EdApp: Mobile LMS

4.8 (2.2K)
67.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
SafetyCulture Pty Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for EdApp: Mobile LMS

4.84 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
8 months ago, 2ndstage
Essential to Streamlining Processes
With our company implementing EdApp into our training system, we have found that conversations with customers have become more consistent informationally and add to our expertise on company processes and product knowledge. Although I’m unaware of the back end build of each lesson, they are engaging and interactive which is important for the short attention span of younger employees. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Robynpockets
A must have
This tool has been extremely helpful in sending our team the information they need as well as being able to pinpoint the areas in which they may be struggling. We’ve received tons of positive feedback from our team on how easy to use it is and plus it’s fun!
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2 years ago, Paypaypay
Great app but found a flaw
At the forklift training section there is a question asking “Do not lower the lower more than __ inches.” You select 6 as the correct answer and it automatically defaults to 5 as an incorrect answer. I’ve actually tried to go back and answer with every other option and every time it defaults to the incorrect number 5 and tells you that you are incorrect. Please fix this so I can obtain ALL of my stars.
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2 years ago, Mocolorado
Highly highly recommend!
I have been using this app for my internship courses and it works so well. Love the layout and how easy it is to use. It truly makes learning fun and keeps you wanting to complete more courses to better your score and see where you are in your ranking against your friends. Encourages learning and yea super fun!
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1 year ago, Ili Musmanni
Friendly, practical and portable
EdApp shows everyday cases in a very simple way, applicable to real sales situations. It is worth visiting and revisiting it, as it explains it with clarity and methodology. Also, I carry the knowledge with me on my phone wherever I go. A few free minutes can now be used to review and reenforce what has been learned.
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2 years ago, LBNYgal
Love the variety
Great variety in the way the learning is presented. Issues if using on a computer vs mobile. Content has grammatical and spelling typos and test info is not all visible on the screen nor can you scroll to see the full question. Answer “rewards” are inconsistent - don’t get a star for each answer correct. Some answers don’t say “correct” or not.
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5 months ago, 0 BiGLuVn 0
Read me
My background is I. Education I taught k-6 for years I now own/operate a metal fabrication shop and I use this app for our saftey trainings and new equipment training this app has served me in both professions well and our blue collar men ages 61-19 have all used it confidently and at their own time to finish the required trainings Building the lessons are easy once you do it once and utilizing the AI is brilliant Good job My only add-on (maybe it’s a thing) I want to click if someone completed a course especially if my modules change and they did the previous one
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3 years ago, KiNgEr 23
Great Tool
Definitely an amazing training app. To be able to have access to all of these things, in the palm of your hand, no matter where you are is awesome. It has a few glitches here and there but it is jam-packed with knowledge. 5 out of 5 in my book
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1 year ago, DIMPLESSSSSS123838383848484
Good app
It keeps you entertained as well educating you at the same time. It’s not boring either like most you’re able to interact with the app as your learn.
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3 years ago, MNtravis
Frequent crashes that lose your work
I think the developer thought lots of variation like swipes, “scratch off” etc were engaging, but when the app crashes, you sometimes have to tediously redo all those swipes, scratches click through, etc for as many as 40+ pages since it starts you back at the beginning of the module that crashed. I have had somewhere between 5-10 crashes in the few times I’ve used the app.
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3 years ago, jl#2772
Project Manager
Instruction on what to do at the beginning was vague. It took a few lessons to figure out and where to look to know if they wanted you to swipe, circle or drag. The word seek, drag the letter to complete the word and timed true or false was kind of annoying. Seems as if they were part of the course to make it fun. I didn’t care for it.
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6 months ago, K..O..
User-friendly and informationally concise. App stays focused on important specifics, not lost in details. Allows user to absorb & retain necessary information giving a much better opportunity to gain employment in Healthcare.
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3 years ago, 4107Sales
Keeps me updated on everything sales side things I thought I knew I didn’t so being able to review it on the brain buster helps.
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4 years ago, Mustafa aljasim
Comments notifications need
I have enjoyed learning through this app. I do think they need to add a notification for any reply or comment so that we can refer to while the app is open. Like on FB. History of notifications would be a good addition.
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3 years ago, kelntiff
Simply Amazing
This platform is an amazing platform for quick snapshot training and learning. I’ve uploaded a ppt and the team came back with an amazing tool for me to use with my agents to learn and be supported remotely!
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4 years ago, Anthony Glep
Very helpful
I really enjoy the content they have been posting recently in the new free library. I am excited to use this app more often now. Great experience.
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2 years ago, whiting lb
Micro learning is powerful
EdApp is a great tool for creating simple learning sessions that are manageable time wise, while at the same time making learning fun and engaging.
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2 years ago, Triannap
Great app!
I’ve enjoyed using this app. It’s very user friendly & offers a lot of functionality.
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3 years ago, zwilllly
Easier than website
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2 years ago, HHfan01
Works as needed, easier than expected
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4 years ago, Covid Counselor
Covid Counselor in Mission Presidency
I wish, I really wish, these Ed app courses were available when I served as s Mission President. Generally, they are an excellent resource for training missionaries.
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1 year ago, It's good 8=D
One of the snappiest education apps I done ever seen.
One of the snappiest education apps I done ever seen.
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7 months ago, Concepción baez
They don’t give you enough time to answer the question
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2 years ago, lukewags2004
Easy to use
Super simple and helpful
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7 months ago, MajinGouki
Not working
App does not let me continue no matter how many times I close and restart the lesson. There also isn’t an option to turn off the Audio.
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5 years ago, Elearning expert
Best learning experience
Love the app and the admin! Easy to use, intuitive and actually very fun! My learners love it!
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2 years ago, Kingdejaa
Great App
The app makes classes more engaging and fun. A lot of interactions on here. No glitching
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2 years ago, Upendra Reddy
App hangs
The cricket coaching module gets stuck in between the course and doesn’t let the user progress. It’s very annoying and disappointing. I hope they fix it.
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2 years ago, Turn_Burn
Great material covers every subject well.
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4 years ago, Michael2035
This app is still in its early development cycle a lack of internet resources, very hard to use ,is made mainly for mobiles and has no landscape mode (really!!!) Their templates are very complicated to use! Won’t recommend it at ALL
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4 months ago, Shukryahh
I’m so happy to have my course with this amazing app
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3 years ago, Oaksb7
Great app to declare the word of god!!!
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3 years ago, Nealious Maximus.
Great Continuing Education App!
TED would be proud!
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2 years ago, CVMMP
Great way to learn!
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7 years ago, Spoiled lady
Easy to use
This app is easy to use.
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8 years ago, Kstreel
Not intuitive
This is a great concept, but I have been playing around with this and it is not intuitive to use. I have researched the website to see instructions for a how to, but am unable to find anything helpful. There is no indication of how to make a course or if there are courses already made that can be accessed. I originally thought this could be used for school, but I don’t think so.
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4 months ago, ofalvarez
Excellent app to create courses
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4 years ago, C-Sway
Company with many Webinar solution
My company has many webinar trainings , I took the YouTube links and combined it with EdApp and was able to break it into clips and asked questions, works great for us
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10 months ago, Kiaristi
Deberia tener almenos las preguntas disponibles en español para poder resolverlas o la opcion de copiar para su trasuccion y asi poder responder bien
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1 year ago, A_Mac99
Not easy to use
The weird QR code requirement is a hindrance. Having everyone need to download and log in to an app to access one quiz is ridiculous.
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