eBoy FixPix

4.7 (71)
127.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Delicious Toys
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for eBoy FixPix

4.69 out of 5
71 Ratings
5 years ago, AmericanoInDeutschland
Simple and yet challenging
So clever idea to use only the gyroscope and try to fix/align the pixels on the image... but don’t get me wrong, that task can be sometimes challenging. Kudos for the creators of such crazy pixel art and for the developer of such addicting game.
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4 years ago, Snarlingkid13
Make the menu simpler. I had trouble navigating through the menu and pop up to share with my friends kept popping up. Also make the time to clear faster, I’ll be waiting there for the black circle to complete for a solid 10 or more seconds. All in all it’s a alright game
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1 year ago, girlcreeture
I love eboy
I play over and over just to look at the art. Please keep updating and add new works!
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7 years ago, cailanmac
I love this app
Please update this great app so it doesn't die and get removed from the App Store!!!
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9 years ago, Daniel0025
Brilliant app. Only needs a few updates, such as full screen support and level selection. Nonetheless, very inventive, original and stunning.
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10 years ago, A Pillar of Ash
Almost perfect
Great game, just needs more content and it needs to be full screen!
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7 years ago, Shaolinah
Awesome Work
Love the art. Its a new adventure for each puzzle
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11 years ago, madPO3T
No iPhone 5 support
So the game has been out for a long time and I love the game but it's still not full screen??? I'm missing something
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7 years ago, Johnny Grey
64 bit update?
Please update for iOS 11!
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14 years ago, ADDPDX
Superb Quality Over Meaningless Quantity
From the volume of 99 cent apps I've bought, I would trade in a handful which may have taken a lot longer to beat but weren't half as fun, artistic, or interesting in exchange for eBoy FixPix. You will beat this game in 1 day, then you will likely re-play it a bunch of times. The amount of detail in the levels is really fascinating - every time I beat a level I ended up looking at the screen, taking in the insane amount of detail. I have to say this is the first time I've played a game where the accelerometer actually made it FUN. Nice job eBoy! In an updated release I'd love to see each level being like a segment of a huge map, which as you completed levels you could browse around and explore.
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5 years ago, bunzer67
Really!!!! The first 20 puzzles took less than 10 minutes with no challenge....if the game was .99 I may consider it .... but $2.99
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14 years ago, MikeHarris918
Definitely Worth Playing
I bought this game with much anticipation after seeing it previewed on several tech sites a month or so ago, and it's mostly what I'd hoped for. As others have said, the art is absolutely awesome (even playing it scaled up on my iPad), and the use of the accelerometer is about as smooth as any game I've played. My only gripe is that it's only 100 puzzles long (so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for either an expansion pack or FixPix 2 at some point), and that they aren't particularly difficult to solve. I've only had it for about 10 minutes or so and I'm almost halfway through the game. Also, I wish there were a way to go back and review the puzzles you've already solved (unless that's a feature you unlock by beating the game, which, admittedly, I haven't done yet). That said, I'm guessing that the artwork is more the star here than the game itself, and in that respect, the app shines.
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14 years ago, MiOdd
Pixel art at its finest
I have a hard time recommending this "game" as there are a plethora of better games available for $0.99 or even free. Having said that, I still think I got my money's worth. I put stress on the word "game" because I hardly consider this a game, it is more of an experience, and the price tag is more like an admission fee to an art exhibit, one that should not be missed. If you like the pixel art seen in the above screenshots, download this now, it's even better in motion when you experience the app first hand. So if this style of art interests you at all, you likely won't be disappointed. However, if you're looking for a good game with a lot of replay value, you may want to look elsewhere, as you'll likely burn through this whole game in one sitting with little reason to replay it other than to show your friends how cool it was in the first place.
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14 years ago, commyostrich
Sick artwork and fun game
I love this game. I now have around 100 cool new photos I can use as backgrounds. The artwork as pixel art is very well done and clean. The different levels are awesome in the way that it makes a cut out or cross section. With this new update though it does crash after the first level BUT I emailed them about it and within about 5 minutes they emailed me back saying they were working on the issue and recommended a restart for now. Now THAT'S some great support for such a great app. 5 stars even with the crashes.
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14 years ago, : : m o l a r o : :
Hours of Super Fun!
This is a pretty sweet game. It takes a simple concept of tilting the iPhone to align slices of an image, mixes in eBoy's Copeland style pixel art and yields an addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours! The game comes with 100 images to put together. Some are easy, while others, like the card style images are tougher. You can post you puzzle solving status to Facebook. You can also save solved puzzles as iPhone wallpaper. Things I would like to see in the next version include: + Twitter integration + Puzzles should start simple and get tougher as you go along + In app purchasing to buy more puzzles + No duplicate puzzles; I want to solve 100 unique images + offer challenge mode (current style) or random puzzle mode for quick play + offer timed buddy challenges to solve the same image + don't loose my 100 puzzles solved status after I get it. Only count unique images solved instead of resetting the score + what happened to all the topless chicks hidden in the images? Bring them back they are fun to find. I think Apple will be ok with 2 red pixels! + Add a find "x" feature as a second layer of the game. So find "the 3-legged dog in this image" option after I solve an image.
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11 years ago, TomykGonz
Fix it please!
Hello, this review is about how much I love this app, because when I bought my first iPod Touch, I did it thinking about this app, I've been looking for this app for 2 years!! And tonight I finally found it! But the problem is that now I have an iPod Touch 5g and I really wanna have the app optimized for my device, and I found another bug, when I tried to share on Facebook the app crashes... So I would like you to fix it please, and if you can add to share with twitter and Instagram, it would be perfect!! Thanks for reading my review, and I have to admit that I don't like to write reviews... But this case is different, because I love the app, so please, help me to solve this problems and I will give you a 5 Stars! Thanks!
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13 years ago, Violent Lee
Get your Fix
This is my current favorite iPhone game for quick pick-up-and-play fun. It creatively uses the iPhone's tilt sensors as you try to line up pieces to pictures with an 8-bit retro look. Some of the pictures are pretty tough to line up, but that's a big part of the fun. They have a great art style, too, with lots of little Easter eggs to find even before they're completed. By the way, it's never crashed on me. I have a 3GS.
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14 years ago, Luxxykat
Neat pics but to easy of a game.
I like the pictures but the levels werent difficult, sometimes it would actually beat the puzzle right after loading and ruin it for me. Most of the puzzles were so easy a 5 year old could of beaten it. Maybe 10 out of 100 puzzles were little hard but were ruined when you saw a shadow right next to a bird or a person and that would make way to easy to figure out. I give this 2 stars not worth buying and wasting money on because once you beat all 100 levels which took me a half hour on this whole game there isnt anything else to do. Very disappointing but got 2 stars for neat pixel art. Better off paying 2 dollars for a different game. Hopefully they will bring out more levels, thx!
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13 years ago, Dax552
Don't do it!
Wow. Really? I cleared all 175 pics, and I got the option of doing it again or clicking the home button, which has nothing new unlocked which means... I get to do it all over again. I might be more excited about that prospect if the tilt controls weren't mandatory. Swiping would've worked for those who chose to play lying down. Regardless, sitting up or lying down there is no option to recalibrate. So, the control scheme is both lazy and obsolete. I'm disappointed with the lack of any development effort here. Great art, but what else? At what price? No option to scroll through beaten art. Nothing. It's an endless loop of awkward device poses. I wish I had my dollar back. PLAY THE FREE VERSION AND NOTHING MORE. you've been warned.
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14 years ago, Kaldaim
Cool game, not much content
I beat this pretty cool 'game' in about 10 minutes. Some levels I beat randomly while trying to figure out how to put the puzzle together, others I beat instantly as it loaded. I'm disappointed with the lack of levels but hopefully new versions will bring more. I'm also disappointed at how easy most of the levels were to beat. I guess I was expecting a bit more of a challenge. This is a cool app for sure but don't expect to get much time or replay value out of it - at least with the 1.0 version.
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14 years ago, DieseliPhone
This is really great; quirky 8-bit style art and unique gameplay blend into a really unique puzzler. The way the images move are quite interesting, and you can reveal 'secret' parts of the picture that won't show upon solving; thus , making moving the 'broken' puzzle as interesting as viewing the finished picture. Upscales on the iPad really well. Would love to see more images added on a regular basis.
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14 years ago, HybridConceptz
Engadget was right!!!
Engadget has been talking about this game for a while now, but I wasent sure how it would play out. All I have to say is wow. I truley am Stunned. Some of the most original 8bit eye candy I have seen in a looooong time. But like the other people have said I wish there were more. It must have taken forever to draw though! Good luck e boy. And let's hope for some free updates very soon!!
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14 years ago, crustian
Who doesn't love pixel art?
And because we love it so much, you've lost two whole stars from me that you could earn back immediately if only there were a way to review solved puzzles. A collection of completed stages to peruse as a sort of trophy room would be fantastic - as is...there's no time to even enjoy the completed art before going to the next level because the completion graphic immediately pops up to obscure the image. You guys are awesome artists - please let us enjoy your work!
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14 years ago, EdwardLM
Great Toy
I think FixPix should be approached as a toy rather than a game. You shouldn't try to beat each level as fast as possible, as you might for a game, but instead play around with each level just for the sheer enjoyment of it. I'd pay $1.99 just to look at 100 pieces of eBoy artwork, and that I get to interact with them makes it well worth the price.
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14 years ago, ItouchReview1
Needs level selection menu & tilt calibration
This is an awesome game with nice pixel graphics! I love the gameplay but I would love to see a level selection menu to scroll through each level you completed. Also, a tilt calibration feature would be great so that you can play the game lying down. Hopefully a level selection menu and a tilt calibration feature can be added in an update!
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14 years ago, trouble_dart
Really excellent concept and execution
I've always enjoyed eboy's dense pixel art. They beg for viewer interaction. This is a fantastic first step and works well on all levels: sound, gameplay, difficulty. I wish I could view the assembled images from the main menu after I complete them, but that's minor. Waiting for the isometric shooter to come next!
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14 years ago, WarriorPrincess8
Original fun
Eboy art is 8 bit masterpiece, the game is fun and original. The only downfall would be that I finished the game very quickly. Gave it 5 stars because of the absolute originality and the obvious hard work that went into this game. Also it was a lot f fun and addictive hopefully more fixpix's will be added and some additional goodies in the future.
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14 years ago, MsJenX
Fun and entertaining
Works great. I was able to figure them out quickly. Younger children may find it more challenging, but I believe it helps develop good hand-eye coordination. The only small issue I found is that when I was trying to post picture onto Facebook, the keyboard would not pop up in the window where I need to enter my Facebook account information.
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14 years ago, Spence5000
More art than game
This is quite a beautiful and creative app, but as a game it's lacking. Most levels are beaten in less than a minute, so there's less than an hour of gameplay here. But I still think this game has a lot of potential. Perhaps the objective of each level could be to lock individual items into place one by one instead of having everything fall into place at once.
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14 years ago, zzmoviecom
Thank creators, for a fresh, original "game" or whatever you want to call it! You can tell alot of work went into the fresh, original artwork and the design of this. It starts off easy though don't be fooled! Start getting into level 20 and the difficulty level picks up a notch! $1.99? Are you kidding me? BUY THIS NOW!
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14 years ago, jkc11
Very cool
The concept and art design are both fantastic. It's very addicting and half the the fun is finding the funny stuff going on in the pix. The only negatives are it's a bit easy and you can complete the game quickly. The addition of more pix, greater difficulty level, and some expanded features like a time trial (fastest fix for a sequence or one pix) or whatever would add to it's replay value.
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14 years ago, BobYourUncle
Great puzzle game
I quickly got to level 52 before forcing myself to stop. A great puzzle game. Some levels are mind numbingly easy, while others take a little bit more time to figure out. Only 100 levels, though? This will be a short-lived game. Hopefully they will add more levels.
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14 years ago, andyko0810
Fun Game
Its definitely a fun game to kill time and the graphics are amazing, keep up the good work and definitely upload more levels. Also, one thing I should make a suggestion is why is it everytime when I come back into the game, I get the old stick man as the inital(starting) level, it kind of gets old to see the old stick man everytime I restart the game.
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14 years ago, eldiano
After a long time of speculation
The game is finally here, after playing the demo endlessly, It did not dissapoint, simple but fun game, I was stumped a couple of times but it's a great game, although I do agree that they should incorporate more pics, which I"m sure that in the upcoming updates they can fix it.
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14 years ago, griley89
Wow, what an app. Hands down the best $2.00 i've spent in the app store. After you've completed the picture you can look at it by simply sliding your thumb down to remove the next level button in the middle. The game almost looks like its in 3-D. I admire all the art work
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11 years ago, Billy Cougar
I had no idea what was in store for me when I paid the 99 cents. Turns out, it was a fascinating gyro extravaganza with a dose of pixelated radness! What truly makes this such a treasure is seeing what's on the outskirts of every puzzle, viewing every nook from every angle. Added bonus, wallpapers GALORE!
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14 years ago, Azzytee
Not worth the admission price
First off, I have to say some of the eBoy art in this game is great. Some of it seems rushed or lazy. Overall, if you're a fan of eBoy I'm sure you will enjoy this. That said, the "game" is amazingly simple. Most of the puzzles can be done in under 10 seconds. Also, once a puzzle is done you can't even take a moment to look over the completed scene because a large "Next" button covers up the center of the art. After completing the game I was hoping to be able to page through all the art, but that too was a no-go. Your only reward is a link to download wallpaper from eBoy's site. The game was only $2, so no big loss, but I feel that even at this price there is not enough substance.
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14 years ago, Yesyesyes already
If you dig the pixel stylings of ze eBoys...
.... you would have already shelled out your clams for this game without a need to read another word about it... If i'm not preaching to the converted, this game fully highlights the result of what many years of close surveillance ze Staatssicherheit can do to ze minds of ze Eastern Germans if all they have to amuse themselves behind locked doors is a steady diet of Sauerkraut, Bavarian barley beverages.... and Nintendo. Yes, there are no ropes to cut, no irate birds to hurl, no zombies to decapitate. Instead tilt & align your way casually with your iPhone's gyroscope to beat eBoy's 50 new pixel-led levels with his latest update. ★★★★/5 (Going Lo-Fi is Hi-Five for me) You heard it from me, ♛ Django Out.
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14 years ago, Loophead
Cool Concept - Too Easy and Short
I love the concept, but only a few of the puzzles were a challenge. Some were solved in less than a second. I bought this expecting it to take a few days to complete. Not half an hour. Very little replay value. Some of the clues for completing levels are too easy, toddler was not challenged on some levels. Lack of level select is odd. Also if you skip a level the game still let's you finish without making you complete the skipped levels. Defintely not worth the $1.99. $.99 would be a better option. I hope there are updates in the future that add more levels that are much more difficult.
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14 years ago, bellopheus
Nice Try
Cool art by eBoy, and an interesting gameplay idea, but the actual execution is lacking. There's either no challenge at all, or too much challenge in the form of not knowing what you're looking at, or not being able to get the image pixel-perfect enough to register. Winning often requires rotating the iPod so far back you can't see the picture anymore. Novelty is worn out after the first few rounds. Would be a good free app.
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14 years ago, Herr Hexenmeister
A few update issues, but easily resolved.
Simple game with a lot of fun art. There's so much detail in each picture. If you're having crashing problems with the new update, try uninstalling FixPix from your iPhone/Pod and re-synching it. I did it and the game works great again.
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14 years ago, stevefleck
worth it if you're a fan of pixel art
eBoy turns out some fantastic pixel art, and the illustrations in this game certainly don't disappoint. The game play is clever, but it's just too easy on many of the levels and I wouldn't really want more of the same. Suggestion for future version: easy, medium, & hard categories with numerous levels in each.
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14 years ago, Weak Pig
Too easy!! N too few levels
First it's too easy. I could finish it easily in one hr or two Second. Make more levels! Currently, theres only 150 levels. They should make more to challenge us. Third. If they can make each stage random, random as in the clues are always different each time we play it, then it will increase the difficulty and longevity of this game.
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11 years ago, cortjezter
Awesome, but could be a pixel better
Amazing art, and a lot of fun scouring some of the images for that one tiny detail that makes completing the puzzle possible. Aside from bug fixes, this app hasn't seen any updated or improvements in years. It really needs a gallery for finished puzzles, or at least a way to browse/replay beaten levels on demand. Also, so much art is not shown in the completed puzzle on-screen, but visible during the puzzle. It would be great if one could zoom or scroll around the finished piece to see what is beyond the edges. Fun, cheap, but needs a little 2013 love.
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14 years ago, narventures
iOS4 update please.
This is one of my favorite apps and it's a shame I can't play it on my iPhone 4. Please update to keep me and others in the situation I'm in happy and satisfied. Wouldn't hurt to add some new art too. Thanks and keep up the great work. You guys are awesome.
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14 years ago, SubwayJoyride
Cool art book
Fixing the pix was fun, some were a challenge yet not impossible. This will be one of the best $2 spent on the app store! Try screen grabbing them and using for iOS4 wallpapers after they are fixed!
Show more
14 years ago, Smas22
Good stuff
I waited a long time for this app and it was worth the wait. Only thing is some of the pics r repeats. Please update with more pics. Also if we could zoom in after the level is finished that would be awsome.
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14 years ago, dirtmike
$1.99 should get you 20 hours of playtime
...instead I got 1. While a good concept as previously mentioned in other reviews, this game is way to easy. Either hold off on buying until they add more difficulty or buy something that gives more of a challenge.
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14 years ago, SlimnJimm
Works fine
iPhone four running the newest ups 4.0.1 ( bigger bars ) Fun for a bit but gets old after you beat it. Could use some extra pics. Other people really like this app. So if you buy it, pass it around or come back to it in a month.
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14 years ago, DI-NO-MYTE
Amazing, BUT...
It needs alot more levels. It's barely an hour of gameplay. But the graphics are great, and the puzzles AND pictures are VERY creative. A fun game with lots of replayability, because by the time I play an old puzzle again Ive forgoten the solution. A MUST HAVE!!
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