Easy Xylophone

4.3 (1.6K)
69.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Skunk Brothers GmbH
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Easy Xylophone

4.34 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
6 years ago, horsey 78999
I did what you said. But whenever go inside the app and play the music or tried to, it doesn’t work. I also tried turning on the music before I go on the app and my ringer is at 100. Overall it’s a pretty good ap
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3 years ago, jdrtina
Family Sharing / Purchase Sharing Not Working
It’s a nice, simple little xylophone app. My 3 year old grandson likes it. I paid to turn off the ads on my iPad, thinking that the purchase would work on his iPad with Family Sharing. It would not. The only way to turn off the adds on his iPad was to pay for it again, as Family Sharing would not work.
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3 years ago, A_Landflower
It is great!
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1 year ago, waterdiva
It's working again! :) I was worried it wouldn't ever open, but the most recent update for iOS 12 fixed it! Thanks.
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7 years ago, FH727L
Cousin likes it
My 5 yr old cousin comes over sometimes and I let her play with this app
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3 years ago, Grantb_3002
This is great
I use this for virtual music class and it's great! I recommend this for anyone that needs a virtual xylophone app.
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6 years ago, Mariofan98
It has just what I need, but it is missing the black notes that go on the top awesom
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5 years ago, lovley sofy❤️🌈
I love this💁🏻❤️
When I’m mad I always use this app
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7 years ago, KeepCalmAndEatSushi
Not very good
I wish they would have Given us notes for songs.
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5 years ago, yty😎
It’s ok
Well it’s ok because it’s a xylophone but it has nothing else. So yeah.
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4 years ago, tjngb
Row row row your boat
The Sleigh
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6 years ago, Topiarieez7777777
Love EasyXylo!
Awesome sounding and love the colors!
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6 years ago, _Brother450_
Belly Jam
Can you update Belly Jam, please? Wish to have Belly Jam on iPhone X, please?? Thanks
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12 years ago, toddbob
Don't know what could make it better
This is one of many great ways to get a little peace in your stress filled day. Unlax, empty your thoughts, tap and listen to what comes back to your ear. It's the Zen-iest! You'll want "one with everything". Seriously, I like it.
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6 years ago, jacob screen
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2 years ago, Heather the Beanie boo
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9 years ago, J.CASSEZZA
I've had this installed for a while and just downloaded the "real" one from the Real series of instruments. Oh boy. It didn't sound as real as I expected it to. I had to open this up to compare and wow. Your instrument sounds 3x more real than any other app for iOS. On top of it, it even LOOKS like the original classic! But as far as sounding like it, this is the clear winner, and I wanted to share that.
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10 years ago, Mandy! :)
I totally would recommend this to anybody that loves music or is looking for practice like me. At school we have percussion and its once a week and I sometimes forget the notes since we don't get papers and I don't have a personal xylophone. This is perfect to practice whenever I want and it has the sound of a glockenspiel and that is what I will be using for the winter concert so this is perfect for me.
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9 years ago, Captain B String
Just what my students need!
I'm a music teacher and I teach a musical elective class for non-musicians. This app allows my students to get a free instrument and experiment with reading music and playing music on a simple instrument. Thank you very much for providing this to my students.
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7 years ago, Yogi Reads
Easy Xylo
I would love to give this app 5 stars because I like the sound and the simplicity. However, I have paid TWICE for it and it only sounds though earphones, not through the iPad speakers. I am not getting any support from the Skunk Brothers, its creators. 😡 I'm adding this after a few days: I still have not heard from the Skunk Brothers about this. They have no customer support! I assure you it's not my iPad as every other app sounds just perfect! Shame on you, Skunk Brothers!
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12 years ago, A "used-to-be" loyal addict
You're too eager
To get reviews with a few minutes of use. Suggestion-Allow users to download and use a while to really evaluate it. When a user downloads, checks out all the "bells &whistles" of your app, they should be able to EVALUATE without being required to rate it at first try!!! You can't get away from rating it unless you delete the app completely. Ridiculous, unless you are looking for negative feedback
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7 years ago, Thsjskcjdjakfnwjcjajfk🍑
OMG this is amazing!!! I have this play at my school and I have to play the xylophone for it and I didn't know how I would practice at home and........ BAM!!!!💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 this app is on my phone. Totally recommend this for practicing or just goofing around...... all around fun!!!
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11 years ago, kristy00
Pretty good app
It's a pretty good app, it has more notes than other free xylophone apps. I guess it would be cool if you could record and play what you write with this simple scale and so that way you could use it on other instruments, original or digital. ;)
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12 years ago, kimmmmmmm11
I love this app. It's just fun to play with when your bored. Some notes are very loud and annoying to your ears, but other wise this app is sooo much fun!! I think that this is really good for little kids.
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9 years ago, Deidre M.
I need practice because on Thursday at IlPrimo the percussion at my school is playing deck the halls. I have a lot of parts so this is really helping me. I recommend it to anyone who plays the xylophone in percussion at their school or any thing else like that.
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11 years ago, MO9208
Nice App
It allows children to just play whatever they want. However, I believe it would be a better app with some favorite songs musical notes provided so that children could learn how to play songs.
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9 years ago, Hash drive way
Great app but...
I got this app so my daughter would have something to play with that is fun, colorful, and musical. This app is all of those things. The only thing I don't like that has really become a nuisance is the icon that loads a pop up to rate the app. She loves playing with this app but is interrupted every single time.
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10 years ago, Jeni Butterflly
It's so amazing
It always let us play with Instruments that lets us play music that we can't afford but still have to play on your phone, iPad, or iPod so what I'm saying is that it is a great way to Play music. WE LOVE IT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
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11 years ago, Raindroptrees
I love the app, the sounds play beautifully, but I want to record the sounds that I make and there is no record option. Please try to make a record option!
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11 years ago, digiTED
Nice but...
My musical toddler loves it. It's polyphonic, too. I just wish the interface could be made cleaner for the young ones. He constantly brings up unwanted things. Plus, rating it apparently does not disable it asking you to rate it again (and again, and again...)
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11 years ago, Me-shell79
I love this app so much like when I'm having trouble with music I bring a sheet of paper with the music notes on it and practice it over and over and over
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11 years ago, Cage99335
I love the xylophone
Sonic I like the sound of this instrument It makes it easy to write a review so here it is only problem I see is its not fast enough for my fingers
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12 years ago, Kiki12356890124568890
Before. I had this app i had a rly hard time playing the xylphone and my music teacher was taking a grade on playing o song soo i practiced on this app and its fun 2😊🎶
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11 years ago, Doulbeo
The app
It's kinda stupid. Cuz like all you do is tap the bars. If you wanted to make the app better you should add more notes and more than just one instrument.
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12 years ago, Devonmamma
Great sound!
Nice that several notes can be played at one time and sound is still true.
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9 years ago, Baby67733675
Good for small child
Good for small child but my kid keeps hitting rate button which Is annoying because I constantly have to exit out of it. Move rate button to welcome screen and I would give 5 stars
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12 years ago, Lindz lu 22
I like it
I like this app a Lot but what u should do is make it have music sheets so u can learn how to play it that's what I think you guys should do
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12 years ago, kiwisnak
i. Love this app
Hope we can record while playing. Awesome sound output
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7 years ago, Tazlangel
We use to like it
It was a wonderful app my twins loved it but however there have been some updates and we can no longer hear it so sadly I will be deleting it soon😔
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12 years ago, Kberna
It's ok that we can play it together with the iPod library, but would be better to have more notes.
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8 years ago, NK8sMom
Love this ap. Beautiful sound. Wish it came with music so we could learn. Maybe it will be added in the update !
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11 years ago, Mikenkoll
I love this game. My music teacher is teaching us how to play songs. We get a new song every week.
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10 years ago, morgie10122
Like real xylophone
I was playing a xylophone in music and than I had learned a new song and wanted to practice and this really helped
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10 years ago, PrinceMJLover
Would be better if there was songs that you could play instead of hitting random notes
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11 years ago, Nick cast23er
I enjoy this game because there are no annoying pop ups so I Would get this! 😋😋
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7 years ago, Gmast#⃣1⃣
I use this app for music class and it works GREAT thank you so much for making this app
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12 years ago, E. Sauls
My two year old loves playing on the xylophone. Great way to teach some letter recognition.
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12 years ago, sublimaze69
too cool for school
this is way cool. it should come standard on every iPhone!
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12 years ago, J_Led
Great simple app
I was looking for an easy free xylophone app that sounded good for recording and this was the best one that I could find, very happy for a free app
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9 years ago, Harpersinger
Not a xylophone
This is not a xylophone, it is a glockenspiel. Xylophones are made of wood and have an short sound. Glockenspiels are made of metal and ring, like this app. Other than mislabeling, it makes a nice GS sound for playing.
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