Easy Voice Recorder

4.8 (6.7K)
6.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Digipom Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Easy Voice Recorder

4.77 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
2 weeks ago, _LunaBlueMoon_
Very useful! One small thing
As a small voice actor, I needed an app where I could easily record, listen, and save my work without it taking up too much of my storage. This app has been my ride or die since I started voice acting in 2021 and I’ve been using it for keeping my lines safe for many of the small projects I’m in. I’m able to keep thousands of recordings without my storage constantly being full and I know they’re in a good place. However there is one thing I’d change and a small bug I’ve been experiencing. My recordings often start delayed or don’t save as quickly, causing unnecessary silence in the back of my audios. Not sure if there’s a way to fix that, but I’ve grown to live with it. If there’s one thing I haven’t grown to live with, it’s how disorganized my setup can get. While having many recordings in one place has its perks, folders are a necessity when it comes to organizing lines. As I’ve mentioned, I am in many small projects and I often can’t find specific lines that I need to edit unless I spend hours looking for them. Folders could declutter the setup and make it easier for voice actors, like me, or just people who like an organized setup. Overall, this is a great app and I recommend it to any beginner voice actors like myself! Very helpful!
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4 years ago, SingAsLoudAsEver
I love this app. If you are like me and you are all about singing and that stuff this app bid meant for YOU! So now I will answer the question that kept popping up in my head before I got it. How is this better than camera? Because it is. And I think somehow it processes your voice to be clearer and steadier. This is the work of magic. Another thing is the AWESOME formatting. If your mind works simply like mine then this is a need. So pretty much there is three sections. One of the sections has a mic. The next section has a voice thingy. The third section has a gear part. The mic you can record out of, the voice you can listen to your songs stored in one place, the gear is settings and stuff. This app opened up my musical mind and it will for you too!🎤🎧🎼🎹🎬
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FREE Easy Voice Recorder ROCKS!!
This app is by far the most used thing on my phone. It uses VERY little storage space for the THOUSANDS of hours of audio recordings I have on my iphone 13 pro max. And if its just a few minutes, will transcribe for free as well. THANKYOU. You have remembered for me what I'd have otherwise lost forever, been my verbal sketch pad for every song or poem, served as my legal surveillance when I would have had no other means to protect myself, and are why I feel safer in a place where I am not. And you did it without ever requiring a single cent from me. You've preserved my life on more than one occasion, and I haven't words equal to my gratitude..
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5 years ago, Neal London
Not working with Latest IOS update!?
I was using this, pls see review below, but it can’t record anymore since IOS update in Dec 2019! Having used dozens voice recording apps over the years, this little app stands out for doing the important things well. First, it syncs both ways to the iCloud. Second, it has an option to name files with the date as YYYYMMDD which makes them sort in a computer folder. Third, it allows easy renaming & editing. In short, it just doesn’t get in the way. In the future I’d love see the app start on the list screen and record immediately on pressing the record icon. Also remove pre and post recording pop ups. And after recording it should return to the List screen and highlight that recording - not the previous. Would also be great to have folders on list screen for organizing. Delete option should be moved near bottom. Mp3 recoding would be handy. As already supports translations, would be cool to add support for simple text notes. Though a long wish list this app gets the most important things right.
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2 years ago, WhereIsUrGod?
Handy on the run Too busy to write?
I need a voice recorder. Not just for the many million dollar ideas I come up with every day, but to keep con artists away. You know that guy with the plan that sounds too good to be true?Not ME of course but.. Yeah, that guy. I hate to tell you I’ve caught my BF lying by using this app. Stings doesn’t it? Back to the real reason I down loaded and use this app a lot. I’m a horrible procrastinator, I swear I’m going to get right back to it. Whatever “IT” is. I never do. I literally throw all my money down the toilet because I can’t follow through and I can’t even remember what it is I’m supposed to follow through with. Alas I’m a loser. Not as big a loser as I once was, because now I have EASY VOICE RECORDER Someday my book will be published. Now I get things done. Creatives need this. List makers need this. Forgetful Granny’s must have this. Security for the people in your home because they hear your exact instructions, and hear themselves agreeing! Buy now! That’s all I have to say. Good bye.
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6 years ago, jedimaster7687
Awesome app
I kinda didn’t really want to get this app, because my iPhone already comes with voice memos, which is almost the same as this, but I remember about 3 years back getting this app on my kindle and it just brings back a lot of memories. One feature that the voice memos doesn’t have but this does is the feature to record outside of the app, which I used to always find handy. It also has a feature where you can to fast motion or slow motion audio. His feature would be handy if you can’t here what someone said, so you can just slow it down. Anyways, that’s it for the review!
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2 months ago, ***PartyOf5
And I have tried MANY! All others always have some kind of sudden charge, can't hear the recording, take up massive space making your phone stop functioning, or simply don't work and end up being nothing but a bunch of ads. This one is perfect! It's simple like it should be...you press record and it RECORDS! As well as allows you the ability to keep recording while on different apps or with the screen off, and you can find all your recording listed by date or name if you choose to rename them. Thank you for this awesome app!
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2 years ago, Emilamadindinsong
Extremely accurate, so useful!!!!!
This app is absolutely amazing. It’s not the flashiest, prettiest app ever but you can easily record your audio with any gaps, dead air etc and it transcribes it for you with almost perfect accuracy. You can you punctuation by saying “period”, “question mark”, etc similar to with voice to text with Siri. It’s like using your notes app on your phone and the voice to text except you are able to save the actual audio file AND the transcription. This is perfect and it’s very useful for many things in my life.
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4 years ago, Caleb Frank
Free. Easy.
Good for beginning Voice Actors, Singers, Audio Skits, Podcasters, and anyone who uses there voice to create content. Finally took a step towards my goal of becoming a Voice Actor. I’ve had this app for over 3 weeks now; I spend 2min at the least every week recording a new piece of content. I now I have over 100 different cold reads and retakes stores on the app that I can go back to and listen for rookie mistakes. Wish I could give it ten stars!
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9 months ago, Destiny-Robertson-heart
Why I love this app so much
I love this app so much because of all the great features that it has to offer. I always find this app as a great resource for recording almost anything. I also like the fact that when I am out in the community, I like to listen to all the recordings, I’ve made so far without any Internet connection, which is a wonderful thing. Sincerely, Destiny Robertson
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1 year ago, West Houston Dad
Works really well
I made over 500 recordings in 2022 using this app. Worked flawlessly. I especially like the accelerated playback speed options. I just discovered it can name recording files using a date-based naming convention, which I'm happy about.
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5 months ago, lsstell
Used to be great…
I used to love this app and used it almost daily for over a year, sometimes for up to two hours. It was always reliable. In the past 2 weeks it has become incredibly glitchy (unusable) and I’ve done all the troubleshooting I can on my own. Support takes about a week to return emails so maybe others are having trouble too. I love the simplicity of the app (and previously its reliability) but I have to shop around for a replacement now unless I hear from customer support soon 😢
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2 years ago, My_2Sense
Not ready for public release
Good start for an app; nice features are available at a very fair price. For example, transcription is very good and a very good price. A one-time purchase will get you over 5 minutes, and it’s free up to that point. But, there are major bugs. The recording doesn’t start when you push the red button. It seems that the red button really doesn't work. It only starts recording when you open the app for the first time, like through the widget. Also, editing recordings is not consistent in what is saved from editing. Moving the editing lines back & forth has no rhyme or reason to how much is saved. You could easily delete 1/2 of an important recording if you’re not careful. Fix these issues and I’ll change my review to reflect the improvements. Keep it up! You’re on a great track!! Thank you.
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1 year ago, pamjv1
Open to a 5-star rating…
I’d been using another voice recorder for a long time until recent glitching when I needed to record right away. Downloaded this app and have recorded maybe 4x with it now. Thing is, being different than the one I’m used to, I haven’t learned all its functions yet, and can’t say they’re intuitive.
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2 years ago, reviewer2534
Good app!
Very pleased to find a voice recording app that doesn’t require a membership just to use any transcription feature. I would like the transcript to stay under the recording instead of disappearing, but obviously for free this is not a deal breaker. The name of the app is so long that the name under the icon is just “EasyVoiceRec…” Still my top pick!
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4 years ago, seelnotsnhoj
Works as advertised, great customer support
Works as advertised: the transcription is not 100% accurate, but it’s close enough to make a $2 investment worth it. great customer support: responded to an issue within hours and made it right, outstanding! Would recommend to all those considering, worth skipping a coffee for.
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3 years ago, BooterBH
Good app except for storage
I like this app and use it quite a bit. But it only gives two storage options, the cloud or the device. So if you choose the cloud, you have to download the Recording again every single time you want to use it. And if you keep the recording resident on your device, you can’t use it on any other device.
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5 years ago, BluetoothScare
Bluetooth connection to car audio
Sometime the app connects to car audio on its own and I cannot even switch off the car audio. Only way to stop is to switch off the phone. I paid for it so hate to uninstall it. This is more a customer service request than a review. Please take care if this issue. It could be embarrassing.
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4 years ago, Marty P.
Great App!!
This is a really nice App that is just so simple and easy to use. After you try the free version a little to see how it works, you will need (want) to purchase the Full Transcriptions addition as the free version only gives you something like 20 seconds record time, but it’s very reasonable.
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5 years ago, FinalTouchEditing
Convenient easy-recording app
This was just the app I needed – something free, easy to use, and stores the files for playback. The only thing better would be if it could record a phone call on the same device. But I used my landline on speakerphone for the call, and had my smart phone with the app recording right beside me, and it served my needs.
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3 years ago, Sam in SQ
Great little recorder
This is perfect for simple use. Easy to record and save. Transcribes and send to email, even in other languages like French. And for no or a one time fee. Unlike the standard voice memo recorder, thus one shows the date of the recording
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2 years ago, Hinckleybuzzard 2020
I have to say this is probably the best dictation app that I’ve ever had. I have tried a lot of the others but this one seems to do exactly what I wanted to do. It will recognize anything and everything I say and transcribe it great job guys!
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4 years ago, Sensei Victoria Whitfield
Game changer
I LOVE THIS APP! So I use this app to not only record my podcast episodes (Journeypreneur Podcast on iTunes) on my iPhone but then immediately use the transcription function to get the intro / blurb for each episode. It’s fabulous, and I recommend it to all my clients! Such a great hack that makes my creative flow go FASTER! :)
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4 years ago, calicat112
Pretty straightforward
This is, as the title, a pretty straightforward app. It does what it tells it does. But there’s only one pet peeve of mine. I like to listen to the thing I’m recording while I’m recording it, so I don’t record a whole 20 minute thing, then notice somethings wrong with it halfway through and have to restart it. Idk, it’s not needed, but I would like it.
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3 years ago, Buckroo 2
This thing is great!!!!!
I love easy voice recorder because, It is super fun when you get to see the bar thing when you are recording, And when you make your voice sound weird, It sounds exactly the same when you play it.😀😀😊😊
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3 years ago, kc$8
Super easy, super high-quality!
After looking at many other apps, this one is perfect. As a professional who does conversation analysis, this was incredibly easy to use. The quality is superb. Can’t say enough good things about this. Highly recommended.
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2 weeks ago, XMAN cheetah.
Good but could be better
I love this app just could be better when you download something on this app I say. But I think this app on your computer should not make you have to pay for it once to download it to google doc or Microsoft word
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4 years ago, jenichol
Love the transcription
It isn't perfect, but there is no monthly fee and it is soooo much easier than having to type out my thoughts! I just have to go back through to add punctuation, correct a few words, and done! Easy to transfer to my laptop.
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1 year ago, searl14256336
Absolutely love this app I. Can go back and see what I’ve missed while taking notes and it. Keeps planning/ recording even when Ny seen goes dark it’s. A must try at the very least..
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4 years ago, Alice anne 22
Love this App
I found my Grandmother’s diary starting from the late 1800s , so am reading it to my daughter who lives far away and sending via your recording app. It is working so well! Wish you had a place to insert pictures that would be great! Thanks
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4 years ago, Nick1st
Easy Voice Recorder
Good system but needs a few added functions like voice activation, easier rewind and editing, adjustments for interviews, lectures, etc. I like using while driving, the your system automatically links with car sound system so that i can record hands free.
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3 months ago, MelMcC55
A winner at last!
FINALLY found a recorder that doesn’t quit suddenly. Very upsetting to finish an interview, check the recorder, and discover you only got the first 3 minutes! Easy to use and very reliable. THANK YOU!
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9 months ago, JaredMikal
Kept through 3 phones even iPhone
Love this recorder. Period. Hands down done my best work with this recorder over the years. They never pressure you to upgrade, simply the best. And getting better.
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3 months ago, Big Blue Butterfly
Great, easy recorder
Thank you for coming up with an app that lets me record things that I’m hearing in a room full of people and yet the recording comes out really clear thank you A+
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1 year ago, Dr. Tei
So easy
I have never been good at typing or writing. But I can talk. Now this wonderful simple app takes my words and turns them into text. So I can edit them and create.
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3 years ago, RideThatDinosaur
This is the best app in the world! I do a lot of voice journals, streaming, I’m a writer, and podcasts. It lets you record music in the background and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone it’s absolutely amazing! Five stars easy!!
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4 months ago, Cierratheshark
It is ok but the mic needs to be more loud and better
Better I would not recommend using this mic in a public area where there’s a lot of people talking because you can barely hear your voice Please fix it
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5 months ago, Robbery of content
They steal my info
I’ve noticed when I decided to go back and listen to my freestyle ideas to become hopefully a star with my content. Come to find out kind of them play that they say N/A please be careful as they will steal your ideas. I have several that won’t play and it’s all my good ideas. I’ve already heard things in the radio in music with things I came up with in my own private sessions
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3 years ago, Michaelteehee
Finally, an app that can play music on the speaker and record my singing at the same time
Turns ur phone into a one stop song demo karaoke shop. Deduct one star b/c it freezes up in between recording so u have to quit and restart each time.
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2 years ago, tonniyou
Very easy to use
The software is very simple and easy to use, I would like to recommend it to my friends, but is your software capable of developing QR codes? Scan to download
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4 years ago, throughbread
I use to be able to record and hear both parties. I reside in TX a one party state
Unable to hear other callers only myself. I’m reside in TX we’re a one party state. Previously I could record my entire conversations notifying all parties they are on a recorded line if they do choose to continue... However, since the updated app I no longer have such ease or capability. Very disappointed. Please bring back or recommend another app or option to achieve this outcome. DISSATISFIED!😡🤷‍♀️
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3 years ago, Surbrown13
Extremely Satisfied
It took me a while to find this app. It’s perfect because i can pause and get my words together and record in the middle of my recording.
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10 months ago, jdjjdjeuwknrnkggjkr
Best Quick notes app
Great for taking quick voice notes, not cluttered or complicated just press to record and press to stop recording. No need to manually name and save! Best app
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4 years ago, claudia nat
Great to study!
I used this free app to study for the CPA. It is a lot of material and I have to remember weeks and weeks of information! I love it! I can listen to my notes while cleaning and shopping and even while driving!
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3 years ago, N.D. 39
Easy recording app
It does have a very clear sound when it comes to voices, conversations, & it also is easy to edit clips to shorten, get just what you need, & even transcribe recordings into a worded document to read.."
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1 year ago, baby clap
It’s great
I would recommend for everybody to use this recording it is so good thank you for making this thank you for making this app because it help the blind people like me get to record better and it helps people that I’m not lying to get the record better
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2 years ago, isekai reviewer
Audio quality
This app can make any phone microphone sound great. I’ve been using it for years and never looked back.
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5 years ago, Buckethead man
Special thanks for all of you who established this special device for me God bless
Special things go out to you and may God bless you and THAT YOUR keep you safe in his arms for allowing me to use this GREAT recordings device thanks so very much God bless
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4 days ago, chicdfru
Safa Siddiqah
I love this app This app helps me with my studying because if I am practicing something alone I record it and then I listen to it and I am able to correct my mistakes
Show more
4 years ago, Voquev
Well-designed voice recorder
This app has a simple but functional design that makes recording and playback easy. It also facilitates the saving and naming of recordings. I’m satisfied and pleased with the app.
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