Eagle Eye Viewer

Photo & Video
3.4 (70)
80.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Eagle Eye Networks, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Eagle Eye Viewer

3.39 out of 5
70 Ratings
3 months ago, Jordan RK
Won’t open on my IPhone
I’m able to open on my Samsung Galaxy but the app refuses to open on my work IPhone. Odd glitch. I need it on my IPhone as the cameras are specifically used for work purposes. The app is fully updated so that’s not the issue.
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2 years ago, dudenola
Horrible App
The app constantly crashes, will open multiple layers of the same camera window, won’t let you switch between cameras at the top middle drop down as before when you wanna see the same moment in time but from different cameras. All around failed update and needs to be pulled back or redone. Almost useless. I’ve worked for weeks with support and they can’t seem to fix the app at all. Same cruddy interface that crashes or jumps to random times to show you. Often won’t let you go back at all very far. Joke of an update. Do not get this app, service, or camera system. Literally Arlo which I have as a backup has been my main system now for months. Waiting to get rid of eagle eye and find better company for sure.
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5 months ago, alex_goodman
New update is really nice
Just decided to upgrade my app and it feels much much better, a lot of stuff that were annoying me - fixed!! This is very usable now and I kinda love it, or maybe it’s a hate-love relationship type of thing…lol. Overall I can recommend EEN solution and mobile app
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3 years ago, Hisloveisgreat
Can’t zoom in, App only works half of the time
I used to be able to zoom in when viewing a camera feed, but now as soon as I zoom in, it zooms immediately back out. It would be great if that were fixed. Also, the app works great in the morning, but by afternoon it buffers forever and when the feed does come up, it is only up for a second and then goes back to buffering.
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2 years ago, panderholm
Faster easier
I updated my app to the newest version. It’s much faster now loading the video. I also like the improvements to the user interface. It’s easier to use.
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4 years ago, Krupa_Troopa
Eagle Eye is great, the app is not
If I didn’t need this app to do my job I would have deleted it so long ago. When the app works properly it’s great. But it so rarely works properly. When I try to view a camera the app freezes and I have to close out and relaunch it. And sometimes on the relaunch it opens in Demo mode, forcing me to close and relaunch the app again. It’s literally just a never-ending cycle of closing and relaunching the app. Get it together, Eagle Eye.
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1 year ago, Trav2023
Travis Farrar
The new smart search feature is amazing. My customer have been looking for a easier way to search and this has made a huge difference!
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3 years ago, Typical_Taco
Much better!
I greatly appreciate Eagle Eye paying attention to feedback on their app. They solved the exact problem that was happening and now the app works great! Thanks again!!
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1 year ago, shariboolewis
Can not open
When I hit the button it there then goes away. Went back to redo, but will not let me
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4 years ago, cloudcamman
Adt Partner
At first I was skeptical as our earlier foray into cloud video never really panned out. I spent a weekend learning all about the company and the app, and promptly started demoing to my customers. This changed my entire outlook on video in the security industry. The response has been overwhelming and totally positive. This is the last video system you will ever need. You may upgrade to higher resolution cameras, but this system is totally scalable in that regard. Wholeheartedly recommended!! Dave r
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6 years ago, hamjfysnnzie
Crash Crash Crash
Picture is good, after you press play. Playback crashes consistently on the app. Playback is also limited. Can only watch recorded video with out being able to fast forward the speed of the playback. This is essential and needs to be part of the next enhancement to the software.
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2 years ago, Tiger288195
New Update
I do not like the newest update. I feel as though it is harder to scroll through when reviewing footage. I also miss the clock slider where I could select/input a time to review. Love having the app to use but feel like it could be a bit more user friendly on phones.
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5 years ago, gsugubd
All cameras images don’t come up but shows connection
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3 years ago, mystoli
Love the New Camara Layout
Very user friendly on negotiating between cameras and drilling down on options. Nice improvement
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3 years ago, Reulbach
Stopped working
Recently I have been unable to view all of our locations on my iphone. Nothing shows when I click on. The only way I can see these on my laptop is if I select a specific camera then the whole layout will pop up! WHAT HAPPENED?!?! It used to work great
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3 years ago, ghormesabzy
Can’t zoom in
I can’t zoom in any more, it zoom back out right away. The admin suggested to delete and reinstall the app and that didn’t work either, beyond that it seems like they don’t have any other Soloutions.
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2 years ago, GaryTully
Better before the update.
The controls are all wacky now. It used to be intuitive. The dates jump around and the app is almost useless. Looking at Arlos now.
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2 years ago, srydq
New & improved
New updates make it faster and simpler. Top VMS app.
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6 years ago, Aaaaapple12345
Works great!
We use this for work, and it works just as advertised.
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3 years ago, Helopilot256396493947
Crashes constantly
This app crashes almost immediately when opening. Never works as expected.
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2 years ago, lakeviewlovely
App is so glitchy
The app continually logs me out when I try to view our cameras’ playback. There’s no point in security footage if you can’t review it.
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4 years ago, Firegirl115
Camera view is good but too much buffering.
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8 years ago, 60+nifty
Great security camera app
Great service support from them also, shows pics, good views & options. One flaw recently with update or I would have rated 5 stars. You have to click on live video to get current view, it isn't automatic every time like it used to be. That's why we want live so we see what's going on when we are away from home.
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2 years ago, dmvnwdc
This App is garbage and so is AD&T
Terrible footage and handling of camera. Scrolling through time lapse is impossible and the app dumps you on a random time stamp. Do not use AD&T
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3 years ago, philanthropist97
Eagle Eye is Great, the App is Horrible
I love the whole concept of eagle eye it is amazing! However the app is so slow, and the app crashes constantly. They need to Re-Vamp this entire app.
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6 years ago, 98769xc
Not worth it
The app crashes all of the time. I can never replay video because it keeps crashing.
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3 years ago, jcz rock's
This app keeps crashing and does not load it always says error no good
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1 year ago, beef-whistle
Constant error messages
“ internal server error “ constantly…how do I access my cameras now remotely. I am hostage to bad developers…
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3 years ago, Heyitzbryan
Facilities Manager
Very slow and unresponsive which causes a great deal of frustration. Very behind the times.
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5 years ago, Nickname1$2$3$4$5
Crash almost every time.
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8 years ago, UCCLIN
Straight Forward
Easy to use. Features thought out. Simple easy to understand design. As client, no complaints here.
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7 years ago, Kris5449
Worthless! Nothing but problems
Camera feed always fails. Streaming live never loads. Downloads almost always fail. Attempts to view recorded files just give a “server error 502” alert, or the app will just crash. Attempts to change setting result in “attempt to save settings failed” notice. So far, there is NOTHING redeeming about this app. No wonder all the positive reviews are from 1 year or more. Employee reviews maybe?
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6 years ago, Voidspeak
Errors and crashes
As a district manager, access to cameras to my stores is a necessity. Since day 1, this app almost always crashes on startup. When it doesn’t crash, it gives the “error 502 server” message when trying to watch live footage. My IT has confirmed our network is working perfectly fine. Very disappointed in this service.
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9 years ago, Robert s 512
50 Retail location chain just upgraded
We've used tons of video systems, these guys have nailed it. Impressive and simple.
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8 years ago, Dnastyyyyyy
User friendly
The interface is intuitive. I like how I can organize the streams to my preferences. Awesome app!
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10 years ago, Mgc1221
Great App
App makes it really easy to see what's going on at home remotely.
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9 years ago, Tsprs
Simple to use and very intuitive. Great job, nice update. Keep it coming.
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7 years ago, Zroachhhhhhh
I've never used a camera app as smooth as this one. The history browser is very robust and lets you scan through hours of footage in hd just by scrolling. Then I can save that video right to my phone or send it! Great company going to be putting all my gas stations on this platform.
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5 months ago, agwilliams02
Application Not Authenticating Logon Credentials
Each time I enter my logon credentials, then enter the 4-digit authentication code to logon, I am immediately routed back to the initial logon screen and have to re-enter my e-mail address and password and start the authentication process all over again. I have cleared my browsing history and removed the application and reinstalled the application; however, this did not resolve the issue.
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