Easy Long Exposure Camera

Photo & Video
4.2 (686)
20.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Osawa Shunsuke
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Easy Long Exposure Camera

4.21 out of 5
686 Ratings
3 years ago, IvanS21
Minor issue
When it shows it’s shooting for a 2s shutter light draw image. There is a 1 second delay from when the app says it’s shooting the photo to when it actually captures the shot. If I add a 3 or 10 second timer it doesn’t stop the additional 1 second delay after it says shooting the image. This 1 second is inconsistent and is sometimes half a second or nearly 2 seconds. It’s a minor inconvenience to capture the light drawing photos with this issue.
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10 months ago, Happyaspie
5 Stars for telescope Astro photography
I’m so happy I found this app, I wasted lots of money trying other camera apps until finding this one. It does everything you need to do great Astro photography using an IPhone with a telescope adapter. Manual focus, shutter speed, and iso settings all under your control. Once you play with it a bit and do some trial and error you quickly figure out the settings. I paid 5.99 for this and am so happy, especially after wasting over 25 bucks on other leading camera apps for Astro photography. I thank the developer for making such an easy to use and high quality app for doing long exposure photography!
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4 years ago, AKQJ10777
Better Than Others
I tried a few other long exposure apps before trying this one, and I was pleased with the operation. It is very easy to understand and use. It would be even better if you could zoom the camera while using it, I got the pro version thinking that would solve it and was a bit disappointed to find it didn’t. Aside from that I think it takes great night shots. I highly recommend using a tripod for longer exposures.
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8 months ago, Gary99016
Nice app for low light photos.
I have used this app on several camping trips. It works well taking photos of stars and it is easy to capture the Milky Way with it. It works well with city night scapes capture lights and motion. I have not tried it with daylight shots for moving water, I’ll give it a shot and let you know. You can use it for wild life if they stand still, but since they are unpredictable, the photos get tricky.
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3 years ago, PiePounder
It’s ok
It takes multiple pictures and layers them, not a true long exposure. 4 stars for it working, great UI, and stable. Just not what I was looking for.
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3 years ago, Boss Blurr
This app is amazing
I wanted to take a picture of the sky at night but my phone only had a 3 second shutter I went to the app store to find camera apps that have long exposure and saw this I downloaded it and I must say it blew my expectations though the roof!!! I highly recommend this app😍😍😍
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6 months ago, Three.Hundred.and.Three
Slow Shutter App
Very nice to use, even the free version is usable and you can save your photos as well. Fixed iso on the free version but well worth the buy for a few bucks and being able to choose shutter length over 10 seconds.. Way over!!
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3 years ago, Pokemondylan209
ISO too high
The ISO needs to be significantly lower if the aim of your product is to take images with a long shutter speed. It doesn't work at any shutter speed over 3 seconds, and that's even with the full version I paid for, going down to 22. I don't feel like this purchase was worth it. Edit: the only way you can take actual photos of stars is with the lowest possible shutter speed and the lowest possible ISO. Not worth it at all.
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3 years ago, Rordan
Amazing App!
If you’re reading this, ignore all of the bad reviews. The reason they gave a bad review is cause they don’t know how to use, or what ‘shutter’ is. Thanks so much to the dev cause i haven’t found an app that will let me do longer than 1s shutter. I’m not to sure who would ever need to use the 30s option 😂 but it’s nice to have.
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5 years ago, Notapaidreviewer
The best alternative to night mode
Apples intentionally decided not to include night mode in the official release of iOS 13 except in iPhone 11s or higher where iOS 13 is the buggiest iOS Apple has made to date even though it was on all devices in the beta version. This is the closest you're going to get. However, there are alternativea that have exposure times longer than 30 seconds.
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5 years ago, 85thKing
Really works
Not a hoax like the other free long exposure apps that simply turn up the image brightness. this app actually captures detail through exposure time, providing more detail than the built in camera can record in low light. Free version only allows ISO 400, but works fully on that setting.
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1 year ago, 12462873454
Good if it worked
The app crashes so much it’s basically unusable. If I could get consistent performance it would be a 5/5 because on the RARE and I mean like winning the lottery RARE event that it doesn’t crash after shooting the pictures can be really good. But I have to try 10 times to get a single usable image. 9/10 times it just crashes.
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4 years ago, Sunny.Singh7
Useless waste of time
Downloaded this at 11:08 and it was deleted by 11:09. Took a shot with the phone standing still and it only brought back a white screen. Before you press the capture button the camera has perfect picture bring displayed of what the camera is going to capture. Soon as the record button is pressed the only thing captured is a white background. Don’t waste your time.
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8 months ago, Rs 313
Changing the iso didn’t change the exposure
Disappointed in long exposure, I tired to do a rocket launch with it. I needed a 180 second exposure and the app was just giving me a super over exposed I bought the app to be able to change the iso, and going from 400 to j’ai 50 didn’t help. I had to download a different, slow shutter, half the price and did the job. Please reimburse!
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4 months ago, Buntd,
Worst manual shutter speed app I’ve seen
The whole reason I purchased this was for the manual shutter speed. Trying to take long exposure shots of the stars and such. But the app doesn’t work, in fact it’ll give an error everytime saying “maybe you should shorten the shutter speed” that’s the entire reason I downloaded the app…
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2 years ago, chhuan48202
Full resolution
Tried all night camera softwares and this is the best one. It will be perfect if can take full resolution photos (for iPhone XS 3024x4032)
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4 years ago, Josh9009
It works... but photos look terrible.
Comparing this to my old Samsung S7, this app (more likely this phone, iPhone SE 2020) takes very washed out photos, colors smeared and don't even fit on the object somehow. (red box in the distance the red bleeds onto the walls which are blue) Text isn't readable at all on this iPhone, yet the S7 retains enough clarity to read the smaller cardboard box of a toy. This was done in a very dim room with 10 second exposure with both manually focused on 400 ISO. Might not be the Apps fault, this iPhone SE 2020 camera is terrible.
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5 months ago, bx01z
Amaizing for night sky
I live in a bortle 5,I can see so much more when I set it up on a chair
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3 months ago, Digger fan since 86
Works Sometimes
When the app actually works, it can produce some interesting results, although it has been crashing as the “image processes” and even when taking photos. Disappointed considering I bought the paid app.
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4 years ago, AAASJ
Horrible ads with sound
I know to expect ridiculous ads with apps like this, but this one includes ads that take control of the volume of your phone - you can’t turn them down. Really, really obnoxious and intrusive. Pics weren’t bad, but no way would I give these people money.
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6 days ago, paulLMT
Terrible pics
I got this app to shoot night shots of the stars while on a vacation. Every image came out with a blurry green haze. Nothing was visible in any pic. Tried multiple times with different speed setting and nothing works.
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2 years ago, RSO111
Need lower ISO
It’s a almost perfect app. But the lower ISO is 34. With its long exposure, i don’t know why the developers did not low ISO till 20.
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2 years ago, Mr Waegner
Can’t share the pro version
I tried this app and it seemed like a good camera for night sky shots. So my wife purchased under our family sharing, but I can’t use the pro version only her camera can use it.
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6 months ago, can you make this car?!
If I pick a exposure longer than 35sec the app crashes. 😢
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3 years ago, Foodie the King
One of the best free long exposure app!
I was looking for a good free app for my group for northern lights. This is the best free long exposure app so far! Awesome work!
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4 years ago, Tyguy2021
Waist of time. Don’t download.
Free version doesn’t allow for ISO changes. The free app is basically worthless. You have to pay to even know if it would work for you. If you just want to take a quick shot pick a different app. Downloading this was a waste of time.
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1 year ago, Brutally Honest Pro
Pro photographer who wanted to take a pic on the fly. Awful app, promo pics are totally not what you get. Blasted an ad in my AirPods and made it impossible to turn the volume lower than 90%. Instantly deleted and wrote first review on Apple Store ever
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4 years ago, Schroedie
White rectangle
It just makes a white rectangle. You have to get the pro version to be able to change the settings so the image is not just solid white. Absolutely worthless. This app should be removed from the app store.
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3 years ago, Rachel from SM
How to long exposure.
For instance, the shutter. Then splendor creator customize imagery.
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2 months ago, Pararchimi
App keeps crashing.
Just trying to take a simple 30 sec. exposure and the app has crashed everytime. Tried to take about 7 shots.
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5 years ago, smitty4520
Almost there
Not bad, but needs manual focus feature. Auto focus has trouble with low light.
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9 months ago, cosheldo
App crashes no matter time amount
Go through adjustments and photo processing then loading if and crash.
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4 years ago, PhotoG33k
Free version doesn’t work
Doesn’t actually work for any sort of light, pictures are either is way too bright or far to dark for any worth
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2 years ago, ButchB1956
Doesn’t work
The free version worked fine . I upgraded to Pro and it turned to junk. I also was overcharged.
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5 months ago, Gf_mari
Have to Pay for almost any type of change to picture settinga
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1 year ago, shrekofthepnw
App closes itself
Starts to take picture then app closes.
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2 years ago, Royal Mistress
Obvious cash grab
This app is locked at the selected settings and there is little room for adjustments.
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2 years ago, jgscouler
Works excellent!!’
Great app!
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3 years ago, skienian
OK function but terrible pics
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11 months ago, Mjizzle75
Definitely one star!
Will refund. Camera shoots on its own with zero input causing app to crash.
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2 years ago, photo no
Zero stars
No matter what settings all I get is white screen
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1 year ago, FLK9
Can only adjust the ISO in paid app. No way to adjust f stop. Look elsewhere.
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3 years ago, spotless mo
An advert after every picture taken? Gross
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3 years ago, dmoyo
It doesn’t work. Money down the drain.
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3 years ago, Brien Douglas
Really Blows, what a waste
Takes blank photos No Bueno
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2 years ago, 7@093
Not worth downloading
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4 years ago, jzerious
Contains in app purchases
This isn’t a free app
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3 years ago, Lensist
Don’t expect much
Doesn’t allow aperture control. Pretty useless.
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