Easy Flight - Flight Simulator

3.4 (427)
363 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Easy Flight - Flight Simulator

3.44 out of 5
427 Ratings
2 years ago, I lik planes
Good game but needs help
I'm on of those people who like to stay where they are but please take this into advice: make a joystick . It's really hard to even see where your going and it's annoying to have to put input to the phone and it barely coming out to the game plus there should be Rudder control for the planes too overall somewhat good game.
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9 months ago, OfficialJoshJ
My Progress gone…
The game is fun to play…but there is so many bad things that make it not fun. First they start you out getting your flying license etc. slowly they limit you on routes and making money, you literally have to wait hours to get enough money to get another license. So once you do get your license, routes open but you can only do like two and then it locks up and you can’t play until you have enough “flight credits”. You have to repeat this over and over never really get to enjoy the game. After you successfully get you license, a captain takes over and you don’t get to fly at all…I get they need to make money but my god let the people play it, also I got all the way to get an air plane for 180k and saved up for it, next day the money was gone and my level had started over… it’s a scam to pay don’t waste your time at all.
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1 year ago, cool man, 64
Best plane game ever! I love the graphics they’re so realistic and also the different selections of planes, but I wish you could have more than just those three. I know that there are more but I wish that you could start out with them. Otherwise, a great game I played almost every day, and if some of you don’t know how to fly the planes. You just make the speed go up. And lift your device up to get off the ground but sometimes it doesn’t work because you need to. Drive a bit more on the runway. And it’s basically the same for all the directions.😏😏👍👍
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3 years ago, (f f
Read this before you play
The first thing you should do when you start playing is do the missions it will teach you everything i didnt do the missions when i started because i thought it was just you have to save the plane from crashing
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7 years ago, Jonathan94moreno
Best flight app I've used!!
I've tried over 5 different flight simulator apps, one of which I paid quite a bit for, but this one has by far been the best! Fantastic graphics, lots of levels, and great prices! You don't even have to buy anything to play the full game, but I bought a specific plane that I was wanting to try.
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4 years ago, the ultimate Hehe
Good but....
I always like the game but make the out of area STOP And also make the border so you can see it and so you won’t fly And the out of area pops up and also make it easier to get other planes and are developers even looking At our reviews but other than than its very good
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5 years ago, AHo1977
Great game, but....
Oke, it’s really not “easy” and wen you finally reach 600, your airplane is pointed the wrong direction. Also, I wish I didn’t have to just use the same airplanes over and over and over.. I really like it though. It’s very realistic and fun. Sometimes I even play it for 30mins a day! Mabby it could make sense if the title was different, like.. AirTrafic, or Flight Simulator. Other wise, great game!
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6 years ago, siqops
Title does not fit what it says in the vid
While I can see the potentials of this game, I think it needs an physic upgrade, I was flying about as high as the airport terminal when I stalled on purpose, and when it said stall I immediately put the throttle to full and it just magically went out of that stall, and plus if you can say the real name of the aircraft it would be much better not just like you are trying to ripoff 737 or 777
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10 months ago, titan sirenman
Too bad
This game is good but it copies extreme landings with many difference 1.extreme landings has low brightness but this one is brighter 2.extreme landings has more planes but same quality 3.extreme landings has more faster planes like jet fighter
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1 year ago, slilencer4444
This such a great game
So when I downloaded this app I did not know what to do so I went to missions and got good btw I love the graphics and the controls this is such a great game I play this game almost every time this is my favorite plane game EVER:)
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2 years ago, islandgrl110
Ok easy?!
Ok when I land a aircraft like 6mph under I crashed like what the heck. I wouldn’t personally get this game if I were you another thing is you have to buy aircraft! For a sim that doesn’t work. Don’t get the game if you want a better sim get infinite flight sim it is 80 per year and that is my pov. For more info one infinite flight go readers it one the App Store. Pls take my advice.
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4 years ago, Meika Barfield
Don’t like this game
This game is the worst I can’t even steer I looked at the other review but I didn’t think about it until I played this game I was looking for an airplane game for really long time but it’s just I looked at the title and I and after I played it I did not really like it but maby it’s I am still not understanding this game or not old enough well still I do not like this game
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4 years ago, RyanDash99
The best Game ever👍
It’s lots of fun please get this game I play every single day even during COVID-19 keeps me busy but I do not like it we have to use the same airplanes over and over and over again
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1 year ago, A Mobile Iphone User
This is pretty cool!
Overall, the HUD is pretty nice and accurate, sliders are familiar, but you only have a few planes that are available for free (Gulfstream G550, Bombardier CRJ700, and a Sukhoi SSJ100). Crashing physics aren’t great, but a great game for people that are new to the aviation group.
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4 years ago, car crushers
I’m at the game but you have to add a joystick please not the joystick that you have to buy but the joystick that is in the game! Also I would be happy if you would add the joystick
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3 years ago, LeLe8126
Good but very hard
This game was very hard because I always crashed the plane and to move my tablet side to side was to hard.
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4 years ago, jsnsjxhhsjjas
It’s fun
I enjoy this game it’s challenging somewhat and hard to get used to however, once you do you will enjoy the game.
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2 years ago, Pastor_Mal
Best App but kinda hard
i turn my ipad but it doesn’t wanna turn the plane also take out the out of area one because it’s gonna be hard for us to land
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2 years ago, Bscheurer
Hardest game ever!!
This game is horrible!! I’ve tried it so many times and still can’t land! It is Not easy! You have to get everything perfect or you will crash! It doesn’t even explain very good either. This game has made me soooo frustrated! Don’t waste your time playing this!!!
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3 years ago, henhsjsn
I guess I’ll try it again
I used to play but I’m trying it again because I deleted it and I got it again so I’m trying it again
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3 years ago, Pilot Owen
The missions and trainings are extremely strict, and I don’t like how you constantly lose hundreds of points if your slightly off course. The graphics are terrible and the physics are bad, there is a lot that needs to be improved.
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4 years ago, 123kall
Love it but the thing I don’t like that you don’t have big planes
I like it but you can’t get bigger planes
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5 years ago, slybuccaneer
Out of area?
Enjoy the app. One major complaint. “Mission failed, out of area is B.S.! You have a timer! What’s the problem? Most of the time when “out of area” comes up I’m turning into final approach. Get rid of it!!!
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2 years ago, fart_slayer600
Good but…
For new planes make it so that you can do missions and earn cash for them to buy planes instead of having to use real money
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2 years ago, kadaimthegreat
It’s a cool game but I don’t like how there is a timer on Free Play like other flight simulators don’t have a timer on Free Play so please remove the timer. Also can u add new planes?
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11 months ago, VeddyT
Need more planes
I like the game and it's great and everything but why just three planes? Please add more. Otherwise great game
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6 years ago, CanniesEye
Lots of fun, good as rortos
Fun when you need to grab a quick, not that serious, not that simple, flight game.
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8 months ago, BoVoxon
When you go up the speed goes down and it stalls. If you don’t want to deal with that I recommend downloading Airplane!. Please could you make it so it doesn’t do that?
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5 years ago, layne's key
Its the best
I played it 1 hour and it does not need improvement
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4 years ago, the floor is looking funny
Fix the game
I hate one thing you can’t land anywhere only at the air port
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2 years ago, silly boog
Worst game ever
I was trying to do the controls on the tutorial but it wouldn’t work. I was tilting them the right way and it still didn’t function properly. Do not download this game. It does not work.
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6 years ago, Gameboi 12
Needs improvement
Make buildings look realistic, not like gray blocks. Make the wheels of all planes movable or dynamic. Make it possible to land outside of runways. Add more free planes like an embraer 170 and a Learjet 60, 70, 75. Do you guys even pay attention to our reviews!? I also found out this game is really boring
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4 years ago, X.X.XALVINX.X.X
How do you land bro?i tried the exact way the pilots do it and i just crash why?
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2 years ago, Theminecraftkid_Yacob
Add joysticks
that’s it the game is I just want joystick controls
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2 years ago, AV382504
This app could be better
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3 years ago, Abasin Ah
This is hard
I played this game and it was going out of control and the bad part was that when I arrive at the airport I crashed so this is hard
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4 years ago, Jake 🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟
Hi I’m sorry
I don’t know how to do this but I hate this app
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4 years ago, simey boo
I have wasted more than five hours and can’t even complete the first level to the last so I rate this the worst rate it can get.
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4 years ago, jtr2711
Great Game But Needs More Development
Hello, I like the game but, I can’t buy airplanes. Please add the way to buy airplanes
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4 years ago, Amazing Wolves
Levels are too hard! They are impossible to get through to the next set of challenges
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4 years ago, iicloudyroxes
Hard to move
Where aare the controls like it keeps turning
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4 years ago, ytfyfjyfcyu
This is never easy
“Namastè everyone the game is like the title it’s because I can’t do level 1 and lvl fail if u can’t go through the yellow square I mean rectangle sorry with my bad English & Hindi Hindi is NOT my first language”
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1 year ago, RimaON
Ugh so hard 🤬
I was the everything correct it was not working
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3 years ago, ycbcbbc
This is a stupided game do not buy this it says it is easy but it is almost impossible to land and whene you reack 6000 you get teliported to the wrong derectoin it is so frickin bad
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5 years ago, angel the budgie
So hard I hate tilt controls wish you can decide between tilt or not If you turn you go all the way Hard to control
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5 years ago, itumkigul
Restore Purchase
Cannot restore purchase why?
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3 years ago, UmutKzdl
I wasn't able to play this game. It keeps rotating the screen and I have to rotate my phone. Of course the flight is gone. Fail.
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1 year ago, Funnyface41102
I bought a plane and it didn’t show up when I was gonna use it
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1 year ago, jackson and justin
When I Try to take off my plane moves to the side
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9 months ago, Shaolinjack
Help .?.
Can’t find any instructions on getting started.?. Never even fired the engines.
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