Adobe Scan: PDF & OCR Scanner

4.9 (1.3M)
272.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Scan: PDF & OCR Scanner

4.88 out of 5
1.3M Ratings
6 years ago, denniscd
Great for anyone who wants to get paper to digital with as all Adobe tools.
The software is free, more intricate than it may seem, easy to use, and is backed by the comittment of Adobe, Inc. Product continues to improve, and combined with Acrobat or other Adobe iPad Pro apps, just about as good for someone who preserves, categorizes, presents, and shares documents after easy editing and repesoitory in the Creative or Document clouds. In the end, its user choice, with some good alternatives, but this has long term potential and integration is important for ease of use and quality control. I always return to Adobe Scan after trying everything else new. The developers I believe, will maintain their pride in applying knowledge from so many areas within Adobe, that it will become a “Professional” Standard in not too long. Enjoy watching techology change at an accelerating pace. We are envisioning capabilities as though they will come to fuition in a year, but what we can only imagine now, is already very likely a reaity in the making all around us. Thanks Adobe. DDoherty
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1 year ago, everyones_favorite_freak_of_nature
A few bugs but overall a game changer.
I’ve been using the app for years and a while ago it deleted all the cloud files I had. It was a huge loss but luckily even if the scans were gone the images were still auto saved to another folder in my images app. It’s annoying to have to recrop each photo and adjust the light settings all over again but it’s not as big of a loss as I initially thought. It’s a fantastic scanner and as for allowing an easy transition from traditional art to digital it’s allowed me to bridge the gap between two worlds that were before entirely separate. Now instead of taking hours to trace on top of photos for illustrator files I can make a couple task sketches and scan the best, then clean up in PS and use the image trace function to create vector shapes. It has small bugs in terms of storage but it might also have to do with me switching Adobe plans or the email I had connected to the account. It’s overall fantastic and has completely changed how I approach my workflow in a very positive way with just a few minor hiccups. I highly recommend it under the condition that you immediately save every new scan and original image external to acrobat as a precaution. Otherwise it’s amazing to no longer need a bulky scanner.
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3 years ago, JesusBenNazareth
Privacy problems.
I tried to submit a privacy question. After I had already successfully logged into my Adobe account , I had to correctly solve a captcha,Provide my email address and name again, probably verify my address, submit my question and then solve a second captcha correctly. Asked: I am wondering about your privacy policy as a relates to documents scanned with Adobe Scan - your iOS mobile pdf scanning app. I’ve been looking through your policies to try and find a clear statement that you’re not going to look at or share of my scanned documents unless required by law. And that that applies whether I’m in the US or UK at the time. can you make such a statement? Can you please make it easier to find if you’ve made such a statement? And refer me too it/them? I have opted out of the machine learning part but that doesn’t address my question really. Also it’s pretty low to make it so hard to submit questions like this! I’m already logged in and I have to give you all my information all over again and validate my email address? Do you think that’s respectful? I’m trying to decide between using your product and camscanner or neither. and when you reply please include this question in your reply. OK? And can you answer the same questions for Adobe acrobat reader PDF maker iOS app?I hope they respond and I’ll update this if they do!
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5 years ago, Vanessa123456780
Edge-finding and focussing (spelling intentional) capability less than perfect
I chose to ignore Adobe’s prompting that I upgrade to AdobeScan from the scanning feature included with the Adobe PDF app for a while, because when I’d tried it, it had “grabbed” the document it was supposed to scan as if on some sort of fast-forward setting and estimated the location of the document’s edges incorrectly. It also didn’t take enough time to get a properly-focussed (spelling intentional) image. I’d realized that I needed to figure out how to perform the scan manually, in order to get it precise enough, or find another scanning app. During a later attempt, I was relieved when I was prompted to disable the psychotic-seeming autoscan setting — imagine a coworker coming to your desk and frantically dishevelling a neat pile of paper documents sitting on it while you watch — which I’d never chosen to activate to begin with. With that setting shut off, however, the app still doesn’t “find” the document’s edges as precisely as I’d like. It gives you the option of adjusting its placement of them yourself; however, I preferred the scanning feature of the Adobe PDF app to this separate, supposedly-superior Adobe Scan app.
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6 years ago, CrossFire Legal Docs.
Shocked and Awed!!!! Excellent tool!
Incredibly handy, effective, and helpful. Take a moment how to learn how to use this app/software, and you won’t be disappointed. I’m not even super techy and it wasn’t hard to operate. I really could go on and on, but give it a try and you’ll definitely see yourself, especially if you’re a regular desktop to PC scanner. Ahhhhhmazing! If you don’t have access to a desktop scanner, or can’t get yours up and running, or on the go and can’t get to one and need to scan something, this is hands down one handy app. For personal or business use, it’s going to deliver. With this app on the go, you could literally work from the tailgate of your truck if you had to. It’s actually so cool and easy, it makes you want to scan stuff that you’d normally not, or put off. If you can hold your tablet or phone steady for pictures, then you can scan with this. Not to mention all the extra tools and features. As always, through the decades of use, Adobe continues to deliver and stay up on top of the technology game.
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2 years ago, DragonScale22
Make sure you use the filters
AdobeScan is my go-to app if I need multiple images into a pdf, which is often the case for my school submissions. I think the default scan filter can be a bit finicky depending on how dark you write, but you can go into the filters and change it back to the original color and then it’s perfect. Pros: -Can scan directly through the app, or upload photos you already took/images you already have. -Very concise cropping of images, not just sliding of sides horizontally or vertically but also changing corners of where you crop for accuracy -Auto crop feature is pretty good for doing it automatically/quickly even if it isn’t perfect -Multiple scan settings. I think it has one for open books among others. I haven’t checked that out in full detail though. Cons: -Default scanner is picky about how dark you write -I haven’t found a default setting to use the original color every time, so I’ve had to change filters manually every time. It’s a bit annoying, but not a dealbreaker for me. -I have shaky hands and it requires a still photo, which can sometimes be an issue depending on how bad my tremor is that day. I would appreciate something like the “live photo” setting on Apple that shows the best image over a small timeframe. Overall AdobeScan is the most universal scanner across file types while also being not too basic or complicated. Despite the cons, it’s the best scanner I’ve found hence the 5/5 rating. Hope this review is helpful
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4 years ago, manDown1130
Simple and Does the Job for Free
I have used several PDF file conversion tools. I have used the native one in Apple notes. I have also used the native one in Microsoft OneDrive cloud services, because they also allow you to scan multiple pages without stopping, amongst others, including Microsoft Lens and others. I do not know why I have passed on downloading this one before, but I did. So I didn’t think I need to download this, but I was bored and I did. And I’m very happy. My grandmother is 88, and she just had to go to a nursing home, and I am having to scan all of her documents, insurance cards and you name it. And thank goodness I downloaded this application because it gets it right on the first time. It’s free, and ad free, and I’m very grateful that I downloaded it and thankful to the programmers at Adobe for making it free, and simple enough to handle (what would otherwise be kind of considered as “big jobs”) what most people would ever need. Verdict — simple, free, user friendly, and requires no jumping through hoops, etc. works for me! Thank you Adobe.
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5 years ago, FoojyPod
Office on the Run, in the Car, in Court or Anywhere!
I work outside my physical office many days of the week and find this has been an awesome tool that I can use anywhere to document transactions, take pictures of signed documents, checks that I write, letters that I receive, or simply anything at all that I want to document for later records or proof of events. I can photograph flat objects like documents, any kind of paper, even 3-D items I want to remember. I can photograph people and/or places and just click the button and I have a PDF record of the transaction, the person(s), the place where something happened or even a scenic shot.i can access the PDF documents from the cloud wherever I am, and using Adobe Professional Version add text, images, diagrams, notes or even other images and then easily distribute by email to friends, family or colleagues. Makes the job of documenting business or pleasure a breeze! I highly recommend it for anyone who works in the field, out of the office, or from a home office.
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6 years ago, Debutante2013
Excellent for scanning and sending documents on a tight schedule
From having used this app for a little while now, I have found it helpful and convenient for scanning and sending documents on the go. The app is very easy to use, and allows you to send files through most apps that one would need to access pdf files through (ex: gmail, google drive, yahoo mail, Evernote, and so forth). I really appreciate how it allows me to save the pdf files within the app, so that I can access them at anytime. Thus far, I have had no problems emailing the pdf files through my gmail app, and saving them to google drive. The app scans very well, allowing the documents to come out clear, bright, and easy to read. I have also found that it works well with faxing apps, allowing me to be able to fax documents on the go with ease. Highly recommend for those who are working, college students, and anyone who does not have time to scan and send documents via a printer. You will not be disappointed!
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3 years ago, KPerkins!!!!!!!
Reliable & Simple for Students
During the pandemic, Adobe Scanner has been my lifeline for online learning! I’ve used it to send in test answers (the small file makes it easier to submit than images), submit pages and pages of lab reports in one file, and submit it in a way that’s easy for my teachers to access. There are basic editing functions that are easy to understand once you’ve captured your documents like rotating, cropping (in a more abstract way if needed rather than just a square), and coloring. It’s always reliable, I think I’ve only had one issue where something didn’t submit through Canvas, but that was my fault for not double checking and also probably was a Canvas or user error. In addition to school, I use Adobe Scanner to store recipes on my phone in a way that doesn’t take up my storage as much as images! I highly recommend this app for any students online learning toolkit, period.
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4 years ago, NvrDoRvws
Amazing AND Free?!?!
I hate writing reviews, but when I get an app that is free and does exactly what I was expecting (with no ads btw), I feel compelled to write a good review since they aren’t making any money off from me. It was simple, easy to use, and had more features than I was expecting. It allows seamlessly easy photo taking of any document/business card/etc., and allows you to crop it how you would like it, or has an auto feature that works wonders. I messed up on some paperwork I needed to fill out, so I tried for an hour to find a scanner that would allow me to upload the image into a pdf file, and allow me to ‘clean’ up the document so I could refill out properly. It did exactly that with no stinking ads constantly popping up, and without any pop-ups that ask you to do a free trial or to sign up for $X money. I’m very impressed by the simplicity this app gives me, and hope this review helps others looking for the same thing I was about an hour ago, lol.
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6 months ago, RealRadar
Advertising Not Wanted-Fixed Dec 13th 2023
This has now been fixed, thankfully. However they have not fixed it on Acrobat as yet and there is no indication they are looking to fix that as far as I can see, so buyer beware! For users who pay for this app via an Adobe subscription there should not be an auto embedded advertisement for Adobe Scan when you send a scan by email. You only have to go on the Adobe Community pages to see how many Adobe users are very upset by this. It is a cheap trick and if the Adobe employees are to be believed who have responded to the comments on the forum, Adobe is aware of this and is working to remove this as it was not something that was done intentionally. However they have been working on removing it for months now! My recommendation is if you pay for Adobe, that you find another scan app unless you want an ad for Adobe in every email scan you send! Poor form Adobe!
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3 years ago, Oliect
High performance, great user experience
This is the best scanning software I’ve used thus far. Previously, I used Jot Not Pro and Evernote. First of all, image quality is superb. Second, the auto-cropping works perfectly even in low lighting and non-contrasting backgrounds, which is what you encounter in real-world use. Third, the user experience is excellent. I can easily add and rearrange pages; I can easily share a copy by all the usual means. Fourth, 99% of the time, I want my scans to be in PDF format, and this being an Adobe app, this happens seamlessly—no more using “print to PDF” here! Tip: upon app set-up, when asked to choose editing mode, select the second option, which allows you to edit after you’ve scanned all a document’s pages. Don’t enable/accept the first option, which allows you to edit/crop each page as you scan. The app works so well, you don’t need to adjust the document cropping as you go along.
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5 years ago, Alessandra H.
Adobe knows how to do it right
Adobe Scan is by far the best mobile scanning app I’ve ever tried. Downloading and having this app on your phone essentially negates the need for you to own a traditional scanner in my opinion. The first time I tried the Adobe Scan app, I was genuinely astonished with how well the papers I scanned turned out. I’ve tried so many other “scanner” apps listed in the App Store, but every one has either been completely, or came with a catch that outweighed the apps value in my opinion, so when I found Adobe Scan, I was stoked! I definitely recommend at least trying Adobe Scan out. Now, of course if you need a higher than normal scanner for higher resolution, sharper scans, then of course an app isn’t going to be of help, but for a normal, everyday person—Adobe Scan is perfect, and believe it or not, but it’s actually pretty surprisingly handy to have a scanner in your pocket at all times too!
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2 years ago, Hajster
An Indispensable App!
This is one of my most used apps after email and social media. I never have to worry about saving / sharing documents, no matter where I got them from. Now bank documents, important letters, recipes - you name it - are just a few clicks away from being digitally preserved and easily stored or shared. For a free app, this is very feature-rich, well polished, and easy to use. I can easily scan documents using my camera, or simply import pictures that I’ve already saved or received from others. The app can automatically straighten and crop the finished pages, and I can fine tune to get the cleanest image possible. Documents are saved in my Adobe cloud account, and I can easily attach copies to email or text messages, or save to my own permanent storage. There is no archiving app out there that can beat this scanner, and the price (free) is just right.
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3 years ago, Mommy King
Perfect alternative to a big machine!
After spending money on an “all-in-one” printer/scanner; ran into issues with setting up the account for wireless scanning to the cloud. I discovered this app when desperately searching for an alternative with a deadline quickly approaching (surely there was “an app for that”). I discovered this app while playing around in Adobe’s Creative Cloud. What a HUGE lifesaver it was! It is literally as simple as “point & click!” Multi-page documents can be captured by snapping pictures of each page and then saving the document when you’re all finished. To be clear, you are not taking “photos” of the documents. Photos tend to be unclear when printed and/or resized. This app takes digital scans of the documents. I absolutely love having it (plus it’s native on my phone, so I can capture important documents when I’m away from home).
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3 years ago, William Price
Camera roll upload auto crop
I’ve seen numerous complaints online that have not been fixed. They ask for an option to stop the autocrop for all pages. You see this as a problem with scanning and you rightly fixed it by allowing to turn off auto crop when you’re scanning a document with the camera. THE PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED IS WHEN YOU ARE MAKING A PDF WITH PICTURES ALREADY ON YOUR CAMERA ROLL…. My case specifically: My current online classes do not allow me to save the lecture slides as a PDF. I solve this problem by saving each individual slide as a photo on my camera roll on my iPad. Then after I’ve selected all my photos it gives me a review of each of the slides individually and they’re all cropped out of wack. And for each individual slide, some being more than 200 pages long, I have to click the crop button and then click on crop and then click save so it saves that one slide. There is no way I’m doing that for 200 slides. PLEASE FIX THIS. I have seen complaints on your website that date back to 2019. This is pathetic in my eyes concerning your customer support department…
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4 years ago, Enough to know better
The best
This is the best scanning app out there. It will auto scan each page for you but you can still edit each corner of the page manually. And because the brilliant when you pick a corner to edit it zooms into that corner in a little bubble outside of where your son is so that you can actually see what it is you’re doing. You can edit each page by caller you can erase certain portions of it you can draw on the pages you can email a link of the PDF to someone you can email an actual PDF to someone. You can export the PDF as JPEG files. There’s nothing that this app can’t do. You can re-order the pages if you scanned them in the wrong order. You can come back to the same file later and add pages and edited at any time. If there’s a better app out there then I have not seen it because I don’t think it exists. I am a teacher and this has saved me countless hours.
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3 years ago, GandolfTheGreatWhiteWizzard
Apps like this make up for the fact tech is leading to the downfall of humanity
There are two types of technology in the world. That which makes you wonder how much longer humans have before we ruin our society and world beyond repair, and it’s counterpart which makes you wonder how life went on without it. This program falls in the latter category. It is an amazing app that is super easy to use and produces professional quality scans. A little tip to save you some time: trust the auto crop on the first go around and edit as needed once you review your documents. During that review stage you have the original picture to work with so if you need to un-crop you can. This program literally makes expensive scanners and copiers obsolete for the home. Thank you Adobe, I can tell your engineers have put their heart and soul into this and continue to refine it.
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4 years ago, fellowhuman
High Image Quality and Easy to Use
Apple Notes’ scanning function is nearly as good but Adobe seemed to produce slightly clearer documents when zoomed in (may be completely negligible and may increase file size) and seemed to more consistently automatically capture page borders such that I found it rare to need to adjust. One drawback for me is that all documents are automatically uploaded to Adobe’s cloud. I didn’t test any other features being that I have simply been wanted to scan black and white documents as efficiently as possible with sufficiently high quality. I have also used JotNot, which has enhancing functions that seem to work well but there is some scan limit with the free version of the app and the high quality of Apple Notes’ and Adobe Scan seems to make those more advanced functions unnecessary for my purposes.
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6 years ago, OldFolkster
Simple and brilliant
I had just about given up trying to find a “free” scanner that would actually work and was actually free. I had tried so many others that would fail in one way or another. One was so fussy about recording an image that it was almost impossible to make a scan. It kept telling me to move closer even though the page already filled the screen; then it told me to hold still, and refused to take the picture. Another managed to make an image but then refused to let me do anything with it until I “upgraded to pro.” Finally, I discovered the Adobe scanner. What a difference! Producing a clear image was fast and easy. I made a series of scans of the first page, and found that I could leaf through them quickly, deleting all but the best. Then sending off the resulting scan by email was a snap. This app kills the competition; it isn’t even close.
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6 years ago, Yogi Angeles
Adobe Scan is a Winner!
This is one of my favorite apps I use to save any document or receipt I want to have on hand and available to refer to in the future. I have tried several different scanning apps and Adobe Scan is by far the best scanning app available. My documents, receipts, photos, etc. come out perfect every time! Adobe really goes above and beyond when it comes to making their apps user friendly while also providing as many options as possible for the customer’s convenience. This is why this app is my “go to” when I need to scan in snd preserve a document, receipt, etc. I am never disappointed with the final product. Thank you for taking the time to think of the customer and going that extra mile when developing the apps you have available on the market so far. I will continue to look for Adobe products first for all of my project needs!
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4 years ago, Ellie-May77
Use of Adobe
I have only been able to use Adobe for a few days but I have found it to be extremely useful and I love how fast it helps me with information about a photo when I only have to ask Adobe to give me the information about that photo. I can tell when I get more familiar with using Adobe it will benefit me more and more. Thank you! Kristy Keller I really don’t know how to use the Adobe to my advantage. I’m afraid of loosing valuable information. Like making sure I am able to get organized and remember where i put it. I need to Adobe scan my passport, drivers license, social security, Birth certificate, Notary, voters registration, concealed weapons permit, organ donation, power of attorney and keep them in an organized way. That’s because I’m not good with being a secretary. I know this is going to make my life so much easer when I get it. My health records and dated how awesome. Thanks Kristy Keller
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5 years ago, hfjsidje
Love this app!
Being a business person on the go, I’m not always near a copier or printer to be able to scan documents. This app has been life saving. I also try to upload everything into cloud based storage systems and drives for clients so the ability to take a picture, have it converted into a .pdf for less storage space is a Godsend. I now use it daily and love how I cannot only upload to where I want it to go but I can also email and text the docs immediately. Quality is as good as the camera on your phone. It will pick up colors although the letting the app choose the parameters of what you want on the document can be frustrating if there are lines that separate sections. But that is very minor and can be fixed by just moving the phone closer or farther away. I even have other colleagues using this app now because of the convenience.
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5 years ago, Alife2BLived
Adobe Scan
The Adobe Scan app is pretty basic in terms of features. I downloaded and installed it as an easy way to manage all of the business cards I come across in my travels. I rate the app two stars because if you have a number of business cards you want to store, when you open the app and select business cards, then proceed with capturing the numerous biz cards you might have, the app stores them all in one continuous stream automatically or all in one document (pdf), rather than store each biz card as its own document (pdf). To do it any other way, you have to snap each card and manually convert it to a document or pdf. Each snap of the camera should assume -especially with biz cards, that it’s two sides or pages maximum and do the conversion at the end of the second side or page rather than the default be a continuous document.
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6 years ago, Vivitude1
Adobe Scan review
Too soon to tell. The program keeps shutting down while scanning. I don’t yet know if the OCR function works, nor have I had time to figure out how to turn off auto scan. I’ll have a better idea once I’ve had a chance to use this app for more than 10 min or have just scanned only 5 pages. I would have waited to comment except an annoying pop-up showed up on the screen asking me to review the app right in the middle of when I was trying to save a pdf, so if my document wasn’t saved, I’ll feel even more annoyed than I was with this app only 10 mins ago. If I may make a suggestion it would be to please wait a little while longer to ask for a review and figure out a way to do it during a moment when there isn’t any scanning saving activity going on. Most people don’t want to stop and review an app when they’re in the middle of using it, especially apps that replace often used office machinery and tasky work like activities. Thx.
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9 months ago, TurtleWise
Should’ve Tried Adobe First
Simple though feature-full, even for the technologically challenged! This app functions with the quality & ease I’ve come to expect from Adobe. If it starts auto-snapping shots click on the icon just to left of the photo icon circle to turn off the auto-capture feature. It is so simple to use - the key being “don’t overthink it.” First reason to use Adobe mobile scan app is that rather than saving & mixing every scan w/photos the app enables saving & organizing as PDF or JPG file type, with options to select the levels of quality & compression. There is an option to select about any type of format you might need. The card feature is a breeze for all kinds of cards to eliminate both virtual & hardcopy wallet clutter. The book format is useful for long pages & books. As far as I can tell, the app is free whereas others charge fees - or worse require a subscription - for the same (or less) functionality. Naturally Adobe offers a premium app too, which probably enables edits & more ~ I’ve no reason to try it yet since this app has performed any task needed. Glad I finally downloaded this Adobe app, should’ve done it sooner instead of wasting time trying others!
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6 years ago, Seanpaulcurran
A very useful app !
Up front, I’m giving this app four stars only because the scan process is not as streamlined as I would like it to be (the scan can be a little frustrating when it does not get the entire page). OTHER THAN THAT. This is a useful technology that is highly efficient in creating PDF documents that used to take one scan per page on a slow printer. So I’m very happy that I found this app and I do highly recommend it. I used this app with a 12 page medical document today, I am really happy that I didn’t have to scan twelve pages; one by one on a traditional scanner. It cut my documentation time down by about twenty minutes !. I got this done in 10 minutes with the app!. Adobe could improve on the apps process of “hover” technology in which sometimes the app takes a photo too soon and results in a cut off doc photo. After a few delete / re shoot - I got it done.
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5 years ago, Overstimulated
No more half finished notebooks and scraps of paper!
I journal a lot, and make plans and lists for what I want to do with my life. Unfortunately I do this with any spare notebook or piece of paper and so then I have a hard time throwing things away because they feel like important documentation of major turning points in my life. I like rediscovering them to see how far I’ve come, but they left my place cluttered. I’ve never had such an easy practical way of securely archiving all these various scraps. The pics with my phone are shockingly clear and the apt makes it easy to control the edges and make multi-page documents so it’s easy for me to make collections of writings and pictures. Reading my hand-written scrawl in odd form is actually easy and enjoyable. Thank you for making it easy to de clutter while still hanging on to every memory!
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6 years ago, blue becky
Adobe rocks!
This app really saved me big time! I’m impressed with how easy it is to use.. I was in a hurry so I didn’t even look to see if it has a tutorial! I am the process of trying to get my son enrolled in school where there is serious competition.. so little things like an unreadable, blurry or cut off document can mean you lose your spot.. this happened to me and if I hadn’t found this appt Adobe so that I could quickly scan and upload the was a legal sized document, so trying to take a picture was almost impossible! I have an iPhone 6, it took about 3 minutes to download and open , and another two for me to figure it out and get both pages flawless and emailed out to the school! 5 minutes!!!! M so thankful as we would have lost our place of I’d had to go out and find somewhere to help. So thank adobe!!!
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4 years ago, teamwingnut
Invaluable Tool
I am not one to write reviews, and this is only the second or third I’ve ever written for an app. I would give PDF Scan 10 stars, if I could give that to it. I am currently in my hometown in Hawai’i, taking care of my ailing father. There have been innumerable documents that I’ve had to send back-and-forth: to my workplace, to his physician, to our local Department of Human Services office, the financial services department of our local hospital…and I had no access to a scanner or fax. Instead, I downloaded this app and scanned all the documents in with my phone. It’s all so easy. The fact that the app is FREE (I hope it continues to be!) is even more appreciated and amazing. Don’t hesitate to download and use this app. It has been my go-to for all my documents in this trying time.
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4 years ago, sbma44
actual scanning is great but bugs remain
I couldn’t get any scans to save when I first installed this despite closing the app, reauthing—all sorts of stuff. Now, weeks later, it works fine. Maybe it needed a phone restart? Who knows. The other major bug is that it appears to not have a notion of folder hierarchy in Google Drive beyond one level. Hard to say if this is Adobe’s fault or Apple’s, because Drive integration appears to only be available via the iOS “share” menu. It’d be nice to have new docs sent to a preferred cloud provider automatically rather than just Adobe’s—the share workflow is clunky—but perhaps this is best filed under “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Otherwise this app does a nice job of border detection, OCRing and sane defaults for leveling colors etc. No watermarks in the free edition! And the upsells seem to be for other adobe apps, not for features. In this respect it compares favorably to CamScanner (though the capture process is perhaps a bit slower).
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3 years ago, YoDanYo
It’s half an App, Pay $10/month for features
Document detection is excellent. OCR is kept on Adobe’s private cloud. You cannot move your PDF, even to your iPhone. You CAN move a photo representation in jpg format to your phone, but then you won’t have the OCR text. I scanned in several business documents. Then I wanted to get the OCR text on one of them. Nope. Can’t do it with Adobe Scan. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader for that. Even then, you can’t download a copy of the PDF to share with someone. You can only get a link to Adobe Cloud. Adobe Scan does a good job of scanning, but provides no capability for getting your OCR text. You must download another 250MB App and if you want a copy of the PDF, you must pay $10/month. And if you need more storage, no prob, you can buy that too.
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7 years ago, Lady.CF
I’m Impressed!
I had to scan and send a copy of my lease to a company within two days of downloading this app and surprisingly, it worked perfectly! Quick, intuitive, and straightforward. Most importantly, the final version of the scanned document looked legit, as if scanned with a large, high-end machine. Very, very impressed, as I was concerned the final PDF would look wonky or have skewed alignment. Not the case at all. My only feedback for improvement would be for Adobe to combine this app with the main Adobe app as well as with the Fill & Sign App. Storage on my phone isn’t an issue but having one app that does three major tasks would be the most ideal scenario. Either way, this app works well for what it advertises. I hope the quality is maintained. For now and after using it with excellent results, 5-stars.
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2 years ago, The Way Climax
Bloated with bugs and self-promotion
The app gets buggier and buggier with every update. I'm staring to wonder if Adobe software engineers put anymore work into this or they just update it constantly. There are barely any newer features than the version 6 months ago, but the app is crowded with ads and promotions. First it resets my setting of "sending usage data", I had this toggled off, and it's automatically switched on again after the update. The settings menu is plastered with ads to subscribe to Adobe services. I can no longer tap the top of the screen to jump back to the top. Scrolling between pages while editing a pdf is buggy, laggy and broken like never before. I can no longer select images from specific albums when choosing the photos option. That's all within 5 minutes of use after updating the app. I don't see any reason to give this app more than a 1 star, every feature or functionality is worse than any version has been in the past.
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4 years ago, BritBrat1212$
Super Awesome!
The Adobe Scan app was one of the best mobile app scanners that also included its own cloud storage, without having to also fill your photos with pics as well. NOW IT IS DEFINITELY THE BEST MOBILE APP SCANNER!!! And when you use the trio, which includes Adobe PDF Reader and Adobe Fill and Sign, YOU ARE READY TO LITERALLY EXECUTE ANY FUNCTION OF BUSINESS AS IF YOU WERE ACTUALLY SITTING IN YOUR OFFICE AT HOME OR WORK.(when you can be sitting on a beach or even at a ballgame!) I love the new features Adobe Scan has added to truly your scanned document, and all while still remaining a free app. Of course, you can upgrade Adobe PDF reader and it has some key perks to the upgrade, BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TOO! The Adobe apps are great. Subsequently, the Adobe line-up has played a key role regarding my entrepreneurial “wins” and work/life balance.
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7 months ago, Rossco234
I use this app all the time as a scanner for important docs and even some that aren’t so important because it’s so easy to use. It’s better than just taking a picture because I’m able to name the file so I can just search for it later. Originally I was I little frustrated that it wasn’t so easy to move the file into specific folders for later reference, but I’ve found that you don’t need to add long as you come up with a good naming convention and just search. The docs are all stored on the cloud too so you can easily get to them from your PC. Update: Been using this for about five years now and it’s still an indispensable tool. Had a couple of times where my naming convention broke down, but it was easy to fix.
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3 years ago, Puzzler at piano
Very user friendly and convenient: for documents and old photos
The adobos scan app is easy for me to use. I do documents for medical bill claims, and then email them to myself straight from my phone so I can have them on my laptop. Way easier than using the scanner on our printer. Also, I used this app to scan old photos to make into a calendar. Pretty good quality - just had to remove filter to get the likeness of the photos from the 80’s and 90’s. The app selects what it thinks is the proper crop, then you can adjust it to whatever size you want. Once I saved as a PDF, I could then save to my phone as a JPEG- which I used for making a calender using the Shutterfly app on my phone. Everything all available in my phone!
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5 years ago, Shaybozbo
I normally don’t write reviews for apps for this app is so good that I had to! This is definitely one of the best apps for school! I homeschool so I lose a lot of my work or I had something in that I end up needing but with this app I have al of my work right in my phone. At first I thought it would be the same as taking a photo in your camera app then putting it into an album but it’s totally different. You just take a picture and the app finds the border of the paper that your taking a picture of. So now you have just the paper and nothing in the background. You can also put photos in to albums. I also love that it keeps the photos in the app and doesn't add the pictures to your camera roll. I have not complaints about this app and I definitely recommend it!
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5 years ago, Hope_ut
Really great app
This app is making my life much easier. When I need to scan at school with a ‘real’ scanner, I usually have to walk down the hall, and if something is bound or stapled I have to lay down each page, and it gets confused on the size, etc, so when I walk back down to my desk I see it screwed up, the density is all wrong, etc. With this app, I can take pictures of each document at my desk quickly and crop to the size I like (which doesn’t have to be 8.5 x 11... although I wonder if there is a way to force the aspect/ratio if needed; I’ll have to look into that!). It is super easy, and then I can either email it to myself or go to the document cloud online. You can rename the files in the app too, something you can’t do easily on a giant scanner! I love it.
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7 months ago, tusagap
Love it! It’s simple, easy to use, it’s free!
Why did they remove the “cleanup” feature? That was the best feature! I absolutely love this app! It’s a hidden gem you only get to find every so often. It’s one of those things you hope not too many people discover ,so you can continue the benefits of it’s simplicity and ease of usage. There are no “ads” nothing to “purchase “ with a few clicks you can scan, clean up and email documents to a variety of places ie email, text etc. Nothing comes between you and “getting your documents sent with precision” People will think “you have a personal assistant!” I have all my clients, coworkers use it! It’s a game changer for sure! Don’t take my word, Download it and see for yourself!!!
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4 months ago, Hippie Generation 3
Great idea video camming
I think it’s fantastic that you’re doing a video cam and scanning an ID a person so you can compare it with her drivers license or whatever the ID they used and by having a small video it shows with their content of their home and if you’re talking to the right person or not I think it’s an excellent idea of using a video clip so you have some sort of idea what the actual person looks like because they can just hold a picture up to it in front of the phone and you think it’s the person it has same features, but by having them move around, moving their mouthit gives a different outlook on the identity of the actual person. Just a great idea all the way around.
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3 years ago, grl
Incredibly fast, easy, and intuitive
I’ll be honest. I like supporting small businesses. I have paid for every other scanner app on the App Store that I know of. I didn’t think I asked for much. I just wanted something that could create multi page document scans quickly and easy from loose sheets of business-size paper while I am working. It didn’t even have to be fast. They all seemed to have minor seeming quirks that ended up slowing down workflow tremendously. The thing about adobe scan is that it simply does everything right, the first time, out of the box, it doesn’t require me to scout around on the web looking for tutorials. If you could imagine everything you know about the Photoshop user interface, just throw it away. This is the opposite: The most intuitive app I’ve run across in years. I don’t really know what the catch is. I don’t know why I’m not paying upfront for it. I think maybe I might be an Adobe customer already. I don’t know. All I know is, I would pay a lot for this app every year and will not hesitate to do so if they start hitting me up for money. It’s that good.
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1 year ago, Mr. Ed Edwards
The Best!
Hands-down, the best scanner app there is. Even better than having a flatbed scanner! I say this, because I have used both. This app comes with several robust editing options. For example, after you snap the a picture of what you want scan, the first thing it will do is ask you to clarify the border. That alone with how good the app is, and that feature it would deserve five stars. But adobe does more. It also has several editing features for a PDF. Much the same as a free photo editing app has. For years, I have used top notch free, and a paid-for photo editing program. And this Adobe scanner app is on par with any of them. Adobe products are outstanding.
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3 years ago, laura1873
Best Scanning App I’ve ever used!
I’m so glad I found this app! Great for scanning my documents and other work! Before I was using CamScanner, but I was annoyed at how CamScanner would always put a watermark unless you pay and the ads were troublesome as well. So I stopped using that and tried out PhotoScan by google i believe. Got sick of that one too because customization is so limited. However I’m very pleased with AdobeScan because it’s not only so easy to use, but the scans are of great quality, plus no watermark for free, and it’s easy to upload my scans to other places like Drive or whatever. Scans look as if I had done them with an actual scanner and not my phone! Recommend !
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10 months ago, masihamb
Amazing but Annoying
This is my go to app for scanning pretty much everything , specially books, easy to use and about enough features for a free user. The only thing that keeps me from updating to the premium is its unreliability when it comes to saving your documents. I recently scanned 3 big books and didn’t have access to quality connection so they weren’t done uploading and the next time I checked the app 2 of those were gone which was a real bummer because I no longer had access to the physical versions. Now I immediately save my scans to somewhere else to avoid losing them and am fine with that but I expected a bit more from an app this big. Still the best scanner in my book though!
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7 years ago, CRSlack
The free part does more or less what it says
Do you think that you will be able to import a pdf (scanned) and turn it in to a pdf with searchable text? No. (Or if so it’s not at all clear how to import anything except a photo from your photo library). Do you think that you will be able to extract a text file from your scan? No. But if you can you are pretty clever. What you can do is take pictures of your document, import them in to Adobe Scan, reorder the pages and save the combined pages as an Adobe pdf with searchable text. You can export the pdf file as a pdf and e-mail it. It does that pretty well and deserves a good rating for that. What about the subscription? It is very expensive and Adobe doesn’t really say what you will get. You have to pay to find out or perhaps you will need to do a lot of web based research. One of their blog posts talks about the beauty of the free service and its unlimited usability. Frankly some of us don’t have the time or need to use it with no restriction. We would rather have more functionality with volume limits. I would be willing to pay some amount ($2 mo) for no more than 50 pages per month. But that is my use case.
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6 months ago, ChernoBobi
This is an excellent app, it’s free to use (I am not a paid advertiser). One day I needed to scan some official paperwork very quickly and my step-father showed me this app. It takes clean shots of documents and presents it as though it were scanned. I have been able to use this to apply for colleges and scholarships by quickly scanning my documents and converting them to PDF instantly. The pdfs are easy to share and can be saved to any device like a pdf should. I have already recommended it in person to people who are needing to scan documents and I would recommend it to anyone who reads this. It is low storage and takes excellent quality pdf scans.
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3 years ago, Mark Verizon customer
Four star but room for improvements
It’s a nice app for the iPhone and iPad. But it can be improved. Like it would be nice if one could rename the file as part of saving to pdf or if it proposed a file name based on text it detected (who really can use date of the scan as a useful file name, which is what it does). And it would be good if it would let one print right from the scan, instead of having to go a pdf and then print. And make it easier for one to do just one page scan, to finish the scan or choose instead to keep going, instead of having it automatically charge into scanning the second and following pages.
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4 years ago, Mammothx
Document size
Works great with a two exceptions: 1. When cropping/setting corners, I can set the crop corner perfectly but as soon as I release my finger the corner shifts and I have to redo it. It takes several attempts to get it where I want it. iPhone 8. It’s almost like I need a stylus to use this app. 2. There’s no option for setting the finished document size. So I can “scan” multiple pages of an 8.5”x11” document and crop nearly perfectly, but each page will end up different sizes entirely (often times much smaller than Letter size). This is frustrating when printing. The best print from PDF setting is Actual Size (Fit to Page is garbage), but if anyone prints actual size the document will print much smaller than original size and each page will be a different size. Basically, the result is an unprofessional PDF.
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