Easy Photo Collage Maker

Photo & Video
4.6 (26.8K)
106.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shachar Udi
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Easy Photo Collage Maker

4.63 out of 5
26.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Hp9c6
simple and clean
This is definitely the best app. It’s beautiful and get the job done way faster than most other collage apps. This app does pays for itself with non-intrusive ads below the screen. I hardly notice it’s there. It’s clever and I find myself returning to use it more often. Because with other apps they run video ads which made me paused for over a minute. Most of the time I forget about the next photo or discourage to continue stitching more photos. I don’t write review at all and that means something.
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2 years ago, Kkae4
Too basic, very limited
You are very limited in what this app does. It only allows you to have a collage that is a square. There are many times when I have pictures where I would like to have it as a portrait or landscape size. Another thing that you cannot do is move the borders of the templates. They are in a stuck position so if you need to make one picture more narrow while another one more wide, you cannot do that. Another thing that is annoying is the default blue borders. If you want to change the border color, you have to do it every time. There are also video ads every time you get into do a collage, so if you decide you want a different template and go back, then you go back in and have to watch another video ad. And the last thing that is annoying is the sound it makes when you save the collage. The sound is like an error sound so every time, I think I’ve done something wrong. Download PicCollage instead. It lets you do a lot more.
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1 month ago, Eddiefishpirate
2024 review: They used to only have banner ads. Didn’t have a pay option to get rid of them but it was okay. But NOW??? EVERYTHING you do triggers an annoying pop-up. Every time!! NOW it’s intrusive. So disappointed, I will be uninstalling. Previous Review: Ad banners are not intrusive and made collage exactly how I wanted. It’s a simple ad, no one should be charging monthly subs for this, and I’m glad this doesn’t. With that said, I would’ve GLADLY pay $2 for the app as an option to turn off ads. I don’t mind the ads at all, but I would like to support a developer with what I believe is reasonable. Whatever for works, but I highly recommend! My only critique is in the way you select photos. You can only see a sliver of a row, so you can only see 4 pics at a time as you scroll. It would help more if you had a window pop up with all your pictures covering the screen, and then select multiples, then have a selection of which layouts can fit those next. Thanks!
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4 years ago, SProwett
Easy to use
This collage program is easy to use and pull pictures together. Not as powerful as some, but quick to learn and easy to navigate. Works well for a quick and easy collage to make a point or compare, etc. Some cons: may not have the collage breakdown you are looking for (3 up/3 down in landscape for example). Watermark is larger and more intrusive than many other programs. No ability to rotate collage formats that I’ve found. Very annoying. Because there is limited editing ability in the app for your pictures. Font capability is awful. Just don’t go there. Preset colors and fonts are a lame implementation of a complex function. The point size is horrible to get consistent. Works fine for a single title, but don’t try to use multiple text scattered on one collage. Getting them to be consistent is an absolute PITA. It would be better if, once you had chosen a font style and color that it came up as your default on the next text added to the same collage. Not necessarily the point size, since many times titles are larger than block text or captions.
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10 months ago, maimigirl
Better than the rest
Originally I had this app on my iPad. Couldn’t get it to work except for once and I really liked it better than the one I had. But it was aggravating to use so I contacted the developer, we built a repor via email as he tried to get it working all the while he kept in contact with updates. It’s now working on the iPad and iPhone. It was great working with him, great app and easy to use.
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3 years ago, GoogleStinks
Better than the rest
This app is so easy to use and I have tried all the others. And the others just keep asking you for money and interrupting with with ads. You find yourself in a money loop. Not sure who’s writing those other reviews
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4 years ago, Billybobjoebobbibbob
Not easy to use
Every time I select my two photos to use (just trying to make a simple side by side comparison), they appear as weirdly zoomed in or halfway out of the frame. When I hit the “adjust” button the photo appears normal, not cut off or anything, but when I go back to the collage it still is not aligned in the frame. When I go to save it or share it, it is still in the mis-aligned version. I have tried many things and nothing fixes it.
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1 year ago, TrippyDO
Actually, free
I’ve needed a collage maker, four or five times in my entire life. It made no sense paying five dollars once much less once a week for an app that I very rarely need. This app is actually free and extremely intuitive.
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1 year ago, Aldiwjxi
awesome app
all I wanted was something to do to pictures on one frame. And I didn't want to pay $30 just to put a side-by-side. I found this app and it's free but it has a wonderful upgrade to that is very easy to use.
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2 years ago, Blahtooblah
O.M.G y’all!
Y’all gotta download this! My god. This is the best Collage app ever created! ( And there is a lot y’all. 😂 ) Woah. I’ve downloaded sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo maaaaaaannnnnnnyyyyyyy pic collage apps, and so far girl, I’ve found the fricking perfect one ladies. Mm. Woo! 😘🤗🤗🫶🏾🫶🏾 Please please please download this y’all.
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2 years ago, thunder and lennon
Was better off on my own
This app doesn’t even have a proper collage let alone it closes nearly every time you try to add a picture. I have been making my own collages for years and wanted to find something easier but it wasn’t even worth it. As a person who has made an app, it’s not that hard to make an app that at least works. Out of all 7 of the apps I downloaded for this, this one is the worst.
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4 months ago, Dillon1303
Terrible app with too many ads
I shouldn’t have to watch 3 minutes of ads to make a single collage, pro tip, turn on airplane mode to prevent ads, I was fine using airplane mode until they decided to make 80% of their templates subscription access only. To the developers, stick with your poor advertising, no one is going to pay to make a collage they could make on any other collage app.
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2 years ago, Abbot Rabbit
This is what I was looking for because it is easy to understand and to navigate through the projects. I am not very computer savvy but this did not stress me out .
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4 years ago, Nathan Pee
Booooo 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Constantly tries to force you to open Facebook, which I don’t use. The button to close the ad doesn’t work but the one to open Facebook groups does. Can’t continue because that ad won’t close. Pretty useless if ask me. Also insists on inserting app name into your photo at the end of editing which nobody wants. Good templates if you can get to them. But that’s about it. So one star for that. At least it’s free. 😕
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2 months ago, Addie🦥
Perfect app!! 🫶🫶
This app is perfect for if your looking to combine photos together to make a beautiful design. I can now remember lots of memories through out the years by this app!🫶🫶💞
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3 years ago, Russ6547
I agree. Use to be everything here was free. Now 99% ask for money. I’m retired and all my Social Security goes to living. Any app that wants money, I delete it. Thank you for being free.
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2 years ago, tickledasapickle
Love this app
Very easy to use and edit. I love that it doesn’t automatically push a “premium version” like other apps do upon first using it.
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10 months ago, milehigolf
Great support!
I got this to consolidate the photos I take of each of my quilts. The first collage turned out great. Then I ran into issues trying to access my photos, contacted Shachar via email and he responded same day!
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4 years ago, bnorris63
Picture Fanatic
I live taking pictures and love combining them for everyone. Love an app that’s easy to use. Just starting with this one but like it so far. Will update it once I use it a bit
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11 months ago, juanitobanana
Great App
I’ve used this app for about a year. I don’t use it a lot but the times I have it’s been great for creating collages for my social networks.
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2 years ago, JD-Florida
Could they get Instagram layout to work after updating iPhone software, this came in at the clutch time!!
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3 years ago, Mummieothree
Free is nice but can’t add photos
Simple app but what good is a collage maker if you can’t consistently add photos. It keep asking me to take a Live Photo or to look at my previously uploaded, I’m making a new collage… where is the button for adding new photos to my gallery? Very frustrating and irritating for sure.
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2 years ago, DeliriousPickle
Boarder Issues
I wanted to make a simple 4 quadrant collage, and an adjustable border was added to between the images. This would have been fine if it didn’t cut off the actual border i already had on the images. You can adjust the color, but it only gives you a small range of colors, sadly none of which were regular orange :/
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6 months ago, bigestfan<3
I love how easy this is to use, and how great it turns out! I have been able to create so many great designs with this app!
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3 years ago, just another leafy seadragon
Every other "free" collage app requires payment before letting you do ANYTHING. This one is simple and perfect. Actually lets you make nice collages for free! Amazing.
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11 months ago, Sho8377
Photos disappeared- gone
When I used this app three photos I uploaded to it disappeared off of my Photos on my device. I just lost my mother last year. I was uploading photos because it’s the anniversary of her death. Luckily I had backed up photos of her so I didn’t lose them completely but this app tried to steal my photos.
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2 years ago, directloan
I am not tech savvy
When your not tech savvy and you can find app that is simple to use it. It gets my 100% approval.
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4 years ago, Street Map
Annoying Popup Ads
Before beginning a collage, a popup game ad will open on a new page which you will have to tap to close. I’ve turn down the volume to silence the irritating music. Ads aside, the app is not intuitive. I’ve spent some time trying to determine the steps needed to produce a simple side by side collage but there are no FAQ or user guide. In short: this app anything but easy
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1 year ago, Sails and shells mimi
Easy!!! I like easy
The app is so easy to use. Would recommend for people that need user friendly. Like me!
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4 years ago, Not Happy with Rockland!
So far so good.
I appreciate the ease of this program. I am able to add photos or graphics to create the pages i want. Congratulations to the writer. No problems so far.
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5 years ago, Raphaels18
This is the best app I’ve seen for making collages!
I’ve tried numerous other apps for collages and this is the easiest one to use. Great free app.
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9 months ago, Letsski55
Great app! So easy to use!
I used this for my family reunion and it worked really well!
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4 years ago, eggirl24
Best app ever❤️
If you don’t have this you need to get it!!! It so cool it’s way better than other apps not going to say witch ones but y’all need to get this one!!!!❤️
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2 years ago, lorjo101
Can’t make it work
I select the pictures I want in the collage and it will not go past that screen all it does is gives me a button to disselect the pictures there is no continue button and cannot progress into looking to see what my collage looks like
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3 years ago, Naomi1029384756
Great Potential
This app has great potential. I wish I could load more than one picture at a time and that “easy photo collage” did not appear on all my pictures. Most likely I’ll be switching to another app. It will do temporarily.
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2 years ago, hdbdbdn.
So easy to use and lets your actually test it before buying
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2 years ago, Mad in KY
Amazingly easy to use.
Perfect for sharing grandchildren photos
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1 year ago, MiniD0257
Use it a fair amount
Easy to use! I’d love to see some rectangular options!
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5 months ago, looking for another app now
Difficult to navigate
Back and forth back and forth back and forth…then it all disappears I have to start over…back and forth back and forth back and fo…..
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3 years ago, KP4us
Thank you!
This is the best photo sharing app that I have used yet. I’m canceling all others!!!!
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4 years ago, hgggggggfykftg
Awesome and Easy
This app was free and easy!! Fun to use and share with so many options!! Must get to show any type of side by side photos!!
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2 years ago, @BeBeW
Easy Collage
I love it because it’s so user friendly. I’ll glad I found it!
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3 years ago, Timeawastin
Keeping this app
For once one app. I can understand and use easily. Works great !
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1 year ago, mmcasland
This is a fun easy way to have a cool trip and not even go anywhere
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1 year ago, Andy Schwingy
Great photo collage app
Works very well and nothing about looping you into a monthly fee!! :)
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4 years ago, Susie frenchy
The Best collage maker
So many unique features plus easy to navigate - must have
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5 years ago, Soggysnail
Best collage app out there
Has so many option and styles to chose from.
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3 years ago, dehaughted
No directions, not intuitive, in fact ... hard to use. Said iPad compatible, but they are not playing well.
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3 years ago, SkDi7
Great, but...
The option to add more photos to the library doesn’t always initially appear and unable to find the option in the menu.
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1 year ago, kinna225437
I just finished mine. Thanks for allowing me to upload my thoughts and love.
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