East Texas Prof Credit Union

4.8 (9.9K)
102.5 MB
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East Texas Professional Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for East Texas Prof Credit Union

4.82 out of 5
9.9K Ratings
4 years ago, plastic6969
It’s efficient but-
This app is very good when it comes to tracking my purchases, etc. But there has been a recent problem of transactions not showing up??? And sometimes it says the money was never spent, and I buy something else, then it all leaves my bank account at once. The past transaction that didn’t go through, and the one that I made after that. It’s a bit of a bug or something I guess. Other than that, everything else works perfectly.
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3 months ago, hdgfdtjfdfdhj
Hard to navigate some features.
For the most part this app works pretty well. However some of the features don’t have a back button make it sometimes difficult to navigate. For example, when trying to apply for a credit card at the bottom of the page the app asks you to review the terms of service before clicking I agree and it will not allow you to click agree without first clicking on the terms of service link first. The problem is that their is no back button. Once you click on the terms of service it is impossible to go back and click the agree box. This little detail makes it impossible to apply for a credit card using this app. Many of the features on this app are completely unusable because of the lack of a back button.
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4 years ago, malone, D.
Love the App and the Credit Union
Doug Martin you are an asset to the credit union , excellent job Doug ,special thanks for your loyal, dedicated, professional, and caring services you have rendered us. Just taking the opportunity to thank you and invite others to choose East Texas Professional Credit Union whether its a car, personal loan or other financial needs, Doug Martin’s expertise is an asset to members. Doug Martin assumes their need as if it were his own need. Doug your expertise has helped us achieve many of our goals, we recommend you as a financial leader. Your Professional, dedicated abilities to everyone who need financial guidance, a car, or whatever a member needs to reach out. Go get what you need everyone in this area. I assure you that you will be pleased. God bless each of you Spiritually. Physically, and Financially. Stay safe and pray. Stay safe and pray all the time Luke chapter 18:1 Mr. & Mrs. Otis & Dorothy Malone
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6 years ago, kdrama fan
Good - Could Be Better
As far as most US banking app go, it’s as good as most and better (in a few areas) than some. I’d like the ability to transfer funds to other banks electronically. As it is, I can debit card for some payments but others require electronic check, which aren’t immediate transfers. And the Federal banking transfer system is a joke. It may have been state-of-the-art 20 years age but not anymore. Sorry that’s not your fault. Anyway, the app is easy to navigate and useful. I like it quite a bit.
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5 years ago, Txgirl#1
Not Happy
I called and spoke to representative today in regards to my account. I had an issue with my card card being compromised and so I went in and paid the 10 dollars for the quick release. When I tried to use the new card onmy PayPal acct. I was told that this card was attached to another account. it had been deactivated for fraudulent charges. I was transferred over to card services and places on hold for over 1 hour and the phone hung up in my face. When attempting to call back I was sent to automated system. This to me is poor customer service. The teller before transferring me told me basically that I was lying because they did not recycle numbers. I have banked with ETPCU for over 20 years but this has me feeling like I need to find another bank
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1 year ago, PattersonPatti
LOVE this app!!
I used to call the automated info line all the time and thought that was an excellent way to check my accounts. This app is absolutely phenomenal for me to monitor my account and I don’t have to worry that I will miss something! thank you for the app and special thanks to the wonderful and sweet young lady who set me up with the app. I am not the most technologically capable person and really appreciated how patient she was for me.
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5 years ago, J_llan
Great Online Banking App!!
Love the simplicity of use and how to navigate around the app. Love the mobile deposit feature. The only thing I wish was different was that you could see a picture of the checks you write after they are deposited like you can on the desktop website. Sometime people cash the checks weeks later and you forget what that check was for and you cannot view it in the mobile app, you have to go to the website to view image of check. Other than that it’s an amazing app!
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3 years ago, Morrisant
Member for over 40 years
ETPCU has been my bank and savings institution for over 40 years! Much has changed but hometown service still remains. I wish they offered Health Savings Accounts. I have had to go to another credit union for that. Not sure why they still don’t offer that important kind of savings account.
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2 years ago, Keilah19
Needs real time bank info.
I absolutely HATE the app. Available balance is constantly changing. I don’t have time to keep a check book and balance it so I depend on the app to tell me my actual balance available especially with 5 kids and a fast paced schedule. MULTIPLE times it is inaccurate and then fees get tacked on back to back because a charge is taken out then deposited back and charged again as a separate transaction when it’s the SAME one and we end up in ridiculous amounts of fees. If it was real time… these fees could be avoided and non existent because we’d know not to overspend or what our ACTUAL balance is.
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3 years ago, Querist
This is great! Wonderfully convenient.
The app is easy to use and makes life much more convenient. Now that you can link accounts, I can see all of my accounts with only one ID. This makes banking much more convenient for me as my work hours vary and I can’t always make it to a branch office when they’re open.
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3 years ago, Mocha Coffy
Convenient App
The ability to check my account balance at anytime is great. And to deposit a check from any location is even better. Covid allowed @ least one positive in that I became more fluent in using media sources:Alexa, zoom etc. Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude.
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6 years ago, Richey K
Mobile deposits
Until the mobile deposit feature gets fixed this is all i will give this app since its really the only reason I put or on my phone. i constantly get not enough light EVEN when I'm using a flash light which you SHOULDN'T have to do and other times it tells me the deposit I'm entering DOESN'T match what the software is detecting. Which in my opinion should be double checked by a real human anyhow hence the reason it stating it could take a few days for mobile deposit to go through.
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2 years ago, JoanieRaye
Banking @ ETPCU
I’ve been banking @ ETPCU for many years, since shortly after they opened. I get good service, just like I did when I lived in Longview, even though I now live nearly 2 hours away. I wish there was one here in Fate. We don’t have any bank here, & Fate in ROCKWALL County is the the fastest growing county in Texas. It is also one of the riches counties.
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5 years ago, sbryant.2010
Mobile deposit will only work occasionally
Same bank, same signer, small amounts, sometimes typed out (always deposits), written (sometimes will deposit). The main reason I wanted the app. All stars would be possible if the mobile deposit would work better for me.
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7 months ago, brstone16
Greatest Banking Business in East Texas
As a member that has been with this Credit Union for over 20yrs, I can say that every employee that I have had contact with has been very polite and helpful for each and every transaction. Very nice people from the top down.
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1 year ago, Through with ETPCU
Total Incompetence
These people deposited money in the wrong account, and we therefore had a check bounce even though we had 10 times more actual funds on hand. And then they had the gall to charge an overdraft. They will argue with you when you make a deposit, the simplest thing for a bank to do. They put a 10 business day hold on a simple deposit, which is simply stupid in this day of internet banking. And when you question them about what they do, they get rude.
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3 years ago, flofner1
Mobile deposit
Not sure what’s going on with mobile deposit, but I’ve tried 18 time to deposit a money order the same way I have in the past and it won’t detect the amount of the money order.
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4 years ago, 2020Nut
Drive through
So far, so good. There is one lady that works in the drive through that seems to not be real happy with herself, so I as a customer when I leave the window I’m not as happy or joyful. I really try not to use the drive through service.
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6 years ago, Wezer4
The app is extra easy to navigate. It's so much better than other banking apps I've used. I'm really glad I switch banks from a national to this credit union. ..... The best part isn't just a great app, it's the people that work there and treat you like an addition to their day instead of an interruption.
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2 weeks ago, Paul Lynn
50+ years
It’s very apparent that anyone who remains with a service company/CU IS BEING WELL SERVED! Started using the Teachers CU January 1973 thru the Marshall branch as a beginning Ag Teacher - you’ve continued to serve me EXCEPTIONALLY WELL . Thank you ETPCU for being there for me at the start of my career, fresh out of college, and helping me to establish a financial home!
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5 years ago, BudgetBoss
I thank God everyday for ETPCU..... Everyone there is courteous and professional and will in every opportunity to give you the upmost service.... THANK YOU TO THE TEAM..... and I can truly say my entire family banks with ETPCU and my future generation of family will as well.... be bless
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7 years ago, TempleRunAddicted<3
Busy mom
I use the app daily for one reason or another. Having a college student away from home I can easily transfer money in a few short steps. Makes my life easier!
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4 years ago, Rickey Newman
Best financial institution
I have been a member for a very long time. The employees are friendly and very helpful. They are always willing to help with even the smallest things. I’m not a young person, so I often need assistance. They are the best.
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7 years ago, Cherjune
I use this app all the time. I love the convenience of being able to quickly check my balance and helps me keep up with the things that have cleared or may still be outstanding.
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7 years ago, $uper$onic
Dropped it to 2 stars until iPhone X compatible
Needs updating to be iPhone X compliant! No facial recognition, still operates from print scanner and, well,, I have no home button!
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3 years ago, 9GB3
Fix it please
It was a good app until the last update now it won’t let me do anything. It keeps telling me I’m wrong about the stuff I know I’m right about and it quit sending me alerts and I can’t figure out how to turn them back on but other than that very good app it would be five stars but all this crap going on so I just give a 2
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3 years ago, Lucky Boy 7
What I See.
Bank manager / loan officer, will not return phone calls. You can leave messages or tell other bank personell to give him a message and no response. Don’t even think about seeing him in person, that sure isn’t gonna happen. And it seems as though he makes up rules to fit certain depositors as he goes. No Help !!!
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2 years ago, ETPCU
I enjoy using the ETPCU app especially since I’m no longer a Texas resident. I’ve been using it since 2012 when I retired and probably even longer than that. It’s easy to use.
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1 year ago, System poor response
Access and support
Have not been able to link MINT an Intuit product since the system change. Used it to track account transactions and since you cannot see the checks online either it puts there system back 15 years. Management seems not to care. It is Corporate Policy. I am considering closing my accounts after 46 years. Terrible merger in my opinion.
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6 years ago, Baxter 1979
Good people and great app. Considering the size of the credit union and the forethought to provide a mobile app is simply astounding. Every tine I’ve ever considered trying to find a better rate ETPCU has always been top three bidders or better. This app is just icing on the proverbial “cake” PROST
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5 years ago, Mooseapple2
ETPCU has been great
ETPCU has been great for our family and a small business we did have. We have been here 31 years. We have secured many personal loans successfully. Richard and Gail Apple
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6 years ago, gratefulhead56
Very Good and User Friendly
I can do everything I need to from within the app, check deposit, turn off a card if I need to, transfers and more. Highly recommend
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5 years ago, Cpsbodie
Great app-improve the password change
Only complaint is how hard it is to change the password. Having to log into a computer to change the password is a hassle.
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3 years ago, Bill Brett
App Just Like ETPCU
Works great, user friendly, just like if I was at the location itself friendly, customer oriented, and helpful as always! Love East Texas Professional Credit Union!
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6 years ago, Samiedavis77
Not bad
I don’t have a problem with this app. I’m sure there is something that could be better that I’m forgetting about which is why I rated it a 4 out of 5 stars. For the most part I haven’t noticed any glitches and it’s easy to use!
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4 years ago, Fun grow old
My new Bank
I enjoy the convince and the employees are so nice and friendly. They will help you no matter if your on the phone or in person.
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7 years ago, Chubby Chello
Don’t you forget it! Most secured and confidential money banking app on the web. Mobile friendly and love the personal touch to pay your bills 24-7!
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2 years ago, glitter Fabolous
Love this
I love East Texas professional credit I love the people that work there they e are helpful in So many ways I never had a bad experience
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4 years ago, Bunnyeboo
My bank
I signed on with ETPCU when it first opened . They have always been friendly and helpful.
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3 years ago, bill no pay
Bill pay
Looks like bill pay was taken off the app. Looks like I’m going to Eastman credit union.
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4 years ago, delisa allen
Great Banking
Absolutely love my loan officer, keeps me up to date on interest rates and banking matters. Love the staff also, very informative and helpful. Great feeling working with these folks. Great hometown feeling.
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7 years ago, Drake's diddy
Very convenient!
I don't keep a check register anymore because this is so easy.
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3 months ago, TKNWOOD
Time Saved
This app hasn’t had any malfunctions since the update and loads quickly. Saves me time!!! ❤️🤍💙🤠
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7 years ago, madisonwazher
Great way to manage your acts
I can appreciate the convenience on this ap.. anything short of getting a loan you can get with this device.
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6 years ago, Enpr2016
Ease of app
Very easy to use. Surprisingly, you can do most everything you would ever need to do online through the app. Love the mobile deposit feature.
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5 years ago, Mpfire1
Great App
Great app that is convenient to use. Would love the ability to transfer funds with other ECU users. Currently I have to use a third party app to accomplish that task.
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1 year ago, ronpeacock
Great Banking Experience
On every turn a helpful, personal place to keep your money!
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3 years ago, Huntniki
I live that ETPCU connects to Plaid. Any service that I need digital access to is within reach. Way to go tech teams!
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3 months ago, DebLBas
Pretty easy to use
I really like the way this app is structured. It’s easy to use and understand. One thing I wish it would add is, if I write out a check, which STILL happens, I could also put that down in my account, for example the check #, amount, and the person I write it to. Sincerely, Debbie Bashor
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1 year ago, DREADS4LYFE73
6+ plus years
Love this app and everything the company stands for. Keep up the great work
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