has to be.
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5 years ago, Ollie025
Add a match making system and old events when the game came out
EA you should add a match making, so you can have the new player not have to face player that have have played the game before with the best teams and stats. When I was playing the game I match up to people that either spend money or played the game so much that I got frustrated of losing to them with my 81 rated with 28 chemistry team to a 91 or above with 100 or more chemistry losing by a lot of goals and wasting my time trying to get at least 1 goal for 1 minute and 30 seconds while on the other side they were chilling with 10 goals knowing they are going to win and that I won’t be able to catch up so what I am thinking is to add a match making system so your new players don’t go against maxed out players so it can be fair. Plus the old Fifa mobile gave new players the opportunity to have a better advantage to get better player before the star pass because fifa points were easier to get, not haveing to wast money ona star pass that gives you 200 fifa points for 10 dollars, that is a wast of cash. Instead add some of the old events and the starter Cristiano Ronaldo that you get when finishing the tutorial, because your players will have something that everyone had and won’t rely on the silver, bronze and gold players when some has elite player so at least they have a chance of winning.
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6 years ago, EAmakes footballSAD
Played religiously...now uninstalling
Started in December and played all events and programs on the reg. But now this free app costs a lot of money to be able to keep playing. I was working hard to push through Campaigns to get actual worthy rewards and then a reset to Vs Attack rankings set me back. It's impossible to get my Vs Attack rank back up because I get nothing but teams 3-5 OVR more than mine and they get more chances at goal and twice as many Great Chances. So now Vs Attack is unplayable, Campaigns are locked and events are periodic with the current one (St. Patrick's) not even being an event with skill events or games, just packs to buy. Is this a soccer game or a card game? Because at this point I can buy and upgrade player cards but have no game modes worth playing with those players. The game is utterly pointless in just four months of having it. It's really disappointing that EA has found a way to monetize something enjoyable and has let that quest for money take all the joy out of it. If you are thinking about starting FIFA Mobile...don't! You will likely end up wishing you could get back four months of your life Not to mention, all the money that you put in to try and get an advantage in a game that has predetermined that you will always be at a disadvantage. Could be so much more, but unfortunately it's a business with the end all goal of making a profit.
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1 year ago, LazerNik0
You ruined this game EA
I’ve been a loyal player since 2018, never have I ever seen EA mess up this badly, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, there was a glitch available for about 1hr before servers shut down, players who were on got a hefty amount of stuff, I’m talking 1b+ coins, and half a dozen UTOTS players (some of the most OP and broken cards in the game), and there’s been 2 days without ANY NEWS ON ANYTHING besides EA addressing that there has been an issue, this pains me because I’ve been playing since the start of the season and someone who just started a few days ago, logged on during the glitch already has better cards and more coins than me, there’s a lot of people saying they’re going to uninstall the game and stop spending money if EA doesn’t do anything or at the very least issue out compensation to the players who didn’t get the glitched packs This was the final straw for me as this year has been terrible for FIFA Mobile and there’s been so much neglect that EA has done in the community, I want you to know this because if you’re thinking of installing the game, DO NOT, and if you’re scrolling through reviews and you see this and you have the game installed, UNINSTALL the game or stop spending money on it This isn’t just me whining, it’s a serious critique of how terrible this game has gotten, your move EA
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7 years ago, SkaterBoyDrew23
To start, this was an incredible game! It's been on my phone longer than any other game. At first, I ignored the glitches and the bad vs attack. Then we dealt with all of the updates which made the game not work half of the time. was still a loving fan of the game. Finally, with this new update all of the hard work I spent on creating my team was thrown away. The developers of the game basically said that everything I did was worthless. understand that this update could bring a lot of potential in the future, but in my opinion it is not worth the loss of my previous team I went from a 91 rating to a 56! If you are wanting to download the game now as a first time, then I have no doubt that you will love it. But as for us old timers to the game, starting over from scratch does not seem worth it. Developers, please return our old teams to us! truly loved this game. All of the upgrading features appear to be very useful, and can see how it is creating the next level of game play (I only went through the tutorial again to see if it would return my team post playing). But please, please return my old team to me. I don't want all of the money that I spent to get where l was to be wasted. It truly is disappointing especially from a game that I love so much. If I am missing how to get my team back developers please let me know.
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7 years ago, sam condo
Disappointed user
To start, this was an incredible game! It's been on my phone longer than any other game. At first, I ignored the glitches and the bad vs attack. Then we dealt with all of the updates which made the game not work half of the time. I was still a loving fan of the game. Finally, with this new update all of the hard work I spent on creating my team was thrown away. The developers of the game basically said that everything I did was worthless. I understand that this update could bring a lot of potential in the future, but in my opinion it is not worth the loss of my previous team. I went from a 91 rating to a 56! If you are wanting to download the game now as a first time, then I have no doubt that you will love it. But as for us old timers to the game, starting over from scratch does not seem worth it. Developers, please return our old teams to us! I truly loved this game. All of the upgrading features appear to be very useful, and I can see how it is creating the next level of game play (I only went through the tutorial again to see if it would return my team post playing). But please, please return my old team to me. I don't want all of the money that I spent to get where I was to be wasted. It truly is disappointing especially from a game that I love so much. If I am missing how to get my team back developers please let me know.
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5 years ago, 27375784828176
Fifa Is Going Bad
At the start of the year Fifa mobile was a great game and provided a lot of potential. However, over the months, things have changed. EA has recently only been gifting players who are pay to win. This concept has been greatly conversed about but now it has become extremely visible. Good players (AKA game changers) such as prime icons have been offered to free to play players in the past, such as in the champions league event. However, it’s now become almost impossible to boost your teams overall in any way because every good aspect or player in the game has to be paid for. One example being the new ULTIMATE TEAM OF THE SEASON. In the past, this event has treated FTP players with amazing players. Last year you could obtain Ronaldo, Messi, Salah, etc. without spending a single penny. However, this is not the case for this season. Even for obtaining 92 reserve havertz ( the worst player of UTOTS), you need an immense amount of luck, no matter how hard you grind, or, a fat wallet. Considering how many people have been looking forward to this event, EA has let the whole community down. Fifa mobile is nothing like it used to be. Instead of treating the whole community, EA only treats players who pay to enjoy the game. If you are reading EA please change UTOTS, or extend it, or make it easier in some way. At this point it’s the only way to make this game worth playing.
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6 years ago, KillerWalsh-21
Please change some things
This is a great game but there are some small problems that aggravate me quite a bit. First, in vs. attack, please take out counter attack those are kind of stupid because even if u block it sometimes it will say that they scored because it is just bots. Also, in vs. attack, make it to where we face people based on rating not fans because when we go off of fans, there are poor 82 overall teams that have to go against 90+ overall teams and that is just not fair. Next, some people spend money on this game for some things that they really want to have and then at the end of the season they just get all of it erased to start over and spend a whole other year of work on this game and then it all gets wiped again, DEFINITELY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ONE. Last, on the Griezmann event there are bonus players, we should not have to spend so much to get those players when we can get the first one for free, just make the challenges a little harder for the bonus players because I don’t think anyone should be about to spend 1000 fifa points and extra coins just to get a overall 80 player. This game is fun but please make these slight adjustments.
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6 years ago, DaEpocSavage
New Season Not Updating
I am a very good FIFA Mobile player. I really enjoy the game, and unlike other people, I do not in any way, shape, or form think that you need to spend money to be good. I have never spent a single cent on FIFA Mobile, and in FIFA 18 Mobile I got my team all the way to 112 OVR. However, there is one thing I can't stand. It is very exciting when the new season comes out and I am excited to claim my rewards from Preseason, including my now & later preseason Cristiano Ronaldo. I was so excited to come home and play the new season, but when I went on to the app, it said UPDATE REQUIRED. I pressed ok and it took me to the AppStore, but it said that no update was available for the game. I reloaded it many times, but it never worked. At this point I have been trying to play the new season for about 3 hours- with no luck. This really disappointed me. The same issue happened last year to me with the update from '17 to '18, and my best friend had the same problem as me. We are both very frustrated by this, and would appreciate guidance on how to address this issue. If anyone else had this issue, let me know.
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6 years ago, %Joe%14
I love this game, but will always need improvements
EA I love that you made Fifa a mobile app! Complete with just about every footballer. I have been playing since season 1! The themed limited time events such as carnival, winter, and Easter are always fun. I enjoy having lots of options for kits and clubs, but I do miss being able to choose national teams especially with the World Cup so close. For this type of game I feel the mobile controls work, but could still use some fine tweaking for more through balls than crosses. I thought the addition of squad building challenges is nice, but ultimately not fun because there are not a lot of free opportunities to open packs that contain multiple players ranging from types of cards in order to complete those challenges. It just becomes pay to win essentially and I don’t have that kind of money. I hate how you decided to make icons apart of squad building challenges because for my budget it is almost impossible to get icons. Also I was so close to making my squad contain 6 Brazilian players while keeping it at the required rating to claim icons, BUT THEN you changed it!!!! However, overall this is my favorite mobile game. Thanks EA!
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2 years ago, Augie miami beach
This game needs many modifications and improvements
I personally believe that this game is decent and mediocre, I think there can be many modifications to this game that will have a significant positive impact to this game and make people more optimistic while playing. First, this game lacks in common sense, when you are putting in effort to cooperate with fellow teammates it occasionally just plays the ball to the other team despite all the effort you took to get possession of the ball. Secondly, this game can improve the market, when you are trying to purchase a player from the market with a reasonable price range, you are not capable of doing this because you can not costume the price range of these players to suit you. And lastly, I do not like to invoke the privilege to use the market. This is because of false information about players, when you are using the market all this spectacular information comes up about a certain player. And the nanosecond that you buy him for a absurd price and put him on your team, you realize first hand that you definitely should not have purchased this player for an outrageous amount of fifa currency. There should be a lot of simple improvements that can change this game for the better.
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5 years ago, bsolorio9185
Love FIFA Mobile but still needs work
Been playing FIFA mobile for years and I love it. I don’t have time to turn on my console and play. So much easier to take out my phone and start playing. Breaks at work, waiting area at restaurant or doctors office... it’s perfect. Graphics have improved a lot over the years, features are better, events, tournaments and player cards. My frustration comes in the head to head option. Which is the one feature I was most excited about when announced. I understand internet connection has to do a lot with it but I have strong home internet and strong cell signal and even then I get disconnected and end up losing the match and fan base. When I get matched up against someone with a similar team rating, it’s a great match. Back and forth action. Can’t understand why I get slaughtered when it matches up against a team over 10 points lower than mine and way lower chemistry level. If the developers are reading this, please look into this ASAP. Overall you’ll enjoy playing this game. It’s a great alternative to playing FIFA on your home console.
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2 years ago, mersenary3865
Shamelessly greedy
Not meant for user entertainment everything is meant for profit , get better player you have to pay , the better the worst they play on the field and the worst your able to control them Give them 2$ real money and they give you 150 fifa pointless points so they finesse you for 50 fifa points like at least give me 200 fake points and say it’s to switch training level to another player that’ll cost 175 so it’s not even enough so you have to go put 2$ more dollars for 1 player so that’s 4$ for 300 points and 1 player cost 175 which leaves you with 125 so you will not have enough for a second player having to put 2$ more , that’s outrageous and that’s just one example of so many more , like I get it they want money but at that point I’ll rather pay for the game when downloading it cause it’ll be way cheaper then them say it’s free but when playing it to do anything there charging you because to enjoy this game it is not free at all Been playing fifa since I was a kid , and I’m not hating on there hustle but if your gonna sell the game sell it , don’t say it’s free because the greed will catch up when someone else creates a new game that they’ll sell but once bought you actually enjoy it , not say it’s free but charging money for everything in the game
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7 months ago, teddyfreddyfan
worst game ever
If i didnt have to put a star i wouldn’t because this game is HORRIBLE passing is horrible,dribbling,taking corners, their all horrible pace especially i have a player with 99 pace and some guy with 60 pace can catch up to him and outpace him. All real money transactions are stupidly expensive. And i’ll open 5 packs worth a lot of gems and get only bronzes and silvers. Graphics are horrible, same animations since the first fifa mobile. jerseys dont work, i’ll be home and i’ll have my away kit then have my away kit at home like what. you can’t report people or message people on there. defense is horrible and defenders are stupidly horrible when i need them they ghost then they're also very very very dumb. I can get brexited in penalty area and no penalty. I barley touch the enemy and i get a yellow card. No really fun stuff to play just head to head competitive, vs attack competitive the manager mode is broken and very boring no like player career or manager career. RIGGED MATCHES. The Referee will give +4 minutes to enemy when there on their half and they have time to score but when im next to box about to score the referee blows for Full time meaning i didnt score. Offsides is dumb i’ll be offsides by a fingernail but my enemy can have like 3 whole player behind my defense and its onside like what??
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3 years ago, Diane Villela
The update 2020
I enjoy this game I really do, but I understand now that every time they have drafts in real life the game updates and changes, so we have to gain players again! I made my peace with that but there is one major issue that drives me crazy is users charging massive amounts of coins for a player and makes it impossible to get players you want from the market. Example of this is Alisson goal keeper costing $43,000,000. There should be a cap on the price people can exceed that way people have a chance of getting players they want. I never get players I want in the game so I always have to get them in the market. Unless you have a lot of real money to get that many coins then you have no chance of getting it! Last year I was able to collect 8,000,000 in coins for Neymar Jr, but by the time I did the game updated and my legacy team didn’t have him in the line up because I had a second team I made my primary for an event and didn’t see the update in time to make the team with him on it the primary team. Maybe there may be a way to select the team you want to use for matches instead of me having to go and change the primary.
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1 year ago, Idontknownospaces
I love soccer and rolnado and Messi and neymar and mbpee!
I love this game because it includes soccer in it and I love all of the soccer players their names are mbpee rolnado Messi neymar and Mohamed SALAH and I give this a 5 star it’s just the best it helps me play soccer but a little different it helps me play soccer on a device so sometimes I feel like I’m playing soccer all by myself and I like how it shows you the directions because some people don’t even understand anything with no directions so if you see this message mbpee rolnado and Neymar and Messi and Mohamed SALAH please please let me know and I’m just a big fan of soccer and I love soccer so much at every soccer game I go to the World Cup just to watch them play soccer and so I can see my favorite soccer players and oh I’m not joking I have a lot more favorite soccer players I just don’t want to say there names because one time I said all of my favorite soccer players and they made fun of me and I’m scared you guys the ones who are seeing this I’m scared they will make really rude comments and that is why I love this game and soccer so muchhhhhhhhhhhh!
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6 years ago, 0123Anonymous0123
I love this game so much and was very excited for the new season, but was thoroughly disappointed when it finally came. First of all, you can be playing a VS attack match (or any skill game) and your screen will just randomly freeze. The game will just crash for about 15 seconds as if you hit pause (but The timer is still running). It will start back up only for u to see your opponent has scored 3 times already. Also, chemistry is killing me. I have an 86 ovr team and I have beat a 90 ovr team and lost to an 81 ovr team just because of CHEMISTRY. Who even cares how much your players “like” each other in real life? It’s not like you get to pick which players you want from the dumb overpriced packs that are offered without spending millions of coins in the market. You either end up with a player that will help your chemistry or not. At least do not make chemistry affect your chances that much! I really want to give this game 5 stars, but I can’t because I can’t progress as much as I should be able to because of these glitches and arbitrary chemistry numbers.
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6 years ago, Saltwater78
Bugs galore
A potentially great game constantly compromised by an incompetent development team. Have no issue spending on the game but the value for money is questionable at best. Currently the game has crashed for some players (myself included) and continues to be down for 24 hours up till now. If this were the only glitch encountered it may be excusable but it is not. Although on smaller levels, there is constant bugs and glitches with this latest crash being the worst. It is unreal that a game which depicts the worlds most popular sport under the name of the worlds top sporting organization could be this full of glitches, bugs, hackers (yes they are abundant) and crashes. Surely better can be done but I’m sure it won’t. The reality is that those who play the game are captive customers as there are no other football games that are comparable considering the image rights FIFA holds. So much of us will suffer through this latest disaster and maybe receive some nominal next to nothing compensation when EA are able to put two and two together and get back online. Truly unacceptable!
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4 months ago, Jooshreign
Adding other international countries to the game
There only a few things I have to say, but before then I had to say a big thank you for making this game so amazing and improving the day by day as a consistent player. I am truly grateful and keep up the good work. However, There seems to be an issue just one issue I don’t know why there are only a few the other international countries to the game itself because when I saw the international I was really looking forward to see how far it would go, but I don’t understand why they’re only a few countries that are in the international side please if it’s possible to make changes to that please do because I am curious to know how the other countries sound like when the announcer says their name, and if you would do that, I would be really appreciated apart from this, I really don’t have anything else I’m not facing any situation I just wanna say that you guys keep up the good work developers thank you so much for creating the locker room for this current game update.
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5 years ago, Rediwhipt
Game is completely p2w. So many issues
While the gameplay can be fun at times, it has seemingly gone downhill over the last couple of years. The worst aspect of this game though is how utterly pointless it has become to try to play and enjoy u less you happen to have a ridiculous amount of disposable income that you don’t mind handing over to EA in hopes of making your FIFA Mobile experience anywhere comparable to a few years ago. They unroll these ‘big events’ that give you about 10 minutes of playing time and then you get to wait and stare at all the reward prizes and players you will never be able to afford for the next couple of days until EA unlocks an exciting 10 more minutes of new event gameplay, then rinse....repeat.....waste $20 here and there if you are feeling generous but will most likely regret it immediately, and then it is back to normal h2h attack/ versus modes where you’ll most likely have goals taken away from you mysteriously, get logged out in the middle of a match, lose against an opponent who is not even playing but just letting the AI control his monster team, and get plenty of fun VS Attack attempts where the screen goes completely black for the duration of your attempt and you get to depend on the sounds of kicking the ball to try to score blind. Game is broken
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