Eastman Credit Union

4.9 (23K)
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Eastman Credit Union
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Eastman Credit Union

4.89 out of 5
23K Ratings
9 months ago, MoneyShark08
Beginners Opinion
Even though I’m just 15, I’ve recently made my first separate account with Eastman. Foreword, I’ve never really been a miser, always craving for something new and exciting. However, since i’ve deposited money and developed a deeper understanding of money-flow, it has genuinely made me a more financially responsible individual. Additionally, having the ability to see each transaction with a single glance at my phone is so convenient. I hope someone reads this and eventually grasps what I’m rambling on about. So with that said, I have nothing else to say except thanks for making online banking a simple process.👍🏻
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5 years ago, Peace to Everyone
ECU is the best from A to Z
Now we all know businesses makes mistakes, as I’m sure ECU has done too. But, I’ve found out that they 100%, truly put customers first and foremost. I’ve had the pleasure working with them on many accounts, different situations and various times throughout the years, and I can honestly say, they are absolutely the most professional, caring and will go out of their way to help you find a solution to an issue or help you get started, from a simple checking/savings, loans from $500 to whatever you need. Again, they’re not perfect, but they do go out of their way to be as the best as they can be.
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2 years ago, joe durt1
Great app. Great way to bank.
After being away from my Tennessee mountain home for over 40 years I moved back to retire on a small military disablement pension and civilian social security. To say the least my budget every month is Spartan. Over my career I have done business with veery many banks and they were ok. However my father, 83 years old advised me to try out Eastman. Gotta say… since I joined it has been an absolute pleasure! The folks there are amazing and are happy to help me with anything. I advise all of my disabled veterans to join since most of them get ripped off constantly with minor fees for just about anything. It adds up for folks on a very limited income. So, I am a little long winded on this but truly want to let the folks there know how much I appreciate the professional services. Thank you. Tom Terry Jr. 😃✌️❤️🙏
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6 years ago, Jaki10177
Best banking app!!!
I really love this app. The sign in is so convenient. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I also love how it shows you all the past transactions. You don’t have to scroll from week to week or month to month. I like when things are all on one page. I tried to switch to Veritas banking when I moved cities, and Veritas is so much worse. I’ve kept my account with eastman because they have been a great bank to me and make things so easy! Kudos to them.
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8 months ago, The wandering guitar
No more separate business app
When signing in my phone recognizes my face instantly and signs me into my personal account. A fine and very useful feature. However, there is no separate application for Business Accounts, leaving me to sign-in to personal unintentionally, sign out, then manually sign in to Business. This occurs every time I open the ECU app. Otherwise this app is actually great
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3 years ago, Scottharr88
ECU online
This is by far the best thing I’ve seen online!! I’m not very computer savvy but this app makes banking a breeze! With bill pay and being able to transfer money from one account to another in just seconds to being able to see your correct balance at anytime. It’s just the best app since sliced bread for anyone 8 to 80! Keep up the great work!!
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6 years ago, Kimberlyhelen
Banking app
I love the convenience of this app, and I rarely visit my branch anymore because of it. However, sometimes the picture taking aspect is very temperamental. It has been better recently, but I often have to take my pictures a number of times, before they show up in the frame the way they are supposed to, and the way they look in my camera. I gave it four stars because of that.
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4 years ago, W00dD
Great app, small problems
Overall I love the app. It was well designed. The only issue I have run into is that the widget will not display the account name if the phone is running in dark mode. They display fine in normal mode. This is probably because it thinks it needs white text for the account names but it is being displayed on a white panel. I hope this will be an easy fix for the developers.
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4 years ago, Plattinum080
Best mobile banking app. Period
I searched high and low for the best mobile banking app on the market. I was amazed to find it here, in this regional credit union. I’ve tried all the major competitors with both business and personal accounts, and ECU has the best technology. On top of that, they have the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in banking too. If I could give them 10 stars I would. Well done!!
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7 years ago, pkgolfgirl
Like but needs work
I love that you offer thumb print log in and mobile check deposit. But half of the time I make a deposit I get the spinning wheel and please wait message and it never goes away. I have to close the app and start all over. This really drives me nuts. I have banked with other companies and not had this trouble with check deposit.
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5 years ago, Carlj387
Some issues
It’s an ok app. It would be nice if I were able to select and dispute purchases. What is really annoying is the mobile deposit section. Why do I need to add the phrase “for mobile deposit” on my check when I’m using the mobile deposit section, in the mobile app? Now it’s telling me I have to write “for mobile deposit at ECU”. Isn’t that just a given when I use the mobile app for ECU and make a mobile deposit in the mobile ECU app?! Now instead of being convenient I have to drive to the bank to deposit a check.
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6 years ago, Cowens321
Good, But Needs More Support
This app works well, but the developers are super slow to update when anything new comes out. When Touch ID came out, they took a long time to update to let users take advantage of that feature. Now the iPhone X is out and they still haven’t updated for users to enjoy the app taking up the whole screen. I just wish the developers would watch for Apple’s newest features and let users experience those new features with this app.
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3 years ago, CodeineReloaded74™️
I used to think mobile banking couldn’t get any better than Eastman Credit Unions online website until I got introduced to the ECU app. I am very impressed and pleased with the entire ECU mobile banking application . It’s very neat and organized. It is easy to maneuver, and it is very secure ! 7!out of 5 stars is the rating I would give !
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12 months ago, Cmorninstar
Banking couldn’t be made any easier! I can pay my visa bill, transfer from my checking to my savings, so I don’t use the money that’s not meant to be used. I can deposit my checks with no trouble. The only thing I can’t do, is deposit cash using the app.🤣
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6 years ago, jbess344
Just one thing...
I really like the app, I especially appreciate the addition of touch open, my only Problem is that in general it’s not great at giving me an accurate representation of my finances. It might say that available I have $200 but then I’ll spend $100 and it overdrafts me. I just wish it were more accurate in telling me my available balance when I have pending transactions.
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4 years ago, family useful
Very handy!
II use this app all the time!!! I use it for bills for me and my mom, I transfer money, and keep updates on all accounts. It saves me trips to the bank and I love it. There are few times it gets busy or pop ups telling me it’s unavailable but other than that and the fact I can’t see what I’m sure you typing 🤷🏼‍♀️ I am no complaints! Hope there’s not many typos in my review....
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3 years ago, AvengedAngel
Can we fix the fingerprint for iOS
We have always logged in with our fingerprint on this app and when we changed our password recently it will not let us log in by fingerprint. This is on both of our devices iOS. We have uninstalled this app and reinstalled it and that did not work. It’s just much more convenient than typing in the password every single time we log in. We prefer fingerprint. We also always keep everything updated . Can you fix it?
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3 years ago, mavrick🍀🐇
Mobile access ECU
Always convenient, no matter where you are. I just deposited my check within two minutes from work. Now I don’t have to spend half of my lunch hour,cashing my check at the window. Thank you ECU
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6 years ago, Janietatt
Lifesaver app!
My daily lifesaver is to check my daily balance, pay my bills and especially transfer funds when you find yourself with the money you need in the wrong account (savings needs to go to checking on grocery day!) An absolute MUST have!
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2 years ago, russ5tide
I Use it Daily and I really like the app!!!!
I use this app all the time and I love it. Would get a 5th star if it wasn't down a lot for service!! The app user interface has slowly progressed to what it currently is now and I really do enjoy using the app and look forward to further improvements.
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6 years ago, Cashcraze0123
Great app except for.....
I get everything I need, easily and quickly, except one thing. The app does not break down loan payments into principal and interest. I have to go to the desktop version to get those details. I would give five stars if it provided this information.
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3 years ago, Booyah121
Convenience at your fingertips
Not only is this the best way to keep up with your debit card purchases, but being able to deposit your money from the office or home without making a trip to the bank. Priceless
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6 years ago, Bubba review
Great easy app
I love using this app to keep track of my accounts. It is so simple to find what you need and very detailed at the same time. Not all functions of the website are available on the app, that would be my only gripe but I have no complaints.
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3 years ago, bettinryan
Super User Friendly!
I can’t believe how easy this app is to use. I have banked with several other banks and credit unions and it has never been this user friendly! So glad I switched to Eastman Credit Union :)
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4 months ago, WKnight83
Being able to access my account through my phone with my finger tips has been extremely helpful!
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7 years ago, mwillivanilli
Meh. It's okay.
Meh, it's okay. I like the graphical user layout. The app still needs work. It would be nice to be able to open a checking or another savings account only through the app instead of going to your website. Not all websites are mobile friendly even if they've designed a site for mobile; people like simple ease of use.
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3 years ago, RMonty77
So easy
ECU’s mobile app is almost like having a branch teller available anywhere. As easy to navigate as I could imagine possible, and a lot of power to move money instantly, any time.
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6 years ago, Jenlyncov
Banking Made Easy
All of my accounts are easily accessible and I can move money immediately from any location at any time. I love that I can see pending transactions and stay within my budget. So easy to use!
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10 months ago, BobbyV37620
Dividends are a joke. Limit on sending money via Zelle is ridiculous. Tried sending money on Saturday only to be told that the transaction wouldn’t go through until Wednesday. Now I have another transaction that is on hold because it can’t “verify” my phone number. When I call the help number I can’t get a representative. I need to move my money and you are inhibiting me from doing so. Horrible customer experience.
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5 years ago, Dhrjzjshdbxd
I love ECU, the app confirms that statement!
This app’s simplicity and easy-to-use nature makes numbers and accounts much easier to understand. I have no trouble with this app and there appears to hardly have any issues. A great product for a great bank!
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6 years ago, pketron1964
Great people, Great Service
I have several accounts and loans with Eastman Credit Union. They have great people working for them and the service is outstanding. I would highly recommend doing business with them.
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1 year ago, KayyBirddXO
ECU Mobile App
It’s easy to navigate around on and simple to use. It has just about everything you need to manage your bank account and money!
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3 years ago, Hemant308
Create online check deposit capability
I am amazed how convenient it is to deposit checks just by scanning them and depositing them in your account in the system works every time
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4 years ago, Godevils13
Banking Ease
E.C.U is a breath of fresh air after dealing with sub-par banks for a while. Never any issues with deposits, withdrawals or cashing. Other companies want to hold everything you deposit 7 to 14 days. That was the reason for my change to this institution.
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5 years ago, Kdy 77777
Fantastic Banking institution as well as a great App.
I have approximately been with Eastman for roughly 4 years, and out of all this time I have never had trouble with the app or the institution. They are always helpful and the app is always 100% accurate.
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3 years ago, ArnieFife
At your fingertips
It’s great to have all your banking at your fingertips and to know that the app will be there whenever you need it. Over the last year it has worked flawlessly for me.
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3 years ago, SkipDB
Great app ruined by bugs
Since the last couple of updates, nothing I do will make mobile deposit accept my reimbursement checks. Constantly get the check couldn’t be recognized. It would be fine if I could submit for manual approval, but you don’t get that option. The images are fine. Fix your app.
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2 years ago, breasia13
Great banking app!
I love this app!! It’s quick it’s easy to use to transfer money to send out money! Stress-free I absolutely love it it keeps me on TAS it keeps me from being late on my bills I’m absolutely in love with this thing!!!
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2 years ago, bljeter2
Best Bank
The app is user friendly and the support staff is always there and ready to help. If you live in the area and are able to bank with ECU you should.
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5 years ago, ImproveBill Pay Time to 2 days
Adding and deleting bill pay on phone
We need the accessibility and security to add and delete bill payees from the phone in addition to the service already being available on laptop or desktop.
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6 years ago, P u N k 3 r z
The update dropped the rating
I loved the previous version of the app where I could see all my accounts on one screen, but now I have to keep scrolling to see them. Once they correct this issue I will bring it back to 5 stars.
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11 months ago, Shep 64
They help you stay on top of anything that doesn’t seem right with your accounts. Thank you
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6 years ago, Mel/
ECU Awesome!
We’ve been with ECU for a few years now, recently moved to Knoxville but will continue to bank with them. They are always helpful and friendly, we love ECU! Our grown kids bank with them too!
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6 years ago, Renada1997
5-Star Fabulousness
This app is fabulous! It is quick, always up to speed, and has everything I need at hand! The check- deposit on the app has greatly improved and is much quicker! I couldn’t ask for much more!
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2 years ago, Kankicker
I love my ECU app
I live through this app. It's so convenient for my life needs. I move money between my accounts and can pay bills with it. Fantastic.
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6 years ago, icyclarkster
Every time I get on here the balance changes and purchases will show up then next time I get on there they don’t show up
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6 years ago, VoySamuels
Great app use it frequently
All the basic functions are there to access your accounts, make transfers, and deposit checks.
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6 years ago, Jorrdss
Love it
This app is user friendly, never glitches, and makes controlling my finances 1,000 times easier. Would highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Ruffman711
Slow on updates of purchase but always there within 24 hrs u would think it be immediately though
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2 years ago, Error Hater
It does the good
Easy to use, access my account, pay payments very solid. Glad I changed financial institutions
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