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User Reviews for ebtEDGE

1.81 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
2 years ago, PandaBear💍
Error message
Every few days I get a error message ! It’s stressful because I’ve always like the fact that when I’m shopping I could just open the app and be reassured of my balance so I don’t get that “holding up of the line , or awkward stare for it not going through “ this app was great I told some of my friends bout it but now I’m looking for a new one because who has the the time to stop pull out there card to call and check their balance all the time ? Not only that but you guys always making us resign in and it tells you it wrong login or password when you kno it’s not or when you do login the card is deleted . It’s frustrating I hope you guys can fix it seems like I’m not the only one with this problem. Fix it and keep it fix cause every few days you get the same message and it last longer and longer each time . Thank you in advance .
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6 years ago, Heathrah01
Best app for simple needs~
I read the reviews before downloading this app, and a couple made me think it wasn’t going to be easy to use or would have some compatibility issues with my tech, but that was not the case! Honestly this app was by far the simplest app I think I’ve ever used, I also chose it because of its smaller size compared to the larger comparable app that I was looking at (ebtt fresh or something) this app is a bit smaller & therefore will take up less room on my device (iPad Air), & I’m always needing more space! So I downloaded it, opened the app, & on the first page it asked for the number on my card, & second page asked for my pin, & that was it! After two steps I already had all my info in front of me & was done! It gives you the option to stay logged in if you want to keep your info open, or logout when you’re done for anyone who prefers to keep their balances & transaction history private, it’s that SUPER simple! GREAT ease-of-use and was all I needed to get my balances anytime anywhere without having to call and suffer through the automated system hearing my words or numbers wrong. I highly recommend this app!
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4 weeks ago, Alexis Fite
Faulty app
Someone need to fix this app. Clearly there’s a glitch or something wrong with it if everyone is having the same issues. The app logged me out on its own. When I attempt to put in my user and password it tells me it’s wrong it also tells me my security questions are wrong and I know for sure nothing that I’m putting in is wrong because I use the same password and security questions for everything that way it’s easier for me. I called the customer support number and there’s not even a real person to talk to that can help you reset your password or account. I called the WIC office themselves and they told me there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it and there’s no one to call to fix it so yall need to get it together and get this fixed because it is a hassle to call a number and figure out your stuff over the phone with an automated system when you are in line at the store holding other customers up. It’s also very embarrassing and discouraging people already give ebt and WIC users a hard enough time as it is so it would be nice if someone could fix this problem or actually hire a real customer support team that can help people not a useless automated system.
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3 years ago, AttomBomb
Doesn’t load... this is not user friendly
So I’ve had this app for nearly a month now and it’s just recently been having a problem for me. Face ID works but then it just has that spinning circle saying it’s loading yet it never does. Sometimes it won’t even do that and it’ll just say server error or something like that. At this point it’s rare for me to even use the app since it’s much quicker to actually turn on my PC and wait for it to come on and then go on the EBT website to just see transactions and such. Yes I can just text that number “BAL/MINI” and get the info but I’d rather see the more in depth info like when it’ll be posted/available and more since the basic info given in the text is blatantly confusing when you’ve never had an EBT card before. Like I said in the title it’s not user friendly well it’s even worse for those who are new to EBT cards and it makes the whole system look trash when they can’t even make a decent app. Now that it never loads I just log onto access and find the info much faster! If you have a card get this app only if you’re ready to see the 50/50 chance of you even being able to get on!
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3 years ago, nobody important yet
Stopped working as of today while trying to check my account.
So I’ve been an Oregon EBT Cardholder for almost a year or two and have been using this app for a half a year now and just today it’s saying there’s a “new version” of this app but it’s saying I’m either up to date or it’s only giving me the option to open the ebtEDGE app rather than update it so it works for me. So yeah basically when I try to log in nothing happens and it just takes me to App Store now n does nothing but tells me I can either open it or airdrop it. Please fix this or actually get into contact with those people directly. It would be highly appreciated. Some of us literally can’t afford for mistakes like this especially when you’re already at risk of being homeless again. Gods blessings. I hope something effective can be done for the sake of the people that really rely on this card for basic human sustenance which should not ever be a luxury. It’s more than an app. For some it’s a matter of life or starvation literally. It’s a matter of necessity. It’s political of course in fact. It’s more than what it seems at the surface.
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2 years ago, Meghan Shears
I started using this app bc I get tired of calling and checking my balance. First off it was a decent app that made my life easier bc I could click bam done and everyone knows that you can’t call and check ur balance that fast lol.. but I somehow clicked validate which is annoying I don’t want to type a password to see my balance and my activity and incoming amounts, but I couldn’t find a way to get rid of validate to save my life. So I dealt with it and used it for like a year but now it’s giving me issues deleted my card and my kids P-EBT cards out and so I had to readd them. That’s annoying but not enough to make me delete the app… till now when all I get is a screen with error messages can’t get it to work at all!! So thanks but time for me to find a new app.. good luck to anyone else that’s still using this or wants to try it I truly liked this app but I can’t see anything I hope no one else is having this issue.
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3 months ago, mmmrdfhrirjjeodfocvgeif
Do not download!!!
This is by far one of the most frustrating apps I have on my phone I have created a account over five times I am 1000% sure I was typing in the correct login and password having to call your cards constantly is a headache being out in the grocery store having to call and check your balance on your card is so frustrating and not only that you’re holding up the line. I feel that there is a glitch in this app looking and reading at the past comments for this app I would have never downloaded it. I gave this app one star, but if I could give it, 0 stars I would have I would not recommend you to download this app. It is not helpful, as soon as you log out of the app and try to log back in it will tell you you’re typing in the wrong information when you know that you are typing in the correct information save the headache just call the card before you go out. This app is pointless!!!
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4 months ago, jodyannas
White label error
I’m having the same problem as the Previous reviewer. I can get nothing but a blue screen that says white label error this this server is not found… And I’ve been battling this now for three days. I can’t access the app. I just removed it from the screen, I’m afraid to delete it because I’m not sure I know how to get back into my EBT balance. so I’m thinking that this may be a little more universal problem that at first I thought. At first I thought it might just be my phone, but the longer it stays up, the more difficult it is to access anything, I’m thinking this may be a much bigger problem. When that I believe should probably be investigated. because, like the reviewer before me, I really counted on this to be able to see my balance and know where I was for the month. I hope this is helpful. I hope you can find it and I hope you can eradicate this problem before we lose all of our access to EBT edge. Thank you.
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11 months ago, Fangtasia101
Doesn’t work
Used to work just fine I know my info and all it keeps saying invalid credentials. It’s been like this since at least July 25th. I have done everything I can on my end which tells me it’s nothing on my end. Info hasn’t changed since I created the account. Yet over and over Invalid Credentials. When I call the card number and it tells me to input my card number the system acts like I didn’t input the number it prompts me to do it again, I do and again same thing. After 3 times your disconnected the only way to get a human on the line is to choose the option or lost,stolen, or damaged card. That’s been the only way I have to check my balance.
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10 months ago, Mememim
The app crashes and doesn't let me sign in. I went to the website instead of the app to sign in and it still wouldn’t let me. So I had to creat a new account for it to only work for a week and then crash again. So I went to the website and same results as last time it wouldn’t let me sign in even after requesting to change the password for a third time just so I can get in and see my balances. The app it self when it was working was great I was able to see my balance just through the app and get balance updates which made it so convenient for me because I am a busy mom. I liked this app better then the other Ebt balance apps but with the consistency in crashing and then not letting me sign in even on the website is just frustrating. I will update my rating and reinstall the app when the app gets fixed and starts working how it’s should. Please fix this app it was so great to have.
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3 months ago, boogerbear1738
i wish i could say no stars because it’s useless at this point. i don’t know about other states but in IL we have a big problem with scammers cracking ebt cards. (stealing the card number off of card readers and taking ALL of people’s food stamps) so i use this app because im able to Freeze my card when im not using it but for a few days now it keeps showing this error message and im unable to get in the app and unlock my card. i cant call said card to unlock or unfreeze it so its just locked and no other out sources? it’s setup to my face recognition so im not even able to just sign out and sign back in, it automatically goes to the error page. i had to delete and redownload the app which is extremely inconvenient when inside Kroger with your three children. i’ve had this app over a year now and its doing it again today. i am done. deleting the app.
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3 years ago, nelson.wp
Dangerous, defective, or infected by hackers
Upon opening it says: "A new version of ebtEDGE application is currently available. Please update your application from Appstore. (1500)" It has a cancel or update button underneath. However I never use these buttons on the pop-up message because the media have warned hackers or the security and surveillance apparatuses often make these pop-up on your screen and get full device access if you click them. This is why I always check the Appstore first to make sure an actual update is available as the app is claiming. In this case, the Appstore says there's no update and just has an option to open the app since it's already installed and up to date. Because of this, I will now uninstall the app and no longer trust it since it's clearly trying to gain unwarranted access to my phone, is defective, or infected by hackers.
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3 years ago, DayGlo2021
Accounts never show up
I have 5 accounts - 1 is our family card, but we got one for each of the four kids for pEBT. Most of the time, only some of the accounts load. At the moment, I can’t see ANY of the accounts and I’ve tried over and over again. I can go on the computer and it works but I am away from home and depending on my phone for the balance so I don’t embarrass myself in the grocery line when I don’t have enough on the card I choose. It’s absolutely unacceptable when the basic function of the app is not functional. It is updated and my phone has the latest iOS. Before this long spat of not being able to see my balances, I would have given it three stars for the poor design, clunky navigation and marginal functionality but now it’s basically worthless since it’s not working at all, and not just for me.
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4 years ago, potatodinner
Horrible app design
First, signing in is a task in itself. It doesn’t let iOS store the log in info so I had to manually do it, and it requires a log in every single time the app is opened. It does not save the session if swapping between apps regardless of the amount of time. Recovering your password is a joke, just do it on the desktop. Second, it’s slow and there’s popups for live chat assistance that constantly drop down over the top menu bar so you have to clear the live chat notification every few seconds to open the settings bar. Third, the settings are non-existent. It just lets you sign out. Which is just done by existing the app anyways. Fourth, it forgets my EBT account about once a week. Conveniently while I’m checking the balance while at the store most of the time because I’m paranoid I won’t have enough at checkout and my memory is terrible so I can’t remember it very well unless I’ve checked it over and over and over and over. For being an app for a food fund for poor and disabled folks, it’s not very user friendly. It needs to be nuked into orbit and redone as an app with saved login credentials and no popups. Allowing FaceID would be a major plus. Adding my EBT card to my Wallet would be a dream. For now though, I’d just like an app that works at least half the time.
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8 months ago, Lisa&Tilly
I love this app! Someone went into my account about 6 months ago and took pretty much everything I had in account that was just added! I did everything I was supposed to , called social services, store that it was taken from but they didn’t seem to care. I had to find police report and it was just a long process for money I’d never see again . Thankfully this app lets me change everything asap because the world is full of scammers, especially hackers! I’m just saying, it’s so much easier to use app instead of constantly having to call to change info!
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3 years ago, bhadbaxby.kass
App review
This app is terrible. And don’t get me started on the website. I can’t see transaction history or my balance on the app, I don’t even have an help option. It takes a long time to load and my card is not showing up. I try to re-enter the card but it says I already have the card setup but I can’t see the card on home. The website is slow and hard to navigate. I click on the information link and it takes me nowhere just a blank page. The customer service number is terrible too, I can’t speak to a representative if I need to and they don’t have a lot of options if you need help with something. My app looks nothing like the picture displayed and I’m disappointed whoever made this app and the website need to be fired and then the company needs to fix it and stop being cheap!
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2 years ago, STRanger2484
Haven’t had any issues… yet
I was reading the reviews and wasn’t very hopeful to say the least. There was also one review I noticed that said this was a “fake app” but I did some research and went to the actual website and found the link to this app there. So it is indeed a real EBT app, however, if you’re having issues with the app (and here’s a thought) this may sound a bit crazy but… use the mf website. It’s what I’ve used the entire time. Never saw a use in downloading yet another app on my phone. So, having issues? Delete this and go online. Save yourself the headache and unneeded angry reviews. We get it. It’s broke. We don’t need to see it over and over. Have another wonderful day. ✌🏻
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3 months ago, Dabdul3217
I’m giving this app one star because it is so unreliable I was in the store for 20 minutes and I only bought two things only because I was trying to fix the app. doesn’t work all the time and can be very frustrating when you think that you’re just going to be in and out of the store only to find out that when you get in the store and then you go into the app that it is not working !give you an error it says that your password is wrong when you know that it’s not wrong it’s really frustrating ! Especially when you call yourself locking your card for security purposes and then when the app is not working, you cannot unlock the card so then you can’t even use your card because it’s still frozen. I’m gonna have to look for a new app.!
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3 years ago, Rubenette
Bad reviews are years old, they fixed it!
I just got my EBT card so I downloaded this app to setup my pin and check my balance. Everything worked perfectly and I’m happy with it. It is a bit sparse but this just makes it easier to use because you don’t have to worry about dozens of tabs and buttons. Lets you change your pin, check your balance, and shows all the stores in your town that take the card. Most of the bad reviews are over a year old and I think they have updated it since this time. Give it a shot if you want to manage your EBT card!
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11 months ago, Jlo 💛🌻✅
So sick of this app no stars
This is so pointless. This app hasn’t worked correctly since probably Christmas of 2022 time period. I haven’t been able to log in in months all it says is error and that’s it. Every once in a while it’ll start to let you then say incorrect password then go right back to error message. Nobody at the office can help us. So constantly having to just hold up a line to check the balance that’s if the machine will even let you do a balance check. Since you can’t just run the card and pay the difference like you used to it’ll decline if you don’t have the entire amount or tell the cashier ahead of time how much is on the card. I don’t know anyone who’s app has worked in the last 6 months, this is insane.
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2 years ago, Amanita Bella Dreams
Better buy still not working correctly
I opened my app today. It wouldn’t load. Finally it did and said a new version was available. I clicked update. It showed open in App Store, it still tells me to update the app. So, I think I have to delete the old app and try downloading the new version. The new help menu is awesome except the link to register your phone number doesn’t work. The last drop down menu item what if my benefits aren’t on my card, I can’t check it because the info at the bottom, atm locator, is in the way. Overall I see that improvements but there are quite a few mistakes and I don’t think it should have been released with that many problems.
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8 months ago, Kelly_love
I was never informed of this app when I got one of these last year and was unable to create a pin so I couldn’t use it. They ended up canceling it because it wasn’t being used. I called and called and got through to nobody fast forward to this year. I get it in the mail again. I was excited to see that there was an app where I could set everything up, thinking that I could finally create a pen and actually use it, so I download it right away. When creating the account I put in my sons information and it tells me it’s not correct. So here I am back at square 1.
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5 years ago, Desertdwllr
This App Doesn’t Work!!!
This app doesn’t work on an iPhone X. I cannot proceed with even signing in, because the screen does not work on my phone, and there’s nothing wrong with my phone...This app isn’t/wasn’t well thought out. Fresh EBT is 100x better. This app is sterile. It’s like something out of the Soviet era...if we had had apps and internet back then. It’s a pathetic excuse for an app. The App Store should remove any app that doesn’t have at least a 3 star rating, and this one doesn’t. They make everything more difficult than it needs to be, and I’m never going to be able to get beyond it being sterile. If that’s not enough, then having to sign in every time you want to check your balance, should be enough. They’ve made this much more difficult than it ever needed to be.
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1 year ago, DwyermafiaVIP
App keeps crashing again!
Update, I guess someone saw my original posted review and made an update for the app but unfortunately updating the app didn’t fix the problem, it’s still doing the exact same thing, I’ve had no problems using it for the past year, until now. Please fix the problem The app normally works fine but has been crashing all day today after I log in, it allows me to log in then says Error there’s no card linked to the account and then the app shuts down and goes back to the login screen. I can’t find anything on troubleshooting to send in a message about it or any help articles and the app is up to date. Hopefully the developers will see this and find a solution soon.
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3 years ago, LovePinkMaddi
Great if it would load!
All stars have to align perfectly in order to open this app and view your balance, transactions and future incoming funds. Other than it working/loading on extremely rare occasions, it would be perfect. Has all the information I need to see and I can easily update info, add info or seek the right support. A miniscule issue I’d mention is; If you use iOS and save your passwords, this gets saved under “fisglobal” instead of anything you’d imagine it would save under. So it took me forever to locate my own login info, which it requires you to have every time you open the app.
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4 years ago, Janah4
I have been through all of the required steps to register both P-EBT cards for my kids including setting a pin. However, this is now the 2nd trip to the grocery store I have made where my P-EBT card was declined and failed to go through!! What good is it to have the blessing of these cards in my wallet when it provides no benefits when it comes t actually putting food in our fridge?? The customer Service number on the back of the card has ZERO way to talk to a human being and I don’t know what else to DO!!!! I called 211 and was given a number for operations but all I can do is leave a voicemail asking for help!! I can see on the app that both of my North Carolina p-EBT cards have value on them but I have no way to actually use them!! ?? Is anyone else having this problem?? Thx
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7 months ago, ChicoMom2011
Worst app I’ve ever used in my life
I can’t even get past the application stage. I filled out my personal information and then picked out 3 challenge questions and answered them and at the bottom of the page where you’ve given a choice to click “account” or “apply”, I can’t click on “apply”!! I can see the choice, by pulling “up,” but the moment I let go, the only thing I can see is the last challenge question. It’s infuriating!! It’s obvious this app isn’t made for iPhones, or at the very least, an iPhone that was made after about 2018 or something. The State of California needs to get with the program. Computer programmers are going to need to be paid more than minimum wage if you want a decent app.
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3 years ago, nijcohl
Worst app
This is got to be the most detrimental worst app I’ve ever downloaded on my phone I used to think that it was a good app because I had my food stamp balance and also how much was put on every month, Well I needed a statement today so I can get my rent paid for and low and behold the app is not working I cannot get into my account I could not to get any information at all dead this app is like about as worthless as a paperweight I still have yet to be able to get in my account to view my benefits or statement I had to call the DHS and have them email me a statement this app is useless and not worth having why would you want an app that lets you down when you need it the most?!?!? you wouldn’t!!!!!!!
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5 months ago, MoMo3023
Literally the worst App
Constantly logs you out, even if setting up remember me or FaceID it doesn’t save it. Majority of the time you get an error message when trying to log back in. When it does log you in, it’ll probably tell you no account found On the occasions you successfully log in and have your account information available, don’t worry you won’t be able to use one of the other features. You’re supposed to be able to scan items in the store to determine if it’s eligible under your benefits. This has worked literally one time since using this app. So 99% of the time I’m guessing and hoping I don’t get to the register and something not be eligible.
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3 years ago, bdhshtit
Love love love
This app is amazing it deserves 5 stars IMO i was using a different app that took forever to load if and when it did and this app is super fast i can check my balance without having to wait. Also it give me all the places around me that accept EBT on the map. It's just amazing! I am so happy with this. It will let me know what's pending to post to my card. Omg you have just got to have this app! It's so convenient and great. I am so glad I switched to this one! Highly recommend
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3 years ago, Cameron Winters
Literally the worst app I ever used
They couldn’t have made the app worse if they tried. I opted to delete the app and go through the totally frustrating process of calling the number on my EBT card to get my balance. It’s very frustrating, but not nearly as bad as this useless app. It’s literally useless. Often just won’t work. It’s the only app I’ve ever downloaded that CRASHES my phone. Billions of dollars of Apple development have gone into preventing that happening, and this app is so bad it has managed to still break my phone. Worthless. Whoever is in charge of development should be ashamed. This affects an important aspect of many peoples lives. Many people who are already struggling. Shame on you.
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4 weeks ago, Ebt user user
Error page and can’t get out
It was working fine for me until I got an error message. You can’t get out of the error message and you can’t reload the page! It’s very discouraging! I’m a super saver because being disabled and advanced age (definition of social security) my benefits don’t last long! So it very important that I keep close watch on my benefits. I keep all receipts but it’s nice to have an app (when it works) to be able to log into and see your balance. It’s been working fine for over a year but all the sudden it throw an error and I can’t clear it. So I guess I’ll continue to save receipts and just check my balance of benefits that way!
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3 months ago, Big Daddy 420 420
This app is garbage
Had the app for a month now and in the beginning it worked fine and it was nice to check my transactions because I’ve had my card info stolen recently so it’s nice to be able to check for fraudulent charges. But then one day it just stopped working and it hasn’t worked for me since that day it quit working. Can’t login, can’t do anything. When you try to use the app it just gives an error message and never loads up. It’s been that way ever since the first time that message came up and that was weeks ago. This app is complete garbage. Would have been nice if they could work out the bugs but nope… trash it!
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2 months ago, D1v1n3lyGold
Love the freeze/unfreeze
Last month I got my benefits stolen went down to get new card and they told me to download their new app so I can freeze and unfreeze my card before and after transactions and change my pin frequently. It was working well but now it’s just horrible everytime I go to log in I keep getting this “white label error page” it was doing Face ID but I can’t even avoid that to manually log in atleast idk what to do but they need to update the app then maybe my review stars would change other then that I was a great app and it’s convenient (when it works!)
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1 year ago, HannahMeresly
Login error
I have to change my password every month it’s so frustrating. I never know when it will come but it eventually does where it tells me my login information is invalid and then my account gets locked and then you can’t even unlock it until the following day and then you have to change your password even though your password was correct to begin with and then the cycle starts all over again within a few weeks. I don’t get it…. It’s just frustrating to say the least. I haven’t had my card hacked like other reviews say but honestly if it happens to me I won’t be surprised at this point. Worst app.
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3 years ago, quixangel
Always issues logging in
I’ve used this app for a while. I have my log in information saved in my phone. I also use Face ID to log in. There has been several times where Face ID won’t log my in. It takes me right back to the login page. I try using the forgot my password option and I’m told to just set up another account. I have already done this with both of my emails. I’m having issues logging in yet again and don’t have another email address to use for this app. I do not want to keep creating new email addresses just bc this app will not allow me to log into my account using Face ID or my saved password information.
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1 year ago, Sybil.Disobedience
Too many issues to only check balance
Simple app with one function: check your SNAP balance which you can also do by calling the 800 number on the back of your card, or checking the receipt from your last purchase. You can also see a short list of the last however many transactions: store & total. Here’s why it’s not worth dealing with: it works once a month if you’re lucky, the rest of the time you just fight with the app trying to login to erroneous error messages that are impossible to fix.
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9 months ago, Missdaisy25
App never opens and terrible interface
Our state just recently switched from the BNFT app to this EBT edge app and I have been so frustrated by it this far. Every time I try to log into the app it goes to an error page. Then I’ll hop on the Internet browser and try to log on and it still goes to the air page. If you wait, long enough and pray hard enough, you might just get to login, but when you’re shopping and you know that the app is not going to open it makes everything very stressful. Especially when you’re not sure if a WIC item is approved or not but you have no way to scan it because… The app won’t work.
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2 months ago, Cristen430
In approx 6 months, app has been functional for 2 weeks
When initially downloaded this app worked well, I could see my balance and previous transactions. The locations tab was functional. Any feature I needed was available to me. I saved my login info and enabled FaceID and all was well. After the first 2-3 weeks, the app stopped functioning. I get an error message every time I login now. This app has officially been completely useless to me for the last 4+ months now. Came to see if there was an update I missed or something but I don’t see anything so it may just be time to delete and move on.
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10 months ago, kkchamb
Doesn’t Work for Me!!!
I’ve downloaded and entered my info several times over the past week. Only four buttons available that let me change my personal info, change password and security questions, etc. But, I DON’T HAVE ACCESS to my balance, my deposits, or my transactions. AND no way to lock or unlock my balance (AS PROMISED) to keep crooks from stealing my funds!!! (Which has already happened and the reason I downloaded this app!). Now getting a “White label error” page… WHAT????? I’ve called Human Services and they were absolutely NO HELP!!! They’ve got no clue how this app is supposed to work. Please, PLEASE, someone, anyone… can you help me?????
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3 years ago, Neutral Observer
According to recent reviews apparently I’m the only one for whom the app still can provide snap info. It’s not very usable anymore though because it requires a new login with user ID and password with each use now, previously it would retain that info and I didn’t have to constantly sign in over and over, that makes the the app far less useful than it used to be. Just use the other major EBT app EBT Fresh, they have gotten their act together and are great now. Too bad the developers of the ebtEDGE app have apparently abandoned the app and those that depended on it,
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2 years ago, Becky959300
Keeps saying it’s not correct
I have been trying to add P-EBT card to account. I typed in childs name, his bday and my ss # says invalid info, I then used his bday and his ss# says invalid info, then I tried my bday and my ss# still invalid info and my bday his ss# still says invalid info. I have tried every single option and none of it is working. Can you please tell me when adding a P-EBT card whose info do I add when it says bday and ss# because I believe I have tried every single way possible. If I ever get it to add the cards I will happily update the star rating. Thank you
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2 years ago, Ah_yeah!
Login Issue
The app, which has only worked in portrait mode on iPad (for some reason) stopped working for me as of today. I guess the app just takes you to the web portal anyway because the same oversized interface I was presented with in the app was the same one I saw using the web. The login credentials input area was visible on both, but using the app the "login" button but would not accept a press. It did work when using a web browser though. Note: The "application support" link in the App Store just takes you to the login page. I did not see anywhere you could contact for support there.
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3 years ago, Jaya147
Won’t allow me to update
Clearly you don’t care about your customers when you have a 1.8 review out of 5. My latest problem (certainly not my only one with this app) is that it shows as a blank white screen then notifies me to update to the new version, so I tap to update and it sends me to the App Store, but there’s nowhere that will allow me to update. It just sends me in circles. I frequently have to delete then re-download the app because of all the faults. I just downloaded the app again and I’m fairly certain the new version should have been automatic. I can’t use it until I update, but it won’t let me update.
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2 years ago, #1_STUNNA
Outdated Map Locations
What's the point of creating a map for people to use if the locations aren't even correct? You have stores that have closed and are no longer there, stores in locations that weren't even there to begin with. Might as well just have a blank map for people to guess cause that would be the same thing. Who created this? Ron Popeil? Just set it and forget it, huh? I see your "Report a problem" takes you to a website where there isn't a single link for "reporting a problem", "contacting us", or even a "site map". Wonderful! They must think their product is flawless!
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2 years ago, cannot enter info
Cannot enter info
When selecting privacy questions and answers, the bottom of the screen offers a Cancel and Add button which do not come up high enough to select. You may push the screen up but won’t let you tap the buttons. Deleted app after multiple tries, turning phone sideways which didn’t work and trying to click over the location offer at the bottom that does what it’s supposed to. So I downloaded the app again and still have the same problem. Wasted 15 mins on this and disappointed. Easier to just look at your last receipt.
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2 years ago, Karen - Nc
Spend phone $ on FOOD
This is the most asinine thing I’ve witnessed in a long time. If I had the money to buy a new phone, I’d eat first and not need this app to check a food assistance balance! NC needs to put the total on the doggone approval letter instead of giving people $16 a month and acting like that’s normal. It is NOT. Go to the office and ask them to break it down for u. They’ll “fix” ur balance ONLY if u take the time to inquire IRL. If u call, they just play phone tag and tell u it was a fast track error. Go to the office and have a staring contest to see who can play dumb the best. May the odds be ever in your favor
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4 months ago, NayNay5750
Frozen freeze and unfreeze
At first the app was good then all of a sudden it stopped working and all I get is an error message. It has been doing this for months know also when I try to take money off I had my card freeze then I had unfreeze my card but once I unfreeze my card it’s became frozen and i was able to used it while it was freeze
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5 months ago, Feefer2
Nowhere to contact devs for a bug report
The app is working fine (it’s nice to be able to freeze my card when it’s not in use, and to block out of state and internet transactions to avoid fraud), but I can’t find anywhere to submit a bug report, so here it is (hence only the 3 star rating): When on the ‘help center’ page looking under ‘benefit’, tapping the ‘cash benefit schedule’ and ‘food benefit schedule’ doesn’t work (I’m using an iPhone 15 Pro Max running iOS 17.2.1).
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2 years ago, trisha smart
The app is amazing but with this update you guys just did isn’t working. I can’t get into the app bc it tells me to update the app and when I do go to update the app it just says open app. I don’t know what is going on but I think I have to go back to using the Ebt phone number or keep all receipts to get my account balance. I think you guys need to fix it again.
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