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User Reviews for Indeed Job Search

4.77 out of 5
2.6M Ratings
10 months ago, DatdudeK
Job Search
I have been using Indeed for many years. It is one of the best job apps around. Simply create an account and upload your resume. Indeed has a large amount of job postings available. The search bar is really easy to use. You just enter what kind of job your looking for and the location you want to work in. It brings up all the relevant postings with descriptions of the job. The listings vary between employers, but most have the pay rate, hours and an employer post of what the job entails. If you find one you like, all you have to do is click the apply button. The app pretty much walks you through the application process and all you need to do is fill in the required information. Another feature that I really like is the skill assessment tool. There are various types of skills assessments that determine your level of proficiency in certain areas of your field. For example if you’re in manufacturing, you might have assessments for safety or mechanical knowledge. I think the assessment is a great indicator for both yourself and any potential employers. Once you complete the assessment it becomes a part of your profile. You also have the ability to save jobs your interested in and revisit them later if you’re not ready to apply. To sum it up, if you’re looking for work then this is the app for you. 5/5
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2 years ago, Pemdas114
A must have
If you need a job, you NEED this app! Over the years of me job hunting and all the different jobs that I’ve had, this app has given me the most success in getting hired. I have put in the time going online and filling out applications, going into businesses in person and talking to the manager, and multiple other things. But nothing has gotten me the results like indeed has. With my time on this platform, I’ve realized just how much employers use indeed. I have gotten hired multiple different times from being on indeed. I just recently got hired at a job where a company reached out to me! When I was at the job interview I saw that they had my information printed out from the indeed website. Indeed is a really easy to use platform. Making my résumé was so easy with them, and I can even download my résumé to use for other applications elsewhere from the one I made on the site. I truly can’t say enough about indeed. If you need your life to change and you need the job that you’re looking for, you need this app!
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3 weeks ago, Xaviersjifty
Better than other apps, but still pretty bad.
While my experiences with indeed have been miles better than most other job search apps, there is still A LOT left to be desired. For one, the search function is pretty bad, and the filter functions are terrible. For example, I could filter my search to only include entry level data entry jobs that require a bachelors, and yet half the jobs are for hospital roles that need a masters and a decade of experience. I also wish there was a way to filter out certain industries or companies. A large amount of almost all my search results are direct sales companies and pyramid schemes, under the pretense of “account manager” or “marketing jobs”. The fact that there is no way for me to filter out crappy and unrelated jobs adds way more time to my job search and bloats my search results to the point that it’s almost unusable. With that being said, as bad as it is, these same issues are much worse in many of the other apps (with the exception of handshake, but that’s not available to everyone). Edit: Another issue I forgot to mention is scams. If you put your phone number on indeed be ready to be inundated with countless scam calls. I’m pretty sure indeed sells them your info. On top of that be careful because there are countless “jobs” that are just opportunities for scammers to steal your info. You can report them but indeed does nothing about it.
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2 years ago, Sukidesu007
It’s good! But I think it could be better!
Indeed is my go to app to job hunt. And I’ve had to do a LOT of job hunting! My circumstances recently changed from being able to work full time out of the house to part time in the house. What I find complicated with the app is that even if I use the filters to narrow down my job search, it doesn’t really seem to help. I want to look for ONLY part time jobs, which I specified in the filter options. However, the majority of the jobs presented to me are still full time jobs that just won’t work for my schedule. It makes sifting through everything a huge headache and honestly, pretty discouraging. I’m not sure why the filters aren’t working properly (I double checked to make sure I had chosen the right options and that those options were highlighted as being used), but if they would, the app experience would be great and a lot more user friendly. I also think it would be great to be able to specify jobs you DON’T want to see. I’m open to data entry and transcription jobs, but NOT customer service. As of now, you can only look at ALL job listings, or ONE type of job listing. It’s pretty limiting. All in all, Indeed has helped me a lot to find great jobs, but I’ve found it more difficult to use as my circumstances have changed.
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1 year ago, BeatnikNinja
Could be better
I have major privacy concerns with this app. Despite having done my part in app to secure whatever information I can- I still get texts messages from illegitimate “employers” with “job offers”. NO LEGITIMATE employers are going send you texts like “We saw your resume on Indeed blah blah blah click this link to apply” Clicking that link is a good way to forfeit sensitive information from your mobile device. My information via résumé should only be visible to the jobs that I’m applying to! PERIOD. Despite trying to put as much on private as I can through your app, I still get these text. Which has lead me to believe that it’s likely very easy for illegitimate individuals to create employer accounts. No legitimate employer is going to be so informal! That’s a RED FLAG! The other thing you guys should be aware of any job listing that is “commission only” or “appointment-based only”? Those are NOT in any way shape or form legitimate employers. What they are is scams. If a listing doesn’t offer an hourly wage? IT’s a SCAM. That is just an opportunist looking to make money off of the people in a bind. Who are unsuspecting & none the wiser. Filter those out of your listings IMMEDIATELY! I hope you take the information I have given you & IMPROVE the user experience. DO BETTER!
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11 months ago, Beggarscoin
Time wasted - Sooo many fake jobs
Let me start with the worst: SOOO many fake jobs. People scraping the boards looking for your info and emailing you about fake postings in order to scam you. It’s CONSTANT. This alone makes uploading the giant amount of info indeed wants seem very sketchy. Once you’re past that: For all they tout how much you need indeed it’s not great. I constantly get recommended jobs on my email for which I don’t even qualify. My feed is full of them too. I have specific requests emailed to me asking me to apply for a job and when I do often I ruled out before finishing the application due to not meeting the requirements or I’m emailed almost immediately saying thanks but no thanks for the same reason. Indeed has been a huge waste of my time. Plus they have all these quizzes for you to take, often required for job applications, that are very poorly written and have multiple answers that could be appropriate depending on the company policy or just because the person writing it doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Indeed gives you plenty of jobs to dig through but most of the ones they recommend to you aren’t remotely a fit for you or you experience. Their algorithm will inundate you with jobs you don’t want because you clicked on one to see what it was and it wasn’t a good fit too.
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2 years ago, Qu@@y
Big Scam App
This app is a big scam. This app has so call “Employers” making it seem like they are going to get an interview and a job through another scam app name “Wire Messenger”. They really have people that would text you after applying for a job stating “ my name is “….” “and I’m the hiring manager for “….”” “and I invite you to an interview on a app you have to download called “ Wire Messenger “”. Just to take you through a WHOLE process that is a waste of time and to gather your bank information to rob you. What Indeed needs to do is inform people that this app is not what it use to be. Anyone that has this app and is looking for an honest job, be careful and pay attention to what and how the emails and text message is delivered to you. Indeed, I’m disappointed in this company because majority of the jobs I was hired to, was before the plandemic. Its like the “pandemic” was a easy way to target folks that are in need of work. I just know indeed company is part of the scams. It’s just too many of the same scam messages. I know for a fact, if an employer from indeed needs to contact you for a interview, why do I have to download a app where I don’t know or see who I’m talking to. So just a reminder everyone that has this app and want an honest job PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY. IF SOMETHING IS OFF TO YOU, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!
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3 months ago, Luis905
Not what it used to be!
Only rating it so people who search five stars can really read it. It seems now a days employers are creating fake job postings to gather data. They won’t even answer or have a position open they just repost to seem as if they are a growing company but never hire. Do not take my word for it do your own research it’s out there semi being suppress but it’s out there. Indeed won’t do anything about it neither will its sister app Glassdoor, it seems it’s all the hiring apps or websites are doing this to an extent. What a shame I’m struggling to find a job I hate unemployment it’s degrading yet I can’t get a simple email or call back. I don’t know what will happen but I hope to find something soon, just keep that in mind if you decide to walk out without having something in your back pocket jobs don’t care for you so just do what you get paid for and don’t ever over work your self and get out to something else.
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3 months ago, drop geico
These reviews are lies
I have filed out thousands of applications through indeed over the last few years. Many of which were for positions I’m overqualified for. This entire app is garbage for all parties. This has to be the worst way to fill a position for both job seekers and employers. Companies are forced to resort to a dating app level of rejection while this company charges them 200$ a day for a job posting. If you’re looking for a job and apply through indeed and have updated your resume more than once rest assured that indeed will send your old resume file or a improperly formatted file full of nonsensical garbage to the HR team of the position you are applying for so you look like a complete dunce with caveman level computer skills. I can’t believe indeed still exists as a company. They do a terrible job and charge these companies ridiculous amounts for a task a zombie could do. If you found a career through Indeed I implore you to keep applying elsewhere, there is a significant chance you are being underpaid. I worked at a company that used Indeed for its hiring process. One of my roles was to vet candidates. If a company has to resort to using this clown service they are a bad company I guarantee it.
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5 years ago, ikkomuit
I’ve been using Indeed for several years, both as a job seeker and as a hiring manager. The service itself has been decent; the amount of legitimate jobs is much higher than several other employment services. However, the user interface is incredibly unfriendly and unreliable. The search filters don’t actually filter anything. When I try to filter jobs so that only full-time ones show up, several part-time jobs still appear. When I try to sort jobs by date posted, the jobs on each results page are randomly listed (e.g. first is 20 hours ago, then 8 hours, then 2 days, then 20 hours, then 30+ days, 10 days, 3 hours, and so on). The job market in my area is intensely competitive and fast-paced; you need to be one of the first 2-3 applicants in order to even be considered. Not only is it annoying to have to manually sort through postings after I’ve applied filters, it’s also a great disservice to me as a job seeker. I’ve missed several opportunities as a result of this faulty sorting. It’s actually quite simple to make a query system that accurately sorts by date and time posted. Why Indeed hasn’t implemented such a system is beyond me.
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4 years ago, WazerCraze(r)
So Thankful 🙏🏼
I am so thankful for this app and the access it offers to finding potential jobs! Everything about this app is easy to navigate, understand, and allows you to create a professional level resume with step by step prompts. I feel as though the personal assessments are a wonderful addition/asset for employers looking for qualified candidates. The simplicity of the resume creation process truly allows you to include everything you want an employer to know. You can provide as much or as little as you’d like, and in turn give the people looking to hire many factors to use for selecting the job seekers they are interested in. I just cannot praise this app enough, and am so immensely thankfully that it is free.... Especially seeing as the people who are utilizing the app are primarily unemployed and more than likely not toting around a whole lot of money to spend on paid apps. HaHa! So again, all my praises, and thank you, thank you, thank you! Please keep up the amazing work!
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5 years ago, Thjfdthvfubhtgeadr
Waste of time
First off I’d like to say that I’ve been on indeed for about 1 year now, just looking to see if I can catch any company or agencies attention. With that being said I've been unemployed now for almost 3 and a half months and I’m completely unsatisfied with the app. I get two minute calls from agencies and employers trying to get me on board saying they took a brief look at my resume and are interested in my persona, but I almost never hear back from them. I’ve been waiting for 4 companies two of those with agencies and I’m near the end of losing my mind. There should be a company policy or something that enforces the employers and agencies to respond within a week two weeks tops. I need answers from these companies and I’m tired of getting strung along and given a sense of false hope. Like I said earlier it’s been 3 months now and there needs to be Change. I know lots of folks as well that don’t have any luck with this app either. It’s an epidemic 👎.
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6 years ago, Sweetest'Gi Ever
Best Job Seeking App EVER!!
So out of all of the job boards and apps featuring open job postings, this has to be by far THEE BEST! I used Indeed very frequently. Not only do they post current openings, they also have information about the company. Similar to how Glassdoor (also another fav) will tell you about the company’s culture & interviewing process, Indeed does the same. You have jobs where you can easily apply within the app without having to visit an external site - convenient! Employers may also respond to you in the app if they’re interested. The notification will go to your phone & it also sends you an email, in case you’re away from your phone. Also super convenient! I love how it tells you how long ago the job was posted and also how many people have already applied. To me, that sets realistic expectations. I can keep going & going, it is just an all around great app!
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7 days ago, Guitar Autodidact
Indeed Disabled the Apply Button on the App! Maybe on Purpose!!
I reported a position as a potential FAKE jobs/job postings, and also a couple of NYC job advertisements that did not have the mandated pay range, and Indeed as a result: sneakily disabled the apply button on the app for me (maybe coincidentally, but since I have no auditing access to their systems, but what a convenient coincidence this might be…). The save button works fine (all properly documented for legal purposes!). This happened for the Quick Apply Applications, taking away my ability to apply for any positions on their app! I CLOSED MY ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY, AS THIS COULD BE A CASE OF DISCRETE BLACKLISTING! Also, my email was flooded with spam and phishing emails after I started applying for positions, but I guess this could also be a coincidence…. The coincidence additions are to provide coverage, for any legal action from Indeed… Does the US Gov’t regulate and control ANY of this Abusive Behavior By These Job Market Facilitators (Market Makers)? Or does it encourage it, in order to keep inflation in check, by keeping people from getting jobs, and eventually making them fall off the Job Market?! And as a final result destroying American Families…
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3 years ago, /,(xdcfd
A long job search
When you are looking for a job sometimes it’s an emergency, indeed is a great app with considerable job options but for someone in a difficult situation is very tedious. Indeed gives the employer the chance to make their possible employees take a test so if they pass they can be on the considerable list. The thing I find wrong with this is that these tests are not only repetitive but most employees require them so they can view your application and have you in mind. I’ll find myself answering the same dull questions for each one of the applications I send and at some point, it becomes a very weary experience. Taking test every 2 minutes for different jobs, same questions all over again. Is not only time consuming but is also a negative experience for some people who may suffer from some type of learning disabilities, the answers should be saved in a system so you don’t have to take the same test 4 times for similar jobs, it would save everyone some time and energy. Looking for the right job is already hard. Why make it harder?
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3 years ago, muahahhahahahhahahahxhdhahahah
90% of listing do not show a pay rate
Thats the only reason for the low rate- fix this and i will return to update please! So the site is awesome and i have found jobs on indeed. With that being said it’s seriously such a problem even getting an actual figure of what to expect the pay to be with out being told to fill out an application first. The majority of us all know what we are looking for in an hr/ wage and salary- making the employer post their wage range or price would be essentially especially since all applications require more then 1hr to fill out and that time adds up quickly with 3-6 applications. Not only would it save the applicants time but so would it be for the recruiter- and yes we know why employers do not post an actual figure because they are hoping to hire employees under budget. Indeed came off as being more concerned for the applicants rather then the hiring managers when it first came on the seen and i truly hope it models its self as such. We dont have enough entities for the little guy and something so minor as seeing expected pay prior to applying makes it more of a applicants market and in applicants favor.
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4 years ago, Monty Barela
Such a shame
I hate the fact that most employers use this app. The filters don’t help at all. And most job posting that I find are the same. Nothing is ever new on indeed. Also I have had an indeed account for 4 years and I’m still unemployed!!! Now it’s even harder to find a job because I have a ridiculous gap in my very limited experience. I am a student and I have no scholarships and bills to pay!! I am so frustrated at this point. Also I have very little experience working in the first place, why does indeed keep suggesting that I apply to be a teacher or a lawyer? All I am looking for is a simple part time job in fast food or as a receptionist or something similar. I am tired of all these positions for nurses and doctors and psychologists. According to my indeed resume, I don’t have a degree yet nor do I qualify for any of those positions. Why is it so hard to find the types of jobs I need? Also the ones that do show up, have so many other applicants that I will never be noticed in the first place. Don’t get this app it’s not worth the time or energy. Also if you use indeed right now, just use another job website instead or you will end up like me. Severely in debt and no way out.
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4 years ago, Cynthia 🥳
Indeed is not a good place to look for a job ! It’s nothing but scammers and 3rd party companies pretending to be that company !! I was very in need of a job applied for “Realtor Assistant” and about to have a baby. Got over excited for a “great opportunity and work schedule” ended up being scammed now I’m going through a whole fraud thing with my bank and trying to protect my name and my information. They are so good at sounding like legit jobs. Getting you to do “TASK/TRAINING” at home due to the virus. They email you all information and job description you go through the process fill out the “job application” They do telemarketing interview than phone interview they sound very professional about it. The final “interview” once you pass “background check” they ask how would you like to receive your pay check and I’ve always done direct deposit with no problem and will send in my direct deposit form. The address they send for “their company” come out to legit address the website they have pops up and everything, At the end turns out the be a dam SCAM !!! And now they have your bank, Driver License, Address all your information and don’t even respond back to you !!
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4 years ago, MorganEtzel
I have a complaint
This is from my own personal opinion and experience that I’ve had so far from this website. The first interview I had from a local company in my hometown never made me feel more embarrassed and humiliated then any other potential employer I ever had an interview with in my entire life. He insisted that I needed to get help with my mental health right away or immediately before he could ever hire me on to his company. For a part time cleaning job I mean wow that’s just ridiculous and to most of these people I’m more considered to being a “High Risk Employee” meaning that I would just leave without notice, treat other employees like dirt, and make up these excuses for not showing up to my scheduled shift that I’m supposed to be working when I really don’t have to be there for a $10 an hour job. Since nobody literally wants to work for that amount anymore since it’s a new year and new time to get paid for more then what “your job” pays you for now.
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5 years ago, msholmar
I have not stopped receiving harassing phone calls since I sent out applications on indeed
I am appreciative of the service indeed performs, and I understand that they probably have to make money to be able to continue, however, I am about to change my number that I have had for ten years bc of you. I am constantly receiving dishonest phone calls telling me they have a job for me or are calling regarding my online job application when they are telemarketers. They aren’t the jobs I applied for and I will get excited and think I got a job and it turns out to be them. There are a lot of them calling now and they change and come from different numbers so blocking does no good. They also make the numbers appear local. I can’t tell you how upsetting it is bc I am aware that they are doing this, but they will make it sound like it’s regarding an application I turned in and it’s actually not. It’s probably one of the worst things you can do to someone who is out of work and trying to find a job. So I do NOT recommend this app unless you are prepared to change your telephone number. Sorry.
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2 years ago, Melanie 👑
Some issues…..
Needs lots of work. One of the major issues I have now I the scammer/spammers. It’s so common that I now know the signs. So when I go to withdraw my application indeed has me sign on. Instead of taking me directly to the job listing/posting I instead have to manually scroll down to find it. This isn’t a problem… except for the fact that because they are scammers/spammers what they write in the message does not correlate with any of my job applications. For someone looking for work, that can be up to 20 applications per day. Hopefully they can start getting serious about these post. For the readers; the biggest red flag is when you receive an email requesting for you to verify your phone number and email address. They will not insert your name and may make typos. They do this to spam you and sell your information. Along with sending you emails that contain viruses, spyware and more commonly phishing. Thankfully I’m aware of technology and have been avoidant of this.
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3 years ago, C-dUb2020
Can we do the basics for new users please? 😂
I just downloaded the app and chose to create a new profile using my Apple ID was unable to review the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms. Normally I would gloss over those but there was a notification at the bottom stating “ By using Indeed you agree to our new Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms, which we encourage you to review.” Which I copied and pasted here and now all of the text I’m typing is highlighted lol😂 I don’t know why this is happening but it’s both hilarious and frightening because it’s a legit app from the App Store. Apple, Indeed y’all gotta clean this up because people like me who aren’t tech savvy will leave 1 star reviews like this. For now I will delete the app and I guess I’ll wait until someone from Indeed or Apple responds to me saying that those updated policies are now viewable. Quite frankly I’m embarrassed for both Apple and Indeed right now, and I love Apple products by the way. Update: Wow so now that I return (not 5 minutes later) to update my review none of the original text I copied from the app appears. 🤣 Anyways I just googled (via the Google app from the App Store) the job I was looking for and the same notification popped up to review the updated documents and lo and behold the links worked! I’ll add 2 stars since an App Store app functioned correctly. I’m still an Apple fan but I was not expecting this kind of experience from a highly rated app from the App Store.
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6 years ago, lorim20
Decent app
*Updated 3/2/18* Since the latest update, this app is horrible!!! The format is harder to read and I only seem to be getting jobs from certain categories not all the jobs. I generally work in two areas: HR and accounting. The jobs I’m mainly seeing are for customer service. I’ve checked my filters numerous times and it doesn’t specify the job type anywhere so I don’t know how to fix it. App constantly says there was an error connecting. Used to use this app all the it’s just frustrating. Started out great.....seems like nothing but problems since the last update. Generally it will say (for example) 64 new jobs in my area....when I click on the link to scroll through the new jobs it suddenly changes to (for example) 23 new jobs and then when I go to the next page it says 58 new jobs. Very frustrating!!!! Also I've noticed a huge increase in the number of "sponsored" job postings. These are highly annoying as most are well over 30 days old.....
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1 year ago, WillSuko
Good Tool But A Couple Bugs
I downloaded the app while using a vpn and it defaulted to Spanish. I went through all the settings, including changing my preferred language to English in the web version. No matter what I did the app content stayed in Spanish, while the job postings themselves stayed in English. It was strange and really annoying. I deleted the app and redownloaded it without a vpn and it now works perfectly and is English. But I feel that if you are going to change language based on location like that it would make sense to offer a way to change the language in the app. Also on iPad I can open the job post description but cant press the apply or save job buttons, I have to close that screen and then tap the heart and then apply later online. The buttons are transparent and there is no response to clicking or tapping on them. Other than those bugs, its a really good app.
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3 years ago, BallsDeeplol
I’ve been searching non stop, putting my best foot forward and constantly trying to reach out with everyone, all I’ve gotten back is “no can do” or Is get scolded at because “oh they forgot it was still up there, they’re not hiring any more since a month ago.” Literally the case for at least 15 places I’ve applied to. I wish I was exaggerating. Maybe I’m not qualified to grow up and have a job that gets me anywhere but this has literally been going on since April. I’ve looked all over the country too. Literally. Even Alaska, I think the only state I have forgotten is Pennsylvania. I’ve said I’m willing to relocate and go anywhere but I’ve bent over backwards and then some just to be put on hold. I wouldn’t be so upset with my experience, but I’m in a real need of a job right now and if I have to rely on Indeed’s system, I’m sorry but it just won’t cut it. Gotta look at other apps now. Hope you are more strict on the lazy employers who don’t even check their apps and you can fix the broken websites they send you to. There has to be a way to fix that.
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4 years ago, AyyeYouu
This app is a joke.
I have continued to use Indeed for several years in hopes a legitimate job posting would come my way, well that is my fault. Indeed is filled with nothing but scams and fraudulent job opportunities. I receive many “offers” through the messaging system Indeed offers and they are all fake. I’m so used to getting these phony messages that I don’t even bother with them anymore. Indeed has a place on the emailed version of the message to let them know that you suspect fraud but it doesn’t do any good. Also, the filters Indeed offer do not even work. I search for administrative assistant positions in my area and get sales job postings and other random posts that do not apply to my search. Oh, and I keep getting questions from Indeed to update my resume by answering simple questions that pertain to nothing about my experience and such. This app/site is horrible! I do not and would not ever recommend it to anyone. If you are looking for a job, I would go straight to the company’s website where you’d like to work. Do NOT waste your time on here!
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10 months ago, Parislit
Great app to look for work but not perfect. Overall ok.
So it’s a great job searching app and there are so many options for jobs yet….it doesn’t work all the time for just anyone especially if your someone that’s looking for a job immediately most of the jobs postings either don’t respond back at all or they keep declining you even though their in an urgent need of a hire. Honestly it’s not even the app I’d say it’s the job posters. Post a job either decline or never respond I get it there’s a lot of people that apply but still if they never ever respond that’s pretty annoying. I’m not complaining I’m being honest and stating an honest truth. It’s really frustrating trying to find a job in life in general. I really really dislike the fact that there are so many job options yet these employees always reject you no matter what even if your qualified for the job. Why are they putting “urgently hiring” yet they aren’t hiring or picking people. So unprofessional of them.
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1 year ago, MeMe Renee'
Identity Theft
Indeed allows anyone to create and post jobs. I unfortunately applied for what I thought was a legitimate job due to the fact that I was able to have the name, number and email that I was initially contacted from traced back to the company and I was talking to real employees from the company. I’m not sure if the company’s profiles and databases were hacked into first or what, but somehow, after my 2nd interview, I was told by indeed that the company no longer existed and to stop all contact with said company. I then get several alerts from my credit monitors which led to an immediate investigation. Turns out, my identity was stolen and the thieves tried opening credit cards and applying for business loans and several unemployment claims with my information in several different states! Months later, I was informed by indeed that this was a “fake job”. Ever since then, I’ve been very skeptical about applying for jobs on any job boards because indeed showed me that there really is no protection for job seekers. You’re really just taking a chance and hoping that it’s legit. BE CAREFUL!!!
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6 years ago, Afrogoth67
I have used your site once before, and it was great. Now, not so much. I’m having trouble with your site. On some of the jobs it ask how many years of experience you have. When I answer this question in this field it doesn’t read it correctly. I have tried applying for two jobs and find that I can’t move on to the next page because the site isn’t reading that I answered the question and thinks I’ve left it blank and won’t let me move on to the next stage of the application part, which keeps me from applying for the position. To make matters worse, I’m unable to speak with anyone in tech support to find out what to do to rectify the issue. I really enjoyed my experience with your site the last time. This time...NOT so much. It’s keeping me from moving forward and, I have a problem with that. I’m going to try one of your competitors.
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6 years ago, zahkira m
Needs improvement
Indeed has a lot of job sources however I've been using indeed for quite a time now since my unemployment which is now going on 3 months . I've had difficult experiences that I find to be unprofessional at 2 businesses. I applied for paratransit CCT connect in Frankford area or Philadelphia and the application of course went through got offered a position however after going through paper work and 3 days of training then the job tells me I'm not old enough after signing over my signature and giving them info such as my social and i.d . And Which I found to be unorganized and a waste of time And i recently had an interview with Ace check cashing in West Philadelphia and I got offered a full time position in which they never called me back for training and when I reached out I never got a answer or response which is very unprofessional, a waste of time and money .and of course this is after papers for employment were signed . Indeed needs to open the site to business who actually wants to hire people not waste their time .
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6 years ago, JKones11
Great app!
I use this app almost every single day. I still have not found a job but that is because I am looking in a small geographical area in a very specific field. I would give it a 5/5 but I have two problems. 1. Since the new update a few weeks ago I cannot find a way to delete recent searches on my phone. I can on my IPad. There isn’t an edit button, they don’t slide to delete, and I can’t hold them down to delete like other apps. I search a lot and I like to delete some of them. And 2. Once I’ve looked at the new available jobs and return home it tells me the jobs are still there even though I have viewed them. That’s just annoying but I would prefer to be able to delete searches at my leisure. I love everything else about this app but those two things since the update a few weeks ago have bothered me to the point I would rank it as less stars. Thanks for listening, hope it’s fixable.
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2 years ago, Jawbone Williams
Indeed is for really!!!!
There are so many apps and web sites that claim to get you a great job and it is all a big scam!!! I really couldn’t believe it! I would click on a job application and it would start asking me those stupid survey questions and I would answer them and it would just lead me to another spam! But some of the other websites would let you think you where filling out application. Then you get a email schedule your interview time and when you try to open the interview just other spam. But Indeed is different no stupid survey questions, no spams, no false hope of a interview. And indeed helps you get the job by helping make it user free, help you make a great resume, and matches you with best job that fixes your needs and wants. I could not be happy with indeed….so try it I promise you will love it.
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3 years ago, Nickname8375
Tedious and time consuming but it works
The search function doesn’t really populate relavent results. It can’t tell the difference between physics like astronomy and physician jobs like a nurse. It also constantly populates irrelevant jobs based on my past experience at a hotel. So I search astronomy observatories and it pulls up housekeeping and healthcare jobs. This means a lot of wasted time sifting through the results . Additionally, you can only have one version of your resume so it’s really for people with a straightforward job type. If you want to change your objective or fix a spelling/format error, you have to redo the entire “indeed” resume too. Very time-sucky, especially considering most places use external systems and it starts again. Lastly, there is no option to search multiple countries so even more extra time needed there. The good things are that the interface is straightforward, it’s not glitchy and employers seem to use it so there are jobs if you can find them.
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3 years ago, Zz.finsta
Best employment asset anywhere online.
With this app, I managed to not only set up an account with all the information I need and my resume but be able to share it with any employer anywhere. For free. They understand when you're in-between jobs or looking for a career getting slammed for monthly payments isn't ideal if even an option at all. With their free excellent service, you can create an account in about as long as it takes you to fill out a normal application (5-15 minutes) and any employer or company you applied to can see your account. This is useful because you can add more skills, training, experiences, and basically anything that looks sloppy on a resume can go on your account for the employer to see. Along with your resume, this may be the extra touch needed to get that $16 an hour job. Indeed is the way to go no questions.
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9 months ago, DEADLY2025
Resume builder and application bugs
Indeed has connected me with many employers, and offers great capabilities for building a resume that directly relates to relevant qualifications. However, these are also two areas where I have experienced the software malfunctioning for the past few months, unfixed by updates. 1: using the mobile app to submit an application for a company on their site will open a tab on the company’s page through indeed, where the applicant can fill out information and submit an application. However, the app consistently continues to reopen multiple new tabs of the company’s website while you fill out information, often hindering or restarting your progress. 2: there is a section of the resume that fails to update onto the final version available for download or sharing. All other sections of the resume work well, update information and it is immediately available on the final version of the resume. However, the section for commendations under military service is buggy; it is either blank, or it displays old information that cannot be updated. If you leave the section blank than it displays blank in the final resume. But if you type anything at all, it will revert me to bullets that were listed a year ago, that cannot be changed. This persists through both the app and the website.
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4 years ago, TiAnna95
Best Job Site
I have gotten over 5job in the last 6yrs thru Indeed! This sight is not only great for getting jobs yet also gives the chance to build an easy to make resume as well as on Indeed it you can see where your skill levels for jobs are at helping you qualify for more jobs than you first realize. I personally wish I was shown how to use Indeed when I was in high school! There are so many benefits in using Indeed and it makes look for a job more simple than going from site to site. I only wish that with a various set of jobs such as Hacienda, Bob Evans, Steak N Shake, and more that I could fill out an app on indeed and not have to fill out more on their personal sites. Indeed is an easy access and wonderful site. I recommend it to all my friends, Family, and even passed Co-Workers. There is no site as outstanding in American Employment as Indeed.
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2 months ago, Josrian
Delivers Beyond Expectations
I cannot praise Indeed enough for their outstanding assistance throughout my job search journey. From the moment I signed up, Indeed became my trusted ally in navigating the competitive job market. Their platform not only helped me discover numerous job opportunities but also provided invaluable resources to enhance my candidacy. One of the best aspects is their impeccable customer service. Whenever I encountered a hurdle or had a question, their support team was prompt, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested in resolving my concerns. Their dedication to customer satisfaction truly sets them apart in the realm of job search platforms. Moreover, they played a pivotal role in securing interviews for me. Their user-friendly interface allowed me to tailor my job search criteria effectively, ensuring that I received relevant job listings tailored to my skills and preferences. Additionally, their resume-building tools were instrumental in crafting a polished and professional resume that effectively showcased my qualifications to potential employers. They have exceeded my expectations in every aspect of my job search experience. Their unwavering support, user-friendly interface, and vast array of resources have been instrumental in helping me secure meaningful employment opportunities. I wholeheartedly recommend Indeed to anyone embarking on their job search.
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7 months ago, SensualLady
Great App For Employment Opportunities
I Love Indeed and I would rather use Indeed than any other App or websites to search for any jobs available! Plus Indeed gives you suggestions on improving your resume, contact information and they even help you use your skills to communicate better! If an employer wants to interview you over the phone Indeed will contact you directly and message personally sending you text messages. I’ve used so many search engines and Zip Recruiter to look for jobs, employment opportunities but NONE has been BETTER than Indeed! Also when an Employer hired me and there’s an issue on their end with Unprofessional and unethical hiring practices, I’ve never had a Problem with Indeed. I have been using Indeed for 4 years now and it’s a WONDERFUL app, I enjoy using it so much and as much I needed!
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5 years ago, Cpt. Saveho
Needs basic changes ASAP!
Overall the apps interface is very clean and simple to use/navigate through, but I feel like it hasn't evolved in over a year and is actually going backwards. Most importantly, there is no feature to allow you to delete old inbox messages from previous jobs you applied for. This is unacceptable for many reasons, for one it's a basic feature to be able to delete and clear old message/inbox clutter, but more importantly most of the old messages are either rejections, erroneous old interview scheduling, or just random 'thank you for applying'-type messages. No job seeker should be subject to having to be reminded about rejections every time they open their inbox. They need to add this feature IMMEDIATELY on the app. What's even more disappointing is while this wasn't an app feature, you DID have the option to delete messages when using a PC or Laptop, but this was actually just taken away inexcusably in July!! So now there is literally no option to delete old, irrelevant messages. I suggest they change this quick or there are going to be a ton of people including myself just given my business to another job board. And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, if you just Google "how do you delete old messages on Indeed" there are several disgruntled users who are baffled this basic yet necessary feature doesn't exist. Please fix the ASAP.
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10 months ago, NFTStephy
Indeed Job Search
Indeed Job Search app is so helpful, Its secure, and has customizable privacy viewing setting, quick apply features that send your ready to go resume that's already uploaded to your account to job roles of interest with employers of interest! The job listings outline what employers are looking for, and allows fair hiring by hiring managers and job seekers equally. App features include searches for location with a certain radius, such as close to where you live, and desired salary within your target industry. I personally received multiple phone screenings and secondary interviews that led to getting hired by using Indeed job search app for my first government cyber security role! Most importantly job listing are kept up to date👏🏼 so roles that have already been filled aren't still circulating.
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2 years ago, Twiddy385
For the most part, revolutionary. I do have some notes
As the title states, revolutionary. I’m old enough to know what it was like, when looking for work BEFORE apps like Indeed. Something that would be nice with the app, is all the jobs I liked and wanted to apply for, but didn’t want to, out of lack of convenience (jobs that only allow their application to be done on their website). Call me lazy, but if your a person under 30, looking for a job in this decade, you’ll probably want to knock out as many as possible in as little time as possible, and the independent job apps are often lengthy and a bit of a pain, compared to zipping through 30 apps in an hour (again, revolutionary). The extra time would be worth it if the offered job was better than the “norm”, but their usually jobs roughly equal to anything else offered, AKA not worth applying for because of the hassle. It may not seem like a big deal, but I promise it’s honest, level headed, and trust worthy feedback that could improve Indeed. It’s hard to know what to improve on, with such a fantastic product, (please stay free, DONT SELL OUT, it will ruin Indeed) but it’s the little things that add up, and eventually destroys companies that are “too big to fail”. Hope this feedback helps, and keep up the awesome work! :)
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5 years ago, A.Nicole2019
Indeed - Keep up the good work!
I’ve been using this job searching tool for YEARS and quite pleased with the responses from employers I’ve received.. not to mention how much this app has evolved over time. I am actively searching for work right now, which requires me to be on the app daily. One of the biggest complaints I’d like to address is the “messages” section of the app. I often receive these solicitation emails from recruiters I’ve never heard of and I have yet to figure out how to delete them! Please, if this can be fixed ASAP that would be much appreciated! I experience no other issues with this app, but THE MESSAGES.. and that’s a huge inconvenience for me. I want to have the ability to delete all messages I no longer wish to keep. Thanks again Indeed for the updates you’ve undergone, the app has come such a long way. I will for sure continue to utilize this app everyday.
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3 years ago, Pennsylvania Ethan
Job searching
Love this app, not only did it help me find very reliable sources for work but it created an online profile encompassing my entire work history and even personality traits in which would be otherwise difficult to express to every and all employer. In order for me to share my resume, indeed made it super easy to copy and paste so that no matter the circumstances I was able to share with employers !!! Great experience so far, and I am just in the right position to utilize this technology. I am 18, a student, and dedicated to my future. This app really improves the quality of my life by minimalizing the unnecessary parts of looking for work. It creates more time for me to really focus on the core parts of my job search and really helps me encompass my skills as a person, student, and employee!
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4 years ago, Easyw6989
Account Profile
I love indeed and have been using it for 5 years now. The only thing I’m not a fan of is applying over the internet because there is no face to face interaction where I’m able to give a good or bad first impression. I always go to an interview or even to pick up the application wearing a suit regardless of where I’m applying. Like linkden indeed needs to add a profile portion of the app so that employers can get a face to the name and allow the people to give a small background of themselves to hopefully give them a extra chance to get a job. I’ve been working on some personal details of my life this year and would like to be able to explain some of that briefly. Only the employers should be able to see these profiles. They wouldn’t be for social measures, only for the employer and employee communication.
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5 months ago, moonlitblossom
Critical Feedback
The filters available on Indeed have been pretty much useless to me. I put in the filter that I’m looking for a part time job, with only up to a high school degree required, and I’m getting a much higher percentage of full time jobs that require Bachelor’s degrees. I don’t even have listed in my profile that I have a bachelor’s, and yet these are the majority of the jobs showing in my list despite the filters I have in addition to my profile settings. This is taking me so much time to go through the jobs that I actually qualify for since some companies don’t actually put the requirements correctly and you don’t see them till you find them written somewhere in their long descriptions. But even for the companies that are correctly listing their requirements, indeed is still showing these way more over the ones I’ve actually inputted that I’m looking for.
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4 years ago, ThisGuy_21_0
Negotiations Position- ClearOne
I had a great opportunity to work as a negotiator for Clear One advantage. In January 2020 I started my training and I had a great trainer who prepared me to excel in this position once I hit the floor. Unfortunately a few months later I was laid off due to COVID-19. The HR team was excellent at communicating back-and-forth with emails answering all my questions and concerns. Now in July I am making an attempt to applying as a negotiator or other openings within the same company. Yes benefits and training are superb however I didn’t rate this review with five stars simply because I started working as an NCA negotiator and after two months I was told I would have to work in a different negotiations department which was quite different from the initial job I was trained in. Due to Covid I was working remotely from home in this new position and never met my manager in person nor was I trained in person for this new negotiations department; 30 days after working remotely I was laid off due to the pandemic. I just applied in July 2020 for a sales position with ClearOne. Based on how managers communicate and train their new hires I know I can excel and would recommend this company for anyone looking to excel in their mid level career! Thank you Katie Lubinski for always replying promptly to my emails relevant to HR questions/concerns! -Jarod Carmichael
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4 years ago, Rth1287
I want to give it two and a half
The app is ok with showing jobs in the areas you select, but the daily messages about jobs that are supposedly “perfect for you based on your resume!” Is a complete joke. My resume lists my experience in the medical field and it keeps sending me emails to apply to security guard jobs or jobs as an assistant manager in sales or it suggests jobs that require things and experience I don’t have, but I’m still perfect for it according to them. It makes no sense and it’s very frustrating. Top that off with it telling me that I don’t have a resume uploaded when I clearly do, I use it every time I apply for a job and the fact that some employers I have interviewed with don’t get the full copy of my resume sent to them even though when I review it before it’s sent it’s all there makes this app disappointing. So many bugs to fix in it maybe one day it will correct itself, but for now I’d you know of better apps use them this should be a last resort.
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3 years ago, Gonzo's Revenge!!!
Not all career sites are the same. I’ve been hired!
Not all career sites are the same. Indeed, like most sites has a basic profile, but unlike the others there is so much more. It offers intuitive advice concerning resumes, cover letters, and different ways to interview. It also has opportunities for a skilled applicant to showcase their talents. Not only can you post proficiencies and certifications, Indeed has its own way of showing off your skills. They have assessments that show your proficiencies in whatever topic you are testing in. These assessments are industry specific and cover areas that relate directly to the field of work you are applying for. Also if you aren’t happy with your assessments you don’t have to post them. WARNING: if you aren’t sure how well you will do then wait. There are NO RETAKES. That’s a Good thing. This means the scores are more credible. If you know your stuff it will show. If you don’t know it there will be no faking it. Also, if you get a poor score and a prospective employer requires that assessment the score you earned is the one they’ll see. Again, the assessments are not exploratory. Know it before you take it. Thank you Indeed!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU! You are set apart!
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6 years ago, C H A N E L
I’ve been using indeed for years now and I’ve always mastered at getting successful jobs with no problem. But lately it’s been kind of frustrating when I look up a certain job field and it pulls up everything but what I’m looking for , that cause a lot of frustration on my end. Another thing I have concerns about is why it doesn’t showed that you have already applied for a job. It should remove the jobs you have already applied for vs it just not being bold like the other jobs. It will help with applying for jobs better if you know what jobs you already applied for so that you want keep tryna apply for the same job over and over. Other then that I love indeed and I would highly recommend it too anyone looking for employment fast and easy. Thanks Indeed
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6 years ago, territurtle
App is good, just minor change wishes
The app is fine, although I haven’t received any responses. Possibly because I’m trying to change careers, so we’ll see how it continues to go. The resume feature, when uploaded, needed tweaks that I manually went in and re-did due to it not being an exact copy (ex: my sentences were broken up in ways that didn’t read well, one of my jobs had the incorrect name for employer transferred over) I like the suggestion of a previous review with showing the prospective employer the original resume pdf which I believe shows a little character. A minor pet peeve is seeing “sponsored” jobs multiple times in a single search. Putting them at the top is ok with me, but taking more of my time is a bit much. Overall I’m back to a 4 star rating (after update fixes). Will continue to keep as a go to for job searching.
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